I have lived one of the best years of my life



I have lived one of the best years of my life
“I have lived one of the best years of my life“
Isabel Serrano, 4º ESO
Colegio Liceo Sorolla
I have been one year living in Ireland. It wasn’t any easy.
At the beginning, I had to make new friends and I tried to
change my habits to the ones my family had, but it was
difficult. I used to think that I wasn´t going to make any friend
or even understand what the teachers were going to tell
me. But little by little, I started to get the pronuntiation and
also I started to talk to people and to my family.
Now, that I think about those hard first days, I just say thank you
for this great opportunity. Because even those bad moments in
which you think about your friends or about Spain aren´t as bad
now, and I can tell this because I have been living one of the
best years of my life and I will never forget about
everyone that helped me there.
What did I learn
studying in
Most people think that
when you go to another
country you just improve
the foreign lenguage.
Well, is not only that. I
How to live with complete strangers, how to study in English and
how to make new friends. Because I didn´t only learn things in class
about history or maths, I also learnt how to work or even how to
react to some problems about live.
How to try new experiences
How is the education in Ireland?
We used to get more homework, but the exams
weren´t as hard and long as in Spain and I feel I
learnt more.
In Ireland there are two levels for every subject: Higher and
Ordinary. I think this is very helpfull because some people are
better in subjects that others aren´t, so this clasification can
help them to pass.
We had to move to different rooms to go to
class, so we weren´t all day sitting in the same
chair with the same people. Because of
changing classes, I made more friends.
We had options, that are three classes that you can choose.
Some are Home Economics, French, German, Bussines,
Metal Work, Wood Work, Music or Art. I loved the ones I
chose because I met people with common interests as
We had one class a week of meditation. I really
loved it. We just lyed down and relax, we had to
think about some poems the teacher used to