Creating the library of the future



Creating the library of the future
Creating the library of the future
A New Generation of Libraries
A new generation of libraries
Your goals are our goals
Public Libraries face ever increasing challenges –
and are having to re-evaluate their core offer,
seeking ways to add value to the business and for
the end user.
Less time on low value activities and
more time on high value activities
Adaptable & easy to use for everyone
Smoother interaction with the public
Increased flexibility
Increased customer service satisfaction
A new generation of libraries
Axiell sees the public library as a central institution in
the community and we are developing Axiell Quria
to ensure that libraries can transition and continue to
promote reading, learning and creativity:
a democratic and inclusive forum in those
Digital first
Increase flexibility
Cost efficient management of all services – from
books & e-media to learning, information and events.
Open data:
– Easy & convenient to both import and export
Assets & workflows accessible and manageable
in one place:
The collection
Community events
Handling of e-media
Engaging & managing the complete communi-
cation with patrons
– For multiple users – libraries, partner
organisations, community groups
Open Platform:
– An integration framework enables you to add-on, to build your systems & web services
as you want
Individual settings:
– Allows you easy access to configuration of workflows & settings
Cutting edge technology that will take the library to
a new level of quality service delivery.
A modern library service platform:
Engage with your customers
Making daily routines more efficient
Easily accessible Customer Service module – provides a forum for customer & staff queries
All you need to access in one place
Create your own FAQs
Providing a complete overview of what’s
happening in your library
Choose your way of communicating:
email, chat, skype
A true Cloud solution
Easy to configure to support your needs
Single point of contact for Support and Services
Actively promoting your collection
Quickly understanding and foreseeing change is crucial
to ensuring the future of libraries.
Advanced statistics
Insightful management information
Clear and intuitive interface
A range of channels: your website, social
media, email
Provides a rich understanding & comprehensive view of your customers and trends to help you determine your future strategies
The end result:
A world class library user experience
at a reduced total cost of ownership
Det Kongelige Bibliotek, København
Roskilde Bibliotekerne
Stockholm Stadsbibliotek
About Axiell
Axiell serves libraries, schools, archives, museums and
authorities with technically advanced and innovative
solutions developed in close cooperation with its
customers in 35 countries globally. We are proud to call
Copenhagen National Library, Stockholm
Stadsbibliotek and the London Libraries Consortium our
The new solution is developed in cooperation with
selected libraries across Europe.
Library staff are welcome to sign up to be included in
the beta program at:
Nottingham One | 120 Canal Street | Nottingham | NG1 7HG
Barclay House | 35 Whitworth Street West | Manchester | M1 5NG
Phone: 0115 900 8000 | e-mail: [email protected] |

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