Renowned Option Instructor Don Fishback Reveals



Renowned Option Instructor Don Fishback Reveals
Renowned Option Instructor Don Fishback Reveals
Trading Breakthrough for Beginners...
New “Flashpoint” Option Strategy
Could Earn You an Average Profit of
$8,288.34 Each Week...Whether the
Market Goes Up or Down!
ODDS Flashpoint Hands You Massive
Potential Winning Trades Right BEFORE a
BIG Move... Resulting in EXPLOSIVE Profits!
u New Breakthrough Service Posts Cumulative Profit of $1,690,821,14
starting with just $2500 per trade! With the opportunity to win over 80%
of the time, ODDS Flashpoint Could Have Earned You a Profit of $336,967
in the past six months – and with Strictly Limited Risk!
u You Can Get Started with as Little as $34! Learn How Flashpoint Traders
Get the “Edge” That Lets Them Earn an Average of 55% Per Trade.
If you have just $1,000 to put on each trade, you would still have the
chance to pass $676,000 profit in just 4 years. That’s right…$1,000 to
u $2,500 per trade jumps to $1,680,821.14. $10,000 to $6,763,284.54!!
u Remove Guesswork Completely. Profit in Up or Down Markets. Trading as
You Know It Will Never Be the Same
“As a former chief of police, senior business executive, author and
certified fraud examiner, I’ve developed strict criteria on which I
build relationships. Integrity and professional competency are two
key components of that criteria. Over several years of interacting
with Don Fishback and his staff they have earned my confidence,
trust, and respect.” – Bud B., Port St. Lucie, FL
Dear Fellow Investor,
We live in an era of political, economic and investing turmoil.
Everywhere you turn, there are global and economic “Flashpoints”
that make the stock market go berserk – war in the Middle East, crisis
in Europe, the bursting of the “Chinese miracle bubble,” even recordbreaking weather disasters.
These “Flashpoints” often unnerve ordinary investors. During 2013,
many watched helplessly as a volatile stock market hit new highs and
then plunged again. Even bonds have been dangerous.
But for a handful of options traders who have learned a simple but
powerful new way to trade, Flashpoints mean something else: Fat, juicy profits
that erupt when a crisis hits.
I’ve discovered an options trading breakthrough based on Flashpoints that could
hand you an average of $8,288 per week in cash – and without taking big risks.
This little-known but highly profitable strategy has a potential success rate of 73%,
nearly 3 of 4 profit opportunities cashed in.
With just $2,500 per trade, over the past 4 years, my Flashpoint trading system
has generated $1,690,821.14 in total gains possible. What’s more, many trades
are incredibly affordable; some cost less than $100. Even better, the most
expensive trade is only $400!
IMPORTANT NOTICE! Option Trading has large potential rewards, but also large potential risks. You must be aware of the risks
and willing to accept them in order to invest in the options markets. Don’t trade with money you can’t afford to lose. This is
neither a solicitation nor an offer to buy/sell listed options.
NOTICE: “Hypothetical or simulated performance results have certain inherent limitations. Unlike an actual performance record,
simulated results do not represent actual trading. Also, since the trades have not actually been executed, the results may have
under-or-over compensated for the impact, if any, of certain market factors, such as lack of liquidity. Simulated trading programs
in general are also subject to the fact that they are designed with the benefit of hindsight. No representation is being made that
any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those shown.”
© TradeWins Publishing
The profits from trading Flashpoints are
staggering: If you simply made every trade
idea this strategy has generated the past six
months, it’s quite possible you would have
an extra $336,967 in your bank account right
losses for 98.3% wins . . . with 76 consecutive
winning trades! Here’s what one of my happy
subscribers says...
“I’ve been using
ODDS... for the
past year or
so... And doing
this over the
past 6-8 months
has grossed me
anywhere from
$9,000 to $17,000
a month.” –Paul H., Tampa, FL
I don’t know about you, but an extra
$336,967 can sure come in handy sometimes.
It means you can finally buy your Significant
Other that new car you’ve been promising.
It means you don’t have to work as hard as
you have been. Most of all, it means you
don’t have to worry about money.
Hello. My name is Don Fishback. I’m the
author of many popular guides to options
trading, such as Options for Beginners and
Options Wizardry From A to Z.
Trading option spreads, however, is not
for everyone. Option spreads have a high
probability of profit, but the profits are
relatively small.
For more than 20 years, I’ve been teaching
to advanced
traders how
to make
money on
95% to 98%
Perfect for beginning to
of their trades
intermediate traders
primarily by
Makes profits no matter
using high
which way the market
index option
So easy a high school
That’s why I’ve developed a brand-new
system for helping beginning traders make
staggering profits. It’s a tested and proven
strategy of using options straddles based on
what I call “Flashpoints.”
student can make the
No trade costs more than $400
Huge Upside Rewards
Strictly defined risk
In a nutshell, we look for highly volatile
stocks that have temporarily entered a “quiet
zone” and then bet, based on five years’ worth
of tracking data, that the stock will soon make
an explosive move again.
Not only is this new system simple and easy...
it’s one of the most profitable ways to make
money trading that I’ve ever seen!
In fact, in the
first three
years of
testing, my
ODDS system
301 wins
and just five
You can easily make hundreds, sometimes
even THOUSANDS of dollars in a single
day. Even people with ZERO experience
trading options can learn how to make money
regularly using this easy method.
NOTICE: Testimonials provide the perspective of individuals who are successful and enthusiastic about their experience. Testimonials are not representative of everyone’s experience and provide information about the provider’s experience only as to that
point in time in which they are provided. People can and do lose money trading options. The testimonials herein should not be
viewed as underestimating the risks of losses in trading.
Take a Look and Decide
for Yourself
“Is Flashpoint for You?”
Stock Market Swings
for the Past 15 Years
Flashpoint profits on big
moves per day and loses in
flat markets.
traddles make money when the
stock moves big, up OR down.
Straddles only lose money if the stock
stands still.
The magnitude of the win potential is
infinitely larger than the magnitude of
the loss potential.
If you look at the world today and
think stocks are likely to become calm
and stable, Flashpoint is probably not
for you.
If, however, you think the global
economy is agitated and “destabilized”
as it has been for more than a decade,
then Flashpoint could be your answer
to building a fortune.
A typical
Flashpoint Trade
This profit/loss graph shows
a typical Flashpoint straddle
trader’s potential. If the
stock price stays flat, you
could lose a few dollars.
BUT – any move up or down
is a profit. And the profit is
unlimited. The bigger the
move the more money you
can make!
The Words of Happy Traders…
Why Trading Option
Straddles is One of the
Highest Profit, Easiest Ways
to Generate
Investment Income
first got ODDS, I started doing a few trades…Since
then, I’ve had 17 trades with 100% success. No
losers! I’m thrilled to death.” –William M., Blountiville, TN
TRADING DECISIONS – “My account is now
worth $63,000 as of today…When I hear the
“experts” every morning apologizing for how
bad they have done this year and explaining why
making money in this market is virtually impossible,
it makes me feel really proud of my option trading
decisions and really grateful for Don’s teachings.
Thanks, thanks, thanks.” –Nestor S., Kissimmee, FL
aking money with my Flashpoint
strategy is super-easy. That’s because it
uses what are called straddles.
Although it has a fancy name, an option
straddle is simply buying both a put option
and call option on the same security at
the same strike price and with the same
$42,000 PROFIT! I’M VERY HAPPY! – “I use
ODDS by Don Fishback exclusively for my option
trading. My tax accountant advised me that I made
$42,000 in…option trading profits. I’m very happy!
–Art R., Port St. Lucie, FL
Why would anyone do that? you might ask.
Simple: Straddles allow you to make money
no matter which direction the underlying
stock takes. You make money with movement
of the stock... whether up or down.
“Greetings from Montana! I am one of your ODDS
customers. I would like to thank you for such a
wonderful program. It has given me a new and
very improved view of the markets. I am looking
forward to make the most of it in the years to
–Dean B., Emigrant, MT
Plus, the beauty of this strategy is that it
takes very little money to start – some trades
cost as little as $34 – and the profits can be
enormous. You can often double your
money in a matter of just a few weeks!
“I get deluged with ads for systems making
outrageous claims, so when I saw yours indicating
that it was over 90% accurate, I was extremely
skeptical – at first. It was so straightforward I
decided to put it to the test. Wow, did it pass. For
seven straight months. Every trade I found was
a winner, including the March trade that made
money in a market that ruined thousands of other
options traders.”
–S.H., Dallas, TX
What’s more, the guesswork is removed
with straddles... especially when there are
Flashpoints everywhere. You don’t have to
know which direction a stock will move to
make money. All you need is movement of
some kind, either up or down.
“Want you to know that your actions and
recommendations during the recent market crisis
were nothing short of SPECTACULAR!!!” –C.D.M., Belleville, IL
In this small booklet, I’m going to actually
show you a special strategy we’ve developed
that lets you consistently beat the “house”
when trading straddles.
“I purchased your ODDS training in April. At
that time I was still working a full time job in an
automotive wrecking yard. You are the reason I
was able to retire 15 years earlier from a job I no
longer found enjoyable.”
–Michael G. C., Pocatello, ID
What’s more, I’ll also show you how we
identify possible winners in advance – and
cash in on those profit opportunities with
only a few minutes of “work” per week.
“Don’s the most honest and trustworthy person I’ve ever met. Not just
in the industry, but anywhere. It’s
refreshing to learn from someone you
know you can trust.”
Starting with no more than $400 per trade,
it’s quite possible you could produce profits
averaging $8,288 per week.
Think about what that could mean for you
and your family.
–Dr. Dennis P., Oral Surgeon
His trading account has shown huge percentage
returns in just 30 minutes per week.
Imagine having hundreds, perhaps even
THOUSANDS of extra dollars coming in each
and every week.
Meet Don Fishback
Imagine impressing your Significant Other...
or your friends... when you suddenly have so
much extra cash to spend.
Options Trading
Authority – Worldfamous author and
speaker, Don is
highly respected
for his unique
that identified:
374 consecutive
winning trades …
96.1% profitable
trades in a 10 year
study …
The best part of it, you don’t need any
experience at all to make money using this
Flashpoint strategy. You can make HUGE
profits even if you’ve never traded options
before... even if you know practically nothing
about investing.
Here’s what a fellow named Roger from
Newbury Park, California, has to say about
my methods:
Devoted Family
Man – Don, his wife of 27 years, and their two
daughters (20 and 15) enjoy a wholesome
lifestyle on their 9-acre horse farm in Kentucky
– where he routinely climbs aboard the old
John Deere to mow his own pasture. Strong
family values and quality time spent horseback
riding and such with the kids characterizes the
Fishback household.
“I’m up over $10,000! Don
is consistent, repeatable,
profitable, safe, and no hype!”
And here’s what Robert M. of Gainesville, FL,
“I finished with 40 wins and 2
losses using only Don’s high
probability strategy...I ended
the year with $27,600 and
averaged $2300.00 per month.
Life is good!”
Avid Baseball Fan – Former partner in several
minor league baseball teams: Omaha Royals
and Battle Creek Yankees. Current partner in
Lexington Legends.
Generous Philanthropist – Heavily involved
with charitable causes, Don wrote his first
book, “Options for Beginners”, to raise money
for the American Heart Association. And he
donated every penny of profits─(more than
$100,000)─from what turned out to be a best
seller. Subsequent seminars and books have
been similarly motivated.
Perhaps you or family members need a
new car. Or perhaps you have college or
retirement expenses you didn’t expect.
ODDS Flashpoint gives you the chance to
make it happen.
NOTICE: Testimonials provide the perspective of individuals who are successful and enthusiastic about their experience. Testimonials are not representative of everyone’s experience and provide information about the provider’s experience only as to that
point in time in which they are provided. People can and do lose money trading options. The testimonials herein should not be
viewed as underestimating the risks of losses in trading.
Maybe You Just Want to
Work Less... Retire Early...
and Enjoy Life More!
this straddle had risen to 9.05. Had you made
this trade, you could have potentially made
a profit $630 – a gain of 229% in less than 6
 Up 175% in 7 weeks! On January 20,
2015, we provided a trade idea to buy the SO
March 52.50 call and also buy the 52.50 put
with the same expiration date. The total cost
of the straddle would be $304. By March 11,
SO shares had plunged, and the price of this
straddle trade closed at $835. Had you made
this trade, you could have potentially made a
profit of $531 – a gain of 175%, again in just
hatever your personal situation,
learning how to trade without relying
on the direction of a stock or the market is
one of the easiest, quickest ways there is to
profit from the wild action in the markets.
This method has an accuracy rate that has
the potential to exceed 80%, slightly lower
than covered calls. The
profit opportunities are
explosive, with triple digit
gains easily attainable.
For example...
 Up 231% in 5 weeks!
On February 23, 2015,
we provided a trade idea
to my ODDS Flashpoint
followers: Buy the ALTR
April 36 call and also buy
the April 36 put at a price
of 2.40. The total cost
of the straddle would be
just $240. By March 27,
the price of ALTR shares
skyrocketed and this
straddle soared to as high
as 7.95. Had you made
this trade, you could have
potentially made a profit
of $555 – a gain of 231% in
just under 5 weeks.
 Up 229% in 6 weeks!
On November 6, 2014, we
provided a trade idea to
buy the MRO December
34.50 call and buy the
December 34.50 put at
a price of 2.75. The total
cost of this straddle would
have been only $275. By
December 15, MRO shares
collapsed and the price of
ODDS Flashpoint is a deeply discounted daily trade idea service.
We provide specific entry instructions: the stock, the exact trade –
including whether the options are weekly or regular monthly expiration
-- and the exact price to pay. Because the price of the service is so low,
we do not provide exit instructions. If, however, you were to exit the
trade ideas we give you at the optimal price, a chart of your cumulative
profits would look like this! Please bear in mind, it is unlikely your
results would be this good. But it does show you the potential profit
power available from the trade ideas given by ODDS Flashpoint.
under 7 weeks.
from market volatility.
 Up 192% in 8 weeks! On September
25, 2014, we provided a trade idea to buy the
WFM November 37.50 call and to buy the
November 37.50 put at a price of $356. WFM
shares soared, and when options expiration
arrived, the straddle was worth $1,040.
Had you made this trade, you could have
potentially made a profit of $684 – a gain of
192% in less than 8 weeks.
During my first decade as a trader and
analyst, I was introduced to a strategy that
had an extremely high probability of profit.
It became the basis of my trademark ODDS
trading system and of ODDS Flashpoint in
As you can see, the opportunity to generate
huge profits can be very regular.
I am very proud of my reputation in the
industry, and of the profits that my students
and subscribers are able to make following
my strategies.
Thousands of ordinary people have learned
how to trade options from my books,
seminars and options trading services.
In fact, ODDS Flashpoint trades over the
past 48 months could have generated for you
1,744 straddle trades with an average
potential gain of 55% per trade.
Here is what just a few have to say...
“Up $46,000 at year end.”
– Kevin L. Fairlawn, OH
Had you made all the trades with only $400,
you’d still have over $270,000 profit.
“After 15 years of being with Don
Fishback, the primary reason I
have stayed with him is because
of his integrity and credibility.
He backs and practices what he
preaches.” – Al S., Birmingham, AL
In just the first six months of the year, you
could have earned as much as...
That’s using $2,500 per trade. In practical
terms, that’s $56,161 in extra income...
per month!
“Don Fishback is the best teacher
for low-risk/high profit options
trading that we have been able to
find anywhere in the country. We
use Don’s teachings and strategies
almost daily.”
– Michael B. McKinney, TX
Why My Students &
Subscribers Stay with Me for
Years, Even Decades!
ow, I’ve been trading options for over 30
years, and teaching people just like you
how to trade for over 20 years.
“The entire Fishback organization
is extremely professional,
knowledgeable, enthusiastic, well
organized and personally friendly.
I am impressed to no end! The
concepts conveyed in addition
to the ease of trading I consider
invaluable, and in my case,
mandatory for success.”
– David M. Lincoln, NE
I started out as a broker, got into
commodities trading, and then was promoted
to Director of Research at the nation’s largest
options-only research boutique.
In 1993, I left that firm to start my own
company, focusing strictly on market
volatility and strategies that make money
“My worst year , I had 29 wins
and 4 losses, and that comes out
to 86.2% winning trades. My best
year was last year, 28 wins, 1 loss,
95.6%. The years in between I never
got less than 92% wins, so it’s just
been wonderful.” –Bob M
Trade Results for
ODDS Flashpoint
Cumulative Percent Profit; 67633%
Total Number of Trades: 1,744
The important point is this: Ordinary
people can trade options successfully...
and they can make triple-digit profits.
Break even
Trades 27
And now I’m going to actually show you how
you can do it yourself....
How to Trade the Flashpoint
Way to Earn Explosive Profits!
Win rate................................... 73%
Average size of win................. 55%
Average return per trade........ 43%
Average size of loss............... 8%
Maximum investment.............. $400
Minimum investment.............. $34
Gains are based on all triggered picks
assuming exit point at peak option
value. Percent gain represents the
percentage change at the subsequent
high value, from the trigger price.
Profit calculations do not factor in
commissions and taxes.
s I said, my brand-new, super-simple
ODDS Flashpoint trading service uses
options straddles. With a straddle trade, you
normally make money on one option, and
lose money on the other. The goal is to make
more on one than you lose on the other.
For instance, let’s say you buy a call for 1 and
a put for 1. Your total cost— your net debit—
is 2. The way you make money is when the
stock makes a big move – the kind of big
moves that happen with economic and global
Let’s say the stock falls pretty hard. The call
falls in price, dropping to zero. But the put
goes to plus 4! In this instance, even though
you’ve lost money on the call side, the gain
in the put more than makes up for the loss.
In fact, the total return is a 100% gain: you
invest $200 to make $400.... or $2,000 to
make $4,000.
How can I claim such amazing track
record gains year after year? Simple.
I look at the highest price the option
gets to after I recommend it and that’s
the gain I record in my portfolio. So,
you can be sure that the gains I talk
about here are the biggest and best
possible. And the potential profits are
the best you’ll see.
Now, what if the stock goes the opposite
direction? It doesn’t matter! If the stock
rises, the call gains value while the put
loses. If the stock rises enough, gains in the
call more than offset any losses in the put,
generating a profit for the entire position.
Simple! You make money no matter which
direction the stock moves in.
–continued on page 12
Remember, this is the most optimistic
snapshot we can give you. Results
may not be the same for you.
Hear What Don’s Followers Have to Say…
“I think I can easily earn
$25,000 TO $500,000
“Several years ago I embarked on my journey
into Options. Going over your methods, I felt an
exhilaration sweep over me. There was hope for me
to have my dream of trading successfully. Before
long I was cranking out trades. The profits mount up
relentlessly. My goal is to take a small $25,000 trading
account to $500,000 after taxes during the next 4-5
years. Thanks again. Don, Without your ODDS based
principles of trading, I probably would not be active in
the markets. You’re a lifesaver.”
–Carl T.P., Ridgefield, WA
$4,000 - $5,000 a month…
anywhere there’s Internet!”
Vaia A. has a fine arts degree
from Yale, a Masters from
New England Conservatory,
and has studied music and
foreign languages at the
most respected institutions in
Europe. Vaia is the creative,
‘right brain’ type. Crunching
numbers is not her thing. But
living life on her own terms is.
“You’ll make a freakin’ fortune with this!”
–Jeff J., Portland, OR
Vaia discovered her road to
financial success through
Don Fishback. Here’s her story.
“80% winning trades have
grown my IRA and helped to
put 3 kids through college”
“Now I can be free to have the lifestyle I really want!”
“As a Real Estate Broker, I have no company pension.
And since I spent 16 years in Europe, I don’t have
much social security either. But no worries. Because
Don Fishback showed me a way to generate all the
cash I’m ever going to need!”
David B. is a software
developer in Clawson, MI.
The company he works for fell
victim to the downturn, and
the corporate options in his
401k were crushed. Here’s
how David found salvation in
a new kind of options…
“Don is simply a marvelous human being. Don’s
honest, straightforward approach to making money is
just so inspiring.”
“I can call Don’s office anytime I like. He and his staff
are in the same trades I am and really want me to win.
You can hear the sincerity in their voices. Talking with
Don’s people keeps you on track and gives you an
extra boost of confidence.”
“80% winning trades have
grown my IRA and helped to
put 3 kids through college.”
“Don leaves no room for
interpretation. His system is pure statistics. And
statistically speaking, I’ve batted .800!”
“Consistency is the key to making money. And Don’s
cut-and-dry approach leaves no room for doubt. You
calculate your odds of success and your exit strategy
ahead of time. And that saves you from falling into the
fatal ‘hope trap’.”
“What a relief to see my retirement fund growing
once again. It’s like having a weight lifted from me.
The market downdraft was quite depressing, but that
negative feeling is almost entirely gone, due in large
part to the success I’ve had with Don’s system.”
“Being somewhat conservative, I only traded 2
contracts at first. But even starting out small, I was
able to grow my $10,000 account to over $16,000 in
just a couple months. Now that I’m starting to buy
more contracts, I think I can easily earn $4,000 $5,000 a month!”
“Meanwhile, ODDS profits in my taxable account are
not only helping to put my children through college,
but will also help pay for my daughter’s wedding in the
“And best of all, if I feel like taking a trip around the world,
I can liquidate my positions and take a break. Or, I can
continue trading from anywhere there’s Internet access
– Paris, Athens, Munich. Even remote parts of the world
have Internet cafes these days!”
“When my family gets together it’s like a Norman
Rockwell painting. Everyone gathered around the
piano, singing in 4-part harmony. It brings a smile to
my face. I love them all so much. I feel very fortunate
that I can give them everything they need, and almost
everything they want.”
“My first ‘Home Run’ signal
… I made over $10,000 in
less than a month!”
“What impressed me most was the method’s ability
to forecast actual trades. By the 4th signal, I’d
realized just how valuable this ODDS approach
really is. The four trades so far have given me over
$9,000 in profits.”
–Dan M., a retired pilot in Tampa, FL
At 58, Sylvia B’s 36-year
banking career ended
abruptly in forced retirement.
Inspired by her passion for
making money, she chose
trading options as her new
livelihood. Here’s a recount of
the journey Sylvia describes
as ‘serendipity’… fate, destiny,
divine fortune.
“I stand in awe of what you folks are able to do. If I
didn’t see it for myself, as it happened, I would never
have believed you could have made so many profitable
recommendations so consistently.”
–Bob P., Syracuse, NY
“Your recommendations are so good, it’s scary. Your
track record is phenomenal. I’ve looked at a lot of
newsletters tracking their performance for months, and
yours is the only one that consistently makes money.
I’m a big fan.”
–Ed C., Greenville, SC
“Thanks to Don, I calculate my
odds of winning before I ever
enter the trade. And I also
calculate when to quit. With that kind of information, I
really believe options aren’t risky at all.”
“Don’s record-breaking winning strategies make you
feel like you just can’t lose. Take his ‘Home Run’ trade,
for example.”
“1,000% profit in 5 months… At that
rate you could accumulate a
fortune in no time!”
“My first Home Run signal I made over $10,000 in less
than a month!”
A retirement planner from
New York, Mike C. knows a lot
about wealth-building. And
according to Mike, the economy is too cyclical for you to
get rich investing in stocks
and bonds alone. Retiring
wealthy requires you to earn
substantial returns every year,
good times and bad. Here’s
what Mike learned about making a fortune when the market
is weak.
“Don’s positive energy, combined with his special
formulas, is like tapping into an unstoppable money
machine. And at the same time, he’s a man of
incredible integrity who believes in giving back. In
fact, it’s part of his success formula. And I agree.”
“I’ll trade options from my beach house in Destin,
Florida. Collect seashells. Soak up the sun. Play a little
golf. Spoil my grandchildren rotten, and make sure all
three get the best college education money can buy—
what better legacy than that!”
USE ODDS – “Thank you once again for the personal
attention and help with ODDS. A person would have to
be nuts to buy or sell options without the training and
information provided by ODDS. It pretty much divides
those who make money in options and those who lose. –Tori Z., Garden Grove, CA
“Don has the most logical, consistent, stress-free
approach to trading options that any of us had ever
seen. Easy as 1-2-3. Do the math. Determine the
odds. And make your decision. Don’s approach
removes all emotion. It’s simple, and you can make
excellent returns on your money.”
“Some trades take months, and others only hours.
Some have higher profit potential, and others have
a higher probability of success. Find a balance
that fits your needs and stick with it. What could be
ONE MONTH GAIN OF $17,000! – “Another
amazing month. I had 5 out of 5 trades successful in
November for a gain on the month of $17,688. That
brings my three month total to 14 out of 15 trades
(93.3% successful) and a total gain of $32,620…Also
my positions for December are $17,000 up in one
day!!!...”–John G., Reston, VA
“I prefer swing trades taking 4-6 months, averaging 60-65% winners. Like the straddles in Home
Depot and Georgia Pacific that I did recently– over
1,000% profit in only 5 months. At that rate, you
could accumulate a fortune in no time!”
ANNUAL RETURNS OF 100% – “At the expiration of
the October options I had realized a profit of $6,300 …
I expect to achieve similar returns on a monthly basis,
which should lead to annual returns of at least 100%.
You have done a great job with ODDS.” –William S., St. Louis, MO
“This has been a real life-changing experience for
me. Options have become my avocation and my
passion. I could have $10 million in the bank and
I’d still be trading because I love doing it!”
Now the obvious question to ask is:
With options straddles, that’s not the case.
In fact, you don’t even need to know what
business the company is in.
How Do You Identify These
Volatile “Flashpoint”
All you’re focusing in on is the stock’s current
volatility compared to its historical volatility.
ell, the first thing to understand is that
picking options and picking stocks are
totally different activities.
In other words, we look for historically
volatile stocks that have temporarily entered
a quiet period of low volatility.
With stocks, you are pretty much guessing
which direction the stock price will go, which
means that you usually need to analyze the
company’s business fundamentals to make
that prediction.
We are betting that this stock will return to
its historical norm and make a big move,
either up or down. The beauty of straddles is
that we don’t care which direction the stock
moves in... so long as it does move.
Here’s an example. We’re
looking at a stock, WalMart, whose price is
unusually quiet compared
to its historical trend...
Here’s another example:
the payroll processor ADP.
Notice that after a period
of volatility, there is an
uncharacteristic period in
which the stock is basically
flat – too flat.
After we’ve found an
underlying stock that
is a good prospect, we
then identify a specific
Flashpoint straddle trade:
We pick a call and a put at
the same strike price (the
strike price nearest the
current stock price) and
the same expiration date (typically 6 to 13
weeks from now).
I Launched My ODDS
Flashpoint Service to Help
You Make HUGE Profits
Whether a Stock Goes
Up OR Down!
The final step is pricing. This is where ODDS
Flashpoint service is unique – and why even
total beginners can make hundreds, even
thousands of dollars week after week. We use
a special formula when calculating the value
of an option. This simple formula gives us a
huge advantage that no one else can provide.
It’s also the reason why ODDS Flashpoint
has such a phenomenal track record – and
why it has generated $336,967 of total gains
possible in just the last six months.
o, to help you capture the incredible
profits that my ODDS valuation approach
to high-profit potential “Flashpoint” options
can offer you, I launched a very specialized
VIP trading service: ODDS Flashpoint.
What we do is measure five years’ worth
of real-time data to see how many times a
given stock has moved a certain percentage
up or down.
So far as I know, this is one of the few
exclusive, VIP services specifically designed
to help beginning and intermediate traders
make money consistently with straddles – as
you could have done following Flashpoints
trade ideas all this year.
Now, past performance is no guarantee of
future results... but it sure does give you an
Our ODDS system looks at the price of an
option and then compares that to what the
option should be priced at given the historical
performance of the underlying stock. If
there is a difference, we have an edge – and
consider making the trade.
One thing for sure: ODDS Flashpoint takes
the uncertainty out of options trading.
It tells you precisely what to do and when to
do it. There is no second-guessing, no doubt
about what you should do.
“Made $1,040 Profit!”
“Money in the Bank!”
“We consider Don
money in the bank,
and that is absolutely
not an exaggeration.
The best thing about
Don’s service is the
predictability of it. You
know when you go
looking at it for your
income, you have to
know the percentages that he advertises
are absolutely real and that’s important
when you’re relying on it for your income.
A person would be a fool not to do it. –Bill, FL
“I started with a $10,000
account. Since this was
my maiden voyage in
option buying, I traded
very conservatively
(bought one straddle for
each)... My profit was
$1040.00 (not including
fees which were
minimal). Obviously, I’m
not a millionaire yet, but
I’m working on it.” – Eva R. Cincinnati, OH
The ODDS Flashpoint Service Makes
Trading Straddles as Easy as Pie... and as
Profitable as Possible!
he ODDS Flashpoint trade reports are unlike any other trading reports
you’ve ever seen. That’s because we’ve color-coded everything to make it as
simple as possible.
Take a look at the above sample of one of the trade reports. At the very top of the
report, we show the date.
Below the date, we have a table showing the trade ideas for that day. The trades are
listed in order of option value discount. Keep reading to learn more.
Next we have the pricing and valuation:
showed up on our radar screen, it had entered
into an unusual period of zero movement
around 25 per share.
The current “ask” price of the straddle in
our example is 2.12. We show the ask price
because that is what a trader could expect to
actually pay for the options.
As a result, we bought the May 25 call and the
May 25 put for 1.25 combined (in dollars and
cents, that’s only $125).
Now we get to the good part: THE ARROWS!
At that price, our breakeven would be 26.25
on the high end (25 plus our price of 1.25
equals 26.25) and 23.75 on the low end (25
minus our price of 1.25 equals 23.75).
The arrows are super-simple, easyto-understand, color-coded graphical
displays of the various factor ratings
that determine whether or not we
should take a trade. The colors work just
like traffic signals.
Anything beyond those two numbers would
mean profits.
Just like for a traffic signal, Red means
stop, Yellow means caution, Green
means go.
As our ODDS Flashpoint system predicted,
GE quickly returned to its normal volatility –
in this case, straight up. In just a few days, the
stock was trading at $28.51 per share.
How ODDS Flashpoint
Works in the Real World
That meant the put was worthless... but the
call was worth $351. That’s a gain of 181%.
Let me give you a real-world example of how
the ODDS Flashpoint service makes you
money in the real world.
A while back we were tracking General
Electrice (GE).
Think about what this would mean for
you: The ODDS Flashpoint tells you which
straddle to make... in this case, the GE May
25 call and May 25 put... and you enter the
This is a highly volatile stock as you can see
by looking at the chart below. But when it
A few days later, you have an extra $250 in
your account. Simple, easy... and very, very
profitable. And we’ll have special weekly
coaching sessions to help you optimize your
strike gold.
You do that week after week, month after
month, and those low-cost, triple-digit
winners could begin to add up to serious
money: tens, even hundreds of thousands of
That’s the beauty of this approach. If you
want to do it the super-simple way, you
simply hold all the trades until expiration, or
you use a stop of 50%. That is, you wait until
they expire or lose 50% of their value. No
fuss, no muss.
When do you get out?
Now, here’s what’s really interesting about
our service for the beginning trader....
But if you want to be fancier and “optimize”
your exits, as we say, the results can be
staggering: Cumulative Potential Profits
totaling more than 67,000%.
Unlike Most Options
Services, ODDS Flashpoint
is Super Easy for the
Beginner to Use!
Now, no one is going to get out at the optimal
exit every time. But that number shows you
just how powerful this approach can be. And
even half that total is a huge fortune!
ou simply make the “green arrow” trades
that appear on the Flashpoint alert. And
remember, no trade costs more than $400.
But let’s say you only have $500 to speculate
with, then you make the first five trades on
the list that cost less than $100. So even small
beginning traders have an opportunity to
And as I said, you can easily start small. As
your confidence grows, and you see how these
things work and how you’re making money
consistently, you can dedicate more of your
speculative portfolio to option trading and
grow into it.
Traders LOVE Don’s Trading Methods
“17 trades with 100%
success. I’m thrilled
to death . . . Excellent
history tells the truth.”
–Bill M., Tennessee
“100% success rate… I
made over $200,000
profit… in just 14
months…All trades have
been winners”
–John D., Florida
Sales Manager
“For seven straight
months, every trade I
found was a winner…I was
extremely skeptical─at first.
It was so straight-forward, I
decided to put it to the test.
Wow, did it pass!”
–S.H., Retiree, Dallas Texas
When it’s Time to Buy I Need
to Reach You Right Away
will be your home base for making more
income than you ever thought possible.
l Live Weekly Coaching Sessions:
that reveal how to optimize your trades to
maximize profits and minimize losses.
l Direct Access to Me and My Staff. The
instructions in every trade report are clear
and precise. You can simply read them,
word for word, to your broker -- or enter
the symbols into your favorite discount
online broker. Nevertheless, I know that
you may have questions. With this service,
you can ask your questions and we’ll get
back to you ASAP.
he moment you subscribe, you get
immediate access to these ODDS
Flashpoint subscriber-only trading reports
– where I reveal my plain-English, barebones approach to trading straddles.
If you want fluff, you’ve come to the wrong
spot. I give you what you need. I don’t waste
your time with unnecessary junk. Our reports
give you the stock, the option straddle trade
and the entry price, everything you need to
potentially earn thousands of dollars – even if
you’ve never traded a single option in your life.
These instructions are easy to use with online
brokers. Or, if you’re old school, you can
read them to your broker on the phone. Your
Then, the BIG money-making benefits begin:
The moment you agree to accept a strictly
provisional test drive of our ODDS
Flashpoint service, you get...
Lock In the Highly Discounted
“Charter Membership”
Rate Today
s I said earlier, the ODDS Flashpoint
service is a heavily discounted options
trading service specifically designed to profit
from big movements in stocks that are stuck
in a period of low volatility.
l Access to my “Quick Start” Videos:
These easy-to-follow videos and “getting
started” guides walk you, step by step,
through each stage of the ODDS
Flashpoint straddle trading strategy.
They tell you precisely what to do... how to
do it... and when to do it.
“Peace of Mind!”
“I intend on using
this info for the
rest of my life...
I’m a freelance
artist. I learned
pretty quickly
that income
can be very
unpredictable. I
needed something
to help smooth out
the rough spots in
cash flow. Don’s
ODDS strategies have more than
given me peace of mind, it’s given
me a better quality of life.
l A Comprehensive Online Trading
Guide: These written resources help you
understand anything you have questions
about from the videos. With clear, easyto-follow language that is free of jargon,
I walk you through the whole process of
using our trading reports and entering
straddle trades.
l A Comprehensive Straddle Trade
List: Unlike other services, we tell
you precisely what to do. There is no
guesswork, no wondering what I meant.
l ODDS Flashpoint Encrypted
Website: This comprehensive resource is
available 24/7 and is reserved exclusively
for ODDS Flashpoint members. This
– Bruce S. Pontiac, MI
“Account Increased by
Over $7,000!”
The regular price for ODDS Flashpoint
– including the same type of trade ideas
that could have earned you an additional
$336,967 over the past 6 months – is
normally $2,188 a year.
“I started and spent a few
weeks getting comfortable
with your ODDS system. I
concentrated on the “high
profit” section and did my
first trade with an account
balance of $10,300. Using
strangles and straddles
in lots of one, two, and
sometimes three, I had some
great results... All-in-all my
account increased by over $7000... one happy
camper here.”
– Denis C., Mattituck, NY
However, because I am convinced that my
trade ideas for options straddles are one of
the very best ways to generate large profits
in all market conditions, I have made
a special arrangement, solely for new
charter subscribers, to slash a whopping
72% off the regular price.
You instantly save $1,593 off the
regular annual Membership Fee of $2,188
and pay only $595 annually. And to make
it even easier for you to try out ODDS
Flashpoint without taking big risks, you
can get started with a single low payment.
“Really Excited!”
“I am really excited about
the ODDS. So far I have
done better than the advisory
services that I have used in
the past, but all their recos
were for calls and puts.
So I kind of started using
straddles on my own... it
was a lot of research to
find the right one and I
wondered how I could find other stocks that
would move enough to profit. Then I discovered
your organization and it made sense... pretty
impressive!” – Dan P., Canton, GA
With this option, you pay just $99 a
month for as long as you wish to continue.
That’s right: you can get started making
money trading options with a single
monthly payment of only $99. I really
can’t think of a better no-brainer offer:
For only $99 to start, you take advantage
of my powerful straddle trading strategy
with an accuracy rate as high as 80%...
and that gives you the potential of earning
up to $8,288 per week in extra income.
Test Drive My ODDS
Flashpoint Service
100% Risk-Free for the
Next 30 Days
“100% Winners”
“What brought me to Don
Fishback was basically not
knowing what to do in the
investment market & looking
for something that was going
to work. The 90% probability
is what brought me in.... I’ve
been 100% winners on my
lus, I decided to create a unique guarantee that, to me, is also a no-brainer.
When you call one of our customer service
representatives today, or mail back the
order form found at the back of this
report... you’ll be able to test drive my
ODDS Flashpoint service risk-free.
– Steve C. Clinton, MI
In the unlikely event that you decide ODDS
Flashpoint is not for you, just give us a
call within 30 days, and we’ll refund your
entire subscription fee – 100% of it – no
questions asked.
You will have to give them your credit card
information when you do this and will be
billed $99 to start. But you are backed 100%
by my unconditional money back guarantee.
We’ll give you your money back even if you
don’t follow ANY of my trading ideas.
Flashpoint service is not for you... if you’re
not simply astonished by the profits you can
make trading these straddles... simply call our
customer service number within 30 days and
we’ll refund 100% of your membership price,
no questions asked.
If you decide, for any reason, that my ODDS
There is only one catch...
This Special Offer
Is Limited to Just
400 Charter Members
So, this is truly a risk-free offer: Call 1-855590-2056 right now – or fill in the order form
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I’ve decided to limit this special offer to only
400 charter subscribers.
Right now, my publisher is sending this
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he will be sending this same invitation to
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You’ll lock in the special Charter Membership
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Don’t wait. Call 1-855-590-2056 right now.
Once those 400 charter memberships are
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I honestly believe this service will sell out
quickly. If all 400 charter membership
slots are not taken by my own readers and
subscribers to my other services, then they
will certainly be grabbed by these other
Happy trading,
Don Fishback
ODDS Flashpoint
And once the last charter membership slots
are taken, that’s it.
P.S. For even bigger savings, consider our
one-time annual price of just $595. You will
lock in total savings of 72% off the regular
rate... and you may cancel within the first 30
days for a full refund of your subscription.
You may still be able to sign up... but not for
the discounted charter rate.
So, here’s what I would like you
to do.
In-house Success Trading Straddles…
Please pick up the phone, right
now, and call 1-855-590-2056.
Operators are standing by 24 hours
a day, 7 days a week.
Don’s assistant, Bryan
turned his $4000
account into $55,858.80
with just this strategy.
That’s a total gain of
3,158.47% – while
following a safety-first
Please call right now and say you would
like to TEST DRIVE my ODDS Flashpoint
service for 30 days.
“Every Trade Has Made Money!”
“I have been using Don’s methods for six months, Every trade I’ve
done following Don’s straddle/strangle strategy has made money.
That’s hard to beat. I’ve been moving more of my accounts over to
his system. In fact, I’m setting up a new fund dedicated to Don’s
high-profit straddles... It could be our star performer... I’ve been in
the business for 10 years and I’ve never seen a better way to achieve
consistently high returns than Don’s high-profit strategy.” – Clive D. Sharon, CT
Don Fishback • 22C New Leicester Hwy., #117 • Asheville, NC 28806
Phone 1-855-590-2056 • Fax 1-888-258-4938
p YES, I’d like to TEST DRIVE the ODDS Flashpoint option trading service risk-free
for a full 30 days. I will have private access to ODDS Flashpoint Members-Only
Trade Idea web site. I only will continue if I am thoroughly satisfied.
p Check Enclosed! Please make checks payable to
Fishback Management & Research. $595
Best Deal! Charge My Credit Card (Circle One) AMEX MC Visa Discover.
I will pay only $595 automatically billed each year, a savings of over $700! I may cancel any time in the first 30 days for a full refund.
p I prefer to pay monthly.
I will make an initial payment of only $99 and then be automatically billed $99 per month for as long as I wish to continue.
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