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June 1999
", DL,
Broadway Theater Presentations
The Village Social Committee's Theater
• Bob Fosse Dancers
season started with a dynamite production of
• The Scarlet Pimpernel
Evita. Our luxurious $385,000 Janssen bus,
provided portal to portal hassle-free transpor­
tation for the trip to Seattle's Paramount
• Rob Becker's Defending the Caveman
(hysterically funny)
Theater. Everything went as planned includ­
ing the weather. The day ended with a no host
dinner at Anthony's Pier 66 Restaurant.
Bay Club
Arts and
Arts Calendar
Yacht Club
Golf News
Heron Inn
All of these events are programmed to be
matinees so that you can anticipate getting
back home at a decent time. Most of the pres­
entations wi II be on weekends . A II seats wi II
be orchestra (front half). Savings on these
group rates will be about 20% below market
price. You may sti II purchase tickets through
the Social Committee even if you do not want
to take the bus. We do require a minimum of
forty riders in order to uti Iize a bus and keep
the costs reasonable. When we do take a bus
we will plan a no host dinner stop at a local
Our July Presentation
"Jekyll and Hyde" Saturday, July 24th
This production of Evita is a revival using
Latino performers in the lead roles and a slight
change to the presentation. From Seattle the
production goes back to Broadway. Those who
have seen Evita before recognized some differ­
ences but all agreed the presentation was very
well done.
Bus trips are planned for presentations of:
• Jekyll and Hyde, the musical in July 24th
• Sunset Boulevard with Petula Clark on
August 15th
England, 1885. Dr. Henry Jekyll was the toast
of London society. His days were spent in the
pursuit of medical advances way beyond the
imagination of his peers, his nights were an­
other story ... This all-new, Tony-nominated
production of Robert Lewis Stevenson's clas­
sic thriller about good and evil is currently
packing them in each night on Broadway.
"J&H" has the same haunting, romantic ap­
peal that makes "Phantom of the Opera" so
exciting. Audiences can't get enough of it.
• Riverdance, October 3rd
"The best musical I have ever seen!"
Larry King, rNN
• Cabaret
"It's a phenomenon!"
• Sound of Music (Richard Chamberlain
NY Times
• The Civil War, a musical
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The Port Ludlow Voice
Paramount Theater Shows
"Sunset Boul~ard" Sunday, August 15th
Matinee infonnation on page 3.
production impresses audiences with its elaborate sets,
stunning costumes and inspiring perfonnances.
If "Edelweiss," "Climb Every Mountain," and "Do-Re­ Mi" are a few of your favorite things, join us for this cher­
"Riverdance" Sunday, October 3rd
IWe have reserved seating in rows 3 thru 7 in the orchestra
ished family classic. Rob Becker's "Defending the Cave­
section. This is a great opportunity to see the famous high­
man" May 2nd-7th, 2000 stepping Irish dancers at close range!
This is an hilarious one-man show "Cabaret" JanuarylFebruary, 2000
that uses the caveman to explain
The revolutionary reinvention of Kander and Ebb's hit mu­
why we are the way we are. Ladies,
sical "Cabaret," winner of four 1998 Tony Awards includ­
you will now learn why your hus­
ing Best Revival, will be the divinely decadent theatrical
band is the way he is. Gentlemen,
event of the season (or any other season). Co-directed by
you will learn to understand the
Sam Mendes and Rob Marshall, this production brings the
origin of the shopping gene.
seedy glamour of the legendary Kit Kat Club to Seattle,
"The Civil War" June 27th-July 9th, 2000
after being the talk of both London and New York.
"Stunning" raves The New York Times, "Cabaret" has
returned with a vengeance!" (Exact perfonnance dates to
be announced.)
"The Scarlet Pimpernel" March
21st-April 2nd, 2000
This is the Broadway musical as big as America itself­
"The Civil War." It was a time of heroes and heartbreak,
of glory and gunfire. It was a time when honor was some­
thing worth fighting for, and freedom a cause worth dying
for. With a soaring, heart-pounding original score by Frank
Wild horn (the composer of "Jekyll and Hyde" and "The
Blackmail. Bribery. Deception.
Scarlet Pimpernel") and influenced by Nashville and the
Welcome to the French Revolu­
pop and R&B worlds, "The Civil War" will feature
tion, where a dashing English
powerhouse perfonnances from an extraordinary cast of
Broadway singers.
aristocrat risks his life to enter
France and save lives from
"Fosse" July 25th-August 6th, 2000
'Madame Guillotine.' His iden­
tity must remain a secret to eve­
ryone around him, including his
beguiling wife and her sly lover.
Currently delighting audiences
on Broadway, "The Scarlet Pimpernel" is the swashbuck­
ling musical where you will scream, cheer and even lose
your head!
"You will/ove it! Wow!" Liz Smith, NY Post
:'Astonishing. A Dandy ofa Pimpernel!" NY Times
"The Sound of Music" starring Richard Chamberlain
Dancer, choreographer, director, legend. Bob Fosse's
distinctive style and unique vision revolutionized the
musical theatre. From "Pajama Game" and "Damn
Yankees" to "Sweet Charity" and "Chicago," Bob Fosse
forever changed the way Broadway danced sophisticated, sexy and cool.
Now, Bob Fosse's groundbreaking work is in the spotlight
again, in an amazing and original new Broadway produc­
tion. "Fosse" is a cavalcade of highlights from one of the
most provocative and influential talents of our generation,
recreated by longtime Fosse stars Gwen Verdon and Ann
April 11th-23 rd, 2000
The hills are alive with the first-ever Broadway
revival of Rodgers and Hammerstein's
"The Sound Of Music," starring two-time Golden Globe
Award winner Richard Chamberlain as the heroic Captain
George von Trapp. This Tony Award-nominated
he made it
, Reinking, and performed by an
AI~MrA:~\,\ extraordinary cast that gives us the
, 'I!/) dance of a lifetime.
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The Port Lu dlow Voice
inlemofional rerorcfing artist PrnllA GARK
s10rs as Norma Desmond, 0 legerdory diva of !he
silent soeeo in the musical The Wall Sb:eet Joumoj
coHed "Andrew tllyd Webber's Mnsterpioce:
Based on the 1950 amy Wikler 1Hm, !his a!l-oew
prodm of SUNSH BOUUVARD 00ngs the
roomce,1Ite J~, mxllhe ~ ci ~s
heyday to lite sfoge - from the stOOio bocklotto
Noooo's derodeof rTIOilSiofl on Sunset BouIevord.
Against the
of ~sgkJmoroos
street ofdlOOms, ~ ~ WebbeI'ssweejilg
romonfi( melodies SOOf in songs like 'WIlli ON[
LOOf' and ':4S~wtmSAfl)GOOOB~r,n
~Imiled by the roost famous recor!fing stars
Don't miss your c!mce to srnre the SjXJl!ight
with Norrro Desmond on 0 memooIDle flip down..
We have fifty seats available at group rates. Price of $57.50 includes orchestra seats, bus fare and ferry fares. We will stop for a no host dinner in Seattle. The performance is on August 15th, (Sunday) at 2:00 p.m. Reserve early, payment will be due about two weeks before the performance. Once tickets are purchased there can be no refunds. Call Lynn Thomas at 437-4069 Page 4
The Port Ludlow Voice
LMCjLOA Goes Hawaiian
The Homeowners Luau will be held Saturday, June 19th
at the Beach Club starting at 5:30 p.m. Cost is $13 .50 per
person and includes mai tais during cocktail hour, appetiz­
ORM President, County
Commissioner to Speak at CLOA
Annual Meeting
ers, dinner (oven-baked kalua pork, sweet and sour
A II residents are invited to CLOA' s Annual Meeting on
chicken, steamed rice, Asian-Pacific salad) and dessert.
Tuesday, June 8th, at 9 :00 a.m. at the Bay Club. Speakers
Bring your own place-settings and whatever you wish to
will include Ol ympic Resource Management President and
drink during dinner. A program featuring music by Naki'i
CEO Gary Tucker, County Commissioner Glen Hunting­
and the dancers of Hula Hawaii will follow dinner.
ford , Superintendent of Schools Mary Lynn Derrington
Deadline for sign up at the Beach Club is Monday, June
14th. If the event is not sold out, guests may be signed up
after that date. Seating will be on a first-come basis so
and the community resort operations managers. Annual
reports from standing CLOA committees, such as self­
governance, will be presented .
your entire party should be present before checking in.
CLOA , the Council of Ludlow Owners Associations, is
Contact Bernie Robinson at 437-0703 .
made up of the Presidents and/or representatives of Port
Ludlow's property and homeowner associations. It meets
North Bay Disaster Services Meeting
In the event of a disaster, communications will be the key
to helping as many people as possible as quickly as possi­
ble. Bud Johnson will focus on Communications at the
next North Bay Disaster Services meeting, Friday, June
4th at 2:00 p.m. in the Cove Room of the Beach Club.
Bud was appointed head of communications in the early
monthly to improve the level and quality of local services
and public information, to strengthen the communications
between residents and the various public and private bod­
ies that interact with Port Ludlow, and to undertake activi­
ties that enhance property values and make Port Ludlow a
better place to live.
zation because of his Ham radio expertise, and it was
Resident Directory, Publications
Available at Clubs
decided that his home would be the central point of contact
The following publications are available at both the Beach
for the neighborhood captains via family radio. His goal in
and Bay Clubs: the 1999 Port Ludlow Resident and
working with the group was to connect the Sheriffs office
Business Directory (insert - $6.00, binder - $5.00),
days of the Port Ludlow Emergency Preparedness organi­
with Port Ludlow for use in emergency communications.
the 1998 Jefferson County Fire District NO.3 Fire and
This effort is now up and running with 24-hour contact
Rescue Annual Report and the Puget Sound Energy Year
headquartered in the Johnson home.
2000 Preparation and Progress Report for the first quarter
Bud has an extensive history
of 1999.
in both television and amateur
radio. He will present informa­
Scottish Highland Games
tion on the use of the radio is­
Come join us for a trip to the 53rd annual Pacific Northwest
sued to each Block Captain,
Scottish Highland Games and Clan Gather­
and inform participants about
ing to be held in Enumclaw on Sunday,
other communications possi­
August 1st, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
bilities, including ham radios and networks. Block Cap­ We will travel by bus and spend the entire
day enj oying the games. Competitions in­
tains are asked to bring their radios; those who do not now have a radio will be given one at the meeting. A1J Disaster Services organization members, Captains and Co-captains are urged to attend this important session, and all those in­
terested are welcome. For further information contact Marie Lytal at 437-7745 . clude dancing, bagpipe bands and individ­
ual players, sheep dog trials and much
more. Information about the trip and bro­
chures on the games is available in Art's
office at the Bay Club. Sign up now so we
can reserve a bus.
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The Port Lud low Voice
Bay Club Update Bonnie Schoenemann, Editor
This .\"eCI;On tnes 10 encompass all Bay Club activities oj inleresllo nur members. Ijynu woutd tike your organcaltolls news In he included, Illease suhmil
Ihe editor 110 laler Ihon Ih e 121h oJlhe precedmg mOIllh. E·mail [email protected]:/ax -137·2078: phone ./37·2583 South Bay Potl uckers
by Pat Lohrey
As I complete my two-year tenure as the Potluck Chair­
man, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all of
the committees members who stepped up to tackle the
. challenge of providing good food and fellowship for us. I
also extend my gratitude to the attendees, not only for their
culinary expertise, but al so for so graciously ignoring an
occasional glitch.
Jeanne LaVallee has generously agreed to assume the Pot­
luck Chainnanship and I am certain she can rely on you as
I have. I will be circulating a signup sheet at the July 4th
Gala. Please sign up for the date of your choice. It will
help Jeanne get started.
Free Spi rits
The Annual Membership Meeting of Free Spirits was held
on May II th, 1999 at the Bay Club. The following Board,
to serve for the fiscal year 1999-2000, was elected by ac­
clamation: Linda Hudson, Flemming Lorck, Judy McCay,
Maureen Poole and Mary Ann Sandor, and incumbents
Martin Deckett, Tony Durham and Marian Pace. They will
meet in June to elect their officers. After the business por­
tion of the meeting, there was a social hour with drinks,
delicious appetizers prepared by outgoing member Nancy
Green, and delightful entertainment by pianist/vocalist
Lucy Mitchell. June will be membership month. Watch for
an announcement in the mail.
Seeking Sages of the Ages
For information on Bay Club activities, cal! Art Clement at 427-220B.
English Afternoon Tea
The Bay Club will be ~
the site of a garden
setting for an English
. . . . \~ ::;
Afternoon Tea to be
held at 3 :00 p.m. on
Thursday, July lst. (Please note that this is a change in
date and time from that reported in the May Voice.)
Yo u will learn the difference between Victorian Tea, High
Tea and Afternoon Tea as well as the history behind the
customs. Rosemary Glusick, born and raised in the East
Riding of Yorkshire, England will be bringing her own
china settings and prepared savories and sweets. Forty
lucky people will be able to partake in this delightful and
pleasant pastime. Tickets are $12; sign up at the Bay Club.
For more information call Ann Radwick at 437-0318.
Docents Needed
The historic Rothschild House, the oldest residence in Port
Townsend and Washington State's smallest state park, is
seeking volunteer docents for the summer season. Enthusi­
asm is the only qualification. Learn on the job one after­
noon or morning a week. Have fun, enjoy the Rothschild
treasures and meet visitors from around the world . Call T.
K. Vancura at the Rothschild house for more information
at 379-8076, or contact the Jefferson County Museum.
Explorers Club Take Hiatus
The Explorers are taking a summer break. So frequenters
of their popular speaker-potlucks will have to wait until
fall for a new program lineup. Meanwhile, have fun and
enjoy your summer!
Retired district office K-12 school administrators are
invited to join a newly formed group for informal
Great minds
occasional get-togethers and to discuss school issues with
our school district superintendent. Your wisdom, advice
and experience will be appreciated. Contact Mary Lynne
Derrington, Superintendent at 437-9590 or Bob Reasoner
discuss ideas .
Chief Sage and retired superintendent at 437-0200.
Average minds
discuss events.
Small minds
discuss people.
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The Port Ludlow Voice
Hiking Club Plans Easy to
Garden Club to Visit Whidbey
Moderate Hikes
Join the Port Ludlow Garden Club Wednesday, June 9th
The Port Ludlow Hiking Club kicks off this month's out­
explore unusual gardens on South Whidbey Island and
ings with an easy bonus hike on Friday, June 4th around
lunch at Tres Lobos restaurant in Langley. Pre-paid reser­
at the Bay Club parking lot at 8:00 a.m . for a bus trip to
the 9.3 mile Ozette Beach Loop. The hike goes to Cape
vations are required. This should be a popular trip so get
Alava to see the wedding rocks and petroglyphs. It in­
your reservations in early. Cost for bus and ferries is
cludes 3 miles of boardwalk, 3 miles of rocky beach and 3
$22 .00 and lunch is $13.00. Call Bonnie Curtis at 437­
more miles of boardwalk. For specific hike information,
9694 or Bonnie Ahlstedt at 437 -9113 for reservations or
call the hike leader Doris Monti at 437-0716 or assistant
information. Last date for reservations is Thursday,
leader Andrea Marik at 681-8083 ..
June 3rd.
The second June hike is Friday, June 11th, and features
Garden Tips for June:
an easy to moderate 6.4 mile hike along the Upper Dunge­
ness Trail. Bring a snack to eat at Camp Handy, then re­
turn to the trailhead for a cookout at $2.50 per person.
Continue baiting for slugs. Like annoying relatives, slugs
just keep showing up.
Please bring your own beverage. Dessert donations will be
Deadhead Rhodies. Snap off blossoms as they fade but be
most welcome. You must sign up for this hike by calling
careful not to remove the growth buds at the base of the
Bernie Robinson at 437-0703 . The deadline is Sunday,
flower stems.
June 6th. Non-hiking guests and spouses are welcome.
After early blooming perennials flower, you can divide
Hike leaders are Bernie & Robbie Robinson, with their
them. Remember your Garden Club friends who might
assistants Doris and Anthony Monti at 437-0716.
like the excess you don't need. Transplant divisions in
Hikers will have the opportunity to
well-cultivated soil and water well. Do not fertilize until
view the remains of a B-17 bomber
transplants are well established.
from World War II on Friday, June
Mark your calendars for Wednesday, July 14th for a car­
25th. This moderate 8 mile hike will
pool to Bloedel Gardens and Bainbridge Island Winery
take hikers to the Tubal Cain Mine
for lunch and to purchase grape vines.
and hopefully provide an opportunity
to also see many rhodies in bloom.
Hike leader is Doris Monti at 437­
0716, and her assistant is Ken Crawford at 437-2392.
For all three hikes, meet at 8:00 a.m. at the Bridge Deck
near the Port Ludlow Resort on Marine Drive and Oak
Bay Road. Distances shown are approximate total round­
trip miles. Hike leaders and assistants can provide specific
information for each hike. Carry extra water and food and
wear appropriate clothing and shoes. Refer to the "Hiker
General Information" sheet available from either Bernie
Robinson or Doris Monti for more details.
Monthly Timberton Loop Hike
Stars of International Opera
a Huge Success
Those who were fortunate to hear Cynthia Lawrence and
Mark Calkins enjoyed a stellar event. Cynthia and Mark
sang a number of arias from "Madame Butterfly" to
"La Boheme." The audience was enthralled. It is not often
that we have stars of such a high caliber visit our small
Village. We are all indebted to Judy McCay of Bayview
Village, Cynthias mother.
At the end of their performance they received a standing
ovation. We sincerely hope that will induce them to return
to Port Ludlow. What a treat.
The Hiking Club's monthly third Wednesday hike along
the Timberton Loop Trail is set for Wednesday, June
Please remember our deadline for articles in the
16th at 9:00 a.m . Meet at the parking area on Timberton
Voice. Plan ahead so that we can give your event
Road . For further information, call Doris Monti at 437­
all the publicity it deserves. Please submit by the
12th of the preceding month.
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The Porl Ludlow Voice
Aquarobics Exercise Program
No impact water exercises. No instructor. No fee .
8-9 a.m .
9-10 a.m.
8-9 a.m.
9-10 a.m.
8-9 a.m.
9-10 a.m.
Aquawalk Exercise Program
Walk your way to fitness . No instructor. No fee.
9-10 a.m.
8-9 a.m.
9-10 a.m.
8-9 a.m.
Aerobics Instructed Program
Bend, stretch, exercise your way to fitness .
a.m .
Steppin' Out
Tap dancing. Instructed. Fee.
~ :;J
Advanced tap dancing. Instructed. Fee.
Beginning Bridge
Learn while playing.
, ....
8:30-9 :30
10:30 a.m.
1-4 p.m.
9-12 a.m .
Fly Tyers: Feathers, thread and imagination come
together in creations that tempt the fishies.
Therapeutic Exercise: Energize, wake up your
spine. Instructed. Fee.
10:45 a.m.
Strength Training
Work your way to fitness. Instructed. Fee.
8-9 a.m.
8-9 a.m .
9:3 0-10:45
Excellent non aerobic exercise. Instructed. Fee.
Ludlow Liners: All level of dancers welcome. Great
fun. Good exercise.
8-9 a.m.
Quitters By the Bay
1-3 p.m.
Beginners through expert.
Arts and Crafts
Meet to share techniques and ideas.
Tappercize Dance exercise without the
pressure of performing.
10 a.m.-12
12 :30-1:30
1-4 p.m.
Chicago-style bridge in the afternoon.
Computer Club
Topics vary. Bring your questions and problems.
II a.m.­
12 p.m.
Potted Ladies
9 a.m.-12
The art of embossing.
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The Port Ludlow Voice
Village Activities Calendar All events are at the Bay Club and are open to both South
Bay and North Bay members unless otherwise indicated,
or obviously special interest groups.
Tues., June 22nd
II :30 a.m.-2 :30 p.m., Fairwood Village Annual Lunch
3:00-5:00 p.m., Computer Club Word Class
7:00-9 :00 p.m. , U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary
7:30-9:00 p.m., Cruise Club
June, 1999
Tues., June 1st
3:00-5:00 p.m., Investment Club
Fri., June 25th
5:00-7:00 p.m., Arts Council Reception
Wed., June 2nd
11 :00 a.m.-2:00 p.m., First Wednesday Lunch
Sun., June 27th
10:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m., Avanti Car Show Beach Club
Thurs., June 3rd
I :00-4:00 p.m., Playing With Clay
5:00-9:00 p.m., 18 Hole Ladies Potluck
6:30-9:30 p.m., U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary
Tues., June 29th
3:00-5:00 p.m., Computer Club Word Class
Fri., June 4th
9:30 a.m.-2: 15 p.m., Playing With Clay
Wed., June 30th
5:00-10:00 p.m., Mr./Mrs. Golf Dinner
Future Events
Mon., June 7th
3:00-5 :00 p.m., Computer Club Spreadsheet Class
6:30-9 :30 p.m., U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary
6:30 p.m. Computer Club Snag It and Microsoft.edu web
Thurs., July 1st
3:00 p.m., English Afternoon Tea
Tues., June 8th
9:00 a.m.-noon, CLOA
7:00-9 :00 p.m., Book Club
Wed., July 14th
Garden Club Tour
Thurs., June 10th
6:30-9:30 p.m., U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary
Fri., June 11th
9:30 a.m., Village Social Committee
5:00-7:00 p.m., South Bay Members Cocktail Party
Mon., June 14th
9:00 a.m.-II :00 a.m., Bayview Board Meeting
1:00-2:00 p.m., Woodworkers
3:00-5 :00 p.m., Computer Club Spreadsheet Class
6:30-9 :00 p.m., Computer Club General Meeting
6:30-9:30 p.m., U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary
Tues., June 15th
1:00-4:00, p.m., Fly Fishers General Meeting
Wed., June 16th
9:00 a.m., Timberton hike, trailhead
Sun., July 4th
Free Spirits event
Sun., July 25th
Music on the Green
Sun., Aug. 1st
Scotland Highland Games
Port Ludlow Book Club
Norma Alende and Connie Wilkinson will lead the
discussion of Margaret Atwood's book Alias Grace at the
Tuesday, June 8th meeting of the Book Club. In addition
to the discussion, members will present suggestions for
books to be considered for the new reading list beginning
in September.
Meetings are held at 7:00 p.m. at the Bay Club . All North
and South Bay residents are welcome. Call Lois Daley at
Thurs., June 17th
9:30 a.m.-II :30 a.m., SBCA Advisory Board
1:00-3 :00 p.m., Computer Club Genealogy
3:00-5 :00 p.m., Computer Club Board Meeting
5: 15-9:00 p.m., Nifty Niners Potluck
6:30-9 :30 p.m., U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary
437-0748 for more information.
Mon., June 21st
3:00-5:00 p.m., Ludlow Village IV Annual Meeting
3:00-5 :00 p.m., Computer Club Win95/98 SIG
11 :00 a.m. on Tuesday, June 22nd at the Beach Club.
ANA Lunch Meeting at Beach Club
The June monthly luncheon of the Olympic Squadron of
the Association of Naval Aviation (ANA) will be held at
The meeting will honor the United States Navy.
For more information on membership, please contact
Ken Sanford, 21 Condon Lane, at 437-2968.
The Port Ludlow Voice
Village Social Committee Needs
More Coordinators
The Village Social Committee is made up of people from
throughout the Village who believe that we are all
neighbors and that we should enjoy life together. The VSC
has as its goal to coordinate social activities that span the
Page 9
A Ludlow Lyric
"Potluck Ladies" by George Dyer, Jr.
We live in the potluck capital Of the U.S.A.
Nowhere else that we know
Has a potluck every
Village and provide the most entertainment for the most
To date we have arranged three cocktail parties, a bus trip
to Victoria, a theater trip to Seattle and a dinner at the
Manresa Castle as well as a number of smaller events. We
We are the Potluck Ladies. We love to socialize. If you will bring the main course, We wi)) bring the pies. have many theater trips scheduled for the rest of the year,
(see articles on pages 1 and 2). We are also planning an
Octoberfest with an oompah pah band and plenty of good
German food and beer. We are also looking at a cocktail
I brought the salad last time. This time I'll bring a bread. You bring an appetizer Or a casserole instead. party on the green for July, complete with a barber shop
quartet. This may be the last fourth of july party of the
century. Don't miss it.
The VSC is always looking for new ideas and events to
share with our friends and neighbors. If you have an idea
We')) have a talk or lecture, Or perhaps a fashion show. We don't have time to listen, But we surely have to go. for an event and would like to join us you are most
welcome. Our committee chair is Bob Wilkinson; he is
assisted by a number of volunteer coordinators and you are
welcome to join us. We will be meeting to plan future
I will come with Sue and Sally. We will hold a table. You can come with Alice, There'll be no room for Mable. events on Friday, June 11th at 9:30 a.m. at the Bay Club0
Gossip, chatter, Gossip, chatter. What did she say? It doesn't matter. How was your trip? They are doing what?! After one of our potlucks, Computer Virus Hoax
The entire day is shot! The widely circulated "It Takes Guts to Say'Jesus'" hoax
has added more "false authority" text to its message.
Newer versions claim that AOL says the virus is "much
worse than Melissa" and that there is no remedy for it.
No remedy, true--but also no virus. Please don't pass this
The Potluck Ladies sing this song Casserole ... apple pie If it weren't for our potlucks, We'd have to eat at home, hoax to others, and if you know the person who sent it,
you might want to point him or her to a page that explains
the hoax, such as Data Fellows Web site at
And it's so dull! Page 10
The Port Ludlow Voice
Barbara Wagner-Jauregg, Editor
This sectionjeatures news on Port Ludlow art and entertainment
events as well as a performing arts calendar for Jefferson, Clallam
and Kitsap Counties. Submit news and calendar items to the editor
al [email protected] or call 437-9726 by the 10th ofthe
preceding month.
Country Blues Play at
McCurdy Pavilion
Blues fans can enjoy some of the finest country blues mu­
"The Barber of Seville" features Figaro, a multi-talented
barber sung by baritone John Lippold of Portland. Figaro
initiates the schemings and antics that keep this comedy
bubbling to Rossini's unique musical style. The lovely
spirited Rosina, sung by Teri Lynn Drinkwater from the
Seattle area, is the object of matrimony for both her bene­
factor, the old Dr. Bartolo and the young Count Almaviva
sung by tenor Joao Augusto 0' de Almeida of Brazil.
sicians active today at three mainstage performances when
Other cast members include Port lander bass Andre Flynn
Centrum hosts the Port Townsend Country Blues Festival
singing Basilio with Seattle area singers Laird Thornton as
at McCurdy Pavilion, Friday and Saturday, June 25th
Bartolo, Louise Locke Craig as Bertha and John Paul Solo­
and 26th. And, if that isn't enough, six Port Townsend
clubs will feature contemporary Northwest blues bands
both nights.
mon as both Fiorello and the Officer. Johnathan Pasternac
The Friday performance at McCurdy begins at 7:00 p.m.
and features Northwest musical treasure John Miller, the
duo of Cephas & Wiggins, Michael Roach of Cheltenham,
England and the irrepressible Saffire, the Uppity Blues­
of the University of Washington will conduct with William
Clarke of Seattle on the harpsichord. Tom Sunderland,
who is active in Seattle theaters, is the Stage Director. The
set has been designed and built by a Kitsap Opera staff
member, Forrest Addy. Leone Cottrell-Adkins will direct
the production.
Tickets can be reserved by calling 360-373-6743.
Two performances are scheduled for Saturday at McCurdy
Supporters of the Arts in Ludlow
with slide guitarist Orville Johnson, Otis Taylor, Jerry
Ricks plus gospel vocalist and choir director Sherri Orr on
Invited to a Pa rty
stage at 2:00 p.m. Then at 7:00 p.m., harmonica player
The Arts Council invites members of the community who
Mark Graham, the classy queen of acoustic blues Del Rey,
enjoy musical performance and are interested in support­
Sam Mitchell all the way from the Netherlands, Alice Stu­
ing the Arts in Ludlow to attend a wine and appetizer party
art and others take center stage.
at the Bay Club, Friday, June 25th from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.
Call Centrum at 385-5320 for advance ticket purchase.
"Barber of Seville"
The Arts Council board strives to provide a broad range
of musical performances to satisfy the musical tastes of the
community. They put on four Mainstage concerts and
Staged in Bremerton
three Occasional Sunday concerts during the season. In
Kitsap Opera will stage Rossini's "The Barber of Seville"
at Bremerton ' s Admiral Theatre under the sponsorship of
summer outdoor concert as well as several benefits for
young musicians.
addition they sponsor the popular "Music on the Green"
the Washington State Arts Commission and the Boeing
Company. Performances will be Thursday, June 24th at
7:30 p.m., Friday, June 25th at 8:00 p.m. and Sunday,
June 27th at 3:00 p.m.
"Putting on this many performances requires the efforts of
many," according to Pat Anderson, program committee
member. "We're looking for people who would like to
lend a hand and serve on a standing committee, such as
Page II
The Port Ludlow Voice
concert management, hospitality, advertising sales, finance
and budget, publicity or program (concert booking)."
Arts Council board members hosting the party include Pat
Anderson, Janet Force, Annette Koch, Beverly Rothen­
borg, Bill Schoenemann, Peggy Smith, Barbara Wagner­
Jauregg, Diane and Jim Watson.
RSVPs are requested. Please call Pat Anderson at 437­
0304 or Annette Koch at 437-0507.
Music on the Green features
Jazz & Bluegrass
The Arts Council is sponsoring its second annual summer
outdoor concert on the Bay Club lawn, Sunday, July 25th.
A full afternoon of music featuring a trio of groups, all fa­
miliar to Port Ludlow audiences, will perform between
1:45 and 6:00 p.m.
Top billing goes to a long-time Port Ludlow favorite, the
Uptown Lowdown Jazz, specialists in the vintage music of
the 1920's as played by Jelly Roll Morton and Louis Arm­
strong and the music of the 1940's revival styles of Lu
Watters and Turk Murphy. They'll be center stage from
3:00 to 3:45 p.m. and return for a final set from 5:00 to
6:00 p.m.
The afternoon program opens at 1:45 p.m. for an hour set
performed by Alan Simcoe & his Quartet. Three of the
musicians performed to a delighted audience here in April
and now return with a fourth musician to play their special
brand ofjazz.
For a change of pace, Port Townsend's New Mown Grass
rounds out the afternoon with their set scheduled for 4:00
to 4:45 p.m. This popular band plays and sings lively tunes
in classic and contemporary bluegrass style, traditional fid­
dle tunes and country blues.
Seating will be on the lawn and concert goers are urged to
bring folding low-backed chairs that sit low to the ground.
Doors open at 1:00 p.m. for picnics and socializing. You
can bring your own picnic basket or enjoy light food, beer,
wine and soft drinks available for purchase.
Tickets will be available at the Bay Club after July I st and
sell for $12 with children admitted for no charge.
Performing Arts Calendar
June, 1999
Mon. & Tues., June 1st, 7th, 8th, 14th, 15th, 21st, 22nd, 28th & 29th Coffee Concerts at Turtle Bluff II , Marrowstone Island, 9:30 a.m., 360-385-3526.
Thurs., Fri. & Sat., June 3rd, 4th, 5th, 10th, 11 th, 12th, 17th, 18th, 19th, 24th, 25th & 26th "Veronica's Room," Bremerton Community Theatre, 360­
373-5152. Sat., June 5th "Three Billy Goats Gruff," puppet show produced by Seat­
tle's Thistle Theatre, Evergreen Children' s Theatre at the Admiral Theatre, 2:00 p.m., 360-479-4919. Sun., June 6th Fred & Joan Gersten, benefit for The Ravenscroft Youth Music Fund, Ravenscroft Inn, Port Townsend, 4:00 p.m., 460-385-2784 . Sun. through Sat., June 21st-27th Port Townsend Country Blues Workshop, Centrum, Fort Worden. Thurs., June 24th "Barber of Seville," Kitsap Opera, Admiral Theatre, Brem­
erton, 7:30 p.m., 360-373-6743. Thurs., Fri. & Sat., June 24th, 25th & 26th Bainbridge Dance Center, Playhouse at Bainbridge Per­
forming Arts, 3:00 p.m., 206-842-8569. Fri., June 25th "Barber of Seville," Kitsap Opera, Admiral Theatre, Brem­
erton, 8:00 p.m., 360-373-6743. Fri., June 25th Country Blues Festival, Centrum, Fort Worden, 7:00 p.m. , 800-733-3608 . Fri., June 25th Blues in the Clubs, Port Townsend clubs. Sat., June 26th
Country Blues Festival, Centrum, Fort Worden, 2:00 and
7:00 p.m ., 800-733-3608.
Sat., June 26th Blues in the Clubs, Port Townsend clubs. Sun., June 27th "Barber of Seville," Kitsap Opera, Admiral Theatre, Brem­
erton, 3:00 p.m., 360-373-6743 . The Port Ludlow Voice
Page 12
Port Ludlow Yacht Club The Port Ludlow Yacht
Port Ludlow Paddlers
By John Reseck
Club celebrated its 26th
The Mexican Government was unaware of the
Opening Day on Saturday,
major invasion that took place on the beaches around the
May 8th at the Marina. An
town of Loreto in Baja California this April. The Port Lud­
impressive flag ceremony
low Paddlers, twenty-eight in all, made ten beach assaults
was arranged by Rear Com­
on the Baja coast over a two-week period. There were too
modore Peter Joseph. Dis­
many people for the small villa where we like to stay to
tinguished guests included
handle at one time. No problem! We decided to go for two
the Commodores from
weeks instead of one and divided the group into the "first
Sequim and Port Hadlock
week bunch," and the "second week bunch."
Yacht Clubs, the Rear
Commodore from Port
Townsend Yacht Club and
the Flotilla Commander on
the Coast Guard Auxiliary
Six Past Commodores of the PL YC were also in atten­
dance. The invocation was by Past Commodore Howard
Slack. Special music was arranged by Port Captain Vince
Pace including a Piper and a Drummer in full Scottish uni­
forms, kilts and all.
There were 16 boats to be christened after the flag cere­
One ofthe many fine beaches the Paddlers visited in Baja.
mony. These were either new members with unchristened
The Resecks, acting as guides, stayed for both weeks and
boats or existing members who bought new boats during
coordinated the paddles. We did day paddles from the
the past year. With sixteen proud boat owners pouring
hotel and surrounding areas. The hotel carried our rental
champagne freely to the assembled crowd, we felt lucky
kayaks to various locations so we had a lot of variety in
that no one fell off the docks!
our adventures. We went to volcanic islands, brilliantly
After the christening, about 25 or 30 boats, mostly gaily
decorated with flags and balloons, paraded around
Commodore Keith Brown's boat which was anchored in
the bay. All boats then returned to the docks where the
partying continued into
white sand beaches and mangrove lagoons. The water, al­
though not bathtub warm, was warm enough (67 degrees)
to snorkel in, and we did most every day. Next year we
will arrange an overnight campout for those who would
like to sleep on a nice sandy beach and fish/dive around a
volcanic island.
the early evening.
If you feel the need to know more about our paddling
Except for a brief rain
family call Doris Monti at 437-0716 or John Reseck at
shower while people
437 -0351. If we are out on one of our upcoming trips such
were eating lunch, the
as Willapa Bay, the Broken Islands or Lake Powell, we
weather was really good
will give you a call back when we return
which was surprising to
some since the Commo­
(after a nap of course!).
dore is a retired meteor­
ologist and his boat is
named "Rainmaker."
Commodore Keith Brown
Page 13
The Port Ludlow Voice
PEP Talk
Avanti Car Show
Plans are well underway to prepare the human residents of
On Sunday, June 27th there will be a display of Avanti
Port Ludlow in case of a catastrophe. But what about our
automobiles, from the 1963 Studebaker models through the
pets? Most of us who have pets feel they are a member of
1988 vehicles. These unique fiberglass convertibles are
the family too, and would want them to be cared for and
considered by many to be one of the best designs of the last
housed properly in the event our homes are uninhabitable.
fifty years. The A vanti was manufactured in 1963 and 1964
Out of these concerns, a small group is working on Pet
by Studebaker Corp. and from 1965 through 1989 by an
Emergency Preparedness (PEP). We hope to put together a
independent car maker.
comprehensive plan for our animal friends and present it to
Organized by A vanti owner and Port Lud low resident Kent
the larger emergency preparedness group and to all the pet
Stansbury, the display of twenty Avanti automobiles will
owners in Port Ludlow.
be at the Beach Club from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. and is
An important aspect of this planning involves making sure
open to the public. A noon luncheon will feature guest
all the animals are identifiable. A collar and identifying tag
speaker Tom Kellogg, from Irvine, CA, one of the original
worn at all times is acceptable for most dogs, but probably
design team members. The cost of the luncheon is $25.00.
not for cats. One good method for identification is a small
Contact Kent Stansbury 437-2902.
chip, about the size of a grain of rice, that is inserted into
the skin on the back of the neck. Ifa pet is lost, it can be
scanned and quickly identified anywhere in the country.
Within the next few months, we expect to bring a veteri­
narian to Port Ludlow for a day to insert these chips, and
we hope you will consider having this done for your pets'
security. Watch the Voice and the Leader for further infor­
mation on date, time and place. You can help in the Pet
Emergency Preparedness by your participation.
We also would like to identifY any practicing or retired
veterinarians who might live in Port Ludlow, as well as
veterinary technicians and assistants. If you know anyone
with these skills, or would like to work with us yourself,
please contact us at 437-2022 and leave a message, or
e-mail [email protected]
PT Marine Science Center
Sponsors Photo Contest
Photos are solicited of marine life and ecology consistent
with the theme " In, On, and By the Sea." Photos may be in
either black and white or color, should be mounted (not
framed), and have a hanger on the back. They may be any
size up to 11" x 14". Put your name, address, phone num­
ber, title, age or age category on the back. Include a
stamped envelope for return. No slides, please.
There is a maximum of three submissions per entrant and
should be sent by July 1st to Photo Contest, Port Town­
send Marine Science Center, Fort Worden State Park, 532
Battery Way, Port Townsend, WA 98368.
This is a juried contest; winning photos will be exhibited at
Duane 'Ole' Olson Bridge
Tournament Winners
the Low Tide Fest on July 17th. Prizes will be awarded in
three categories: adults, youth 14-18 and youth 13 or un­
der. Prizes include Protection Island tours, books, MSC
The Duane 'Ole' Olson Bridge Tournament sponsored by
hats and mugs.
the Port Ludlow Bridge Club was played at the Bay Club
on April 21st, 1999. Guests were members of the Jefferson
County Bridge Club. Forty-four players participated in the
event. Overall winners were Eleanor Roden and Cindy Ol­
berding, both of whom play in both clubs. Other Port Lud­
low players earning master points were Bert Goldstein,
Alan Koch, Dorothy St. Onge, and Gloria Eckmann.
All North and South Bay players are urged to join us at the
Bridge Deck on Mondays at 12:30 p.m. and Wednesday
evenings at 7:00 p.m.
For more information, write
or call the PTMSC at
385-5582, or e-mail.
[email protected]
Page 14
The Port Ludlow Voice
Spreading the Word "Safety"
Dining At The Inn
The Port Ludlow Coast Guard Auxiliary is busy passing
A number of Port Ludlow residents had the distinct
out information on safe boating from its portable safe
pleasure of enjoying Chef Joe Merkling's Italian night at
boating booth. The Flotilla put the booth up in Brinnon at
the Heron Inn. This special event provided a delicious
Pleasant Harbor to disseminate information to as many of
Italian buffet at a reasonable price. As usual the staff went
the shrimpers as possible. In their enthusiasm they tend to
overboard to insure that we all enjoyed the experience.
overload their boats and forget to wear their personal flo­
The Port Ludlow Voice visits local restaurants regularly to
tation devices - a combination that could be deadly. The
report on where the best meals can be obtained. We are
booth was also part of Viking Days in Poulsbo. Much
indeed fortunate that we do not have to go very far
boating information was supplied and many Courtesy
because we have the Inn.
Safety Marine Exams were given.
This event featured Osso Buco, Calamari, a sea
Every time the booth is set up, two main activities take
food medley, chicken
place: First, information on safe boating, environmental
parmigano and a selection
concerns, rules of the road and other boating activities are
ofItalian desserts. We all
made available to the public. Second, Vessel Examiners
decided that Joe should be
do Courtesy Safety Examinations for anyone that would
named an honorary Italian.
like their boat reviewed.
Our compliments also go to the pastry chef. Your cheese­
Every time we set up the booth it takes five people: two to
tend the information booth and three Vessel Examiners to
cake was outstanding.
do exams. If you would like to be part of the action, call
First Wednesday Luncheon
Sharon Reseck at 437-0351.
Last One Until September !!
This month's First Wednesday Luncheon will be
Farmers Market Is Up and Running
By Ralph Thomas
Wednesday, June 2nd at the Bay Club. Punch, coffee
and tea will be served at 11 :00 a.m. and a "multi-salad"
The Farmers Market opened this past month to a small but
lunch at 11 :30 a.m. Come and say "goodbye" to this year's
enthusiastic crowd. Produce is not yet available and this
board and "hello" to the ladies that will start their term in
tended to keep a lot of customers away. The crafts vendors
September! See you at the Bay Club on June 2nd.
were very well represented as were the nursery folks with a
During the second week we were fortunate to have Warren
Red Cross First Aid/CPR
Instructor Training
Berg and Moulton Prussing marketing rhododendrons for
Classes will be offered in First Aid/CPR Instructor training
the local Rhododendron Society. There were a number of
by the Jefferson County Red Cross at the Shold Business
species available as well as expert advice on the care and
Center in Port Hadlock.
large variety of plants and shrubs.
maintenance of this local plant. Thank you Warren and
The first class will be held Wednesday and Thursday,
June 16th and 17th in two four-hour sessions, 6:00 p.m.­
We are expecting to have more vendors and a return of the
10:00 p.m. The second class will be Tuesday and
fresh shell fish and baked goods that were so popular last
Wednesday, June 22nd and 23rd from 9:00 p.m.-l :00
p.m. both days. The second class will also be breaking
down CPR methods for children, infants and adults.
year. We are also looking for a second baker to have a sup­
ply of fresh bread available. As usual Mary Noel was at
her post insuring that everything went well. We are most
grateful for all she has done for our Village. We want to
thank Olympic Resources for the use of the field at the
commercial center and also thanks to the local merchants
who have given us their much appreciated support.
There is a severe shortage of volunteer instructors in
Jefferson County. Anyone interested is urged to contact
Sandy Short, Jefferson County Representative for First
Aid and CPR at the Red Cross Office in Port Townsend at
Page 15
The Port Ludlow Voice
Tide Timber Trail News from the 18-Hole WGA
Men's Golf Association
No wonder people in the Northwest talk about the
by Jerry Conover, Tournament Chairman
weather; it can be incredible here. Our first event of May
We are into the middle of May and though there have been
got it all: drizzle, gorgeous sunshine, rain, thunder and
cool days, we are enjoying the best of golf. I am sure the
lightning, sleet and marble-sized hail. The undaunted first
Ladies will be announcing two of the members have made
place team of Audrey Wagner and Dorothy Miller were
an ace and we can tell you Sherman Swanson got a fancy
spotted finishing their final hole on a green literally cov­
hole in one, from the whites, on Tide #6. Following his
ered with hail.
stroke with a seven iron, his playing companions moved to
the green, no ball was to be found until someone looked in
Our Snowbirds are starting their Northwest migration
home; it's good to have you back.
the cup. Man, there was some shouting. This was not in the
course of a scheduled Wednesday event and it was a spe­
Coming events in June:
cial achievement.
Tues., June 1st: 8:00 a.m. shotgun, Low GrosslLow Net.
At this writing the Men's Club has been fortun ate enough
Thurs., June 3rd: 3:00 p.m. shotgun, Twilight Couples'
to get its early May events played without a rainout. A
9-hole Tournament, followed by a potluck at the Beach
highlight was when we entertained A Team from Canter­
Tues., June 8th: 7:54 a.m. first tee time, Captain's Cup
squeezed out a win, something like Port Ludlow 30,
(Mutt & Jeff).
wood in one of our home and home competitions. We
Canterwood 8. Well , maybe it wasn't a squeeze, though
Tues., June 15th: 7:54 a.m. first tee time, Captain's Cup (T&F). you must remember we have to play them on their course.
The matches at Canterwood will be held on May 26th. Be­
Tues., June 22nd: 7:54 a.m. first tee time, 1-2-3 Competition. side our DOG steaming a professional 2 under par, Warren
Petersen had a net 66 and Myron Vogt snapped a fancy net
Mon., June 29th: Mr. & Mrs. Tournament. Tues., June 30th: Mr. & Mrs. Tournament. Note: During the Captain's Cup event, there will be two sign-up sheets: one for those wanting to play in the tourna­
ment and another for those choosing not to participate. There will still be a game-of-the-day on those days. 67 on the invaders. Our guys played particularly well.
Yes, it has been almost three weeks since the greens have
been aerated and now I have noticed the verticuting going
on, roughs being mowed, limbs sawed and wind litter car­
ried away. Make a point of telling Jerry Mathews, Jimmy
Smith and/or the tail-busting crew how much we appreci­
Our membership is growing and new members are always ate their work. The course shows their dedication. We
welcome. If you have any questions about the 18-Hole benefit from it, and visitors are regularly overheard prais­
WGA , please call New Members Chairperson, Sally ing the excellence of the Golf Course. Their impression of
Grything, 437-2065, or Co-Captain, Susan Wright, Port Ludlow overall is equally commendatory.
437-9610. Undecided? Intimidated? We'd love to have you be our guest for a round or two
and get to know us (to date, there is
no documented evidence that any of
the] 8-hole WGA members bite).
Something to consider: Play 'em up more than you exercise
the winter rules in effect. You are noticing rapidly improv­
ing conditions, and any time now Jerry M . may be recom­
mending to Mike B. that summer rules be put into play.
If you want to feel crippled, wait until you get out on the
course and you have been in the habit of moving your ball
or lift, clean and place. It is a real awakening.
We started the Eclectic on May 5th. If you entered please
get your checks to Mike Devine, made out to PLMGA .
Page 16
The Port Ludlow Voice
Yes, you may turn them in at the desk.
Dog Notes (Director of Golf)
A thank you note to Pam Elkins, Niblicks. She served us
by Mike Buss
Swiss steak, one of Dorothy's recipes, and it could not
We would like t6 welcome all the lucky snowbirds back to
have been better. She put out great chow for our awards
Port Ludlow and hope they bring the nice weather they had
Tony, you, Dave, Dick, Gary and Josh are so patient;
thanks . We may not make it easy for you as some of us are
grumps and grumpier and you guys roll with the punches.
Good Show!
down south back with them. It certainly has been an inter­
esting weather pattern for us this year exceeding our yearly
average rainfall total by April, and it has not seemed to let
up much since then. In spite of all this Jerry Mathews
(superintendent) and his crew have done a terrific job keep­
ing the course in great playing condition and the greens are
See you on the golf course, Port Ludlow of Course.
The Green Side
about the best we have ever seen .
We want to point out a couple of new things we have done
to make your golfing experience at Port Ludlow more en­
by Jerry Mathews
joyable. First, we have done away with our pin placement
Just an update on where we are in our quest for being a
sheets. It seems we would all forget to pick one up or re­
certified golf course by the Audubon International Coop­
member to check out the pin placement number for the
erative Sanctuary. The Audubon Society has recently sent
day. We have added red, white and blue flags to our pins
us a certificate of achievement in "Environmental Plan­
to indicate the location of the hole on the green. Remember
ning." This is the first of six steps to certification. We
red is in the front, white in the middle and blue in the back
would like to thank all of the residents who helped in put­
portion of the green. We hope this new flag system will
ting this enormous package together and all who have vol­
help lower your scores. Let us know what you think.
unteered to assist us with the next steps. Our goal is to
Next, we have repaired the tunnel between Tide #4 green
complete these steps and reach certification by the end of
and #5 tee, and more significantly we have purchased a
the year. If anyone is interested in helping us complete our
new attachment to our bunker rake that is a type of cultiva­
goal, please feel free to contact the golf shop.
tor, in hopes of keeping our bunkers fluffier.
We would like to remind everyone how important it is to
If you have not met them yet, please stop by and meet our
forward any questions, concerns and suggestions to your
two new staff members: Tony Manzanares, Head Profes­
Greens Committee represeritative. A lot of the improve­
sional and Dave Ramsay, First Assistant. They are a great
ments in the playing conditions of the course have been
addition and are happy to assist with all of your golfing
the result of their efforts.
needs, lessons, equipment, etc .
Don't forget to sign up for our annual Mr. & Mrs. Tourna­
by Tony Manzanares
ment to be held Tuesday and Wednesday, June 29th and
Most golfers are familiar with these letters, P.G.A ., Profes­
30th. Entry forms are available in the golf shop. This event
sional Golfers Association. These letters also represent the
will be the best we have ever hosted with lots of new
basic foundation of a sound golf swing. The "P" stands for
prizes. Mont Blanc has donated two gift certificates of
posture; a good consistent posture is key to a consistent
$175 to their Seattle store for a closest to the pin prize,
golf swing. The "G" stands for grip; gripping the club in
along with over $500 in free raffle prizes
the fingers, proper grip pressure and a grip routine will
and more than $1,000 in gift certificates.
help rid you of the left, right, left shot pattern (aka Anny
golf). The "A" stands for alignment; getting your body
Be sure to sign up early, entry deadline is
Friday, June 25th.
parallel to your target line will let your arms and clubface
See you on the links.
swing freely to your target. Just like you learned your
ABCs and 123s, learn your PGAs and you will set the
stage to capture that ever elusive repetitive golf swing.
The Pon Ludlow Voice
Page 17
Members Golf Schedule
Travel Tips for the
Not-So-Young Cruiser
8:00 Shotgun
by Maureen Poole
8:00 Tee Times
Cruising, whether luxury, mass market or expedition,
8:00 Tee Times
generally offers a satisfying and comfortable vacation for
8:00 Tee Times
older travelers with all basic expenses included in one
8:00 Tee Times
price. Cruise travel is simpler than land motor-coach tours,
gers Men
8:00 Tee Times
since you pack and unpack only once during the trip rather
8:30 Shotgun
than every time the tour changes hotels. An air/sea package
8:00 Tee Times
with transfers usually includes cruise line representatives
8:00 Tee Times
who meet arriving planes and supervise transportation
ger Couples
3 :00 Shotgun
from the airport to the ship or an interim hotel. Shuttle
8:00 Tee Times
service is available from your home in Port Ludlow to the
8:00 Tee Times
Seattle airport.
8:00 Tee Times
The key to a delightful experience is to spend time and
29th & 30th
Mr. & Mrs.
8:00 Shotgun
attention selecting the right ship and itinerary. Consider
the size of ships and their amenities. Big boats can have
Outside Events
Please check with the golf shop for details on times
available on these days.
surprisingly intimate gathering spaces. Investigate specific
ports of call. Are you interested in seeing glaciers and
wildlife? Exploring Hawaiian culture? Watching river
Young Life
1:00 Shotgun
Evergreen G.c.
10:00 Tee Times
1:00 Shotgun
provide gentlemen hosts to dance, socialize or fill out a
PNW Traders
10:00 Tee Times
card game.
Cruise Club Prepares for
Millennium Celebration!
Start planning your Millennium Celebration. The Cruise
traffic roll by on the Mississippi ? Traveling outside the
U.S .? Will you be traveling alone? With a group? Women
traveling alone will feel secure on a cruise. Many lines
Inquire if the ship can dock at a majority of its stops, or if
it must anchor and use a tender (shuttle boat). For anyone
with difficulty walking, or for wheelchair users, docking is
important. Inquire also about the number of elevators and
Club Board of Directors and Facilitator have put their
learn if they access the upper outdoor areas such as
heads together to come up with an exciting nine-day
observation decks. If you need a cabin for the physically
Las Vegas, Mexican Riviera Cruise/Tour. Package departs
challenged, inquire also . Many older ships have raised
Port Ludlow January 7th, 2000. This is a value-packed
thresholds to halls and outside decks . This could make
chance to: celebrate the millennium, miss the Y2K bug,
walking difficu lt.
beat the Washington winter, have fun and, if you desire,
If you are concerned about a medical emergency,
play golf on Robert Trent Jones, Jr., and Robert Von
remember that a ship's size and itinerary directly affects
Hagge championship golf courses. All the exciting details
how quickly sophisticated medical care can be reached.
will be presented Tuesday, June 22nd from 7:30 to
Large ships usually have more medical staff and facilities
9:00 p.m. at the Bay Club. Port Ludlow Cruise Club is
on board . Travel insurance should be considered. Various
open to the entire Village and
types are available and some cover pre-existing conditions
friends. Refreshments will be
for yourself or family. Plan ahead and your cruise vacation
served. RSVP (please) to
will be one to remember. Information is your best resource,
Lee and David Barnes at
and a travel agent can provide all this information .
Page 18
The Port Ludlow Voice
Thanks From the Sea Scouts
Dining Out
The Scouts of Sea Scout Ship Falcon wish to thank the
By Ralph Thomas
PL YC for the opportunity to sell donated items at the re­
If you would like an interesting yet inexpensive pasta
cent "For Sale By Owner" event at the Marina. The scouts
experience try Lanza's Ristorante, 379-1900 at 1020
made $387.00 for their program. These much-needed
Lawrence in uptown Port Townsend (near Aldrich's
funds permit participation 'at regional regattas, such as the
Market and the Uptown Theater). Interesting because for a
Pacific Challenge. Nine members attended this two-day
small local restaurant the food is quite good. Inexpensive
contest from May 14-16 on Lake Union along with two
because the most costly item on the menu is only $14.
hundred other young and "seasoned" mariners. The scouts
The Bistecca Stefano is a charbroiled Spencer steak mari­
will also attend the King's Cup Regatta in Scooke, British
nated in garlic, olive oil and fresh Italian herbs and yes, it
Columbia in August. Thanks to all who donated and/or
is only $14.
purchased items at the Sea Scouts tables on May 1st and
We passed on the steak
in favor of a dish that
The Sea Scouts will have a different boat at the Marina
was recommended by
this summer. It is a 36' gaff-headed, schooner-rigged, Tan
our host: The Patrone
Cook whaler named the "Franklin P." Look for her on the
pasta dish contained
east end of E dock.
chicken breast, Italian
One more request: the Sea Scouts and our sponsoring
agency, the Wooden Boat Foundation, have a serious need
for rain gear. If anyone has used rain gear that they wish to
sausage and artichoke
hearts in a parmesan gar­
lic sauce over penne pasta and it was outstanding. One
member of our group opted for the chicken picatta at $11.
donate, please call Dennis Madson at 437-5156.
This was accompanied by a mixed green salad with a
I Thanks for your continuing support!
creamy Caesar dressing. This chicken dish was made with
Real Estate Update
capers, green onions, tomatoes, goat cheese, olive oil and
Port Ludlow real estate activity since January I, 1999
garlic and was served over fettuccine.
Residences: 77 Active 8 Contingent 4 Pending 17 Sold
One of our diners enjoyed a seafood dish, scampi
38 Active
2 Contingent 2 Pending
5 Sold
Pasenelli. This dish is made with large prawns, white
99 Active
2 Contingent 7 Pending
9 Sold
wine, garlic, butter and fresh herbs and is served over
pasta and for only $13 . We also tried the soup of the day
Real Estate Tip:
which was a chicken vegetable tortellini; and once again, it
Within 15 seconds a buyer has already developed an
was excellent. Just so we would know, we ordered a side
opinion of your property.
dish of Grandma Gloria's famous meatballs; and now we
Establishing the right first impression is critical to
know why they are called famous. It is really great to find
achieving a successful sale. This includes "curb appeal"
good spaghetti and meatballs.
A quick painting of an old mailbox will let the buyer know
One suggestion we would make is to improve the presen­
you care about the details. If outdoor lamps look rusted
tation of the dessert items. The cannoli looked very lonely
and worn out, new ones will cast a positive light on your
all by itself on a big plate. We liked the tiramisu but did
not care for the cannoli which we thought was too bland.
Interest Rates
Lanza's is owned by Laurie Lanza and Steve Kraught. The
restaurant has been a favorite in Port Townsend for some
15 Year Fixed~· 6.375% ~ 1.00 points
time. This was our first experience and we were quite
30 Year Fixed
1.00 points
pleased with the service, quality and quantity of the food.
5 Year ARM
1.00 points
We will be dining there again.
7 Year ARM
1.00 points
The Port Ludlow Voice
What's Happening at One Heron Road ... Tuesday, June 1st
Sunday, June 13th
Sunday, June 20th Pacific Rim Theme Dinner
Jazz B_B.Q_ Theme Dinner
Fathers Day Specials Ahi Sashimi with traditional Macaroni Salad Caesar Salad Tomato, Fresh Mozzarella Salad 5:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.
Barbecued T eriyaki Salmon New York Steak with a mushroom sauce Chicken Vera Cruz Au Gratin Potatoes Sauteed Summer Vegetables Fresh Baked Fruit and Berry Pies Fresh Baked Brownies and Cookies 19 .00 per person Menu includes: condiments Cabbage, Crisp Noodle Salad Hot and Sour Soup Tropical Frui t Salad Chicken Satays with a peanut sauce Beef Satays with a soy ginger sauce Orange Marmalade Five Spice Duck Coconut Shrimp with a curry sauce Stir Fried Rice Stir Fried Vegetables Main Dining Room
Porter House Steak with a Brandy Peppercorn Sauce $23.00 16 oz . Prime Rib with Au Jus $19.00 All fathers receive a free dessert
with the purchase of any entree.
(tax and afawis" not included)
(ta.t and Brawi,)' no, included)
Desserts Banana Bread Pudding Coconut Creme Brulee Ginger Ice Cream $23.00 per person 5:30 to 8:30 p.m.
(tax and afawUy nOl included)
Lunch is now being served!
Wednesday through Saturday
12 :00 p .m. - Close Lunch prices. range from $3.00 - $8 .00. Sunday, 4th of July Potato Salad, Caesar Salad, Creamy Coleslaw B.B.Q. Beef Ribs T eriyaki Chicken Grilled Salmon with a Blackberry Butter Baked Potatoes with condiments Corn on the Cob Fresh Baked Fruit and Berry Pies Fresh Baked Brownies and Cookies $19.00 per person Heron Beach Inn
360-437 -0411
One Heron Road· Port Ludlow
(tax and Bfawit..F noc included)
Qu i Iters By The Bay
Port Ludlow Quilters By The Bay have been busy making
blankets for Project Linus. Mary Lou Wentworth is the
food and gift baskets for those in need at Christmas _This
will be the third year the Club will donate the food bas­
kets. Raffle tickets can be purchased for $1.00 each or 6
for $5_00 from any member of Quilters By The Bay or at
the Bay Club_
Quilting Club members would like to thank the Bay Club
staff for helping us with this project
You can catch a sneak preview of the quilt which is hang­
ing in the Bay Club, before it is taken to be quilted at
Seaport Fabrics in Port Townsend .
Quiiters By The Bay hold informal meetings each
Wednesday at the Bay Club at I :00 p.m . All Port Ludlow
residents are welcome.
the North Pole" in October. The profits will go to furnish
Page 20
Th e Port Ludl ow Voice
Computer Club Win95/98/lnternet SIG
The Win95/98/lntemet Special Interest Group (SIG) will
meet Monday, June 21st at 3:00 p.m. at the Bay Club.
Larry Chockie, co-facilitator of this SIG, is back from win­
tering in Arizona. He will now replace Warren Berg for the
summer months, permitting Warren to tend to his rhodo­
dendron garden. During his stay down south Larry served
room. " A top executive at a telecommunications and
long-distance company, 10-10-10-10-10-10-123, said:
"This morning, the same damned e-mail kept coming back
to me with a pesky notation claiming I needed to use a
pronoun's possessive case before a gerund. With the num­
ber of e-mails ! crank out each day, who has time for
proper grammar?"
as President of the Dreamland Computer Club, and facili­
If Strunkenwhite makes e-mailing impossible, it could
tator of the Office/Windows SIG and co-facilitator of the
mean the end to a communication revolution once hailed
Saturday Workshop for that Club.
as a significant timesaver. A study of 1,254 office workers
His June presentation will illustrate the capabilities of
in Leonia, N.J ., found that e-mail increased employees'
Office 97 utilizing a couple of new publications including
productivity by 1.8 hours a day because they took less
Office97, One Step at a Time, an interactive, sound en­
time to formulate their thoughts. (The same study also
hanced software that allows one to call up the book's step­
by-step lessons right from your own documents. He will
demonstrate how this reference is a resource for first-time
found that they lost 2.2 hours of productivity because they
were e-mailing so many jokes to their spouses, parents and
learning or quick, on-the-fly The virus also has left government e-mail systems in
refreshers . disarray. Officials at the Office of Management and
Bring your questions . The Budget can no longer transmit electronic versions of
software, or someone, might federal regulations because their highly technical language
even provide the answers. seems to run afoul of Strunkenwhite's dictum that
"vigorous writing is concise." The White House speech­
writing office reported that it had received the same
message, along with a caution to avoid phrases such as
"the truth is..." and " in fact..."
The Pluperfect Virus
There is concern among law enforcement officials that
A new computer virus is spreading throughout the Inter­
Strunkenwhite is a harbinger of the increasingly sophisti­
net. Named Strunkenwhite after the authors of a classic
cated methods hackers are using to exploit the vulnerabil­
guide to good writing, it returns e-mail messages that have
ity of business' reliance on computers. "This is one of the
grammatical or spelling errors. It is deadly accurate in its
most complex and invasive examples of computer code we
detection abilities, unlike the dubious spell checkers that
have ever encountered. We just can't imagine what kind of
come with word processing programs. The virus is
devious mind would want to tamper with e-mails to create
causing something akin to panic throughout corporate
this burden on communications," said an FBI agent who
America, which has become used to the typos, misspell­
insisted on speaking via the telephone out of concern that
ings, missing words and mangled syntax so acceptable in
trying to e-mail his comments could leave him tied up for
The CEO of LoseItAll.com, an Internet startup, said the
Meanwhile, bookstores and online booksellers reported a
virus has rendered him helpless. "Each time I tried to send
surge in orders for Strunk & White's The Elements of
one particular e-mail this morning, I got back this error
message: 'Your dependent clause preceding your inde­
pendent clause must be set off by commas, but one must
not precede the conjunction.' I threw my laptop across the
(Adapted from a piece by Bob Hirschfeld.)
Page 21
The Port Ludlow Voice
A Letter from the
Computer Club Prez
John Reseck started the speaker portion of the General
Meeting by saying he didn't know anything about com­
puters. His presentation about the Y2K was well received
by all and was not hampered by his not knowing anything
about computers.
Computer Classes
Well, it's time to get back to work & tackle that new
computer project that you've been putting off! Classes are
now forming for several Beginner's Classes at the Bay
Club starting late August and lasting one day per week for
four consecutive weeks. These classes are suitable for be­
ginners, people contemplating a computer purchase, people
who wish to understand the basics of Windows 95/98,
Our June meeting will be given by two of our club mem­
Email, Internet Browsing & Letter Writing or people look­
bers. One half of the program will be dedicated to capture
ing for a basics refresher. These classes are extremely
applications such as SnagIt with Warren Berg handling the
popular and fill up quickly. The fee is nominal and in­
explanation. Bob Force will give the other half concerning
cludes an easy to use text. If you have interest or wish to
the Microsoft.edu web site and how you can benefit from
register, please call Bernie Kestler at 437-5102 for all the
its use.
This is a help educational program to assist you with the
A Word class will start on Tuesday, June 22nd from 3:00
everyday use of your computer. Plan to be at this meeting
p.m. to 5:00 p.m. and will last for six weeks. Course cost is
on Monday, June 14th 6:30 p.m.
$40 and includes the text "Woody Leonhart Teaches Of­
Also on the agenda for June is the election of the new
fice 97." The cost is $25 for those of you who have this
PLCC Board for 1999-2000. This brings to an end my
text already from previous classes. If you, or someone you
two-year stint as President, and I would like to say thanks
know, wish to attend the course, please call Bernie Kestler
to my Board members: Mary Ronen for a fine job of
at 437-5102.
putting the newsletter together each month and getting it
Computers Needed
out to the membership; Warren Berg for all the many
hours spent assuring us of a smooth operation; Moulton
Prussing as Treasurer handling the ins and outs of the club
accounts; Bob Force with good suggestions and guidance
along with teaching the spreadsheet course; Janice Downs
doing the secretarial tasks and the snowbird, Larry
Chockie, who is President of his computer club in Arizona
and gives us a different view from the southern club (he
also does the Windows SIG). One who started the educa­
tional class program, along with getting PLCC on the
Internet, is Ralph Thomas. And Bernie Kestler, who has
Some of our own Bay Club colleagues volunteer time to
help Jefferson County abused, neglected or abandoned
children. Occasionally, the use of a computer is very help­
ful in their rehabilitation efforts. Right now, a computer is
needed for an abused child. If you have an obsolete but
working computer, or are thinking of replacing or dispos­
ing of one, this worthy child would be most appreciative. If
you would like to help, please notify the Jefferson County
Guardian ad Litem Program at 385-9190 and mention our
volunteer contact Bev or Mason Rothenborg.
taught the many Beginners Classes and is our director of
education, has added to our membership from the classes
which has resulted in the present membership level of240
(or a little over 10% of the Port Ludlow population.)
• Or
To all of these people and to you
the members, thank you for a fun
"SOFT TOUCH" Massage Therapy
Kimberly A. Wright, L.M.P.
I offer a wide range of massage modalities which include: Swedish massage, reflexology, polarity, deep tissue, Sports, Swedish gymnastics, MLD, hydrotherapy and Reiki. These massage modali­
ties are relaxing, sedative, invigorating, energizing, increase move­ ment, aid in the immune system and are very therapeutic. Therapeutic massage helps in the aid of pain, injuries, relaxation and health. Call for a therapeutic experience at "Soft Touch" massage in Port Ludlow . Daytime and evening appts. available, in my home or at my office. First appt. $10 discount. "SOFT TOUCH" by Kimmers 437-9655. Tai chi exercise class will begin with response. Page 22
The Port Ludlow Voice
Classifieds Ads are seven cents per word with a $3 minimum. fax your ad to 437-2085 or drop off at J03 Cascade Lane. Call 437-4069 if you have any questions. We want to help you sell those good garage items and help you locate needed services. While we do not solicit commercial ads we do allow them if they appear to be providing a service to our readers. YOU'RE INVITED TO JOIN US - ANYTIME!
If you have a Business, Service or Product and would like to learn
more about a very affordable approach to Internet Exposure, by a
locally owned and operated Port Ludlow service, with far reaching
capabilities including local and Puget Sound marketing.
Scenic Cruises and Voyages
Now is the time to plan those summer weeks of flln for you and your
guests. The most beautiful way to see Port Ludlow, Puget Sound,
and the San Juan Islands is by luxury yacht. I specialize in three to
seven day cruises throughout our area and nearby Canada. How
about a honeymoon/anni ve rsary cruise for that special someone?
"Caroline's Came/ot" is a stable and comfc>rtable 44 ft. Tollycraft
motoryacht with luxury accommodations on board for one or two
couples. Fully equipped to provide a two-hour scenic cruise or a sev­
eral day voyage. Contact Captain Phil Otness, USCG 100 T Master:
(360) 437-0105 , email: [email protected] netorseemyweb page
Investment Counseling If you ' ve recently retired and need to roll over a retirement account, reccived an inheritance, need help managing a trust or just disap­
pointed in your investment results -we're right here in Port Lud­
low and we may be able to help. Heritage Advisors, Inc. is a Registered Investment Advisor. We spe­
cialize in assisting clients in establishing their investment goals, de­
termining their risk tolerance and constructing and managing an in­
vestment portfolio consistent with those goals. Fee Only Financial Advisory Services
Local certi fied Financial Planner offers Financial Planning Services
on a fee-only basis. Specializing in Estate Planning, Retirement
Planning and Tax Efficient Portfolio Management. Northwest Finan­
cial is a Registered Investment Advisor. There is no charge for the
initial consultation. Contact Ron Arends, CFP at 437-0387 for
additional details or free brochure.
We will create a portfolio to meet your specific needs, whether that means income, growth or a combination of both. We will then man­
age that portfolio for you on an ongoing basis to help you meet your goals. There's no charge for a consultation, so if you'd like to talk - please call Mike Devine at 437-9697 to arrange a meeting. Cruise Club Millennium Celebration Cruise/Tour Join your friends departing Port Ludlow on Jan. 7,2000 for two glit­
tering days in Las Vegas. Then on to Los Angeles to cruise on the new Elation for seven glorious, sunny days on the Mexican Riviera. Championship Golf Package available. Cruise/tour rates start at $1499 per person. For details call Maureen at 437-2165. Health Service-Foot Care with Foot Reflexology A professional evaluation of your feet including toenail trimming, skin care and Foot Reflexology in the comfort of your residence. Registered Nurse for 32 years. Professional , knowledgeable and caring. References available. For information call: Judy Narimatsu RN , LMP 206-842-8574 Port Ludlow's New Therapeutic Exercise Class Kimberly Dye, once professional ballet dancer with the Pennsylvania Ballet, and now dance/movement therapist, brings a world of exper­
tise to her new Yoga-like class she developed to strengthen the body center, promote flexibility and ease of movement, and increase over­
all energy. Friday mornings 9:45-10:45 a.m. $8.00 single, $60.00 for 10 Open to North and South Bay members Or Try Individualized Private Session $50 (will come to your home)
Customized Audio Tapes For Your Exercise
and/or Personal Needs. Some sample topics
for tapes are "Moving Beyond Pain,"
"Relaxation for Better Sleep," "Moving Into
Your Body," "Free Yourself from Compulsive
Eating." For more information call Kimberly
"Wra~!1mfJI!F at 3 79-6795
Share the Port Ludlow community and local area with your friends,
neighbors, and relatives.
Cooking Services
Delicious & Beautiful HOME MEALS
Fresh, savory, nutritious meals
Prepared in your home
I do the shopping· I do the clean up
Very affordable, personalized meals
Custom meal creations just for you
Call Chef Debra for FREE consultation
For Sale
Baby Grand Piano. Contact Beny 437-0219.
Errands and Stuff Do you ever wish you had someone who would: Feed your pet or water plants while you were out of town. -Do your shopping. -Serve at your party. -Pick up your dry cleaning. -Do your typing or filing. -Pick up prescriptions. -Stand in line for you at the DMV . -Organize your mess, or whatever else you don't have time for or don 't care to do? We can take care of it. Gi ve us a call at 360-301-0993. Page 23
The Port Ludlow Voice June
The Harbormaster Restaurant
Port Ludlow Resort on the Internet -
The Resort and the Harbormaster Restaurant are
on the internet at http://www.portludlowresort.com Take a look at our site and let us know what you
think. We have a lot of infonnation about the Resort and Port Ludlow on the site that may be helpful to
you, or your friends and family .
Remember that our City Ledger holders receive a 20% discount on our room rates all year long. If you wish to share a little
about our Resort and our community, direct your friends and family to our website.
We receive an average of 1200 visitors a month to our site, and most anyone can find us just by typing in the words
"Port Ludlow" in their favorite search engine.
_'(jl,_ Outdoor Seating now available on the .~
Sundeck in the Wreck Room Lounge.
I ,"
The Wreckroom Lounge
now offers seating out on
the Sundeck. Come and
enjoy our view of the
Marina and the Olympics
from the deck.
The Lounge is open for
lunch and dinner starting at
11 :30 a.m. Monday through
Saturday, and Sundays for
dinner starting at 5:30 p.m.
Bring friends down to enjoy
free appetizers during
Happy Hour on Monday
nights in the Lounge.
Hours Of Operation
Resident June Dinner Special
Come in for dinner and let the Resort pay for Breakfast
7:00 a.m.­
11:30 a.m.
one cocktail or glass of wine. Good through June 1999 Lunch
11 :30 a.m.­
2:00 p.m.
(Present this coupon to your server)
5:30 p.m.­
9:00 p.m.
Resident June Lunch Special Sunday
10:00 a.m.­
2:00 p.m.
Come in for lunch and buy one lunch entree at regular price and receive the second entree for 112 price! -
Good through June 1999 Wreckroom Lounge
II :30 a.m.­
Friday &
II :30 a.m.­
1:00 a.m.
11 :00 p.m.
(Present this coupon to your server)
June Lunch and Dinner Specials
The Harbormaster Restaurant will be running the following Specials:
Happy Hour every On Mondays we will offer a Dungeness Crab Club Sandwich and fries or a salad for $7.50. Monday through Friday On Tuesdays we will serve a traditional Port Ludlow favorite: a New York steak sandwich with fries, for $9.50. Lunch Et Dinner service in On Tuesday & Wednesday evenings the Restaurant will be running these Dinner specials:
Tuesday, broiled flank steak with a mushroom gravy for $12.95
On Wednesday pan fried razor clams for $11.95. Both specials are served with rice or potato, vegetables, salad, and rolls. Starting this month we will have live entertainment in the Lounge Thursday
through Saturday at 9:00 p.m. until 1:00 a .m.
from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. the Lounge starting at 11:30a.m. Free appetizers on Monday nights during Happy Hour. Page 24
The Port Ludlow Voice
PORT LUDLOW- VOICE 103 Cascade Lane Port Ludlow, WA 98365 Phone 437-4069, fax 437-2085 E-mail [email protected] The mission of the
Subscription rate: Outside Port Ludlow $12 per year.
Inside Port Ludlow Free
Port Ludlow Voice
Ralph Thomas, Publisher
is to inform its
readers of events
and activities in the
Village, and within
close proximity to
the Village .
Kate Madson, Community Affairs Editor, 437-5156
Jobn Reseck, Editor At Large, 437-0351
Myrdelle Teaford, Editor At Large, 437-0349
Bonnie Schoenemann, Bay Club Editor, 437-2583
Barbara Wagner-Jauregg, Arts and Entertainment Editor, 437-9726
Mary Ronen, Classified and Subscription Manager, 437-0268
Your input is encouraged. Submit your special events and
news items to any editor.
Deadline for submissions 12th of preceding month.
u.s. Postage 103 CASCADE LANE
Paid Pennit NO. 14 PORT LUDLOW,WA 98365
Hadlock, W A ECRWSS
Good Neighbor
Port Ludlow, WA
Deadline is always the 12th of the month for articles,