ATW – Issue September 12, 2014


ATW – Issue September 12, 2014
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LaFerrari: Hybrid Supercar has over 950 hp and will cost
more than $1.69 million
The LaFerrari F150 is a limited
production hybrid supercar built by
the famous Italian Ferrari Company.
Officially unveiled at the 2013
Geneva Auto Show, the LaFerrari is
aimed to be a super lightweight
hybrid two seater. Only 499 cars will
be built and a cost of $1.69 million
Design wise- the jets fighter styled
body has numerous aerodynamic
scoops, channels, tunnels, creases,
flaps and wings for maximum design
efficiency and to keep the LaFerrari
as low and stuck to the road as
possible at speed. Front and rear
undercar panels continuously manage
downforce by changing position,
whilst the wide rear spoiler fluke at
the rear changes pitch and height like
an aircraft via computer inputs. When
parked, most of the cars wings and
flaps are however hidden and
retracted into the sleek carbon fibre
The interior is full of hi tech
materials and design features. There
is a steering wheel with integrated
controls and gear levers directly fixed
to the steering column. In a current
super car trend moving away rom
traditional instrumentation, the
gauges will be replaced by a 12.3"
TFT display with the option to
choose between two display layouts
and the ability to receive and display
data from the cars telemetry system
in F1 racing car -style.
The LaFerrari is the first hybrid from
Ferrari, and is unique in providing the
Vancouver: Brian Jessel BMW
unveiled its renovated flagship
BMW dealership located at 2311
Boundary Road, Vancouver this
week. The State of the art 66,000
square foot facility featuring BMW’s
latest corporate identity standards
has Display vehicle capacity for up
to 25 cars. The BMW i Brand
Centre housing new BMW EV
(electric vehicle) products has also
been opened. Brian Jessel BMW is
one of only seven BMW dealerships in Canada designated to sell
and service the BMW i brand. The
BMW i brand is the new innovative
“Born Electric” EV line-up
featuring BMW i3 and the halo
hybrid electric i8.
As the leading luxury vehicle retailer
in Canada, this newly renovated
dealership will raise the benchmark
for all dealerships across Canada, as
it will feature unique and luxurious
characteristics that have not been
seen previously in luxury automotive retailers. An Incredible 70 foot
linear showroom waterfall will greet
the visitors and 5 Star Luxury Isetta
lounge, which includes a ten foot
marble fireplace, the latest Wi-Fi
technology, and charging stations
for phones and tablets will engage
and entertain the customers while
they wait for their cars.
Art is displayed in a museum style
gallery commissioned by local
artists. Opening in November 2014,
the second Brian Jessel BMW
location will feature Canada’s largest
‘standalone,’ Pre-Owned BMW
Dealership, which will inherit
similar characteristics and services
as the flagship location, located six
blocks north on Boundary Road.
highest power output of any Ferrari
with the
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Brian Jessel BMW unveils Luxury Flagship Dealership
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$18 million has been invested in the
Brian Jessel BMW dealership
renovation and 2nd location
Pre-owned Centre expansion .
David Simpson, Principal at Dys
Architecture; Bryan Reid,
Vice-President at Kindrid
Construction; and Diane Shrubb,
Principal at Shrubb Design
Partnership were present at the
launch. Speaking at the launch, Jim
Murray, Brian Jessel BMW’s
Managing Partner gave details about
the new features and history leading
to today’s expansion.
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