June Quarter Notes 2016 - Minnesota Youth Symphonies



June Quarter Notes 2016 - Minnesota Youth Symphonies
Special Message from Retiring
Executive Director Vicki Krueger
This entire
past season has
been a season
of remembering
for me as I
approached my
retirement from
MYS. When I
started, I joined
Claudette and
Manny Laureano
in their efforts to rebuild MYS.
For several years it was all about
recruitment. This was a challenging
and exciting time as we cheered every
new recruit and built our orchestra
personnel. As the orchestras grew
in numbers the focus moved to
developing the artistic standards that
would eventually propel MYS into
the upper echelon of youth orchestras
across the country.
Adding the music education classes
expanded the musical horizon for our
students. When we added trimester
sectionals with Minnesota Orchestra
musicians it was like giving the
students a magic elixir. The annual
retreats worked another form of
magic and boosted individual and full
orchestra achievement. Performing at
Orchestra Hall brought it all home,
giving the students a professional
venue to showcase their achievements.
Then there was the literature. Every
performance reminded me of how
blessed I was to be able to work in
an organization so committed to
their students. Manny always said it
was his goal to bring me to tears at
a concert. Done and done, over and
over again. My heart swelled with joy
and pride as our musicians reached
new artistic heights from concert to
concert and from season to season. It
is impossible to pick one favorite piece
from the hundreds performed during
my tenure. There are three that speak
to me in a special way; Rhapsody in
Blue, La Mer and The Moldau. Oh, I
forgot about My Fair Lady, Mahler 2,
Mahler 3, Mahler 1….
The artistic leadership of Claudette
and Manny and the talented team of
conductors created a program that
attracted the best students eager to
stretch their musical muscles. At the
first rehearsal of the season we opened
a brightly colored package full of new
and returning students who would
share the MYS experience. Again and
again, we were amazed.
I will be forever grateful to Claudette
and Manny for letting me share in
their vision and passion. I have warm
recollections of students, parents,
volunteers, board members, and
gifted artistic and administrative
staff; you all are indelibly linked to
twenty-seven years of service to young
musicians. Thanks for the memories. I
will carry you in my heart always!
June 2016
Quick Notes
Relive the 2015-16 season with
our three-disc CD-set.
MYS Twins Game Orchestra rehearsing for their
performance of the National Anthem backstage at the MN
Twins game on a chilly April 27th evening.
Philharmonic Conductor
James Bartsch presenting
retiring Executive Director
Vicki Krueger with a
framed muaic score of My
Fair Lady signed by each
member of Philharmonic.
Solfeggio, the choral class with Terry Burk,
performed two pieces by William Byrd for the
spring concert.
Philharmonic Orchestra rehearsing beachside at
their retreat at Camp Pepin.
MYS CDs make great
commemorative items and
gifts for family and friends.
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2016-17 Auditions: June 11-17
you’ll be amazed
Another stellar season has
passed and as we look back, the
accomplishments of our students
have been many, with wonderful
performances and beautiful music.
Our season started off with high
competition at our Symphony Solo
Competition in which we had two
winners. The November concert
at Benson Great Hall followed
with classically rich repertoire by
Tchaikovsky, Bach, Gould, Elgar,
Smetana, Wagner and Enesco.
The winter concert in February at
Orchestra Hall was a full program
with the MYS Folwell String Studio
students taking the stage and
opening the show. Philharmonic
performed My Fair Lady in honor
of retiring Executive Director, Vicki
Krueger. Repertory performed a
mini “Shelley Fest” with five pieces
by MYS woodwinds coach, composer
and conductor Shelley Hanson. The
concert featured Brandon Duffy,
Symphony Solo Competition winner
and the performance of Symphonic
Metamorphosis of Themes by
Carl Maria von Weber by Paul
The spring concert in May was a
monumental finalé to the season.
It was a full house at Orchestra
Hall, the audience enthusiastic
and each orchestra performing
outstandingly. The Solfeggio class
opened the show with two choral
pieces by William Byrd. String
Orchestra performed a lovely rendition
of Ashokan Farewell, dedicating the
piece to Vicki Krueger. Philharmonic
Orchestra premiered The Wind Has A
Language by, and guest conducted by,
Shelley Hanson. The concert featured
John-Paul Shoemaker, Symphony
Solo Competition winner and the
performance of Mahler’s Symphony
No. 3, 1st Movement.
The music showcased the talent of our
MYS students who put their heart,
energy and devotion into the music.
We are so very proud of our students.
Thank you for sharing your talent
with us.
We close this season saying goodbye
to our seniors who are heading off to
new adventures. We wish them great
success in their endeavors! We hope to
see the rest of you at auditions in June
and look forward to planning another
season of amazing music!
We extend our deepest thanks to our
generous donors, volunteers, artistic
and administrative staff, and board of
directors. Your support is what makes
MYS a home for young musicians who
are looking for a challenging orchestra
We wish you a delightful summer!
MYS Class of 2016!
Your talent, enthusiasm and passion for music
help make the world a better place. Thank you for
your years of dedication to MYS. We wish you all
the best with your future endeavors. Please keep
in touch!
James Aho, Bass, Repertory, 20152016, Coon Rapids High
Trent Anderson, Horn, Symphony,
2013-2016, St. Paul Conservatory
• Bowling Green State University
Angel Andres, Violin, Symphony,
2011-2016, St. Paul Conservatory
Luke Berkley, Horn, Symphony,
2015-2016, Owatonna High
• Luther College, Music
Performance, Horn
• Full Music Scholarship,
Presidential Scholarship
Alayna Bowlin, Flute, Symphony,
2011-2016, Edina High
• Colorado College
Anthony Brown-Norton, Violin,
Symphony, 2015-2016, Armstrong
• University of Pennsylvania,
Biology/Biomedical Science
Marissa Bullis, Bass, Symphony,
2013-2016, Blaine High
• Northwestern University
Sarrah Bushara, Oboe, Symphony,
2009-2016, Home School/PSEO
• Curtis Institute
Seri Choi, Violin, Symphony, 20112016, Wayzata High
• Massachusetts Institute of
Technology, Computer Science
Jonathan Curoe, Horn, Symphony, Jacob Grunklee, Horn, Symphony,
2010-2016, Breck
2014-2016, Rosemount High
• University of Minnesota TC,
Brandon Duffy, Violin, Symphony, Electrical Engineering
2005-2016, Symphony Solo
• National Merit Scholarship
Competition Winner, Mounds View
Winner, Presidential Scholarship
• Harvard University
Tala Hackbarth, Cello, Symphony,
2009-2016, Edina High
Alex Gedstad, Percussion,
Symphony, 2014-2016, Roseville
Zachary Hagstrom-Skalnek,
Percussion, Symphony, 2009-2016,
• University of St. Thomas, Music
Math & Science Academy
Performance, Urban Planning
• University of Minnesota TC,
Mechanical Engineering
Sarah Anne Goh, Violin,
Symphony, 2013-2016, Chanhassen
Andrew Heavirland, Bassoon,
Symphony, 2014-2016, Rush City
• University of San Diego, Data
• University of Minnesota, TC,
• Alcalá Award, Ridgeview Medical
Music and Computer Science
Kaila Hellam, Violin, Symphony,
Jamie Gorski, Trumpet,
2008-2016, Eastview High
Symphony, 2012-2016, Roseville
• St. Olaf College
Area High
• Cleveland Institute of Music,
Patrick Hyatte, Violin, Symphony,
Trumpet Performance,
2013-2016, St. Paul Conservatory
• CIM Scholarship; CIM Recognition • University of Minnesota, TC,
School of Music
Zachariah Granowski, Viola,
Repertory, 2012-2016, Owatonna
• St. Olaf College, Music or Nursing
Mallory Graves, Percussion,
Symphony, 2014-2016, St. Paul
• University of Colorado Boulder
Happy-Sarah Kim, Oboe,
Symphony, 2013-2016, Central High
• University of St. Thomas
Michael Kim, Horn, Symphony,
2011-2016, Stillwater Area High
•University of Washington, Seattle,
Computer Science
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Welcome to Our
New Executive
Director Amelia
MYS has welcomed a new
Executive Director from Los
Angeles, California. Amelia
Firnstahl, formerly the
Director of Operations at
the Pasadena Conservatory
of Music, began on June 1.
She succeeds Vicki Krueger,
who is retiring at the end of
July after 27 years.
“MYS is fortunate and
excited to enter a new
phase in our history under
the leadership of Firnstahl,”
says Erwin Concepcion,
MYS Board President. “Her
experience and enthusiasm
are a great fit for MYS.”
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Abby LeBlanc, Violin, Repertory,
2014-2016, Stillwater Area High
Matthew Maxam, Cello,
Repertory, 2015-2016, DeLeSalle
• Loyola University Chicago,
Biology, Music
• Presidential Scholarship, Loyola
Briana McGrane, Bassoon,
Symphony, 2015-2016, Wayzata
Mariah Metzger, Cello, Symphony,
2011-2016, Wayzata High
• Brigham Young University
Daniel Min, Cello, Repertory, 20102016, Mounds View High
Vinh Nguyen, Violin, Symphony,
2007-2016, Tartan High
Anne-Sophie Olsen, Violin,
Symphony, 2008-2016, Trinity
School at River Ridge
Emma Richman, Violin,
Symphony, 2007-2016, Southwest
Mitchell Rudoll, Cello, Symphony,
2008-2016, Minnesota Virtual
• University of Minnesota,
Computer Sciene
Abigail Sencio, Cello, Repertory,
2015-2016, Albert Lea High
Russell Shapley, Trombone,
Symphony, 2015-2016, St. Paul
Central High
• Iowa State University
Kevin Shen, Bassoon, Symphony,
2010-2016, Mounds View High
• University of California Los
Chloe Shepeck, Harp, Symphony,
2011-2016, Roseville Area High
Alexander Stephenson,
Percussion, Repertory, 2014-2016,
Home School
• University of Minnesota
Bjorn Swanson, Trombone,
Symphony, 2015-2016, Chanhassen
• University of Iowa, Music
Greta Tesdahl, Bass, Symphony,
2013-2016, Buffalo High
• University of Iowa
Steffi Tetzloff, Trumpet,
Symphony, 2013-2016, John
Marshall High
• Oklahoma State University,
Trumpet Performance, Economics
Michael Vieceli, Trumpet,
Repertory, 2014-2016, Heritage
Christian Academy
• Wheaton College, Engineering
• Charles Blanchard Presidential
Hudson Shih, Violin,
Symphony, 2009-2016, Mounds View
Praveen Pallegar, Violin,
Patrick Watts, Flute, Symphony,
Symphony, 2012-2016, Jefferson
2010-2016, Keystone
John-Paul Shoemaker, Viola,
• University of St. Thomas
• Stanford University, Neuroscience, Symphony, 2007-2016, Symphony
Linguistics, and Music
Solo Competition Winner, Edina
Gloriana Wolf, Violin, Symphony,
2014-2016, Breck
June Park, Horn, Repertory, 2012- • Cleveland Institute of Music
2016, Mounds View High
Carley Zwaschka, Violin,
• University of Minnesota TC
Emily Smith, Viola, Symphony,
Repertory, 2012-2016, Park High,
2009-2016, Roseville Area High
Cottage Grove
Lydia Peck, Flute, Philharmonic,
• College of St. Scholastica, Nursing
2015-2016, Concordia Academy
Rikke Sponheim, Flute, Repertory,
Brandon Duffy
Jane Pellegrini, Flute, Symphony, 2013-2016, Mounds View High
Symphony Solo
2013-2016, Roseville Area High
• Lawrence University, Flute
Performance, English
Ryan Penshorn, Horn, Symphony,
2010-2016, Heritage Christian
Andrew Stendal, Trombone,
Symphony, 2012-2016, Heritage
• CCM at University of Cincinnati,
Christian Academy
Horn Performance and Economics
• University of Minnesota, TC,
Computer Science
Alex Qin, Bassoon, Symphony,
2013-2016, St. Paul Academy &
You can find
us on:
• University of California Berkeley
Thank you, seniors, for making MYS a remarkable organization!
MYS has made my confidence in
playing rise higher than I ever
thought possible. MYS has also gifted
me; the enjoyment of making new
friends through music and being able
to bask in the blissfulness of great
musicianship created by those all
around me. To all those in MYS, I
consider you to be my rivals as well as
very special people who hold interests
similar to my own. I will never forget
the magic that blows out of Highland
Park and MYS will always have a
place in my life.
– Zachariah Granowski
MYS has challenged me when nobody
else could. I consider being a member
of Symphony Orchestra as my biggest
institutional achievement. This
experience will be a part of me for the
rest of my life, and when my grandkids
ask me about it, I’ll be proud to inspire
them with what I did, and show them
the score of Mahler 3, which I read
almost every night.
– Alex Gedstad
MYS has pushed my limits as a
performer and brought my playing to
a level I had not imagined possible
before I joined. At the same time,
MYS introduced me to a community
of students who truly care about their
– Jacob Grunklee
John-Paul Shoemaker
Symphony Solo Competition Winner
As a violinist, not only did I learn how
to play the beautiful melodies, but
I also learned how to support other
instruments to play the “real” music.
– Seri Choi
MYS has meant a lot to me in
many ways. First of all, getting the
opportunity to play orchestral pieces
from professional repertoire in a
top notch orchestra every weekend
has been an amazing experience. I
have learned so much about playing
orchestral music, and have also
thoroughly enjoyed the concerts.
MYS has also given me incredible
Though I was only in MYS for one year opportunities such as playing at
it was one of the best youth orchestra
Orchestra Hall and other venues,
experiences I have had and I will
playing the trumpet solos from Swan
remember the things I’ve learned and
Lake, playing the national anthem at a
the memories I’ve made for many years Twins Game twice, and getting to work
to come.
with Minnesota Orchestra musicians.
– Matthew Maxam
What I have enjoyed the most, however,
are the people I have met. I have really
There has been a major development
enjoyed and appreciated working with
in my musicianship that never would
my conductors and sectional leaders,
have occurred if it had not been for
and most of all playing music with
MYS. Playing in the symphony has not some amazing friends in my section.
only developed my ensemble skills, but MYS has been an important part of my
also my technique in solo repertoire. I
high schools years, and now that I am
can wholeheartedly say I wouldn’t be
graduating I am sad to leave MYS. I
the musician I am today if it weren’t
want to say thank you everyone who
for this wonderful program.
has made my MYS experience possible.
– Anthony Brown-Norton
– Michael Vieceli
When I joined MYS, I was amazed
by how everyone cares as much about
music as I do; it was so different
from any ensemble I had been in
before! MYS has been an incredible
experience, and I have developed
immensely as a musician throughout
my many Saturday mornings at
Highland Park. I do not think I would
have decided to major in music had I
not joined MYS!
– Steffi Tetzloff
It has opened up so many doors
to experiences, knowledge, and
cultural understanding among other
things, and given rise to powerful
lessons in areas such as leadership,
responsibility, and impactful,
emotional expression.
– Mitchell Rudoll
MYS has meant the best part of my
week for the last 6 years!
– Ryan Penshorn
MYS has had a huge impact on my
life. Not only has it significantly
improved my talent as a musician, but
it has also made me significantly more
confident and outgoing in all areas
of my life. I also had a lot of fun and
made friends while here, too.
– Rikke Sponheim
MYS for me has opened my eyes to
orchestral music, which was an area
that I had little to no experience. With
this past year, I feel better prepared to
play in a collegiate orchestra.
– Bjorn Swanson
MYS has given me the opportunity
to meet some of my closest friends.
It has given me the opportunity to
study major symphonic pieces. But I
will forever remember waking up on
Saturdays to go play great music with
some of my best friends.
– Sarah Anne Goh
Benefactors $100
to $249 (cont.)
David and Maggie Berman^*
In honor of Manny and
Jeff and Annie Betts
Therese Blaine and
Robert Sauer^*
David and Carol Bleifield
In honor of Marina Tschida
Elaina Bleifield and Ray Tschida*
Lianzhou Chen and Ying Zhang
Neil and Angela Christy
Theodore Clausen
Kathleen Coon^
In honor of Eva and Ella Coon
Jean and Bob De Vere^*
William Doberty
William Droessler and
Kathryn Forss
Jayne and Jim Early^
Jason and Jessica Etten^*
Jorja Fleezanis+
In memory of
Michael Sternberg
Robert and Barbara Foreman
Margo Friedman
In honor of Lillith
Jack and Nancy Garland
Michael Gast
Mark Gitch
Joyce Gordon
Donald and Jacqueline Grant
Paul Grustans
Catherine and David Hanson
In memory of Eva C. Simpson
Bill and Ginny Hawthorne^*
Ray Hayen and Family
Markus and Yuko Heberlein^*
Kathy and Scott Heiderich
Dr. John and Diane Hendrickson
Karen and Richard Hulbert
In memory of Claire Hayen
Thomas and Vicki Hurwitz
Barbara and James Jacob^+*
Dwight and Audrey Jaeger
John and Marcia Jones
Drs. Charles and
Sally Jorgensen
Melissa and David Kalinoff^*
In honor of Naidna Kalinoff
Robert and Rosemary Kapsch^*
David and Kerry Kelly*
Nancy and Paul Kerestes^*
Mike and Becky Kneer^*
Alicia Koelz^*
Ingrid and Peter Koller
Leslie Kostrich
In honor of Vicki Krueger
Barbara and Gary Krejcarek^+*
Patricia Kunkel
In memory of Claire Hayen
Mark and Susan Larson^
Don and Joann Leavenworth
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Thomas and Patricia Lelich^*
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Student News
2016 MYS Mary West Scholarship
Award: Congratulations to Patrick
Hyatte, Symphony violinist, the
winner of this year’s annual essay
competition for MYS violinists.
Honoring the memory of violin
teacher, Mary West, Patrick was
presented with a $500 check at the
MYS May concert at Orchestra Hall.
Bruce P. Carlson Student
Scholarship Competition:
Senior High Strings: Emma
Richman, Symphony/Violin; Clara
Schubilske, Symphony/Violin
Narayan, Symphony/Flute; Honorable
Mention) Annika Johnson, Alum/
French Horn
(College Freshman-Age 28): Tim
Shows, Alum/Oboe
Sarah Betts, Repertory/Violin,
recently received a full patent
from the United States Patent &
Trademark Office for her invention of
an orthopedic device named the ViEx.
Sarah invented this device based off
College Strings (Freshman-Age 23):
Michael Chu, Alum/Violin;
Claire Elrod, Alum/Violin
of the violin to benefit arthritic, stroke
and disabled patients with hand pain,
as well as athletes and musicians who
want to improve their hand strength.
Twin Cities Orthopedics and the
University of Minnesota are now using
the ViEx with their own patients.
Anders Peterson, Symphony/
Clarinet, was the winner of 2016
Combined Brass and Woodwinds
Dakota Valley Symphony Young
2016 The SPCO Youth Chamber
(Senior High School): Lauren
Artists Competition, soloing with
Music Competition: Vesper
Flaten, Symphony/Flute; Shruti
the DVS Orchestra in April at the
String Quartet: Vivian Murphy,
Gupta, Symphony/Flute; Faith
Ames Center for Performing Arts,
Symphony/Violin; John-Paul
Burnesvill, MN. He won the 2016
Shoemaker, Symphony/Viola; Kajsa Helgeson, Alum/Flute; Annika
Johnson, Alum/French Horn; Shreya YPSCA School Music Auditions,
Johansson, Symphony/cello; with
recipient of Edith and Edwin Norberg
Addison Nichols (violin) took 1st Prize Narayan, Symphony/Flute
(College Freshman-Age 28): Katie
Scholarship and will be featured
Level A.
Kohler, Alum/Flute; Tim Shows,
in several Minnesota Symphony
Andres String Quartet: Angel Lyn
Orchestra Young People’s concerts in
Andres, Symphony/violin; Patrick
2017. He won the 2016 Earl C. Jones
2016 Thursday Musical: Young
Allen Hyatte, Symphony/violin;
Concerto Competition and Scholarship
Artist Scholarship Winners
Edwin P.T. Donovan, Repertory/
College Level (Strings): Michael Chu, and is performing at the Schneider
viola; with Chris Jubok Kwon (cello)
Theatre, Bloomington, MN. He was
Alum/Violin-2nd place; Benjamin
tied for 2nd Place Level A with
a 2016 Minnesota Varsity “featured
Osterhouse, Alum/Cello-Honorable
Vento Silva Wind Quintet: Sarrah
round” artist. He was the Featured
Bushara, Symphony/oboe; Susan
Soloist at the 2016 Baylor University
Stewart, Symphony/clarinet; with
College Level (Winds/Brass): Katie
Clarinet Colloquium in April at Jones
Andrea Kloehn (flute), Rachel Lauson Kohler, Alum/Flute-1st place
Hall in Waco, Texas.
(horn), and Beck Rusley (bassoon).
Junior High Level (Strings): Jennifer Madison Holtz, Alum/Violin.
Vento Silva Wind Quintet also won
Lee, Symphony/Violin-Honorable
Youngest of six finalists competing
Outstanding Wind Ensemble Level A. Mention
in the College Division of June
2015 Classical Singer’s National
Trio Giovane: Emily Kleiber,
Senior High Level (Piano): Gloriana
Competition in Chicago. She was
Philharmonic/violin; with Hannah
Wolf, Symphony/Violin-Honorable
awarded a full scholarship to the
Greenstein (cello) and Joseph Caswell Mention
Oklahoma City University Vocal Arts
(piano) took 1st Prize Level B.
Senior High Level (Winds/Brass):
2016 Schubert Club Scholarship
Shreya Narayan, Symphony/
Daniel Kim, Alum/Violin, was
Flute-1st place; Anders Peterson,
awarded a position with the Boston
High School Strings (Gr. 10-11-12):
Symphony/Clarinet-2nd place
Symphony Orchestra.
1st) Emma Richman, Symphony/
Joe Kneer, Alum/Violin, accepted
received Steinway & Sons Award
the position of Assistant Professor
College Strings (Freshman-Age 23):
for Best Performance of a Virtuoso
of Violin and Orchestra at Trinity
1st) Michael Chu, Alum/Violin
Etude in 2015 Kaufman Music
University in San Antonio, Texas.
Center International Youth Piano
Combined Brass and Woodwinds
(Senior High School): 2nd) Shreya
Have News to share?
Submit your student
news stories to: www.
Alumni Spotlight: Hannah Kiresuk
My name is Hannah Kiresuk. I am
20 years old and an MYS alumni.
Please allow me to describe what
music means to me. Simply put,
I love music. It has been a part
of my life for as long as I can
remember. My parents tell me
that I fell in love with music in
preschool when I took a preschool
music class at MacPhail School of
Music. They tell me that in one of
the classes we were allowed to try
blowing into a tuba, and I created
a loud and brassy sound on my
first try. I have always been drawn
to the brass instruments. Both my
parents played the French Horn
and were always talking about the
beautiful sounds of the various
brass instruments. I was fortunate
to have a grandfather who took me
to many cultural events and we
would talk about the music after.
wanted to play the tuba. I nagged
my 6th grade band instructor
until she finally found a tuba for
me. In 7th grade, while helping
to clean the band room, I found
a sousaphone and again nagged
the band director until she let me
play that old beat up instrument.
I dreamed of being able to march
for the University of MN, or to be
the “dot” in the I for Ohio State
University. A very prestigious dot.
I knew that I would never be able
to live it down with my parents,
though, if I opted to attend college
at a rival university for the U of
I began to go to summer band
camp after 6th grade. I would have
spent the entire summer at the
International Music Camp if my
parents had let me. One summer,
I was awarded a scholarship to
return to camp for the final week.
This was a great honor for me. I
started high school at the St. Paul
Conservatory for the Performing
Arts. It was a dream come true.
I was able to focus on music
for most of the day, and to play
with other like-minded musician
students. One band director tried
to explain how much practice
and dedication was involved in
being a professional musician. My
immediate thought was that it
sounded so cool.
going to the orchestra retreats.
We were able to work hard and
accomplish so much in those 2
days, and at the same time it was
so much fun that it never felt like
work. I looked forward to every
concert. Playing at Orchestra
Hall with all of the ceremony
that came with it was amazing. I
looked forward to my senior spring
concert with excitement for this
big performance, and sadness that
MYS would come to an end. MYS
was my community. I made many
friendships and had a wonderful
time being part of a typical brass
community in a large orchestra
(aka goofing off without getting
This is the
crazy courage
bead my brass
section friends
gave me for
I began to have symptoms of my
illness in 9th and 10th grade.
At first it was just being more
fatigued. Then, I had trouble with
double vision and blurred vision.
Then, I became weak and needed
help with walking. I needed a
walker for assistance. At one time,
I was carrying my tuba in a back
I started with piano, and moved to
pack carrier and walking with
band as soon as I was old enough. I I started with MYS in 7th grade
my walker through the streets of
really liked the tuba at first. When after a friend invited me to the
downtown St. Paul. I must have
I was in 4th grade, I attended the
spring Bring-A-Friend Day. I knew looked so strange. Finally, I was
indoor marching band concert at
this was the orchestra for me. I
unable to carry my tuba around
the University of Minnesota. There was so anxious about the audition as well. I had to give up driving,
was a spotlight on the tuba section. that I could barely hold it together. and skiing, my other passion.
The musicians made beautiful
By some miracle, I was accepted
Music seemed to be what held
sound and were hilarious at the
into the orchestra. I gladly spent
me together. Finally, I started to
same time. I knew at this point I
my Saturdays at rehearsal. I loved develop respiratory symptoms. I
was unable to produce the clear
sound I needed with my tuba, and
I was unable to make it through an
entire rehearsal. I tried to continue
to be involved in the orchestra
by playing small percussion
instruments, but even this was too
much for me. My doctors told me
that my years of playing the tuba
masked my respiratory symptoms
at first because I had such large
lung volumes. He explained that
my MG had been progressively
affecting my ability to play the
tuba since middle school. During
my senior year in high school I
had to give up playing the tuba
all together. When it came time
for the spring MYS concert, I was
very sick. I knew I could not play
the tuba. Claudette kindly looked
for ways for me to be involved in
the concert. At first, she arranged
for me to play the triangle with
the percussion section. I was too
weak to even concentrate enough
to do this, so plans were made for
me to attend the concert and sit on
stage with the orchestra. When the
concert came around, I was in the
intensive care unit at the hospital
and unable to attend. I was so
disappointed to not get to stand on
stage to be recognized and to wear
my flower with the other seniors.
I did not get the chance to thank
Claudette and Manny for the
experience that I had at MYS.
My disease is called Myasthenia
Gravis. It is an autoimmune
neuromuscular disorder that
affects the transmission of the
signal from the nervous system to
the muscles. It is a rare disorder
and presents differently in every
patient. For me it causes visual
impairments, difficulty with
swallowing and resulting choking,
difficulty with breathing, fatigue
and significant muscle weakness.
I need a walker to get around
While myasthenia gravis has
robbed me of my ability to
play the tuba and participate
in an orchestra, I still have a
relationship with music. I use
music for relaxation when I
am worried about my medical
treatments, for distraction when
going through painful times, and
I listen to music for the sheer
enjoyment of the experience. My
most immediate goals are focused
on my medical status. I hope to be
fully recovered from MG someday.
I hope to one day play the tuba
in the house, and a wheel chair
outside of the house. I use a home
ventilator about 15 hours a day
to help with my breathing. I was
- Hannah Kiresuk
all set to attend the University
of MN and ended up having to
defer my college experience. I
tried taking some courses online, but even this has proved to
be too much for me. I require a
treatment called plasmapheresis
3 times weekly. This treatment
pulls off all my blood, spins out
the antibodies and I am given
cells and plasma back. I get IV
chemotherapy monthly, and take
multiple medications to suppress
my overactive immune system.
I have been told that my best
treatment option is to have a bone
marrow transplant. Unfortunately,
our health insurance had denied
the bone marrow transplant as
it is considered experimental
for the treatment of myasthenia
gravis. My family and friends are
working to raise funds for us so
A young Music & Melody
we can finance the bone marrow
Makers’ guest trying out the
transplant. It is estimated that we
instruments of the orchestra
will need more than $500,000.00 to at a Saturday MYS rehearsal.
do this. They have partnered with
This community program is open
the Children’s Organ Transplant
to preschool and elementary
Association to raise funds. If
age children twice each season
you would like to donate, go to
and is free of charge. Go to
COTAforhannahk.com. You can
this link for more information
also follow my blog on Facebook,
on this program; https://
just look for team hannah’ s