February 2016 Chronicle



February 2016 Chronicle
Readlyn Chronicle
Volume 9, No. 2, Compiled by
Thursday, Feb. 25, 4-6 PM, Free
Device Workshop, Readlyn Community Library.
Saturday, Feb. 27, 1 PM, Adult Coloring at Readlyn Community Library.
Thursday, March 3, 7 pm 2016
Grump Days’ organizational meeting,
Center Inn
Saturday, March 5, 2 PM, Pepper
Tournament at Center Inn.
Sunday, March 6, 8 AM-1 PM, Annual Readlyn Firefighters Breakfast,
Center Inn.
Tuesday, March 8, 5:30-6:30 PM,
Spaghetti Dinner, followed at 7 PM by
Pops Concert, WV High School.
Thursday, March 10, 5-7 PM, Preschool registration at Community Lutheran School.
Thursday, March 17, 5 PM, Deadline for March issue of the Readlyn
Thursday, March 17, 6 PM, Zentangle 101, Readlyn Community Library.
Thursday, April 14, 7 pm RCC
meeting, Center Inn
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Pops Concert
& Spaghetti
Dinner is
March 8
The Wapsie Valley Jr./Sr. High
Band and Choir would like to invite you to attend our Pops Concert on Tuesday, March 8, 2016
at 7:00 PM in the WVHS gymnasium! The concert will feature the Concert Choirs, Concert
Bands, Jazz Band I, and Chamber Choirs. Listen to movie
soundtracks and pop hits as you
munch on free popcorn! Other
treats will be available at intermission for purchase. Admission
is $5 for adults, $3 for students. For dinner before the show,
please attend the Spaghetti Dinner hosted by the WVHS Music
Boosters in the Multipurpose
room from 5:30-6:30 PM! For a
free-will donation, enjoy a meal
of spaghetti, garlic bread, lettuce salad, and dessert, with the
chance to receive door prizes! Home of
857 Friendly People
One Old Grump
Readlyn Community Club — Designed/Printed by Horizon Publishing Co., Jesup, IA, February 24, 2016
Valentine’s Ball a big success!
A beautifully decorated ballroom welcomed 160 guests to a wonderful evening
of food, a motivational message, auction
items and dancing at the 7th annual Valentine’s Ball Feb. 13 at the Center Inn. The
decorating committee even had a photo
corner for taking pictures to remember the
evening. A great job was done by the decorating committee.
The 2015 Grump Ron Kohagen and
2015 Miss Readlyn Kassidy Kuhlmann
and runner-up Lexi Morse were there to
greet guests as they arrived to feast on
appetizers. The Little Grumpsters, Caleb
Hogan and Carly Gray, even made their
appearance at this fun event.
Wapsie Valley FFA members who were
neatly dressed in black pants and white
shirts and ties, were very courteous in
serving salads, drinks, and picking up
dirty dishes. The meal of prime rib, chicken, baked potato and glazed carrots, was
delicious. We also had scrumptious cake
for dessert that was baked by Lois Peters,
Diane Johnson and Devyn Matthias.
Our motivational speaker was David Judisch of Decorah, a former Readlyn boy
and Wapsie Valley graduate. Everyone
listened attentively as he gave some Ole
and Lena jokes before telling us ten things
that stood out from growing up on a farm
and could be used during your life. They
were: 1. work ethic; 2. responsibility; 3.
thinking and innovation; 4. flexibility; 5.
interactive; 6. perseverance; 7. team player; 8. practice world skills; 9. respect; and
10. humility.
David, who is a professor of music at
Luther College in Decorah, then sang the
song, Climb Every Mountain, accompanied on clavicle by Patty Spowart. The
Grant applications
are now available
The Readlyn Community Fund 2016
grant cycle is open and grant applications
can be submitted. The deadline to submit
applications is midnight on March 31,
2016. Grants are awarded to projects in the
following areas: art and culture, community betterment, education, environment,
health, historic preservation and human
The online grant application may be
found on the Community Foundation’s
website at www.readlyncf.org. Grant recipients will be announced in June 2016.
Completed applications must be submitted
no later than midnight (CST) March 31,
2016 to be considered for funding.
First-time grant applicants should contact Dotti Thompson, Program Manager,
at (319) 287-9106 ext. 18 prior to submitting an application. Grant applicants must
be a 501(c)(3) designated organization (or
government entity) serving Readlyn in order to be considered for funding.
For more information, please contact
the Community Foundation of Northeast
Iowa at (319) 287-9106.
The Readlyn Community Fund is a local organization making grants to organizations that create a
stronger and more vibrant quality of life in Readlyn
and helps people establish permanent funds for the
causes they care about in their community. The Readlyn Community Fund is an affiliate of the Community
Foundation of Northeast Iowa, a nonprofit committed
to creating long-term impact in 20 counties in Iowa.
audience then sang Dear Hearts and Gentle People. What an inspiring message
through words and music!
Then the fun began with Dolan Burreson,
our auctioneer, selling 55 items from the
live auction with his talented helpers, Jason Kayser, Gary Ott, Jim Rosengarten
and Rocky Imbrogno. It’s an exciting time
when they try to get bidders to big over
each other. The top item was a 1995 Waldoch conversion van donated by Barry and
Lisa Wittenburg which brought $1,425.
There were 105 really cool items on the
silent auction as well. A generous amount
of money was raised and will all be given back to the community. Watch next
month’s Chronicle for the amounts and
the recipients.
Oh, but the evening was still young, as
our talented DJ, Luke Schaffer, kept the
night active with music for everyone. He
has been our DJ for all seven years and
does an excellent job.
What a great Valentine Ball, but it
wouldn’t be possible without everyone’s
help who is on the committee and the terrific leadership of Kim Brown.
Thank you to everyone who works and
who attends and the ones who bid on the
auction items.
See you in 2017.
Committee members for the 2016
Valentine’s Ball were Marylou Billhorn,
Kim Brown, Brad and Jessica Buck, Barb
Buhr, Sylvia Casterton, Jim and Bev Collins, Bonnie Erickson, Cindy Hagenow,
Tanja Hagenow, Louie Hartman, Sharon
Huck, Teresa Imbrogno, LaVerne and
Judy Leistikow, Ron and Judy Leistikow,
Sheila Rosengarten, Dani Sauerbrei, Lois
Thacher, Pat Wehr, and David and Ruth
Readlyn Community Club (RCC) Membership/Renewal
We invite you to share your favorite crockpot soup for a friendly competition and fellowship. Most
popular dishes will be awarded bragging rights, prizes and a photo op. Bread, butter, crackers,
drinks and desserts will also be provided. Because many of you missed the soup event previously
held during Santa’s visit, we have moved it to the Annual Meeting and Membership Drive.
IT IS TIME to renew
your RCC
IT Dani
to become Lois
a newBuhr,
RCC encourages
you to become a member so that you can be a part of this active community organization that is the
envy of our neighboring communities. Readlyn’s annual events add value to our lives and lasting
memories for our children. Your financial and volunteer contributions are vital to continue offering
these opportunities.
RCC annual meeting ~ Friday,
March 11, crock-pot cook-off
Our regular membership meetings are held every other month on the 2 nd Thursday, 7 p. m., at the Center Inn small
banquet room starting in February. You are invited to attend; you personally decide how much you would like to volunteer.
Possible committees that would benefit from your talent and interest: The Readlyn Chronicle newspaper, Valentine Ball,
Fire up your favorite crock-pot recipe (RCC) or renewing your membership
Bike/Recreation Trail, Miss Readlyn Contest, Easter Egg Hunt, Garden Club, Fall and Christmas Decorating, Grump
will Santa’s
Parade, to
in the$50;
Park, Christmas
on Main,
Supper, and
“Readlyn Community
Club” on Facebook, you can be notified
events.membership will offer
All Readlyn
the opportunity
to 2016
dues arearea
per member.are
Your welmembership
you to vote for the
year’s Grump Days, select CharDirectorstoduring
the short meeting
March this
11, at thefor
lie Albrecht, Craig Hesse, or John Tiedt
Some important
dates on This
the RCCyear’s
Candidates and Miss Readlyn will begin for this year’s Grump, and elect RCC ofFeb. 11 Regular Meeting
March 26 Easter Egg Hunt
June 17 – 19 Grump Days
entries at 6:00 in the Center
Inn ficers and directors
at the 7:00 business
Aug. 11 Regular Meeting
Banquet Room. Social hour will also be- meeting.
at 11
followed by theJune
free MeetingAnother highlight
the evening
9 Regular
Oct. 13of
Meeting will
dinner consisting
ValPlease bring or mail this form with your dues of $25.00 each, and donations to:
bread, butter, crackers, beverages, and entine Ball monetary awards to qualifyDani Sauerbrei, RCC Treasurer, Readlyn Savings Bank, P.O. Box 40, Readlyn, IA 50668
ing non-profit Readlyn groups at 6:30
If youconsider
are a paid member
but cannot
attend the just
you may
vote Bingo
for the Grump
at the bank.
a supportbefore
with prizes
ing member of our2016
Grump community
Candidates To Date:
John Tiedt,
joining Readlyn Community Club
Membership Fee includes dinner at the March 11 Annual Meeting Crock Pot Soup Cook-Off meal.
ADDRESS: _________________________________________________________________________________
EMAIL ADDRESS_____________________________________________
HOME PHONE____________________________ CELL PHONE(s) _____________________________
YES___ NO____
AMOUNT ENCLOSED___________ DATE PAID_____________ PAYABLE TO: Readlyn Community Club
Are you attending the Annual Meeting on March 11th? _________________ Bringing a soup? __________
Committee Interest: ________________________________________. You can volunteer as much as you wish.
Submit to Dani Sauerbrei at Readlyn Savings Bank.
Page 2
Keep Your Heart in Readlyn
Readlyn Chronicle
2016 Valentine’s Ball Grumblings
By Ron Kohagen
Jeanne Wheeler, Dave Wheeler, Connie Wedemeier
Dr. David Judisch delivered an awesome message.
Winter is going by pretty fast, March is coming soon.
You know what that means. Wrestling and basketball seasons will soon be over. Then comes Nancy’s favorite time
of the year….March Madness. For all you basketball fans
it should be a great tournament. I hope the Iowa Hawkeyes
do well.
On February 13 I went to the Valentine’s Ball. What a
great time! The food was fantastic (Sunrise Catering). Dr.
David Judisch (Wapsie Valley graduate) was the speaker of
the night. He did an excellent job of entertaining us with
his speech, music and storytelling. Good job, David. I have
no idea how much money was brought in, but, believe me,
there is a lot of talent in Readlyn.
Now that the Valentine’s Ball is over, the annual Community Club meeting will soon be here. At that meeting
people will be voting for Grump 2016. I want to again
thank the candidates for running: John Tiedt, Charlie Albrecht and Craig Hesse. Good luck to all of you.
Till next time…
Your Grump,
BCCF grant
applications available
Beautiful and delicious cakes were served.
Junior Grump Caleb Hogan, Grump Ron Kohagen,
Miss Readlyn Kassidy Kuhlmann and Runner-Up Miss
Readlyn Lexi Morse
The Bremer County Community Foundation 2016 grant
cycle is open and grant applications can be submitted. The
deadline to submit applications is midnight (CST) March
31, 2016. Grants are awarded to projects in the following
areas: art and culture, community betterment, education,
environment, health, historic preservation and human service.
The online grant application may be found on the Community Foundation’s website at www.bremerccf.org. Grant
recipients will be announced in June 2016. Completed applications must be submitted no later than midnight (CST)
March 31, 2016 to be considered for funding.
First-time grant applicants should contact Dotti Thompson, Program Manager, at (319) 287-9106 ext. 18 prior
to submitting an application. Grant applicants must be a
501(c)(3) designated organization (or government entity)
serving Bremer County in order to be considered for funding.
For more information, please contact the Community
Foundation of Northeast Iowa at (319) 287-9106.
Wednesday, February 24, 2016
Miss Readlyn
By Kassidy Kuhlmann
Life is going by in the fast lane. I am working to do
just about everything under the sun. Imagine that! With
scholarships, school, FFA, and a certain kind of a social
life it’s been crazy, any way you look at it. I have been
enjoying my classes and have decided to attend Iowa
State University this coming fall for Agricultural Education or Communications. I’ll be breaking the common
Kuhlmann streak of attending Coe College like my sisters but feel I am making the right choice!
Our FFA chapter has been booming lately with the
events ranging from getting ready for Career Development Events to our Sweetheart Crowning! Our chapter
has been gearing up for our first round of competition on
February 24! Please say a little extra prayer for us! The
first round is always the most nerve racking but with a
support like what we have behind us, I’m sure we’ll keep
them in check!
We also crowned our new Sweetheart king and queen!
Lydia Martins and Nathan Hyde received the honor and
were joined with many other incredible candidates!
Check out Wapsie Valley articles at the back portion of
the Chronicle to read more. Our Reporter, Gabby Power,
does one heck of a job keeping all of you up-to-date on
our events and various activities we are involved with!
Lastly, I’m looking forward to a little fun in town for
the Valentine’s Ball! My very own Sweetheart and I will
be attending the event together and can’t wait to show
him the loving spirit of Readlyn, Iowa. I can’t wait to see
you all there, embracing the wonderful life we all have
been blessed with!
Until next time, City of Readlyn.
Email news to:
[email protected]
Waverly Family Dentistry
“Where Smiles Are All About You”
Steve and Sara Boevers
RSB ~ Taking Good Care of You!
...and one old Grump ~ Since 1904
Your hometown bank encourages you to patronize
the businesses & organizations that fund your
schools & support your community. Together
we can make Readlyn even better!
“e-RSB Internet Banking in the House!”
www.readlynsavingsbank.com ~ 319-279-3321
Member FDIC ~ Equal Housing Lender
Cellular Phones
and Accessories
Celebrating 20 years in dentistry
Dr. Alan Young
1404 3rd Street SW 319.352.6600
Authorized Agent
Wednesday, February 24, 2016
Readlyn Chronicle
Readlyn Community Happenings
Auxiliary News
To the Editor
College News
Please Help
The Auxiliary to the Wayne Teisinger
V.F.W. Post #5661 met at 7:00 p.m. at the
home of Wilda Albrecht on February 9,
2016 with 6 members present. The meeting opened with prayer and the Pledge of
Allegiance. The Minutes and Treasurer's
Reports were read and accepted. The General Orders and Chairmen Reports were
read by all. Volunteer hours were turned
in. Mischa Matthias' 24 boys and girls of
the Rainbow Clovers 4-H Club made 145
Christmas cards for the Auxiliary to Veterans of Marshalltown. A motion was made
by Marrillee Tiedt and seconded by Wilda
Albrecht to give $8 to the hospital fund
and $3 to cancer each month. Carried. A
motion was made by Delores Sauerbrei
and second by Ellen Thies to give a $1
love gift for 3rd District President Penny
Hurt at the luncheon in her honor. Ellen
Thies reported on the 3rd District meeting
on January 16 in Alta Vista which Burton
and Ellen Thies attended. As of December
31, 60 men have joined the Auxiliaries.
Next 3rd District meeting will be April 19
at Cresco. Thank yous were read from LZ
- Phoenix Homeless Shelter for Veterans
to be Verdeen Pavelec and Janette Wolff.
Valentines will be sent to Reiny Frietag,
Oscar Heideman, Wes Sauerbrie and Erwin Koschmeder. 215 cupcakes were
frosted and decorated for Allen Hospital's
fundraiser for Heart by Auxiliary. A motion was made by Wilda Albrecht and seconded by Ellen Thies to adjourn. Carried.
Hostess was Wilda Albrecht.
Next Pepper
Tournament is
Sat., March 5
On Saturday, February 6, 20 players
participated in the Pepper Tournament
at the Center Inn. The winners and their
scores were:
1st - Judy Henn and Ron Brunscheon 247
2nd - Paula Wermerskirchen and Darwin Lies - 204
3rd - Deb and Dan Brunscheon - 165
4th - Marge Degelau and Alma Schmitz
- 163
The next tournament will be March 5
at 2:00 P.M. at the Center Inn. Come and
join us!
Mike Holm does a fantastic job on the
back of the garbage truck. A job that almost no one else wants any part of. He
is out there in all kinds of weather; heatcold-snow-ice-thunderstorms etc. four
days a week, 52 weeks a year. I am asking the citizens of Tripoli and Readlyn to
help make his job a little easier. Please put
your garbage bucket at the curb where it
is supposed to be! It is not his job to get
your bucket up by the sidewalk or off the
top of a snowbank. If there isn't room on
our driveway, please clean an area at the
curb to set your bucket (Some already do
a very nice job of this). It is easy to think
that it is no "big deal" but when you multiply that times a few hundred buckets it is
a "big deal!"
Thank you for making it easier for him
to do his job! He always goes out of his
way to do the best job possible!
Also, when replacing your garbage
bucket please purchase one with a lid that
hinges on one side and snaps on opposite
side. This type of lid makes it easier to
Thank you.
Bernie Kracht SR
Thank You
The family of
Joyce Kehe extends
their thanks for prayers, visits,
memorials, flowers, cards
and food during her illness
and after her death. We
appreciate your helpfulness.
God's blessings to you!
Joyce Kehe Family
Thank You
HCC Dean’s List
WATERLOO–Hawkeye Community
College announces the Dean's List for the
Fall Semester. The Dean's List is official
recognition of outstanding academic accomplishment by full-time students. To
make the Dean’s List, an individual must
be a full-time student and successfully
complete 12 or more credits in the Fall or
Spring Semesters with a semester GPA of
3.50 or better for courses taken at Hawkeye.
The following students are on the
Dean's List for the Fall Semester:
Readlyn: Brandon Ackerman; Katlin
Armbrecht; Amy Kohl; Zachery Kuhlmann; Austin Matthias; Christopher
Fairbank: Dera Burreson; Nathan
Conner; Kimberly Cross; Nathan Dvorak; Kayla Even; Alicia Grover; Alexander Mahoney; Caitlynne Woods
To those people sitting near
me at St Matthews, the
Readlyn First Responders,
and the Tripoli Ambulance
Crew, thank you very much
for your services on Sunday,
February 7.
Erwin Koschmeder
Page 3
Wartburg Dean's List
WAVERLY, IA -- Wartburg College has
recognized 489 students who were named
the 2015 Fall Term Dean's List.
Those honored from this area include:
Riley Woods and Danielle Gordon,
both of Fairbank.
The list cites students who earned a
cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or
above in at least five course credits during
the term. Four of the five course credits
must be graded with a traditional letter
Wartburg students take four courses
during Fall Term, which runs from September to December.
Wartburg, a four-year liberal arts college internationally recognized for community engagement, enrolls 1,537 students. Wartburg is affiliated with the
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
and named after the castle in Germany
where Martin Luther took refuge disguised as a knight during the stormy days
of the Reformation while translating the
Bible from Greek into German.
Send news of your club,
organization or church to
the Readlyn Chronicle at:
[email protected]
Home Remodeling - Concrete Work
Additions & Decks - Kitchen & Bath Remodels
Roofing - Windows - Doors
[email protected]
Readlyn • (319) 961-5176
A special thanks to my children and
grandchildren who made my 80th birthday
celebration special.
Thanks to all my friends and family who
helped me celebrate, and for the cards,
phone calls and gifts.
God bless you all.
Virgil Matthias
Snelling Construction
New Construction
Concrete Work our Specialty
20 Years of Experience
309 Railroad Ave., Tripoli, IA
319.290.0256 • 319.882.3498
Dillon Law Office, PC
Patrick B. Dillon
209 East 1st Street, Sumner • [email protected]
General practice including but not limited to:
Agricultural law • Taxation & Tax Preparation
• Estate Planning • Bankruptcy
“The personal touch” providing your
telecommunications since 1907.
In 2016
• Telephone - Special
Features-Long Distance
• Internet (broadband)
• Digital Television
• LG Television Sales
Celebrating 108 Years of LOCAL Service
Email news to:
[email protected]
Page 4
Readlyn Chronicle
Wednesday, February 24, 2016
Linda McCarty
Barb Sowers
Nancy Lockard
Memorial Cash Donations
In Memory of Raymond Brinkman
Roger & Marlys Deterding
Family of Raymond “Jim” Brinkman
In Memory of Jo Ann Meihost
Marlene Kuker
Roger & Marlys Deterding
Gary & Barb Buhr
Larry & Carol Strottman
Robert & Barbara Meyer
Ken & Barb Sowers
Ron & Judy Leistikow
In Memory of Elaine Matthias
Gary & Barb Buhr
New DVDs this month
$ 5.00
Memorial Book Donations
In Memory of Jo Ann Meihost
“Day Dreamers” by Emily Winfield Martin from
Trent & Nancy Lockard.
“Nana in the City” by Lauren Castillo and
“Where’s the Fairy” by Nick Harris from Dean &
Lois Buhr.
Re: Donations
Donations have enriched the Readlyn
Community Library's collection throughout
the years. Through donors, the library has
added materials which could not have
been purchased otherwise. Donations to
the Readlyn Community Library are lasting gifts to our community and for all who
use the library.
Thank you for your generosity
A nurse from the Visiting Nurses Association
comes to the library on the first Tuesday of each
month for basic nail care, health assessments,
teaching and referrals for seniors who need assistance with foot care. The cost is $20.
Call 319-235-6201 for an appointment.
Free Device Workshop
Where: Readlyn Community Library
When: Thursday, February 25th
Time: 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Learn how wireless solutions can enhance your life and discover all the fancy
tricks your various devices can do. This
workshop is open to all—bring your
friends—and any brand of device. Join us
and U.S. Cellular to help understand how to
get the most out of your devices, receive
customization tips and tricks, and determine
which apps are right for you.
What’s new at the
“Because Your Mommy Loves You” by Andrew Clements, When a little boy and his mom go camping, minidisasters abound, and there are lots of opportunities
for Mom to step in and fix everything. But instead, with
a loving touch, this mommy shows her child ways to do
things for himself, going far to encourage her child’s
“Prince Fly Guy” by Tedd Arnold is one of our newest
Early Readers where you can join Fly Guy on a fairytale adventure!
“Pete the Cat: Cavecat Pete” by James Dean, has Pete
living happily among the dinosaurs. He’s friends with
everyone, but when Pete organizes a picnic with all his
friends, and some herbivores and carnivores can’t seem
to get along, it’s up to Cavecat Pete to show them that
they can all have fun together!
“Little Cat’s Luck” by Marion Dane Bauer is a Newbery Honor Winner. When a golden leaf teases Patches,
dancing just out of reach, the little house cat can’t resist. So away she goes—chasing the leaf out into the
great wide world, on a journey her heart tells her she
must follow.
“Beyond the Silence” by Tracie Peterson and Kimberley Woodhouse is a new Christian Fiction selection.
Lillian Porter has always wanted to fulfill her mother’s
dreams of going west, so when she hears about a nanny
position in Angels Camp, California, she defies her
grandfather and takes a chance on a new future. But
she quickly wonders if she made the right choice.
Murky rumors swirl around Woodward Colton, her new
employer, but the gossip doesn’t match the man Lillian
comes to know.
“Missing Pieces” by Heather Gudenkauf is a masterful,
intelligent and thought-provoking thriller. Sarah Quinlan’s husband, Jack, has been haunted for decades by
the untimely death of his mother when he was just a
teenager, her body found in the cellar on their family
farm, the circumstances a mystery. The case rocked
the small farm town of Penny Gate, Iowa, where Jack
was raised, and for years Jack avoided returning home.
But when his beloved Aunt Julia is in an accident, hospitalized in a coma, Jack and Sarah are forced to confront the past that they have long evaded.
“Unlimited Access” is a nonfiction view inside the
Clinton White House. Hailed as “the book the Clinton’s
tried to kill”. With a new foreword by Ronald Reagan’s
son, Michael, author Gary Aldrich details his time as a
regularly appointed agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Dept. of Justice, charged with the security clearances of those working in the White House.
Hotel Transylvania 2
Bridge of Spies
Color Us Creative
 Do you love coloring with your chil-
dren or grandchildren?
 Would you like to be a part of one of
the trendiest new library programs?
 Would you like to try your hand at
some of the new coloring designs?
If you answered “yes” to any of these
questions, call 319-279-3432 at the Readlyn
Community Library to register for our second adult coloring session on Saturday,
February 27th at 1:00 p.m. We provide
colored pencils, gel pens and 2 pages from
adult coloring books. No registration fee,
unless you would like to keep your box of
colored pencils, gel pens, or additional
book pages. Registration assures that we
have enough supplies for the entire group.
Introduction to Zentangle
Thursday March 17th @ 6:00
Zentangle 101: Discover the exciting world
of Zentangle! This art form is fun, easy to
learn, and relaxing. No art experience is
necessary! You will learn the origins of
Zentangle and complete at least one tile in
$25 Class Fee includes kit of quality
Zentangle tools. Please Pre-Register.
Coffee, Cards and
Join your friends at the library on
Wednesdays at 9:00 a.m. for coffee, a
home baked treat and a friendly hand
of cards. We will sponsor Coffee, Cards and Conversation every Wednesday morning through the month
of April. Come and join us!
Taught by Barb Sowers, CZT
I look forward to sharing this beautiful art form
with you! Get Zen-Spired!
Only Certified Zentangle Teachers (CZT) are authorized /
qualified to offer official Zentangle classes, workshops and
Wednesday, February 24, 2016
Readlyn Chronicle
Page 5
Readlyn Community Happenings
Bremer County Cattlemen hold annual banquet
The Bremer County Cattlemen held
their annual banquet with a prime rib
dinner at the 4-H building in Waverly on
Sunday, February 7. Mandy Even of Fairbank was crowned 2016 Bremer County
Beef Queen at the banquet. Mandy is the
daughter of John and Kerry Even. She is
an active member of the Rainbow Clovers
4-H Club and involved in FFA and PALS.
Mandy helps her father and grandfather
with their beef cattle herd. Mandy is a junior at Wapsie Valley High School.
Dwight Hinrichs of Tripoli was awarded
2016 Cattleman of the year. After a long
career as a dairyman, Dwight has operated a cattle finishing operation for the last
several years. He has been active in the
community and assisting at the Bremer
County Fair. Please congratulate Dwight
when you see him.
The banquet concluded with an auction
of trophies and Jackets for winners of beef
classes at the Bremer County Fair. The
Bremer County Cattlemen would like to
thank bidders and purchasers of trophies
for their support.
Happy 90th Birthday
Janice Heineman
The 2016 Bremer County Beef Queen is
Mandy Even. Cards Welcome to:
March 16
P.O. Box 123
Readlyn, IA 50668
First Friday of Every Month,
Fish & Shrimp, 11 AM-4 PM,
$8; Fish & Shrimp Buffet,
4-8 PM, $10
Other Fridays,
Cook’s Choice all day.
Mondays, $2 Maid-rites
$1.25 Hamburgers
Wednesdays, $1.50 Tacos
Thursdays, $2 Tenderloins
Deadline for the
March 30 Readlyn
Chronicle is:
5 PM Thurs.,
March 17
Readlyn Firefighter’s Association
Annual Breakfast Fundraiser
Sunday, March 6, 2016
Center Inn, Main St. Readlyn, Iowa
Hours: Mon.-Sat., 10:30 AM to
Closing; Sun. 1 PM to Closing
Dwight Hinrichs (left) is the 2016 Cattleman of the Year. He is shown with
Bremer County Cattlemen President
Steve Brase.
Menu: Scrambled Eggs, Smoked Sausage Patties, Rinderwurst,
French Toast, Cinnamon Rolls, Toast, Juice, Coffee, Milk.
Freewill Donation at Door
All proceeds will be used towards funding the betterment of
The Readlyn Volunteer Fire Department.
“Thank you for your continued support, it is greatly
Russell & Jessica Novak
(Take Outs Available)
Hwy. 93 W, Tripoli • 319-882-3753
Serving 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Waverly • Cedar Falls • Denver
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Readlyn Chronicle
Wednesday, February 24, 2016
Wapsie Valley Future Farmers of America
Guest speaker, Jacob Hunter, motivated the student
body to live to serve not only for service week, but to
continue their positive actions after!
Megan Biretz and half the freshmen class played games
The other half of the freshmen class prepared food boxes
at Country View Care Center.
at the Northeast Iowa Food Bank.
Wapsie Valley FFA gives back to communities
By Kassidy Kuhlmann, Chapter President
and Gabby Power, Chapter Reporter
“Do those people really not get to eat?
Can I share my food with them?” Wapsie
Valley student Giulia Rossi learned very
quickly what the real world was like on
the 11th of December. Her reaction was
fairly similar to students throughout the
gym, that is, the students that were under
the impression that they would be receiving a meal that day at lunch.
Starting in August, FFA members Gabby Power, Kassidy Kuhlmann, Baylee
Kleitsch, and Emily Martins developed
a Living to Serve Plan after attending
the Washington Leadership Conference.
Dylan Lampe soon joined forces after he
attended the World Food Prize. Under the
guidance of their FFA advisor, Mrs. Ellen
Doese, and with the assistance of many
people along the way, a Living to Serve
project was formulated.
The plan included an assembly on Monday the 7th where all high school students
met in the auditorium. Wapsie Valley
High School welcomed a guest speaker
Mr. Jake Hunter, from the World Food
Prize, in an effort to promote the services
the students will be performing on the 8th
and 9th. Mr. Hunter shared with students
his own personal experience with helping
those who were in need of resources that
are available in the Cedar Valley and inspired students to act out a few hours of
helping to benefit others.
The next two days Wapsie Valley High
school students were given the opportunity to serve the Cedar Valley at four different locations. The seniors assisted at the
Salvation Army during their Toys for Tots
program by stocking, carrying, and helping the needy pick out Christmas gifts for
their children. At the Salvation Army on
the second day, the sophomores packed up
the Toys for Tots campaign for its next location. Through the help at the Salvation
Army, Christmas assistance was provided
to over 800 children. The Juniors helped
at the Cedar Valley Boys and Girls Club
by cleaning, painting, and organizing. The
Boys and Girls Club is a program for over
90 kids in the area. Half of the freshmen
visited Country View Care Center where
they were able to impact over 30 people by spending time with them. Puzzles
and games like Bingo were enjoyed by
everyone at the center. The other half of
Freshmen worked at the Northeast Iowa
Food Bank where they sorted donated
food and provided food assistance and affected the lives of over 2,500 people. The
most shocking part? Each class provided
service to these organizations for about 2
hours and were able to provide that big of
Fairbank, Iowa
Looking for people who are young at heart and wanting to let someone else deal with
the day to day. Bring your home to our home. Stop in and check us out anytime.
One bedrooms, and a two bedroom
available now starting at $1632.
Check us out on Facebook, or our website
www.fairbankparkviewassistedliving.com, or contact us at
319.635.2585, email: [email protected]
an impact.
On Friday the 11th, a poverty meal was
hosted during lunch after the students had
seen first-hand some of the daily struggles faced by people in the area. This
was something very different than what
Wapsie Valley students had experienced
before. Upon entering the lunchroom,
students were randomly handed a color
and were asked to sit in the corresponding
area. The color of the card determined the
fate of their next meal and they were seated in about the same percentages of the
three classes in the world. 15% of students
sat at the high income tables, 35% at middle income, and 50% at low income, on
the floor. Gabby, Kassidy, Baylee, Emily,
and Dylan gave a presentation including
the daily lives of these people and even
stories of real life people whose class may
have been altered by their changing lives.
Following the presentation, students were
given one of three food options depending
on where they were seated. A high class
meal, prepared by the Wapsie Valley foods
class, school lunch, or nothing. Wapsie
Valley students acted quickly. Many of
the people on the floor shared their frustrations and argued about the fairness of
the experience before realizing, this ac-
tually happens in today’s world. The students that received meals begged to share
them with their classmates sitting on the
floor until they were reminded that in real
life, it wasn’t that easy. After students had
developed a form of empathy for the low
class people of the world, Wapsie Valley
students were reminded of just how lucky
they were, and the “low class” students
were served school lunch. As students
continued eating they were reminded of
how many people can be affected from service from a single person as they watched
a presentation of pictures of themselves
from the past week. Following lunch, students were given little key charms with a
saying attached that read, “You hold the
key to making a change in the world.”
Many students shared their thoughts after
and gave thanks for bringing awareness of
the problems in the world back to Wapsie Valley as well as providing guidance
for them to learn what it means to live to
If anyone is interested in assisting at any
of the volunteer organizations or in any
further details of the service project, they
can contact the Wapsie Valley Agriculture
Department at 319-638-6711.
Wapsie Valley
2015-2016 1st Semester Honor Roll
*4.0 for the semester
**3.5 for the semester
7th Grade: Blayde Bellis, Grace Imbrogno,
Asa Kelley, Johnathan Kerns, Kaylee Kleitsch,
Annabelle Knapp*, Kiana Lortz*, Colin
O'Donnell, Ethan Oltrogge*, Kobe Risse,
Trevor Sauerbrei*, Macey Schmit*, Courtney
Schmitz, Brody Stark, Cody Wilke*, Dallas
Wittenburg*, Camryn Wolfe
8th Grade: Viktoria Anderson, Kaci
Beesecker, Morgan Biretz*, Tanner Blaylock,
Hannah Eitzenhefer, Amelia Garber*, Cayle
Huebner*, Gavin Hyde*, Samantha Kane*,
Traeton Kaufman, Melody Kayser, Hannah
Miller*, Cole Neil, Kennadi Neil, Bradly
Pierce, Andruw Powell, Reily Richards, Paige
Robinson, Katie Sauerbrei, Samantha Schnor,
Emma Silva*, Elsie VanDaele*, Reese Welcher
9th Grade: Magen Biretz, Cassidy Brunscheon**, Izabella Burkhardt, Grant Grober,
Maria Hammitt*, Sadie Harford, Mikenna
Joerger, Abram Kemps, Hayley Kleinheksel, Mekyley Klenzman, Kaleb Krall, Trystan
Lampe, Julia LaRue**, Lydia Martins, Karissa
Michael, Erin Riordan, Jacob Risse**, Evie
Roberts, Nolan Rochford, Tanner Sauerbrei**,
Kinley Saulsberry, Carley Schmit**, Austin
Warnke*, Tyler Wolfe
10th Grade: Sean Banger, Mitchel Bartels, Ashley Gonzales, Britney Hershey, Erika
Jeanes*, Maria Kayser, Carson Kerns, Jacob
Kuhlmann, Madison Landsgard, Charlotte
Lundberg, Brandi Marticoff, Riley McDaniel,
Cameron O Donnell**, Donald Schmit**, Colin Schrader, Benjamin Weepie, Jackson Willey,
Austin Wittenburg*
11th Grade: Christian Baumgartner, Abigail Buzynski**, Andrew Buzynski*, Kailee
Delagardelle, Mandy Even, Brittany Garbes,
Holly Haberman, Breanna Hakeman, Jacob
Hammitt, Lakin Joerger**, Jordan Kalenske,
Meghan Kleitsch*, Jaden Kuethe, Hallie Little, Samuel Lundt, Alec Marticoff**, Abigail McClain, Delaney Mohlis, Hanna Risse,
Natalie Risse**, Samantha Rohlfsen, Anna
Sauerbrei**, Taylan Sauerbrei**, Benjamin
Schmitz*, Malena Silva, Jordan Suhr, Grant
Weepie*, Dayten Wittenburg**
12th Grade: Kyla Billington, Brianne
Bockholt*, Jarod Bodensteiner, Jacob Boevers, Isaac Brownell*, Lindsey Buhr, Courtney Dinsdale**, Madeline Garber*, Luke
Gnewuch*, Tyler Haberman*, Jacob Harks**,
Ben Huebner, Brandon Hyde*, Parker Kerns*,
Baylee Kleitsch*, Dylan Lampe, Rachel Lanigan*, Sidney Larson, Emily Martins, Morgan McGarvey, McKenna Meinecke*, Austin
Mitchell, Tanner Mohlis, Alexis Morse, Reegan Platte, Gabrielle Power**, Peyton Schares*, Austin Shepherd*, Kimberlyn Sommerfeldt, Timothy Warnke*, Haley Weepie*, Colin
Wheeler, Collin Woods**
Wednesday, February 24, 2016
Readlyn Chronicle
Page 7
Jacob Joerger, Rylan Duffy, Sean Banger, and the sophomore class helped box up the
Toys for Tots campaign at the Salvation Army.
Malena Silva, Anna Sauerbrei, Abby McClain, and the junior class helped clean at the
Cedar Valley Boys and Girls Club.
Bryce Ackerman, McKenna Meinecke, and the senior class also assisted at the Salvation
During the poverty meal, students were separated into three random groups of low, middle, and high class. The low class, as pictured, were seated on the floor.
Spaghetti Dinner
TUESDAY, MARCH 8 • 5:30-6:30 PM
in the Wapsie SR/JR High Multipurpose Room
Spaghi, Garlic Bread, Luce Salad, Homemade Derts
Proceeds to help fund the music department activities.
Pops Concert begins at 7:00 pm
Admission: Adults $5 , Students $3, 4 & under free
Page 8
Readlyn Chronicle
News from Community
No Greater Love
Greater love has no one than this, that
someone lay down his life for his friends.
John 15:13
In the month of February we are all surrounded by many pleasant things that remind us of love such as hearts, chocolates,
flowers and oh yes, those witty conversation
hearts. Here at school our students exchange
Valentines and quite possibly some goodies
to show their appreciation for each other.
It’s during this time of year that we are really reminded to love. However, we hope and
pray that for our students and all others; loving thy neighbor is a day-to-day occurrence
and not just a month long event. Loving
your friends can be a challenge; especially
when considering we live in a world full of
sin. However, because Christ demonstrated
the greatest love by dying on the cross, we
are all able to spread His great love.
Some 1st and 2nd graders are enjoying
the Valentine's Day photo booth.
Wednesday, February 24, 2016
Lutheran School
During the first week in February, Community Lutheran students exhibited love by
celebrating a “Red Out” week. This week
was dedicated to helping the American
Heart Association and raising awareness in
our students about heart health, exercise and
nutrition. Unfortunately, due to the weather,
we missed two days of school this week but
we were still able to have lots of fun. The
students got to enjoy dress-up days including; sweats day (everyone got to wear their
sweats so we could exercise throughout the
day), 100-year-old day (the students dressed
like a 100-year-old), and lastly, the students
got to wear their AHA red shirts on Friday to
show their support for the cause. During the
“Red Out” week our students raised funds
totaling $1550 for the American Heart Association. We pray that God helps this organization in their research and may He heal and
comfort those with heart problems.
A milestone event that also happened
during “Red Out” week was the 2015-2016
school year’s 100th day of school! The students and staff celebrated by dressing as 100
year olds and there were many believable
costumes! Many had gray hair, bow ties,
suspenders and even walkers! Some other
fun things the students did were; sharing
100 pieces of snacks with their peers, building something out of 100 objects such as
toothpicks, legos, etc. and also, they made
portraits of themselves as 100-year-olds. It
was definitely a fun day for all!
The next week our teachers held the final
parent/teacher conferences for the year. For
parents, it is always a joy to see how your
student(s) progress throughout the year. Furthermore, for our staff it is important to keep
our parents involved so that we can all work
as a team to nurture and develop our students. There are always some special things
that happen at conferences and whether it
is praying with your student’s teacher or
having your son or daughter lead their own
conference, we hope all of our parents appreciated the reports. Also, we want to thank
our teachers for putting in the extra time and
effort to organize the conferences.
Valentine’s week was full of showing our
friends love and appreciation. During this
week our students completed Iowa Basic
Skills tests and so it was only fitting to end
the week with all kinds of parties and treats!
Many of the students made unique and creative Valentine’s boxes that they used during
their Valentine exchanges. It was great to
see how creative these boxes were and we
want to thank all the families for helping
their student(s). We also want to thank those
families who prepared for or attended a Valentine’s party. There were wonderful crafts,
treats, face painting and even a Valentine’s
photo booth! We appreciate your help in
spreading some love for Valentine’s Day!
Also, a celebration in the community that
promotes love and helping others was the
Annual Keep Your Heart in Readlyn Valentines’ Ball. Every year, we receive funds
from this wonderful event to help our school.
First, we want to thank the committee and
the Readlyn Community Club who organizes this event. We appreciate your willingness
to not only help CLS but the whole community. Thank you for spreading love generously. Secondly, we want to thank Chris
Forsyth, who handcrafted a jewelry cabinet
for this event. The cabinet was Community
Lutheran’s donation to the ball and our way
of “giving back” to this amazing event that
has helped
us so much
in the past.
Another event that
we hoped would encourage our students to show
love was the “classroom coin war.”
This was a competition between each classroom to see who could raise the most funds
for a program called All For Books. This is
a program that goes on during our school
book fair, which will be held February 22
through March 4. This year’s book fair is
themed “Feelin’ Groovy Book Fair; Peace,
Love & Jesus.” Come and check it out! The
All For Books program helps us raise funds
for our classroom libraries. It is important to
build our classroom libraries with books that
spike interest in our students and encourages
them to read. Although it was a “coin war”
we hope our students learned how essential
it is to help their peers through reading and
Lastly, we are very excited for our students to continue spreading Christ’s love.
They will have many upcoming opportunities such as during Lutheran Schools Week
and while signing “What a Friend We Have
In Jesus” at both the St. Paul and Immanuel churches. Not only is it important for our
students to show love to thy neighbor but it
is important for all of us. Because of Christ,
our greatest friend, we have been shown the
greatest love of all.
The CLS boys basketball team is enjoying themselves at the post-season party.
The Pre-K/K classroom enjoyed dressing up on the 100th day of school.
Reagan, Kali and Hazel enjoyed some special snacks on the 100th day of school.
Wednesday, February 24, 2016
Readlyn Chronicle
Page 9
Business Sponsor Spotlight
The Accel Group — more
than just an insurance agency
Gone are the days of the one-man storefront on Main Street where Mr. Jones or
Mr. Smith sold your family auto and life
insurance. Today, The Accel Group has
become a one-stop shop for a variety of
business and individual insurance and financial needs.
The Accel Group and its 37 employees
in the Cedar Valley is at the forefront of
industry changes. It has evolved into a
resource for business, personal, and agribusiness insurance; for financial services
and retirement plans; employee benefits;
human resource assistance; and yes, wellness initiatives. Still with a personal touch.
The agency was formed in 1936 by Leslie J. Young and has grown and evolved
over the last 75 + years into a full-service
agency serving the Cedar Valley and beyond. President and Partner Mike Byl
says The Accel Group is a partnership of
specialists, not generalists, working with
entrepreneurs, executives and individuals
who care about people and want a strong,
integrated relationship with their partners.
Its mission is to "capitalize on opportunities and offer custom solutions designed to
accelerate your success.”
"We looked at our customers and asked
how we could assist them by providing
additional services other than the ones
we are providing today," Byl said. "We
are more than your business insurance
specialists. In recent years, we've done a
lot of human resource consulting, worked
with loss control issues, developed wellness plans, and worked with individuals to
develop a complete home, auto, and life
plan that works for them and their family.
Just thinking outside the box on how we
can be a total solution."
The Accel Group spends a lot of time
getting to know its clients, not only in
terms of how much a building or home
should be insured for, but also to understand what your client does and what
keeps them up at night – then offering a
solution to help them rest easier.
The company is also very focused on
community involvement, both as an agency and its employees.
"We have a lot of employees who participate throughout the Cedar Valley, including the Greater Cedar Valley Alliance
& Chamber, Waverly Chamber/Main
Street, Cedar Falls Main Street, Cedar
Valley Soccer Association, Cedar Valley
Sports Commission, North Star Community Services, Junior Achievement, W-SR
Schools, Cedar Falls Community Schools,
Denver Schools, and many others,” Byl
An event put on by the agency, The
Accel Triathlon, is known for promoting
health, wellness, and volunteerism while
raising funds for community causes.
The third annual Accel Triathlon, held at
George Wyth State Park, will take place
this year on Sunday, June 12.
"The Accel Group is consistently working to look out for our clients, to provide
for you, to protect you.
“We're constantly looking for how we
can do more for you. The ‘Accel Advantage` was created with history rich in helping others for over 75 years.”
For more information on how The Accel Group can help you or your business
accelerate your success, visit their website
at: www.AccelAdvantage.com.
Thanks to FFA
For the past several years, the Poor Farm Foundation has utilized the FFA groups
from Wapsie Valley and Waverly-Shell Rock to help spruce up
our buildings and grounds. This past year about 10-15 students
helped in the spring.
Jobs they completed were brush trimming, tree trimming,
moving brush, picking up trash, pulling weeds, inside and outside painting, and just doing what needed to be done.
The PFF appreciates all of this fine work completed by
these fine youth.
Thanks also to Ellen Doese and Dave Carlson, the instructors of these two fine organizations.
Pictured left to right are scholarship winners Kassidy Kuhlmann, Ben Huebner and Emily
Bremer County Corn/Soybean
Growers hold annual banquet
One hundred twenty-one members attended the Banquet held on Jan. 27 at
the Center Inn in Readlyn, Iowa. After
a delicious meal was served by Sunrise
Catering, President Steve Mummelthei
introduced Mark Lenius who explained
our Sponsorship program and goals of
our Association. A huge thank you to the
following businesses for being sponsors
as of this writing: Channel Seeds, Roach
Farms, Mummelthei Seed Inc., Pioneer
Seed, the ACCEL group, Farm Credit
Services of American, Schneider Milling,
CropWise Consulting LLC, First National Bank, and Readlyn and Tripoli Savings
Bank. Flint Hills Resources sponsored the
meal for the banquet.
After the secretary and treasurer’s reports, Jeff Reynolds of Sumner presented
$400 scholarships to the following applicants:
Stone Schmudlach, son of Wade and
Donna of Tripoli, graduating from Waverly- Shell Rock this spring, and will attend
Iowa State University next fall to study
Agricultural Biology.
Ben Huebner, son of Rick and Janet Huebner of Readlyn, graduating from
Wapsie Valley this spring and will attend
Hawkeye Community College this fall to
study Ag Power Technology.
Lindsey Meyer, daughter of Mike and
Laurie Meyer of Sumner will graduate
this spring from Sumner-Fredericksburg
and will attend the University of Iowa this
fall to study Speech and Hearing Science.
Emily Martins, daughter of Doug and
Janice Martins of Fairbank will graduate
from Wapsie Valley and plans to attend
Hawkeye Community College this fall
and then go on to Iowa State to study Agriculture Science.
Katelin Pagel, daughter of Marty and
Beth Pagel of Sumner will graduate this
spring from Sumner-Fredericksburg and
plans to attend Hawkeye Community College this fall to study Ag Business.
Kassidy Kuhlmann, daughter of Tom
and Karen Kuhlmann of Tripoli will graduate this spring from Wapsie Valley and
plans on attending Iowa State University
to study Agricultural Education.
At least two paragraphs could be written about each of these students’ accomplishments and about their activities in
4-H, FFA, and their volunteering in local
community projects, church involvement
and the goals each of them have to going
forward with their education and serve
fellow citizens in the Agriculture field.
The scholarship committee agreed that
they all will be an asset to the future of
Speaker for the evening was Carl Babler
of Atten/Babler Commodities of Galena,
IL. Carl spoke about the recent prices of
all commodities and how they relate to
each other. He used examples of oil, steel,
coal, gas, lumber, corn and soybeans. The
prices of each seem to change worldwide
as we use them all and demand or lack of
it causes change in value. Farmers need
to use financial planning when buying and
selling products. Everyone enjoyed his
The meeting was adjourned and closed
with a drawing of door prizes consisting
of ethanol certificates, toy tractors and
tickets to the “Iowa Corn 300” race in
Newton, Iowa.
— Submitted by Ron Leistikow
Email news to:
[email protected]
Quality Distributors, Inc.
Distributors of
P.O. Box 332
101 Main Street
Readlyn, IA 50668
Liquid F rtilizers
Bus. 800-817-6843
Cell 319-269-3941
Fax: 319-279-3380
Email - [email protected]
Fertilizer & Chemical Sales, Soil Testing & Custom Application
Page 10
Readlyn Chronicle
Wednesday, February 24, 2016
Lawrence A. Stumme Jr. & Ethan D. Epley
171 E. Main, Box 50
Denver, Iowa 50622
Phone: (319) 984-5479
Sunrise Catering
Jim Collins
PO Box 190
• Full Service Catering
IA 50668
• Weddings
• Special Events
(319) 279-4089
• Company Picnics
(319) 961-8610
Family Needs
Dentist Richard H. Rettig
224 S. Main St., Tripoli, IA
(319) 332-3555
Denver Drug and Photo
340 S. State St., Denver
(319) 984-5691 • (800) 974-5691
Kaiser-Corson Funeral Home
205 Highland Ave. • (319) 279-3551
Quarter Ave. Storage
2310 Quarter Ave.
(319) 240-1122
Readlyn Chiropractic Clinic
307 Main St.
(319) 279-3877
Readlyn Community Library
309 Main St., PO Box 249
(319) 279-3432
Hair and
Waverly Family Dentistry,
Alan Young, DDS
1404 3rd Street SW, Waverly, IA
Food and
Center Inn & Fire House Bar & Grill
209 Main St. Box 141
(319) 279-3839
Fairbank Food Center
Dolan & Kristi Burreson
102 4th St. N., Fairbank
(319) 635-2139
103 3rd St., Frederika, IA 50631
(319) 275-4301
Dreams Hair Studio
224 Kalman Ave.
(319) 279-4060
Farm Bureau - David C. Matthias
Office: (319) 352-3667
Home: (319) 279-3545
L&L Ag Repair
2220 Reed Ave.
(319) 279-3363
Mane Event Family Hair Salon
269 Main Street, Readlyn
Salon: 319-279-3060
Becky South ~ 319-464-2614
Farm Bureau - Jim Peters
Office (563) 578-8054
Office (319) 352-3667
Home (319) 279-3266
Nick’s Repair - 211 Malone Ave.,
Readlyn, IA - (319) 279-3517 or
(319) 269-5604 - Service & repair
of small engines & outdoor power
Readlyn Mutual Ins. Association
234 Main St. • (319) 279-3893
Landscaping &
Reiter Repair LLC
3501 East Cedar Wapsie Rd.,
319-279-3876 • Cell 319-231-2452
The Accel Group
Waverly • Cedar Falls • Denver
(800) 369-3525
Tiedt Nursery
2419 E. Bremer Ave., Waverly
(319) 352-0418
RA Machine
2504 230th St. • (319) 279-3161
Schuldt Repair
2261 Reed Ave. • (319) 279-3539
Specialty Businesses
Readlyn Savings Bank
141 Main St. • (319) 279-3321
RTC Communications
121 Main St. • (319) 279-3375
Farmers Savings Bank
Massage Therapy & Reiki
Sheila Rosengarten, LMT, RMT
136 Main St, Readlyn, IA (319)290-3392
Buhrow’s Floors N’ More
240 South State St., Denver, IA
(319) 984-5301 • (866) 984-5301
[email protected]
Brainard Hollow
Owner: Katie Trimble
210 E Main St, Fairbank, IA
(319) 231-9856
Doc’s Knife Works
Denver, Iowa
(319) 984-6396
First National Bank
(319) 352-1340
The Jig & Fly Shop and
Gary’s Wood & Craft
Garylee Thurm
405 5th St. Place, Readlyn
(319) 279-3228
Quality Accounting
Personal Income Tax
Todd Kuethe or Paul Bristow
1002 Broadway, Waterloo, IA 50703
(319) 234-2813
Herman’s Kitchen & Bath Design
130 W. Fayette St., Denver, IA
Sumner Dollar Plus
More than a dollar store!
103 E. 1st St., Sumner, IA
(563) 233-8074
Love and Lace
220 E. Bremer Ave., Waverly, IA
(319) 352-0243
Tastefully Simple - Lisa Oberle
(319) 279-3297
[email protected]
My Other Home Antiques
120 S. Main St., Tripoli
(319) 961-0779
Tenenbaum’s Jewelry
219 E. Bremer Ave., Waverly
Myers Polaris
304 E. Main, Fairbank, IA
(319) 635-2311 • (888) 282-9992
Wapsie Pines
Danny Moulds, Owner
1916 State St., Cedar Falls, IA
(319) 277-9400
[email protected]
Inspired Luncheonette
314 Main St.
(319) 279-3051
Flint Hills Resources
Fairbank 319-635-9404
Shell Rock 319-885-2012
Newy’s Wireless Communications US Cellular - Jeff Neuendorf
1022 Skyler St. PO Box 681, Denver, IA
(319) 240-7150
Sunrise Catering
226 Main St.
(319) 279-4089
Gary Laydon Porta Pots
1609 130th St., Plainfield
(319) 276-4613 • (319) 240-4613
Panther Lanes
502 7th Ave. SW, Tripoli, IA
(319) 882-3753
Wapsie Ridge Golf Course
2652 Vine Ave., Fairbank • (319) 638-4653
Have your business recognized on this
page! Email [email protected]
com, call Ron Leistikow at 279-3548,
or stop by the library.
Wednesday, February 24, 2016
Readlyn Chronicle
Page 11
Poor Farm display at Denver Library
This year, the Denver Public Library Poor Farm Foundation, visit their website
has featured displays from many different at www.poorfarm.org
businesses and organizations
in the Denver and Bremer
County area. During January and February, the library is hosting an exhibit
created by members of the
Poor Farm Foundation. The
exhibit features pictures,
stories, and artifacts from
the former county home site.
The public can see some of
the tools and cooking utensils used by the residents
who lived in the facility
during its operation.
The Poor Farm Foundation, which is managed
and directed by a Board of
Directors drawn from each
township in Bremer County, is dedicated to making
people aware of the role this
facility played in our county
history. The foundation has
worked to restore the home
and farm buildings and has
hosted many events at the
site. The foundation has
made the site available to
many organizations, community groups, and private
individuals for various activities and private events.
Be sure to stop by the
Denver Library to view this
informative display through Mary Buls and Corrinne Meyer from the Poor Farm Founthe month of February. For dation work on a display at the Denver Public Library.
more information on the
Ag Resources
Bob Tiedt Drainage
1509 Horton Rd., Waverly
(319) 404-2677
R&R Drainage LLC
Randy and Linda Bast, Jesup, Iowa
(319) 239-6455
Farmers Co-op
223 E. 1st St. • (319) 279-3396
Readlyn Farm Automation Co.
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Readlyn Chronicle
Pearls of Wisdom
By Pastor Mark Lund
St. Matthew Lutheran Church and Zion Lutheran Church
“Keep the Faith”
“The LORD God took the man and put
him in the garden of Eden to work it and
keep it.” (Genesis 2:15)
The word translated from the original
Hebrew (transliterated as “Shamar”) into
English as “keep” was used by God many
times throughout the Old Testament. He
used it when He made His Covenant with
Abraham: “And God said to Abraham, ‘As
for you, you shall keep my covenant, you
and your offspring after you throughout their
generations.’” (Genesis 17:9) It’s also the
same word the Lord used throughout the Torah to refer to Israel’s duty to keep His commandments: “You shall follow my rules and
keep my statutes and walk in them. I am the
LORD your God.” (Leviticus 18:4)
A lot of people incorrectly imagine that
God is making these demands of His people
because He is needy, like a clingy boyfriend
or something. The truth is, God doesn’t need
us to be faithful to Him. He doesn’t need
anything. He isn’t depending on us. Our
neighbor, on the other hand, certainly does
have needs. He definitely is depending on us.
In dealing with the Israelites, God was very
concerned that His people keep the commandments not only for their own good, but
for the good of their children, that they might
know Him and live long in the land He was
giving them (Deuteronomy 4:9-10, Exodus
20:12). Likewise, God set Adam in the garden as the manager, and gave him the command not to eat of the Tree of the Knowledge
of Good and Evil not only for Adam’s sake,
but for Eve’s and all of creation’s sake. From
Scripture, and from our own experience, it is
plain to see that the way in which we manage
the life God has given us has repercussions
not only for us, but for everyone around us.
The way we live today reverberates down
through the generations.
Ultimately, everyone who has faith in
God, has faith because the Lord’s Word was
handed down faithfully to them by previous
generations. Likewise, those who model a
responsible stewardship of God’s creation
do so in almost every case because they witnessed someone modeling it for them. Having faithful Christian role models, especially in the home, is more important than we
know. Researchers have found that the way
in which parents model faith in God has a
tremendous impact on the faith practices of
their children as they become adults. Notre
Dame Professor Christian Smith, a prolific
author and one of the leading Sociologists
of Religion, in an interview about his research published for Resources for American
Christianity, said that not only does faithful
religious practice of parents tend to lead to
the same in their children, but parents’ influence on their children’s beliefs and practices
doesn’t seem to wane much as their children
reach the teenage years and beyond. He said,
“A lot of parents think that they don’t matter
anymore once their kid hits teenage years,
but their influence still has a huge impact on
their children, for better or worse. Parents
have a lot of responsibility for the religious
beliefs and practices of their children, even
when they pass beyond the teenage years.”
This is by God’s design. Our faith isn’t
just our faith. It is the faith of the church
and the faith of our families. It is the faith
of our fathers and the faith of future generations. Furthermore, our faith isn’t limited in
impact to what we simply profess to believe.
Its true impact is felt when it is lived out every day. Even if people don’t consider themselves very religious, they are still practicing
a certain set of beliefs. They have a world
view that shapes their priorities and activities which will inevitably influence their
children’s beliefs and behaviors. Good stewardship starts by recognizing that how we put
our faith into practice matters not only to us,
but to those around us and the generations to
come. Therefore, good stewardship is about
faithfully managing all of the good gifts God
has given us and practicing our faith in such
a way that we might hand the faith and the
gifts on to the next generation intact and unbroken.
A concrete way in which your family can
practice this kind of good stewardship is setting aside time for devotions at home. While
sitting around the kitchen table as a family,
set aside a few minutes to read scripture and
pray. Include the Lord’s Prayer and Luther’s
morning or evening prayer from the Small
Catechism, as well as prayer for each other
and others in need. Using a devotional resource, such as Portals of Prayer, is helpful.
Confess the Creed and recite the Ten Commandments. It may seem awkward at first,
but once it becomes a habit, it will just be a
normal part of your day. It will be a blessing
not only for yourself, but for your children,
and for their children, and for all your generations to come. That’s how you “Keep the
In Christ,
We have a simple policy and
philosophy here. We take
care of our customers.
Phone: 319-404-2677
1509 Horton Road
Fax: 319-352-0277
Waverly, IA 50677
E-mail: [email protected]
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Time of Transfer Inspector
Helping Hands
Clothing Closet
2029 Viking Ave.
Hwy. V56 - Sumner
Hours: Tuesdays, 9-11 AM
Wednesdays, 6:30-7:30 PM
First Saturday of the month 9-11 AM
Brief application required;
providing FREE clothing to those in need
His Hands
Food Pantry
5002 Main Street
Hours: Tuesdays, 5-8 PM
Fridays 9 AM-12 Noon
Brief application required
Currently serving Readlyn, Sumner,
Fairbank and Oran area residents
Wednesday, February 24, 2016
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Zion Lutheran Church
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Divine Service 10 a.m.
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