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[ airguns ]
Make mine a single! The new Weihrauch
HW101, all the good bits of the original
HW100 but with a simple and precise
single-shot mechanism at better money
Singles’ Bar
eihrauch late arrival into the world of
PCP’s has won them a whole new
army of devotees, who appreciate
what this great German manufacturer is all
about. Their first model the HW100 was very
well received when it appeared some years
back, yet the overall design has changed little
since its introduction. Knowing your market
makes sense, and Weihrauch are well aware
that their loyal fan base expects superior
construction and finish, with solid engineering
right up there at the top of the list.
This most traditional of companies doesn’t
do ‘gimmicks’, preferring to play to their
strengths by offering slickly machined, high
grade airguns; and the HW100 is the epitome of
this ethos. OK, early versions were rather thirsty
on air, yet the fundamentals were in place
from the off, and the marque has subsequently
gone from strength to strength as a result.
One main feature was the hi-capacity,
magazine-fed, multi shot action and
Weihrauch’s 14 shot rotary mag happens to
be one of the most reliable and robust
designs on the market! However, for those
who favour single shot operation there is a
single-shot ‘swing out’ loading crane but this
is an optional extra and an added expense.
single minded
Well I’m pleased to say that with the
introduction of the new HW101 – there is
now a dedicated single shot version of the
HW100. Before placing the new spec under
scrutiny, let’s just familiarize ourselves with
the standard features on offer. What we
have here is a full powered, sporting PCP
with on-board compressed air cylinder, side
lever cocking, semi match grade trigger unit,
and thumbhole stock.
Take a quick glance at this new kid on the
block, and you could be forgiven for failing to
notice much difference from previous
models. Closer inspection reveals brand new
sections of breech block. Basically, a loading
channel sits where the magazine would
normally be and with the lead-in to the breech
relieved, a pellet can be easily rolled into the
channel, ready to be seated by the bolt. It’s
all slickly done as you’d expect from this
manufacturer and the standard of finish
is one of the features that really make
these premium rifles stand out from
its rivals!
Mark Camoccio checks
out the latest, single-shot
version of Weihrauch’s
landmark PCP
changes, this new single shot package
enables a significant saving to be made
when compared to those multi shot models.
The result - the HW101 price is pitched
dramatically lower than its stable mates.
This is all importantly achieved with no loss
of quality either.
So how’s it done? Firstly, the single shot
model is offered primarily in KT spec- i.e.
carbine, thumbhole, with that beautifully
contoured woodwork fashioned from beech
as opposed to walnut. Secondly, the
simplified design of the action dispenses
with the need for the intricate magazine
retention spindle and all the associated
engineering normally required. The bottom
line means an SRP of just £637 compared
to the £847 of the HW 100 multi-shot.
cost cutting
Weihrauch are hardly
synonymous with
cutting corners, and
the HW100 series has
often looked pricey
when compared to
some competitors.
By making some
The test rifle came fitted with the Thumbhole
stock, but a sporter version is available too
Note the slick forend, finger grooves, and nylon
plug to the inlet/filler valve
That’s a huge saving in anyone’s book, and
in these uncertain economic times, many
shooters will find the new HW101 irresistible
for financial reasons alone.
absolute accuracy
That said, multi-shot rifles aren’t for
everyone and I would always opt for a single
shot action. With one eye on competition
shooting, the ultra precision and straight line
design of any single shot, should in theory at
least, out perform that of a comparable
magazine-fed specification. Whether
competition shooter or hunter mind you, the
end result is the same- we all want absolute
accuracy and to hit the target where we
A magazine system invariably asks the
pellet to jump from the chamber into the
barrel, which can in a few cases, distort or
even shave the pellet, with the result that
down range accuracy can be compromised.
That said, modern manufacturing
techniques, (with in many cases ultra fine
tolerances), largely eliminates any problem.
Yet for peace of mind, and maximum raw
accuracy potential, (as stated ‘in theory at
least’), straight forward yet soundly
engineered single shot designs are
familiar features
Single shot operation aside for the moment,
the familiar features of Weihrauch’s tried
and tested PCP format are still here.
Revisiting the stock, that thumbhole is a
classic piece of Teutonic styling, synonymous
with this manufacturer. Yes, beech costs
This shows that exquisite side lever-action,
note the grid reference on the dovetails
significantly less than more glamorous
timber, which helps the marketing strategy.
But Weihrauch always seem to find nicely
grained wood regardless and the test rifle’s
stock is both attractively figured, and
beautifully finished!
That steeply raked pistol grip, complete
with stippling, finger grooves and generous
cut-out, all combine to create visuals which
are very much a matter of personal taste.
Add in though, the nicely accentuated cheek
piece, offering perfect eye/scope alignment
and that angular yet stylish forend, and I for
one reckon it works at both cosmetic and
ergonomic levels.
Action wise, the standard configuration
of barrel over cylinder remains, with the
barrel running through an ‘o ring within the
clamp. As with many rifles of this type, some
shooters (mostly competition-minded) will
remove the clamp to fully float the tube. This
should allow for cylinder expansion, yet with
soft O-rings and a short rigid barrel, the
factory set-up should be fine.
The fact that the main cylinder is
removable on Weihrauch PCP’s is another
nice feature, allowing for periodic safety
This carbine model demands a silencer of
some sort and the muzzle is threaded to suit
w e r e c ko n
■ With the HW101 Weihrauch
offers an excellent option
■ Should go down well with
the competition crowd
■ A single shot PCP is no impediment to ability
and performance!
checks to be conducted by just submitting it
for test. Not such an easy procedure with a
fixed cylinder, and they are one step ahead
of the game in this regard.
preparation and performance
Charging the HW101 is the same as the
HW100, and a simple affair it is too. Just
pull out the nylon plug from the valve at the
front of the cylinder, push home the probe
from the air supply, and decant to the tune
of 200bar. Probe designs are by far the
quickest route to a refill, but just be careful
to check it’s pushed fully home at the start
and early on in the charging cycle.
Mounting a scope is simple too, and
again, some forward thinking and clever
design sees a grid reference etched on top of
the breech block. This allows for an accurate
visual guide to precisely locate where the
mounts need to be returned to, when a scope
is temporarily removed for example.
Given the short carbine action,
Weihrauch supply these rifles with a
threaded section at the muzzle, ready to
receive a screw-on silencer (not included in
the asking price I might add). With a carbon
fibre Daystate Airstream spun into place, I
was ready for the testing to begin.
[ airguns ]
chrono check
Once scoped up, my first port of call was the
chrono, but to be honest, I’ve shot enough
of these rifles for the results to be largely
expected and academic. For the record, from
the 200bar fill, and using Air Arms Diabolo
Field pellets straight from the tin, I recorded
60-shots, all within 13fps.
Gently pull back that exquisitely weighted
side lever to cock the trigger and hammer,
roll a pellet into the loading channel, and
return the lever, allowing the bolt probe to
chamber the load. It’s a subtle experience,
and testament to the sound engineering
on offer here.
Accuracy wise, over the 35yd test
range, some impressive clusters
formed as expected, yet for
me, the weight distribution
and balance of this carbine
model, proved just a little light
at the muzzle. The Daystate
Airstream silencer added little
weight, and if this were my gun, I’d
invest in a heavier moderator to tip the
balance forwards. Groups still easily formed
around 0.3” from a rest and when I relaxed
more and shot the HW101 from the over-arm
FT stance, the inherent accuracy became even
more apparent. An excellent adjustable
two-stage trigger obviously helps, and the
overall package on offer here just oozes class.
If you’ve never handled an HW100 series from
Weihrauch, you may not appreciate just how
nicely these rifles are put together. The single
This HW101 single
shot version is a slick
operator, from one of the
biggest names in airguns
shot model now gives this classy German
manufacturer a further option that should
appeal to a much wider audience for several
reasons. The importers told me that initial
consignments have been flying off the shelves!
As for my endorsement, I can’t fail to
recommend the new model, for its design
and execution, and if a quality full powered
sporting rifle, fit for either hunting or HFT
duties is required, the HW101 should be
near the top of any shortlist.
Expect tight clusters with the HW 101.
The group on the left was at 35yds, aiming top
right. Relaxing FT style at 30yds (right, 4-shots)
The single-shot action might be a tad slower
but pellets suffer less deformation, making for
better consistency
Technical Specifications
n Name
Weihrauch HW101KT
n Type
Single shot PCP
n Calibre
.177 on test (.22 avail)
n Weight
7lbs Inc silencer
n Length
30.5” (37” with silencer)
n Barrel12.75”
n Stock
Beech thumbhole
n Power source Quick fill, removable cylinder (PCP)
n Velocity
From 200 bar fill, using Air Arms
Diabolo (JSB) pellets
60-shots: High: 782fps
Low: 769
Average: 775
ES 13fps
n Energy
11.3 ft/lb
(795fps average & 11ft/lbs
using Daystate Li pellets)
n Price
RRP £637
n Options
Standard length model, or beech sporter
stock to special order at same price
n Contact
Hull Cartridge Company, 01482 342756

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