September 2014 - Peterborough Figure Skating Club



September 2014 - Peterborough Figure Skating Club
Volume 2 Issue 1
September 2014
Peterborough Figure
Skating Club
P.F.S.C. Executive
President– Hallie Atter
Vice-President—Tara Paul
Past President– Diane Sargent
Treasurer - Kim Morello
Coaches Liason - Cindy MeinMoloney
Test Chairs - Alana Jolley/
Chandos Hickey
Secretary - Susan Sparkes
Section Rep—Lara Oosting
Music Chair - Jerry Lu
Membership Chair—Susan
Media Chair—Diane Sargent/Tara
CanSkate Session Rep –Erica
CanSkate Adv. Session Rep StarSkate 1 Rep– Tara Paul
StarSkate 2 Rep—Kim Morello
Synchro Rep –Kathy Woodbeck
Lori Atkins
Judy Bates
Troy Hockley
Brigitte Mackey
Cindy Mein-Moloney
Barry Morrison
Bonnie Porter-Martin
Jessica Pritchard
Kim Wilson
Dawn Cumby-Dallin
Celina Kosmala
Janice Haig-Ireland
Karen Bulger (Consultant)
Looking for a
private coach?
Information on
each coach is
posted on our
Back to the Ice!
It’s always an exciting time when
things start up again in the fall especially in our Skating arena! It’s good
to get back into a routine and connect with friends we may not have
seen all summer. And it’s even better to hear the scrape of the blade on
the ice as our skaters return.
The Board of Directors have been
busy all summer planning and
scheduling our ice times and organizing great events for this years
KidSkate programs will take place
on Monday and Wednesday nights
for 30 minutes each. CanSkate sessions will be on Wednesday nights
only. CanSkate Advanced skaters
will skate on Mondays and Fridays.
StarSkate 1 and 2 skaters will have
sessions on Mondays, Wednesdays,
Thursdays and Fridays.
REMINDER: Skaters who have
not passed Stage 5 of the CanSkate program must wear a CSA
approved helmet when on the
ice. This is a Skate Canada rule
and must be followed by all skaters.
We are excited to announce that
we are working on creating a
special bi-monthly dance session
for our StarSkate skaters on Tuesday mornings.
We are also planning on offering
our skaters Off Ice training with
the talented Mandy Livings. We
began these sessions with a variety
of our StarSkaters in the spring
and it was a rousing success.
Finally, PFSC is now on Facebook and Twitter! Join our Facebook page to see updates, pictures
from our past and present as well
as great memories! Follow us on
Twitter for quick updates and links
to our promotions and news.
This is going to be another great
season at PFSC!
Happy Skating!
We have decided to revamp our PFSC logo and colours and would like the help of our members to create a new logo.
Skaters are asked to create and submit a new symbol/design that includes our club name with
some symbol or design that they think represents our Peterborough Figure Skating Club.
Our board of directors will review all submissions and with the help of a graphic designer will
choose 3-5 designs which we are asking all our members, skaters and parents alike to vote on.
Our new logo will then be added to our club Spiritwear as well as placed on a banner for use in
photos and club events.
The winner of our design contest will receive spirit wear with their design!
We are also planning on community events such as our Pizza nights, Toy Drive for Christ-
mas and a float in the Peterborough Santa Claus Parade on December 5th!
Keep checking our website, Facebook and Twitter as well as our newsletters to stay in
Congratulations to our 2013-2014 award winners presented at our AGM in May 2014
(Front l-r) :Asha Chandra (Oscar Weiss Introductory Ladies Free Skate), Sarah Sargent (Skate Canada Medal), Mya Jolley (Pre Preliminary Ladies Free Skate), Danica Werry (Skate Canada Spirit Award), Tyler Morello (Kiwanis of Kawartha Award), Sophia Lu (Canskate
Advanced Award), Brooklyn Corfe (Skate Canada Spirit Award), Rachel Atter (Program Assistant).
(Back l-r) :Jerry Lu (Parent Volunteer Award), Tara Paul (Volunteer of the Year), Laura Pede (Intermediate Ladies Junior Bronze/
Barbara Scott Trophy), Kortney Morello (Program Assistant Certificate), Shawna Sparkes (Junior/Silver Award), Kendra Morello
(Ladies Junior/Senior Bronze Free Skate/RJ Garner Trophy), Taryn Rollins (Preliminary Interpretive), Carlie Lorentz (Sportsmanship
Award), Laurence Emery (Bronze Artistic), Tori Wakeford (Dutrizac Award), Emma Atter (Dorothy Martin Preliminary Ladies Free
Skate/Ena Irene Westby Artistic Award).
Missing; Jeff Cui, Lauren Mann. (Barbara Thompson Award), Melanie O’Hara (Dance Award), Cassandra Sargent (Golaska Award).
Back Page Story Headline
Reminders when on the ice…Helmet Policy
On July 1, 2011 Skate Canada implemented a Helmet Use policy.
This policy was implemented as a proactive safety measure to help
protect members in the early stages of the CanSkate program that
are learning how to skate. A hockey helmet should fit snug to prevent any shifting and maximize protection.
Make sure the chinstrap can be adjusted so it gently makes contact under the chin
when fastened.
For an adjustable helmet, open it to the largest setting and gradually begin to
downsize the helmet until a comfortably snug fit is achieved. The helmet should
rest on the head so that the rim is one finger width above the eyebrow and making contact with the top of your head.
Although most helmets are lined with protective foam, some helmets will feel
better than others. Try on different brands of helmets for fit and comfort.
All CSA certified helmets have a sticker indicating their certification. If you
would like more information on helmet use and injury prevention we recommend
you visit Think First at
KidSkate Sessions
Our KidSkate session is a wonderful place for our very tiny skaters to begin their life on the ice. Some of our little ones are as young as 2-3 years old
so this may be their first time in any activity. We begin our first 3-4 sessions OFF the ice for 5-10 minutes getting our skaters accustomed to being on
their blades. This lessons will take place in the KidSkate dressing room. We will go over basic safety regarding blades and being careful when we are
wearing our skates. We will also be learning things like how to get up and down while wearing our skates. Then our skaters will be on the ice to begin
their lessons with our KidSkate coach, Janice Haig-Ireland. Janice will also be assisted by some Program Assistants, PA’s who will be identifiable by
their bright yellow armbands.
Some of our little skaters may take longer to become accustomed to the ice. Please be assured that they will be treated with kindness and encouraged
to take the risks necessary to start to skate. Our coaches use games, toys and fun activities to help these little ones get up on their blades and join in.
Within a few weeks you will see a great difference in their abilities. The next step is our CanSkate program.
CanSkate Programs
Skate Canada has created a new CanSkate Program that is to be implemented by 2014. We here at PFSC have been offering the program
since our fall session of 2012. Our CanSkate director is Jessica Pritchard and she will be assisted by coaches Cindy Mein-Moloney, Barry
Morrison, Brigitte Mackey, Judy Bates and Kate Brooks as well as our trained Program Assistants (P.A.’s).
The CanSkate program is a series of stations that skaters move through in each session to improve the basic skills and footwork skaters
need to advance. Skaters work in their leveled groups from 1-5 as they move from station to station to achieve their ribbons in Balance,
Control and Agility. Assessments take place by the coaches after every 3-4 sessions to provide feedback and direction for the skaters. At
the end of the Fall session in December, skaters will receive their Report Card indicating which skills they have achieved as well as any
ribbons or badges attained. The winter session from January to March will follow the same format with reports being handed out at the
end of March. All skaters proceed at their own pace determined by their effort and skill. Some levels are more difficult than others so
please continue to support and encourage your skater to always try their best.
All skaters from KidSkate to CanSkate Level 5 are required to wear a CSA approved Hockey helmet. See the links above for more information.
We also ask all parents to be mindful of the coaches by viewing from the stands only. Please respect our Skater’s Only sections. When
picking up your skater please refrain from standing on the stairs. PA’s will assist skaters down the stair to meet parents. Arena policy
states that skaters may only put their skates on/off in the assigned dressing rooms. Please do NOT use the benches in the hall for putting on equipment.
CanSkate Advanced
Our CanSkate Advanced Program is a development program introducing basic figure skating skills including stroking, turning, spinning and jumping. This Development Program will introduce the athlete to higher skill levels
and to the 4 disciplines of figure skating, enabling them to test and compete in the Skate Canada STARSkate or the
Competitive stream of Skate Canada. Monday night lessons are given in a group format. It is encouraged that you
start semi private or private lessons which can be arranged by contacting anyone of our coaches either in person or
by email. Emails are available on the PFSC website. CanSkate Advanced is a program for children who have an
interest in developing the aspects for skating from our CanSkate program and who have passed Stage 3. Our Friday
night program gives extra ice time to our skaters to work on Patch or Stroking with the StarSkaters as well as further time for private lessons with coaches. Skaters are encouraged to work on any elements during the free skate
portion of their evening. Coaches will determine when a Skater is ready to move on to the StarSkate Level.
StarSkate 1 and 2
The STAR competition program is comprised of five different levels of events for skaters who have completed the CanSkate program. It introduces participants to key components of
figure skating including performance, assessment, and competition. STAR 1-5 fits into the Learn to Train level of Skate
Canada’s Long-Term Athlete Development Model (LTDM). Each stage of this national program emphasizes key skills
such as turns, stroking, jumps, spins, and different aspects of performance that have been designated by figure skating
experts as necessary for development and progression in our sport. It is important to note that every skater is unique
and will advance at different rates due to various factors such as growth spurts and participation. To accommodate individual needs, the STAR 1-5 competition program is designed to be fluid and allow skaters to progress at their own pace,
even skipping levels if appropriate; skaters may move through several levels in a season or stay at the same level– it’s
all dependent on individual athlete development! At all stages and levels, parents should discuss their skater’s progress
with their coach to determine the best options for them. Please follow the link for more information:
Websites of interest:
Peterborough Skating Club is a volunteer based, not-for
profit organization. All of our Board members are volunteers.
If you would like to get involved, please consider becoming
part of our Board. We are currently looking for parents who
would be willing and able to organize a Skate/Clothing swap.
As well, we will need some parent volunteers to help out with
Pizza nights, our Toy Drive, Santa Claus Parade Float and
any other opportunities. We also require a parent to act as a
Representative for our CanSkate Advanced sessions. Contact a board member for more information!
Congratulations to
Mya Jolley on
achieving Silver at
her event in Scarborough in May
2014. Thanks to her
coach Brigitte
EOS (Eastern Ontario Skating)
Helmet use policy (more information here)
We are looking for parents to help play
music for our sessions! If every parent
volunteers one session, that’s all it
would take! It’s easy and fun and you
have the best seat in the house! Sign up
on the sheet outside the dressing rooms!
Contact Jerry Lu or your session rep if
you have questions!
Ice Safety Practices
Always enter and exit the ice by the same doors
Keep all doors closed during skating sessions
Leave the ice only if necessary
Wear warm gloves to protect your hands
Hair must always be tied up away from the face
Ensure skates are properly fitted and all screws are in
Skaters practicing with a coach for routines or songs
have priority on the ice—make way please
Use your time wisely to work on items your coach has
suggested. Try to stay focused
Wear proper skating attire. Jeans are not permitted.
Be aware of all the other skaters around you to avoid
Exit the ice promptly when the Zamboni doors open
Upcoming Dates:
-September 18 Wednesday sessions moved to this date
- No skating on Thanksgiving
and Oct. 17, Nov. 10, Dec. 5,
Dec. 26.
- CanSkate and KidSkate sessions start Oct. 15 and 20th
- Pizza Night Oct. 29
- Low Test Day Dec. 1st
- Santa Claus Parade and Toy
Drive Dec. 6
- High Test Day Jan. 19
- Low Test Day Jan. 26
- Always check the webpage!