Conference Program



Conference Program
May 20-22, 2016 | Union South | Madison, WI
Short Elliott Hendrickson Inc. (SEH®)
is an employee-owned company of
engineers, architects, planners, and
scientists serving public and private
sector clients.
District Governer Welcome
Rotary International President
Schedule of Events
Union South Map
District 6250 Youth Exchange
Thank You
Collection boxes with your Assistant Governor
Group are in the House of Friendship near
registration. Donated items will go to pantries
all around the District.
Thank you for being a gift to those in need!
All three After Hours Clubs have teamed up to host a Pie
in the Face fundraiser for Polio Plus! Stop by their table at
the House of Friendship and purchase a few tickets to vote
for the Rotarian who you want to get a pie in their face on
Saturday night.
The purple t-shirts you’ve been seeing around the district
this year will be available for sale in the
House of Friendship
All proceeds from these fundraisers will go to Polio Plus.
I’m delighted to
welcome you to District
Conference 2016! In this
Rotary year, we have
worked tirelessly to “Be
A Gift To the World”
and through your efforts
our 63 Clubs have
accomplished goals that
have improved our communities and our world.
So join your fellow Rotarians in sharing your successes
and finding solutions to projects that have presented
challenges. District Conference 2016 offers you the
opportunity to improve your Rotary IQ at District
Assembly and in the range of Workshops designed
to inform and enjoy. Our Inbound and Outbound
Exchange Students will delight us with their energy
and enthusiasm. Listen to inspiring and motivating
speakers who will help us understand teamwork,
diversity, and how to build goodwill. Learn from
a Wisconsin woman why we must eradicate polio.
Take home new ideas to improve your Clubs. Learn
about the amazing projects occurring in Clubs around
the District.
Most important make and renew great friendships
with your Rotarian friends from around the District.
Join us to
We Are A Gift To The World! We Are Rotary!!
Mary Van Hout
District Governor,
Rotary District 6250 2015-16
Thank you for attending
District Assembly 2016
and learning how to
better serve your club
and Rotary.
Presiding at our
District Assembly is
District Governor Elect
Dean McHugh
Dear Rotarians and
It is a pleasure to
welcome you to
this 2015-16 District
Conference. Every
district conference is a
valuable opportunity
to refresh ourselves,
recharge our energies,
and renew our acquaintance with our fellow
Rotarians. For these few days, we step out of our
daily responsibilities, and focus ourselves completely
on Rotary. It is a time to assess where we are, where
we are heading, and how best to move forward.
Rotary membership is on the rise worldwide, with
Rotarians serving in more clubs than ever before. It
is our responsibility to keep looking, both within the
Rotary family and outside of it, for new members:
finding ways to smooth the path from our youth
programs to Rotary membership, while continuing to
reach out to older members who still have so much
to give. It is also our responsibility to keep up the
momentum: to ensure that every new member finds
value and meaning in Rotary, and becomes an asset
to their club.
As we look ahead to Rotary’s future, we look
forward as well to our greatest achievement yet: the
eradication of polio. We hope and believe that in this
year, the world will see its last case of this terrible
disease. Yet, as we all know, reaching this milestone
does not mean that we have reached the end of our
work. Three years must pass before the world can
be certified polio-free. During that time, we must
continue to immunize children, continue to monitor
the environment for signs of the virus, and keep
awareness high. In these most critical days, every one
of us has a role to play in ensuring our success.
I send my best wishes for an enjoyable and productive
district conference. And I look forward with all of you
to a wonderful and historic year, in which Rotary will
indeed Be A Gift to the World.
K.R. Ravindran
President, Rotary International 2015-16
FRIDAY, MAY 20th 2016
2:00pm - 5:00pm
District Assembly
2:00pm - 5:00pm
Grant Management Seminar
District Assembly provides sessions designed for
club officers and others interested in learning
more about club administration, leadership and
the bigger picture of Rotary.
1:00pm - 8:00pm Registration
Open House of Friendship
2:30pm - 4:30pm
Guided Bicycle & Walking Tours
Meet at 2:30 in the lounge near Registration with
members of Madison Downtown’s Biking and
Hiking Friendship Groups for a fun tour around
Madison. Walkers will choose to walk to Memorial
Union, Babcock Hall to see ice cream being made
or down State Street to Overture Hall and the
Capitol. Bikers will be led through the city by
experienced bikers who will tour the area. Rental
bikes are available. Get a little exercise, fresh air
and have a great time with fellow Rotarians!
4:00pm - 5:30pm Rotary Fellowship at the Pavilion
Varsity Hall II & III Pre-party before the band takes the stage. Enjoy a
beverage, meet new friends and join in on the fun
a little early before the tailgate party! (Cash Bar)
Music by Amos Egleston Quartet: Kam Kudick,
Danny Ramos, Des Lawrence & Amos Egleston
5:30pm - 7:00pm
Rotary Tailgate Party
Be sure to be in Varsity Lounge at 5:30 pm to kick
off our celebration with a Rotary style tailgate
party!! Get energized by Bucky Badger, sing our
favorite songs along with the Band and toast the
Gift of Rotary in our lives!! Roll Out The Barrel,
Varsity, On Wisconsin, You’ve Said It All…………
bring your best singing voice and have a hot time
in the old town!
7:00pm - 8:00pmDinner
Reflection by Leo Edelstein
Welcome by Mary Van Hout, District Governor
Enjoy a combination of a traditional Friday night
fish fry and a tailgate BBQ. Stations throughout
the room will include: BBQ Pork with Mini Brioche
Buns, Fried Cod with Lemon and Tartar Sauce,
Creamy Coleslaw, Mixed Green Salad, Baked
Potato Bar including Butter, Shredded Cheddar,
Green Onions, Bacon, Diced Tomato, Sour Cream &
Chives. Cherry Crisp or Peach Cobbler for dessert.
8:00pm - 10:00pm Dueling
Put two beautiful grand
pianos on stage, add two
talented and outgoing
entertainers who play and
sing with gusto, add great
tunes from The Beatles to
Nickelback, from Bon Jovi
to Adele and what do you
get? Like The Black Eyed Peas say so well: I Gotta
Feeling – that tonight’s gonna be a good night…”
Join us for this energizing event with Ted Oliver
Dueling Pianos and experience the magic!
10:00pm - 12:00amLate
Night at the Red Zone
It’s a quick stroll over to
the Red Zone at 1212
Regent Street. Stop by for
a drink and conversation
with friends. Free Spotted Cow with donations
going to Polio Plus
SATURDAY, MAY 21st 2016
7:00am - 8:00pm
Registration Open
Rotary Videos
There will be videos in the Marquee Theater from
International Conventions and Midwest PETS so
if you are looking for a change of venue, this is
another Rotary experience waiting for you!
Art & Game Room
From 10 am – 4 pm on Saturday there will be a
dedicated room full of art supplies, games and fun
for kids of all ages (no chaperones provided)
Room: Wisconsin Idea
7:45am - 8:45am
Enjoy a buffet breakfast in the warm and bright
Sun Garden. You will have your choice of plain,
cheddar or Denver style scrambled eggs, assorted
mini muffins and sliced baguettes, fresh fruit,
assorted juices, milk, coffee or tea.
Using the Gift of
Music to Bring the
World Together
9:25am - 9:35am
Break - House of Friendship, Silent Auction
8:45am - 9:25am
Varsity Hall II
Dr Jonathan Overby uses
his global understanding
of music to build bridges
between diverse groups
while celebrating
cultural diversity
9:35am - 10:20am Improving
Varsity Hall II
Communities with
High Impact Projects:
• Community Grant Programs: Peggy & Tony
Zalucha (Mt Horeb)
• Racial Equity Program: Wesley Sparkman
(Madison Downtown)
• iFEED: Stephanie Fraase (La Crosse Valley View)
with Interact Clubs of Aquinas, Central, Holmen,
Logan, West Salem
10:20am - 10:35amBreak
- House of Friendship, Silent Auction
10:35am - 11:20amWorkshop
Session 1
• Get Branded! Hands on development of Club
personalized flyers, brochures: Presented by Toni Pabon
Room: Fifth Quarter
• Youth Programs Energize Clubs: Moderator,
DG-N Joe Ruskey, Rotary Club of Prairie du
Chien. Presenters: Justin Burnett, Rotary Club
of Madison-After Hours; Melissa Frank-Rotary
Club of Mt. Horeb; Ben Bauer, Rotary Club of
Marshfield Sunrise
Room: Industry
• How We Solved the Membership Problem:
Presented by Austin Kaiser, Membership Chair,
Rotary Club of La Crosse After Hours
Room: Landmark
• Rotary 101: Presented by Past Rotary
International Director Mary Beth Growney Selene
Room: Agriculture
• Be a Gift Internationally: Learn about partner
opportunities in international engagement
Moderator, PDG Rob Stroud, Rotary Club of
Madison. Presenters: Ed Fink, Rotary Club of
Madison West Towne-Middleton; Larry Bodin
and Adam Fleis, Rotary Club of Holmen; Mark
Broses and Aaron Widiker, Rotary Club of
Chippewa Falls
Room: Northwoods
11:20am - 11:35amBreak
- House of Friendship, Silent Auction
11:35am - 12:15pmAnnual
Meeting - Marquee
12:15pm - 1:30pmLunch
Varsity Hall III
Soup, Sandwich & Salad Buffet - Summer squash
bisque, gazpacho, smoked turkey and bacon on
a Clausen’s Cheese Roll, Portobello Mushroom,
Chevre, roasted pepper and spinach on ciabatta,
mixed greens with raspberry vinaigrette,
watermelon feta salad with serrano vinaigrette
Reflection by Cheryl Mader
Outbound Youth Exchange,
Introduced by Doug
RI President’s Rep Message:
Being a Gift to the World
Nicki Scott, PDG, District 6450
1:30pm - 1:40pm
Break - House of Friendship, Silent Auction
1:40pm - 1:50pm
Jump Around - Get your HEART PUMPING!
1:50pm - 2:30pm
Varsity Hall II
R-O-T-A-R-Y Spells a Framework for
Ethical Decision Making
Along with Bob Shumaker, Rotarians will lead us
through the process of thinking through dilemmas
and making a decision. We will work with each
other in applying the framework to learn how
we might use this model in our own schools and
Sylvia Whitlock was originally slated to speak during this time.
Due to unforeseen family needs, she will not be able to attend our
Conference. She sends her regrets to all of District 6250 and hopes
to meet us in the future.
2:30pm - 2:45pm
Break - House of Friendship, Silent Auction
2:45pm - 3:30pm
Rotary Will End Polio Now
Randy Sproule, Polio Plus Chair
Polio Eradication update
Red Lights and Screaming Sirens
Mary Herness, polio survivor from
Whitehall, Wisconsin contracted
bulbar polio at age 13 and wrote
her story chronicling her journey
which she dedicated to her 10
grandchildren. She generously
shares it with us.
3:30pm - 3:45pm
Break - House of Friendship, Silent Auction
3:45pm - 4:30pm
Workshop Session 2
• Get Branded! Hands on development of Club
personalized flyers, brochures: Presented by Toni Pabon
Room: Fifth Quarter
• Youth Programs Energize Clubs: Presented by
Justin Burnett, Melissa Frank and Ben Bauer
Room: Industry
• How We Solved the Membership Problem:
Presented by Austin Kaiser, Membership Chair,
Rotary Club of La Crosse After Hours
Room: Landmark
• Rotary 101: Presented by Past Rotary
International Director Mary Beth Growney Selene
Room: Agriculture
• Be a Gift Internationally: Learn about partner
opportunities in international engagement
Moderator, PDG Rob Stroud, Rotary Club of
Madison. Presenters: Ed Fink, Rotary Club of
Madison West Towne-Middleton; Larry Bodin
and Adam Fleis, Rotary Club of Holmen; Mark
Broses and Aaron Widiker, Rotary Club of
Chippewa Falls Room: Northwoods
• “After Hours in the Sett” Meet with members of
After Hours Clubs for great discussion. Facilitated by
Laura Hundt, David Shaurette, Jill Wenthold-Hahn
Room: Sett
5:15pm - 6:15pm Rotary Celebration!
Cash Bar, Appetizers & Fellowship
6:00pm - 8:15pm Dinner
Varsity Hall II & III
Reflection by Mark Morris
Inbound Youth Exchange
Developing Leaders and Teamwork
On and Off the Court
Rotary: A Gift in My Life
Introduced by Emy Andino
Kelly Sheffield,
UW Volleyball Coach
Coach Sheffeld has high
expectations for himself and his
players as he works to develop
leadership qualities in student
athletes. His techniques and beliefs
can be used in all of our lives.
Rotary Scholar - Peter Groth
Friends, Family and Fun for
Five Generations
Dick Leinenkugel, President of
Leinenkugel Brewing
Follow Dick from early life as a
brewery tour guide to Marquette
University to service to our
country as a US Marine officer.
This was followed by terms as
County Board Supervisor and Wisconsin Secretary
of Commerce. He has come full circle back to
the family business with a strong appreciation of
service in community and global partnerships.
Silent Auction Closes
Pie-In-The Face Fundraiser Results
8:30pm - 10:30pm
Neil Diamond Tribute Band
The music of Neil Diamond makes you want to get
up and sing!! Cracklin Rosie, America, Longfellow
Serenade, and of course Sweet Caroline are just
a few on the list of all-time favorites. Get your
dancing shoes on and enjoy! This will be a night
to remember!
10:30pm - 12:30amLate
Night Madison
Join your fellow Rotarians for late night activities –
you choose the venue!
SUNDAY, MAY 22nd 2016
8:30am - 9:00am
Reflection, Remembrance, Recognition
Reflection by District Governor Nominee Designate
Bill Hoel, Rotary Club of LaCrosse-Downtown
Remembrance of those Rotarians who have passed
away this Rotary year by Roger LeGrand, Rotary
Club of LaCrosse - Downtown; David Warren,
Rotary Club of Janesville; Dean Ryerson, Rotary
Club of Madison West Towne-Middleton.
Recognition of those who have served us well by
DG Mary Van Hout, DGE Dean McHugh, DGN Joe
Rusky, PDG Dave Warren
9:00am - 10:00am Great Rotarians with Great Ideas:
• How to Brand Your Community with Rotary,
Leslie Covell Hershberger (Mayville)
• What To Do with A Fifth, Ann Albert
(Madison West)
• Experimenting with Satellite Clubs, Rose Friedel
(Sun Prairie)
• ESRAG, Rotary’s Newest Action Group, Paul
• Community Regeneration Through Permaculture,
Nicholas Syano, Rotarians from Kenya
10:00am - 10:30amMeet
Varsity Hall I
& Greet with Youth
Exchange Students
Take this opportunity to personally meet our
Exchange Students and trade stories of travel with
10:30am - 11:30am Brunch
Varsity Hall III
Enjoy a bountiful buffet! Includes carved
top round of beef, bourbon turkey with all
accompaniments, cheddar scrambled eggs,
broccoli-walnut tortellini, crispy bacon, hash
browns, whole smoked salmon, fresh fruit display,
seasonal green salad, baskets of croissants and
fruit bread.
Music by Amos Egleston Quartet: Kam Kudick,
Danny Ramos, Des Lawrence & Amos Egleston
Passing of the Gavel
Share the Gift of Rotary One District, One Club, One Person
Makes a Difference
Past District Governors will remind us of the theme
during their leadership year as they extend support
to incoming Governor Dean McHugh.
End our time together with a very inspirational
message from PDG Nicki Scott.
2015 - 2016 INBOUNDS
Zsófia “Zsófi” Bánfalvi
Yu-Ching “Jasmine” Chen
Nicole Chuque Pacheco
Charlotte De Monceau De Longree France
Agathe Dupuy France
Ana Eppert Germany
Maria “Gabriela” Giler Mera Ecuador
Nikoleta “Nika” Grígerová
Slovak Republic
Anniina Honkasaari Finland
Amanda Mello de Souza Brazil
Erik Moller Denmark
Susana Moreno Vaca Diez Bolivia
Tadayoshi Niiro Japan
Runa Nome Norway
Alessandra Ozorio Maluf Brazil
Nattakrit “Fluky” Panjakhan Thailand
Mrunmayi “Mrun” Patwardhan
2015 - 2016 OUTBOUNDS
Alana Converse
Chloe Drew
James Ekman
Genevieve Feest
McKenzi Fernholz
Madilyn Fluno
Brady Granquist
James Horton
Xena Kenyon
Ariana Kobza
Zi Lee
Boyd McGlenn
Ashlyn Neader
Emily Potocki
Grant Restel
Ariel Rezin
Gordon Schafer
Lucas Taglia
Carter Voras
Gabrielle Watson
Alyssa White
The goal of the District Conference Committee
has been to provide an event that is educational,
inspirational, motivational and lots of fun! It takes
a truly dedicated and talented group of Rotarians to
make that happen and luckily we’ve had the best and
brightest working together for you!
A special thank you to the core planning group who
have been there every step of the way: Ben Bauer,
Mac Dempsey, Deb Dieter, Missy Dickson, Heather
Dyer, Leo Edelstein, Jack Ferreri, Deb Fox-Schroeder,
John Locke, PDG Tom Marshall, Valerie Schroeder,
Jerry Thain, Terry Siebert and the Rotary Club of
Madison West Towne-Middleton.
Other significant contributors are: Jan BonsettVeal, Mark Broses, Mike Casey, Uriah Carpenter, Pete
Christianson, Jeannine Desautels, Mick Faulhaber, Ed
Fink, Bob Graebnerr, Mary Beth Growney Selene, Dale
Leffel, Darla Leick, Maggie Molter, Toni Pabon, PDG
Dean Ryerson, Bob Shumaker, Kathy Siebert, Tim
Stadelman, Becky Steinhoff, Som Varma.
Thanks to DGE Dean McHugh, DGN Joe Ruskey, DGND
Bill Hoel, PDG Dave Warren and to all presenters
listed and those who provided “backroom” support.
Our theme this Rotary year has been “Be a gift to the
world”! All of the many Rotarians of District 6250
who have assisted in planning this wonderful event
have surely been a gift in my world and I am grateful
for your generosity of time and spirit!
Mary Van Hout
District Governor, Rotary District 6250
A Thank You to Our Sponsors!
Findorff is one of the
Midwest's leading
builders. We are a
company built on
character and
integrity with a
culture that supports
giving generously...
May 12-14, 2017 - Radisson Hotel