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Company Profi le
Company Profile
TERMS CZ s.r.o. is one of the leading companies in
the region of České Budějovice providing measurement, process control, and automation systems. When
established in February 2000 part of operation was
repurchased from at that time company Terms v.o.s.
high quality
of provided services
Measurement, process control, and automation systems were and still are the main business activities of
TERMS CZ, s.r.o. Throughout company lifetime other
activities were added - building equipment, weak-current wiring, energy savings, renewable energy resources. TERMS CZ s.r.o. is customer oriented company.
Leading principle in whatever we do is customer
satisfaction and high quality of provided services.
Since 2002 and consistently with our customer orientation TERMS CZ s.r.o. is certified according CSN EN
ISO 9001:2001. All services we offer are provided and
managed in line with quality assurance principles as
required by ISO 9001:2001. TERMS CZ s.r.o. is based
in České Budějovice and provides services in all of
Czech Republic as well as across European Union.
The main customers of TERMS CZ s.r.o. since the very
beginning have been leading suppliers of thermal and
electrical energy of Southern Bohemian region such as
Teplárna České Budějovice a.s. (Heat Station České
Budějovice), Teplárna Strakonice a.s. (Heat Station
Strakonice), Teplárna Písek a.s. (Heat Station Pisek),
Tepelné hospodářství Města Trhové Sviny spol. s r.o.
(Heat Economy Trhove Sviny) and many other.
optimal solution
for everybody customer
We designed and delivered for each of these energy
corporations control system of production, energy distribution and consumption, control system that matches the needs of energy corporation, corresponds to
output of source unit, scope of distribution channels,
number of end-consumers, and is in line with corporation development strategy. Our control systems
transferring in each moment ten thousands of real
time operational data to dispatching centers enable immediate reaction to process working states
and thus to monitor and control large scale set of
distribution channels from one place.
Architects, designers, national institutions, non profitmaking corporations, municipalities, schools, playschools, hospitals, housing associations and other real
estate owners, businessmen, companies, agricultural
and industrial corporations, and the general public belong among our customers as well.
For each client coming to us with own, individual, and
specific requirements we propose tailor-made, optimal
solution. In process of proposing the best solution for
our customer we are using skills and long-term experiences of conducting energy audits.
We are holding all licenses needed to perform energy
audits including the license for issuing Building Energy
Intensity Certificate (Průkaz energetické náročnosti budov). As soon as the investor agrees with our proposal
the implementation phase starts. At the beginning of
implementation there is a contract documentation and
at the end fully functional system matching customer
needs. In recent years we successfully completed
many deliveries in total volume of hundreds of millions
Czech Crowns. To name few for example:
Control heating, ventilation and climate control interior
object company Schwan Cosmetics ČR, Český Krumlov. Control system operation energy system for heating, ventilation and climate control Mercury centrum,
České Budějovice or light-circuit wiring, air conditioning and control heating, ventilation in hotel wellness
Rezidence Nové Hrady.
Because of maximum comfort, maximum safety,
and maximum energy savings we are delivering
modular solution for so called “intelligent buildings” where the control system is designed closely
linked to all internal energy and alarm systems (access control, fire protection, surveillance, etc.). Such
an integrated system provides its users with optimal,
automatic operation of heating and air conditioning dependent on presence of people.
Heating and air conditioning can be blocked when
doors and windows are open. Integrated system can
adjust the artificial lighting depending on presence of
people and intensity of daylight. Roofing or its part can
be moved depending on presence or movement of
people. Integrated system can be used for controlling
sun-blinds, elevators, escalators, backup power supply etc. Modularity is great advantage of our intelligent
buildings’ control system. Investor can decide what
level of comfort he/she needs to satisfy at the present
time when operating the building. System modularity
allows upgrading the level of comfort anytime in the
information systems
for monitoring and operating control
Instrumentation and control, monitoring, and alarm
systems are today more and more installed together
with dispatching sites. Designed functions of the systems require fast, secure and both sides transfer of
huge amount of data between controlled technology
and dispatching site. TERMS CZ s.r.o. had throughout
its lifetime successfully applied all today known tech-
nologies for mentioned large volume data transfers,
starting from cable connections (metallic as well as optic), phone lines (fixed and also mobile) up to wireless
connections. Moreover we succeeded in our applications in connecting the systems from different
suppliers. Herewith we avoided the need to operate more independent dispatching sites in one system (with all cost and reliability consequences).
We can fully confirm that our long distance data transfer specialists are able to offer proven and validated
solutions for vast majority of requirements and needs.
As an addition to control and alarm systems we create and administer for our customers also Geographic
Information Systems (GIS) that are used for accurate,
fast, and reliable recording of assets.
For example heat supplying corporations using our
Geographic Information Systems together with digital
maps of zones of interests are able to have detailed
mapping of distribution lines, locations of heat-exchangers, interfaces with individual clients and many
other key points of the system. GIS database can be
connected with instrumentation and control database. Such complete and compact system is able
to provide all data needed and to transfer the data
For example general failure alarm can be completed
with additional information necessary for follow-up
repair (location of failure marked on the map, type of
equipment not functioning, identification number of
equipment, service provider, is it repair during or after
guarantee period etc.). Whole process from failure detection to complete repair will be not only much faster
but also less costly.
Renewable energy resources are more and more
important today. TERMS CZ, s.r.o delivers facilities utilizing renewable energy resources such as heat pumps
for heating and whole year water heating, thermal solar
systems for whole year water heating and support of
building heating, and photovoltaic systems for producing the electricity utilizing solar radiation.
renewable energy sources
solar systems, heat pumps
Even the highest quality equipment cannot be operated long-term without regular inspections and maintenance. If needed professional service has to quickly
identify the failure and to repair the system reliably. Our
service center is staffed with qualified and certified
professionals sufficient in numbers. Service engineers
in line with preventive inspections’ schedule provide
regular inspections and maintenance and identify well
in advance components that could decrease reliability
of the whole system due to life time constraints. Findings from each preventive inspection and maintenance
are communicated to the customer by final report. The
report also recommends solutions how to minimize
opportunity losses due to possible failures. We understand the need of immediate help in case of unexpected failure. That is why our service center operates
Hot Line where the service engineers are ready to
help and to solve unexpected situations 24 hours a
day and 7 days a week.
TERMS CZ, s.r.o. has a great regard for all customers’ trust. We always have for our customers comprehensive and competitive offer of high quality products
and services in all branches we do business in. Also
for the future we want to stay to be long-term and reliable partner for our customers, meet the needs of our
customers, and to deliver technically and economically
optimal long-lasting solutions.
Krokova 17/2100, České Budějovice
Czech Republic
T: +420 387 410 742, +420 602 691 906
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