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broadcast managing
software company
The Villa Costanza was belonged by Tuzio Costanzo who commissioned Giorgione
paint the “Madonna”.
In the courtyard there was a well encircled by a ring of rock with an inscription giving
its data as 25 October 1516.
“Marmoreo cinxit Tutius Constantius orbe hunc puteum
de quo limpida surgit acqua 1516 adì 25 otubrio”
It was Tuzio Costanzo, “first lance in Italy”, who in 1504
commissioned Giorgione to paint his family chapel in the old
Cathedral, on the occasion of the death in battle of his son Matteo.
Partnership with SI Media - It goes on
Partnership with SI Media - It goes on
We do not sell products, we satisfy needs.
One of our strengths is the careful analysis of the customer’s needs for
a perfect synergy in the process of delivery and installation.
Then come continuous monitoring of activities during the installation
together with training of the staff until they get used with our equipment
and software.
Finally, the support department is available with phone support and
remote connections and control to solve any problem giving the
customer with immediate answers
In Italy or abroad, the customer can count on a competent staff capable
to prove assistance or advice when needed.
Our staff, year after year grows in experience and becomes more
efficient in establishing relationship with the client helping him to
improve and simplify his workflow.
Keeping close contact with the customer, and being aware of possible
difficulties using a new software, our staff takes care to follow them up,
ensuring training and technical assistance in order to achieve the results
with SI Media software.
We are always ready to make needed customizations to our software to
make it even more adapted to the specific needs of each client of ours.
Each of our projects ends as a perfect match between client’s needs
and functionality of our software.
broadcast managing
software company
Company Overview
Company Overview
SI Media is a private company
founded in 1978 as a software
house for Television management
Today, SI Media is one of the
leading providers with decades of
experience in the development and
deployment of Traffic, Playout Automation, Media Asset Management
and NewsRoom solutions for TV Broadcasters.
Due to the impressive and fast introduction of DTT in Europe, SI Media
since 2005 specializes in MHP interactive applications and services for
the DTT platform.
SI Media Playout Automation solution interfaces and controls almost
any broadcast device and Video server, including: SeaChange, Grass
Valley, Leitch, Omneon and many other video servers controlled via
“VDCP protocol” or via API.
SI Media provides TV stations with easy to use solutions that:
The SI Traffic, Automation, MAM and Newsroom systems are available
for deployment either as stand-alone solutions, or integrated in a
harmonic and homogeneous workflow. SI Media solutions easily
interface popular archiving systems, video servers, CGs, Subtitle
inserters as well as other traffic and automation systems.
All solutions developed by SI Media are field-proven, based on the
.NET platform using Microsoft SQL Server in high availability clustering
environment. The different systems share several information fields in
the same SQL database via XML protocol.
With the experience gained from the deployment of 180 medium to large
size Broadcasters (238 channels On-Air 24/7) SI Media offers complete
solutions starting from Traffic, through Playout Automation, Newsroom
Computer System, Newsroom Playout, TV Broadcast Logger, Internet
Control, MAM and finishing with MediaStream for TV on the Web.
• Improve operational efficiency
• Reduce running costs
• Increase functional capabilities
• Increase revenues
• Minimize risk of On-Air down-time
Broadcasters can select from a wide variety of proven, flexible and
scalable architectures depending on specific requirements and needs.
broadcast managing
software company
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Program Department
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MAM, Archive
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News P
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Right Management
PlayOut Automation
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Secondary Events
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broadcast managing
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Tool for creating invoices, managing
the agent commissions and print
analysis and statistics reports
A powerful and reliable MAM
specifically addressed to the
management of companies’ digital
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Multichannel software designed for the
management of TV advertisement
contracts, billing and promo scheduling
A Workflow Manager application that
permits to define the rules to manage
Content Life Cycle as well as Content
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Multichannel solution for short,
mid-term and long-term planning and
scheduling of events/programmes
One of the most flexible and powerful
automation solutions on the market
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Tool for providing the data and
information for necessary managerial
and administrative decision making
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A software that provides the capability
to monitor and manage multiple
playouts from a single workstation
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A capture software for manual
and automatic scheduling of video
encoding sessions from VTR, satellite
and live feeds
What are you
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An interactive graphic manager
that creates, displays and controls
fascinating multi-zone screens
with crawls, animations, station
logos and more
Traffic, Capturing, Play out and CG All
in One application
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20 |
A hardware platform that supports and
controls all devices involved into the
broadcast automation
Tool for encoding a TV channel and
streaming it live on a web site in
several formats
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20 |
A platform independent application for
the management and creation of
rundowns of News Bulletins
An advanced audio/video logging
software for digital non-stop recording
of the broadcasted channels
19 |
Manual/Automatic playout video server,
that sends news texts to the
teleprompter and commands to the CG
to insert titles. Dynamically integrated
with MediaNews
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An Object Carousel that allows
broadcasters to activate applications
and services for the public, both of an
institutional and commercial nature
broadcast managing
software company
MediaAccount is a tool for creating manual and
automatic invoices, managing the agent commissions
and print analysis and statistics reports.
Directly from the contract, MediaAccount loads data
like: customer, unit price, payment, agents etc; in order to create the
invoice in automatic mode.
For every period of planning MediaAccount generates one invoice for
every advertising contract and store all the data for later time analysis.
Key Features:
• Integrated invoicing system aligned with all scheduling activity for
comprehensive financial planning.
• Supports both at-use and pre-use invoicing, manual and automatic
invoice generation
• Agent commission management
• Invoicing connected to the contract with a specific tag
MediaSpot is designed for the management of TV
advertisement contracts, billing and promo scheduling.
This multichannel software is recommended for
Broadcasters with in-house sales departments and for
use by external Advertisement Sales Agencies.
MediaSpot supports multi planning for spots and categories of spots
and features a Playlist preview function which allows for changes in
advertisement blocks down to the last second.
MediaSpot gives full control in creating advertisement contracts and
sets the processes for the subsequent programming steps.
All data related to the financial and administrative sections of the
contract, spot programming conditions, editorials, sponsoring, etc. can
be accessed and viewed by any user with relevant access rights.
MediaSpot features settings for routine shifting which allows for placing
spots automatically to predefined time intervals.
Key Features:
• Web banner placements
• Breaks control and optimisation
• Real-time integration with Traffic and Playout automation systems
• Strategic analysis
• Advertising invoices
• Mid tern and long term planning
• Dynamic planning
• Manual or automatic campaign optimisation
• Total control all around the sales process
• Automatic spot price calculation
• Manages the use of available blocks
• Instant access to the up to the minute advertisement schedule inside
the TV Station or remotely vie Internet
• Respond rapidly to clients and sales agents
• Automatic as run log matching with performance rating
MediaList is a multichannel solution for short, mid term and long-term planning and scheduling of events/programmes. Users can
plan live, on tape or online/offline files for a day, week, a month or a year with secondary events such as titles, crawls, logos etc…
MediaList provides a complete solution for playlist preview in low resolution and encoded file editing.
Supports automatic long term program scheduling including support for programme repeat function and using the video preview
feature it is possible to cut or modify all Playlist events in real time.
Key Features:
• Automatic import of breaks
• Automatic media verification
• Low resolution media browsing
• Manual/Automated planning/scheduling optimisation
• Billing
• Rights management
• Long term events planning
• GPI control
• Scheduling of GPI, logo generator, video mixer router etc…
• Manual and automatic Playlist optimising
• Copying and/or cut and paste events into the Playlist
• Automatic Playlist update from changes made during playout
• Automated EPG schedule compilation
• Automated as run log file transfer
• Sophisticated Software reduce Playlist Schedule preparation time
• Single, frame accurate playlist schedule for programmes, spots and
• Automatic schedule validation in terms of Broadcasting Rights and
Online/Offline Media Management
• Media Offline Visual Alerts
• EPG Creation and publication without making an effort
• Integration to numerous automation systems
• Unique price vs performance ratio on the market
broadcast managing
software company
The importance of focusing on operating efficiencies and
competitive advantages are key to any Broadcaster in
the present competitive markets.
MediaReports incorporates useful tools to provide the
data and information for necessary managerial and administrative
decision making.
• Hundreds of types of reports available for printout to any user of the
• No need for special database query knowledge
• Access rights based system
• Reports are based always based on up to the minute information
Key Features:
• Inventory and analysis reporting
• Sales executive management analysis and reporting
• Campaign analysis
• Pricing analysis
• Weekly, monthly and annual reports on specific customers or
database fields
• Online interrogation of contracts and campaigns
MediaRec is a Capture Software for manual and
automatic scheduling of video encoding sessions from
VTR, satellite and live feeds. MediaRec supports manual,
automatic and time scheduled capture.
MediaRec can simultaneously control a high quality encoder (such as
a Video Server) as well as a browsing encoder (either MPEG1 or WM9
such as IPV SpectreView).
Key Features:
• Schedule multiple encoding sessions
• Automatically verify video and audio files
• Check file durations whether these match playlist schedules
• Define multiple sources
• Automatically control one or more switchers, A/V Routers or Matrix
• Remote Control VTRs
• Monitor video and audio (low resolution copy) during the encoding
• Link files to programs
• Access MAM with automatic XML file creation or database tables
• Define automatic encoding sessions unattended, overnight
• Multi-channel capturing of live video feeds
• User-definable file naming for easy date and time location
• VU/peak meter for input audio level monitoring
• Rock-solid application capable of completely unattended 24/7
• Simple user interface, easy to operate
• Non-stop or scheduled recording
• Indicator for available storage for easy storage space overview
SI Media develops and deploys the SI MediaStore
Media Asset Management (MAM) System which is a
cross media delivery platform with a set of features that
create and enhance operational workflows in the
following 3 areas: TV production, News production, Video on Demand.
MediaStore is essentially a powerful and reliable database specifically
addressed to the management of companies’ digital assets: video,
audio, images and documents.
With MediaStore you can easily ingest with the desired format,
catalogue the materials, archive and deliver them when needed.
MediaStore supports any language including, Chinese, Russian and
MediaStore is based on Microsoft SQL Server and utilize the benefits
of C#, .NET and XML/UNICODE.
Key Features:
• Content Ingest Automation: automatic metadata, proxy and key
frames generation from every type of file
• Content Management: secure user right management and file
signature technology to prevent repeated archiving
• Format Conversion Management: board range of format support
for video, audio, images and documents
• Archive Management: integrated ILM (Information Life Cylce
management) function and Virtual folder mechanism to enable
automatic archiving
• Metadata Database Management: very flexible and customizable
metadata fields
• Search and Edit: intelligent and very fast search (Full Text) engine
based on MS SQL
• Automated Publishing
• Optional Automation of Play out
• Content Quality Check
• From ingest till delivery MediaStore will streamline your workflow
• Strongly based on central database architecture
• All Metadata and database structure are fully customizable
• Multiple server structure enables huge deployments with thousands
of users
• Flexible and easy to use interfaces will help you manage your assets
• Many successful implementations to various markets
• Support for many Tape Libraries
broadcast managing
software company
MediaStore Manager is the core of the MediaStore
MediaStore Manager is the Workflow Manager
application that permits to define the rules to manage
Content Life Cycle as well as Content Processing.
Content Life Cycle (CLC) management is the capability to define some
rules to follow and determines actions on one or more assets; for
example copy or move one asset from one repository to another one.
Content Processing (CP) is the capability to define some rules to process
an asset at some point of its life cycle; for example to transcode from
one format to another or to analyze the asset for key frame extraction
(scene change).
MediaStore Manager runs as an application or a service under
Windows Server environment and supports features such as
Multithreading and Multiprocessing. Thanks to those features, it is able
to perform parallel multi stream processing.
With this powerful but “easy to use, easy to maintain” instrument it is
also possible to manage all the activities present into the infrastructure.
Defining in advance some settings automatically MediaStore Manager
will manage the units keeping them in a optimal status.
MediaPlay Playout Automation system controls all
popular Broadcast devices such as audio/video routers,
Master Control Switchers, CG, VCG, Subtitle Inserters,
Logo Generators plus interfaces to many Traffic Systems
on the market. MediaPlay supports workflows with dynamic Traffic
database interfacing and reporting. Last
second changes (skip, insert or delete an
event) and remote control via Internet is
standard feature in the software.
MediaPlay records "As Run Logs" and
offers automatic switchover option to
avoid even the slightest down time.
By 2008, MediaPlay have successfully
met the workflow specific demands of
automating over 200 24/7 TV Channels.
Bumpers, jingles, automatic ingest
control, storage management and media
asset management interconnectivity are
only a few features mentioned.
The list of controlled broadcast devices contains just over 130 devices
and it continues to grow with each installation.
Key Features:
• Skip (Next) command for all events
• Standby command for live events
• Automatic check of playout system components with error alerting
• Password protected Windows application with Keypad lock
• Customizable to meet individual workflows
• Integrated with MediaList, MediaStore, MediaViewer and MediaNews
• Integration with numerous Traffic Systems
• Last second events insertion
• Automatic bumper insertion
• Numeric and graphical countdown
• Toolbar and keyboard shortcuts for the most
important functions (GPI, mixer,
logo generator and router control)
• Probably the most user friendly Control GUI
• Indefinite scalability
• Field proven and Easy to use
• Reliable with numerous level s of
redundancy options
• HD Support
• Controls most broadcast equipment ‘out of the box’
• Cost effective upgrade path
• Hardware and vendor independent
• Comprehensive service contracts available
• Integrates to numerous Traffic, Newsroom, Media Asset Management
MediaViewer is the software that provides the capability
to monitor and manage multiple playouts.
This module has been developed in order to respond to
the requirement of many broadcasters for a powerful tool
with a very simple interface that is able to manage more channels in the
same time and in the same GUI.
With this software it will be possible not only to manage more channels
in the same time but it will
be possible to do any type
of changes on the fly, too.
MediaViewer is able to
control all the devices that
are incorporated in the
playout systems of the
channels under its control:
A/V router, logo generator,
VGC, video mixer, etc.
With this application MediaViewer, it will be possible to change the
Playlist of any channel right up to the last second.
Key Features:
• Skip (Next) command for all events
• Standby command for live events
• Automatic check of playout system components with error alerting
• Password protected Windows application with Keypad lock
• Customizable to meet individual workflows
• Integrated with MediaList, MediaStore.
• Integration with numerous Traffic Systems
• GPI signal receiver
• Probably the most user friendly Control GUI
• Field proven and Easy to use
• It can be subject to the redundancy options
• Cost effective
MediaCG is an interactive graphic manager that creates,
displays and controls fascinating multi-zone screens with
rolls, crawls, animations, clocks, station logos and more.
Its unprecedented level of interactive control over the onair CG objects turns MediaCG into a powerful tool, ideally suited for
music shows, live entertainment programs and presentations, sports
events titling.
Each and every CG object can be edited during the on-air session.
Manual or automated changes of text contents, animation/rolling speed,
position and properties can be done on-the-fly. Roll/crawl speed can
follow a predefined speed curve. On-air changes can either be made
directly to the on-screen running objects or on a dedicated preview
output and then applied to the master output.
All graphics are 24-bit true color (16.7 million colors) with 8-bit Alpha
channel (256 transparency levels). These colors can be applied to font
face, border, shadow and text background. Field-based sub-pixel
rendering ensures smooth animation and rolling text at any speed.
Several MediaCG channels on different workstations can be controlled
externally by scheduling dedicated events in the MediaList and/or
MediaPlay playlist. All kinds of object control are available.
Any kind of text and graphic objects can be scheduled to display at
specific time, on specific day or date, with certain cycling rules. Perfect
for unattended operation and regular running messages.
Dynamic text data coming from text, rich text, csv text, RSS feeds or
ODBC-compliant databases can be linked to any text object and
updated on-screen in real-time. Graphics files can also be linked to
graphics objects on-screen for instant changes.
Key Features:
• Total on-air CG control
• Exceptional CG quality with all graphics in 24-bit true color (16.7
million colors) with 8-bit Alpha channel (256 transparency levels)
• Unlimited layering: all running objects are mixed and blended to each
other in real time, including animations
• Scheduled titling using dedicated events in the MediaList and/or •
MediaPlay playlist
• MediaCG slaved to MediaList & MediaPlay
• Dynamic data sources with dynamic text data coming from text, rich
text, csv text, RSS feeds or ODBC-compliant databases
broadcast managing
software company
The MediaDevice broadcast device controller is a
hardware platform that supports and controls all devices
involved into the broadcast automation. As the core
hardware element of your automation system, the
MediaDevice manages all basic broadcast device functionality from a
high-performance server that hosts the realtime operating system, application software
and device drivers.
The MediaDevice, available in efficient 2RU
and 4RU configurations, is built for
demanding broadcast automation operations.
The MediaDevice chassis houses serial
interface cards, network cards for
communication and device control and the
timecode reference card, in a variety of
configuration options.
Serial - and IP - network connections
are employed to provide high-speed
communications with video servers and other broadcast devices.
Key Features:
• Centralized control over IP or via Serial connection of all devices
involved into the broadcast automation
• More than 100 different devices drivers hosted
• Fault tolerance architecture: if the main
automation computer fails, the backup
automation computer automatically takes
over the tasks handled by the main
automation computer. A manual switching
option is available
• Space-efficient packaging available in
2RU and 4RU configurations
• Outstanding reliability, availability and
serviceability, from shared parts to
standard dual power supplies to readily
accessible disk drives
MediaNews is a platform
independent application for the
management and creation of
rundowns of News Bulletins.
MediaNews manages the Newsroom
contents and creates a dynamic collaboration
environment amongst Journalists meanwhile
providing the Editor in Chief with all the tools to check and control the
Wires Communication Server can handle up to 16x wire inputs per
installed PC workstation.
MediaNews interfaces with any 3rd party application that manages
Agency wires and supports MOS.
MediaNews boosts efficient wires browsing and searching which
supports alerts for urgent stories and users can drag and drop wire
copy into a script or rundown.
MediaNews provides integrated video
browse and cut editing capability for
maximum Journalist efficiency.
MediaNews also interfaces with any editing
system, including Apple based systems.
Key Features:
• Efficient wires and video browsing
• Supports unlimited rundowns
• Script editor has all facilities that
come to with MS word processing
• Editing, storing, archiving & retrieving text functions
• Support for low resolution video browsing
• Support for Full drag & drop movement of items between wires, story
pools and rundowns
• Auto save option to recover unsaved stories
• Adding, removing or editing users on the system by general system
• MediaNews users can receive immediate notification when new
stories arrive
• Story locking to prevent simultaneous editing
• Standard Operation System
• Standard GUI based
• MOS support
• Dynamically integrated with SI-Media
Media Asset Management and MediaNewsPlay
MediaNewsPlay controls a wide variety of broadcast
devices such as A/V Routers, CG, LOGO, etc. in
addition to the Teleprompter. Built in Automation
executes rundowns either automatically or human
assisted and in manual mode you may use J&S devices to support
editing functionalities.
The single rundown concept simplifies the control of each device and
a single person can trigger the event(s).
3 Control Levels allow Manual, Semi-automatic or automatic control of
presentation which are Settable by Show, Device or Channel.
Override automation at any time and take anything to Air at will.
MediaNewsPlay Monitors, Tracks and Controls all devices.
You can always see
ahead of time the
text that each CG
Control interfaces
available to nearly
every Broadcast
Key Features:
• Manual/Automatic playout video server (2 channels output, A/B with
ability to expand), sends news texts to the teleprompter and
commands to the CG to insert titles.
• Full playback control of the media (play, stop, pause, next, previous,
etc.) via external Jog/Shuttle hardware in addition to software control
• Option to control Character Generators, so journalists can easily
introduce titles with effects from their client software using predefined templates with supporting Unicode characters and most
• Capability of clock, logo, graphics, and text insertion
• Teleprompter that is connected to the newsroom network may receive
text from the rundown, reflects all synchronised changes in the
rundown by supporting Unicode characters and most languages
• Teleprompter may work as a stand-alone prompter with Word
processing plug-in (in case of manual prompter)
• Automatic synchronization of changes in the sequence of the running
order will be replicated with immediate effect (prompter, CG, video, etc.)
• Story time limit indicator to help directors to adjust timing of the
running order of newscasts and make changes as and when
• Full compatibility with Non Linear Editing suites and the SI media NRCS
MediaStation provides automated content playout for
satellite channels, cable head-ends, over-the-air
broadcasters and corporate TV users. It is designed to
be extremely robust, in order to meet the highest
reliability demands of on-air playout. At a fraction of the price of any
digital videotape player, a single MediaStation server offers the same
visual quality at its single- or multi-channel SDI outputs, multi-language
audio, graphics and subtitle insertion, last-minute playlist changes and
clip editing.
MediaStation supports MPEG1/2/4, DV
streams from virtually every known production
platform providing AVI, MPEG, WMV, Quick Time
or MXF content.
The cut from one clip to another is completely
seamless even with live streams - no black
frames, no pause, no last frame freeze, no
audio pops, no glitches, no duration limitations.
Key Features:
• Compatible with a vast variety of compression types: MPEG2, DV,
AVC/H.264, WMV/VC-1, MPEG1, etc.
• Supports a multitude of media containers: MPEG system, program,
transport streams, AVI, raw DV, MXF, QuickTime, etc.
• Mixed play out of all compressions and containers in a single playlist
• Totally unlimited on-air playlist editing
• Advanced time-based scheduling with automated conflict resolving
• Content trimming and editing
• Switcher, Logo, CG and GPI control
• On-air subtitling
• Traffic, Capturing, Play out and CG All in One
• Excellent price/performance
• Mixing of different video standards in a
single playlist
broadcast managing
software company
MediaStream allows the TV to go easly on Internet. This
software encodes a TV channel and streams it live on a
web site in several formats. It’s also able to recording
contents for an offline streaming / web download.
Key Features:
• Streaming a TV channel 24/7 or by request planned on MediaList
• Ingestion for a offline streaming by request planned on MediaList
• Automatic FTP transferring on ftp sites for offline streaming
• An open format XML file will be saved for each ingestion section to
help the web cataloguing
• WindowsMedia9, Adobe Flash and MPEG 4 support.
• Make your television available from internet
• Make a web-browser archive of interesting videos
MediaLogger is an advanced audio/video logging
software for digital non-stop recording of the latest 60 or
90 or 180 days of your broadcasted channels.
You just set the desired number of days to keep track of,
and MediaLogger will record uninterruptedly 24 hours a day, with no
human intervention. The number of days to keep track of is userdefined, depending on your specific requirements and the storage
capacity of the video server in use.
As per current ministerial regulations, MediaLogger automatically
superimposes date and time on the recorded video, and it is possible
to set the timestamp position on the screen, as well as font, size, colour,
with solid background or transparency. These settings are user-defined
and can be changed anytime the user wishes to.
Key Features:
• Multichannel structure allows logging up to 4 different audio/video
inputs on the same MediaLogger
• Automatically stores and indexes recorded audio/video by date and
time, to offer an instant access to logged segments
• Automatically rotate logged files to keep track of the desided number
of days (according to your local regulations)
• Unlimited player modules allow to play the recorded audio and video
instantly on any workstation in your LAN
• Full customizable date/time and logo overlay on recorded video
• User-definable recording quality according to the available disk space:
frames per second, image size, audio/video codec
• Export to DVD feature allows burning the logged video to DVD
• Available plug-ins: motion detector, password protected access,
internet time synchronizer, SMS alarm, internet streaming, event log
• Developed to ensure a feed back of all the transmission during 60 or
90 or 180 days after
• The system is able to provide a broadcasted preview monitoring from
any PC inside the LAN
• With a low quality ( WM9 or Mpeg 1 ) the user could get a view of all
past events
• Fully and deeply integrated with other SI media software modules
• More features and reliability than time-lapse recorders, at a very
competitive price
MediaDataCaster Object Carousel allows broadcasters
to activate interactive solutions within their channels
broadcast on Digital Terrestrial TV, making full use of new
broadcasting standards and opening the doors to the
creation of new applications and services for the public, both of an
institutional and commercial nature.
MediaDataCaster is fully integrated with MediaPlay playout, in order
to manage the transmission of the applications without the need to alter
current working habits.
MediaDataCaster Object Carousel is compatible with all MHP
applications created by third parties, either bought on the market or
created autonomously in Java by the broadcaster's own technicians,
using any of the available instruments.
The MHP applications can access information broadcast by Carousel,
or by using the return channel accessible via the set top box, thereby
creating a personalised service for each viewer; it is also possible to
send information in real time to the MHP application, in order to
synchronize the latter with what is taking place on the screen, for
example, during interactive quizzes which follow what is happening in
the show.
Key Features:
• No limit to the number of applications, MHP services and carousels
which can be activated
• Control on the transmission band for each carousel or table
• Generation of AIT, PAT, PMT, SDT and NIT tables
• Compatible with the multiplexers of the major manufacturers
• Support for the updating of data in real time
• Automatic update of files and directories via FTP protocol
• Client configuration using Microsoft Windows
• Support for do-it-now events with TCP/IP interface
• Stream events native management
• Hardware independent since full in compliance with both DVB and
Media MHP standards
• EPG creation, generating PSI/SI data flows
• Integrated support for remote assistance via Internet
• Hardware and vendor independent
• Fully and deeply integrated with other SI media software modules
• Stand Alone or Client-Server operating mode
• Remotely controlled by a File System, UDP and XML based protocol
broadcast managing
software company
Offices & Contacts
Offices & Contacts
Via Costanza 5
31039 Riese Pio X
Treviso - Italy
Web site:
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9500 Villach - Austria
Sales Manager
Alberto Panozzo
Phone: + 39 0423 750075
+ 39 0423 750150
E-mail: [email protected]
Senior Project Manager
Plamen Yankov
+ 359 888 496286
+ 359 2 8853208
E-mail: plamen.y[email protected]
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