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new chadakamenu
Pineapple Shrimp Fried Rice $13.5
Cashew nuts, a touch of yellow curry powder,
tomatoes, onions and egg.
Snow Crab Fried Rice
Sautéed with garlic, onions, and egg.
Garlic Fried Rice
Ground chicken stir-fried with jasmine rice,
garlic, egg and baby spinach.
SHRIMP add $3.50 / SCALLOPS add $7
Thai Fried Rice
Jasmine rice sautéed with onions, egg, garlic
and tomatoes.
Spicy Fried Rice*
Garlic, onions, fresh chili, bell peppers, and
Thai basil.
Pad Thai with jumbo prawns makes this dish
as authentic as it gets from street of Thailand.
Ingredients are tamarind, palm sugar,
and fish sauce, stir fried with chives, onions,
beansprouts, chili peppers, dried prawns and egg.
Curry Noodles*
Made with a blend of yellow and red curry
spices, coconut milk, soybean sauce, and
palm sugar, CHICKEN DRUMSTICKS slow
cooked in the broth with flat egg noodles,
served with pickled mustard, beansprouts,
shallots, crispy egg noodles and roasted
chili paste.
Choice of CHICKEN, BEEF, PORK or TOFU or
SHRIMP add $3.50 / SCALLOPS add $7
Famous PadThai
Another famous Thai dish with twice-cooked
pork belly, sweet basil, fresh garlic, chili, bell
peppers and green beans.
Crispy Pork Belly with Chinese
Twice cooked pork belly stir-fried with fresh
garlic, roasted chilies and Chinese broccoli.
SHRIMP add $3.50 SCALLOPS add $7
Kra Pow*
Fresh garlic, chili, bell pepper and sweet basil.
King Sod
Ginger, Shitake mushrooms, onions and bell
Cashew Nut*
Kra Tiem
Thin rice noodles wok sautéed with garlic,
green onions, bean sprouts, fresh chili,
real crab meat and egg.
Sidewalk PadThai
with Tiger Prawns*
Crispy Pork Kra Pow*
Brown and green onions, roasted chili, carrot
with house chili paste oil.
Crab Noodles*
Thin rice noodles sautéed with sliced baked
tofu, green onions, beansprouts and egg,
served with crushed peanuts and lime wedge
on the side.
Drunken Noodles*
Pad See Ew
Flat rice noodles sautéed with tomatoes, garlic,
onions bell peppers, fresh chili and sweet basil.
Flat rice noodles sautéed with eggs and Chinese
broccoli in black bean soy sauce.
*Indicated spicy items
Only two credit cards per check / table
18% service charge is added to party
of 5 or more.
Black peppers and fresh garlic.
Prig King*
Green beans and chili paste sautéed with
dried red curry and kaffir lime leaf.
Crying Tiger
Charbroiled rib eye steak marinated with Thai
spices, thinly sliced, served medium rare with
grilled vegetables and hot pepper sauce.
Siam Pork Chop
Slow cooked French-cut pork chop, marinated
in soya bean sauce and black peppercorn, served
with grilled vegetables and chili lime sauce.
BBQ Chicken
Whole Cornish chicken brined with lemongrass,
garlic, ginger and pepperthen rubbed with secret
sauce. Chicken is oven cooked halfway and
charcoaled to finish, served with grilled veggies
and mild sweet chili sauce.
Lemongrass Chicken
Grilled chicken breast marinated with crushed
lemongrass, soya bean sauce and black
peppercorn, served with steamed vegetables.
Lamb Chop
New Zealand lamb chop marinated with
lemongrass, crushed peanuts and soya bean
sauce, served with grilled vegetables and chili
lime sauce.
“for those who have food allergies, please inform your server”
SHRIMP add $3.50 SCALLOPS add $7
Spinach Tofu in Peanut Sauce $10
Sautéed in red peanut sauce.
Basil Eggplants*
Sautéed with onions, chili, sweet basil
and black beans sauce.
Assorted Vegetable
Altocedro 2012
$10/g $34/b
Cabetnet Sauvignon, Mendoza, Agentina
Singha (Thailand)
$9 (22oz)
Chang (Thailand)
Saison Dupont Farmhouse (Belgium) $9
Asparagus, broccoli, shitake mushrooms and
snow peas.
Clown Shoes Clementine White
(Burlington, MA)
Tiger (Singapore)
Sapporo Reserve (Japan)
$8 (22oz can)
Mulchy aromas of coffee grinds and
ripe berry fruits. The palate has a sticky,
cloying feel to it along with flavors of
herbal berry, mocha, cocoa and brown
sugar. On the finish, it’s creamy feeling
and overtly rich.
EOS 2011
Cabernet Sauvignon, Paso Robles
Jasmine Rice
Kirin Light (Japan)
Elegant and loaded with ripe chewy fruit.
Expect aromas of red cherry, blackcurrant
and baking spices. The palate is bright and
fresh with a healthy acidity, solid structure
and lingering spicy finish.
Brown Rice
Mission IPA (San Diego, CA)
Ramsey 2012
Garlic Rice
Stella Artois (Belgium)
Merlot, Napa Valley
Coconut Rice
Chimay Blue (Belgium)
$8 (11.2oz)
Sticky Rice
San Miguel Negra (Phillipine)
Peanut Sauce
Steamed Noodles
Belmont Brew Strawberry Blonde
(Long Beach, CA)
$9 (220z)
Steamed Mix Veggies
Cucumber Salad
Young Coconut (Whole)
Iced Green Tea
Thai Iced Tea
Thai Iced Coffee
Shirley Temple
Coke / Diet Coke / Sprite
Ginger Lemon-tini
Dragon Eye
Stoli Citros, muddled
fresh ginger& lemon,
simple syrup, sweet sour.
Absolute vodka, sake,
sweet and sour, Chambord,
Lychee juice, splash of
X-Rated Cosmo
Absolute Mandarin vodka, Filthy Martini
X-rated fusion liqueur,
Finlandia vodka, olive juice,
cranberry juice, lime Juice. dry vermouth, blue cheese
Absolute Citron vodka,
Lychee juice, sweet sour,
triple sec, Lychee fruit.
French Kiss
Absolute Raspberri vodka,
Chambord, triple sec,
pineapple juice.
Arnold palmer
Lipton Iced Tea (Passion fruit)
Cranberry Juice
Stoli Citros vodka,
Chambord, fresh squeezed
lemon, muddled sugar,
sweet and sour.
Finlandia Mango vodka,
sweet sour, pineapple juice,
mango juice, peach schnapps.
Lurisia Bolle
Sparkling Water (750ml)
Lurisia Stille
Still Water (750ml)
Pink Orchid
Stoli Ohranj vodka,
simple syrup,
pomegranate juice.
Greentea or Coconut Ice Cream $7
Mango Sticky Rice $8
Roti $7
Sticky rice with fresh
ripe mango and sweet-salty
coconut cream. (seasonal)
crispy pancake topped
sweetened condensed
and sugar. Garnished
fresh berries.
$10/g $34/b
A rich wine, with lots of nice ripe fruit.
Aromas of sage, black olive and
ripe mulberry. Intense flavors of blackberry
and currant followed by subtle hints of
cherry, earth and black pepper.
Sauvignon Blanc, Dry Creek Valley,
Sonoma County
This wine displays a wonderfully refreshing
tropical fruit. Honeydew melon, cantaloupe,
and mango and citrus elements that expresses
fresh lemon-lime, kiwi, and
grapefruit characters.
Lincourt 2010
$10/g $34/b
Chardonnay, Santa Rita Hills, Santa Barbara
The aromatics range from lemon curd and baking
spices to grilled almonds and wet stone. It delivers
admirable weight and viscosity tempered by
vibrant acidity.
Morro Bay 2012 $8/g $28/b
Chardonnay, Split Oaks Estate, California
Creamy, but still crisp, and features tropical
fruit, vanilla and just a little oak. It finishes
nicely with creamy lemon notes and pineapple
with just a tiny bit of toasty oak.
Pieta Santa 2012 $11/g $37/b
Tunella 2013 $9/g $31/b
Pinot Noir, Cienega Valley
Pinot Grigio, Colle Orientale Del Friuli, Italy
Red Cherry, Herbs, Red Berries, Caramel,
Soy and Roasted Nuts. Classic berry, cherry
and currant flavors, silky textures typically
balanced with spicy or floral tones.
Aruma, Bodegas Caro 2012
$9/g $31/b
Malbec, Mendoza, Argentina
This wine had a dark, inky color, it was
smooth, creamy, with a sharp core, a bit tight.
Aromas expressed with tobacco, dark fruit,
and coffee, a light mid-palate. Recommended
with our Crying Tiger.
Fiddle Town Cellars 2012
$10/g $34/b
Old Vine Zinfandel, Amador County
Fresh raspberry, plum and black berry
aromas. Bold flavors of blackberry jam and
black cherries dominate while layers of sweet
oak and vanilla carry through the finish.
Best with Lamb Chop.
Cachaca Brazilian rum, muddled
lime and sugar.
Jade Maitai
Full bodied and expressive, with acacia blossom,
tropical fruitand subtle brioche notes. Great with
our Scallop peppercorn and seafood dishes.
Dr. Hermann 2013 $10/g $34/b
Riesling, Mosel, Germany
Crushed slate and mineral notes lend elegance
to decadent yellow cherry and pineapple notes
on this juicy semi-sweet Riesling. Ripe and lush
yet brish with acidity.
Lucien Albrecth 2012 $11/g $37/b
Gewürztraminer, Alsace, France
The wine is distinguished by a piercing and
beautiful aroma suggesting spring flowers.
Quick, floral and mineral smell, it reveals
itself slightly spiced and elegant in the mouth.
Champagne Julep
Malibu Coconut rum, Bacardi silver,
sweet and sour, pineapple juice,
blue Curacao.
Lime & mint
Tangerine Margarita
Full Moon
Tanqueray Rangpur gin, fresh
sliced cucumber, lime juice,
triple sec, splash of soda.
1800 silver tequila, triple sec,
sweet sour, tangerine juice.
X-Rated Greyhound
Cruzan Mango rum, muddled mint
and sugar, lime, mango juice, splash
of soda.
Absolute vodka, X-Rated fusion
liqueur, grapefruit juice.
Dry Creek 2012 $10/g $34/b
Mango Mojito
Chambord & triple sec
Blue Curacao, orange juice
Maya Sunrise
Brandy & pineapple juice
Phuket after Rain
Bacardi coconut & orange juice
from 11 - 3.30 pm
Thai Beef Jerky
Khana Muu Grop (Crispy Pork Belly with Chinese Broccoli) $10
Crispy pork belly and Chinese broccoli stir-fried on high heat with
fresh garlic, oyster sauce, a pinch of sugar, bell peppers and
sweet basil.
Hung-lay Curry (Pork Belly Curry)
Hunglay Curry is the Northern Thai pork belly curry. It is made
with red curry paste, curry powder and fresh tumeric. The curry
has a wonderful exotic aroma from the garlic and ginger. The
Hung-lay meat is simmered and tenderized with salt, sweet and
sour flavoring. Served with cucumber salad and a choice of rice.
Panang Curry*
The ingredients are dried chili peppers, galanga, lemongrass,
coriander roots, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, garlic, shrimp paste,
salt and shallots. The dish typically contains thick coconut milk
and has very little other liquids added. Served with choice of
Kiew Wan Curry*
Khao Kra Pow*
Prig King*
Grilled Calamari
Prig King is a type of Thai curry that is drier and described as chili
paste. It is stir-fried with your choice of CHICKEN, BEEF, PORK or TOFU,
with green beans, chili paste, red pepper, garlic, and kaffir lime
leaves. (SHRIMP add $3.50)
Khao Soi (Curry Noodle)*
Five spices powder is a blend of cinnamon, cloves, fennel, star anise
and Szechwan peppercorns. They are stewed along with fresh garlic,
cilantro roots, ginger, sweet soy sauce and palm sugar. Slices of
duck are served on a plate of rice and Chinese broccoli, then drizzled
with duck stock. Served with spicy sweet soy vinaigrette.
Kuay Tiaw Phed (Rice Noodle Soup with Five-Spice Duck)
Duck stew in a soy-based with 5 spices. Thin rice noodles topped with
sliced duck along with fried garlic, chopped green onions and cilantro.
Ground white pepper to finish.
Kai Khua (Chicken Noodles Stir fried)
Fresh rice noodles sautéed with chicken, bean sprouts, and green onions.
Served on bed of lettuce, and sprinkled with ground chilies and white
pepper powder.
Khao Pad Pla Kem (Salty Spanish macarel Fried Rice)
Salted fish fried rice stir-fried with garlic, eggs, shallots and
Chinese broccoli in fish sauce and light soybean sauces. This dish has
wonderfully blended flavors of the salty and the savory that is
really addicting. Served with crispy fried egg.
Khao Pad Naem (Thai fermented pork sausage fried rice)
Stir-fried with garlic, shallots, fresh ginger, green onions, eggs, and
peanuts. This dish is packed with the bold flavors of salty, sour, and
garlicky. Full of flavor and comfort from start to finish. Served with
crispy egg.
Pad Pumpkin Basil
Pumpkin stir-fried with fresh garlic, white pepper, egg, bell peppers,
and sweet basil with your choice of CHICKEN, BEEF, PORK or TOFU,
served over rice. (SHRIMP add $3.50)
Kao Niew Moo Yang (Grilled Garlic Pork)
Pork shoulder marinated in fish sauce, soybean sauce, palm sugar, honey,
garlic, and black pepper. Charcoaled until burnished and smoky giving
the elements taste that is sweet and savory. A wonderful fragrant dish
served with sticky rice and mild sweet chili sauce.
Nua Yang (Bangkok Steak)
Charcoaled Flap meat marinated in garlic, oyster sauce, sugar, and
pepper. Cooked medium rare and thinly sliced, served with steamed
vegetables and chili lime sauce.
Kai Yang (BBQ Chicken)
Whole Cornish chicken brined in lemongrass, garlic, ginger, and
black pepper then rubbed with our secret sauce. Served with mild
sweet chili sauce.
Fried Calamari
Somtom Khao Munn* (Green Papaya Salad)
Shredded papaya, tomatoes, sugar, lime juice, fish sauce and dried
shrimp, pounded until everything is thoroughly mixed together. The
dish tastes sweet, sour, spicy with just a hint of saltiness. Served
with sweet pork over coconut rice (Khao Munn).
Lightly battered calamari with garlic-cilantro
white wine sauce.
Issan Sausage
Crispy Wrapped Shrimp
Very crispy egg noodles wrap over shrimp,
served with sweet chili sauce.
Hot Wings*
Fried chicken wings tossed with Sri-Racha
hot sauce.
Green Beans
Sautéed at very high heat with Szechuan
shredded, preserved vegetables and crushed
dried prawns.
Pot Stickers
Mixed vegetables pot stickers, served with
house soy dipping sauce.
Steamed Wonton Bundles
Shrimp and chicken Thai dumpling with
roasted garlic, served with spicy soy sauce
Thai Egg Rolls
Cabbage, carrots, mushrooms and vermicelli,
stuffed and rolled in egg flour skins, flash fried,
served with sweet chili sauce.
Fresh Spring Rolls
Mimosa (pineapple, lychee, mango, pom or orange)
Fresh young coconut
Minced CHICKEN or GROUND BEEF seasoned
with herbs, mint leaves, scallions, red shallots,
roasted chili and crushed roasted jasmine rice.
Curry Dumplings*
Stuffed with shrimp, scallops, topped with spicy
green curry sauce.
Thailand’s most famous hot and sour soup,
cilantro, kiffir lime leaves, galanga, lemongrass
and mushrooms.
Vegetable Tofu
Catfish Fillet Red Chili*
Flash fried catfish, topped with red chili paste
and Thai herbs, served with coconut rice.
Salmon Panang*
Grilled fillet Salmon with house made red
chili paste, a touch of coconut milk, Kaffir
lime leaves and Thai basil, served with
coconut rice.
Sea scallops in garlic and black pepper sauce
with steamed broccoli and cabbage, served
with jasmine rice.
Prawns Garlic
Grilled prawns topped with garlic, black pepper
and shrimp paste in soy bean oil sauce, served
over garlic egg noodles and baby Bok-choy
Whole Tilapia Crispy*
Thai famous dish, lightly deep-fried topped
with chili garlic sauce.
Pad Kra pow Taley*
Thai chili, fresh garlics, sweetbasils, bell peppers,
onions stired fried with shrimps, scallops, calamari
and catfish.
Baby spinach, steamed tofu, cabbage, and
Shitake mushrooms.
SHRIMP add $3.50 / SCALLOPS add $7
House Salad
Mixed greens, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes,
carrots and crispy noodle croutons, tossed
with ginger soy vinaigrette or peanut dressing.
Slices of herb marinated BBQ SIRLOIN or
lime juice, tomatoes, cucumbers, shallots
scallions and bird’s eye chili.
Ground chicken, shrimp, calamari, mung bean
noodles, onions and cilantro tossed in
spicy lime dressing.
Grilled Shrimp Salad*
Bed of Napa cabbage, red shallots, lemongrass
and Thai basil tossed in spicy chili paste dressing.
Green Papaya Salad*
Chicken and shrimp dumplings with Shitake
mushrooms in clear broth.
Glass Noodle Salad*
Tom Yum CHICKEN or TOFU* $4.5
Spinach Wonton
Scallops Peppers*
Aromatic coconut soup with cilantro, kiffir
lime leaves, galanga, lemongrass and mushrooms.
Spicy Thai Salad*
Yakisoba noodles, carrots, baked tofu,
cucumbers, red leaf and basil, wrapped in
rice paper, served with Hoisen peanut
dipping sauce.
Sliced chicken breasts on skewers, marinated in
coconut milk and spices, served with peanut sauce
and cucumber relish.
Mojito (famous, raspberry or mango)
Grilled over charcoal, served with spicy
lime garlic dipping sauce.
Northeastern style pork sausage, served with
cabbage, shallots, lime, chili, ginger and peanuts.
Phet Palo (Duck in Five Spices)
Made with a blend of yellow and red curry spices, coconut milk,
soybean sauce, and palm sugar. CHICKEN DRUMSTICKS slow cooked in
the broth with egg noodles. Served with pickled mustard, beansprouts,
shallots, crispy egg noodles and roasted chili paste.
chadaka thai
The dish tastes salty, savory and garlicky with just a hint of spiciness
from the ground black pepper. Made with your choice of CHICKEN, BEEF,
PORK or TOFU, served over rice with crispy fried egg. (SHRIMP add $3.50)
Our famous Green curry has the same ingredients as Panang, but
green curry paste is made with fresh green chili peppers, Thai
eggplant and sweet basil. Served with rice noodles.
Marinated tender beef, lightly fried, served with
sticky rice and Sri-Racha chili sauce.
The stir-fried garlic and basil gives this dish a�very powerful aroma.
BELLY stir-fried with green beans, fish sauce, soy, fresh garlic and chili.
Served over rice and crispy fried egg. (SHRIMP add $3.50)
Khao Kra Tiem
Classic spicy Thai salad with grilled shrimp,
cherry tomatoes, bird’s eye chilies, green beans,
roasted peanuts mixed in a mortar and pestle
with spicy lime juice and fish sauce.
Jungle Curry*
Country style spicy curry without coconut
milk with green beans pumpkin, eggplants,
mushrooms, bamboo shoots and basil.
Kiew Wan*
Pumpkin Curry
Thai herbs and spices blended in green
chili paste with Thai eggplant, bamboo
shoots, Thai basil and red jalapeno simmered
in coconut milk.
Thai herbs and spices blended in red chili
paste with kaffir lime leaves, simmered in
coconut milk.
Red curry paste with pumpkin, coconut milk,
red bell peppers and Thai basil.
Chicken yellow curry with potatoes and
carrots in coconut milk.
Southern style beef stew curry with potatoes,
carrots, onions and peanuts simmered in
coconut milk.

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