May - NCJW Greater Dallas Section



May - NCJW Greater Dallas Section
May 2015 Vol. 102, No. 5
National Council of Jewish Women, Greater Dallas Section
cordially invites you to our
May 7, 2015
Registration 11:30
Lunch and Program 12:00
Meyerson Symphony Center
Tickets $54
Sponsorship Levels:
$90 and $180
Vanna Slaughter
Director of Immigration
and Legal Services
Catholic Charities of Dallas
Chairs: Allyson Raskin and Stacy Blank
details inside
Caren Edelstein
President’s Perspective
Caren Edelstein
The words of Anne Frank continue to
inspire us. She said, “How wonderful it is
that nobody need wait a single moment
before starting to improve the world.”
As usual, NCJW Greater Dallas Section
members have taken these words to heart.
Before the summer of 2014 had barely
begun, members visited our senators and
representatives who were home for the
summer recess. We shared information
and our concerns about upcoming federal
legislation that would affect women,
children, and families.
Our first executive director, Catherine
Horsey, lost no time getting to know NCJW
Greater Dallas in June. Catherine embraced
our values and organization, allowing the
board to grow and examining our needs
and continued relevance in the Dallas
By August, we were galvanized by the
plight of immigrant children sent to our
border alone in hopes of a better life.
Cheryl Pollman and Julie Lowenberg began
our court watch program with Pioneering
Partner honoree Vanna Slaughter of
Catholic Charities and new life member
Judge Clay Jenkins. The materials gathered
at our observations were used in a federal
lawsuit examining whether unaccompanied
minors seeking asylum had the right to a
court-appointed lawyer.
We were fortunate to receive a grant to
work with Social Venture Partners (SVP),
a global network of engaged donors. SVP
started working with us over the summer
to ensure our financial system is sustainable
for the next 102 years. Carol Weinstein and
Ellen Lasser have worked tirelessly with
Bob Appel and his SVP team to revamp our
financial reporting.
At our opening meeting, Lurking in the
Shadows, our members learned about the
horrors of human trafficking. Author Alisa
Jordheim shared stories of young women
who were trafficked. Sergeant Alfred Nunez
from the Dallas Police Vice Unit and Bill
Bernstein, deputy director of Mosaic Family
Services, talked about what our city was
doing to address this huge issue.
In October, we held a delightful
membership event at the beautiful Diamond
Doctor jewelry store. There were diamonds,
wine, and yummy hors d’oeuvres!
Community Service vice presidents Joyce
Rosenfield and Debby Stein supplied
material about our community service
projects. Norman and Laura Diamond
provided wonderful photographs. Jayme
Cohen, Kristen Fagelman and Stacy Blank
planned and executed a great evening.
David Blank generously sponsored the
Jody Platt and Rhona Streit planned a
beautiful evening to introduce Catherine
Horsey to the NCJW and Dallas nonprofit
community. Nancy Whitenack of Conduit
Gallery hosted the event and surrounded us
with beautiful art. Carolyn Abrams provided
great food. Louis and Robin Zweig provided
Judy Hoffman and her wonderful team
of volunteers celebrated 25 years of Kids
in Court with a fun day of activities, pizza
and birthday cake, for parents and children.
It certainly took the children’s minds off
their upcoming testimony and gave families
support for the task-at-hand.
A Hot Topic book study of Made in
the USA: The Sex Trafficking of America’s
Children with author Alisa Jordheim
furthered the membership’s awareness
of trafficking and gave us ideas for how to
address this issue.
Comprehensive Health Services) began a
new association with Jonathan’s Place and
Promise House and continued working
with Our Friends Place to present accurate
information on healthy relationships and
sex education. Chairs Pamela Rieter and
Linda Levine worked hard to establish these
new relationships.
Food+Fit=Fun expanded its program to
fight childhood obesity by creating new
curriculum for HIPPY home instructors. The
project will benefit many more DISD families
with the help of HIPPY instructors. Sharon
Goldstein, Marlene Cohen, Debra LevyFritts and Kyra Effren presented a beautiful
working curriculum to the educators. Laura
Diamond recorded it all for future reference
and teaching modules.
In January, NCJW Greater Dallas turned
102 years old. Chairs Robin Zweig and
Wendy Tobias planned a joyous birthday
celebration where we honored several of
our members. Marlene Cohen received the
Hannah G. Solomon Award, Pat Peiser the
new Lifetime Achievement Award, Stacy
Barnett the Janis Levine Music Make-ADifference Award, and Stacy Blank the
Emerging Leader Award. Mazel Tov to the
awards committee headed by Hanne Klein
and assisted by Jayme Cohen, Myra Fischel,
Laura Diamond, Pat Peiser, and Renee Karp
for selecting such outstanding honorees.
As we do each biennium, we went to
Austin to advocate with our state legislators
in Austin. This year our issues were
reproductive justice, gun violence, and
immigration reform. Elaine Bernstein and
Legislative Action chairs Erika Bruce and
Erin Zopolsky led the Day on the Hill effort. Our spring meeting, “Why Internet
Safety Matters to You and the Ones You
Love,” taught us how to keep our families
safe on the internet. Chairs Nonie Schwartz
and Rhona Streit assembled a great panel
to inform our members.
The finance committee headed by Julie
Bleicher continues to examine issues of
governance, investments, and insurance.
Ellen Jackofsky heads the personnel
Thank you to all our hard working
committee members, community service
volunteers and supporters for making
this a great year. To our amazing board,
your thoughtful work, willingness to forge
new ideas and engage in contemplative
discussion makes it a joy to work with each
of you. Thank you.
Also, please note in this issue the names
of all our fabulous volunteers who make
NCJW Greater Dallas Section an organization
that doesn’t “wait a single moment before
starting to improve the world.”
Caren Edelstein
NCJW Mission Statement
The National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW), is a grassroots organization of volunteers
and advocates who turn progressive ideals into action. Inspired by Jewish values, NCJW
strives for social justice by improving the quality of life for women, children, and families and
by safeguarding individual rights and freedoms.
Vice President:
Renee Karp
NCJW Installation Luncheon: Hope for the Unseen
Please join us on Thursday, May 7 for the NCJW Greater Dallas Section
installation luncheon at the beautiful Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center.
We will install the 2015-16 board of directors and present the 2015 Pioneering
Partner Award.
This year’s Pioneering Partner Award is being given to Vanna Slaughter,
division director of Catholic Charities Immigration and Legal Services. Slaughter
has represented non-citizens in their immigration related legal matters for 29
years. She is accredited by the US Department of Justice to represent non-citizens
and immigrants before the US Department of Homeland Security and the Board
of Immigration Appeals. She is the 2007 recipient of the National Immigration
Forum’s “Keepers of the American Dream” Award and 2013 recipient of the
Catholic Legal Immigration Network Inc.’s (CLINIC) Immigrant Justice Award.
The NCJW court watching project has been supported and assisted by Vanna
Vanna Slaughter
Slaugher and Catholic Charities. Both Vanna and Catholic Charities have been
long time partners in services to immigrant families.
Make your reservations now! Cost is $54 per person. Event sponsorship is available at $90 and $180. Both
levels include program recognition.
Make your reservations by May 1st at or by sending a check to the NCJW Greater Dallas
NCJW Slate 2015-2016
elected at the March 24 membership meeting
President . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Caren Edelstein
President-Elect . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Joyce Rosenfield
VP Administration . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Renee Karp
VP Community Service . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Debby Stein and Nonie Schwartz
VP Financial Development . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Stacy Barnett
VP Membership . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jayme Cohen and Kristen Fagelman
VP Public Affairs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Stacy Blank
VP Public Relations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jane Larkin
Secretary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Laura Diamond
Associate Secretary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jackie Fleschman
Treasurer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ellen Lasser
Associate Treasurer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Teresa Rosenfield
DIRECTORS 2015-2016:
Elaine Bernstein, Erika Bruce, Lynn Goldstein, Gail Gilbert, Linda Levine,
Janine Pulman, Amy Schachter, Erin Zopolsky
DIRECTORS 2015-2017:
Risa Gross, Amy Harburg, Terry Levinger, Debra Levy-Fritts,
Pamela Rieter, Carol Tobias, Melissa Tone, Carol Weinstein
Suzi Greenman, Chair
Julie Haymann, Ynette Hogue, Ruthie Shor
Carolyn Abrams
Rosie Akerman
Susie Avnery
Stacy Barnett
Lanie Bell
Syl Benenson
Elaine Bernstein
Phyllis Bernstein
Bill Bernstein, Mosaic
Elaine Betcher
Stacy Blank
Andrea Bleicher
Julie Bleicher Joanne Blum
Ana Bonnheim
Denise Bookatz
Susan Bowman
Marilyn Boyd
Brenda Brand
Beth Brand Stromberg
Ellene Breinin
Mary Lee Broder
Lottye Brodsky
Julia Brooks
Erika Bruce
Lauren Busch
Sharon Childs
Yolanda Clark
Joni Cohan
Jayme Cohen
Marlene Cohen
Mimi Cohen
Rachel Cohen
Taryn Daniels
Judy David
Laura Diamond
Rita Doyne
Laurie Drazner
Caren Edelstein
Jeanne Fagadau
Kristin Fagelman Nancy Fellman
Marilyn Fiedelman
Myra Fischel
Marsha Fischman
Diane Fleschler
Jackie Fleschman
Barbara Franklin
Kathy Freeman
Gail Gilbert
Nickey Gilbert
Rita Sue Gold
Beth Gold
Lynn Goldstein
Michelle Goldstein
Mandy Golman
Renee Golman
From the Executive Director
Highlights from My First Year as ED
Judith Goodman
Ilene Greene
Suzi Greenman
Barbara Gutow
Liz Haberman
Kathy Higier
Judy Hoffman
Sondra Hollander
Catherine Horsey
Ellen Jackofsky
Esther Jogiel
Gayle Johansen
Jolie Jones
Alisa Jordheim,
Justice Society
Mandy Karp
D.J. Kassanoff
Nancy Kasten
Linnie Katz
Hanne Klein
Nancy Klompus
Leah Beth Kolni
Esther Kolni
Cheri Komaiko
Melanie Kuhr
Jeanie La Maza
Jane Lachman
Jane Larkin
Ellen Lasser Roberta Lazarus
Barbara Lee
Felise Leidner
Marilyn Levin
Linda Levine
Joanne Levy
Debra Levy-Fritts
Alan Lidji
Julie Lowenberg
Joy Mankoff
Ellen Marks
Ellen Markus
Bette Miller
Sharon Miller
Peggy Millheiser Jana Milstein
Bette Morschower
Terry Murray
Jolie Newman
Lynda Newman
Sgt. Alfred Nuñez, DPD
Pat Peiser
Carol Pinker
Melissa Plaskoff
Jody Platt
Cheryl Pollman
Elise Power
Janine Pulman
Allyson Raskin
Alyson Ray
Jo Reingold
Every day—even almost one year later—I am learning about the value of NCJW to
our community. From Attitudes & Attire to HIPPY and WACHS, every day our volunteers
are working to better the lives of women, children and families. It’s awe inspiring and
overwhelming, and the challenge to me as CEO is keeping track of it all and making the
Section function as a cohesive whole.
A highlight for me has been learning about the NCJW community and how everyone
is related. Even how I’m related!
One important job has been trying to make things better and easier for our volunteers.
We’re streamlining our financial reporting so that the board and committees can plan
Catherine Horsey
for the present and for the future, with a full understanding of where our money comes
from and where it goes. We’re developing methods to track volunteer time so that we all understand the enormity
of our community service—and program chairs don’t have to spend valuable time tracking their volunteers on
innumerable spreadsheets.
With our new comprehensive database, we’ll be able to look at an individual and immediately understand the
many ways she’s involved: as a donor, as a committee chair, as a program participant. And we’ll be able to look at
past activities and see who was there, what the agenda looked like, who the committee chair was.
The other thing we’re working on is the perception of NCJW in the community. The publication of the Centennial
History, expected this fall (see article elsewhere in this Bulletin), will add to the larger community’s understanding
of who we are and what we do. It will be a real source of pride. Another project will help us articulate, in a
few simple words, the work of our organization past and present, and adapt our communications media—the
website, the Bulletin, email communications--to better serve our members and the general public.
I have been gratified by and appreciate very much the support shown me this first year by a real partner to me
in this work, Caren Edelstein, and by the board and everyone associated with the Section. I have learned so much
from all of you, and look forward to helping you position NCJW firmly as an organization that will sustain itself and
its good work for the next 100 years.
Centennial History to be Published This Year
As an outgrowth of its recent Centennial
Celebration, NCJW Greater Dallas will publish a book
at the end of this year that details and celebrates first
100 years of the section.
From its founding in 1913, when NCJW members
ensured that infants had access to supplies of fresh
milk, to modern times, when members are working
with unaccompanied immigrant minors to ensure fair
representation in court, NCJW members have been in
the forefront of those taking action to better the lives
of women, children and families.
For this project, we are organizing and archiving
100 years of photographs and other materials and will
summarize the work of each decade in its social and
cultural context. The book will be image-intensive,
cloth-bound, and exhibit very high production values.
Distribution methods are currently being determined, but our audience is the Greater Dallas community.
Leading the effort are board members Bette Miller and Marlene Cohen.
We anticipate that the NCJW Greater Dallas Section Centennial History will be a source of pride for our
members and volunteers, but more importantly it will give the larger Dallas community an opportunity
to better understand the important role of our organization in the life of our city.
Financial Development
Vice President:
Debra Levy-Fritts
Novelist: $5,000 and above
David Newberger
Essayist: $3,600-4,999
Phyllis Bernstein
Joy and Staci Mankoff
Janet & Morris Newberger Philanthropic Fund
Blogger: $1,800-3,599
Rededicate yourself to
Jeanne Fagadau
Robin Kosberg
Cheryl Pollman
sharing our
Ronald Greene
Barbara Lee
Carol Weinstein
the worldLinnie
as W.
weKatzenterStaci Mankoff Robin and Louis Zweig
our second century.
Letter Writer: $1,500-1,799
Brenda F. Brand
Carol N. Brin
Sandy Nachman
This year’s fundraiser will be a stay-at-home event.
Details inside.
Tweeter: $500-$1,499
Stacy Barnett
Barbara P. Berger
Selma Bookatz
Joni Cohan
Jayme Lynn Cohen
Marlene Cohen
Geraldine Cristol
Laura G. Diamond
Rita Doyne
Caren Edelstein
Kristen Fagelman
Ann J. Folz
Kathy Freeman
Bootsie Golden
Lynn Goldstein
Sandra M. Kaman
Terry K. Levinger
Julie Lowenberg
Nancy Weiner Marcus
Bette Morchower
Jody Platt
Barbara B. Rabin
Barbara Rose
Fannie Sablosky
The Ellen & Jerry Samuels Charitable Fund
Leslie Schultz
Shtofman Family Fund
Lawrence Steinberg
Phyllis Steinhart
Rhona Streit
Second-Century Supporters: $18-$499
Ruth Andres
Pepper F. Aronoff
Charis Aronson
Lynn Behrendt
Elaine Bernstein
Elaine Brown Betcher
Diane Fagelman Birk
Julie Bleicher
Beverly B. Blumenthal
Ana Bonnheim
Denise & Bart Bookatz Family Philanthropic Fund
Lottye Brodsky
Erika Bruce
Rebecca Bruder
Lauren K. Busch
Hazel Byers
Kimberly Herzog Cohen
Joan Davidow
Naomi Dunn
Marilyn Fiedelman
Lois Finkelman
Myra Fischel
Marsha Fischman
Martha Fleisher
Jackie Fleschman
Michelle Funk
Laurie Gidlow
Nickey Gilbert
Rita Sue Gold
Lynda Golenternek
Marcy Grossman
Marcy C. Helfand
Iva G. Hochstim
Sondra Hollander
Phyllis Jacobs
Renate F. Kahn
Renee L. Karp
Hanne Katz Klein
Ellen Lasser
Linda Levine
Debra J. Levy-Fritts
Joanie R. Loeb
Melissa W. Plaskoff
Donna Rubin
Peachy Rudberg
Connie L. Rudick
Rose Salsburg
Amy Schachter
Norma A. Schlinger
Betty Sue Sheinberg
Denise Siegal
Zelda Siegel
Randi Smerud
Elissa Sommerfield
Chuck & Debby Stein Philanthropic Fund
Helen Stern
Karen Mellow Stock
Toby K. Stone
Darrel Strelitz
Nancy Szor
Carol Wolff Tobias
Shirley Tobolowsky
Eleanor Trachtenberg
Maxine P. Waldman
Louette K. Weiser
Public Affairs
Vice President:
Stacy Blank
102nd Birthday Luncheon and Awards Presentations
What wonderful award recipients. Thank you to the awards committee chaired by Hanne Klein and Pat
Peiser. Thank you also to the committee members who gave their time to select an outstanding group of
recipients. Committee members included Jayme Cohen, Laura Diamond, Myra Fischel, Marsha Fischman,
Robin Zweig, Caren Edelstein (ex officio), Renee Karp (ex officio) and Catherine Horsey (ex officio).
Caren Edelstein and daughter Allyson Raskin
Birthday Luncheon
Linnie Katz and Jayme Cohen
Beverly Tobian and Pat Peiser
Renee Karp and Robin Birnbaum
Emerging Leader Awardee Stacy Blank and husband
Janis Levine Music Make-A-Difference Awardee
Stacy Barnett and husband Darren
Suzi Greenman, Laura Diamond and Kathy Freeman
NCJW Partners
Hannah G. Solomon Awardee Marlene Cohen,
husband Arnie Kaber, and daughter Stacy Kaber
Wendy Tobias and Robin Zweig, Luncheon Co-Chairs
Pat Peiser, recipient of the Lifetime Achievement
Award, with granddaughter Rabbi Allison Peiser
Public Affairs
Day on The Hill 2015
Sixty plus NCJW women came to Austin for Day on the Hill
just as winter returned to Texas. However, rain, sleet and snow
did not deter us from making our voices heard. The day-and-ahalf event began on Monday, February 16 at noon. Our home
base was the Omni Hotel in downtown Austin.
Dallas NCJW participants included Elaine Bernstein, Erika
Bruce, Jayme Cohen, Marlene Cohen, Judy David, Laura
Diamond, Caren Edelstein, Catherine Horsey, Nancy Kasten,
Jane Lachman, Ellen Lasser, Linda Levine, Debra Levy, Julie
Lowenberg, Amy Manuel, Cheryl Pollman, Marsha Steinback,
and Lauran Weiner.
We visited Senators Donald Huffines and Royce West, and
Representatives Rafael Anchia, Eric Johnson, Linda Koop,
Kenneth Sheets, Morgan Meyer, Toni Rose, Jason Villalba, and
Joe Straus. While many of the meetings were with people with
different opinions than NCJW, it was good to remind them of our
positions on key issues.
We learned about the issues of reproductive choice, gun
violence and immigration reform during afternoon workshops.
We listened to Cindy Noland, Catholics for Choice; Jamie Ford,
Moms Demand Action; Haley Zackary Americans for Responsible
Solutions; Celina Mereno, MALDEF; and Skyler Korgel and
Montserrat Alatorree, DREAMers at ULI. In addition to the issue
speakers, we heard from Leanne Gale, a grassroots associate
from NCJW Inc. Leanne spoke briefly about reproductive justice
and the interaction between the sections and National at the
workshop. She gave a more in-depth speech on the national
reproductive justice initiatives at dinner.
In the evening, there was a lovely reception and dinner.
During the meal, several awards were given. The Honorable
Clay Jenkins, Dallas County Judge, received the Texas Trail Blazer
award for his work with the unaccompanied minor immigrants
and for being the voice of calm and reason during the Ebola
crisis. During his acceptance speech, he said he felt he should be
a member of NCJW and after the presentations, he did become
a life member.
The Belief in Action award went to Cheryl Pollman for all of
her work on behalf of NCJW. All NCJW members received the
Woman Who Dared award for the time, money and energy they
put towards fulfilling our mission.
On Tuesday, we headed to the Capitol. Our day began with
a photo op with Speaker Straus at 8:45 a.m. Then we met our
respective legislators and left them with our position papers,
encouraging them to consider the issues from our perspective.
It was most gratifying to see
so many young women taking
part this year. It was a great
time to be an NCJW member in
Thank you to Erika Bruce
and Erin Zopolsky for putting
the appointments together,
Catherine and the office. Our
new database system was invaluable in taking reservations.
DOTH 2015 was a great
success. See you all in 2017!
Cheryl Pollman and Judge Clay Jenkins
Linda Koop with Ryan Sparks, Chief of Staff
Linda Levine, Ellen Lasser, Catherine Horsey, Caren
Edelstein, Julie Lowenberg
Elaine Bernstein, Mike Schuback, Catherine Horsey,
Jayme Cohen
Bobbie Cohen and Elaine Bernstein
Lauran Weiner, Judy David, Erika Bruce
Karen Reisman
Pamela Rieter
Chana Robinowitz
Barbara Rose
Carol Rosen
Maddy Rosenbaum
Joyce Rosenfield
Theresa Rosenfield
Perla Rosenstock
Dafna Rubinstein
Connie Rudick
Ellen Salzberger
Ellen Samuels
Maria Sanchez-Rosen
Dr. Laura Scalfino
Amy Schachter
Ben Schachter
Eden Schachter
Judy Schecter
Melanie Schein
Debbie Scheinberg
Kathy Schneider
Judy Schneider
Celia Schoenbrun
Nonie Schwartz
Laurie Shwiff
Irene Sibaja
Lynne Siegel
Nora Silverfield Randi Smerud
Phyllis Somer
Sara Spraggins
Bobbi Stein
Debby Stein
Deborah Stein
Freda Gail Stern
Elaine Stillman
Karen Stock
Toby Stone
Rhona Streit
Daphne Sydney
Silvia Sylven
Nita Mae Tannenbaum
Sue Tilis
Carol Tobias
Wendy Tobias
Jeanie Tolmas
Melissa Tone
Maddy Unterberg
Rose Watel
Janice Sweet Weinberg
Lauren Weiner Carol Weinstein
Marcia Weinstein
Harriet Whiting
Melanie Wisniewski
Claudette Wolfe
Paula Zeitman
Erin Zopolsky
Robin Zweig
Community Service
Vice Presidents:
Joyce Rosenfield and Debby Stein
Another meaningful and successful year has ended for HIPPY
(Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youth)–its 26th!
This program teaches parents to be their child’s first teacher.
Through NCJW funding and its wonderful volunteers, we
continue to open the world of art, humanities and nature to
hundreds of low-income, limited English proficiency families.
This year, we educated HIPPY staff about NCJW’s diverse
interests and our many community service projects. We awarded
scholarships to deserving graduating high school seniors who
completed the HIPPY program 12 years ago and were ready for
college. We cultivated relationships with HIPPY staff and the
outstanding professionals at the Dallas Museum of Art, Perot
Museum of Nature and Science, Dallas Arboretum and Nasher
Sculpture Garden. We received heartfelt letters of thanks and
appreciative comments from Dallas, Irving, and Richardson ISD
HIPPY lead staff, home instructors and parents. One HIPPY mom
struck up a friendship
with Syl Benenson
several field trips. To
show her appreciation
for the attention Syl
gave her during these
talented mother made
Syl two beautiful dolls.
added these special
and unique dolls to her collection. HIPPY is uplifting and educational – the
percentage of HIPPY three- and fouryear-olds classified as “ready for school”
before the program almost doubles after
participation. If you haven’t volunteered
for a HIPPY field trip, you’re missing a truly
inspiring experience. We are fortunate
to have more than 50 members who give
hundreds of hours ensuring that these
children and parents have these enriching
opportunities. Thank you!
If you are interested in joining our team
of volunteers, look for sign-up information
this fall. HIPPY chairs: Carol Tobias, Syl
Benenson, and Marilyn Boyd
Syl & Carol:
I am writing this letter to you to share the overwhelming response from our first ever HIPPY DAD’S
Field Trip to the Perot Museum held last week. As you know, our Home Instructors arranged for the Dads
instead of the Moms to accompany their children on this Field Trip. Amazingly, we had 70 Dads with their 71
children (there was a set of twins) ready to go that Tuesday morning. Moms were at the buses giving Dads
instructions, making sure they didn’t lose sight of their child, reminding them to make trips to the restrooms
and not to forget to give the children lunch. You would have thought they were going away for a month
instead of 4 hours. It was wonderful!
The Dads were very involved with their children at the Perot Museum, taking in all the wonders for
themselves while explaining the sights to their wide-eyed children. For all, it was their first trip to this fabulous
museum where they saw everything from dinosaurs to earthquakes and experimented with numerous handson activities.
Once they returned home, the follow-up was astounding. The HIPPY lead staff heard from the Home
Instructors that the Dads were so excited about their adventure and are now much more supportive of the
HIPPY program and more understanding of all the work that goes into something as simple as taking kids on
an outing.
To further tell you of the value of the field trips, the following is a story that has been repeated many
times. One of our parents told her Home Instructor that before going on a HIPPY field trip, she had never
been out of her neighborhood. The visit to the Dallas Museum of Art was a wonderful experience for her in
many ways. She not only saw art painted by Hispanic artists but received a history lesson about the art and
the artists from NCJW volunteers. This mother also learned that the DMA is free to everyone and she and her
family can return anytime.
Thank you NCJW for providing the volunteers and funds for these eye-opening, enriching field trips for
our families. Where these trips are typical week-end adventures for my family they are truly life-changing
adventures for so many of these families. We know that statistics show that the HIPPY 3 year curriculum
makes a difference in the success of each child as they move through their educational experience, but it’s a
special treat to see the “spark” in a child or parent’s face as their world is expanded through these visits right
here at home! Without HIPPY, these fires would never be lit.
The DISD HIPPY Program looks forward to many more productive years of collaborating with NCJW.
Adriana Treviño
Director of DISD Parent Education Programs
Community Service
Lynn Goldstein and Joyce Rosenfield
Hello Israel
Hello Israel is so pleased to have Jo Reingold in
its lineup. Jo is a longtime teacher with 29 years of
classroom experience including 22 years teaching
religious school. However, she still finds time for her
real passion, volunteerism.
Over the years, Jo has volunteered in many
organizations in Dallas. She served as president of the
Dallas Chapter of Hadassah and Jewish War Veterans
Auxiliary of Dallas, assistant director of Young JudeaTexas and South Florida, Israel Independence Day
committee member, and co-chair of Hello Israel. She
also volunteered at the Dallas Jewish Historical Society
and Jewish Arts Fest. She has served on the board
Jo Reingold
of the Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas and her
neighborhood HOA. Jo is a longtime board member of the Southwest Region of Hadassah.
This lively redhead has boundless energy. Her enthusiasm and her love for Israel is
evident. She is part cheerleader, part motivational speaker.
Jo has been married to her husband David for 17 years but has known him for 40 years!
They love to travel and recently celebrated their anniversary in Greece and Turkey. Jo has
been to Israel seven times. A nice fit for her Hello Israel work.
Jo also owns Jo's Jeep Service, which provides clients with transportation and assistance
Thank you, Jo, for all you do. Hello Israel is very lucky to have you.
Hello Israel: Denise Bookatz, teacher Liliya Mezheritsky and two
students at Franklin Middle School.
Day of Service Book Drive for Educational First Steps
Since 1990, Educational First Steps has been transforming daycare centers in at-risk
neighborhoods into nationally accredited preschools. To do this, they partner with existing
daycare centers and preschools in some of North Texas’ most impoverished areas and give
them proven tools and techniques that transform caregiving into teaching.
Daycare centers frequently list books as their top need to assist children with learning.
While most of us take for granted our children’s and grandchildren’s shelves of books, the kids
at these centers often don’t own a single book.
In keeping with our mission to improve the quality of life for women, children, and families,
NCJW Greater Dallas Section helped Educational First Steps to fill the bookshelves at their
centers by holding a book drive. Due to the generosity of our members and a large donation
from Half Price Books, we were able to collect almost 500 books. The staff at Educational First
Steps was thrilled to receive this donation.
We know that the children and teachers at the centers will benefit enormously from our
effort. Thank you to all who participated!
Community Service
Tribute Funds
One-Shot Projects
NCJW offers various one-time, short-term volunteer projects
throughout the year. These efforts allow us to assist our
community outside of our standing projects.
On February 12, NCJW volunteers hosted a Valentine party at
Pebbles Apartments, a low-cost residential housing complex.
Women and their children are placed at Pebbles when they
leave The Bridge, a homeless recovery center.
The Valentine party was our first One-Shot Project, and the
children who attended had a great time! For more information
on One-Shot Projects, contact Linda Skibell at [email protected]
Vice Presidents:
Jayme Cohen and Kristen Fagelman
Rachel Cohen
Linda Evans
Sarah Kaplan
Pamela Rieter
Lisa Soloman
Melanie Wisniewski
Judge Clay Jenkins
Louise Mittenthal
Member (and finance committee chair)
Julie Mamolen Bleicher will be honored
on April 30th by the Dallas Women’s
Foundation with the 2015 Maura Women
Helping Women Award for her work on
the technology initiative at Greenhill
School as well as other initiatives in the
The League of Women Voters of
Dallas honored member Ann Margolin
on February 12th with the 2015 Susan
B. Anthony Award for her extensive
community work on behalf of women and
Reba M. Wadel Scholarship
Recipient Named
NCJW’s mission to improve the life of
women, children and families is furthered by
supporting the education of women studying
early childhood development and family
sciences. We are pleased to support Angela
Evanko Cipiti with this year’s Reba M. Wadel
Greater Dallas Section established The
Reba M. Wadel Scholarship to assist graduate
students at Texas Woman’s University (TWU)
and the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA),
School of Social Work pursue degrees in these
This year’s recipient of the Reba M.
Wadel Scholarship, Angela Evanko Cipiti is an
outstanding student at UTA majoring in child
development. Angela is regarded so highly by
her department, that this is her second time
to receive the scholarship.
Born August 4, 1900 in Longview, Texas,
Reba Mallinson Wadel was the youngest child
of Samuel and Rose Mallinson. The family
moved to Dallas in 1906. Reba was in the first
graduating class of the Hockaday School and
went on to earn a degree in social work from
Goucher College in Baltimore, Maryland in
Married in 1924 to Ernest Wadel of Tyler,
Reba, and Ernest were active in Dallas civic
and Jewish organizations. They had one son,
Louis B. Wadel.
Reba was a leader of the day nursery
movement in Dallas, serving as officer and
director of the Dallas Day Nursery Association.
She chaired the Women's Division of the
Dallas Section of the National Conference
of Christians and Jews; and served as Vice
President of NCJW Greater Dallas, and Dallas
Community Chest (now the United Way).
During World War II, Reba was the Director
of Volunteers for the Dallas branch of the U.S.
Office of Civilian Defense. Active nationally
in the United Jewish Appeal (UJA), Reba
served as National Chairman of the Women’s
Division. She died on a return trip from a UJA
meeting in New York, when her plane crashed
at Love Field on November 29, 1949.
Education, children, and social work were
three of Reba’s lifetime priorities, and the
Reba M. Wadel Scholarship Fund is one way
that her efforts in these areas continue. When
you contribute to this fund your dollars go
towards educating future social workers, like
Angela Evanko Cipiti, who want to improve
the quality of life for women, children, and
Get well soon:
Pepper Aronoff
Bette W. Miller
Joyce Rosenfield
Bette W. Miller
Helen Stern
Bette W. Miller
In honor of:
Marilyn Boyd
Syl Benenson
Pat Peiser’s Lifetime Achievement Award
Connie L. Rudick
In memory of:
Mrs. Florence Schraub – We will all miss your
beautiful Mom
Patricia W. Fagadau
In honor of:
Marlene Cohen, Stacy Barnett and
Stacy Blank
Rhona Streit
Evan Oliff
Jane Pawgan
Pat Peiser’s Lifetime Achievement Award
Rhona Streit
Brother of Loren Weinstein
Darrel Strelitz
In celebration of:
Stacy Barnett
Beverly Tobian
Stacy Blank
Beverly Tobian
Marlene Cohen
Beverly Tobian
Pat Peiser
Bill Burns
Beverly Tobian
The marriage of Trey Fisher and Adrienne Lee
Judith Rosenkranz
In honor of:
Award Honorees – Mazel Tov on your much
deserved award!
Joyce Rosenfield
Stacy Barnett
Phyllis F. Bernstein
Rita Doyne
Cheryl Pollman
Kathy Freeman
Linnie W. Katz
Barbara Lipshy
Julie Lowenberg
Beth Brand Stromberg
Karli Ward
Janice Sweet Weinberg
Robin Zweig
Stacy Blank
Phyllis F. Bernstein
Rita Doyne
Kathy Freeman
Linnie W. Katz
Stacy Blank
Julie Lowenberg
Cheryl Pollman
Randi Smerud
Beth Brand Stromberg
Marilyn Tonkon
Karli Ward
Devon Wayne
Lois Wolf
Robin Zweig
Marlene Cohen – in celebration of receiving
the Hannah G. Solomon Award
Joy Mankoff
Marlene Cohen
Syl Benenson
Phyllis F. Bernstein
Rolly Cohen
Rita Doyne
Jeanne Fagadau
Helen S. Frank
Kathy Freeman
Terry Goltz Greenberg
Linnie W. Katz
Linda Sue Klein
Julie Lowenberg
Fran McElvaney
Susan Pintchovski
Cheryl Pollman
Eileen Rosenblum
Peachy Rudberg
Randi Smerud
Beth Brand Stromberg
Rose Marie Stromberg
Karli Ward
Janice Sweet Weinberg
Robin Zweig
Georgia Goodman
Julie Lowenberg
Renee Karp
Janine Pulman
Rabbi Murray and Roberta Berger Family
Tzedakah Fund of the Dallas Jewish
Community Foundation
Mona Allen
Pat Peiser, in celebration of her award
Joy Mankoff
Pat Peiser’s Lifetime Achievement Award
Shirley Tobolowsky
Pat Peiser
Kitzi Ball
Syl Benenson
Phyllis F. Bernstein
Rita Doyne
Claire Lee Epstein
Jeanne Fagadau
Helen S. Frank
Kathy Freeman
Nancy Kasten
Linnie W. Katz
Norma J. Levitan
Joanie R. Loeb
Julie Lowenberg
Judy Markey
Fran McElvaney
Pat Peiser
Cheryl Pollman
May L. Sebel
Randi Smerud
Beth Brand Stromberg
Rosalie Taubman
Marilyn Tonkon
Miriam Vernon
Karli Ward
Rhea M. Wolfram
Judith Zimmerman
Robin Zweig
Cheryl Pollman’s Belief in Action Award
Ethel Silvergold Zale
Cheryl Pollman
Nancy Kasten
Randi Smerud
Joyce Rosenfield and Marilyn Boyd
Janine Pulman
Debby Stein – In honor of Debby’s
commitment to serving her community and
her birthday!
Chuck Stein
Beverly Tobian
Caren Edelstein
Rhea Wolfram and her new home
Louise Eiseman
In loving memory of:
Judy Hoffman’s mother
Rita Doyne
Anita Marcus
Carlea Vogel
Sally Woloshin, mother of Randi Smerud
Helen S. Frank
Sending birthday wishes to:
Barbara Lee – All good wishes
for a happy birthday!
Sheryl Fields Bogen
Sending congratulations to:
Pat Peiser – we’re so proud!
Denise Bookatz
Sending get well wishes to:
Marilyn Boyd
Joyce Rosenfield
In celebration of:
Pat Peiser’s Lifetime Achievement Award
Debra Blatt Greene
In honor of:
Marlene Cohen’s Hannah G. Solomon Award
Debra Blatt Greene
In honor of:
Pat Peiser, Stacy Blank, Marlene Cohen and
Stacy Barnett
Phyllis Somer
Pat Peiser – Congratulations!
Peggy and Dave Millheiser
Pat Peiser – Congratulations on your welldeserved honor!
Joan S. Jackson
Cheryl Pollman – Mazel Tov on your recent
award. Well deserved.
Joyce Rosenfield
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