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Chapter “J”
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6 Issue
June 2014
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Cascade Wings
Chapter J Cascade Wings
“Our 31st Year of “Fun, Safety and Knowledge”
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News from Chapter “J”
From Tom
Chapter J Director
The Burn Camp Challenge is over, most of us along
with our bikes have been blessed several times
(desperately needed by yours truly) and our spring run
to the mountains is a fond memory. WOW, what a
great start to the season.
A big thanks to everyone that helped with these
events as I know many of us had a great time and…we
raised over $500.00 for our favorite charity, the Michigan Burn Camp for Kids. Nice work everyone!!!
As we look to the upcoming summer and the many
rides and events we have planned I’d like to ask that
we all continue our awesome support of Gary and Carol
as they travel around the state fulfilling their responsibilities as our District COY’s. Chapter J has always
been a large group at many of the events held by other
chapters and now that is more important than ever.
Our COY’s need not stand alone!! Wow, that
sounded pretty profound didn’t it? Anyway, let’s have
some fun in support of them, OUR COY’s.
Every month and every event I continue to be
amazed by a few of our members. You all know who
they are. The ones we can count on to bring the food,
organize the events, design/edit our newsletter, lead
the ice cream rides, coordinate our ticket sales and attend all of our events to help wherever and in many
cases whenever needed. I can’t thank you guys
enough!!! Without you all Chapter J would not be what
it is today, thank you!!
Once again, as we head out to the open road I’d
like to thank you all for being part of our family and I’m
really looking forward to a great 2014 riding season. I
know you guys will be doing everything you can to
make it fun for everyone.
Ride Safe. Ride Often.
Tom Taylor aka Yellow Wing
MIS Training Schedule for August
July 31 from 6 to 9pm for the August race. All
training is in the Michigan Room at MIS, same as
last year. Anyone wanting to work the race needs
to attend the training session. We need a commitment of 8 for the August race.
From Jim and Kathy
Chapter J
Rider Educator
Warm Weather Worries
This month I would like to consider taking the advice from
Wingless where we were encouraged to plagiarize good
material. This topic might seem old news to most , still I
think its extremely relevant remembering 5-10 years ago a
seasoned rider and wife were on I-94 near Race Rd on a
wing and crashed with critical injuries, I seem to recall later
it was said heat likely was the cause.
Motorcycle riding is an activity that takes all of us outdoors. For many of us, the riding season is comprised of
summer with some spring and some fall periods. For others, the best riding times are during the spring and fall seasons due to excessive heat in the summer months. For all
of us, we are likely to be riding in hot weather at least some
part of the year. Since too much heat can cause severe medical emergencies, it is important to know how to
avoid becoming a victim of the heat. So how do we avoid
heat stress, or more severe conditions like hyperthermia, to
remain safe? Let’s review some warm weather riding tips.
First, make sure you have gear appropriate for the
weather. Consider what you will wear to cover your arms
while riding in direct sunlight during daylight hours (if you
are lucky enough to avoid the rain). If you have it, a mesh
jacket provides unparalleled ventilation and abrasion resistance. A denim shirt is another alternative that is fairly light
weight and offers better protection than t-shirt material Protection is important, but keep in mind that when you are
comfortable, you are able to focus on the act of riding.
Denim is a common choice for long pants, but you
might want to think about purchasing motorcycle-specific
riding pants for extra protection. Gloves are the other area
where the ambient temperature is usually factored into the
decision of what to wear. Perforated leather gloves will
breathe better than solid leather. Another good choice
would be mesh gloves which, like the jackets made of similar material, provide great ventilation coupled with superior
abrasion resistance. They are worth considering. Consider
carrying a water absorbing collar that you can soak in water and wear around your neck to help keep you cool. Or
be prepared to soak and wear your shirt or t-shirt at a rest
stop in the hottest weather.
Second, plan to maintain your hydration level. Every
time you stop for gas or a rest break in hot weather, take
time to drink enough fluids to replace what you
lose through perspiration. This should be at least eight
ounces per hour during the heat of the day. You may think
that your clothes are not holding an entire cup of sweat that
you could wring out of them. And that is probably true.
(Continued on page 6)
Cascade Wings
While you are riding, some of your perspiration is
soaked up by your clothes and is carried away by the air
flowing around you. And some moisture evaporates directly from your skin. It must all be replaced to keep your
system hydrated.
A simple way to determine if you are getting
enough fluids is to monitor your output at rest stops. In
short, if you are drinking frequently but don’t have to
go at each rest stop, then you probably are not drinking
enough. Modify this as necessary for your own situation. Carry a bottle of water to drink from whenever you
need it. Be sure to refill it at rest stops.
From Gary and Carol
Chapter J Assist Directors &
2014 Michigan District COYS
Whether you're on two wheels or three, it's seems like it's
finally time to get out there and ride! Although it has been
a long time coming, and not every day will be great, at
least the season is here.
At the June 1st gathering, we'll just have come in from
the Indiana Spring Warm Up. Some of you may be riding
in from another bike blessing. Many of you will have reThird, remain aware of your own physical condicently returned from white water rafting or other trips. I'm
tion. Exposure to too much heat for too long can result in
trusting we all had a great time on our first of many major
hyperthermia. This is the condition where your body
cannot properly regulate your internal temperature and
This month offers us a few opportunities to ride toyour temperature rises uncontrollably. If allowed to
gether. There is a Freedom Ride this Wednesday, the 4th
reach this state, it is a medical emergency requirthat begins in Lansing. See Randy for more details. The
ing immediate medical attention.
Ohio "Three Wing Circus" Rally/Convention is June 12-14
The key is to prevent your body from reaching this
in Xenia, Ohio. We'll be there, so come on down!
condition. Watch for symptoms like the absence of
Wishing all the dads a Happy Father's Day on Sunsweat in hot weather. This could mean your body has
day, June 15th, especially to all the dads who are working
lost too much water and cannot produce any more
at MIS for Chapter J that day! Then the following Sunday
sweat, the principal means of temperature regulation.
is the morning ride, lunch and then on to the Lugnuts
Without the ability to sweat, the core temperature of the
game in Lansing.
body will rise quickly.
This makes for two very busy weekends for us. Ohio
Other early warning symptoms include confusion,
runs into MIS, and COY camp runs into Lugnuts. Yes, we
headache, dizziness, redness of the skin, often most
are taking our Chapter COY, Jeff and Terri, down to Indinoticeable on the face. If you notice any of these sympana to their COY Camp. We want to give them every adtoms in yourself or those riding with you, find the nearest
vantage and encouragement for next year at Wingplace to sit down, drink lots of water, and relax in the
less! Both weekends will be long and fun!
shade or an air conditioned space. Remove gear and
Of course we can't forget those great ice cream
loosen clothing to allow the body to cool itself. Increase
rides! Jeff and Terri are leading them the second Thursthe frequency of breaks during the hottest part of the
day and the last Wednesday of each month. We're also
day. And definitely get out the water absorbing collar or
looking at throwing in an extra dinner ride either before or
soak your shirt at this time. It will help bring your body
after the gathering each month. Hey, we've gotta eat,
temperature back down.
With the right ear and travel plans that include freGary and I plan to visit a few other chapters this sumquent breaks with plenty of water, you can enjoy riding
mer, and we'd love to have you join us. We'll be getting
safely even in the hottest weather.
those dates set and announce the visits at the gathering
and/or by email. The more the merrier! Our heads up for
Ride Smart & Be Safe!
July will be Wing Ding at the beginning and MI District at
Bruce & Melissa Thayer
the end, with Wheels of Thunder in the middle. And a reMichigan District Rider Educators
minder that due to Wing Ding, our July gathering will be
the second Sunday, July 13th.
We continue to encourage you to be involved at whatever level of riding you desire. I guess that can be taken
two ways. It could be your involvement with the Levels
program, learning and maintaining your safe riding skills. It
can also mean how often you ride, how far you ride, and
how many you wish to ride with. The point is to enjoy and
do what makes you happy. Whatever your June is filled
with, be it family, friends, graduations, weddings, conventions and of course rides, be safe and have fun!
Friends for Fun,
Safety, and Knowledge
Be blessed,
Gary and Carol Williams
Chapter J Assistant Directors
2014 MI District Couple of the Year
Cascade Wings
From Gary and Carol
2014 Michigan District COYS
I ended the last COY article by saying we were getting
ready to leave to go to Frank and Deb King's installation
as the new ADD's for the north. That was a fun time
and a learning experience.
Tom shared with you last month about how the best
laid plans... Since we knew that Q had the State
plaque, and you only need four chapter members
dressed in chapter attire, we invited others to come and
join in the fun. We didn't think about that phrase of
'dressed in chapter colors.' Never entered our minds.
But we soon realized that when we are at an event
as State Staff, we are NOT in chapter colors, and therefore, we do not count! So, even though we, along with
our CD and Treasurer came the most miles, the beloved State plaque went to J-2. Congratulations to J2! Yes, a learning experience, and well, J has had fun
with letting us know that 'we don't count!' We can feel
the love!
Along with many of you, we were busy with Chapter
J at our Annual Mall Show at the end of April. This begins with set-up on Wednesday afternoon, and ends
with tear-down Sunday afternoon. It's always a good
time, but was made a little more fun with visits from
other chapter members from around the state. I'd like
to thank them for making the trip on such a cool day.
We'd also like to encourage you to visit other chapter's events. It not only makes for a nice (hopefully)
ride, but encourages other chapters in what they are
doing. We also just had our Burn Camp Challenge this
past weekend. I must say, we had high hopes for it as
we had heard from 'bikers' all across Michigan and even
Ohio, saying they were coming.
However, the weather did not cooperate--again. I
said it's like the children's story of Goldilocks and the
Three Bears. Last year we held it July and it was 'too
hot.' This year in May and it was 'too cold.' Does that
mean next year we should hold it in June and it will be
'just right?'
Some might say it wasn't that successful, but it
We had great success in participation of setting up
the games, photo area, food area and registration.
We had success in having FUN while we were
there in spite of the weather.
We had success in participation of tearing down the
event. Chapter J--you came through!
We did have a few visitors from around the state,
and Thank You to those who came!
We did raise funds for the Michigan Burn Camp for
Children, so thanks to all who donated!
Coming up next for us will be the Indiana Spring
Warm Up, which actually will be over by the time you
read this. Gary and I have plans to visit with more
chapters this summer. If there are any of you that
would like to ride with us, we'll be sending out emails to
let you know when and where we're going. Enjoy your riding season!
Be blessed,
Gary and Carol Williams
2014 MI District COY
517.262.6314 or 517.262.0896
[email protected]
From Jeff and Terri
Chapter J Assist Directors &
2014 Chapter J COYS
Chapter J is gearing up for the summer riding season.
We had our first ice cream ride of the year with a beautiful
(and not too bumpy) ride to Stockbridge. Pretty sure that
was the warmest day we’ve had so far in 2014. Ron and
Diana Miller even ventured over and chatted for a bit with
everyone. It was a great way to start things out. Don’t forget, there will be surprise homemade ice cream on one of
our rides this year. Jeff won’t even tell me when it is
Thanks to all who helped with our Burn Camp Challenge on the 17th. It was very well organized and we were
ready! The weather wasn’t on our side however and it may
have scared some (a lot maybe) riders from coming. Gary
and Carol, a huge ‘Thank You’ to both of you for all the
extra work you put into the event. Hope you two didn’t lose
much sleep planning everything. For any members that
didn’t know, Gary added a new game this year, and it was
a ton of fun. Interesting… the ways you can use a tennis
ball! Ask Gary if you don’t know what that means.
CD Tom Taylor brought the new Chapter banners that
Gordon and Ella May Rudolph designed and ordered,
which by the way were amazing. They were a very classy
addition to Saturday’s event. Make sure you get a chance
to check them out.
Quite a few Chapter members showed up for the MIS
training class Tuesday night. Our drivers and ambassadors are ready to go for the Father’s Day race coming up.
And, a new trike is in our group. If you have questions ask
Larry and Karen. They can fill you in.
We hope everyone had a fun Memorial Day weekend, no matter where you were. We enjoyed Whitey’s Ice
Cream in Iowa after loading our son’s furnishings to come
back since he will soon be working with a Chiropractor
here in Michigan.
See you on the road… Let’s roll
Jeff & Terri Curtis
Chapter J Assistant Directors
Chapter J 2014 COYS
Fathers Day
Cascade Wings
Chapter J MEC Coordinator
(be sure it’s current)
From Don
Website Coordinator
Hi! Folks
The Newsletter and updated Quick List is ready.
Quick List
J webpage
Michigan GWRRA
Don “The Don” Czarnecki
Chapter J Website Coordinator
Mary Dodge
Newsletter Editor
Thrusday when I was getting ready for bed, I noticed my
mail on the table, so decided to see what it was. To my
surprise I picked up an envelope that had a return address
for the “Circuit Court”. I knew before I opened it that it was
a Jury Summons.. Sure enough that’s exactly what it was,
but not for County, but for the Federal Court. Date to start
was June 23, 2014. Well needless to say I got very little
sleep. I read it completely and especially the excuse part.
It didn’t sound to promising of being excused.
So I decided to call the court to see what I could do.
After going through 5 recordings I got a real person to talk
to. She was very helpful. I told her about our vacation
plans and how long I had wanted to take this trip. She
suggested I ask for a postponement. I still needed to fill out
the Questionnaire and send it in. I informed her that we
were leaving on Monday June 2nd and not be back home
until June 30th would I get an answer approving the postponement request before we left since with the holiday
they would not receive my request until the middle of next
She put me on hold and after about a minute came
back on and said we have put a notation in your file that
you will be postponed for the June date and put on the
September/October Jury Summons, so “GO AND ENJOY
YOUR TRIP. In the background I heard this “Have Fun”. I
did have to pick a date so I selected September 15th. But
what a relief that I didn’t have to postpone our trip. What a
truly nice person I was able to talk to at the Court who
made my day.
Since we won’t be around for any June activities, be
sure to enjoy as many as you can, and I’m sure there will
be some articles out there somewhere.
Don’t forget the Chapter Website, Newsletter, and
Email are all tools that are available for you to use to make
some memories.
Ride Safe and have a great month
Hi! Everyone
Can you believe that 1/2 the year is almost here?.
Hopefully you participated in the May events and kept
warm or dry. This holiday weekend has been beautiful,
and from what I hear from the Memorial Weekend adventurers they are having a great time. Hopefully we
will get some articles on this trip when everyone returns.
June is here and our calendar is filling up for the
summer months. Pick and choose what you would enjoy doing, and have lots of fun no matter what you
You know who and I will be in his Truck on our way
to follow Route 66 as much as we can from beginning
(Chicago) to end (Santa Monica), of course stopping at
Quilt Shops on the way plus other interesting sites. We
are planning to take the whole month of June to do this.
I know pretty scary thinking of us being in the same vehicle and together 24-7 for a month doesn’t it? Well I
thought we weren’t going to be able to do this, as
August Chapter J Gathering
Sunday August 10, 2014
Jeff and Teri’s
after the Annual Corn Roast
Cascade Wings
Secret Buddies 2014
Memorial Day Weekend
Riding, and Eating,
and some did the
White Water Rafting?
Hi! Chapter J Ladies
Being a secret Buddy, whether you’re on the giving or
receiving side is lots of fun, and a special way that you
can choose to acknowledge someone in your own special manner. Lots of opportunities, for “day brightners”,
warm fuzzies, and feel goods”, and who couldn’t use
some of these in our every day life!
Please send Mary Dodge any Thank You notes you
would like the sendee to have and she will put them in
the Newsletter. We will reveal our Secret Buddies at
the December 2014 Christmas Party.
(where are the pictures)
Have Fun and keep your SECRET BUDDY guessing.
Smiles and Hugs
Julie Hoover
To My Secret Buddy—To my Secret Buddy, whoever you are,
a big THANK YOU for the Findley’s Gift Certificate and to
the theater. Dale and I will enjoy a much needed DATE
NIGHT, thanks to you. Whoever you are, I hope you had a
GREAT MOTHER’S DAY as well, and thanks for making
my Mother’s Day extra special.”
Andy Duncan
To My Secret Buddy—Thanks for the flowers, garden
gloves, candy and the garden bug. What a great Secret
Buddy I have.
Thanks so much
Mary Dodge
Hope all is well in the Chapter J Family this month
Chapter J would also like to extend our deepest
sympathy to those member’s and their families who
have lost loved one’s this month.
If there is anyone we have missed, we sincerely apologize for
Chapter “J”. Please let Monica Rodman at
517-262-8386 or [email protected] know if there is anyone
we need to send a card to.
Last Chance to Get your
Tickets before Louie leaves for the
trip of his life time
For your tickets contact
Louie Schippers at 517-764-5053 or
Email - [email protected]
Cascade Wings
Cascade Wings
Cascade Wings
Cascade Wings
Cascade Wings
Cascade Wings
Cascade Wings
Cascade Wings
Cascade Wings
All Rides leave from East Side Meijers and West Side Meijers
(unless otherwise noted)
TGIS Dinner Rides TBA
“ Ice Cream Ride’s are Here”
June 2014
Chp J
of the
Hell, MI
Louie & Mary
Leave for
Route 66
Ice Cream
Ohio Buckeye Ohio Buckeye
ARC & TRC in
ARC & TRC in
Ice Cream
Details for all rides/events are located
in this Newsletter,
and Face Book at Goldwing J
Chapter J 2014-2015 Charity
“Great Lakes Burn Camp”
Cascade Wings
Chapter J Activities Calendar
June 2014 thru September 2014
Ice Cream Rides are here
Departure and Arrival Times TBA (depending on destination)
July (Cont)
Jun 01
Chp J Gathering
5:30 pm-6:00 pm Social Time
6:00 pm-7:00 pm Gathering
Jul 13
Chp J Gathering
5:30 pm-6:00 pm Social Time
6:00 pm-7:00 pm Gathering
Jun 01
Blessing of the Bikes
Hell, MI
Jul 30
Jun 02-07
Lake George, NY
Jun 12
Leave East End Meijers @ 6:30 pm
Jun 13-14
Jul 31
MIS Training
6:00 pm—9:00 pm
Michigan Room at MIS
Jul 31 to
Aug 03
Michigan District Rally
Aug 10
Annual Corn Roast
Ice Cream Ride
Ohio Buckeye Rally
Green County Fairgrounds
Xenia, OH
(see flyer on page 10)
Jun 14-15
Jun 21-22
Michigan Rider Education
Stockbridge, MI
ARC and TRC Course
See flyer on page 15
Jun 22
Lugnuts Game
Aug 10
$11.00 per person
Leave West Side Meijers @ 9:00 am
Game @ 2:00 pm
Deadline to sign up is May 08, 2014
Contact Terri for more info
Ice Cream Ride
Leave East End Meijers @ 6:30 pm
Flyer on page 14
registration form on line
At Jeff and Teri’s
Chp J August Gathering at Jeff
and Teri’s after Corn Roast
Chp J Gathering
5:30 pm-6:00 pm Social Time
6:00 pm-7:00 pm Gathering
At Jeff and Teri’s
Aug 14
Leave East End Meijers @ 6:30 pm
Aug 15-17
Contact Cheryl for more info
Ice Cream Ride
Jun 25
Leave East End Meijers @ 6:30 pm
Madison, WI North
around the lake (camping)
Aug 16—17
Jul 02-05
Wing Ding 36
Madison, WI
Aug 23
Chapter C2
Veterans Ride
Aug 27
Leave East End Meijers @ 6:30 pm
Ice Cream Ride
(Flyer on page 11-12)
Jul 10
Jul 11-12
Ice Cream Ride
Leave East End Meijers @ 6:30 pm
Sat –Mon
Aug 30Sept 01
Wheels of Thunder
Jackson, MI
Free public Admission
Midnight Ride
Ice Cream Ride
Labor Day Camp Out
Contact Kim Brown for more info
Cascade Wings
Sept 01
Labor Day Camp Out
Contact Kim Brown for more info
Sept 07
Chp J Gathering
5:30 pm-6:00 pm Social Time
6:00 pm-7:00 pm Gathering
Sept 11
Ice Cream Ride
Sept 11-14
Birthdays, Anniversaries,
and GWRRA Member date
* GWRRA Life Time member
Chapter J
June Birthdays
Leave East End Meijers @ 6:30 pm
Region D Rally/Convention
Noble Co. Community Fairgrounds
Kendallville, IN
See flyer on page 15
Sept 14
Sept 27
Chp W2
Sock Hop
Charlie and Kim Brown
Dale and Andrea “Andy” Duncan
Chapter Recognition
ContactTerri and Sue for more info
Leave East End Meijers @ 6:30 pm
Let Louie Know if we missed your Birthday or Anniversary
Doe Run
Sept 24
Gordon Bergum (will retire 6/26/14)
Peggy Owens
Ella May Rudolph
Peg Esterline
June Anniversaries
Chp W
Toy Run
See flyer on page 16
Sept 19-21
Member Since
Ice Cream Ride
May 2014 Drawing Winners
Bike Raffle Tickets
Rich Fetterman
Blessing of the Bikes
Sunday—June 01, 2014
Hell, MI
50/50 Ticket
Fred Wells S2
Chapter Pride
Ella May Rudolph
Ice Cream Rides
Thursday—June 12, 2014
Wednesday—June 25, 2014
Eddie & Charlene McDougle COYS—S2
Jason Marzette S2-ACD
Nate Baker S2
David Jackson S2
Tyrone Scott S2
Roland Stegar S2
Fred Wells S2
Mike & Bill –Great Lakes Burn Camp
Dan and Mary McGrew—Chp J New Members
Ohio Buckeye Rally
Friday-Saturday June 13 & 14, 2014
(See flyer on page 10)
MIS Race
Sunday June 15, 2014
Lugnuts Game
Sunday—June 22, 2014
ARC and TRC Course
Stockbridge, MI
Saturday & Sunday
June 21 &22, 2014
$11.00 per person - Game @ 2:00 pm
Leave West Side Meijers @ 9:00 am
Contact Terri for more info
See flyer on page 15
Cascade Wings
For Sale
1992 Gold Wing Interstate– Blue—63,336 miles, Factory CB with Rider Intercom and AM/FM w/ AUX , Oil,
maintenance, brakes, and fluids, running boards added,
front and back for comfort with heal/toe shifter. Tires
and Brakes all new. Also comes with a Garmin GPS
unit and all the software that is also integrated into the
sound system. Safety lighting: Headlight has a pulse
beam , and the rear has Wig-Wag brake lights. Blue
LED lighting added, mounted under the front cowling,
and the saddle bags. A rollaway custom tool box
matches the bike, full of items such as manuals, LED
lights, spare parts, cycle lift for servicing, oil wrench,
mounted coat rack , tire repair kit, gage visor, first aid
kit, many more extras. A Coleman Caboose Trailer
custom painted to match. The custom hitch has a plug
and play cooler rack for day trips. Clothing, helmets,
rain gear, cold weather gear, and GWRRA Chapter
I am asking $6,800.00
For Sale
2003 Silver Wing—Maroon—ABS Brakes, J&M CB
Audio System, GPS, New Battery, Tires & Belt replaced
fall of 2013, Modulator head light, Center Bag, GIVI
Call Peggy Owens @ 517-917-0445
For Sale
2002 Orange 1800 Honda Goldwing Trike w/
Motortrike Kit installed by Just for Wings, 58,000
miles, lots of extras.
$22,000.00 or make offer
Call 517-764-3893 or [email protected]
For Sale
Harley Ladies Riding Boots — size 7 1/2 with laces
and zipper on the outside. Mona has only wore them
once or twice. She would like $50.00 for them
Call Mona and Gordon Bergum @ 517-522-3405
Call Scott Allen @ 734-426-3655 ext 18 or
[email protected] or
Buy or Sell
Something Here
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Cascade Wings
Jeff & Terri Curtis and Rich Fetterman
2014 Chapter “J” 2014 Chapter “J”
of the Year
of the Year
Our Facebook address is
Goldwing J
MONTHLY Gathering is
July 13, 2014
Michigan District COY
Gary and Carol Williams
Region “D” COY
Rudy and Linda
Visit Chapter “J” on the
Internet, and Facebook
Our Web Page address:
International COY
Tommy and Gayle
Region D, Chapter J
165 Trumble Lake Rd.
Rives Junction, MI 49277
Monthly Gathering @ 6:00 pm
Social Time @ 5:30 pm
The 1st Sunday of the month,
@ Cascades Wesleyan Church
1404 Rowan St.
Jackson, MI 49203
Social Hour
5:30 pm—6:00 pm
6:00 pm—7:30 pm

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