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AGENCY Arc Worldwide Manila, Philippines Creative
United Laboratories
Max by Revicon
Mail, in-person sampling
Arc Worldwide Manila,
Creative team
Aina A. Remalante
Creative Director
Joan Z. Mate,
Lee Gonzales
Senior Art Directors
Aina A. Remalante
Robert B. Perez
Print Producer
Angie L. Reyes
Project Manager
Vina Cruz
Associate Account
Ines Artadi
Associate Account
Colynn De Guzman
Account Executive
Mail and Door Drops
A great bit of theatre here. But the clever part is in
realising that in order to get to the boss, you have to
get to his P.A. first. For her, there’s the reward of some
pampering at a spa, for him there’s the reward of…well,
a bit of excitement. The vitamins must cost a fair bit to
justify an idea that can’t have been cheap. Still, if they
do extend performance in both the boardroom and the
bedroom, as claimed, worth every cent. PC
The project received a 15% response rate (in a market
where a 5% rating is considered excellent). Of the
successful delivery, 25% were referrals by the initial
target audience who requested that the Max lady visit
their associates so they could receive the same trial
pack. Some recipients commented that the campaign
effort was very engaging, unexpected and something
they would love to do for their own brands. Since then,
the agency has received projects from other companies
requesting a similar creative sampling effort.
2007 Issue 5
Since the target audience follow a strict schedule set
by their secretaries, who filter their mail and control
their diary, the agency devised a two-step plan to
get the trial pack into the boss’s hands. First, it was
important to get the secretary on side. Knowing that
she could make or break the sampling effort, they sent
her a letter that massaged her ego… and promised
her a real massage at The Spa, one of the country’s
premier establishments, if she successfully scheduled
a 10-minute meeting for a Max lady with her boss.
Second, it was important to make the boss pay
attention. On the day of the appointment, a chic lady
in corporate attire enters his office. Within 10 minutes,
she engages him in a conversation about the product.
She mentions Max’s promise to improve his physical
performance both in the boardroom and in the bedroom.
She then hands him a 30-day trial pack but pauses
midway. As a souvenir, she takes off a black thigh
garter and wraps it around the trial pack. She tucks
in a note to the boss and gracefully leaves his office.
August 2007
Inspired by the sexy television campaign for the
multivitamin Max by Revicon, United Laboratories
wanted to send a trial pack to some of the Philippines’
most influential high profile male executives. The goal
was to catch their attention so that they would take the
time to get to know, sample and later on, refer Max to
their associates.

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