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2015 AIJCA National Show and Conference
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as of 6-30-15
Junior Charolais Association
National Awards Banquet
Minnesota State Fairgrounds • St. Paul, Minn.
July 9, 2015 • 6:30 p.m.
Welcome to the 2015
2015 Junior National Show Dedicatee
AIJCA Junior National
Awards Banquet
Bill Nottke was born and raised in Clifton,
Illinois, where his father’s family had been involved
with farming since the 1800s. At a young age, the
face of agriculture started to change around him.
With a limited amount of land available for livestock,
he raised and showed sheep as his 4-H and FFA
projects. When he was a junior in high school, one
day in Ag class he flipped through the pages of a
Charolais Journal and saw a picture of the bull, Sam
951. Seeing that magnificent animal was perhaps the
defining moment when Bill decided that if granted
the opportunity, he promised himself one day he
would raise Charolais cattle of his own.
Not having the chance to stay on the family
Bill Nottke receiving the 2014 AICA President Award from
farm after schooling, he ventured out on his
Larry Lehman. Bill is currently serving as the
own. Starting Riverdale Land & Livestock was the
AICA President.
culmination of a lifelong dream for Bill. It started
out only as a hobby and it became gratifying for him to see the herd develop over the years. He began with
a group of 55 commercial bred cows and the purchase of his first two registered Charolais bulls to rebreed
with. Slowly he began to add registered cows, many obtained from dispersal sales and private treaty sales.
Growing the herd, mostly from within, today the herd consists of all registered females.
Although watching Riverdale grow into a small seedstock operation, Bill thought he still needed
a hobby. Today Riverdale is also home to a small breeding herd of registered Texas Longhorns. The
Longhorn breed is very unique, interesting and historic cattle, with a place in the industry and he enjoys
them very much. “However, they don’t come close to holding a candle to the Charolais breed,” Bill
Bill joined the association in 1997, when Mitch Thomas was president and since then there have been
several others who had the privilege of holding office. “Their guidance, long range planning and fiscal
responsibility along with our association staff has created the successful entity we enjoy today,” are the
thoughts of Nottke, when discussing the influence he anticipates to have among the association. “I hope to
do my best as many of the past presidents have advised the incoming officer ‘just don’t screw it up!’”
Considered a strong advocate for younger generations in the agriculture industry, Bill and his family
try to give help and influence too as many of the youth organizations as they can. It’s one of his biggest
pleasures to be able to “give something back.”
They have been watching the juniors long enough
to see several of the kids go through the AIJCA and
now have their own kids participating. When asked
what advice he would offer an AIJCA member, Bill
offers, “Think like a fox and work like an ox.”
When asked about his accomplishments
within the breed, Bill found it hard to analyze. “I
am still waiting to produce that breed changing
sire like Wyoming Wind or 914, but in my own
little way. By staying true to our breeding program
I feel every year our cattle have improved,
therefore we have helped to advance the overall
Bill has traveled to several international events representing
quality of the breed,” he said. However he believes
AICA. He is pictured here with Robert Williams and Scott
Milligan at Rio Ranch during the 2015 Charolais-Charbray
his biggest accomplishment are the friends he has
Conference of the Americas.
made in this wonderful Charolais family.
The AIJCA appreciates your participation and for
joining us in celebrating this year’s accomplishments.
Thank you for your support. Enjoy the evening!
2014-15 AIJCA Board of Directors
Front row, from left: Haley Stalcup, Megan Johnson,
Macie Wagstaff, Kate Shaffer and Matt Loggains
Back row from left: Casey Bradshaw, Ty Dybdal, Hadley Schotte,
Payton Creasey, Rachael Hockenbery, Nick Williams,
Dillon Elder, and Josie Woodcock.
2015 Junior National Conference Honoree
This year’s Junior National Conference Honoree
is a family that has been actively involved in the
Charolais industry for over twenty years. Galen
and Lori Fink grew up on eastern Kansas farms,
learning the importance of sound decisions in
cattle judging, business and leadership. They
currently reside in Randolph, Kansas with their
daughter Megan at Fink Beef Genetics; which
began in 1977 with one cow and very little capital.
Galen said, “We had to think out of the box to
overcome the lack of land and other resources.”
The Finks started with the Angus breed first. Their
involvement with the Charolais breed began in
1993 when they recognized the need for Charolais
The Fink Family receiving the “Family of the Year” award at
cattle and what the breed had to offer to the their
the 2012 AIJCA Junior National in Nebraska, presented by
Junior Board Member, Abbey Thiel.
cattle program. They started with half-blood Charolais
bulls and then introduced purebred Charolais not
long after. Galen has given presentations about the program at Fink Beef Genetics in over 20 states,
Mexico and Canada. They have successfully made their name very well-known across the country over
the years.
The Fink family is an active all around family. Galen has been the Kansas Charolais Junior Advisor
for seven years until retiring this year. He has served on many committees and boards, representing the
American-International Charolais Association, the Beef Improvement Federation and Kansas Livestock
Association (KLA). As well as judged in 22 states and Mexico which include three Junior National Shows.
Lori has been on many committees, like Galen, some of which are, the Kansas State Fair Board, KLA
Director, Kansas Beef Council, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) Federation Board and
President of the Kansas Charolais Association. The family was actively involved with the planning of the
2014 Junior National. Galen and Lori were the planning committee chairmen and Megan was on the
awards committee.
Megan is a past American-International Junior Charolais Association President and Kansas State
University graduate. She recently became a Kansas Charolais Junior Advisor. Megan started showing
Charolais cattle in 2000 along with five other friends. The Fink family’s first Junior National was held in
Minnesota in 2002. In 2005 Galen and Lori took seven girls including Megan and 17 head of cattle; in
which, all but three had come from Fink Beef Genetics. The Finks were happy to have girls and boys over
at their place taking care of their animals and hauling them to different shows.
Megan and Lori’s favorite Junior National memory was in 2005, when Megan won Reserve Grand
Champion Female. Megan said that she never expected that to happen to her and that female was the
start of everything she has shown over the past years. However, Galen’s favorite Junior National was 2009
in California, where Megan won Champion Bred and Owned Charolais Female and Champion Senior
Showmanship. Megan has had numerous class winners, reserves and grand champions over her show
The importance of Junior National in their eyes is more than just showing. You get to meet exhibitors
from all over the USA and make lifelong friends. Megan said “At Junior National, you compete in
contests, and you have so much fun in between. I encourage juniors to remember that it is not all about
winning but the friendships you make that will stick with you the most.” Galen and Lori encourage AIJCA
Members to step out of their comfort zones and chase their dreams, being all that they can be, not look
back on the past but look to the future.
Not only have Galen and Lori taken extra juniors under their wing with provided them with
the opportunity to show; but, they have made a huge impact on the lives of our juniors as well. In
supporting the Kansas Juniors, Junior National sponsorships, helping plan of a Junior National and
much more. Galen and Lori will go out of their way to help others that need the help. In 2012, the Fink
Family was named Family of the Year. The Fink family has gone above and beyond for the AIJCA and
Charolais breed.
Master of Ceremonies: Haley Stalcup, 2014-2015 AIJCA President
Haley Stalcup
Nick Williams
2015 Junior National Conference Honoree
2015 Junior National Show Dedicatee
2015 Junior National Planning Committee Recognition
Special Presentations
National Junior Merit Awards
Participation Awards
Outstanding Junior Member
Chad Clark Memorial Outstanding Senior Member
AICA Fieldmen Workhorse Award
Advisor of the Year
AIJCA Family of the Year
Herdsmanship Awards
AIJCA Premier Challenge Scholarship
AIJCF Scholarships
Introduction of 2014-15 AIJCA Board of Directors
Retiring AIJCA Board President’s Address - Haley Stalcup
Passing of the Gavel
Incoming AIJCA Board President’s Address - Megan Johnson
Introduction of 2015-16 AIJCA Board of Directors
Junior National Highlights
Slide Show
Closing Remarks
Haley Stalcup
2015 AIJCA Awards
2015 AIJCA Honors
AIJCF Scholarship Winners
National Junior Merit Winners
Elite Gold_________________________________
Awarded a $250 Scholarship
Thank you to Gibson Family of Clear Creek Farm for sponsoring the
Elite Gold Scholarship.
Outstanding Junior Member
Annual $1,000 Scholarships
Chad Clark Memorial Outstanding Senior Member
Awarded to: Exhibitor of the Grand Champion Female and Exhibitor of the
Grand Champion Percentage Heifer.
Thank you to Cliff and Lynn Orley for sponsoring the
Grand Champion Female Scholarship since 1994.
Thanks to Lehman Charolais, Larry and Robbie Lehman, for sponsoring the
Grand Champion Percentage Heifer Scholarship.
Premier Challenge____________________________
Awarded a $500 Scholarship
Thank you to Zehnder Cattle Co. for sponsoring the
AIJCA Premier Challenge Scholarship.
$500 Scholarship
Awarded to: Exhibitor of the Grand Champion Bred & Owned Female.
Thank you to Jeannine Doughty for sponsoring the
Grand Champion Bred & Owned Female Scholarship named the
Carol Doughty, Big Creek Charolais Memorial Scholarship.