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PerfectServe Synchrony
What PerfectServe Synchrony is:
Communication breakdown is the primary contributor to delays
in treatment. This is because status quo tools and technologies
fail to address the complexity inherent in today’s clinical
communication processes.
Synchrony n. \ˈsiŋ-krə-nē, ˈsin-\ A state in which
disparate elements move in harmony; things existing or
taking place at the same time; a smooth simultaneity.
In the past, contacting the right clinician was often a white-knuckle,
hope-for-the-best adventure, with success largely determined by
the accuracy and timeliness of the call list being used, and by
additional anecdotal information that may or may not be available.
But now, communication is a streamlined, reliable and efficient
process – one that unites all care team members and the
communication technologies they employ across all of the
organizations they work within, in a single, comprehensive solution:
PerfectServe Synchrony.
The communication and collaboration
platform uniting physicians, nurses and
other care team members – across
the continuum – and facilitating timely
interaction among them.
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What PerfectServe Synchrony does:
PerfectServe Synchrony enables communication-driven workflows
to facilitate timely care team collaboration.
PerfectServe Synchrony:
• Automaticallyidentifiesand provides immediate connection
to the right care team member –
across acute and post-acute
care settings
• Notifiesandexpeditespatient
transition events
• Facilitatesimmediatecareteam
response to clinically urgent situations
• Enablesaccurate24/7provider
office/cliniccommunications management
• Allowsuseofasinglemobile
device for all communication needs
• Establishesacommunityprovider
directory with advanced search
capabilities; facilitates contact of
all care team members across
different organizations and
facilities; helps integrate off-site
facilities and care team members
• Providesautomaticnotifications/
escalations, to ensure users receive
all critical patient-care messages
• Triggerscritical-eventteamalerts
in a single click or call; enables
immediate responses by role-based
team members; automatically
escalates in the event a team
member fails to respond
• Letsstaffautomaticallyidentify
and immediately access the right
service-line physician on call for
unassigned emergency department
patients; facilitates compliance with
“Our clinicians are operating
in a world where one-off
communications applications
don’t work. We needed a
comprehensive solution that
could fold into our longterm vision for improving
communications among
clinicians while effectively
managing HIPAA-compliance
risk. PerfectServe not only
meets this need, but also
offers the ability to customize
capabilities to meet individual
workflow demands for our
clinical staff.”
Vice president
Spectrum Health
Information Services
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With PerfectServe Synchrony:
PerfectServe Synchrony enables healthcare organizations to
effectively address the widest variety of communication-driven
workflow challenges across all stakeholders.
Physicians are able to:
Nurses and other care team
members are able to:
Hospital and health system leaders
are able to:
Quality and performance
improvement leaders are able to:
IT leaders are able to:
Medical practices and post-acute
care providers are able to:
• Createapersonalalgorithmthat
accurately routes pertinent
communication and information to
them based upon when, where and
how they work
• Supportrole-based,patient- centric workflows
• Promotephysicianalignment
• Speedtimetotreatment
• Identifycommunicationprocess
trends and patterns across time
• Promote more efficient care
coordination and management
among all care team members
• Reducereferralleakageand revenue loss
• Facilitatecommunicationprocess
analysis and improvement
• Improveclinicworkflowsby streamlining calls from coordinating
providers and facilities
• Easilyandimmediatelycontact
colleagues and the right care
team members
• Easilyandquicklyconnectwiththe
right physician and other care team
members in the right way
• Reducepatientcaredelaysand
increase throughput
• Havetotalvisibilityintoall communication processes and events
• Eliminatecommunicationpoint
solutions – such as secure texting,
web paging and operator console
software – that only add complexity
while doing little to assure overall
• Eliminateerroneouscontacts,
unnecessary interruptions, and lost
and delayed messages
• Wastelesstimeonineffective
contact attempts
• Facilitateefficientcommunication
among all care team members across
different organizations and facilities
• Ensurecallsandmessagesare
delivered to the right practitioner in
the way he or she has specified
• LeverageexistingEMR/HIT
investments by solving problems
they do not
• Expediteconsultsbyallowing
referring physicians easy access to
organization staff
• EmploybothBYODandfacilityprovided device policies
• Ensureseamlesscarecoordination
among other clinicians, their health
systems and their practices
• Changecallscheduleson-the-fly
• Throwawaycallschedules,phone
listsandRolodex® files
• Callpatientswhilekeepingpersonal
numbers private and overcoming
caller ID block
• Spendmoretimeindirect
patient care
• Enjoysecuretextandvoice messaging, along with photo and
video sharing
• Experiencetheconvenienceof
secure messaging and voice calling
via a single smartphone device
• Increasetransitionefficiency
• FacilitateEMTALAcompliance
• EnablecomprehensiveHIPAA
compliance and risk mitigation
strategies, including the ability to
monitor risk over time
• Eliminateansweringservices,
unnecessary interruptions, and lost
and delayed messages
• Expeditecaretransitions
• Accessandchangecallschedules
• Enablestafftotransmittexts,voice
messages, photos and videos in a
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Problems solved:
PerfectServe Synchrony meets the challenges associated
with medical communications head-on.
“PerfectServe speeds up the
communication process so
we can exchange information
faster, improve the quality of
handoffs and reduce delays.”
Advocate Trinity Hospital
Industry challenge:
PerfectServe Synchrony:
Speed time to treatment
Promote physician alignment
Allows physicians to filter and receive pertinent information based upon where,
when and how they work
Speed throughput
Increase the efficiency of care
Increase nursing staff productivity
Increases nursing time for direct patient care
and transitions
acute and post-acute environments and in different organizations and facilities
on a single, interoperable and secure platform that accommodates all
contact modalities
Improve answering service accuracy
secure communications strategy
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PerfectServe allows you to establish and implement effective policies because it consolidates
all ePHI transmitted to clinicians on a single, secure platform that will accommodate all of the
contact modes typically in use.
clinic workflows
HIPAA compliance is not about buying and installing a specific technology. It’s about assessing
the risks to your organization, developing and implementing a strategy to manage those risks,
and then monitoring your risk on an ongoing basis.
Improve office staff productivity
“Our practice is running more
smoothly now because of
PerfectServe... And honestly, this
was the easiest implementation
I’ve been through.”
– Shelly Thomas
Director of operations
IPC Senior Care of Colorado
What PerfectServe Synchrony means:
PerfectServe Synchrony represents a significant advance
in medical care.
“Our referring physician base and consultants are pleased with the new
process for communication. We’ve seen an increase in referrals from community
physicians. They are more satisfied with their ability to contact us.”
Medical director
Hospital Medicine
CHI Health Alegent Creighton Clinic
“Today our clinicians experience less hassle and fewer communication errors,
breakdowns and delays. Clinical calls and messages route with much greater
accuracy and reliability, which helps our clinicians connect with each other and
coordinate care more efficiently.”
Dignity Health St. Joseph’s Medical Center
“While other vendors claim to offer a solution to different parts of the process –
texting, calling or paging – PerfectServe has enabled us to take a strategic, holistic
approach to all our clinical communications.”
professionals are assured of reliable,
timely, streamlined, process-driven
communications in which:
KishHealth System
• Contactismadeaccordingtothe
personal protocols and group
workflows of the users themselves
• Concernsaboutpatientprivacyand
as the process itself
• Improvementispossibledueto
advanced analytics, which allow for
complete and total visibility of the
entire communication process
The Joint Commission has repeatedly
pointed out that communication
breakdown is the primary cause
of delays in treatment resulting in
sentinel events.
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PerfectServe Synchrony:
Problem solved.
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