Scholastic 3-D Archery Product Suggestion Guide


Scholastic 3-D Archery Product Suggestion Guide
Scholastic 3-D Archery
Product Suggestion Guide
Bear Archery Bow Suggestions
Apprentice III RTH
START YOUNG ARCHERS RIGHT with the next-gen Apprentice III, further refined to deliver the ease, accuracy, and satisfaction that won’t limit their progression. Easily adjustable draw length makes it versatile,
draw weights from 15 to 60 pounds makes it adaptable, new string suppression, and smooth two-cam
system makes it the best way to enjoy every shot, season after season. Available as a complete readytohunt package, with every tweak it takes to hunt right.
SPEED (IBO): 265
AXLE-AXLE: 27.5”
PEAK DRAW: 15-50 LBS; 20-60 LBS
DRAW RANGE: 15”-27”
LET OFF: 70%
Cruzer RTH
from 12 to 30 inches, and it becomes more than a bow. It’s a future. All the better when it’s loaded
with Bear technology. The new Cruzer is a one-purchase deal, completely set up ready-to-hunt with
next-level accessories and the way to get a kid-or anyone-started down the right path. Because that’s
the thing about any legend: They all had a little help in the beginning.
SPEED (IBO): 310
LET OFF: 75%
DRAW RANGE: 12”-30”
Attitude RTH
THE ATTITUDE DELIVERS SPEED, accuracy and impact with style and value only Bear could create. The efficient, smooth-shooting single cam system, matched to Bear Flared Quad Limbs, launches arrows at up to 310
fps. Offset string suppressors eliminate noise and vibration. The nimble 31-inch axle to axle length makes it
light, agile and well-balanced. As either a standalone bow or a fully equipped, ready to hunt package, the Attitude offers fully satisfying performance at half the price you’d expect.
LET OFF: 80%
PEAK DRAW: 50/60/70 LBS
Trophy Ridge Accessories Suggestions
The Volt 5-Pin sight can’t be matched. The Ballistic Copolymer sight hood gives you
the protection you demand, while the extra length of fiber creates the brightest pins
6-inch Static Stabilizer
There is no other stabilizer out there quite like the Static Series Stabilizers from Trophy Ridge, available in 6” and 9” lengths. The Static stabilizer comes with 2 customizable weights allowing you to
control the weight and balance of the stabilizer depending on the situation. The Static stabilizers
also feature our popular Ballistix CoPolymer System which is 25% lighter than aluminum, but with
the same strength, this material also allows us to mold these into a unique shape that allows air to
pass through, so you can hold your bow even more steady during windy conditions. Serious stabilizers, for serious hunters.
5 Spot Quiver
Leave it on your bow or hang it in the tree the 5-Spot quiver allows you to do either
with extreme ease with its smart design. The fully adjustable dual arrow grippers
hold arrows quiet and secure, the quick detach mounting bracket allows for quick
on/ of f and the hollow hood won't dull or deploy broadheads.
Kill Shot Rest
Our aluminum-encased Whisker Biscuits are 300% stronger than previous models. And, we've
added a rock-solid, dual-bolt mount and a set screw* for even more secure, "locked-down" mounting. The Whisker Biscuit's design makes setup easier than ever before. Attach the Whisker Biscuit®
to your riser mounting holes and it automatically lines up the arrow rest. And most models are designed for use with left and right hand bows. Its lightweight, compact design provides maximum
clearance around quivered arrows.
Extreme Archery Products Product Suggestions
Extreme Long Range Series Sights
XLR (RXTREME LONG RANGE) Series sights utilize the new XLR Drive System along with Lightning
Fire tube style fiber optic pins with extended length fiber optic for minimal target blockage to enhance long range accuracy while maintaining pinbrightness with ultra-small diameter fiber optics.
The XLR Series comes in fixed plate (2100_ or dovetail (2300_ models and single pin (2100SP &
2300SP) or multi-pin (2100MP & 2300 MP) configurations to meet both hunting or target needs.
These models were designed for advanced archers with the features and pin diameters necessary
for long range shooting.
Diablo 600
(4) .019” Full Capture Pins
2” diameter housing for large field of view.
Bubble level installed for long range accuracy.
Pins are mountedon a single vertical plan for no misaligned pins.
Fixed plate mount extends from 3-1/4” to 4”.
All aluminum construction, (NO PLASTIC).
Blue Flam light included.
XMR Peep
EXTREME multi-reticle peeps are designed for multiple archers to use the same bow in school and camp set6
Morrell Targets Products Suggestions
Bionic Buck
Life size buck with 180 point droptine rack. For use with field points only. Patented design creates maximum life.
Port holes at each end of the mid-section making it easy to repack. Easy arrow removal. Reverse vital technology (simply reverse head, butt plate, and the front and back legs for a new set of vitals). Replacement cover
Half Back Target
Designed to stop field points and broadheads. Anatomically correct vitals. Flat back design with bullseyes to
create maximum life. Can shoot all 4 sides. E-Z tote carrying handle. Flexback self healing foam. 100% weatherproof. Great value.
Whitetail Polypropylene Face
Grommets in all four corners for easy hanging. 100% weatherproof. Made from long-lasting polypropylene. Takes thousands of shots.
Scholastic Range Target
Great practice for the after school programs. Commercial grade. IFS (Internal Frame System) technology. X-tended life target. 76 layers of arrow stopping power. Patented MLDD (multi-layer density design).
Nucleus center for maximum life. Dimensions: 29” x 36” x 14” (55 pounds.
Tru-Ball Releases Product Suggestion
Pull trigger to open, let up to close! rigid rod keeps the 1/2" sized ergonomic head close and ready.
the number 1 selling T.R.U. Ball® Release! Available with black or splash camo anodized head and
your choice of black leather buckle strap or camo Velcro® strap.
The Bandit features a rope connection covered in weather resistant flexible tubing. Designed to make your
release ready in hunting situations where speed is key. has a new quick lock connection system to provide
easy adjustment for any anchor point. Available with black or splash Camo head in your choice of black
leather buckle strap or Camo Velcro® strap.
Designed specifically with the youth in mind., the shooter series features four bright color combinations of red
and blue, green and black, red and gold, and purple and black. pull the trigger to pen fully-independent standard caliper jaws, and let up the trigger to close. The Shooter has a quick lock connection system to provide
easy adjustment for any anchor point. The rope style connection between the head and strap allows for less
torque and greater accuracy, while also allowing the length of the release to be extremely short to fit smaller
hands. tucks away easy into sleeve when not in use. available in junior or large with choice of black Velcro®
strap or black leather buckle strap.
American Whitetail Product Suggestion
S3DA Practice Cube
Designed for S3DA competition, featuring four sides, with a boar, deer, antelope, and bear, with the required vital
area, printed on weatherproof high-definition Tough Target material. This target will take thousands of arrows from
all sides, the tough target graphics can be easily replaced when needed. Lightweight with a built-in handle, and freestanding. 20”x 20” x 20”.
Darton Archery Product Suggestions
Darton Cadet
The Cadet has been designed for the young archer without the need to
be concerned about draw length. It can fit any youngster with a draw
length of 17” to 26” without any adjustment. A unique bow for the young
Darton Exciter
The Exciter is uniquely designed for young adults and lady archers. At a modest 3.3 pounds and a slim line grip this is a very controllable bow. This bow is designed for archers with short draw
lengths that need performance with a short axle-to-axle bow.
Darton Recruit
With a light weight of 3.1 lbs., the Recruit is perfect for anyone that wants a
small, light weight bow. The level of adjustability and performance has to be
experienced to believe. Darton believes this is the right bow to “recruit new
Darton Ranger X
The Ranger X is geared to take your young archer into the world of bow hunting.
The Ranger has a draw weight range of 15 to 50 pounds, and comes with 9 draw
length modules (17-28 inches).
Suggested Items from Blazin Creations
Team Picture Frame
This frame will hold a 3x5” photo
to help commemorate your team’s
win at any event. This can be customized to fit any event and any
Water Bottle Coozie
This water bottle coozie is perfect for any archer of
any age! With a belt loop strap, draw string, and
clip, this coozie is easy to carry, easily accessible, and
will help keep your water cold on the hot summer
Bag ID Tag/Key Chain
Show your team and S3DA pride with this customized bag ID or keychain.
Blazin can make it fit you perfectly by customizing the name and the team on
the badge.
Suggested Items from Spirit USA Archery
This versatile bag is made perfectly for both teams and families. This case is
compact and easy to transport. It can hold up to six bows as well as several
accessories with the simple removal of interior panels. The bag includes a
rolling rack, detachable accessory bag, and S3DA embroidered pocket.
Suggested Items from NEET Archery
S3DA Trim Light Quiver
18” Codura Body
Two 1” separator tubes
3YRG Youth Range Guard
Pull adjust elastic straps
Exposed “String Saver Slave” in
lower section
9 1/2” x 3 3/8”
3Y3V Youth Armguard
Pull adjust elastic straps
Three nylon rod reinforcement
5 3/4” x 3 1/4”
Scholastic 3D Archery
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