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Catering Menu
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Catering Menu
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ECO-B ag
Catering to Your Needs
D. Brian’s All Natural Deli and Catering is locally-owned and operated
since its founding in 1987. Whether you are planning a corporate lunch,
sales presentation, or family function, our catering service is sure to
please your palate and satisfy your guests.
We are here to help! Call our catering hotline at
612-349-9233 for assistance in planning your menu.
We can help you plan for small groups or up to thousands.
• Catering Service is available every day – breakfast, lunch
and dinner.
Ciabatta & Foccacia Triangles
• Ordering is easy. Just call the hotline above or
send an email to [email protected] or order online at Look for our new ordering app COMING SOON!
• We deliver each morning until late at night to all areas
of the Twin Cities. Simply place your order and the food
is prepared fresh in one of our local restaurants. Payment
can be made with all major credit cards, company check or
cash. You can also pay directly through our online invoicing
system. Courier fees may apply. Free walking delivery in
skyway system with a $50 minimum order.
• We’re flexible! If you need to make last minute add-ons
Lettuce Wrap Platter
to your order – no problem – just call and we’ll make the
changes. Order cancellations must be received by 9AM on
the due date or we will charge full price for the order.
• All catering orders include eating/serving utensils
and condiments.
• Payment can be made with all major credit cards,
company check or cash.
• Gift Cards add convenience to your life or are a great way
to reward your staff for meeting a goal. Our electronic
eGift cards never expire and there’s no monthly fee.
• We support charitable organizations and community
BBQ Meatballs
causes with donated gift certificates. Plus, we offer a
20% discount for all meals ordered by non-profit groups
for their fund raising events.
D. Brian’s All Natural
The Standard for All Natural Catering
Eating well is a personal choice made easier with D. Brian’s commitment to using
all natural ingredients, free of chemical preservatives and artificial ingredients.
Our menu is focused on whole foods while reducing processed and refined
ingredients. We select nutrient dense foods that are on every list of Best Super
Foods, including blueberries, walnuts, salmon, and extra virgin olive oil from
California. That’s why we offer fresh seasonal fruit to all of our walk-in deli
customers; and why our breakfast menu is built around 100% organic eggs and
butter from regional farmers.
We use
You’ll notice “sustainable” is part of our logo. Sustainable means
respecting the environment in a way that balances out the competing
demands of economics and responsible stewardship. D. Brian’s has used hybrid
delivery cars for years, and with our ongoing efforts to source packaging
materials made from plant fiber, we have eliminated the use of disposable foam
and plastic packaging. We are continually working with our vendor partners on
local sourcing along with recycling and composting initiatives that significantly
reduce our environmental impact. Being sustainable doesn’t have to be difficult,
it just takes a commitment to leave a small footprint. We’re doing our part in
every way that we can.
At D. Brian’s we also are strongly committed to providing meaningful
employment. Not only does this allow us to find the best staff we can, but it
helps the communities that we all live in. We start all hourly staff at $10.00 per
hour, offer a generous 401K plan and continue our popular public transportation
incentive program and discounted employee meals.
Gluten Free? Vegetarian? Just Ask.
D. Brian’s All Natural provides options for your various dietary needs.
Choose gluten free bread for our sandwiches or an entrée salad made
vegetarian or gluten free. We also offer Vegan Veggie soup or Beef Chili with
Red Beans and Beef Veggie that are gluten free. Just ask our catering specialist.
Order Online: Catering Hotline: 612-349-9233
Breakfast Catering
Fresh Fruit Bowl
$3.29 per person (min. 8)
For a light breakfast, deli buffets or afternoon
treat, our fresh fruit platter is a delicious and
nutritious addition to any meal. We hand-cut the
freshest seasonal fruit including strawberries,
cantaloupe, pineapple, and honeydew melon –
then we add fresh blueberries and grapes.
Continental Breakfast
$6.79 per person (min. 8)
Croissant Tray*
$2.29 per person (min. 8)
These butter croissants are proofed and baked
in our delis every morning to ensure the
freshest quality. Served with jam and butter.
*24 hr. notice required.
Start your meeting off with this traditional
breakfast. This buffet includes a bakery platter,
a tray of fresh cut-up fruit, and a cold beverage
such as juice, spring water or a soft drink. Add a
coffee tote for $14.99 (serves 8).
Bakery Tray
$2.29 per person (min. 8)
This tray of a variety of bakery items is baked
fresh in our stores every morning. Our
muffins and scones are made from scratch
using organic ingredients such as flour, butter
and sugar. Each tray includes bagels, muffins,
donuts, danish and scones.
Breakfast Burrito Tray
$7.59 per person (min. 10)
A customer favorite at D. Brian’s! Organic
scrambled eggs, melted cheese, choice of
meat (ham, bacon, sausage, or no-meat), pico
de gallo, chipotle cream cheese wrapped in
a flour tortilla, salsa on the side, sour cream
available upon request for .50/person.
French Toast Buffet
Don’t forget...
coffee, tea, bottled juice or water
to complete your breakfast! See page 15.
$8.29 per person (min. 10)
Our thickest bread is hand-dipped with a hint of
cinnamon to create our home-style French Toast.
Served with two scrambled eggs and two slices of
all natural bacon.
Grand Breakfast Buffet
$8.99 per person (min. 10)
This traditional meal is sure to satisfy your
guests. Each serving includes three
scrambled eggs, three strips of all natural
bacon, hash browns, and an English muffin
or donut.
Breakfast Sandwich Tray
$5.99 each. (min. 10)
This is the traditional hot breakfast sandwich
with organic eggs, melted cheese and choice
of meat. Served on your choice of English
muffin, Texas toast or ciabatta.
Yogurt Parfait with Fresh Fruit & Granola
$4.29 each (min. 8 if delivered buffet style)
Low fat vanilla yogurt, fresh blueberries, strawberries,
grapes and granola. Delivered as a buffet so you can build
your own parfait or prepared as individual cups.
Breakfast Taco Bar
$7.79 per person (min. 10)
Create your own breakfast tacos when we deliver the
scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, chopped sausage,
tortillas (2 per person) and salsa.
Fruit Kabob Tray
$3.29 per person (min. 8)
A gorgeous display of fresh fruit cubes
arranged on skewers. A colorful and
healthy addition to any meal –
breakfast or lunch.
Order Online: Catering Hotline: 612-349-9233
The D. Brian’s All Natural
Box Lunch $10.49
All natural means no chemical preservatives
and no artificial ingredients.
We use
Every entrée at D. Brian’s All Natural is prepared using
all natural ingredients, so you can rest assured that our
box lunches are the healthiest option for your event.
Ask for our
ECO-Ba g
We’ve answered your environmental concerns for an
eco-friendly box lunch – both packaging and contents.
For your next order, please consider our ECO-bag in
place of the traditional box. Our ECO-bag is made from
post-consumer recycled material, creates less waste,
and is easier on the environment. But many occasions
still call for a colorful, stackable option – in these cases,
we recommend our traditional box made from recycled
cardboard. Same price for either option.
To order, call, go online, or use the faxable order form
found in the middle of this brochure.
Order online at or call 612-349-9233.
It’s fast and easy! All Natural Box Lunches
Deli Sandwich Box Lunch $10.49
Made with all natural meat and bread from
organic ingredients. Organic wheat and gluten
free bread available. Each box includes kettle
chips, baby carrots, dessert (such as a cookie from
organic ingredients), condiments, and utensils.
• Turkey Breast
• Veggie Avocado
• Applewood Ham
• Toasted B.L.T
• Turkey B.L.T
• Homemade Egg Salad
• Turkey Club
• Roast Beef
• Homemade Albacore • Corned Beef
Tuna Salad
• All Natural Chicken Breast
• Homemade Cran-Almond Gluten Free?
Chicken Salad
Ask about
our options.
Soup & Half
Sandwich Box Lunch $10.49
When you want the warmth of soup consider these
boxes which pair a 1/2 sandwich with a cup of soup.
Each box includes crackers, baby carrots, dessert (such
as a cookie from organic ingredients), a chocolate mint
condiments, and utensils. Choose any deli sandwich
and a cup of these soup choices:
•Cheddar Tomato
• Loaded Baked Potato
•Vegan Veggie (fat free) • Chicken Noodle
•Beef Chili with Red Beans • Spicy Chicken Tortilla
• Beef Veggie
• Creamy Chicken Wild Rice
Entrée Salad ECO Bag Lunch $10.49
When you prefer a salad for your entrée,
choose from the list below. Includes breadsticks,
baby carrots, dessert (such as a cookie from organic
ingredients), a chocolate mint and utensils.
• Salmon and Avocado
• The 250
• Blueberry Walnut
• Chopped
• Greek Feta
• Classic Caesar
• Strawberry Spinach
• Chicken Beneficial
• Chicken Caesar
• Classic Chef
• Garden Salad
• Spicy Sante Fe
• Cobb Avocado
• Cran-Almond Chicken
w/ fruit
Dressings on the side:
Fat Free Citrus Vinaigrette
Creamy Caesar
Spicy Sante Fe
Balsamic Vinaigrette
Honey Spiced
Buttermilk Ranch
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Blue Cheese
Sundried Tomato Pesto
Lettuce or Deli Wrap
Box Lunch $10.49
Wrapped in either Boston Bibb lettuce or a
tortilla, our wrap sandwiches are made from
all natural meat and includes kettle chips
(deli wrap), fruit (lettuce wrap), dessert
(such as a cookie from organic ingredients),
baby carrots and a chocolate mint and utensils.
• Cashew Chicken
• Buffalo Chicken
• Chicken Caesar
• Chipotle Chicken
• Cran-Almond Chicken Salad
• Smoked Salmon Avocado
• Shrimp Salad
• Cucumber Turkey
• Hummus Avocado
• Spicy Sante Fe
• Thai Curry Chicken
All Natural Sandwich Platters
Assorted Sandwiches
$4.49/half (min. 12 halves, serves 8)
Our most popular platter with something
for everybody. Includes an assortment of
4” wraps, a variety of focaccia triangles,
and a selection of deli sandwiches.
Deli Wraps
$4.49/half (min. 12 halves, serves 8)
Enjoy a variety of 4” wrap sandwiches
including a vegetarian option. Your platter
will include a variety from these favorites:
•Cucumber Turkey with Greek tzatziki
(cucumber) sauce on a spinach wrap
•Chipotle Chicken on a tomato basil wrap
•Chicken Caesar with parmesan on a flour wrap
•Hummus Avocado on a spinach wrap
•Cran-Almond Chicken on a spinach wrap
•Buffalo Chicken on a tomato basil wrap
•Spicy Sante Fe on a flour wrap
Lettuce Wraps
Gluten Free?
Ask about
our options.
$49.99 (16, serves 5-7)
$84.99 (32, serves 10-12)
The same flavorful options as the deli
wraps, served in crisp Boston Bibb lettuce.
Fewer calories, carbs and fat than tortillas
makes this a healthy choice!
Ciabatta & Focaccia Triangles
$4.49/half (min. 12 halves, serves 8)
Focaccia bread is flavored with extra virgin olive oil,
basil and sage and ciabatta is known for its crisp
curst and soft, porous texture. This platter makes
for an excellent selection when your group wants
to be creative. We create these sandwiches with
roma tomatoes, romaine, and a variety of cheese
and meat.
Order Online: Catering Hotline: 612-349-9233
Deli Sandwiches
$7.99 each (min. 8, serves 8)
To make this platter, we start with bread
made from organic ingredients. All meats
and cheese are free of chemical preservatives
and artificial ingredients and vegetarian
options are presented on a separate tray.
Each sandwich is cut in half for sharing and
includes romaine lettuce and roma tomatoes.
Deluxe Rolled Meat and
Cheese Sandwiches
$7.99 per serving (min. 8, serves 8)
Give your guests the ability to
create their own meal. Each
order includes a platter of thinsliced deli meat (turkey breast,
Applewood ham, and roast beef),
a fine selection of assorted cheese,
a tray of fresh vegetable toppings,
and a variety of breads.
Condiments included.
Deli Dollars*
$4.49 each (min. 12, serves 8)
Side Salad in a Buffet Bowl
$3.49 per serving (min. 8, serves 8)
*24 hr. notice required.
Eliminate the veto factor with these popular
and satisfying sandwiches. Each platter
includes an assortment of white or whole
wheat buns stuffed with all natural meat,
cheese, roma tomatoes and romaine. Order
an assortment or choose between all natural
chicken breast, roast turkey, applewood ham,
roast beef, cran-almond chicken salad, or
veggie avocado.
Need a buffet side salad for your next pot luck or business lunch? We send free breadsticks with
your order and serve the salad dressing on the side. Add all natural baked chicken breast for $1
to any of the following salads: Caesar, Garden, Strawberry Spinach, or Greek Feta. Your choice
of dressing: Fat Free Citrus Vinaigrette, Creamy Caesar, Spicy Sante Fe, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Poppyseed,
Buttermilk Ranch, Honey Spiced, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Blue Cheese, Sundried Tomato Pesto and French.
Make it a Sandwich Platter Combo!
$2.99 per person – Pick any 2 sides: chips, pasta salad, potato salad, cole slaw,
cookie tray or assorted treat tray.
Hot Buffets
Chicken Penne
$72.99 per tray (serves 8-10)
Add a buffet bowl of salad (Caesar or Garden)
and fresh breadsticks for $97.99
All Natural chicken breasts are seasoned and baked
then tossed with marinara sauce and al dente penne
pasta. A flavorful mixture of sautéed mushrooms,
red onions, red peppers, green bell peppers and
parmesan cheese.
24 hour
Vegetarian Marinara
please on all
hot buffets
$67.99 per tray (serves 8-10)
Combine it with your choice of Caesar or
Garden salad and breadsticks for $92.99
This vegetarian option combines portobello
mushrooms and brocolli with green peas
and assorted vegetables, parmesan cheese
and penne pasta.
Shrimp Carbonara
$92.99 per tray (serves 8-10)
Bundle the pasta with a buffet bowl
of Caesar or Garden salad with fresh
breadsticks for $117.99
This pasta tray pairs jumbo shrimp and
chopped bacon with Alfredo sauce, sautéed
veggies, and al denté cavatappi pasta.
Chicken Gorgonzola
$82.99 per tray (serves 8-10)
Add a buffet salad (Caesar or Garden)
with homemade breadsticks for $107.99
We season and bake our all natural chicken
breast then add sautéed veggies and toss it with
creamy gorgonzola sauce and cavatappi pasta.
Order Online: Catering Hotline: 612-349-9233
$72.99 per tray (serves 9)
Add a buffet bowl of salad (Caesar or
Garden) and fresh breadsticks for $97.99
Classic crowd pleasers! Choose vegetarian
or meat lasagna. These trays are
hand layered with a blend of cheeses.
American Picnic
$10.49 per person (min. 10)
Bring the backyard to your next event.
We can even grill onsite (call for info.)
Create your own picnic with this popular buffet.
We grill all natural hamburgers and chicken
breast and you add the toppings provided.
Served with potato chips and baked beans.
Soup by the Half Gallon
$29.99 per half gallon,
yields 8 cups or 5 bowls
Mix or match as you please. Each serving
includes two fresh breadsticks and Saltine
crackers. Choose from:
•Cheddar Tomato
•Creamy Chicken Wild Rice
•Beef Chili with Red Beans
• Beef Veggie
• Loaded Baked Potato
•Vegan Veggie (fat free)
• Spicy Chicken Tortilla
• Chicken Noodle
Baked Potato Bar
$8.29 per person (min. 8)
Jumbo baked potato with all the
accompaniments: shredded cheddar,
sour cream, bacon, salsa, and butter.
Set up buffet style.
$10.49 per person (min. 10)
Add rice & beans for $2.29 per person
Create your own fajita with all natural chicken
breast and beef strips. Two tortillas per person.
Buffet includes salsa, sour cream, lettuce,
tomatoes, sautéed green pepper and onion,
shredded cheese, and tortilla chips.
Don’t forget...
desserts and beverages
to complete your meal!
See pages 14-15.
Appetizer Platters
BBQ Meatballs
$49.99 (serves 25)
Enjoy our classic meatballs paired
with tangy barbeque sauce.
Fruit & Cheese
$34.99 (serves 8-12)
$64.99 (serves 15-20)
Delicious cheeses and sliced salami are
artfully arranged with a variety of gourmet
crackers and fresh fruit.
Buffalo Chicken Wings
$44.99 (serves 10)
A crowd favorite! Served with ranch
and blue cheese on the side.
$54.99 (serves 8-12), $84.99 (serves 15-20)
Hummus and flaked salmon are paired with
kalamata olives, cucumbers, grape tomatoes
and gourmet crackers.
Chips & Salsa
$19.99 (serves 8-10)
Crisp tortilla chips served with zesty salsa.
Add homemade guacamole for $10.00
Order Online:
It’s fast and easy! Smoked Salmon
$99.99 (serves up to 30)
A full side of salmon is marinated in honey
and spices then hickory smoked. Served with
crostini, cream cheese, red onions and hard-boiled
eggs. Truly a memorable appetizer. Deli Roll-Ups
$29.99 (serves 5-7), $49.99 (serves 10-12)
An assortment of cucumber turkey, hummus
avocado, ranchero beef and turkey BLT.
$59.99 (serves 8-12), $99.99 (serves 15-20)
Chilled jumbo shrimp and cocktail sauce with fresh
lemon wedges. Served on a bed of leaf lettuce.
*24-hour notice required.
Hummus & Tabouli with Pita
$34.99 (serves 8-12), $64.99 (serves 15-20)
Homemade tabouli with hummus and toasted pita
wedges. Served with cucumbers and baby carrots.
Cheese and Gourmet Crackers
$34.99 (serves 8-12), $64.99 (serves 15-20)
Delicious cheeses and sliced salami are artfully
arranged around a variety of gourmet crackers
and garnished with grapes.
Fresh Vegetables and Dip
$34.99 (serves 8-12), $64.99 (serves 15-20)
For light, nutritious snacking, assorted fresh
vegetables with a generous portion of ranch
dressing and hummus for dipping.
Whether it’s the main event, the grand finale, or a sweet treat, we have
a dessert for you! Our cookies, brownies, and bars are baked fresh
in our on-site bakeries.
Assorted Gourmet Bar Tray
$2.39 per person (min. 8)
Rich and delicious, treat your guests and
yourself to a wonderful selection of our
gourmet bars.
Assorted Treat Tray
$2.09 per person (min. 8)
This is the perfect medley of our bakery-fresh
cookies, brownies and crispy rice bars. Ideal
for meetings, buffets, and hostess gifts!
Ice Cream Social
$6.09 delivered and set-up (min. 10)*
Includes hot fudge, caramel, fresh
strawberries, pineapple, whipped cream,
nuts, Reese’s Pieces®, and M&M’s®.
Cookie Tray
Root Beer Float
$4.09 per person (min. 10)*
*Serving is available upon request.
Additional fee will apply.
$2.09 per person (min. 8) for tray
Everyone loves a homemade cookie! Our assortment
is baked-fresh daily in our own bakeries and made with
organic ingredients! Great for coffee breaks, desserts,
or afternoon snacks.
Fresh Fruit Bowl
$3.29 per person (min. 8)
For a light breakfast, deli buffets or afternoon
treat, our fresh fruit platter is a delicious and
nutritious addition to any meal. We hand-cut
the freshest seasonal fruit including strawberries,
cantaloupe, pineapple, and honeydew melon.
Then we top it with fresh blueberries and grapes.
Salad Bowl
Potato or Pasta Salad,
Cole Slaw
$2.49 per person
Assorted Bottles of Fruit Juice
$2.19 each (min. 8)
Side Salad
$3.49 per person
Assorted Soft Drinks
$1.59 each (min. 8)
D. Brian’s Spring Water (0.5 Liter)
$1.79 each (min. 8)
Add baked chicken for $4.49 per person
Chips $1.19
Whole Fruit $0.89
Fruit Cup $1.99
Yogurt Parfait $4.29
Izze Natural Soda 2.49
Kevita Probiotic Drink 3.79
Milk 1.59
Hot Tea Service
$1.69 per person (min. 8)
Hot Chocolate or Cider
$1.69 per person (min. 8)
Coffee Service
Delivered to your office or event.
Coffee Totes: (96 oz.) $14.99 each
Large groups: (50 or more) $1.69 per serving (container must be returned)
Our coffee service features MorningStar® coffee – a local, organic, fair trade certified
company. Your choice of coffee flavor: Breakfast Blend, Colombian, French Roast,
Decaf, Vanilla Cream, or Hazelnut. Delivery includes coffee cups (16 oz.), cream,
sugar & sugar substitute, etc. Available for pick-up or delivery.
D. Brian’s All Natural Deli & Catering
Fast, convenient and accurate. That’s D. Brian’s!
Perfect for training sessions, seminars, company outings, lunch meetings,
off-site activities and family events.
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