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attachment_id=3959 - Dream Irish Wedding
How to Propose to your Girlfriend in Ireland?
Guys still thinking about the perfect proposal? PROPOSE in Ireland there is a chance BONO could
drop by! Cliff Henry proposed to his girlfriend atop Killiney Hill watched by BONO who lives nearby.
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Both ready: Make sure to be both prepared and ready to share your life together. Ensure you’re
doing it for the right reason because it will change both your lives forever and not too easy to go
back once you have popped the question.
Right time: Surprise your girlfriend by proposing when she doesn’t expect it. Ensure you are
both relaxed to really enjoy the proposal moment. Perhaps avoid days such as Valentine’s Day...
Perfect location Ireland has stunning romantic landscapes to offer. What would a favourite
location for your spouse be? Breath-taking location? Romantic castle? Forest?
Some of our favourites include:
 Cliffs of Moher, Co. Clare
With its breath-taking view of the sea, the Cliffs of Moher is one of the most stunning Irish locations
to pop the question to your loved one in a romantic and unexpected way. Perhaps, check out
weather forecast before going.
 Adare Manor Hotel, Co. Limerick
Ireland is an architecturally-rich country and Adare Manor is one of its treasures. It creates an
intimate & touching atmosphere for asking your bride-to-be to share her life with you.
 Killarney National Park, Co. Killarney
Your spouse is a nature loving person? The Killarney National Park offers the perfect mood for a
quiet & intimate proposal surrounded by 3 lakes, ruined castle, an abbey and a magical waterfall.
 Giant’s Causeway, Co. Antrim
Although it’s one of the most touristic sites in Ireland, Giant’s Causeway is a perfect spot at the
edge of water to propose. Created by Finn MacCool to cross the sea and find his true love in
Scotland, it symbolizes romance!
 Aniar restaurant, Co. Galway
What about the traditional but romantic proposal putting one knee on the ground in a Michelin
stared restaurant while you’re eating a gourmet Irish dinner.
Engagement ring: One of the oldest Celtic traditions is to propose with the Claddagh ring. It
consists of 3 key elements: the crown for loyalty, the heart for love and the hands for friendship.
According to tradition, girls wear the ring on the right hand pointed outwards to mark their
engagement and pointed inwards when being married.
Perfect phrase: Rather than the traditional “Will you marry me?” for your proposal in Ireland
you could use “Would you like to hang your washing next to mine?” pronounced with a cute Irish
Personal touch: If you know what your spouse really likes i.e. a song, a celebrity, a place... Try to
incorporate it in your marriage proposal. You could sing her favourite song or perhaps write
your own song expressing your feelings. Consider making contact with a band she loves to sing
to her on this special day making a dream come true.
Caught proposal: Would like to show to your children later by keeping a record of this beautiful
memory? Immortalize it by hiring a photographer who can hide somewhere to capture your
proposal or just film it.

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