December - GWRRA Ohio Chapter E-2



December - GWRRA Ohio Chapter E-2
Chapter Directors
JoAnn & Pat Marston
4178 Fox Hollow Drive
Blue Ash, OH 45241
News from East Side Wing Riders
Chapter E-2
Gold Wing Road Riders Association
Friends for Fun, Safety, & Knowledge”
PO Box 42450, Phoenix, AZ 85080-2450
(800) 843-9460 Fax (602) 581-3844
Executive Directors
Ray and Sandy Garris - [email protected]
Of the year 2015
Clyde & Terry
Region D Directors
Lloyd & Becky Glydewell
555 W. Possum Road
Springfield, Oh 45506
(937) 322-7156
[email protected]
To All
OH District Directors
Rudy & Linda Copeland
5278 SR 29 E
Sidney, OH 45365
(937) 322-7156
[email protected]
Colerain Ave
Asst. Dist. Director
Darrin Ebright
2761 Crone Road
Beavercreek, OH 45434
(937) 427-8832
[email protected]
Chapter E-2 meets at the New England Club
New England Club Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio
(Anderson Township) - 8135 Beechmont Avenue
The 1st Thursday of each month at 7:30 p.m.
Pg. 2
From Your
Hello E2!
Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Now it's on to shopping,
parties, and Christmas!
Wow!! This year has flown by! We are winding down the riding season.
It lasted a little longer this year! But time to put the bikes to bed and plan
some indoor activities. E-2's Ride Schedule meeting was a huge success!
46 people attended and we have a great year planned! Lots of rides,
destinations, dinners, and activities. Keep an eye out in the newsletter and weekly updates for
dates and times!
The District Meeting was attended by myself, Tom, and his new staff. It was a review of
behind the scenes information that is needed for each officer and team member. We also got
the dates for next year's district, region and national events. So much going on! Rides, rallies,
gatherings and fun times ahead! E2 ROCKS!
December is a busy month for all of us! As we are getting ready for our parties,
shopping, religious festivities, etc, we need to remember those less fortunate. All donations from
the December helmet will go to Toys for Tots again. If you want to write a check, please make it
out to Toys for Tots. Let's help make a kid's Christmas memorable! Our thanks to the Marine
Corps for all their hard work all year long for this event.
E-2's own Christmas Party is December 5th. If you don't have your reservation in, give Heather
Sutter (our treasurer) or Pam Grieger a call to get your name on the list! Cost is $15.00 per
person.If you wish to participate in the gift exchange, bring a $10-15 gift. (Bring one for a man
and one for a woman/per couple) It's not required if you don't want to participate! But come for a
nice dinner, review of the year and of course lots of laughs!
We will once again have our annual Ice Cream Social for the residents at the New England
Club on December 16th. We need lots of cookies and singers! So get baking and practicing the
scales! Santa will stop by for a visit also! It's so much fun for us too! If you can't make it,
give me a call and we will stop by and pick up your cookies. We will head out for dinner
afterwards for some socializing!
2016 is just around the corner! Wow! Time flies when you're
having fun!
I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas & Hanukkah.
Take care and see you all soon!
Be safe!
JoAnn & Pat
2008, 2010, 2012
DEC. 2015
Pg. 3
From Your
Chapter Directors
JoAnn & Pat Marston
[email protected]
Newsletter Editors
Terry & Brenda Loughmiller
[email protected]
Asst. Chapter Directors
Tom & Cookie Salamon
Cabin Fever Coordinator
Sandi Smith
[email protected]
Rider Educators
Dan & Teri Baumann
[email protected]
Pins, Patches & Goodies
Don Ward
[email protected]
Heather Sutter
(513) 752-3551
[email protected]
Nancy & Ken Fread
[email protected]
Membership Enhancement
Steve & Anne Teal
(513) 708-3609 cell
[email protected]
Senior Advisor
Clyde & Terry Jones
(513) 724-0441
[email protected]
Ride Coordinator
Joe Domiano
[email protected]
Dawn Domiano
[email protected]
Public Relations
Steve Teal
(513) 894-3010
[email protected]
2015 District/Region D
& Motorist Awareness
Chuck & Melanie Geggie
[email protected]
Door Prizes
Rick & Carolyn Siermann
Ron & Lucy Arlinghaus
(859) 341-5936
[email protected]
Special Events Coord.
Bill & Penny Condo
[email protected]
Flag Coordinator
Walt & Janet Bohanan
[email protected]
Clarence & Joan Barber
[email protected]
Kitchen Coordinator
Lloyd & Jean Koppes
[email protected]
Chapter of the Year Coord.
Anne Teal
[email protected]
2015 Couple of the Year
Clyde & Terry Jones
[email protected]
Hello, E-2!
The Thanksgiving holiday is over, and I trust is was a
good one for all! Cookie and I visited family and
friends in Florida for the Thanksgiving week, with our
two dogs along for company. What a trip!
We also had some GWRRA events that need to be
First, our November gathering and birthday celebration
garnered over 60 attendees! We also had a number
of past Chapter Directors show up for the festivities, as
well as a few of Chapter E-2’s Charter Members and
the first Area Rep, Clyde Jones. Awesome meeting of
reminiscing, history and of course, birthday cake! And
let us not forget that we had 3 first-timers as well!
A couple of days after the gathering, we had over 40
friends show up for the ride schedule meeting at Pat &
JoAnn Marston’s new home. What a turnout! E-2
ROCKS! There were lots of appetizers, pizza and
desserts to help us in planning our rides and events
for the 2016 calendar year. And make no mistake
about it, we have an awesome schedule planned!
Thank you all for your presence and contributions to
this endeavor, as the whole chapter will reap the benefits as 2016 comes into play. Which won’t be long, as
it is now the winter month of December.
And we still have chapter life in the cold of winter. Our
chapter gathering is December 3rd, at NEC as usual.
Then on December 5th, we will have the Chapter E-2
Christmas Party, also at the New England Club, and
on December 16th, we have our winter ice cream social and Christmas caroling for the residents of the
New England Club. Check your ride schedules and
weekly updates for the event times.
And let us not forget our annual multi-chapter New
Year Day Ride and luncheon at Quaker Steak &
Shake at the Colerain location. Doors open for us at
11:00 a.m., and weather permitting, I will lead a ride
from the Milford Target parking lot, leaving at 10:30
a.m. Lets finish 2015 and start 2016 with a huge
turnout for these events. See you all there!
Everything you see and do, is just another story to be told
Tom & Cookie
From the
Pg. 4
Hello E-2 ( R O C K S)
As the Holiday season approaches, we have intentionally scaled back our events so
that you can enjoy the holidays with family, and friends too.
On tap for December:
E-2’s Annual Christmas Party on 12-5, at 6:00
Ice Cream Social and Christmas songfest for the folks at the New England Club starting at 5:00 PM
E-2 Annual Jan 1st ride: Leaving Target in Milford at 11:00am for Quaker Steak and Lube in Colerain
JAN 7: E-2 gathering at New England Club
JAN 9: First Aid Recert class at New England Club, from 9:00 to 12:00
JAN 10: First Aid Basic class at New England Club, from 9:00 to 3:00, bring a lunch
JAN 16: Hands Against Hunger, 9:30 at HAH, McSwain Carpets on Kemper Rd. $10 each please
JAN 23: Ominmax and Dinner, TBD
My sincere thanks and appreciation to everyone who lead a ride this year. Without you, we would all still be
sitting in MCK parking lot, just waiting around. Seriously though, our Ride Captains did an outstanding job this
year, and we applaud each and every one of you for taking the time to give us an enjoyable Saturday, or Sunday, or sometimes both.
PS: Looking for an amazing Christmas celebration, check out the award winning AWAITED show, running
nightly at Crossroads in Oakley. Its free, it’s kid friendly and it is fantastic. Last year nearly 95,000 saw this
dynamic production.
Joe and Dawn Domiano
We are “Paying it Forward” from our recent good fortune! The items listed below are used
(but in most cases, look new) and meant to be free to fellow motorcycle riders.
Call Melanie 513-312-6665 or Chuck 513-312-0224 for more information.
--Rain suit XXL. MOTOLINE. Teal/Black top and Black pants
--Rain suit XXL (Top only). MOTOLINE. Dark Blue/Black color
--Rain suit XXL ACUITY (new with tags). Black color top and pants
--2 black “shorty” Visors. 3 snap type. For ¾ helmet. J & M corp.
--2 clear face shields for a ¾ helmet
--1 XXL Widder Electric vest with upper controls. Black color
--1 XXL ECLIPSE Thinsulate non-electric vest. Black color
--1 pair Tan leather gloves. Size women’s small – medium
--FOR SALE-- 1800 Driver Backrest with hardware. Black color. Make offer.
From your
DEC. 2015
Pg. 5
Ride Education
Promoting Safe Riding
This month we’d like to share an article about “End of Season Cycle
Maintenance” written by Bruce & Melissa Thayer, Former Michigan Asst.
District Rider Educators.
Whether the riding season in your area lasts only four or five months, or
as long as ten months, most of us will let our motorcycles remain unridden for a long enough period of time that it is best to prepare it for a season of rest.
November typically brings weather throughout the northern tier of states that is not very good for motorcycling. Most parts of this great country of ours experience two or more months of weather that is not considered part of the riding season. The air temperature alone gets cold enough to cause hypothermia without
adding the wind chill from sitting atop a motorcycle while blasting down the road at legal speeds – even at 45
mph. And many areas will have snow on the ground before the month is out. Some of you may be coldblooded enough to prolong the season a few extra weeks, but for most, there is a period each year when
your motorcycle becomes a lonesome friend sitting quietly in the garage.
Before you park it for a season of inactivity, this is a great time to get your end of season maintenance done.
It is recommended that you change the oil and oil filter to remove contaminants – dirt, deposits, acids and
moisture – that can lead to corrosion inside the engine. Other fluid levels should be checked for proper level.
If the fluids are due for replacement based on miles ridden since the last change (check your manual and
service history), this is a good time to do that and any other maintenance tasks that you may have been putting off.
Your mechanic likely is not very busy at this time of year. He (she) would probably appreciate your visit, too!
And you know your bike will be better for it. Then when spring comes next
year (it is not that far off, after all!), you’ll be ready to go without a visit to
the mechanic before planning your next big ride. After you get it back from
your mechanic, fill the gas tank and add the appropriate amount of fuel
stabilizer (such as Stabil) before parking your Wing. Wash and wax the
bike and inflate the tires. The battery should be disconnected from the
motorcycle (negative terminal first) and trickle charged at least every 30
days, per your Gold Wing Owner’s Manual. (Refer to your battery charger
manual for more charging details.) Take good care of your Wing, and your
Wing will take good care of you!
Stay safe and keep it between the lines,
Dan & Teri Baumann, Chapter Educators
*** IMPORTANT - Hello E 2
We are in the process of updating our phone
book....if you have not been to a meeting lately OR I have not see you at other
events OR you have not filled out one of the new address sheets that I have THEN
You need to contact me if you want to be in the updated phone book. You can call
me & I’ll take down you updated or current info. Steve Teal cell - 513-708-3609
[email protected] Membership Enhancement Program Co-Ordinator
Pg. 6
December Birthdays
Durrell Monroe
David White
James Miller
Clarence Barber
Jim Jones
Karen Tomlin
Larry Davidson
December Anniversaries
Gene & Barb Hill
Rick & Carolyn Siermann
Chuck & Melanie Geggie
Bill & Kathy Martin
Terry & Brenda Loughmiller
Pat & JoAnn Marston
Steve & Anne Teal
Dan & Teri Baumann
Tom & Cookie Salamon
Roy & Brenda Marchant
Joe & Dawn Domiano
Steve Albert
Steve & Pam Grieger
Scott & Valerie Music
Bill & Penny Condo
George & Roberta Vandal
Past & Present Chapter CD’s at our
Chapter Birthday Celebration
Chuck Geggie
Valerie Music
Terry Loughmiller
Elizabeth Estep
Melanie Geggie
Dawn Domiano
Sue Cornell
Anne Teal
Lloyd Koppes
Lecia Calvert
Bill Martin
Carolyn Siermann
Larry Dixon
Cookie Salamon
Kathy Martin
Whitey Bell
JoAnn Marston
Joe Domiano
Jeff Holtegel
E-2 Christmas Party
December 5, 6 PM
New England Club
DEC. 2015
Pg. 7
Meeting Times and Dates of our
Local Chapters:
Chapter E2 - The first Thursday @ 7:30 PM
New England Club. 8135 Beechmont Ave. Anderson Twp
Chapter OH-F - The fourth Saturday @ 9:00 AM,
Senior Center, 325 N 3rd St. Fairborn, Oh.
Chapter KY-G - The second Tuesday @ 7:00 PM,
Golden Corral, 4770 Houston Road, Florence, Ky
Chapter IN-G2 - the second [email protected] 7:00 PM,
Reservation Restaurant, SR101 & SR350, Milan, In
Chapter OH-N2 - The fourth Saturday @ 10:00 AM,
Frostie's, 424 W. Washington Street, Sabina, Oh
2016 Cabin Fever
Deer Creek Lodge, Mt. Sterling
February 5 thru 6, 2016
‘Early Qualification Package’
Early Registration Package will
receive: Full Registration for 2,
Hotel Room for Friday & Saturday
night. To be eligible for drawing
your registration MUST be
received/postmarked no later then
January 4, 2016. Drawing will be
held January 11, 2016.
See Page 11-12 for registration forms
Chapter OH-T2 - The first Tuesday @ 7:30 PM,
Northridge Church of the Nazarene, 2215 Maplegrove
Ave, Dayton, Oh
Chapter OH-X2 - The third Saturday @ 9:30 AM,
Otterbein Retirement Community, SR 741, Lebanon, Oh
Theme Grand Parade
District Couple of the Year
Selection Process
(Winner announced at “Champion
Chapter of the Year -Talent Show Games- Vendors
Center Piece Contest Auctions
Chapter/Individual Contest Ice Cream Crafts
Mouse Trap Car
Night Games
Buffet breakfast and lunch (extra cost)
Rafters Restaurant and snack bar open
Dinner (extra cost/prepaid on registration form)
Pg. 8
2015 Ride Schedule
7:30pm New England Club
Chapter E-2 Meeting
E-2 Ride Planning Meeting
JoAnn Marston
JoAnn Marston 563-6001
11/21 TBD
Dinner and Movie
7:30pm New England Club
Chapter E-2 Meeting
6:00:pm New England Club
E-2 Christmas Party
12/16 5:00pm New England Club
Ice Cream Social
Joe and Dawn 253-8179
JoAnn Marston
JoAnn Marston
2016 Ride Planning Meeting
WOW !!!
What a night.. We had over 40 people at the Marstons new home in Milford for
the 2016 Ride Planning meeting. We have a FULL Calendar for next year. Thanks to everyone
for bringing a dish and dessert and to the
Chapter for Pizza. The meeting was led by Tom
Salamon and Joe Domiano with lots of input
from everyone attending.
DEC. 2015
Pg. 9
Trikes Everywhere
Have you noticed that the Trike population continues to grow? It seems like
every time we’re out, I’m seeing more and more trikes.
At T2cyclecenter, I’ve continued to expand my product offerings and joined the
ranks of other dealers offering the ability to convert your 2 wheels into 3.
At present I’ve been busy with both Honda and Harley Davidson conversions.
Below is my latest delivery to a retired Police officer who is a very active rider. With 86K miles on his 2002 Ultra Classic ‘Police’ edition, he felt it was time to go 3 wheels. With his bike running strong the cost to buy a replacement wasn’t in the budget so having a
2015 conversion kit installed became a great option. After looking at this kit he selected the perfect conversion which also included
installing the 6-degree Rake Kit and reverse. One can really appreciate the owners comment as he stated “I brought you a 2002 bike
and now it looks like I just purchased a 2015, this looks great.” For Harley owners, after market conversion kits offer a lot of features
that the OEM provided doesn’t.
As for my Gold Wing friends, most are pretty familiar with the different conversion kits but where the confusion comes into play is with
cost of ownership after delivery. After working with several suppliers and asking a lot of questions, the average consumer is making
decisions based on price and styling. The one comment that I hear a lot is “this one seemed to ride better than that one.” Trust me
you have to look under the covers and have an engineering eye to see what’s happening with each manufactures product offering.
Much like when we all purchased our Gold Wing we didn’t know the right questions to ask. And one thing for sure, never did a sales
person advise that the GL1800 eats tires. As we all found out, if you ride you better be putting your dimes and quarters in a jar as
tire changes will happen.
All manufactures make a good kit and they go down the road perfectly fine, but there are
difference and options to consider.
So I thought I would share another owner’s trike picture with you has he chose to install a
kit which included a ‘One of a Kind’ tail spoiler. This conversion came out really nice.
One comment that stood out was “Maybe it’s just me but I seem to think that this bike is
actually smoother as a 3 wheeler than as a 2”. Perhaps, as this manufacture is the only
one which has a patented Air Suspension. It’s fully adjustable regardless of sitting still or
going down the road. At a push of the button the on board compressor can inflate or
deflate the Air Bags. This ensure that your trailer tongue weight doesn’t impact the ride or
simply that last stop for Ice Cream seemed a bit much. As I like to say, we call come into
this world in diapers and our first form of transportation that our parents provided was
that shiny new Tricycle. Through our lives we have met and made some of our best friends and as the pages turn to the next chapters of life, we hope that our overall health allows us to continue to ride. We will all come to that chapter where we either shutdown
riding all together or find that a Trike conversion makes good since.
In closing, I offer that T2cyclecenter is an authorized dealer for many brands. We can provide you with many options for your
perfect solution and will beat any price quoted. Be sure to check out the web site at
Todd Thomsen
2002 Pearl Orange GL 1800
CB, Ergo II Foot Pegs, Ergo Grips, Handlebar Risers, New Vented Windshield, Spoiler
Bar w/Brake Light, Rear Speakers, Bushtec
Trailer Hitch, Exhaust Turn Downs, Rotor
Covers. New Alternator in July 2013,
Valves adjusted January 2015. 138,000
well maintained miles. All maintenance
records available.
Chuck 513-312-0224.
Pg. 10
Got Stuff to get rid of ??
List it here !
2008 Throughbred Stallion Trike
Silver-47,000 miles
2300cc automatic, Steering Wheel,
Heat and air
J&M CB & intercom
If interested please call
Clyde Jones @ 513-724-0441
FOR SALE— 2008 Gold Wing
PEARL WHITE— $14,900 (New Price)
Independence KY / Greater Cincinnati Area
Call Tom—859-781-8743
Level 4 Top of the line / $5,500 of accessories.
For Sale 2013 Yamaha V-Star
250CC, Only 310 Miles.
Bought for $5200, will sell for $3200 or Best Offer.
Roy Marchant
513-608-0522 New Low Price !!
For Sale ‘NEW’ Motorcycle Lift
Never Used. Hydraulic foot lever style
Contact Gene Hill
DEC. 2015
Pg. 11
Cabin Fever Registration - Feb 5-6, 2016
Pg. 12

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