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STI College-Rosario
and City Mayor Awards
16 High School Students
By: Sandee Molato
Dean of BSBA and Admissions Director
STI College – Rosario
The Municipality of Gen. Trias, Cavite headed by
Mayor Luis A. Ferrer IV, and STI College–Rosario
represented by Career Advisers Sandee R. Molato
and Aimee C. Advincula awarded the 1st Mayor
Luis A. Ferrer IV Scholarship Program to 16 high
school graduates of General Trias, Cavite last July
13, 2007.
“These awardees were carefully screened from
2,000 applicants down to 16,” explained by
Mayor Ferrer during the awarding ceremonies.
STI College-Makati Rotaract
Club Sweeps 12 Awards
By: Engr. Jerry Cruz, Faculty
STI College-Makati
STI College–Makati Rotaract Club was judged as
the Most Outstanding School-Based Rotaract
Club last July 21, 2007 for two years in a row. It
was held during the Hand-Over and Awarding
Ceremony of Rotary International Rotaract
District 3810 at Citimotors, Pasong Tamo in
Makati City.
Rotaract District 3810 is the Premiere Rotaract
District in the Philippines which is the home of
the finest school-based Rotaract clubs like the
University of Sto. Tomas, De La Salle University,
City Colleges of Manila, Mapua Institute of
Technology, Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila,
Philippine Normal University, Philippine Women’s
University, Philippine School for Business and
Arts, Arellano University, Adamson University,
San Beda College, and St. Paul University.
A Rotaract club is a Rotary club-sponsored
organization of young men and women between
the ages of 18 and 30. Their objective is to provide
an opportunity for young men and women to
He further explained that they “would like to
open opportunities for people to reach for their
dreams.” Thus, the scholarship program started
with the help of STI College–Rosario and
Mr. Francis Romero, Head of the Gen. Trias
Education Committee.
The 16 scholars are currently enrolled under the
program Microsoft Visual Programming. Their
scholarship covers all expenses, including the
tuition and miscellaneous fees.
More than just giving the students college
scholarships, the program also extends to helping
their scholars find jobs after they graduate.
“We are currently conducting meetings
with corporations such as American Power
Corporation (APC) of the Cavite Export
Processing Zone Authority (CEPZA) and
Intel of Gateway of Dasmarinas, Cavite for
possible openings for our scholars after they
have finished taking up the STI course,” Mr.
Romero expounds.
enhance the knowledge and skills that will assist
them in personal development, to address the
physical and social needs of their communities,
and to promote better relations between all
people worldwide through a framework of
friendship and service.
Aside from the above-mentioned prestigious
award, STI College-Makati Rotaract Club
also received the following awards: Most
Outstanding Rotaract Club Adviser – Engr. Jerry
M. Cruz, Most Outstanding Rotaract Club in
Community Service, Most Outstanding Rotaract
Club in Vocational and Professional Service, Most
Outstanding Joint Project, 2nd Most Outstanding
Rotaract Club in International Service, 2nd Most
Outstanding Fund Raising Project, 3rd Most
Outstanding Rotaract Club in Club Service, DRR
Special Citation for Celebrating World Rotaract
Week, DRR Special Citation for Strong-Rotary
Relation, and Leadership Service Award – Mr.
Rico Bolante Jr.
The success of the club is due to the
good leadership and teamwork of its
officers, and the valuable assistance
of the students and employess of STI
M ayo r
sealed uis Ferrer IV
The Ma e Scholarship nd S TI Colle
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Mr. Rico Bolante Jr. was likewise awarded as the
2nd Most Outstanding Rotaract Club President
and was appointed as the new Professional
and Vocational Club Service Director of Rotary
International Rotaract District 3810.
The success of the club is undoubtedly due to the
good leadership and teamwork of its officers, the
selfless guidance and support of its sponsoring
club, the Rotary Club of Pasay Silangan, and the
steadfast and valuable assistance of the students
and employees of STI College–Makati.
R2 ( L- R):
Rtr. Vincen G Edison Ong , En
gr. Jerr y Cr
uz, DRC G
R1 (L-R): IP Amiscua
ilber t Yupa
Pres. Mar Rico Bolante, DRR
c Salazar,
PE Joanna
as, Rtr. A
begail Ra
The Remarkable Tubero Boys
amidst all the Challenges
By: Ma. Clarissa B. Mabitazan
COE / IT Instructor, STI College–Baguio
German Junio and Recel Ambacan had a run of
bad luck prior to their Thesis presentation. Their
Thesis Adviser resigned two weeks before their
defense on Thesis 1. They have also not even
started on their research and experiments, and
yet they were already expected to present eighty
percent of the system. To add fuel to the fire,
their third member dropped all her subjects prior
to their presentation and the two of them were
left to shoulder the entire burden.
system. The thesis, entitled “Centralized Digital
Water Management System”, was judged as
the Most Outstanding Thesis for BS Computer
Engineering in the entire STI network.
The developers changed the conventional water
meter into digital meter which displays the
present and previous readings at the LCD. Hence,
an improved accuracy in gathering data will be
much anticipated by the end users.
Despite the continuous setbacks, these two
guys never knew the meaning of giving up. They
approached another adviser, who refused to take
them in since the latter had already handled five
thesis groups in the previous year. This, however,
did not deter them. They persisted until the said
instructor gave in to their proposal. However, the
topic was also changed from a simple “Control
and Monitoring…” into a more complex and
encompassing “Management…”
The Microcontroller Man
“We got somebody to believe in us, now we got
to believe in ourselves.”
They called themselves the Tubero Boys, whom
for the last year in school, got wrenches and a
computer as their main tools in developing their
High School Students Trooped
to QCPAT for the 1st ICT Jam
By: Jonathan L. Nacino, Faculty
DLS-STI Quezon Avenue
DLS-STI Quezon Avenue, in partnership with
the Quezon City Local Government, organized
the 1st ICT Jamboree held at the Quezon City
Performing Arts Theater (QCPAT) last February
28, 2007.
It was participated in by the following schools:
San Francisco High School, Ernesto Rondon
High School, E. Rodriguez High School, Roxas
High School, Flora Ylagan High School, Judge
Juan Luna High School, and Don Alejandro
Roces Sr. Science and Technology High School.
Also gracing the event were Mayor Sonny
Belmonte and Councilors Sep Jucio, Franz
Pumaren, Ariel Inton, and Allan Francisco.
Students eagerly listened to a series
of talks about relevant issues in
Information and Communications
Technology (ICT).
Despite his very hectic schedule in school,
German still never misses a day to offer to the
Almighty. It’s no wonder that his motto is, “In
serving God, put Him first and give your best
because He deserves the best.”
The day went by swiftly as students were given
a taste of STI’s own style of edutainment.
They eagerly listened to a series of talks
about relevant issues in Information and
Communications Technology (ICT) today. STI
HQ’s very own Mr. Mhel Garrido hosted the
said event.
Entrepreneur Dennis Evangelista was among
the speakers who took time off from work to
share important learnings to the students.
His topic was Mind Over Matter, a lecture
on coping up with the demands of college
life. Channel Manager Jojo Recio, on the
other hand, introduced Adobe Photoshop
and Macromedia Flash through a fun and
interactive method. He used the pre-captured
images of several participants and turned
them into TV superheroes, much to the delight
of the crowd.
Another special feature of the event was the
STI Mobile School (Computer Lab on Wheels).
Students were amazed with its facilities
designed to encourage more graduating high
school students to pursue a career in ICT.
Guest instructors were likewise invited to
deliver introductory lectures and evaluate the
participants’ outputs. A raffle was also held at
the end of the seminars wherein new mobile
phones, gadgets, and scholarships were
awarded to the lucky participants.
Working on their thesis took a lot of time and
sweat. “It’s hard to believe what you can build
with time and continuous improvement. I had
fears that the system would come crashing down
and that something unexpected would happen.
This fear kept us working extra hours, and the
conviction made it all worth while.”
Asked what he could impart to the future
developers, “It was not clear where we could
get our finances but we surprisingly saved a
lot. What’s important is that the system should
be working according to the objectives. Be
flexible. I remembered when our lead panelist
required that the data must be stored in the
water meter, our adviser told us to either use an
external EEPROM or change the microcontroller
to AT89S8252 which has an internal EEPROM.
We had to study and reprogramm all over again.
Challenge is a good thing. Embrace them, make
it something to achieve instead of something to
avoid, you’ll see that after these many challenges,
we stumble on an unanticipated success. Choose
the best adviser; they are here to guide us. I think
our strong commitment to one another enabled
us to succeed.”
Challenge is a good thing. Embrace
them, make it something to
achieve instead of something to
avoid, you’ll see that after these
many challenges, we stumble on
an unanticipated success.
The Hardware Specialist
Like his friend, Recel also never forgets to pray
before doing his everyday tasks. His skill in
improvising things was really a huge help to the
group. He modified the existing water meter and
invented some modules that would help their
objectives come to reality.
“In creating our system, we were able to apply
what we learned inside the classrooms. But
this time, it was not just a simple laboratory
experiment; it was a whole system we worked
on with all the concepts and theories. It was an
amazing experience, yet very challenging. The
biggest disadvantage that we experienced was
the unavailability of components here in Baguio,
that’s why we had to be practical and improvised
on whatever was at hand.
We had gone through a lot of things like working
even during typhoons and power failures. My
buddy and I had a lot of arguments but these
never affected our work. At the end of the day,
we realized that these arguments made us more
productive and worked harder. We were never
allowed to play computer games by our adviser
inside the thesis house, so we just shook off our
stress by playing darts with the other groups. It
helped us to reflect and focus our minds.”
Regional Youth Congress:
Take Two
By: Rusty Lagatic, Admissions Officer
STI College – Ortigas-Cainta
Now on its second season, the Regional
Youth Congress organized by STI College–
Ortigas-Cainta is definitely bigger and
bolder as thousands of high school and
college students stormed Megamall Cinema
9 to experience the wonders of Information
and Communications Technology (ICT).
Taking off from the success of its initial
season, the number of students and schools
participating in the event doubled. This, in
turn, prompted the organizers to prioritize
high school students belonging to the higher
sections and adopt the first-to-confirm
policy for secondary institutions.
The lucky schools who made it to the event
were Taytay National High School, Benjamin
B. Esguerra Memorial National High School,
Angono National High School, Angono
Private High School, Don Jose Ynares High
School, and Vicente Madrigal National High
School. These schools were also joined by
selected STI Ortigas-Cainta students.
With no less than STI HQ’s Events
Management Group providing the technical
and professional support, participants were
thrilled by the witty deliveries of Dennis
Evangelista and the amazing on-the-spot
image manipulation and presentation of
Channel Manager Jojo Recio.
NAP Students get Real Life
By: Bernadette Y. Alferez, R.N., NAP Instructor
STI College – Muñoz-EDSA
STI College–Munoz-EDSA’s Nursing Assistant
Program (NAP) students visited Emmaus House
of Apostolate in Malolos, Bulacan last March
2007 as part of their training program. Emmaus
House of Apostolate is a non-profit, private
nursing home for abandoned elders.
The purpose of this project was for the students
to have hands-on experience in providing
nursing care for the elderly. The elders in the
private nursing home are in their golden years
with different health conditions. Most of them
are blind, deaf, or have mobility problems; while
some have dementia and Parkinson’s disease.
It was quite an experience and a challenge for the
students since it was their first exposure to real
life situations. As the students learned firsthand,
caring for the senior citizens required not only
knowledge and skills but also endurance and lots
of patience.
Students learned firsthand that caring
for the senior citizens required not
only knowledge and skills but also
endurance and lots of patience.
The students felt a surge of mixed emotions
before going to Emmaus. They were excited and
anxious at the same time. Although reluctant at
first, the students worked hard to do the best
they can with the tasks assigned to them.
They were assigned to different wards and rooms.
Their tasks were focused in providing hygienic
measures such as bathing, trimming nails, and
feeding; getting the vitals signs; assisting in
mobility problems; and socializing with the
elders. Some even got the opportunity to clean
the wounds and bedsores of some patients. The
students spent eight fruitful hours with the elders
from 6 am to 2 pm, for three weekends.
At the end of the day, the nervousness they felt
was quickly replaced with exuberant joy. Each of
the students never seem to run out of stories to
tell about their experiences.
“I never thought that I would experience this, but
I’m glad it happened. I will never forget this,” a
student shared in her paper. She further added,
“I learned a lot and I’m happy that I got to spend
8 hours of my life with them (the elders).”
This experience undeniably boosted the NAP
students’ confidence, and prepared them for
their future clinical rotation where they will
actually be facing various patients in different
hospitals. Lessons learned in this experience
will be useful not only in their future career as
Nursing Assistants, but also aid them in their
lives as well.
Not to be outdone, our very own Bill Cosme
also had his share of dazzling moments on
and off the stage. His trademark dance and
morphing wonders had the participants
doubting the real identity of Aga Muhlach.
Cheers and laughter echoed around the jampacked venue as the speakers delivered incredible punch lines to emphasize the point
of their discussions. There is no doubt, the
straight forward approach of the speakers
in presenting the realities of the future have
inspired the students to strive even harder
to unleash their powers within.
Aside from the engaging talks from the
speakers, raffle prizes were also given to
lucky students. Rocksteddy and True Faith,
two of today’s hottest bands, likewise entertained the crowd with their chart-topping hits.
With the continuous success of the past two
seminars, the Regional Youth Congress has
obviously become one of the most highly
anticipated events in Cainta. Students and
schools alike cannot wait for what is in store
for the next Regional Youth Congress.
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The Exist Code Camp
By: Roy Remus C. Natavio, Alumni
STI College-Fairview
Our code camp experience began when our
school’s placement officer, Ms. Fe Zacarias, asked
us to go to STI HQ for possible job openings.
There, we met Ms. Chicky Recheta of Alumni
and Career Services who told us about the Code
Camp at Exist Global.
The Exist Code Camp (ECC) is a rigid seven-day
training camp for programmers. It is held each
year by Exist to help prepare the participants
face the challenges in one of the competitive
and fastest growing industries in the country
today – Professional Software Development. The
Camp is composed of three parts: Fundamentals
on Software Development, Open Source Tools,
and Technology Operation. Participants are
eliminated at the end of each round as the
competition becomes tougher and tougher.
The first time I heard about ECC, I said, “Hey, I
shouldn’t miss this great opportunity. I get to
learn, earn, and have a chance to be employed
in a great company, all at the same time.” Yes,
you heard it right. We were given an allowance
ZiLog ties-up with STI College
By: Engr. Erwin E. Guerra
COE/DCET Department Head
STI College-Fairview
The Engineering Department takes another
step forward as it ties-up with ZiLog Electronics
Philippines Inc. ZiLOG builds semiconductor
products that enable design engineers to break
through the barriers to creativity and innovation
in embedded design. They invented the awardwinning Z80 and Z8 microchip architectures that
have been embedded in over a billion end-use
devices worldwide, such as remote controls,
vending machines, telecommunications controllers,
home automation systems, industrial automation
systems, and thousands of other products.
Honor Students
Magna Cum Laude/GHP
Cum Laude/GHP
while training. So I immediately decided to join
the Camp together with my friends who were
also with me at that time.
First though, we have to pass the screening
exam. Boy, was it hard! It was literally an “Exam
from Hell.” All those IQ tests and Problem Solving
drained almost all of my energy. Luckily, I passed
it. And what came next was the real Code Camp
test. Armed with persistence and an iron-clad
will to survive, I was determined to give the
competition all my best.
Roy Remus
Natavio an
Camille Ru
with alum
Marjun Pa
last year ’s
winner in Ex
Code Cam
The next hurdle was Java. It was bad news for me.
I have nearly zero-knowledge in Java. It wasn’t
because we weren’t taught that in school, but
rather I was too lazy to study and understand it.
Now, I’m paying for that folly. I barely managed to
make it to the second part. I hope other students
won’t follow my footsteps and value everything
that their Instructors teach them.
Last July 27, 2007, ZiLog Global Human Resources
Manager, Ms. Ma. Rubilie S. Macaraeg, Senior
HR Generalist, Ms. Carolina Marrero, and other
representatives from ZiLog came to STI College–
Fairview to conduct an ocular inspection regarding
the existing facilities and the school environment.
The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding
(MOU) took place afterwards in the school’s
library between STI College–Fairview’s CEO,
Ms. Rowena M. Basilio, the school’s Academic
Head, Mr. Fernando T. Dantes III, and the ZiLog
In line with the MOU, ZiLog has agreed to donate
20 units of Z86CCP01ZEM ZiLog kits, consisting
of a microprocessor simulator and burner, for
exclusive use of the Engineering Department.
ZiLog will likewise provide training courses and
samples of new tools and products, as well as
information related thereto.
By the time the next stage of training started, I
have already reviewed enough about Java that the
lessons weren’t that difficult anymore. It seemed
that everyone also thought the same thing because
no one was eliminated in the said round.
We started with 12 participants and when we
reached the last part, only 9 of us were left.
We were further divided into 3 groups with 3
members each. I was grouped with my fellow STIer
Camille Ruiz, who also happens to be a Magna
Cum Laude of our batch. During the final round,
we were up against participants from Ateneo
de Manila University, De La Salle University, Far
Eastern University, Polytechnic University of the
Philippines, UP Diliman, and UP Los Baňos. Our
opponents were intimidating. However, hard work
and strong will together with powerful prayers
worked like magic for us. At the end of the training,
we were declared winners!
Camille and I are now Software Engineers at
Exist Global in Ortigas. We are still probationary
employees but we are positive that after the
three to six-month period, we will be regular
The whole ECC experience was fun. It was tough
because we were forced to learn so many things
in just a small amount of time. But everyone was
kind and friendly, and our instructors were very
supportive. It’s definitely a once in a lifetime
experience that I will always treasure.
From the school’s end, faculty members and
students of STI College–Fairview’s Engineering
Department will attend ZiLog trainings and support
worldwide or local microprocessor Application
Design competitions.
To date, the said trainer kits are already in the
Electronics laboratory of the school. Schedules for
trainings and seminars are yet to be finalized however
by the Engineering Department in coordination with
Engr. Leody R. Bongco and the Department Head
Engr. Erwin E. Guerra.
ith ZiLog
ic Head w
O & Academ .
STI College es in their contract sig
Dandoneal Mendoza (STI College–Alabang), Leonilo De Mesa (STI College–Calamba), Camille Ruiz (STI College–Fairview), Benjamin Jonathan Sicam (STI College–Fairview)
Ma. Lorraine Catacutan (STI College–Alabang), Ysrael Alejo (STI College–Alabang), Justina Tubiano (STI College–Alabang), Allen Jeremy Roque (STI College–Angeles), Marcelo Regalado Jr. (STI College–Angeles), Rose Joy Suelan (STI College–Antipolo), Emmanuel Ombrosa (STI College–Antipolo), Wallbert Don Elicot (STI College–Antipolo), Ronald Drilon
(STI College–Bacolod), Joroza Albino (STI College–Calamba), Lou Bernadette Santos (STI College–Caloocan), Ryan Neil Soriano (STI College–Caloocan), Richard Roldan
(STI College–Cubao), Michael Adarlo (STI College–Edsa-Crossing), Marvin Topacio (STI College–Edsa-Crossing), Jelene Bacuen (STI College–Edsa-Crossing), Jomar Posadas
(STI College–Fairview), Rannel Erlano (STI College–Global City), Pete Sherwin Gannaban (STI College–Global City), Ronaldo Panganiban (STI College–Las Piñas), Angelica Gatchalian
(STI College–Las Piñas), Mark Anthony Cuerpo (STI College–Ormoc), Ma. Peace Sha Magno (STI College–Ormoc), Jonalyn Pangilinan (STI College–Recto), Grace Montemayor
(STI College–San Fernando), Bernadette Umali (STI College–San Pablo), and Grace Dimaano (STI College–Sta. Rosa)
With Highest Honors/GHP
Mariel Alfanza (STI College–Fairview)
With High Honors/GHP
Maria Criselda Naje (STI College–Alabang), Marc Daryl Mateo (STI College–Balanga), Roshielle Nicolas (STI Cauayan), John Paolo Zoleta (STI College–Edsa-Crossing), Randy Zarsadias
(STI College–Fairview), Charlie Carlos (STI Guagua), Alkarim De Leon Imao (STI College–Marikina), and Cristina Parale (STI College–Muñoz-Edsa)
With Honors/GHP
Joy Bengco (STI College–Angeles), Audly Rose Alicante (STI College–Bacolod), Johnmar Patpat (STI College–Bacolod), Aldrian Tobias (STI College–Bacoor), Roswell Jocson
(STI College–Bacoor), Aiza Digno (STI College–Balayan), Jamaica Escullar (STI College–Balayan), Ronnel Azucena (STI Barotac Viejo), Rowena Bautista (STI Barotac Viejo), Edna Javier
(STI College–Calamba), Aristotle Caraos (STI College–Calamba), Arlene Abad (STI College–Calamba), Lucille Morata (STI College–Caloocan), John Patrick Bandibad
(STI College–Caloocan), Jayson Dorotan (STI Cauayan), Yuki Kumagai (STI Cauayan), Ruby Esternon (STI Cauayan), Alex Cadete (STI College–Edsa-Crossing), Dian Avellana
(STI College–Edsa-Crossing), Helen Balaguer (STI College–Fairview), Narlyn Villaflor (STI Guagua), Ruby Adlaon (STI Iligan), Antonette Villanueva (STI College–Lucena), Griz Fuentes
(STI Mandaue), Ryelien Margarette Herrera (STI College–Marikina), Mary Ann Puno (STI College–Muñoz-Edsa), Melvin Cruz Ramos (STI College–Muñoz-Edsa), Robelito Buya
(STI College–Ormoc), Kenneth Bragat (STI Ozamis), Edison Michael Caraos (STI College–Parañaque), Emelie Ann Lao (STI Pasay), Evan Angelo Nolasco (STI College–Quezon Avenue),
Joe Jeanamee Roma (STI College–Quezon Avenue), Ronald Mabute (STI College–Quezon Avenue), Cindy Lising (STI College–San Fernando), Ma. Leonora Chua (STI San Jose),
Kristine Vi Medina (STI San Jose), Nithsel Paul Justo (STI College–San Pablo), Airhan Fronda (STI College–San Pablo), Jaime Ramos (STI College–Sta. Rosa), and Cristina Patalan (STI Tanay)
With Honors
Ian Dexter Apale (STI College–Alabang), John Centeno (STI Bacolod-Annex), Anthony Agular (STI College–Global City), Johayber Taher (STI Iligan), Nico Lito Dingding Tabulong
(STI College–Lahug), Dennis Barcellano (STI College–Olongapo), Juvilyn Dela Cruz (STI Pasay), Nemuel John Magnifico (STI Puerto Princesa), Angelo De Torrontegui
(STI College–San Fernando), and Novie Dave Perez (STI College–Surigao)
By: Dandoneal Mendoza, Faculty
STI College-Alabang
Countless students have been nurtured by STI College-Alabang.
And a great number of them are now successful in their own fields.
Eric A. Carandang is one of them. Intellectual, strong-willed, passionate
and adventurous, this young IT enthusiast never fails to be updated in
the latest electronic gadgets.
When Eric first set foot at STI College–Alabang in 1997, he immediately
knew that he will make it his home for the next six significant years of
his life. He initially took up a diploma course in Computer Programming
and subsequently graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science in
Computer Science in 2003.
During his stay in STI College-Alabang, Eric made it a point to further
develop his skills and talents in Information Technology. As proof,
he bagged numerous awards and citations from various schoollevel competitions. He topped his batch in C, Visual Basic, and Java
Programming and had done very well in almost all of his subjects.
He brought pride and glory to the school during his senior year
when his group became the recipient of the Best Thesis Award in
2003 with their thesis entitled “ Bridging the
Gap of Communication Amongst Filipinos.” He was active in various
academic organizations while also being able to exhibit his prowess in
playing billiards and bowling.
He then decided to serve his Alma Mater by being an instrument of
touching the lives of students and taking part in the noble profession
of educating the youth in June of 2003 as an IT instructor. He also
recognized the need to pursue further studies, so he is currently
taking a post-graduate course in Information Technology.
Sir Eric, as he is now fondly called, also ventured in numerous web
development projects which paved the way for accomplishing another
milestone – being recognized as one of the few technopreneurs in the
Philippines today. He capitalizes on the education that he received
from STI College-Alabang and is proud to be considered one of the
best software engineers for big call center giant Accenture.
Eric made a commitment to share whatever knowledge and skills he
has learned to his fellow STIers and has vowed to serve the academe
again in the near future.
Go for Silver!
August 2007 marks a very important event in the history
of STI. Through our 24th anniversary celebration, we
shall kick off the grand festivities and pave the way for
our Silver Anniversary in August 2008.
The 24th Anniversary theme “Go for Silver!” inspires
and calls to all the members of the STI community from
all parts of the nation (and the world!) – the students,
teachers, administrative personnel and the alumni to
unite and take part in the various exciting activities that
lead to our Silver Anniversary.
The period between August 2007 and August 2008 will
be a dynamic time where monthly local, regional and
national activities will be held in anticipation of our
25th year.We shall look back at our history and see
how STI has grown to become the largest network of
schools in the country, and at the same time, chart the
course for the next 25 years for STI.
“Go for Silver!” is our cry to rally all STIers (old
and new) to participate in this momentous year of
commemorating our quarter-of-a-century milestone.
Let’s move forward as one and strive for more years
of quality education, service to the community, nation
building; and remain focused on our goal to help the
Filipino Youth realize their dreams of success.
STI’s Remarkable History
By: Jennymarie Dy
Associate Editor
The early 80’s saw an increasing demand for computer professionals. Hence, on
August 21, 1983, four visionaries decided to help the industry and established a
computer training center in Buendia, Makati. And that is how STI was born…
Working closely with industry partners, STI promised to give
their students quality education and equipped them for jobs
after they graduate. Soon after, STI put up one campus after
another in Metro Manila until they reached the provinces. In
1985, they opened their first provincial campus in Baguio. Later
on, the 1st Distance Learning Center in Hong Kong was opened,
and was soon followed with more schools in the country and
At the same time, STI also continued to beef up their programs.
In 1989 and 1990, STI teamed up with IBM for its Mid-Range
System Education and acquired its own IBM mainframe
and AS400 mid-range systems. STI also saw how important
education is during the formative years of a student and
opened their first two preparatory schools in Paraňaque and
Las Piňas. Shortly after, STI also opened their first Grade School
and High School in Las Piñas.
In the year 1997, STI was named by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED)
and the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) as the
biggest computer science institution in the country. In 1998, STI teamed up
with ABS-CBN for the Halalan Quick Count. STI students and faculty members
responded to their call of nation-building. It was evident then that STI was destined
for greater things.
Year 2001 proved to be a very monumental year for STI was re-launched into STI
Education Services Group. Likewise, STI launched the Enrollment to Employment
(E2E) System, STI’s unique approach to human resource development. In further
support to the new thrust of the company, STI took
a new direction to provide ICT and ICT-enhanced
education in the diversified fields of Engineering,
Business & Management, Education, and Healthcare.
Founders of STI: Augusto C. Lagman, Edgar H. Sarte,
Benjamin A. Santos, Herman T. Gamboa
STI’s academic efforts were soon recognized by Oracle along with the big league
schools – University of the Philippines, Ateneo de Manila Univeristy, and De La
Salle University. The University of Cambridge also granted STI with the official
international examination status.
24 years later, there are now over 100 STI schools
nationwide. STI has also expanded from just a simple
training center to Colleges, Education Centers, Prep
Schools, Grade Schools, and High Schools. STI students
are also making a name for themselves in different
sectors of the society today. True to their word, STI
provides their students with a well-rounded education
that enheartens their students to excel not just
academically but also be socially adept. There is no
doubt that STI has certainly gone a long way.
A year from now, we will celebrate our Silver Anniversary
and a series of activities are already being lined-up for
this big celebration. In line with this, we are greatly encouraging our students to
participate in these various activities that will culminate in August 2008. Let’s go
for silver!
By: Jennymarie Dy
Associate Editor
STI’s 24th Anniversary theme “Go for Silver!” inspires and encourages everyone
in the STI community to unite and take part in the various monthly activities
that will culminate in August next year, in time for our Silver Anniversary.
As in previous years, two different competitions are held each year to showcase
how talented our students are – the Tagisan ng Talino and the Talent Search.
The National Level of the Tagisan ng Talino was held in two venues: the
Richmonde Hotel and the STI Headquarters from August 29 to 30, 2007. The
Annual National Talent Search, on the other hand, was still held at the Aliw
Theater on August 31, 2007.
Students, faculty member, and administrative personnel from different STI
campuses trooped to all venues to support their school’s respective contestants.
The contestants likewise didn’t fail their loyal supporters as they gave their best
in every category. Not to be left out, our HRM and HRS students also showed
off their culinary skills in a food bazaar at the Aliw Theater lobby.
Senator Mar Roxas led the unveiling of STI’s 25th Anniversary
logo with STI’s CEO & President Monico V. Jacob, EVP & COO
Peter K. Fernandez, VP for Marketing Elbert L. De Guzman, VP
for Corporate and Information Services John B. Tubongbanua,
VP for Academics Mitch M. Andaya, and AVP for School
Operations Resty O. Bundoc.
Senator Mar Roxas also graced the occasion as he led the unveiling of STI’s 25th
Anniversary logo together with our beloved CEO & President Mr. Monico V.
Jacob, EVP & COO Mr. Peter K. Fernandez and other STI executives.
Congratulations to all the winners of the Tagisan ng Talino and Talent Search!
“Mr. Palengke” gave an inspirational message to STI students
and congratulated them for having a successful anniversary
Aicele Santos serenaded the Mr. STI candidates.
STI College – Recto was among the four schools
who participated in STI’s first Food Bazaar.
Harry Santos serenaded the Ms. STI finalists with romantic love songs.
AKWB of STI College – Recto rocked the
house in Battle of the Bands.
Mr. & Ms. STI finalists together with Ms. STI 2006 and reigning Mutya ng
Pilipinas Asia Pacific International 2007 Zerah Mayon.
Your favorite Autobots and Decepticons
live in the Aliw Theater.
Campus Katz of STI College—Parañaque wins the
Hataw Sayaw for the fourth time!
Mhel Garrido, Jojo Recio, and Aries
Antiola kept the crowd laughing with
their funny punch lines.
STI All-Star Dance Team show off their moves to the delight of
the audience.
STI Idol singing competition
winner Donna Moreno of
STI College—Fairview
Gifs & Tags National winners
Racel Matic of STI College
– Recto looking elegant
in his formal wear.
Speak Your Mind!
champion Ramil Libao
of STI College—Makati.
1017’s vocalist Jamjam Ruiz sings
their hit song “Dodong Charing”.
Theramiles Cajumban from STI
College – Sta. Cruz glides down
the stage in her formal wear.
Former Ms. STI title holders Jeanne Harn and Zerah Mayon,
reigning Mr. Philippines Expoworld 2007 Raymond Lim, and
Onin Mas of Ever Bilena looking resplendent while judging the
Essay Does It! champion Calvin
Angot, STI College—Lahug.
This year’s Stand Up & Deliver
champion, Divine Tingzon of
STI College—Fairview.
Into Programming Senior Level
National winners.
Think Quest Senior Level National winners.
Jeann Tabo-Tabo
Jessel Ngojo
Joan Bequilla
Coach: Chara Tanya Sabanpan
Arnold Van Angelito
Ferlou Guimintad
Franz Kenneth Labuac
Coach: Guilbert Rasoma
Silvestre M. Acob
Jerahmeel A. Fabia
Jenifer Manahan
Coach: Julius Joy A. Uy
1 Runner Up
Mel Roy Manait
Alden Quiñones
Jethro A.Quiñones
Coach: Joriel Tiba
1st Runner Up
Mayo Bathan Arellano
Khirsten Marie Joy Alcaraz
Edlajen Daos Estacio
Coach: Geneil Causapin
2nd Runner Up
2nd Runner Up
Philip Conrad P. Badilla
Richard Terrence L. Heath
Bernard M. Rivera
Coach: Mario C. Morales
1st Runner Up
2nd Runner Up
Ray Roland B. Dequito
Cheverson Juntura
Juanito Relampagos
Coach: Neoh Royo
Ryan Christopher E. Balane
Arvin D. Mandap
Ronald Elroy S. Yu
Coach: Marcon Valderama
Aris Macalalad
Joshua Kim Boongaling
Angelo Lorejo
Coach: Oliver Noriega
1 Runner Up
Yasser Berganio
Silver Faith Reyes
Rey Sagandoy
Coach: Vandolph B. Flora
1 Runner Up
Paulo Jerome V. Aromin
Rozz Charles E. Banquerigo
Andres R. Torrralba III
Coach: Mylene Arenas
Elizar R. Merluza
Rolando Padida
Jasper Dela Cruz
Coach: Harold Lucero
2 Runner Up
Rother Tyron D. Bernardo
Ian V. de Guzman
Jaypee R. Relleta
Coach: Brandon G. Sibbaluca
2 Runner Up
Benedict Ian B. Almeda
Joseph Aaron M. Briones
Adonis B. Dumadapat
Coach: Ryan Maneja
Divine R. Tingzon
Coach: Fe Zacarias
Ramil R. Libao
Coach: Jublas Nolasco
Calvin Angot
Coach: Gemma Perez
Emilio Gabriel L. Santiago
Coach: Marvin H. Figueroa
1st Runner Up
Maria Darlene Tariao
Coach: Amy P. Luague
1st Runner Up
Francis Daniel P. Tolentino
Coach: Jesus Perry Caudilla
1st Runner Up
Ramil R. Libao
Coach: Eliseo Magtoto
2nd Runner Up
Ligaya J. Lomibao
Coach: Susana Castillo
2nd Runner Up
Marc Daryl B. Mateo
Coach: Evelyn A. Dantes
2nd Runner Up
MS. STI 2007
MR. STI 2007
Racel M. Matic
Toshimitsu Takeuchi
Janus Renato Robles Mateo III
2ND Place
Shepherd Band
3RD Place
Jenny Rose C. Cruz
3rd Runner Up
Rosalyn P. Rios
4th Runner Up
1 Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
1st Runner Up
2nd Runner Up
4th Runner Up
Ms. STI 2007
Gwen Marie M. Carandang
Wendel Olivar
Jonnabeth A. Cruz
1 Place
2nd Runner Up
3rd Runner Up
1st Runner Up
Theramiles Cajumban
Stefan Quiogue
Mr. STI 2007
Donna Moreno
1st Place
Rowena Torres
2nd Place
Maydy Tedor
3rd Place
By: Mhel Garrido
Promotions Manager, STI HQ
The whole STI community can now rejoice
as the favored STI College Olympians pummeled
the University of Manila Hawks to submission
and won the best of three finals! It was a
long and rocky road but the Olympians finally
nailed their first National Athletic Association
of Schools, Colleges, and Universities (NAASCU)
championship after finishing runner-up for the
past two years.
Two-time Mythical 5 member Dexter Micutuan,
who is aching to get back at his tormentors,
leads the team. The other veterans include bull
strong forward Ramon Mabayo, slasher Michael
Cabangon, long-range bomber Haddi Porto,
defensive stopper Bimbo Legaspi, and jump
shooter Rodrigo Rufin.
The Inter-STI basketball showdown also contributed
to the creation of an unbeatable team as 2005
MVP and forward William Vasallo and point guard
Alvin Macabasco were inserted in the line-up. To
make the team stronger, the Olympians got a good
share of new players in guards Raymond Tiongco
and Mark Balneg, centers Darryl Mendoza and
Howard Flor, defensive utility forwards Art Dimas
and Rafael Bartolo, and point guards Manuel Juan,
James Tolentino, and Jen Reyes.
The season opened last July 21, 2007 with a very
exciting match from the two giants and lifelong
rivals – the STI Olympians VS. the AMA Titans. The
Olympians showed how eager they were to pay
back the Titans as they beat the latter with an
85-75 score.
The Olympians then caught steam and swept
the elimination round with an immaculate 9-0
card as they beat the University of Manila (UM),
Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Pasay, University of
Makati, St. Clare College, San Sebastian College
Cavite (SSCC), and Centro Escolar University
(CEU). The only upset the Olympians got was from
the CEU Scorpions with a score of 65-64 in the 2nd
round of eliminations.
The final game saw a repeat of the 2005 Finals.
It was the STI Olympians versus the UM Hawks.
It was payback time for the Olympians. Back then,
it was the Hawks who were the veteran team as
they outclassed the then rookies team Olympians.
But now, the Olympians proved to be the more
experienced team after being in the Finals for
three consecutive years.
In Game 1 of the finals, the Hawks started strong
as they led the game with 33-25. The tide changed
when Haddi Porto, who was riddled with injuries
the whole season, finally showed his true skills
and shot three consecutive three-pointers to turn
the whole game around. Porto was undoubtedly
the Man of the Hour as he scored a total of 21
points to lead the team to victory. STI won with a
score of 86-72.
3 In one of their crucial moments, the team holds on
to their steadfast faith to the Lord.
It was dream come true for Coach Vic Ycasiano
and his boys. True to Ycasiano’s “blueprint”, STI
indeed won their first Championship title in three
years time. In line with the team’s objectives,
the Olympians are certainly making waves in
the Philippine College Basketball scene as teams
from the University Athletic Association of the
Philippines (UAAP) and the National Collegiate
Athletic Association (NCAA) are now beginning
to notice our team’s exceptional skills. A lot
of sacrifices have to be made but the end did
justify the means.
5 Coach Vic Ycasiano silently contemplating his next
Congratulations to the STI College Olympians!
strategic move.
Game 2 was a different story however. The
Olympians were so revved up with their first win
in the final series that they hammered the Hawks
the minute their game started. They led as much
as 17 points with 54-37. The tenacious Hawks
however refused to give up and rallied back. With
a little more than 2 minutes left in the game, the
score was a breathtakingly close 72-70. The team
then turned to their reliable star player Dexter
Micutuan to finish the game. The game ended
with 81-75.
The entire team and coaching staff—overjoyed from their victory.
To know more about the Olympians, log on to
By: Mhel Garrido
Promotions Manager, STI HQ
After its successful launch last January 31, 2007 at the Department of Education
Compound, the STI Mobile School went on with its business – to help augment
computer training to high school students with limited access to computers.
From its maiden run at Maligaya High School in Fairview, the STI Mobile School
was widely received by the students, faculty members, and principals of high
schools that it visited. Students and faculty members alike got a glimpse of how
important technology is and what it can do for our society.
During the months of February and March, high school students from different
parts of Northern and Southern Luzon also experienced the STI way of teaching
through the STI Mobile School. Currently, the STI Mobile School has visited 19
STI schools, 58 cities, 30 high schools, 13 barangays, and 10 city halls. The bus
even joined in the Red Cross Parade and the Lucena Fiesta. To date, a total of
6,000 students, parents, and high school personnel experienced firsthand the
magic of the bus.
For the high school students in the Visayas and Mindanao region, watch out for
the STI Mobile School. Come 2nd semester, the STI Mobile School will go south
to help the students in said areas enhance their computer skills so stay tuned.
For more news about the STI MOBILE SCHOOL, log on to
By: Karen Precious La Rosa
Media Relations Officer, STI HQ
Excruciating hours of training plus schooling and
squeezing in a few minutes of alone time is the formula
for STI College – EDSA Crossing student and Muaythai gold
medalist Romnick Pabalate’s daily regimen.
Romnick is the youngest member of Team Philippines
and he bagged a gold medal during his first international
competition in the recent Asian Muaythai Championships
in Bangalore, India. He outpointed Thai Jakkapol
Khamollakhorn in the 48kg division finals after four
grueling rounds of combat. He is also a Philippine Sports
Commission (PSC) scholar taking up Associate in Computer
Technology, which he eventually plans to pursue as a fouryear degree.
This is all a dream come true for Romnick, because he
really knows the value of finishing school while serving his
passion for Muaythai for a long four years now. Muaythai is
popularly known as “Thai kickboxing.” It is a contact sport
that uses the “science of eight limbs.” Today, Muaythai
is also practiced as a fitness exercise by a lot of Filipinos,
including celebrities like Angel Locsin and Robin Padilla.
To balance his time for Muaythai and school, Romnick
strictly adheres to his tight schedule. He has six hours
of training a day – he wakes up at around 5:00 in the
morning for training, heads for school, and then continues
his training after school. After dinner, Romnick finds extra
fulfillment by teaching Muaythai to a small group of three
to five students. Among his students are the two daughters
of Robin Padilla and the brother of Richard Gutierrez.
A native of Negros Oriental, Romnick has always been the
active kid very inclined in sports. Prior to Muaythai, he
has taken up Taekwondo with his younger sister, learned
Karate from his dad who has a brown belt, and Arnis. It
was his Arnis instructor who recommended Muaythai to
him, saying that he had more potential in it.
After rigorous training and living a high-disciplined
lifestyle, Romnick started to join Muaythai competitions
in high school. His first competition was the Visayas
Championships where he won gold. Since then, he has
been constantly joining the provincial and national
tournaments. It was during a National meet two years ago
that he was recruited into the Philippine Team.
Muaythai Team Philippines with the Technical Head of the Asian
Muaythai Championships, India last August 21, 2007. From
the left, playing coach Rodrigo Asiong, Head of the Technical
Committee Master Woody Sirirsompan, Romnick Pabalate,
Anna Joy Fernandez, one of the judge referees from Thailand,
and Eugene Toquero.
And now, Romnick has finally proudly represented
the country in his first international bout without
disappointing his countrymen. With his STI family as his
inspiration, Romnick really enjoyed his stint in India.
Being advised only two weeks before the competition, he
had very little time to prepare and the roster of delegates
were really good that he felt that he wouldn’t win. But
he strived better and prayed hard to achieve his dream.
This competition has also become a very good learning
experience for Romnick, because he got more knowledge
in terms of discipline in training and other useful
techniques from just watching the other contestants
Romnick has taken the first major step in his dream and
he has a lot more to go! He may already have a lot of
achievements to be proud and thankful for, but one thing
is for sure, he will remain steadfast in his commitment to
always be a better athlete and student, just like what a
true STIer should really be.
Congratulations, Romnick!
Romnick Pabalate (center) bagged the gold medal for the
Men’s Light Flyweight (48kg), Jakkapol Khamollakhorn (left)
of Thailand got the silver medal and Ch Pahari Singh (right)
of India for the bronze medal during the recently concluded
Asian Muaythai Championships in Bangalore, India last August
19-21, 2007.
STI’s CEO & President Monico V. Jacob, EVP & COO Peter K.
Fernandez, VP for Marketing Elbert De Guzman, AVP for School
Operations Resty Bundoc, and STI College—EDSA Crossing’s
COO Sheila Magano congratulates Romnick for his excellent
performance in the Asian Muaythai Championships.
The Birth of the STI
By: Mhel Garrido
Promotions Manager, STI HQ
All-Star Dance Team
If there is something that the STI schools will never
run out of, it is students with great passion and talent
in dancing. That is why one of the much awaited
competitions in STI’s annual National Talent Search is
the “Hataw Sayaw” dance competition.
Year in and year out, hundreds of STI students
showcase their dancing prowess on the dance floor.
Finally, this year saw the birth of the STI All-Star Dance
Team, the first all-female dance team of STI. The group
was formed as a support group for the STI College
Olympians and other STI events.
We have all seen how the cheer dancing hype brought
in a lot of excitement in the University Athletic
Association of the Philippines (UAAP) and the National
Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). Now, we will
also witness how it will change the National Athletic
Association for Schools, Colleges and Universities
(NAASCU) tournament from hereon.
Auditions for the team started
during the first week of classes. A
number of students from different
STI campuses went to the audition
to try their luck. After a careful and
very difficult screening, the lucky 10 members were
finally chosen. Their training under Ida Ramos, a
member of the famous dance group Hotlegs, began
on the first week of July, just in time for the opening
ceremonies of the 7th Season of the NAASCU on July
21, 2007.
Come opening day of NAASCU, the group captured
the hearts of the boisterous and rowdy crowd in the
jam-packed Rizal Memorial Coliseum as they left
the crowd in awe with their sexy moves and jawdropping beauties. This is surely the start of good
things to come. Let us now meet the STI All-Star
BSCS, STI College—Cubao
The heart and soul of the Cubao dancers, she
led their group to a third place finish in the
National Hataw Sayaw competition two years
ago. A gifted dancer who moves in unison
to the beat of the music, Ge-Ann is a bomb
waiting to explode on the dance floor. She has
gained much experience in her numerous back
up stints in ABS-CBN’s ASAP.
As a member of the 26K Girls of ABS-CBN’s
Deal or No Deal, Ruby is probably the most
experienced member of the team. She has
also danced in ASAP’s Supah Dance when
the 26K dancers dueled with other ABS-CBN
dance groups. Likewise, she is a member of
their school’s cheering squad.
Her previous experience came from their
high school dance presentations and school
competitions at STI College—Cubao. But,
don’t let her small frame deceive you for she
is very energetic and dances really well in the
dance floor.
Same as her classmate Rynee, she has
also danced in STI College—Cubao’s dance
competitions. With time and constant
training sessions with their choreographers,
she was able to re-orient herself with the
basics of dancing and has proven to be one of
the best talents STI has ever discovered.
Versatility is one of her major facets as she
and five other friends placed second in last
year’s Hataw Sayaw National Finals. With her
one of a kind hip hop dance style, she later
on joined the All-Star dancers and shared her
sexy moves and classy pirouettes to the other
members of the group.
Together with Ameth, they comprise the 1-2
punch of STI College—Makati’s all-female
dance team. During the auditions, she showed
how quickly she can improvise and adapt to
whatever music is played.
Josephine or Apple, as her friends fondly call
her is the youngest member in the group.
She is also one of the most determined and
passionate dancers as she meticulously took
into heart every pointer given to her during
their training sessions.
She is a member of numerous dance groups
and has shown exemplary talent and skills
that makes her an all-star. She anchored her
school’s dance team this year in the Cluster
Finals of Hataw Sayaw.
Intensity is what keeps her going. You can
describe her as the team’s energizer bunny for
she is always full of energy. At the same time,
her exquisite and smooth style in executing
routine dance steps shows her elegance on
the dance floor. She is certainly a diamond in
the rough.
Prior to her joining STI, Jennyrose has already
joined numerous dance groups in the previous
schools she attended. After her transfer to DLSSTI Quezon Avenue, she and her schoolmates
formed a group that represented Cluster 3 in
this year’s Hataw Sayaw National Finals.
BSN, DLS-STI—E. Rodriguez
BSN, STI College—Makati
BSCS, STI College—Novaliches
BSN, STI College—Cubao
BSN, STI College—Cubao
HRS, STI College—Fairview
BSN, STI College—Makati
BSBA, STI College—Makati
BSIT, DLS-STI Quezon Avenue
For more information about the team, log on to
award scholarships to
Natatanging Kapamilya
By: Karen Precious La Rosa
Media Relations Officer, STI HQ
STI and DLS-STI recently granted 21 scholarships to
Natatanging Kapamilya winners in celebration of DZMM’s
21st anniversary held at the Cuneta Astrodome.
The lucky scholars were chosen among hundreds of letter-senders
nationwide sent to anchor Kaye Dacer’s Aksyon Ngayon radio program. The
selected letters were pre-screened by DZMM Special Projects, and the result is a roster of welldeserving scholars who have heightened passion and determination to go back to school.
STI provided the Natatanging Kapamilya scholars with their choice of one, two or four-year
courses offered at any STI and DLS-STI campuses nationwide. Books and uniforms of the
scholars will also be shouldered by STI and DLS-STI.
Our new STI scholars are: Jelly Ace dela Paz (San Mateo, Rizal), Christopher Embarca
(Tagkawayan, Quezon Province), Mark Domingo (Pampanga), Charles Peterson Adison
(Gen. Trias, Cavite), Lorenzo Frogozo (Tatalon, Quezon City), Sherwin Pareña (Pasay City),
Esmeraldo Villaflores (Meycauayan, Bulacan), Ryan Navarro (Pangasinan), Lelian Cabrera
(Commonwealth, Quezon City), Rodereck Almilla (Compostela Valley Province), April
Cruz (Valenzuela City), Kristel Ramos (Sariaya, Quezon Province), Joan Patricio (Negros
Occidental), Jackie Boholst (Caloocan City), Nilo Sabrino (Nueva Ecija), Genalyn Intia (Roxas
District, Quezon City), Pamela Marie Rosendal (Caloocan City), Jhoanna Maye Dacumos
(Taguig City), Abegail Gito (Fairview, Quezon City), John Mark Deguinion (Bagong Silang,
Caloocan City), and Roneza Kim Palmero (Dasmariñas, Cavite).
Vice President
with DZMM ’s
STI Vice
milya scholars
gelo Palmones;
tatanging Kapa
The STI an
dio Peter Mu
e Presiden
for Manila Ra
d Assistant Vic
De Guzman an
President Elbert DL S-S TI’s CEO Cheryl Jean Pe
; an
Resty Bundoc
Shell Foundation taps STI for
“Gas Mo Bukas Ko”
By:Karen Precious La Rosa
Media Relations Officer, STI HQ
Pilipinas Shell Foundation recently inked a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with STI for
their “Gas Mo Bukas Ko Program,” a nationwide scholarship incentive program that tackles the
significance of quality education in the Philippines today.
(From left) Bambi R. Asis, STI
Foundation Executive Dire
STI Assistant Vice Presiden
t for School Operations; ctor; Resty O. Bundoc,
Pilipinas Shell Foundatio
rman; Monico V. Jacob, r Buenaventura,
CEO; Edgardo R. Veron Cruz
STI President and
G. De Leon, Shell Foundatio, Shell Foundation Executive Director; Ma. Divin
n Sustainable Development
E. Emperado, Shell Foundatio
ager; and Maris
n Finance Manager
Shell will be granting scholarship programs to help ensure a brighter future for the attendants
and other staff of Shell retail stations nationwide. Shell has entrusted STI, through its network
of schools in the country, to provide a special five-month module covering Operating Systems,
Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Office Presentation, Hardware Configuration, and Basic PC
Killer Sudoku
Killer Sudoku is a fiendish variant of Sudoku - the same 9 x 9
board with rows, columns and nine boxes that must be filled in
with all the numbers 1 to 9. But instead of seeing some starter
clues where some cells are completed for you, in killer sudoku
areas of the grid are “caged”. Each cage contains a single number
which is the sum of all the solutions in that shape. You have to
use this information to crack the Sudoku, but all the normal
strategies of Sudoku still apply.
No one fails a class anymore, he’s merely “passing impaired.”
You don’t have detention, you’re just one of the “exit delayed.”
Your bedroom isn’t cluttered, it’s just “passage restrictive.”
Business: Two juicy, delicious apples that are on sale at my store.
These days, a student isn’t lazy. He’s “energetically declined.”
Chemistry: 6x10^30 apple molecules
Your locker isn’t overflowing with junk, it’s just “closure prohibitive.”
History: You are holding dinosaur poop
Kids don’t get grounded anymore. They merely hit “social speed bumps.”
Your homework isn’t missing, its just having an
“out-of-notebook experience.”
You’re not sleeping in class, you’re “rationing consciousness.”
You’re not late, you just have a “rescheduled arrival time.”
You’re not having a bad hair day, you’re suffering from
“rebellious follicle syndrome.”
Music: You are holding two objects that if you drop them you will get a D4
Education: Two Apples
Accounting: You are holding one apple because the other one has to go to
the government as tax
Psychology: What objects?
You don’t have smelly gym socks,
you have “odor-retentive athletic footwear.”
Math: You are holding two sets of objects, that take up a finite amount of
space called apples.
No one’s tall anymore. He’s “vertically enhanced.”
English: You are holding two lush pieces of fruit, that are nourishing and
remind me of my dog Fido. Fido thy sweet fruit. So nourishing in my time of
need, you fill me up with......
You’re not shy. You’re “conversationally selective.”
You don’t talk a lot.. You’re just “abundantly verbal.”
You weren’t passing notes in class. You were
“participating in the discreet exchange of penned meditations.”
You’re not being sent to the principals office.
You’re “going on a mandatory field trip to the administrative building.”
It’s not called gossip anymore.
It’s “the speedy transmission of near-factual information.”
The food at the school cafeteria isn’t awful. It’s “digestively challenged.”
Suppose you have a professor hold up two apples and asks a class “How
many objects am I holding?” you would probably get different responses
from different majors like....
Art: Two apples (Ha, Ha...Thank goodness for photoshop. The perfect
opportunity to take a picture of the professor and alter the picture so that I
have a blackmail photo).
Computer Science: Two apples (I’ll take the art major’s picture and post it
on my website for all to see, and add links so that people could find similar
pictures(and I make $)).
By: Jennymarie Dy
Associate Editor
Now that you are in college, you are finally a step closer to reaching your
dreams. As early as now, I’m sure some of you may already be planning
on what jobs to take after your graduation. But do you have any idea what
are the hottest jobs today? To help you out, here’s a list of jobs that are
considered to be the top and most in-demand jobs in the country today:
Nurses vand Caregivers
IT Programmers and Developers
Patissier or Pastry Chef
In an increasingly digital world, is it really any surprise that IT-related
jobs are consistently rated as among the top and most in-demand in the
world? Yahoo!, the Washington Post, and Forbes magazine all identify IT
programmers as among the most sought-after (and least-filled) positions
today. So, show off your techie skills. You might just be the next Bill Gates
in your class.
The food sector is certainly booming. People love to eat so restaurants
keep on opening, one after another. Patissiers are skilled in making pastries,
desserts, and other baked goods. They are employed in large hotels, bistros,
restaurants, and bakeries.
Administrative and Executive Assistants
Of course, we cannot deny that the call centers are some of the biggest
employers in the business industry today. Due to their high-paying salary
offers and benefits, many fresh graduates are lured to the job. So if you want
to join the bandwagon, there is still room for more call center agents.
Just like the world is lacking good managers and executives, there is also
a short supply of capable, organized detail-oriented and patient assistants
who can help CEOs and other top management executives with the daily
operations of the company.
It is no wonder that many Filipinos want to become nurses or, at the very
least, be trained as caregivers. Not only are those in the healthcare industry
one of the most sought-after, they’re also one of the most well-paid.
Call Center Agents
Here are some questions you need to ask yourself
first to determine which part-time business will
best suit you:
1. What are my interests, skills, talents, and
hobbies? What kind of chore or activity do I
excel in and enjoy the most? Am I willing to learn
more and improve my knowledge and skills in my
chosen field?
By: Jennymarie Dy
Associate Editor
Being in college is a balancing act – you have
to manage your time doing your homework,
helping with house chores, participating in your
club activities, and, to top all that, you also have
to think of how you can maximize your daily
allowance and save up money for your needs!
On that last note, there are tons of small
businesses which students like you can start
without taking time off your studies and your
other daily activities. In fact, you can even start
your part-time business in school or turn your
hobbies into money-making projects. With
creativity and proper planning, you can start
your own business and boost your savings.
2. What does my community need? What kind
of products or services would my friends or
classmates buy or need?
3. How will I offer my product or service? What is
my business plan? How can I make my product or
service more appealing to my customers? How
can I manage my time to come up with a quality
product or service without risking my time for
my studies and other activities?
By now, you might have several business ideas
running through your bright mind already. But,
if you are still a bit clueless, why not try some of
our tips below?
If you love studying and you enjoy sharing
what you have learned and inspiring others to
learn, you can do a tutoring business! Help your
classmates or other younger students in your
neighborhood to catch up with their lessons.
If you love tech-y gadgets or have computer
skills and you are adept in using the Internet, you
can do a “tech-y” business! You can help your
neighbors from simple PC troubleshooting, to
data entry or typing jobs, to Internet research, to
creating invitations and posters, or even create
websites. If you have a digital camera, you can
also take photos in birthday parties and create
audio-visual presentations. If you are tech-savvy,
the possibilities are endless! So show your tech-y
skills and promote your business through printed
flyers and by creating a simple web page.
As you have probably noticed, people from all ages
are now into writing blogs. Blogs are everywhere
on the net and have replaced the good ‘ol diaries.
So aside from simply posting your articles in it,
why not make money out of it too? Get in touch
with local companies or organizations and get
them to post advertisements in your blog. Or,
offer your writing skills and send them proposals
wherein you will mention their products or stores
in your articles for a fee. Since this is still relatively
new in the Philippines, there are still no standard
rates for such type of advertisement. The rates
will depend on the negotiations between you
and your client.
Or, if you are into arts and crafts, and other
novelty items, you can sell your own creations in
your blog! Just take a photo of your accessories,
home decors, souvenirs, and other items. Upload
and post them in your blog and presto! You now
have your very own online store.
“Yes… I’m sorry,” Khael said as again he tried to pull his arm away.
Confused with the answer Khael gave her, Ninia looked into Khael’s eyes. She
tried to read them but it frightened her. He was serious. He was leaving her.
“Ninia, I am sorry, but I think I have outgrown you…” Khael said as he looked
into Ninia’s eyes.
Besides, I feel that I… I don’t like you anymore.” He continued.
By: Michael Jedd Anjelo Z. Isaac
3rd Yr.–BSN, STI College-Lucena
A year has already passed, and Ninia still clings to the past memories of her
and her ex-boyfriend. Back then, they were happy in each other’s company. To
others, they seemed like a perfect couple, destined to be together for a lifetime,
or even longer. They met during Khael’s second year in Saint Thomas Institute.
Ninia was a transferee, and Khael was the first student who welcomed her.
At first, Ninia thought he was like the other boys she had met before – full of
arrogance and hot air. But she was proven wrong. She saw Khael as a true,
humble, caring, respectful, sweet, and honest friend.
As time went by, she slowly began to like Khael more than as a friend, in which
she got a little conscious about herself whenever she was with him. The more
she spent time with Khael, the deeper her feelings grew.
Ninia recalled how Khael never smiled; he seemed like a person whose
happiness had been sucked dry. But still his outlook towards life seemed
happy and colourful, which somehow attracted her to him.
Then one day, Khael surprised Ninia with a sudden question.
“Ninia, by any chance… can you be my girlfriend?” Khael asked Ninia as he
knelt down one knee, holding Ninia’s hands. Ninia felt a mixture of exitement
and confusion, but she still wholeheartedly said ‘YES’ to Khael’s question. And
the rest as they say is history.
Their relationship became the testament of love at its best, they became what
other couples strived to be. As the days passed, Ninia saw a glimpse of Khael’s
elusive smile; she thought she would never see his smile but now that she saw
it, she can’t take her eyes away from it. His smile put her into a trance that
made her happy.
Everyday, Khael gave something to Ninia. On the first day of their first month
anniversary, he gave her a budding flower. On the fifteenth day, he gave her a
teddy bear. The day after, he gave her a puppy. This went on for two straight
years. But then something happened.
One day, they were talking when Khael suggested that they make a pact.A
promise that if ever anything bad happens to any one of them, they would
accept it and move on. Khael insisted, so Ninia agreed. As the days passed,
Khael’s smile which Ninia looked forward to everyday was slowly disappearing.
Khael became frequently absent and tardy, irritable and secretive. Khael still
never missed to give Ninia a gift everyday, but after giving her the gift, he would
suddenly disappear. Ninia sometimes caught Khael talking to other girls, but
Ninia let those instances pass. She could see something was bothering Khael,
and Khael was not telling her.
There were so many questions in Ninia’s mind, and she needed to have
answers. She needed to talk to Khael.
While Khael and Ninia were on their way to her house, “Khael, is there
something wrong? Do you need someone to talk to?” Ninia asked as she
embraced him tightly.
“I don’t have a problem… what makes you think I have a problem?” Khael
answered in a harsh tone.
Khael and Ninia saw dark clouds rooming the sky, both thought that it was
going to rain, they were right. Khael then stopped his bike, and stepped off,
Ninia followed Khael as he walked towards the big mango tree.
“Well, I know there is something bothering you, so it’s better if we talk about
it.” She continued.
“You really want to know what my problem is?” Khael asked Ninia.
“Yes, Yes I do, after all I’m still your girlfriend.” Ninia said as she hugged his
“I don’t…” Khael whispered
“What? I can’t hear you. You were saying something?” Ninia teased Khael.
“I will go to Manila. I will stay there indefinitely.” Khael said as he tried to pull
his arm away.
“Why? Don’t you love me anymore?” Ninia asked as she hugged Khael’s arm
even tighter.
Ninia stood there like a stone, it was as if he heard a roaring thunderclap,
she tried to speak, and as the rain poured hard, her tears flowed down her
“Khael, why are you doing this to me?” she asked, as she held his arm tight.
“Ninia, what part of ‘I don’t like you anymore’ didn’t you understand?!” Khael
shouted. With that, Khael pulled his arms away from Ninia, and rode off on his
motorcycle. Ninia tried to catch up with Khael but he sped fast away Ninia’s
line of sight. Khael left Ninia alone in the rain, crying there.
The very next day, Ninia sped to school to talk to Khael, ‘It is all a big
misunderstanding… we can fix this,’ Ninia repeated this to herself as she
travelled to school. But when she reached Saint Thomas Institute, she was
aghast; Khael had already filed his form of absence. He was gone.
It was raining again. It was like that same unfortunate day; the day Khael left
Ninia was back there, at the same spot where Khael left her like she was
nothing, insignificant, worthless.
The same stretch of pavement, where Khael rode off, where Khael left her to
cry in the rain.
It has been exactly a year since that fateful day. But the pain has yet to
disappear.She kept everything she wore that day, hidden inside a box and kept
it there. But something made her open the box, her intuition told her to look
for something.
There she found Khael’s cap, the dress and skirt she wore that day, still with
stains of mud and twigs. She also found the bag she carried that day, filled with
the broken eyeglass and shattered pieces of her ensemble.
Looking further, she felt something was attached to the cap.She prowled
through it and found an envelope, with her name was written on it. Inside, she
found a diamond ring together with a letter, she began to read the letter and
she cried again.
Dearest Ninia,
I am a hopeless romantic, I believe in true love, in destiny, in soul mates,
and in happy endings. I could say that I’m somewhat an expert in things
concerning love, but even though I am a know-it-all, I can honestly say I’m
still unlucky. I have been in and out of relationships many times. I’ve had
my fair share of tears and heartbreak. After my seventh attempt in finding
my perfect love story, I guess it opened my eyes that: Love and I just don’t
But then I met you. When I first saw you, right then and there, I knew, fate
gave me another shot to try to love again. You really showed me that love
is indeed magical, that love is a treasure. And I am thankful for having the
opportunity to love and care for you.
I guess fate played a cruel joke on me, I did find my happiness with you, but
I am losing the battle against my sickness. I am suffering from leukaemia.
I was too afraid to tell you about my condition, because I didn’t want you
to be sad, and to worry about me. The doctor said that I only had a year to
live, but with you as my inspiration I strived to live, so that making sure to
wake up to see tomorrow, to see your smile.
I figured that it was better for you to move on rather than stay by my side
as I fade, so tried to give you reasons to leave me, I can see that you really
do love me so much, but I guess I can’t forgive myself if I was to blame for
your sadness. I want to ask forgiveness, I broke your heart; I did it so that
you would be angry with me, forget me, and move on. I really hope I did
the right thing. I really did love you with all my heart.
We made a promise that if ever anything bad happens to anyone of us,
we would accept it and move on. I hope you keep your promise, because
by the time you read this, I might have already lost the battle against
leukaemia. I just want to make sure that you receive the last present I
failed to give you. A diamond ring, I really wished to ask you to marry me,
but I guess I will never have the chance.
I hope you could find in your heart to forgive me.
I love you very, very, very, very much!
Sincerely, Khael
By: Eric B. Lore
Faculty, STI Sa
n Jose, Nuev
a Ecija
Gone are the high school’s glees,
We are now curving a brand new story;
As we try to traverse the road to glory
Amidst the struggles of student’s life worries
It’s always nice to revisit our memories.
The never ending stories of college bout,
The ups and downs, the in and out;
As teachers check and measures how far they’ve gone,
Oh, freshmen life is really a whole lotta’ fun!
By: Rommel Da
DIT, STI College
Behold the mare’s tails in the enchanted sky,
A world of boundless magic and fantasy unfolds as I
Dream of a place inside serenity,
By immersing my spirit in the ocean of hope,
The wanton mermaid’s reflections beneath the misty moon,
A mighty roaring of the waves splashes the vexations away,
I have a sweet story here in my heart,
When fairy tales and paradise once meld in my sanity,
Petals dispersed on the ground,
As the tears dissipate,
I gleefully reminisce the happiest chapters of my life
by relishing the wonderful blessings and glories,
And I feel the ecstasy,
My soul’s been raptures in bliss
And my eyes was unclouded with felicities,
Hope God will guide me follow my dreams
And from this moment until end,
God will give me the ticket to heaven...
By: Hernan Alar
l City
Sa banda rito, sa banda roon
Saan ka man maparoon
Lungsod, Bayan o mumunting nayon,
Nariyan siya na parang alon.
Tila delubyo kung ituring,
Takot, panganib at lagim.
Sa malubhang sakit maihahambing,
Sadyang mahirap pagalingin.
Bawat pamilyang Pilipino, tiyak apektado.
Ang simpleng pamumuhay, nagiging komplikado.
Sino ba naman ang ‘di mapeperwisyo,
Sa problemang dulot ng kahirapan sa mundo?
Itong kahirapan, sadyang salot sa lipunan
Sa ‘di malamang dahilan, apektado buong bayan.
Mayroon pa bang paraan? Pa’nong kinabukasan?
Ano nga bang kailangan ng kahirapa’y malabanan?
Sa mga araw na salat at pangangailanga’y ‘di sapat,
Huwag ikagulat, sadyang buhay ay mahirap.
Sipag- tiyaga at responsibilidad- susi sa pag-unlad.
‘Yan ang nararapat upang maghilom ang sugat.
Kailanman at saanman, sipag ay kailangan
Gawaing naantala, ‘di dapat ipagpaliban.
Ang masipag na nilalang, may napagtatagumpayan.
Sipag ang kailangan ng kahirapa’y maungusan.
May mga pagkakataong sa kahirapa’y lugmok.
May mga pangyayaring sa tatag sumusbok.
Sa ganitong problema. ang susi ay tiyaga.
Pagkat sino mang may tiyaga, tiyak pinagpapala.
Upang umasenso, maging responsableng tao.
Huwag magpatalo, makialam sa bayan mo.
Ipakita mo sa mundo ang pagka- Pilipino
Anumang hamon sa mundo, aangat ang tulad mo!
Have you ever imagine who will you gonna be?
Two to five years from now or as fast as you can be;
A Professor, an IT Pro, or an Executive might be.
Boy! Surely it’s so good to envision that future you long to be.
Freshmen’s days is really exciting,
Sometimes you are so anxious
Sometimes you get easily furious.
There are moments of longing
When you don’t see your special one;
You just sigh when she goes by,
Or bid her Goodbye.
Sometimes, we all wish to stay as freshmen,
For we know that first year’s excitement will always be on the run,
Sometimes we dare not to care for what tomorrow brings,
As long as you and me is in the chase for our dreams.
Freshmen, freshmen, this is where we all begun,
Memoirs of friends and dear ones,
Can’t shake the feeling of them being gone.
And oh, don’t forget! those people that we had quarreled with,
Surely they are also part of our life as freshmen.
By: Anne Rive
Alumni, STI La
Life has been hard the moment I set myself free
I was thrown into oblivion
Reaching out for imaginary entities
That would somehow lift me from my misery
I tried to embrace the new life I chose
Tried to forget the old friends I knew
Tried to block the memories that keep haunting my mind
Over and over again
The moments when life was shared with the people I love
The moments when each day was filled with laughter
The moments when you sleep peacefully
Knowing that the person you love is right beside you
And sharing the night’s serenity
When the moon’s radiant light encloses both of your bodies
You feel the longing, contentment, love and pain
Mixed emotions, all at the same time
Life has been this way and still is
Now I wonder, was the change that I wanted worth it?
Did my wings break when I started to glide?
And was I oblivious of the signs that should have made me stay?
Or probably, my heart has eventually won over my mind
And now I am in the threshold of breaking up
Yet, I still can’t find a way out
I keep finding the answers in the corners of my mind
But my questions were kept unanswered
And then, as my mind and body surrendered for another depressing day
The answer suddenly came...
To keep fighting and to keep living
Then simply,
Que sera sera, what ever will be, will be.
May sipag, may tiyaga, at responsableng tunay.
Hindi umaatras sa hamon ng buhay.
Mga Pilipno, ‘yan ang tunay na kulay,
May ugaling susi sa totoong tagumpay!
86 %

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