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Obidiah’s Army
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Adapted By: Craig Andrews
Published By: Orcs in the Webbe
The Online Resource for Flintloque and Other Black Powder Fantasy
Written By: James Brittain, Mike Roberts and Gavin Syme
Project Co-ordinator: Louise Scott
Additional Support: Steve Blease
Artwork: Pete Knifton
Additional Artwork: James Brittain
Miniatures: Mike Owen
The boxed set of miniatures that accompany this release is available
on the Alternative Armies webstore, product code 5006.
Gavin Syme for letting me bring Obidiah and his nefarious band up
to date. Tony Harwood for the original box art photographs at the
eleventh hour. Emma for the removal of all my errant apostrophes
and other such grammatical faux pas. And special mention goes to
my original Flintloque group; Ben, Mark and CJ, for having already
chosen their forces leaving me with the Deserters back in „96.
to Obidiah's Army (and any other deserter bands) is
totally up to you; however, there are a few constraints
to bear in mind:
The Dwarf paused as Obidiah stirred in his sleep. The
Orc‟s snoring became broken as he rolled over,
mumbling incoherently “...git im muvver, shall y'no...”.
Furtively glancing round the camp at the other sleeping
forms of his deserter „comrades‟, Sven Nockwusrt
silently thanked the gods which had seen him pull
guard duty this night and thanked providence for giving him the opportunity that he craved.
1. Skeletons, Zombies and Liches cannot join a
Deserter Band even if they do escape the influence of
the Dark Czar, as without that it they have no
motivation and simply long to rest in peace. Golems
also cannot join a deserter band as being Magicke
constructs directly animated by the Dark Czar himself
they have no thoughts except those of obedience.
Gargoyles, Ghouls, Vampyres, Werewolves and
Wraiths, having free will, are able to function in
Deserter Bands.
As Obidiah's guttural snoring rhythmically sounded
around the camp once more, Sven cautiously moved
towards the Orc and the object of his nefarious
stalking - Obidiah's bicorne!
2. Dogs and Werewolves cannot be in the same unit of
Deserters, the natural enmity being too great. This is
mainly because of the Tree-Line Wars that took place
centuries ago, and the minor territorial scuffles that still
occasionally take place. If a player wishes to introduce a
Dog into a unit with a Werewolf (or vice versa) then
the two characters must fight it out in melee combat
until either character is killed or routs.
Since joining the deserter band two weeks previous,
Sven had noticed the strange practice “General”
Obidiah had of whispering and talking into his hat. Of
course there could only be one explanation for this
seemingly insane behaviour - it must contain some item
of value, maybe gold or even a treasure map - yes,
surely a treasure map!
3. If you wish to introduce Ghouls or Vampyres into a
deserter band there is a 50% chance they will try to
feed off another member of the band. This character
should be chosen randomly. Trolka and Wraiths are
not included in this selection as neither bleed. Once a
figure has been selected, he/she fights the new
member in melee combat until one of them is dead.
During campaign play, between scenarios, there is a
25% chance they will once again grow hungry and target another member of the band.
Slowly, and with extreme care, Sven prised the bicorne
from Obidiah‟s fingers and carried it carefully back to
the smouldering ashes of the campfire. Sitting down,
he opened the bicorne and looked inside... nothing?
Nothing?!! Verdamndt!! Where was the treasure?!
Surely the Orc wasn't so insane that he talked to his
empty hat?! Mad enough to call a hat Muvver?!!!
It was a question for which Sven would never receive
an answer. Before he could utter a sound, a swarthy
calloused hand covered his mouth, whilst a knife was
jammed up under his chin, burying itself deep within
the Dwarf‟s brain.
Casualty replacements are more problematic for
Deserter Bands, given that they can hardly call for
reinforcements from the army. How you decide to
handle this is up to you as long as it is agreed with your
opponent before play begins. It may be your wish to
give the player a base percentage chance of being able
to find a replacement after each battle. If you, or any of
the other players you game with, play any scenarios
with other units in the same theatre as your Deserter
Band you may use characters that rout from these
battles as the pool from which reinforcements can be
Dropping the corpse to the ground, Obidiah licked his
knife clean before picking his bicorne up off the floor.
Stroking it affectionately, Obidiah whispered quietly;
"No one touches you Muvver, No one..."
The Obidiah's Army miniature set (5006) contains
sixteen character figures to symbolise the main section
of a deserter force. Whilst this force is big enough for
skirmish games it can be increased or decreased in size
to suit the scenario or campaign.
The following modified version of Flintloque‟s
“Between the Games” rules (Flintloque: WIC, p.51;
Flintloque: DITS, p.43) is used.
Any character from a non Deserter unit that was
removed from the table due to Cause A does not roll
for injury between scenarios as normal. First you must
roll to see what happens in the hours after they fled.
Roll a D100 and consult the following table:
The advice we give as far as choosing additional figures
for your squad is to consider where they are currently
operating and where they have been in the past. A
band with a lot of Goblins is more likely to have been
in the Catalucian theatre than on the borders with the
Witchlands. That said if you have a reasonable
explanation as to why they are there, then that‟s fine.
1 - 35%:
35 - 60%:
For the most part the choice of races that can be added
Hung by Provosts
Roll as per the normal rules for injury
between games.
It is from the 35 - 60% group that players with
Deserter Bands can draw their reinforcements. You
can either use these Deserters as replacements for the
casualties sustained or have them automatically join
regardless of losses. Consequently, the size and
composition of a Deserter Band will depend on the
outcome of the Scenario or Campaign.
This unit of Obidiah's Army is regarded as an Irregular
'General' Obidiah Hogswill
Any characters from a Deserter Band that were
removed from the table due to Cause A have a 01% 45% chance of being hanged by the Provosts or the
Local Authorities.
If they survive this then they roll for injury as normal
to see if they rejoin the Band. However, in addition to
any wounds they suffer from the table, they have an
additional 50% chance of suffering one wound because
of being given a good kicking by their fellow soldiers.
If this means that their wounds now equal or exceed
their Wound Factor, they die from the results of the
kangaroo court.
Obidiah does not rout. Instead of fleeing for his life, he
makes a 'strategic withdrawal' from the table to discuss
the situation with his Muvver. He returns to lead once
the battle is over.
A Legendary Elite Orc armed with a sword and a
pistol. His brushes with the hangman's noose and the
army Provosts have led Obidiah to believe he is
immortal (Muvver says so). Full rules for General
Obidiah are in the Rarest Tin, p.39-40.
Obidiah Hogswill was a former Sergeant in His
Majesty's 67th (South Mordor) Regiment. He is now a
Deserter facing the death penalty if captured by the
army Provosts. In his opinion, life has not given him a
fair rub. He beat and bribed his way to the rank of
Sergeant and was beginning to be thought of as
respectable. Unfortunately he crossed the half-Elf
bastard Sharke.
Messa Gruga
Sharke is now a Major in the 105th Rifles, but once
Obidiah was in his unit. Sharke, the ungrateful fool,
had Obidiah framed for the murder of some Dark Elf
whore after Badajobz (it was self-defence!). This was
something that Obidiah would never forget.
Fleeing west the Orc joined up with a large band of
deserters led by the idiot Halfling, Coq au Vin, who
actually thought himself an Emperor. He appointed
Obidiah as his General and under his command the
army was very successful; perhaps too successful as it
led to both the Orcs and the High Elves dispatching
forces to remove the army at La Entrada de Diabolo. The
fighting was fierce and, in the Deserter‟s case, dirty.
Obidiah escaped the battle, killing many with a mine
trap. They lost the fool Halfling in the fight, and best
of all, he humiliated Sharke. Admittedly, the majority of
this once semi-proud army was lost, but that was just a
minor concern. Since then, Obidiah has led the
Deserter Band and searched for riches throughout
Valon, gaining many new Deserters and many more
An Average Trolkin armed with a Dwarf Jager rifle.
Gruga has magical abilities that should be rolled for
before starting the game. He also gains an extra +1 in
melee combat and the „steadfast‟ trait (Flintloque: WIC,
p.53; Flintloque: DITS, p.52) due to his long combat
Dotti Bonkins
armed with a Ferach Elf Musket and an empty jug of
ale, treated as a small-improvised weapon.
Castrado Del Los Spheros
A female Halfling prostitute who counts as
Experienced for many an interesting reason. She carries
a whip (+1 in melee combat) and a throwing knife (full
rules for this can be found in Distractions & Asides 2
on Orcs in the Webbe). Dotti can also, as a special
action, attempt to seduce any character in base to base
contact with her. The base chance is 20%. This is
increased to 35% if the opposing character is Average
and by 50% if they are Raw. Dotti will then keep them
occupied for D6 turns after which they receive a
Shaken Token and must make an Impact 0 Steady
Check. If they remain in play they will not attack Dotti
again during the game.
Svien Dirkschnieder
An Average Finklestein Dwarf armed with Dwarf
Musket Mk 2 (Grapeshotte, p.73). He also has a
throwing axe hidden about his person. The throwing
axe bestows +0 in melee and when thrown acts as per
the throwing knife in Distractions & Asides 2 on Orcs
in the Webbe.
A Raw Dark Elf armed with a Ferach Elf Duelling
Pistol and a spear. He once rode a Unicorn, but it
seems to have mysteriously disappeared.
Pog Mahone
Carlos Los De Marbelos
An Average Dark Elf armed with a Dark Elf
Musketoon and a sword. De Marbelos once had
magical abilities but recently lost them after a blow to
the head from a struggling Unicorn. It is not known
whether this is permanent. In one of the bags he carries
is a stolen Orc Grenadier Bombe.
Miguel De Monte
A Raw Dark Elf Infantryman armed with a Standard
Musket and a knife. He has magical abilities, which are
determined as normal at the start of the game.
Lamond Adragain
An Average Ferach Elf Deserter from the 46eme
Ligne. He was the lone survivor of his company's
campaign in the Witchlands. The experience of seeing
his entire section killed by the Undead resulted in him
turning to alcohol so Lamond suffers from the „Sauce‟
flaw (Flintloque: WIC, p.54; Flintloque: DITS, p.52). If,
during the course of the game, Lamond comes across
alcohol there is also a chance that he succumbs to
temptation and gets more drunk, use the rules found in
Distractions & Asides 1 on Orcs in the Webbe. He is
An Experienced Guinalean Bog Orc who has served
with both the 27th (Illskinning) Foot and the
Guinalean Legion. Pog is armed with an Orc Bessie
Musket with a fixed bayonet. Pog suffers from a -5%
modifier on all firing. This is due to the fact that in his
last unit the Captain and he got into a 'minor
disagreement'. The outcome of this was the death of
the Captain and Pog's desertion. As a souvenir he took
the Captain's hat. This is far too big for this relatively
small Bog Orc, hence the modifier. He has magical
abilities, which are determined as normal at the start of
the game.
manufacturers in the war and has honed his skill so
much that he ignores Misfire rolls, treating any doubles
on successful firing rolls as criticals.
The above characters are those who stayed with
Obidiah after the battle at the La Entrada de Diabolo.
Those below are new recruits.
Norman Buxtar
A Raw Orc deserter formerly of the 5th
Norfhungerland Fusiliers. He is armed with a fowl gun
and carries a bottle of Elf Fyre. Its rules and statistics
are as per the Elf Fyre grenade, however, the bottle of
Elf Fyre has to be lit the turn before it is thrown. If it is
not thrown one turn after lighting or if a natural double
occurs on the throwing roll then the weapon is counted
as going off in the throwers hand and he suffers
damage accordingly.
Fusilier Jean Moriati & Fusilier Eric Moriati
These two brothers both deserted from their respective
forces after their father and mother were hanged
during the Ferach Civil War. As their family's wealth
was confiscated, they joined Obidiah's band in search
of riches. Both are armed with High Ferach Elf
Muskets. Jean also carries a knife down his boot, which
is hidden by his baggy trousers. Eric is a crack-shot and
gains the aimed fire bonus even when firing in the Fire
& Movement sub phase. The brothers are both
Abu-Saul Wohaar
Ulf Schenker
An Average Finklestein Dwarf armed with a grenadelaunching carbine, for which he has 6 standard
grenades stashed in his bag. He also carries a cleaver
(+2 in melee) under his hat.
An Average Othari deserter, who left his previous
stationing after being found bedding his commander‟s
twin daughters. Since that time he has become
something of a play-Othari, and is well renowned for
his exploits with young ladies of all races. Wohaar is
armed with a sword (which he uses for leaning against
more than fighting with) and an Otharmann Jezail
(Grapeshotte, p.82). The eagle-eyed gamer will have
noticed that on the model his weapon is not a
Matchloque weapon as the Jezail is described in
Grapeshotte. Due to the experience of one of the
finest weapon-makers in Valon, Jon Granighte, AbuSaul's Jezail has been converted to a Flintloque weapon
with no reduction in accuracy. It still suffers with
problems due to its length, taking two turns to reload
the weapon.
Rocknie Hoofer
An Experienced Orc, he has been a mercenary for six
years since his desertion from the 67th Foot. During
this time he has wandered far and wide. He is armed
with a Standard Musket and a stolen exquisite quality
Kommisariat Graviski Bureov sword (taken from the
leader of an Undead raiding force). The theft of the
sword has led to him being highly respected amongst
the other Deserters.
Jon Granighte
A notably intolerant Orc, he was raised in the slums of
Londinium. He has never been in any recognised force
on Valon. Due to this inexperience of authoritarian
control and a bigoted hatred for all Ferach Elves, he
will attack any opposition Elf within 5cm regardless of
orders. This Raw Orc is armed only with a standard
musket. Jon is one of the most talented arms
Castrado del los Spheres despaired. His beloved
Unicorn had been missing for nigh on a week now, and
there was still no sign of it returning. It wasn‟t so much
that he'd grown fond of the creature. It just meant that
he had to plod along like the rest of the mob, just
another degenerate in a long line of rambling rabble. It
wasn‟t fair. There was one consolation however; at the
moment, Obidiah had got it into his head that he was
King of the ruined building that served as their
temporary shelter, and refused to leave his new “castle”
until forced out of it by a monarch from afar. This
meant that there was no need for them to break camp
until Obidiah had a change of mind. Perhaps, mused
Castrado, he‟d swap it for one that worked.
Castrado felt a slight rumble in his stomach, reminding
him that his guard duties were nearly over and that it
was time for more of the manky slop that Dotti had
been dishing out for the last few days. There were
times he could have sworn that the gloop was still alive,
and occasionally Ulf had dropped a bowl of the goo to
the floor and defeated it with his cleaver before daring
to take another mouthful. Still, they had been short of
food for a while now, with Obidiah insisting that they
remain at the “castle” gates to guard his “Imperial
Majestiness” and forbidding them to go and forage
outside the walls of his “domain”.
As he wandered over to the “kitchen”, he passed his
relief guard, Pog Mahone, being violently sick in a
technicolour nightmare that soon decorated the hapless
Bog Orc‟s trouser legs.
"I see it's still “stew” tonight, my friend" offered
He was answered by a gargling noise as Pog opened his
intestinal floodgates yet again. The Bog Orc gathered
himself up from the vomit soaked sand and cleared the
remnants of the explosive meal from his blistered lips.
"Aye. I think it needs more salt."
Castrado joined some of the others around the
makeshift table. He could vaguely hear Obidiah
declaring himself to be Lord of all he surveyed
somewhere in the distance when something dreadful
overwhelmed his senses. It was the stench of the fetid
stew assaulting his nostrils. The Moriati brothers were
prodding their platefuls of this unknown substance
towards him, in a desperate attempt to fool Dotti into
thinking they‟d eaten their share. He sat up quickly, and
walked over to the foul bubbling broth that constituted
Dotti's “heart warming” meal.
“You eaten yet?” she asked.
“Er, no.” stammered Castrado.
“Well lad,” Dotti smiled “as you've been on duty all
day, I'll give you extra, as a reward.”
further recesses of Castrado's bowl.
“What's that?” asked Castrado, thinking he may have
seen it somewhere before.
“Erm, that's the special ingredient.”
“Oh.” replied Castrado, bravely lifting the foot-long
object from the steaming sewerage. “It looks very
familiar to me."
“Well, I, er, that is, urm...”
Just as the Halfling stumbled over her sentence, she
was relieved to see Carlos Los De Marbelos marching
over to claim his share of the cauldron's calamity.
Perhaps he would be able to explain to Castrado what
this “spice” was.
“This is my Unicorn's horn, isn't it?” said the
disbelieving Castrado, with a look of stern anger on his
“Er, no. It's a sea-shell. It adds flavour.” offered
“A sea-shell. Over a hundred miles from the sea?”
“Is it really that far? Well, that's interesting. There must
have been a flood, and we didn't notice.” countered
“I see. So while all of us have been on guard in this
“heroically captured castle”, there has been a huge
flood covering more than one hundred miles and none
of us spotted it. And all that remains as evidence is this
“sea-shell” which looks just like the horn that my Unicorn had, my Unicorn which has coincidentally been
missing ever since this stew was made. Is that what
you're trying to tell me!”
“Oh. I wonder what happened to my Unicorn then?”
asked Castrado. “It must have been washed away by
the water.”
“That'll be it, my friend. Look, I‟m really sorry about
your Unicorn and everything, but there‟s stew to be
eaten, and I‟m starving. Pile it on, Dotti!” said Carlos,
leaving Castrado Del Los Spheres to ponder the fate of
his poor little pony. Some day, some where, they would
meet again.
“Oh thanks!” lied the Dark Elf.
The ladle, miraculously surviving the caustic culinary
catastrophe it was plunged into, pulled out a large
helping of the dubious matter. Slopping it onto the
plate, Dotti looked surprised as a long slender piece of
ivory slowly appeared as the slop drained into the
Night was beginning to fall and as the sun dropped it
cast shadows about the four Elven Voltigeurs
defending the supply cache. The long barrel of AbuSaul's Jezail had no trouble finding a viable target for
the death it contained, choosing the prancing Ferach
commander for the sheer enjoyment that the young
Otharmann knew he would take in removing the pigheaded officer scum from Valon.
1) Boyye's Bombs
It would be the Jezail shot that would signal the three
other Deserters to break cover from their hiding places
around the camp and take the much-needed food
supplies. Not to mention the four Elven ladies that the
idiot Captain was attempting to impress. He just hoped
that Adragain had avoided the usual temptation of ale.
After a daring raid on an Orc Camp, the infamous
black marketeer Rodney Del Boyye has made off with
a cache of grenades and other black powder explosives
in order to sell them to Obidiah, who is in the process
of equipping his men with more substantial armaments.
Del Boyye has taken approximately ten of the new
“Trotter” stiff haversacks full of miscellaneous devices,
and has arranged to meet Obidiah in the notorious
“Ooquie Street” in the nearby village of Del L‟Connue.
However, the Orcs have dispatched a force of Goblin
Infantry and Cavalry to intercept Del Boyye in the
prairie outside the village in order to recapture their
Time to go to work.
A puff of smoke blew from the barrel of Wohaar's
The sound of the heavy metal ball impacting on Elf
flesh and bone echoed loudly around the valley. The
Captain's body collapsed to the ground as his intestinal
tract and spinal column mingled on the side of a crate
six feet behind him.
Of course, Obidiah has not been idle. He has no intention of purchasing these goods from Del Boyye and
intends to steal them by force of arms on the advice of
his Muvver. Del Boyye is also no fool; he has with him
a gang of hired mercenaries who act as bodyguards, as
he trusts Obidiah as much as anyone else would, and
expected this sort of treachery. Thus the scene is set
for diabolical detonations as all and sundry open fire
on each other with stray bullets whizzing dangerously
close to the wagon containing the unstable explosives.
With that Ulf Schenker and Rocknie Hoofer broke
from cover and advanced on the Elves. Hoofer fired
and missed as the remaining Ferach dived behind a
single long crate and began returning fire.
“Vere the hel is Lamond?” yelled the Dwarf as shotte
ricocheted off the rock he had dived behind. “If that
bloody Elf is drunk again and has fallen asleep in a
bush I'll kill him myself.”
2) Hang 'Em High
Ulf knew they were in trouble now. It would take time
for Abu-Saul to reload and until then they were open
to the Elven fire. The Elves had missed up till now, but
this had to end soon. Ulf pointed his carbine into the
air and mourned the loss of a valuable grenade. To the
sound of the great detonation and screams from both
male and female as their bodies began to burn and
char, the furious Dwarf vowed that he'd make sure that
Adragain would never sleep again.
Pog Mahone has heard that his old buddy, Shaine
MaGoven, has deserted from the Illskinning Foot, and
has persuaded Obidiah to allow him to join with them.
Unfortunately for all concerned, Shaine has been
captured by the Provosts and now awaits the tightening
of a noose around his stubby Bog Orc neck. As
Obidiah has already made up his mind that Shaine is to
join with them, he intends to rescue him from the
hands of the Provosts before the Bog Orc makes that
short final leap into strangulating suspension.
Slowly the smell of charred flesh began to clear.
Mingling with the small crowd that has come to attend
the entertaining execution, they await the right time to
strike to save their new comrade. However, several
rather formidable Ogre Provosts stand guard over the
bellicose Bog Orc, who has no intention of going
quietly. Can Pog save his friend from the Hangman's
Noose, and more importantly, can Dotti Bonkins steal
the cat-o-nine tails wielded by the Provost Sergeant
that some of the more “adventurous” souls in
Obidiah's Army would love her to have?
The collection of Deserters tore into the casks, tearing
them to pieces in a desperate frenzy to get to the
contents. Abu-Saul was not among them as he found
sustenance in places other than food or gold. His
reward was of the female persuasion...
Obidiah stood with Dotti over the inebriated Adragain,
while Ulf screamed in pure Finklestein fashion about
the past relationship between the Elf‟s mother and a
passing stray dog. After several minutes Obidiah held
up his hands and motioned for the Dwarf to fall silent.
He then made a gesture over his shoulder and a
shadow fell across the General's back.
3) “Unicorns For Sale”
The credulous Castrado still searches for his beloved
Unicorn and believes he may have found him. A local
farmer is advertising “Unicorns for Sale”, and even has
the gall to throw in 5 spare horns for anyone rich
enough to buy one. Castrado wants to investigate this
promising proposal, assuming that the evil farmer stole
his Unicorn from him and wishes to sell it on. After
“I understand little „un that you will be desirous of
settling things, but what with your being so small and
all, I fink that its better left to Gruga”.
A sound like rocks being crushed was heard as Messa
strode forward.
consultation with Obidiah, his esteemed leader has
planned an assault on the farmhouse, much to the
consternation of the rest of his troops.
Of course, it is an evil trap planned by the Orcs
designed to bring the bandits out into the open so that
they can be picked off one by one. Fortunately,
Obidiah has suffered an attack of lucidity and has
decided to strike under the cover of darkness. Can the
troops sneak away with the “Unicorn” alive (whilst
stealing the horns from the house) before the Orc
Light Troops in the farm wake up to the midnight
movements of the shifty shenanigans of Obidiah‟s
happens to the inattentive, and gives the order to
However, other bandits have already overrun the camp,
and are currently going through the process of
extricating the artillery piece. Over-zealous use of their
new black powder weapons have resulted in the death
of all the limber horses, and as they only brought one
cart for the loot, they are contemplating how to shift it
when Obidiah arrives. Having sent the ammunition on
ahead of them, this mob, led by the obese Pablo
Pastrami will fight (until forced to flee) for the precious
4) Desirable Decorations and Magnificent Medals
The heavily decorated Marshal Beaugeste is travelling
through Obidiah‟s new domain, and Obidiah is
concerned; the Elven Officer has failed to send an
Ambassador to ask his permission for this passage. The
damnable cheek of it all! Perhaps if he had as many
medals as this formality flouting fool, then people
would respect him for the King he was. Obidiah has
decided the Elf has forfeited the diplomatic right to
wear any decorations in his “Kingdom” and that all
such ostentatious ornamentations should belong to
him. He lies in ambush awaiting the arrival of the
Marshal with the rest of his sorry squad.
Due to the nature of a Deserter Band, clothing can
differ wildly. This means that the members of the mob
can be dressed in any uniform or civilian clothing that
you see fit.
To help you in making your choices you can refer to
the box painting and photographs. General
information on flesh tones and uniforms is given below.
Flesh Tones
Orcs - Swarthy Flesh, Sand or Ochre.
Knowing bandits to be working in the area, Beaugeste
has with him an Honour Guard and several outriders
to flush out any ambush attempt. With the boys ready
for a fight and Abu-Saul Wohaar keen to make the
acquaintance of the heavily decorated lady companions,
can Obidiah and his Army apprehend the Marshal and
his multitudinous medals?
Elves - Pale Flesh (White).
5) Obidiah’s Ordinance
Bog-Orcs - Swarthy Flesh, Sand or Ochre.
For some time Obidiah has dreamt of owning his own
Cannon. He believes he would sound good shouting
“Fire!” at the top of his voice, and with this in mind,
has ordered the lads to look for an available artillery
piece with which to realise his dream. After a
particularly heavy session worshipping the God known
as “beer”, Lamond Adragain believes he has found
somewhere for Obidiah to fulfil this desire to own a
bombastic battery of booming bombards. A whole
train of the eminently defeatable Catalucian Artillery
Regiment is encamped only four miles away, with six
guns and limbers. As the incoherent inebriate relates
his story, Obidiah‟s enthusiasm escalates, and he vows
to take the camp by storm.
Generic Uniforms
Tragically, the Elf‟s tale is an alcoholic aggrandisement
of the situation. While many in Obidiah‟s ranks suffer
from double vision after a tipple or two, Lamond‟s
vodka riddled vision changed the one solitary cannon
into six splendid subjects for sequestration. The
disappointed Obidiah encourages Adragain to pay
more attention next time by demonstrating what
Halflings - Dark Flesh (White).
Dwarves - Pale Flesh.
Othari - Brown Fur, with Pale Flesh.
Orc Rifles - Green Jacket, Black and White Trim.
Green, Grey or Brown Trousers.
Orc Foot - Red Jacket, White, Yellow and Blue Trim.
White Trousers.
Finklestein - Navy Jacket, White and Red Trim. White
Othari - Pastel Coloured Robes, with Bright Trim.
Trolkin - Green Jacket, Yellow Trim. Trousers any
Guinalea - Mix of Ferach and Albion Uniforms. Blues,
Greens and Reds.
Ferach - Blue Jacket, Red Trim. White Trousers.
Catalucian - No Fixed Uniforms (Irregulars), Civilian
Clothing. Reds, Greens, Blues and Pastel colours.