Jul 2010 - Philippine Center of Ventura County



Jul 2010 - Philippine Center of Ventura County
JULY 2010
“Stories of my Heritage”
The first proclamation of Independence Day was on June 12,
1898 by General Emilio Aguinaldo at Kawit, Cavite, few months
after Spanish-American War of
1898. The country was freed
from Spain after three centuries of
colonization and into the control
of another, the United States as a
result of victory in Manila Bay.
From one country into the hands
of another, our second proclamation was on July 4, 1946 from the
American occupation of 50 years
after WWII.
As we share the day with the
same day as America’s independence from England, our country
has a unique position where we
have two significant dates to remember.
Celebrating the day with America mininize the significance of the
Philippine celebration. As a result
of nationalism in 1960’s, RA 4166
officially declared that June 12th
as the country’s official Independence Day.
This years’ Independence Day
celebration was initiated by Independence Day Dinner/Dance at
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GOAL 2011
Jun 2010
Jun 2009
Jun 2008
GOAL AS OF Jun 2010
Philippine Center of Ventura County
cordially invites you to a day of fun at
Valley View Casino
Saturday, 17th of July
6:30 am - 8 pm
Bus pick-up point by Seabreeze Market
Corner of Pleasant Valley & Rose Avenue
Cash back $15 play credit
New players gets additional $15 and
POC: Roger Santos (805) 488-7459
Winston Raquedan (805) 208-7814
Sam & Lou Reyes (6)
David & Tuazon family (4)
Tony Grey (4)
Sid & Delia Cabran (3)
Violeta Rouch (3)
Roger & Maring Santos (3)
Elias Gonzales (3)
The Porkchop Duo is composed
originally of Romeo “Choppy”
Vargas and Renato “Porky” Gomez.
They pioneered stand-up comedy in
the Philippines. The style of comedy combined beautiful renditions of
songs, spiced with their rib-tickling
jokes are inspired by real-life situations.
Rave reviews were written about
their unique funny gestures and
their natural way of delivering jokes
coupled with their perfect timing. As
a result, they are known as the Philippines’ Wackiest Comedy tandem.
For 27 years, the duo has toured
to no less than 34 countries bringing
laughter to the Pinoy communities
across the globe. They became the
“Showbiz Ambassadors of Goodwill”
and “Filipino Superstars Abroad”.
The Porkchop Duo recorded and
released 15 albums, for which they
received several Gold Record awards.
This hilarious duo has touched the
lives of so many Filipino families
around the world.
“Porky” passed away in the year
2009 and “Choppy” believed that the
legacy of the Porkchop Duo must live
on. To continue the duo’s mission of
bringing happiness to every Filipino
home, Choppy traveled from east
to the west coast in search of a new
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To our partners, THANK YOU! Together we will realize the dream
the Oxnard Performing Arts.
The second part of the celebration is the raising of the Philippine
flag at the Oxnard City Hall on
10th of June. The red, white, yellow and blue colored flag represents our motherland and flown beside the United States flag, the flag
of our adopted land and the home
of our children and grandchildren
for generations to come.
Followed by the Independence
Day Art Exhibition at the Oxnard
Downtown Center for the Arts.
Here, we showcased our featured
artists in their own interpretation of
art using their own artistic medium.
The finale is the Fiestas Filipinas
celebration at the Oxnard Performing Arts showcasing our rich heritage, with food, fun and headliners
like Freda Simone and Rey Kilay.
We thank Salin Lahi Dance
group for their colorful customes
and native dances. Also thanking the Visayan, Zambales, FCVC
group for their active participation
and all of those individuals who
made this day possible.
Also thanking those who were
present in celebrating with us.
PCVC General Assembly Meeting
19 July 2010 @ 630 pm at 3510
Saviers Road in Oxnard. (behind Baskin &
Robbins Ice Cream) the former Kapitbahay
Office in Oxnard. Anyone interested is
Arnold & Sonia Armedilla
Amado & Jean Baladad
Romeo & Thelma Baroma
Bernie & Angie Basila
Sally Bissonette
Vivian Caricugan
Richard & Joy Carino
Divina Cayaban
Norita Dalida
Fernando & Violeta Hermojino
Virginia Hockett
Bert & Betty Orallo
Cora Ortiguerra
Edwin & Imelda Raquedan
Myrna Viloria
Bobby & Vina Manalo
11th of September
FAGA 2nd Golf Tournament
CBC Port Hueneme
02nd of October
PCVC 2nd Anniversary &
Porkchop Comedy Show
23rd of October
PCVC Picnic
College Park, Oxnard
PCVC Community Affairs
Computer Training Classes
2nd Monday of the month
call 805-822-2897 for details
He found Leonardo Obal, a multiawarded singer-comedian based in Las
Vegas, Nevada. With a great voice and
a comic talent, Leonardo has been in
the entertainment world for 25 years.
He started his career performing in
the Philippines in folk houses and
sing-along bars. He partnered in the
longest running stage comedy show in
the Philippines “Si Nora at si Vilma”,
and they became part of the noontime
show “Eat Bulaga”.
Leonardo also did some movies in
the Philippines before he immigrated
to the United States in 2002. He
brought with him the same concept
and type of comedy that won the
hearts of many “kababayans.”
He received several awards from different Filipino-American associations
in United States and the most recent
one was “Entertainer of the Year
2009” awarded by Gawad Parangal in
Sacramento, California.
Choppy and Leonardo were
launched as the new Porkchop Duo
on November 29, 2009 at their premiere show at Edna’s Ichiban Library
in South San Francisco, CA. To date,
they had a series of sold-out performance shows in San Antonio and
Corpus Christi, Texas; Seattle, Washington; Phoenix, Arizona; Carson and
Los Angeles, California.
The new tandem with the same vision
will continue to give joy and laughter
to all!
Come and join our “kababayans”
with their new jokes and repertoire this
coming October 2nd for the benefit of
our very own Philippine Center.
Disclaimer: Any error or omission is not with malice and intention. Your feedback is welcome.
Contact Sid Cabran, PCVC President @ 805-415-5815; Ped Bucao, Chairman of the Board @ 805-822-2897.
Online Newsletter copy is available upon request at [email protected]
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