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Founded on Faith,
Preserved with Pride,
Sustained by Spirit
A publication for alumni, current & past parents, and friends of Alter High School
The Road to
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From the President, page 2
Phase II of Campaign
Announced, page 3
A Note from the Interim
Principal, page 4
Advancement Notes, page 5
School News, pages 9-10
Alumni Features:
• Ryan Sharkey ’91, page 27
• Hall of Fame, page 28
• In Memoriam, page 29
• Class Notes, page 30-31
Annual Report
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A special thank you goes to
all of our loyal benefactors!
The End
of an Era
pages 6-7
From the President, Father James Manning
Moving Alter Forward
This has been a summer of transition for Alter High
the new baseball field at Indian Riffle Park in the near future
School. Although transitions can be challenging at times, they
for our varsity and reserve teams. Because of this collabora-
can also provide an opportunity for growth. My years in the
tive effort and the work of many, Alter’s athletic facilities have
priesthood as teacher,
associate pastor, pas-
improved tremendously.
Such is the case with our technology program. We are ini-
tor, and now president
tiating a one-to-one tablet program with the freshman class
of Alter High School
which will evolve to the entire school in four years. In the
have taught me not to
1:1 learning environment at Alter, each freshman student will
be frightened by tran-
have a tablet computer with them all day to provide them with
sitions but to allow
interactive “anytime and anywhere” learning at school and
them to help me expe-
home. Once again, along with Beth Budd in our technology
rience more fully the
department, God provided Jeff Fuell, Network Administrator.
providence of God.
He has done a tremendous job in the implementation of this
Such is the case with the administration here at Alter. Nicki
Brainard is now the principal of McAuley High School, and
transition along with a recent graduate, Matt Burian ’10.
Such is the case with our Answering the Call capital cam-
Matt Sableski is the principal at Carroll High School. Stan
paign. We were able to accomplish a great deal with Phase I,
Troha has retired after 37 amazing years in campus ministry.
including: new science labs and a culinary arts classroom, a
But, God has provided us with Lourdes Lambert as the interim
renovated chapel, lights on the athletic field, additional park-
principal for the year and Dave Conard as the new director of
ing space, an incredible new Spirit Shop, improvements to the
campus ministry. Both bring a tremendous amount of energy
gym and restroom areas, and un upgraded cafeteria space. We
and spirit to our Administrative Team.
also started three endowments for tuition assistance, faculty
Such is the case with academics and athletics here at Alter.
God has provided us with Christine Sanderman as the new
development, and technology.
Now, we move forward with Phase II which will encompass
librarian, Marcus Makras as a new science teacher, Louan
additional classroom space on the western side of the building
Hilty as a new English teacher, Molly Althaus as a new art
for the arts, turf on the athletic complex, and additional gym
teacher, and Gary Hansen is going from part time to full time
space through additional collaborative efforts which will enable
math teacher. Christina Johnston also joins us as a new tutor.
us to move the weight room to the auxiliary gym and move the
And, in the girl’s soccer program, God has provided us with
Advancement Office to the Administrative wing of the building.
head coach, Javier Iriart.
Stained glass windows will be installed in our chapel and the
Such is the case with our Sports Medicine, Wellness, and
campus ministry room will become the Tony Huesman Cam-
Education Services. We are now partnered with the Ketter-
pus Ministry and Leadership Center this fall. And, additional
ing Medical Center. In return for sports medicine, health,
amounts will be placed into the three endowments, bringing
wellness, and education services provided by the Kettering
them to 70 percent funded.
Medical Center, Alter will guarantee Kettering Medical Center
With so much accomplished this past year and more to
exclusive advertising rights for all school events. In the words
come on the horizon, I want to thank all of our loyal bene-
of one of our Board members, “Kettering Institutions should
factors for their unwavering support. Whether through the
be supporting Kettering Institutions for the good of the City
Annual Fund or the capital campaign, your gifts have pro-
of Kettering.” Once again, God has provided us with Faith
vided Alter and its students with the tools and foundation
Rosselot as our Sports Medicine Trainer.
needed to lead our world for years to come. For you are the
Speaking of the City of Kettering, our collaborative efforts
with the city relative to Ernst Park are presently being imple-
cornerstones of Alter’s future.
As transitions are a time to experience the Providence of
mented. We are excited to announce that an additional tennis
God, the beginning of another school year is a time to entrust
court (making five in total), a new softball field, a full size soc-
our future to the guidance and the direction of the Holy
cer field, and a half size field for practice will all be completed
Spirit. That is why we say here at Alter: Founded on Faith,
for use by Alter’s athletic programs. We also look forward to
Preserved with Pride, and Sustained by the Spirit.
t h e R O U N D TA B L E
Alter Announces Phase II of Capital Improvement Plan
On the heels of a successful Phase I
According to Father Manning, “Phase I
Marty ’86 and Lisa Grunder. This will be
of the “Answering the Call” capital cam-
was a tremendous success with commit-
the first of many such gatherings over
paign that raised $5.6 million, Alter is now
ments from nearly 1,000 loyal benefactors
the coming year with a goal of raising
positioned to launch Phase II. The new
who made gifts of prayer, time and finan-
an additional $5.5 million to make the
phase will include: a new academic and
cial resources to make it happen. Now it is
new plans a reality. For more informa-
arts wing added to the west end of the
time to transition into Phase II.”
tion or to make a pledge please call the
main building, turfing of the athletic fields
The official launch of the new phase
(soccer and football), irrigation for the
will take place on October 27 at a cele-
Ernst Park renovations, and an additional
bration and reception at the home of
Advancement Office at (937)434-2059.
thirty-three percent added to each of the
three endowments (faculty development,
technology, and tuition assistance).
FA L L 2 0 1 1
am so honored to address you as the Interim Principal of
Archbishop Alter High School for the 2011-2012 school year. I feel
fortunate to have already had the opportunity to meet and speak
with some current Alter families as well as Alter alumni, and I
have learned a lot about what this institution means to so many
people. I have learned over the past few weeks that the history,
traditions, and relationships forged at Alter High School run deep.
It is important for someone like me to learn and honor that history and to cultivate those relationships as we prepare to move
forward, for without our traditions and connections to Alter High
School this magnificent place becomes just a building on the
precipice of its 50th anniversary.
I am so enthusiastic about our future. Our students embody
A Note
from the
the spirit of what it means to be an Alter Knight. I am so
impressed with their intelligence, grace, spirituality and athleticism that I find myself taken aback quite often while in their
presence. What an incredible example of what our youth can
accomplish under the right circumstances – if they are valued,
nurtured, and held to rigorous standards – the results are just
awe inspiring!
I look forward to meeting more of our current families, past
families, and alumnus in the coming months and hearing about
your experiences at Alter High School as well as your dreams for
Alter’s future, for you are the cornerstone of our school as well as
its future foundation. Without you, we would not be who we are
just as I know without Alter you would not be who you are.
Lourdes Lambert
t h e R O U N D TA B L E
Alter to Celebrate 50 Years!
Next fall, Alter will begin a yearlong celebration commemorating
its tradition-rich history with many
events and activities. Beginning
with a gala, A Starry, Starry Knight
on September 22, 2012 where Hall
of Fame inductees and other Alter
shining stars will be recognized,
there will be something for everyone throughout the year.
Look for more details over the
coming months and make plans to
attend as many events as you can.
Let’s make this a year to remember!
If you would like to help with
planning or in some other way,
please contact the Advancement
Willits ’88 to Lead
Advancement Efforts
Father Manning has announced the hiring of Rick Willits
as the new Director of Institutional Advancement. Rick will
lead the efforts of the Advancement Office in the areas
of development, alumni relations, communications, marketing and enrollment management. While new to the
position, Rick is no stranger to Alter.
Growing up in the neighborhood, Rick attended Saint
Charles and Alter. He graduated from Alter in 1988, then
attended and graduated from Saint Joseph’s College with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing in 1992. He taught at Alter from 1993-1999 and has coached football here from
1992-1998 and 2009-present.
Currently living in Centerville, Rick is married to Leslie and has three children at
Incarnation. Prior to returning to Alter, Rick spent 12 years in Executive Recruiting for
Management Recruiters International. Last year Rick started ParishBusiness.Com, a web
company which develops on-line business directories for Catholic Schools and Parishes.
On his return to Alter, Rick had this to say; “I am very excited about being part of Phase
II and Phase III of the Capital Campaign, Celebrating the Alter’s 50th Anniversary and
playing an integral part in future growth of the school.”
Legacy Class of ’15
Office at [email protected]
Row 1: Andrew Joseph (Chris ’79), Adam Beam (Allen ’83, Lisa Britt ’81), Kraig Howe
(Paul ’84), Andrew Eisenhauer (Bill ’82, deceased), Matt Link (Ted ’82, Therese
Madden ’82), Chris Finke (Jim ’76), Ethan Albers (Mike ’81, Marcia Kiley ’82), James
Eisenhauer (Chuck ’86, Susan Fiely ’86), Danny Girouard (Ruth Fremgen ’78), Nick Nye
(Katie Callahan ’80), Joe Nikolai (Tom ’78, Carol Hoying ’78), Jake Kunesh (John ’85),
Zach Graybill (Shannon O’Brien ’78), Tyler Sunshein (Kevin ’76), AJ Roesch (Tim ’84),
Riley Mowbray (Caren Sullivan ’83), Tess Malik (Stephanie Vincze ’90), Aaron Pack
(Christine Alexander ’81)
Row 2: Alex Pack (Christine Alexander ’81), Danielle Ruffolo (Rick ’86), Nathalie
Bidwell (Lisa Kirkland ’86), Megan McKelvey (Tim ’82), Jackie Mangin (Anita Ferneding
’82), Hannah Klenke (Joe ’81, Lori Klosterman ’82), Maddy Kroger (James ’73), Natalie
Bolek (Dave ’82), Marc O’Neal (Marc ’90), Carson Zimmer (Jeff ’76, Patty Kingdom ’83),
Michael Lewis (Catherine Harkness ’86), Thomas Gerhard (Katie Nugent ’81), Tom
Walters (Laura Kessler ’80), Andrew Ferrante (Kathleen Saxton ’81), Chris Lush (Elizabeth Roddy ’85), Chris Scharf (Jim ’81), Camaaron Simmons (Sarita Smith ’82), Nicole
Senkiw (Laura Wiesman ’85)
Row 3: William Rose (Tony ’79), Catherine Leschansky (Ed ’72), Timothy O’Brien (Kay
Bertke ’75), Tom Alig (Tom ’88), Tony Smith (Sharon ’84), Brock Stechschulte (Kathleen Brockman ’81), Sierra Morris (John ’87), Colleen Johnson (Monica Sheridan ’85),
Rachel Woeste (John ’79), Tony Rasso (Deanna Karpiak ’82), Danielle Lapsins (Paul
’84), Brian Walsh (Pat ’75), Matt Chrabascz (Catherine Rau ’92), Chris Jenkins (David
’78), Rachel Holtgreive (Shannon Firsdon ’86), Kelly Zimmer (Maribeth Galamb ’79),
Matthew Vandenbrock (Martin ’74), Jack Crippen (Phil ’82, Kathy Grogan ’84)
FA L L 2 0 1 1
After Sixty-Three
Years of Commitment…
The End of an Era
In the educational world, having teachers work for two to
“The first Kairos was in 1984 and it has really created a lot of
three decades isn’t that unusual but to do so at a school that’s
memories and teachable moments for me,” said Troha. “It is so
not much older than that is remarkable! In June, Alter said good-
inspiring to see how the leaders each year really rise to the occa-
bye to two of its longest tenured faculty members in Stan Troha
sion and lead their peers. It is one of the things I’m most proud of.”
and Nancy Andrews. Mr. Troha completed his 38th year and Mrs.
While teaching theology and heading the Campus
Andrews her 25th. Though, their official duties
Ministry department have been Stan’s main focus, he
may be over, both
has also been involved with many other aspects of the
vowed that
school over the years. He helped author the original
they will still
“Code of Conduct” for the school, has been a part
be involved
of the Alumni Hall of Fame from the start, and even
with Alter in
coached golf and baseball.
some capacity.
Though he will miss Alter, Troha is looking forward
to traveling through Europe; visiting his son in New
originally con-
York; and going to Hawaii to see friends. He also
templating the
plans to write but is not sure if that will include a
priesthood and
novel or reflective pieces.
then completing
his Masters at UD,
Troha began at
Alter in 1972 as a
theology teacher.
This was prior to a
formal campus
ministry program at
the school, though
that would soon
change. Troha credits
people such as current
Alter teacher Linda Dintaman and Father Chuck
Mentrup as being catalysts with him in building what is now
the Campus Ministry department. With their help and vision
and under his direction, the department has grown to now
facilitate all liturgical activities at Alter as well as the fouryear retreat programs that all students take part in.
t h e R O U N D TA B L E
“It is so inspiring to see
how the leaders [of Kairos]
each year really rise to the
and lead
their peers.
It is one of
the things
I’m most
proud of.”
For Nancy Andrews, her path to Alter
came in a very different direction. “I grew
up in the neighborhood, just a few blocks
from Alter. Most of the families around
us were Catholic, although my family is
not. I remember being jealous of the cute
plaid jumpers that most of my neighborhood friends got to wear to school and
wishing she could go to school there,” she
After attending Kettering schools
until graduating from Fairmont West,
Andrews went to Ohio University where
she studied art. Upon graduation, she
was substitute teaching until an opening
for an art teacher at Alter was brought to
“I never dreamed that I
would end up teaching
at Alter for 25 years...
the art room and in the campus ministry
office, but Stan and Nancy’s footprint
and legacy will forever be part of Alter’s
history. They will be missed!
Alter also wishes to thank the following teachers who retired or went on to
Emily Trick, Danielle (Kuczak) Poling, and
other endeavors after last year: Maureen
Laura (Moore) Carter; interior designer,
O’Brien, Pat Brown, Cathy Hundt and
Emily O’Brien who works for Disney; and
Deanna Seifried. Your dedication to
fashion designer, Simone Pursiful. She
Catholic education is greatly appreciated.
apologized for leaving anyone off the list!
Andrews plans to enjoy her time at
her attention. She jumped at the chance
home with her husband, the “crazy dogs
to finally be able to “go to Alter.”
and with her other passion…gardening.
“I never dreamed that I would end up
She is also on the substitute teacher list
teaching at Alter for 25 years, so close to
so she will still be seen at times in the
home. Except for my four years at Ohio
halls of the building.
University, I have lived in Kettering my
whole life.”
In looking back at her quarter decade at
While their classroom experiences
were altogether different at Alter, what
they will take away from the special
Alter, Andrews is most proud of her work
community is very similar. Stan and
with art students, helping them to tap
Nancy both credit the amazingly com-
into the creativity that they may not have
mitted faculty for creating such a
even been aware of, especially those that
standard of excellence, and also feel
continued in the field like graphic design-
blessed to have been part of such a faith-
ers, Jon Schneider, Noah Armstrong, Greg
filled and supportive family during times
Lammers, and John Hurr; art teachers,
of grief and triumph.
Alissa (Whitehead) Gantt, Ben Deeter,
Alter will move on with new faces in
FA L L 2 0 1 1
The Road
to 800 —
A Look Back
With the Alter boy’s basketball victory over Carroll this
past February, Coach Joe Petrocelli reached a milestone in
Ohio High School history, becoming only the second man to
reach 800 wins. The game was never in doubt as the Knights
rolled to a lopsided victory, 71-42. With about two minutes to
go, fans revealed commemorative t-shirts and began to waive
yellow signs with the number 800 on them. It was indeed a
historical moment! After the game, Coach Petrocelli was given
the game ball by AD Chris Hart ’80 and then celebrated at a
reception with family, players, coaches and friends.
As Coach Petrocelli looked back at his career, he reflected
“Kurt came to visit me soon before he passed away and I
could tell things were not good. I know that he was looking
on many moments that stood out: the first state title in ’78,
down on us that year and helped tip things in our favor,”
the “game” against Lebron James in the state finals in ’03, and
remembered Petro.
making it to the state tournament in ’75 after defeating then #1
With such longevity in a program, there has been a lot of
Middletown, but none greater than the ’99 season and it’s four
players wear the brown and gold…some, sons of players in
overtime victories in route to the school’s second state title.
the early years. “That’s one thing that’s really made it enjoyable, coaching some of the kids of my former players. We’ve
even started tracking the top scoring father-son combos. It’s
been interesting to look at.”
Though his staff and roster has changed a lot over the
years, one person that has been part of many of the milestone
wins is Jeff “Spud” Collins ’93. He was a player for win
number 500 and a coach for victories, 600, 700 and 800, and
said this about Coach Petrocelli, “The number 800 is one
thing, but being able to stay at one place for 47 years and
truly love what you do every day, that’s what it’s about.”
With a promising group of returning players for the 201112 season, the number will undoubtedly climb a good bit.
“It has to be the most incredible run in Ohio history,”
Who knows, maybe 900 is in the cards!
Petro said. “With each game it seemed to come down to a
miracle play at the end. There were times that I thought, this
was it, but someone was looking down on us that year.”
That someone was Kurt Murnen, a ’97 graduate who
many of the ’99 players knew very well, had passed away
from a long battle with cancer just before the run began. The
team seemed to rally around the loss and used it as motivation to the end.
t h e R O U N D TA B L E
Father-Son Scoring Records (through the 09-10 season)
(Only those that have graduated qualify for the list)
Bob ’75 and Chad ’95
Joe ’74 and Ryan ’09
Pete ’78 and Tony ’08
Mike ’73 and Joe ’11
Tim ’78 and Kevin ’04
The Knight Watch
Sports Recap
The 2010-11 school year produced many
amazing athletic accomplishment both for
teams and individuals. With the first state title
for the boy’s volleyball team, Alter now has 22
state titles to show in such a brief history. What
an amazing feat! The girl’s 4 x 800 meter relay
team also brought home the “gold” setting a new
school record in the process. Along with these
team accomplishments, there were numerous
individual recognitions for coaches and players,
many who have continued their athletic career at
the next level. Go Knights!
spring team
Baseball – GCL Champions
Boys Lacrosse – Advanced to the 3rd round of the tournament
2011 Knights Who Took It
to the Next Level
Boys Tennis – GCL Champions
Boys Track – State Qualifiers in the 4 x 800 relay
Dylan Ames – Wittenberg University – Football
Boys Volleyball – STATE CHAMPIONS!
Kelsie Auditore – Ohio Dominican College – Golf
Player of the Year in the State – Keaton Pieper
Courtney Christie – Mt. Vernon Nazarene University – Basketball
Coach of the Year in the State – Craig Erford
Whitney Dabbelt – Walsh College – Basketball
Girls Track – State Champions in the 4 X 800 relay (Ashley
Matt Diehl - Case Western Reserve University – Baseball
Rodgers, Austin Borton, Rebecca Esselstein and Olivia Albers)
TJ Dorow – University of Indianapolis – Football
Rebecca Esselstein – Air Force Academy – Track/Cross Country
Mike Gearhardt - Mt. St. Joseph University – Golf
Teddy Link – Wittenberg University – Football
Jon Neroni – Ohio Wesleyan University – Golf
Keaton Pieper – Springfield College – Boys Volleyball
Zane Pitzer – Wallace State Junior College – Baseball
Elise Prayson – Assumption College – Swimming
Adam Schwieterman – Heidelberg College – Football
Peter Scharf – Wheeling Jesuit – Swimming
Joe Thuney – North Carolina State – Football
Molly Van Oss – University of North Alabama – Volleyball
Kelly Westerkamp – Xavier University – Volleyball
Justin Winters – Mt. Union College – Football
individual honors
Max Zukowitz – Lake Superior State – Basketball
John Rossi & Robert Denney Scholarship – Zane Pitzer
OHSSA Scholarship – Kelly Westerkamp
FA L L 2 0 1 1
What’s Happening
in the Arts World
Marches with
Drum Corps
Sydney Parker ’11 was selected to
march as part of the color guard with The
Teal Sound Drum and Bugle Corp this
August 14, 2011 was the traditional
Freshman Orientation Day at Archbishop Alter High School. It began
with 188 new students and their
parents learning the basics about
the school, its employees, and its
traditions. The difference occurred
when both students and parents
went to the gymnasium at 3 pm. At
that time the freshman with their
parents stood in line to receive their
tablet computers. These computers would accompany students to
class each day and return home
summer, marching band’s highest level!
with them at night. They would be
The group went on a 58-day tour ending
with the students all four years, even
in Indianapolis in August with the DCI
in the summer. They would enable
World Championships. Congratulations
change in the instruction the students
received; change in the communica-
Knights Win “Daytonys” Fall Play Dates
Several Alter students received awards
for their work in the Castle Player pro-
ductions of Snow Queen in the fall and
1:1 It Has Begun
Mark your calendars as “Charlie and
tion between students and teachers;
and change in access of productivity
tools, creation of assignments, and
the learning process.
The purpose for this new program
is to prepare students with 21st Cen-
Oklahoma, the spring musical. The Day-
the Chocolate Factory” comes to life
tury Skills using tools that they will
tonys are similar to the Tony Awards but
at Alter this October. Show dates are:
use in their education, their everyday
are awarded to local high school students.
Friday, October 21 – 7:30 PM;
life, and in college. Technology has
Saturday, October 22- 7:30 PM; and
become ubiquitous. The manner in
Merit for Music Design; Zach Jagielski -
Sunday, October 23 – 2:30 PM.
Award of Merit for the role of Sergeant;
which students learn and acquire
Look for pre-sale ticket information
John Findley - Award of Merit for Sound
information has changed greatly. Alter
coming soon on the school website or via
Design; Lauren DiMario - Award of
High School recognizes this and has
The Chancery.
Snow Queen: Tom Kendo - Award of
Excellence for the role of Gerda; Daniel
Grigg - Award of Merit for the role of
Kai; and Allie Tura - Award of Merit for
Oklahoma: Zach Jagielski - Award of
Excellence for the role of Ali Hakim; Cate
Walters - Award of Merit for the role of
Ado Annie; Colin Petrello - Award of Merit
for the role of Curly; and Michael Wadham
- Award of Excellence for Set Design.
t h e R O U N D TA B L E
moved forward in a program that will
enable students to learn skills that
they will carry from their high school
career into their lifelong learning.
The plan is that within the next four
years, the school will be completely
1:1 as each of the three next freshmen
classes will also receive tablets.
It has begun!
A n n u a l R e p o r t 2 011
Contributors by GIFT LEVEL
Annual Fund 2 011
Dorothy Eisenhauer
Michelle Mariscalco ’73
Tom Olsen and Mary Borsalij
Ginger Brockman
Matthew Desch ’76
Nick ’02 and Jenny Richmond ’02 Mangold
Clare Patterson
The Knights Council
is the premier gift club
that honors alumni,
parents, and friends who
have contributed $1,000
or more to the Alter
Annual Fund. Within
the Knights Council, we
recognize five levels of
distinguished giving –
Excalibur to Patron.
We are grateful for
the generosity of these
special contributors.
Dan ’76 and Eileen Armstrong and family
Frank and Gwynedd Armstrong
Tom ’78 and Ann Stueve ’80 Becker
Thomas Cronin
Michael Cronin
David Domansky ’81
Ron and Christine Hill
John ’85 and Sarah Kunesh
Mary Kunesh
Tom and Joyce Laufersweiler
Mike ’71 and Mary Mariscalco
Mike ’78 and Deborah McGraw
Tim Mess ’73
Matt ’78 and Denise Abele ’78 O’Connell
Christine Hillman ’83 Rose
Dick and Maureen Russell
Ned and Nancy Ryan
William ’85 and Kelly Uhl
Daniel Bolek ’82
Bob and Joan Collins
Chris ’73 and Debbie Danis
Rick ’66 and Judy Davis
Jay and Laura Heitz
Mark and Catherine Lander ’84 Hume
Mark ’82 and Carla Lane
Bruce and Annette Lechleiter
Bill and Sally Lincoln
Jack and Linda McCarthy
Donald and Marcia Monnier
Timothy Moore ’90
Mark and Cyndi Platt
Michael ’69 and Donna Roth
George and Deanna Seifried
Anthony ’82 and Kelly Taylor
Harold ’73 and Cindy Klosterman ’74 Varvel
Don and Laima Vermillion
Paul ’66 and Maggie Traynor ’66 Zimmer
Theodore and Luzia Bernstein
Tim and Susie Brabender
William and Cicily Brogan
Willie Bruns ’68
Tom and Joanie Burkhardt
Nick and Marjorie Crnkovich
Kevin ’74 and Karen Deddens ’74 Crotty
Dan DeBrosse ’91
Roland and Mary Anne Eichner
Paul Finke
Tom and Jayne Gmeiner
Marty ’86 and Lisa Grunder
Bo and Mary Gunlock
Sean ’81 and Sue Eisenhauer ’81 Heron
Carla Casella ’87 and John Hodulik
Franz and Margaret Hoge
Tom and Suzanne Alejandrino ’82 Homan
Mary Ellen De Luna ’76 Jakubisin
Stephen ’78 and Lynda Joseph
Tom and Jennifer Hein ’84 Kendo
Mark ’69 and Rhonda Klug
Art and Susan Komorowski
Robert and Jane Laumann
Jim and Peggy Lehner
Karen Roesch ’85 Levine
Doug and Kim Karpiak ’77 Lindley
Andrew and JoAnn McKelvey
Kara Luckew ’90 Miller
Miller Family Foundation
Jeff Morris ’85
Mark Nagy ’81
James and Marilyn O’Connell
Robert Ott
Jim ’75 and Courtney Paxson
Harold and Joan Plate
Hal and Elaine Rogero
Tom and Maureen Ruff
Scott and Christine Sapita
Tom and Amy Armstrong ’82 Smith
Gerard and Diane Sowar
Scott Spring ’79
Rick and Sheri Stover
Bill ’84 and Sally Tahy
John and Connie Taylor
Paul Thesing ’77
Bill and Cynthia Uhl
Al and Betty Woeste
Order of Excellence $500+
Clinton Arnold ’82
Christopher Barnet ’74
Joseph and Joan Beyerle
Joe and Barbara Bockelman
Paul and Ginny Boeckman
Francis and Kitty Bonanno
John Borchers ’94
Mary Beth Brust ’80
James Carmichael ’66
Ceferino ’80 and Anne Cata
Rachel Finke ’88 Chambers
Annette Chavez ’77
Class of 1985 Reunion
John Connolly ’93
Elizabeth Ritterhoff ’71 Cotter
Craig Curk ’79
Lisa Tsui ’87 Diller
Jim and Kim Donnelly
Michael Finke ’81
James Finke, Sr.
Richard and Marlene Foley
Roger and Donna Furrer
Paul Green ’85
Robert ’66 and Nancy Scheper ’67 Gutmann
Susan Sammon ’86 Hendrick
Rosemary Hoeper
Timothy Homan ’70
Timothy and Lisa Janz
Todd Kazmierski ’89
George Kinzeler
John and Barbara Laufersweiler
Lisa Li ’84
David and Libby Rain ’86 Mallitz
Steve Martino ’77
Tim McVay ’74
Julie Yowell ’83 Mitchell
Joseph and Amy Morgan
Tom ’78 and Carol Hoying ’78 Nikolai
Andy Pflaum ’87
If you notice an error in our list of those who gave to the Annual
Fund from July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2011, please accept our
apologies and contact the Director of Development at (937)
Richard ’88 and Bonny Podiak
Michael and Liz Prayson
Dave and Becky Reeves
Lee and Cheryl Reichel
Donald and Shari Rethman
Alice Adams ’71 Rickard
David Rogero ’96
John and Erin Walsh ’82 Schmitz
Richard and Adrianne Shane
Thomas Shanley ’81
Ron and Mary Sue Finke ’77 Siegrist
Andrew ’86 and Karen Zinck ’88 Smith
Richard and Mary Splawinski
Scott ’82 and Amy Biegel ’85 Strady
Doug Striebel ’75
Patty Whelan ’81 Stueve
James ’98 and Melissa Teets
Jan and Tish Thayer
Bob and Carol Westerkamp
Ernest and Mary Wiedemann
Richard and Helen Witt
Walter Woeste
Sword and Shield
Suzanne Albers
Robert and Helen Alig
Mary Alig ’77 Williams
Albert and Susan Asebrook
David Bahner ’87
Don Barker ’71
Thomas Barkmeyer ’67
Mary Brechak ’69 Becht
Matt Berry ’89
Ron and Kathy Blase
John ’66 and Suzanne Borchers
Lee and Jill Bramman
Steve and Darlene Saaler ’80 Braunschweiger
Russell and Linda Kirby ’69 Brown
Elmer and Lucy Bruns
Skip and Beth Buerschen
Dave ’71 and Janet Burkardt
Jim and Suzanne Leyes ’76 Butler
William ’69 and Janet Carney
Steve and Susan Carr
Robert and Sharon Courtney
Mary Crisler
Beth Czapor ’74
Theresa Bean ’89 Davis
Carol Ponziani ’75 DeGrazier
Peter and Eileen Donahue
Jonathan ’89 & Colleen Kavanaugh ’89 Duffy
Catherine Eisenhauer ’94
Brian ’74 and Lisa Esselstein
Robert ’79 and Teresa Esselstein
Jesse and Erin Connair ’82 Fanning
Julie Feldman ’73
Lynn Kehl ’77 Fenton
Rick ’67 and Patti Fersch
Ken and Alice Fisher
Tom ’73 and Grace Frericks
Anthony Fuchs ’98
Philip Glotzbach ’68
Dennis and Judy Graf
Mark and Marsha Guerriero
Karen Jauch ’85 Hamade
Neal and Jo Hinker
James ’72 and Jucelen Hochwalt
Chuck and Martie Hoying
Tom ’71 and Cathy Hundt
Ken and Lynn Ignozzi
Tim and Nancy Kaczala
Peggy Chico ’74 Keelan
Scott and Kimberly Kelly
Arthur J. Kepes ’73
Brian ’79 and Jeanne Kernan
Joe ’78 and Kathy Klug ’78 Kessler
Harvey and Joyce Kiley
Rick ’82 and Melissa Koehler
Jackie Koesters ’90
Chris Korb ’85
William Kuflewski ’75
Stephen Kuflewski
David and Trish Navin ’77 Lachey
Anthony and Shirley Lair
Thomas G. Landgren ’77
Ray and Cathy Lane
Greg ’73 and Virginia Laravie
Eric and Mary Ledford
Brian ’91 and Jenny Mercurio ’91 Leen
David and Christina Linnenkohl
Doug Lunne ’82
Thomas Martino ’80
David Martz ’67
Deborah Zell ’67 Mathews
William McDonald Sr. and family
Bill McKinley ’71
Jane Reichard ’71 McNamee
Jim McVay ’72
Jack Mees ’84
Karen Beel ’88 Milford
Mark Mitter ’73
Bob and Toni Moore
Matthew Moore ’94
Peter and Barbara Neroni
Jerry and Nancy Nowak
Terry and Lynn Miller ’81 O’Brien
Jeanne and George O’Connor
Bernard and Jan Ostendorf
Henry and Millie Osterfeld
Contributors by GIFT LEVEL
Annual Fund 2 011
John and Tina Patterson
Mary O’Brien ’76 Pearlman
Greg Perkins ’71
Thomas ’75 and Peggy Pernik
Bill and Helen Pflaum
Mary Ann Corcoran ’73 Portnoy
Nancy Prater ’71
Dan ’68 and Sue Kussman ’68 Reichert
Erin Roth ’94
Joe and Jennifer Romer ’75 Scherrbaum
John ’88 and Kim Graf ’88 Schimpf
Tom and Marcia Schockman
David Schoettmer ’86
Scott and Diane Sessler
Kristin Blase ’86 Shane
Chris Shane ’87
Betsy Walker ’84 Slattery
Jim ’66 and Judy Stangle
Greg Stein ’80
Beverly Steinbicker
Richard and Catherine Talda
Greg Taylor ’82
Doug Tobe ’74
Jeff and Lisa Tromp
Jim and Lori Tytko
Joe and Andrea Cannarozzi ’85 Varabkanich
Edward and Kathleen Wagner
Linda Poelking ’67 Weprin
Craig and Carol Williams
Michael Witt ’73
Barbara Woeste ’76
Rev. Chris Worland ’82
Jack and Patricia Zimmerman
Brown and Gold
Mary Ann Sprauer ’75 Abrams
Charles and Loraine Adams
Matt ’95 and Mary Pat Adamson
Pat and Kathy Adamson
Michael Akhbari ’02
Harold Albers
Elizabeth DeFrancis ’76 Allen
Kathy Miller ’78 Alpeter
Donald and Julie Ames
Bill and Liz Cerar ’94 Anderson
Rev. Chris Armstrong ’72
Gregory Barbato ’67
Sue Topp ’72 Barnes
Tom Bartol ’78 and Barbara Moss
Brian Beck ’87
Bradford ’95 and Jennifer Beckmann
Diane Althaus ’70 Benedetto
Robert Jeffrey ’86 Benko
Brian and Amy Bishop ’91 Bensman
Kathleen Bentley ’99
Daniel Berger ’70
Bruce and Judy Bergstresser
Paul Beyerle ’71
Bill and Ann Bianco
Marylee Bissmeyer ’78 Bible
Mark and Angela Stein ’81 Bidwell
Ted and Joan Binzer
Kathleen Ryan ’70 Bledsoe
John Blust
Paul and Phyllis Boeckman
Jerry and Ellen Bornhorst ’81 Boerger
Marilyn Bolton
Jim Borchers ’89
Dave and Amy Borchers
Mark Borgerding ’89
Mary Whitaker ’68 Bourgraf
Karen Boyle ’73
Brian ’94 and Sara Walker ’94 Boyle
Margaret Boyle
George and Marcia Woolley ’68 Brand
Greg and Peggy Kussman ’75 Braner
Fred and Marge Breving
Kevin ’73 and Mary Britt
Mary Katie Srp ’96 Broerman
James E. Brown ’74
Jacqueline Perkins ’68 Brumfield
Robin Roehrenbeck ’74 Brun
Diann Bissmeyer ’83 Bryan
Kevin and Nancy Buckley
Robert and Linda Buhrman
Cathy Cartwright ’81 Burns
Marlene Burr ’73 Orendorf
Calvert and Nancy Busch
James and Lucille Carroll
Eugene and Annette Casella
Tom Chappelear ’71
Bill ’76 and Nancy Krautmann ’77 Chifala
Emily Adamson ’93 Collura
Tom Connolly ’89
Angela Windows ’89 Connolly
James and Suzanne Crippen
Paul Crnkovich ’78
Paula Powers ’96 Cvitkovich
Michael and Kathleen Dalidowicz
Connie Ryan ’77 Dall
Joseph Davis ’00
Courtney Sheridan ’84 DeOreo
Megan Zimmer ’91 Deeley
Ron Deger ’84
Ron and Joyce Deger
Kelly Sheridan ’81 Derickson
John and Frances Detrio
Charles ’66 and Toni Smith ’66 DiPasquale
Bill ’76 and Marifran Dirkes
Jeannine Michel ’67 Doak
Don and Sonia Donoher
Lori Dorn ’79
Roger and Becky Duffy
Bob and Donna Duplain
Steve and Carol Gephart ’75 Dworkin
Eric ’77 and Amy Eichner
Dave Eilers ’69
Molly Grunenwald ’87 Eisner
Greg Engler ’81
Marge O’Brien ’73 Etson
Faculty Christmas Collection
Joseph and Katherine Kohnen ’69 Farrey
Kathy Feldman ’66
Howard and Del Feldman
Mary Jo Feldman ’70 Fender
Dick Fenelon ’71
Frank and Kathleen Saxton ’81 Ferrante
Lisa Kavanaugh ’85 Fields
Patrick and Karen Fleming
Michael Foreman ’68
Tom and Marilyn Fowler
Mary Frecker ’87
Frederick and Teresa Frecker
Susan Burkhardt ’95 Fredrick
Marc Frient ’88
Luke ’99 and Nan Frient
Frank ’74 and Kirstin Frounfelker
Margaret Meintel ’67 Gagner
Margaret Dintaman ’68 Gantt
Angela Gantt ’94
Tom and Susan Gastineau
Susan Gibbons ’74
Lisa Muckerheide ’92 Giesler
Jeanel West ’77 Gliebe
If you notice an error in our list of those who gave to the Annual
Fund from July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2011, please accept our
apologies and contact the Director of Development at (937)
Thomas and Barbara Gloady
James Gobrail ’96
Katie Burkhardt ’97 Goeke
Brent Goheen ’90
Ted and Liz Golba
Harold and Mary Govan, Jr.
Steven Gran ’87
Pam Hemmelgarn ’70 Grilliot
David and Barbara Groene
Anthony and Debbie Groshek
Darryl Grosjean ’68
Michael Gross ’81
Lyndsey Grunewald ’01
Mickie Gummer ’67
Donald and Kathy McManus ’67 Gustavson
Daniel Haas ’97
John and Norma Hagan
Steven Hall ’68
Mary Spencer ’88 Hanley
Donald and Cissy Hansen
Daren and Julie Hartman
Marvin and Marlene Hartsfield
Marvin Hartsfield ’98
Chris Brun ’73 Hartzell
Cynthia Ditzel ’70 Hassan
Heidi Osweiler ’73 Helm
Dean and Mindy Heyne
Paul ’66 and Barbara Blaho ’66 Hickey
Steve Hickey ’86
Jennifer Crippen ’80 Hille
John Hinders ’78
Jason Hoffman ’92
Bernard and Shannon Firsdon ’86 Holtgreive
Thomas and Norma Horning
Matt Houser ’84
Paul ’84 and Teri Howe
Allan and Gail Huber
David and Diane Butler ’77 Hughes
John and Christina Hurr
Bob and Julia Jackson
Joseph Janowski ’86
Robert and Tonia Jasper
Stephen Jeffords ’75
Joe and Carol Jones
Deanne Joseph
Beth Stanton ’83 Judd
Laura Kavanaugh ’98
Tom and Jo Kavanaugh
Jean Kelly ’78
Susan Fortener ’68 Kessel
Mr. and Mrs. C. William Kessler
Dan Klein ’83
Tom and Nancy Klenke
Larry and Julie Knight
Christopher and Margaret Konicki
Steve Kramer ’97
Robert Krause ’67
James ’73 and Debbie Kroger
Dan Kronauge ’88
Robert Kronauge ’76
Thomas and Lois Kronauge
Michael ’94 and Amy Krisko ’94 Krug
Rick and Elena Mosconi ’74 Krumholtz
Peter and Marjorie Kuntz
Phyllis Kussman
Tony Lair ’82
Gary and Tina Ruef ’75 Lammers
Samuel and Mary Laneve
Suzanne Leiker ’82
Tim and Debra Carr ’78 Lovett
Jeanne Jauch ’82 Lyke
Gary and Barb Lytle
Lois Pleiman ’67 Macfarlane Hough
Joni Magnus ’80 Ramsey
Brett (B.J.) Mahle ’97
Father James Manning
Joe Mappes ’98
Amanda Riegel ’92 Mascarenhas
Frank and Nancy McBride
Tricia Cavers ’87 McGowan
James and Martina McGraw
Teresa Cindric ’86 McHugh
Robert McKelvey ’79
Don McKenny ’71
Phil McLaughlin
John McMahon ’82
Dennis and Karen McTaggart
John McVay ’71
Joseph and Rosalinda Megery
Norm Meintel ’84
Greg ’69 and Ann Merrill
Douglas Meyer ’71
John Miller ’81
Stephen Miller ’83
John and Jane Miller
Penelope Miller
Joe ’72 and Shirley Henry ’73 Minham
Steve Missall ’75
Cindy Monter
Suzanne Schaefer ’71 Montgomery
Eimile O’Connell ’87 Moore
Ashlee Key ’02 Moses
Julie Schrimpf ’89 Moss
Julie Harvey ’91 Mossberg
Deborah Muegel ’80
Mary Beth Harnett ’80 Natarajan
Contributors by GIFT LEVEL
Annual Fund 2 011
Mark ’73 and Diane Carroll ’73 Neff
Mary Sims ’66 Nemeth
Mark Neroni ’83
Giles and Brenda Nolan
Tim ’73 and Teri O’Connell
Ray and Kathy Oakes
Christina Ostendorf ’84
Jason Paine ’86
Anthony and Helen Palazotto
David and Wanda Panfile
Howard and Kristine Kunesh ’76 Part
Todd and Theresa Penney
Douglas Perkins ’69
Jim and Margaret Peters
Lori Brush ’92 Phillips
Jim and Janet Turckes ’79 Pitzer
Greg Plagens ’85
Jeff and Kelly Plate
Andrew ’05 and Britt Platt
Jerry and Jean Ploplis
Thomas Pohl ’91
David Popovich ’66
The Portman Family
John Prater ’75
Thomas and Nancy Finke ’72 Rambasek
Thomas and Rosalind Rawers
Amanda Veenhuis ’96 Reger
John Reichard ’66
Sarah Reichert ’96
Walter and Suzanne Reiling
Tim ’76 and Jeanne Koop ’76 Reisinger
Pat ’82 and Lori Grunkemeyer ’82 Riazzi
Kevin Riazzi ’04
Bernard and Mary Jo Riegel
John and Alicia Anderson ’74 Risko
Jim Ritterhoff ’75
Larry Ritzert ’70
Mark and Michelle Rodgers
Nick and Marianne Rosenkranz
Marie Ruef
Angela Ruffolo ’90
Larry and Deb Ryan
Kevin Sage ’95
If you notice an error in our list of those who gave to the Annual
Fund from July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2011, please accept our
apologies and contact the Director of Development at (937)
Denise Scarpelli ’93
Jeffrey and Jennifer Schlegel
Anthony Schoen ’96
John ’92 and Jennifer Moore ’94 Schoen
Jim and Mary Ann Schoen
Gregory Schoettmer ’77
Gerald Schramm
Andy Schrotter ’85
Mark ’90 and Brandi Kohnle ’90 Schuermann
Dan ’69 and Maria DiSalvo ’71 Schweickart
Elaine Sendelbach
Greg and Laura Wiesman ’85 Senkiw
Ryan Sharkey ’91
Roland Sineneng ’91
Laura Torbeck ’90 Skinner
Jim and Cecilia Slonaker
George and Anne Smolinski
Barth and Laura Van Leeuwen ’77 Snyder
Josephine Keyes ’91 Snyder
Jeff ’77 and Karen Solarek
Sally McBride Solarek
Richard and Cathy Beyerle ’74 Southam
Stacey Polito ’92 Sperow
Jim ’79 and Catherine Sprauer
Dorothy Sprauer
John and Polly Srp
Tom and Julie Stanton
Robert ’71 and Stephanie Waltz ’71 Stark
Rob and Cindy Stichweh
Michael and Theresa Sugrue
Melissa Sullivan ’89
Kory ’91 and Anna Iwinski ’90 Sutter
Alice Suttman
Lynn Sweeney ’76
Jay ’96 and Natalie Tant
Kevin and Nancy Taylor
Ron and Jayne Testa
Joyce Thieman ’66 and Earl Ross
Mike ’73 and Beth Thuney
Anne Trick
Irene Turckes
Lynne Van Leeuwen ’83 Turner
Steven and Suzanne Turner
Dennis and Sally Jo Vanderhorst
Kevin and Charlotte Vangsness
Karen Mees ’82 Vespa
Joe and Lois Volk
Cynthia Vyszenski ’67
Joseph and Virginia Wade
Christine Wolf ’82 Wagner
Kathy Wald
Herbert Walter ’72
Mike and Renee Wanamaker
Rusty ’72 and Barb Crotty ’73 Warnick
James Wayman ’67
Dennis and Leslie Osterfeld ’78 Weber
Tom Wehrman ’67
Annette Woodring ’82 Weisenseel
Jeff ’98 and Jennifer Davis ’99 Wenzke
Robert ’67 and Mary Ellen Whelan
Mike Wildenhaus ’75
Paul Wilkens ’74
Larry and Bev Wimmers
David ’72 and Barbara Yingling
Thomas and Margaret Yohe
George and Anita Zengel
Michael Zimmerman ’73
Mark Zummo ’73
General Contributors $1-99
Kevin Abele ’86
Sheila Houser ’73 Adams
Sarah Adamson ’01
Wendy White ’83 Ahrens
Tom ’88 and Laura Beatty ’88 Alig
Doug ’71 and Peg Hogan ’71 Althaus
Nancy Andrews
Doug and Sheilah Armstrong ’67 Apple
Evelyn Arber
Elaine Chrystal ’85 Armstrong
Anne Wittmann ’80 Athmer
Walter and Marilyn Balster
Julie Johnson ’92 Barnett
Carolyn Barthel
James Bartol ’73
Tom and Mary Ann Bartol
Nancy Esselstein ’71 Battista
Michel Batty ’66
Rob and Julie Schoen ’94 Beeler
Theresa Hering ’69 Bevis
Kenneth Blandford ’67
Elizabeth Marsh ’81 Blankenship
Jack Bolek ’10
Terry Bon ’89
David and Kathy Borchers
Susan Scianamblo ’68 Boutz
Peter Bovenzi ’81
Martin Braley ’69
Adrienne Hegman ’85 Brandicourt
Daniel and Jeri Lynn Braunlin
John and Julie Nickel ’73 Brill
David Brinkman ’01
Ann Schoen ’87 Brinkmann
Tim ’91 and Stacey Hubach ’91 Brown
Shannon Brown
Erin Brown ’10
Elizabeth Blust ’78 Bruggeman
Mark and Patty Burian
Mary Carol Burkhardt ’99
Jennifer Butler
Cody Byers ’10
Molly Ryan ’84 Cain
Paul Calkins ’67
Joan Callahan
Michael Cannarozzi ’70
Frank and Denyse Carone
Max and Gail Carone
Ben ’94 and Brenda Carter
Janel Kussman ’78 Ciolli
Patricia Miller ’80 Clark
Margie Collins
Sister Kathryn Ann Connelly, S.C.
Rachel Cox ’89
J. Layne Crawford
Bill ’85 and Jenni Sauer ’85 Crotty
Conor Cummins ’10
Lynne Cusick ’69
Andrea D’Innocenzo ’91
Daniel Dashewich ’11
John and Ana Davalos
Megan Newill ’99 DeHart
Scott DeMariano ’95
Maureen Reiling ’83 Deblois
John Deger ’89
Lisa Dillhoff ’94 Depew
Barry and Patricia Miller ’73 Diehl
Judy Henehan ’72 Doll
Shaun Drake ’04
John ’79 and Susanna Duchak
Michael Duffin ’76
Melodie Holt ’72 Eads
Joe and Barbara Eaglowski
Tim Eckley ’69
Victoria Latzy ’79 Edge
Julie Albers ’86 Eggleston
Kevin Eichner ’78
Laura Arber ’85 Eiken
Mike Elsner ’97
Rebecca Esselstein ’11
Mary Beth Hanna ’84 Evans
Andrew ’88 and Teresa Heintz ’88 Fano
Nick Fariello ’97
Jennifer O’Connor ’94 Feldmeyer
Jim ’76 and Suzanne Finke
Amy Hinojosa ’92 Finnegan
Diana Fischer ’02
Michael Foley ’67
Julie Forthofer ’84
Jim and Lisa Foster
Albert and Nancy Fratini
Matt Fromm ’93
Dan ’75 and Nancy Gargrave
Kris Ritzert ’68 Garling
Mark Gates ’74
Tim ’78 and Peggy Reilly ’78 Gates
Tim George ’86
Michael George ’71
Kevin Geraghty
Bob and Judy Getty
Patricia Gillespie ’66
Lynn Stueve ’82 Ginaven
Adam and Katharina Gjarmati
William Gmaz ’67
Leslie Rosell ’89 Gonya
Patrick Graham ’75
Jodi Schweisthal ’85 Graham
Courtney Graham
William and Betty Greger
Leah Groshek ’03
Gene and Mary Jane Gross
Dan and Julie Gross
Joel Grunkemeyer ’01
Amanda Hacker
John and Louise Haley
Jeff Harris ’78
Emily Hartsfield ’01
Mark Haufe ’67
Reed ’73 and Thecla Schneble ’73 Hauser
Ted ’78 and Barbara Hecht
Francis and Mary Heider
Jonathan Heil ’99
Monica Vriend ’89 Heinemann
Jim Heintz ’73
Patrick Heintz ’91
Mary Lynne Simmons ’66 Henehan
Jordan Hibner ’11
Jack Hilgeman ’03
Charles Hilgeman ’74
David and Melanie Hitch
Kelly Hochwalt ’04
Peg Moorman ’73 Hoenigman
James and Elizabeth Lair ’74 Hoffman
Joseph ’69 and Kathryn Minch ’69 Keyes
Kelly Millonig ’88 Kilbride
Carol Juzulenas ’67 Klein
Sharon Kline
Rosalie Thomas ’77 Koesel
Angela Fratini ’86 Kohnen
Chuck Kohnen ’85
Jen Schulz ’01 Korynski
Andrea Koverman ’82
Janet Kowal
Julie Krautmann
Jeanne Kronauge ’81
Joe Krumm and Christina Martich
Konrad and Patricia Kuczak
Michelle Kugel ’95
Michael and Dianne Kugel
Melanie Lai ’99
Greg Lammers ’03
Katie Lane ’10
Brad and Beth Lantz
Jim and Stephanie Larkin
Eric Laumann ’03
Richard Leibold
Lisa Specht ’83 Lilligren
Casey Lindley ’10
Carrie Boergert ’95 Link
Mark and Rita Hoffman
Dennis Hogan ’66
Larry and Patricia Holden
Bob Horning ’71
Sister Sandy Howe, SC ’80
Marianne Hinde ’03 Hudelson
Ronald Janning ’76
David ’76 and Barb Jenkins
Anne Kuntz ’81 Jensen
Larry and Wendy Krueger ’70 Jones
Nickie Poelking ’90 Kaplan
Jim and Kathy Whalen ’66 Kavanaugh
Ashley Kavanaugh ’03
John Kavanaugh ’03
Jeff Keller ’95
Carl and Phyllis Keller
Jennifer Rudzinski ’97 Kennedy
Francine Morgan ’75 Kester
Jeff Luckew ’88
Tony and Elizabeth Roddy ’85 Lush
Pat ’75 and Pam Datz ’76 Madden
Marilyn Bell ’74 Mahrt
Vernon and Therese Mangold
Thurman and Esther Mattingly
Jamie Maxwell-Brenner ’07
Gene and Marlene Mayleben
William and Stacie Clark ’85 McCullough
Michael McKinley ’74
Betsy McKinley
Scott McLaughlin ’89
Suzanne McMahon
Jeff McRaven ’88
Carrie O’Connell ’79 Meyer
Terri Miller ’79 Bergnach
Audrey Miller
Julie Moon ‘73
Contributors by GIFT LEVEL
Annual Fund 2 011
Christine Morgan ‘73
William and Kathleen Moroney
John Morris ’87
Kathy Morris
Ron and Maureen Moser
Barbara Neroni ’80 Murphy
Julie Schaefer ’80 Myers
Dan ’89 and Cathy Bailey ’89 Nagy
Michael and Angela Nedeff
Kathie Kuflewski ’69 Neff
Howard Neff ’66
Jessica Neville ’11
Mark and Kim Neville
Nicole Gantt ’96 Nuesse
Julie Miller ’80 Nunery
Tom and Jacquie Walsh ’79 O’Brien
Betty O’Connell
John and Jean O’Connell
Brian and Mary Ontko
Walter and Elizabeth Moore ’96 Osborne
Michael Oscar ’67
John and Marty Osterday
Doug Osterfeld ’70
Wendell and Theresa Ott
Kathryn Enouen ’79 Owsiany
Todd ’73 and Roselyn Rathweg ’73 Penrod
Dennis ’91 and Michelle Maladen-Percy
Jamie Peters ’02
David and Carolyn Placke
John Pohle ’68
Mark and Mary Price
Evan Price ’10
Salvatore Provenza ’95
Michael and Julie Rado
John Raponi ’68
Dolores Rau
Michael Rawers ’94
Jerry and Deborah Reinstatler
Paul and Donna Reiss
Philip Riazzi ’10
Stephen Rodenbeck ’71
Tom Roesch ’82 and Patty Blessing
Theresa Bacca ’83 Roggenkamp
Margaret Whelan ’71 Rose
Anne Rush
John and Sara Leyes ’78 Russell
Carol Ward ’82 Salmon
Marian Woeste ’73 Saluke
Eileen Ayers ’72 Sarb
Kristin Satzger ’02
Karen Schaffer ’76
Caroline Schnader
Gindy Armstrong ’69 Schneller
Jim ’88 and Michelle Schoen
Francis and Janet Seiler
John and Elizabeth Seitz
Andrew Severyn ’02
Martha Nazor ’71 Shapiro
Patrick Shea ’96
Mark and Mary Ruth Spisak ’73 Shearer
Constance Hermann ’84 Shelton
John and Dee Shondel
Brian Sigritz ’96
Bob ’68 and Lois Simpson
Kevin Smith ’91
Tom and Marilou Smith
Rev. Mark Soehner, O.F.M. ’76
Julie Leyes ’85 Sparks
Allen and Ellen Specht
Larry Spitzmiller ’68
Herbert Stachler
Kathleen Brockman ’81 Stechschulte
Steve Stetz ’72
Wes Stichweh ’01
Mark and Patty Bartol ’80 Stipich
David Strobhar ’76
Julia Sunkes ’83
John and Shellie Sweeterman
Peter Tamborski ’71
Jordan Templin ’10
Mary Lynn ’78 Thalheimer
Dan ’80 and Trayce Thalheimer
Bob Thaman ’68
Joe Thuney ’11
Jim and Sylvia Tillar
Dick Tillotson ’69
Tony Topp ’75
Dick and Marcey Topp
Meredith Tytko ’98 Tracy
Lexi Troha ’02
Nicole Tromp ’10
Denny VanArsdale ’77
Wes Van Autreve ’96
Charles J. Vanage ’81
Mark Vangsness ’11
Ferdinand and Minako Vanke
Marisa Greco ’82 Varney
Vlad ’98 and Nina DiGuardi ’00 Vasiliu
Thomas Voelkl ’67
Cathleen Colaricci ’84 VonCanon
Jerry and Kay Vorholt
Marianne Eisenhauer ’71 Wall
Scott Walther ’79
Tom Walther ’76
Lisa Blair ’88 Weaver
Ryan Webb ’10
Nancy Panfile ’66 Weisner
Dick and Donna Wemple
Kelly Westerkamp ’11
Amy Wetterau ’04
John Wetzel ’81
Mrs. Gertrude Whelan
Carol Wildenhaus
Doug Wimsatt ’97
Joe ’89 and Amy Wittmann
John Wittmann ’81
Rev. Chris Wittmann, S.M. ’79
John Woeste ’79
Ron Woeste ’72
Patrick Wood
Tom and Marilyn Yencha
Phyllis Yingling
Anita Janning ’81 Yoder
Edna Zemanova
Adam and Mariada Zengel
William and Patricia Zilli
Maureen Zimmer ’02
Phillip Zuelke ’77
If you notice an error in our list of those who gave to the Annual
Fund from July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2011, please accept our
apologies and contact the Director of Development at (937)
Revenue History
Knight’s Council
KC Totals
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Gen. Contributors
Annual Fund (Unrestricted) $283,891
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Annual Fund (Unrestricted) $262,061
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Annual Fund Range of Gifts by Contributors
Annual Fund (Unrestricted) $266,439
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Annual Fund (Unrestricted) $342,005
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18,878 169,828
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Annual Fund Totals 149,223
18,516 89,140 27,012 283,891
Contributors by CLASS YEAR
Annual Fund 2 011
Michel Batty
John Borchers
James Carmichael
Rick Davis
Charles and Toni Smith DiPasquale
Kathy Feldman
Patricia Gillespie
Robert Gutmann
Mary Lynne Simmons Henehan
Paul and Barbara Blaho Hickey
Dennis Hogan
Kathy Whalen Kavanaugh
Howard Neff
Mary Sims Nemeth
David Popovich
John Reichard
Jim Stangle
Joyce Thieman
Nancy Panfile Weisner
Paul and Maggie Traynor Zimmer
Sheilah Armstrong Apple
Gregory Barbato
Thomas Barkmeyer
Kenneth Blandford
Paul Calkins
Jeannine Michel Doak
Rick Fersch
Michael Foley
Margaret Meintel Gagner
William Gmaz
Mickie Gummer
Kathy McManus Gustavson
Nancy Scheper Gutmann
Mark Haufe
Carol Juzulenas Klein
Robert Krause
Lois Pleiman Macfarlane
David Martz
Deborah Zell Mathews
Michael Oscar
Thomas Voelkl
Cynthia Vyszenski
James Wayman
Tom Wehrman
Linda Poelking Weprin
Robert Whelan
Mary Whitaker Bourgraf
Susan Scianamblo Boutz
Marcia Woolley Brand
Jacqueline Perkins Brumfield
Willie Bruns
Michael Foreman
Margaret Dintaman Gantt
Kris Ritzert Garling
Philip Glotzbach
Darryl Grosjean
Steven Hall
Susan Fortener Kessel
John Pohle
John Raponi
Dan and Sue Kussman Reichert
Bob Simpson
Larry Spitzmiller
Bob Thaman
Mary Brechak Becht
Theresa Hering Bevis
Martin Braley
Linda Kirby Brown
William Carney
Lynne Cusick
Tim Eckley
Dave Eilers
Katherine Kohnen Farrey
Joseph and Kathryn Minch Keyes
Mark Klug
Greg Merrill
Kathie Kuflewski Neff
Douglas Perkins
Michael Roth
Gindy Armstrong Schneller
Dan Schweickart
Dick Tillotson
Diane Althaus Benedetto
Daniel Berger
Kathleen Ryan Bledsoe
Michael Cannarozzi
Mary Jo Feldman Fender
Pam Hemmelgarn Grilliot
Cynthia Ditzel Hassan
Timothy Homan
Wendy Krueger Jones
Doug Osterfeld
Larry Ritzert
Doug and Peg Hogan Althaus
Don Barker
Nancy Esselstein Battista
Paul Beyerle
Dave Burkardt
Tom Chappelear
Elizabeth Ritterhoff Cotter
Dick Fenelon
Michael George
Bob Horning
Tom Hundt
Mike Mariscalco
Don McKenny
Bill McKinley
Jane Reichard McNamee
John McVay
Douglas Meyer
Suzanne Schaefer Montgomery
Greg Perkins
Nancy Prater
Alice Adams Rickard
Stephen Rodenbeck
Margaret Whelan Rose
Maria DiSalvo Schweickart
Martha Nazor Shapiro
Robert and Stephanie Waltz Stark
Peter Tamborski
Marianne Eisenhauer Wall
Father Chris Armstrong
Sue Topp Barnes
Judy Henehan Doll
Melodie Holt Eads
James Hochwalt
Jim McVay
Joe Minham
Nancy Finke Rambasek
Eileen Ayers Sarb
Steve Stetz
Herbert Walter
Rusty Warnick
Ron Woeste
David Yingling
Sheila Houser Adams
James Bartol
Total Co hest
Karen Boyle
lass Parti tion and
Julie Nickel Brill
Kevin Britt
Marlene Burr Orendorf
Chris Danis
Patricia Miller Diehl
Marge O’Brien Etson
Julie Feldman
Tom Frericks
Chris Brun Hartzell
Reed Hauser and Thecla Schneble Hauser
Jim Heintz
Heidi Osweiler Helm
Peg Moorman Hoenigman
Arthur J. Kepes
James Kroger
Greg Laravie
Mark Gates
Susan Gibbons
Charles Hilgeman
Elizabeth Lair Hoffman
Peggy Chico Keelan
Elena Krumholtz
Marilyn Bell Mahrt
Michael McKinley
Tim McVay
Alicia Anderson Risko
Cathy Beyerle Southam
Douglas Tobe
Cynthia Klosterman Varvel
Paul Wilkens
Dan Armstrong
Suzanne Leyes Butler
Bill Chifala
Matthew Desch
Bill Dirkes
Michael Duffin
Jim Finke
Mary Ellen DeLuna Jakubisin
Ronald Janning
Dave Jenkins
Robert Kronauge
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Kristine Kunesh Part
Mary O’Brien Pearlman
Tim and Jeanne Koop Reisinger
Karen Schaffer
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Tom Walther
Barbara Woeste
Michelle Mariscalco
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Shirley Henry Minham
Mark Mitter
Julie Moon
Christine Morgan
Mark and Diane Carroll Neff
Tim O’Connell
Todd and Roselyn Rathweg Penrod
Mary Ann Corcoran Portnoy
Marian Woeste Saluke
Mary Ruth Spisak Shearer
Mike Thuney
Harold Varvel
Barb Crotty Warnick
Michael Witt
Michael Zimmerman
Mark Zummo
Christopher Barnet
Jim Brown
Robin Roehrenbeck Brun
Kevin and Karen Deddens Crotty
Beth Czapor
Brian Esselstein
Frank Frounfelker
Mary Ann Sprauer Abrams
Peggy Kussman Braner
Carol Ponziani DeGrazier
Carol Gephart Dworkin
Dan Gargrave
Patrick Graham
Stephen Jeffords
Francine Morgan Kester
William Kuflewski
Tina Ruef Lammers
Pat Madden
Steve Missall
Jim Paxson
Thomas Pernik
John Prater
Jim Ritterhoff
Jennifer Romer Scherrbaum
Doug Striebel
Tony Topp
Mike Wildenhaus
Elizabeth DeFrancis Allen
Annette Chavez
Nancy Krautmann Chifala
Connie Ryan Dall
Eric Eichner
Lynn Kehl Fenton
Jeanel West Gliebe
Diane Butler Hughes
Rosalie Thomas Koesel
Patricia Navin Lachey
Thomas Landgren
Kim Karpiak Lindley
Steve Martino
Greg Schoettmer
Mary Sue Finke Siegrist
Laura VanLeeuwen Snyder
Jeff Solarek
Paul Thesing
Denny VanArsdale
Mary Alig Williams
Phillip Zuelke
Kathy Miller Alpeter
Tom Bartol
Tom Becker
Marylee Bissmeyer Bible
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Janel Kussman Ciolli
Paul Crnkovich
Kevin Eichner
Tim and Peggy Reilly Gates
Jeff Harris
Ted Hecht
John Hinders
Stephen Joseph
Jean Kelly
Joe and Kathy Klug Kessler
Debra Carr Lovett
Mike McGraw
Tom and Carol Hoying Nikolai
Matt and Denise Abele O’Connell
Sara Leyes Russell
Mary Lynn Thalheimer
Leslie Osterfeld Weber
Craig Curk
Lori Dorn
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Victoria Latzy Edge
Robert Esselstein
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Julie Miller Nunery
Greg Stein
Patty Bartol Stipich
Dan Thalheimer
Angela Stein Bidwell
Elizabeth Marsh Blankenship
Ellen Bornhorst Boerger
Peter Bovenzi
Cathy Cartwright Burns
Kelly Sheridan Derickson
David Domansky
Greg Engler
Kathleen Saxton Ferrante
Michael Finke
Michael Gross
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Sean and Sue Eisenhauer Heron
Anne Kuntz Jensen
Jeanne Kronauge
Stacie Clark McCullough
John Miller
Mark Nagy
Lynn Miller O’Brien
Thomas Shanley
Kathleen Brockman Stechschulte
Patty Whelan Stueve
Charles Vanage
John Wetzel
John Wittmann
Anita Janning Yoder
Clinton Arnold
Daniel Bolek
Mike Dorn
Erin Connair Fanning
Lynn Stueve Ginaven
Suzanne Alejandrino Homan
Rick Koehler
Andrew Koverman
Tony Lair
Mark Lane
Suzanne Leiker
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grateful when families
or remembering a loved
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We remain humbly
think of Alter in honoring
one. Thank you, and may
God bless you and yours.
Sister Kathryn Ann Connelly, S.C.
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The Daniel M. Romer Fund
The Glennon Family Charitable Trust
The Louise Kramer Foundation
The Monsignor Robert Amann Foundation
David and Mary Helen Thuente
eginning in May of this year
years, Sharkey says his very best friends
Ryan Sharkey ’91 began a new
are those he met at Alter High School.
position with the USA Net-
“I have friends in Denver, Charlotte,
work as Senior Vice President, program
Providence, Boston, Chicago and Cin-
acquisitions and administration, for
cinnati. We were all friends in high
USA Network, Sleuth and Universal
school and we still keep in touch.”
HD. According to Jane Blaney, Execu-
Sharkey adds, “I think it’s the Catho-
tive VP and Ryan’s new boss, “Ryan’s
lic value system and Midwest tradition
professionalism and keen ability to
that stays with you. You learn strong
identify new properties that further
values at an early age (starting at St.
strengthen the network’s brand have
Charles) and continue developing them
made him an invaluable member of
at Alter. You surround yourself with
our team. He’s greatly contributed
people that share the same values.”
to our success and this promotion is
Majoring in finance, Sharkey gradu-
“My freshman year at Notre Dame
was easier than Alter.” Sharkey said.
“I was completely prepared for any of
ated from Notre Dame in 1995 and
the top 20 colleges. After graduating
began work at Provident Bank in Cin-
from Alter, you feel comfortable that
cinnati. After three years, he went to
you have the foundation to do what-
GE Capital in Mason where he worked
ever, or achieve whatever you want to
on the Macy’s credit card account.
Sharkey spent sixteen months on GE
Working in NYC does have its
Corporate Audit Staff where he said,
brushes with greatness, as Ryan com-
“I gained 15 pounds, worked incred-
mented that he often rides in the
ibly long hours, and spent too much
elevator with many of the cast of Sat-
time in hotels … mostly in Cleveland,
urday Night Live, as his office is two
Kansas City and Cincinnati.” Follow-
floors above the SNL studio. He said
ing the Audit Staff assignment, Sharkey
that they are all very friendly, espe-
was able to pick where he wanted to
cially Keenan Thompson. On the
work. He picked NBC in New York
upper west side of Manhattan, where
City, where he worked in program
Sharkey lived until a few months ago,
financing for the USA Network.
he would run into the likes of John
According to a USA Network press
McEnroe, Bradley Cooper and Michael
release, Sharkey has been instrumental
J. Fox. Recently he sat on the subway
in USA’s aggressive buying of theatrical
next to Cynthia Nixon, who he said,
network windows of blockbuster films
“She is prettier in person, but seemed a
like “Fast & Furious,” “Indiana Jones”
bit stressed as she pulled a big bowl of
& “National Treasure: Book of Secrets,”
rice out of her purse and started eating.
among others. He also participated in
When she got up to leave the train, she
negotiations for ground-breaking deals
dropped a $1. I wasn’t sure what to do,
for the off-network series “NCIS: Los
but I stopped her and gave it to her.”
Angeles,” “CSI” and “Modern Family.”
Even with his travels and the fact
that he has met many people over the
Ryan Sharkey is correct, the Catholic value system and Midwest traditions
stay with you!
FA L L 2 0 1 1
2011 Hall of Fame Class Inducted
On September 29, eight of Alter’s finest were honored at a
ceremony with hundreds in attendance. The honorees, selected
based on their distinguished or athletic successes, all attribute
the foundation received at Alter for their success. Both induction
committees strive to recognize a diverse group of individuals each
year, particularly with the athletic side of the Hall of Fame, where
balance between the different sports and gender equity is a focus.
Congratulations to each of them!
Distinguished Inductees
Larry Connor ’68 started the Connor Group in 1991 which now
Athletic Inductees
Mike Fisher ’66, Alter’s first varsity quarterback, earned eleven
varsity letters while at Alter, particularly excelling in football and
basketball. He was named first team All-Greater Dayton, AllJournal Herald, and All-State in football and All-Greater Dayton
by the Journal Herald in basketball. Mike accepted a full scholarship from Xavier University for football and now practices law and
resides in Texas.
Janet Albers ’79 was a standout player in both basketball
and softball for the Knights, earning four varsity letters for each
includes some 16,000 apartment units across the country and
sport. During her junior and senior seasons of basketball she
over 1.4 billion in assets. As a result of this growth, Larry began
was the named to the All Greater Dayton League Team, Journal
The Connor Group Foundation, which benefits children where the
Herald Metro All Star Team, and was co-captain of her varsity
company operates. In 2010, Larry flew more than 900 pounds of
Alter squad. In softball, Janet was named to the All Greater
donated medical supplies to earthquake-ravaged Haiti. The proj-
Dayton League team for both seasons, as well. Janet accepted a
ect helped more than 2,000 children.
full scholarship to play basketball at Sinclair Community College
Dr. Dan Berger ’70, was Family Physician Of the Year in 2010
for the Miami Valley Academy of Family Physicians, Daily Advocate Physician Of the Year for Darke County in 2007, 2008, 2010,
where she was awarded the Most Valuable Player Award for the
1979-80 season.
Paul Howe ’84 amassed ten varsity letters for football, wres-
& 2011, and Wayne Health Care’s Employees Doctor of the Year in
tling, track, and baseball. He was captain of the football team his
2010. In 1980, Dan lost his wife, Ellen Wiedemann ’74 and their
senior season and the starting QB on the first Alter team to qualify
young son in an automobile accident and was later diagnosed
for the state playoffs. He played in the North/South All Star game
with a malignant tumor at age 34. But, through all the medical
in ’84 and received the Gerald Bart Award for the most outstand-
and personal challenges, Dan’s faith in God has never waivered.
ing male athlete his senior year. Upon graduation, he played for
Rob Suttman ’78 is currently the President and a Principal
the University of Dayton, earning three varsity letters and was a
with EBS Asset Management which he helped found in 1993.
member of the ’87 squad that played in the Division III National
Active in many civic causes, Rob served on the Board of Trustees
Championship game (Amos Alonzo Stagg Bowl). In addition, he
at Alter High School from 2005-2009, as well as the boards of
was the recipient of the Rev. L. Collins, S.M. Award of Excellence
Wright State University, Young Life, and the United States Air
for Outstanding Citizenship in the University Community in ’88.
Force Museum. He has also been involved in numerous endeavors
Gino DiGuardi ’95 was a four-year varsity starter and compiled
that have helped thousands of people, including the Lusubilo
84 career goals for Alter in soccer. He was named an All American
Orphan Care Project in Malawi and Young Life, a national youth
in ’93 and ’94, Ohio Player of the Year in ’94, First Team All-State in
ministry for high school students.
’93 and ’94, GCL Player of the Year in ’93 and ’94, and Miami Valley
John White ’78 was elected to the Ohio House of Repre-
Player of the Year in ’93 and ’94. He was a four-year starter at Indi-
sentatives in 2000. During his tenure, he served as Chairman
ana University participating in back-to-back Final Fours in ’97 and
of Committees for: Health, Criminal Justice, and Correctional
’98 and was captain of the ’98 squad that won the NCAA National
Institution Inspection. In 2003, John authored legislation to
Championship. He was a two-time All-Big Ten selection and was
establish and was the founding chair of the Governor’s Office of
named to the Academic All-Big Ten team three times. After col-
Faith-Based and Community Initiatives. He also served as Chair-
lege, Gino played professional soccer in the A-League for five years
man of the Ohio Children’s Trust Fund and was a member of the
and with the Chicago Fire of Major League Soccer.
Ohio Fatherhood Commission. Since leaving the House, John
partnered with Think Tank Inc. to co-found the Dayton Circles
Campaign, which aims to lift families out of poverty through
intentional relationships.
t h e R O U N D TA B L E
In Memoriam
We offer families of the deceased our deepest sympathy and prayers. We appreciate those of you who write to
inform us of deaths within the Alter family. You may provide information by calling the Advancement Office at
(937) 434-2059 or emailing [email protected]
Don Garling ’67 (September 2010), husband of
Richard Marshall (November 2010), father of
Kris Ritzert ’68 Garling; brother of Pam Garling
Michele Marshall ’68 Brown, Linda Marshall ’69
’77 Shaw and Rick Garling ’71 (deceased)
Hoke and Bob ’77
Charles Graham ’79 (November 2010)
Mary Jane Meineke (September 2011), mother
Gertrude Henry (July 2011), mother of Shirley
of Don ’78, Greg ’79 and Jeff ’82
Henry ’73 Minham; grandmother of Joe ’05 and
Lillian Michel (June 2011), mother of Michelle
Amy ’11
Michel ’66 Petry, Jeannine Michel ’67 Doak,
Carl Hillman ( May 2011), father of Mary Lynne
Hillman ’80 Green, Christine Hillman ’83 Rose
and Carl ’85
Madonna Homan (June 2011), mother of
Dennis ’86, John ’88, Angie ’91 and Matt ’95
Nanette Michel ’69 Pack; grandmother of
Nicole Pack ’92 Veletean
Jerry Mignery (September 2011), father of
Daniel ’05 and Jennifer ’08
Christopher Miller ’79 (February 2011), brother
of Julie Miller ’80 Nunery
Rachel Alejandrino ’79 Bon (July 2011), sister
Jane Hoyne ’66 Hosty (September 2011),
of Becky Alejandrino ’80, Suzanne Alejandrino
mother of Katie ’94 and Larry ’98; sister of
Don Moran (February 2011), father of Patsy
’82 Homan and Sarah Alejandrino ’89 Mouse
Maureen Hoyne ’74 Patton
Moran ’67 Allen, Nancy Moran ’69 Barry, Jack ’70,
Dale Bowman (August 2011) – Alter Girls’
Rob Huesman (February 2011), father of Tony
Tennis Coach
’75 (deceased) and Linda Huesman ’79 Lamb
Helen Chalecki (March 2011) and
Vincent Chalecki (June 2011), parents of Vincent
Tony Kaskocsak (May 2011), father of Kim
Chalecki ’73
Kaskocsak ’86 Santoro
Joan DiPasquale (March 2011), mother of
Patricia Kramer (August 2011), mother of
Charlie ’66, Patricia DiPasquale ’67 Krul, Diane
Michelle Kramer ’91 Higginson, Carolyn ’93 and
DiPasquale ’69 Nutini, Tina DiPasquale ’75 Stodd;
Steven ’97
grandmother of Julie Krul ’96, Matt Krul ’98 and
Christina Krul ’03
Duane Earley (March 2011), father of Katherine
Earley ’77 Holley and Kara Earley ’82
Jim Ehler (March 2011), father of Mike ’88
Roland Eichner (April 2011), father of Kathleen
’70, Jennifer Eichner ’72 Jacques, Eric ’77, Kevin
’78, Maureen ’81, Mike ’83, Mark ’85; grandfather
of William ’13 and David ’14
Bill Ferneding ’69 (April 2011), brother of
Nancy Ferneding ’67 Campbell, Kay Ferneding
’72 Tenenbaum, Joan Ferneding ’74 Smith, John
’76, Dan ’80, Anita Ferneding ’82 Mangin; uncle
of Maria ’13, Jackie ’15
Rick Garling ’71 (January 2010), brother of Don
Garling ’67 (deceased) and Pam Garling ’77 Shaw
Martha Kussman (August 2011), mother of Joy
Shary Moran ’73 Price, Bonny Moran ’75 Carroll,
Lesley Moran ’77 Monte; grandfather of Steven
Price ’02, Elizabeth Price ’07 and Brian Price ’11
Norm Nijak (May 2011), father of Greg ’82, Jeff
’85 and Tim ’86
Aaron Palmatary (April 2010), father of Donna
Dave Pfeiffer (August 2011), father of Lauren
Pfeiffer ’77 Childs, Julie ’80 and Tim ’83
Kussman ’66 Cairoli, John ’72, Jim ’75, Jerome
Mary Louise Reisinger-Schwinn (March 2011),
’76 and Janel Kussman ’78 Ciolli
mother of Mike ’66, Tom ’68, Terri Reisinger
Phyllis Kussman (February 2011), mother of
Sue Kussman ’68 Reichert, Mary Kay ’71 Spirito,
Patti Kussman ’72 Kolbe (deceased), Peggy
Kussman ’75 Braner; grandmother of Sarah
’69 Fusco, Patricia Reisinger ’71 Hale, Marylee
Reisinger ’75 Dunphy, Tim ’76, Susan Reisinger
’79 Goedde; grandmother of Paul Dunphy ’07
and Maria Dunphy ’13
Reichert ’96, Kate Reichert ’99, Danny Braner ’03,
John Sauer (June 2011), father of Jackie Sauer
Paul Reichert ’03, Elizabeth Kolbe ’04, Emma
’80 Domin, Jerry Sauer ’83 Chaney, Jenni Sauer
Reichert ’05, Chelsea Morgan ’05, Joe Braner ’06,
’85 Crotty; grandfather of Sara Crotty ’14
Paul Kolbe ’07 and Jay Morgan ’07
Tim Lane ’97 (August 2011), brother of Mike ’00
and Diane ‘00
Jewelann Lemons (February 2011), mother of
Rick ’75 and Joyce Lemons ’76 Burgett
Jenny Mannarino (July 2011), sister of Frank ’80
Sarah Wallace ’06 (February 2011), sister of
Andrew ’09
Sam Yacovazzi, Jr. (June 2011), brother of Judi
Yacovazzi ’73 McDonough
Richard Zajovits (September 2010),
grandfather of Brad Behymer ’97
FA L L 2 0 1 1
New Little
Laura Portune ’94 Cordell and husband
Ben welcomed their first child, Maia (pictured
below) on April 7, 2011 .
materials for intervention students. She and
her husband have three sons, Blair (10), Bradley
(8) and Brendon (4) who all play lacrosse. She
volunteers with DOMA house to assist vulnerable women and orphans. . .Dan Kronauge ’88
Dr. M. Michele Mariscalco ’73 was recently
was inducted into the Cincinnati Tennis Hall
awarded the 2011 Distinguished Alumnus Award
of Fame in August. Dan was an All-American
by the University of Dayton. She is pictured
at Ball State and then went on to win the
above with her brother Mike Mariscalco ’71
Cincinnati Metropolitan Championships seven
(second from right) and his son Michael
consecutive years from ’98-’04…Monica Vriend
Mariscalco ’99 (far right). . .Catherine Novelli
’89 Heinemann lives in Gilbert, Arizona with
’75 is currently Vice President for Worldwide
her husband, Fred, and their 3 children; James
Government Affairs at Apple Inc. She and her
(8), Cole (6) and Brooklyn (3). Monida works
husband, David Apol, have two children, Katie
part-time at May Clinic as an Occupational
(17) and Daniel (15). They live in the Wash-
Therapist. She and her husband ran the Boston
ington, D.C. area and enjoy hiking, tennis and
Marathon together this past April.
traveling. . .Debra Carr ’78 Lovett is an Inspirational Christian Women’s Speaker and author
of a devotional book called Gushing Springs.
Knights In
Jennifer McKay ’97 married Brad Behymer ’97
on February 21, 2011. . .Maureen Zimmer ’02
married Doug Guciec on August 20, 2011.
She has been married for 23 years to Tim and
they have one son and one daughter. Her life
has been a rollercoaster ride of tragic losses
and extreme blessings and she thanks God for
the faith to trust Jesus Christ as her Lord and
Savior. To learn more visit her website, www. . . . Victoria Latzy ’79 Edge
and her husband, Devone, have their first grandchild, Cayden Riley Durham, born October 23,
Steven Hall ’68 asks for your continued prayers
for his wife, Carole, who has been battling ovarian cancer for 6 ½ years. He and his wife spend
their winters in their home in Ft. Myers, Florida.
They have three grandchildren who are the thrill
of their lives.
Bill Uhl ’85 and his wife, Kelly, have been
happily married for 12 years and have four children, Billy, Brady, Charlie and Joe (all future
Alter High School graduates). . .Lisa Blair
’88 Weaver works at McGraw-Hill as a Project
Manager. She helps publish educational
t h e R O U N D TA B L E
Megan Newill ’99 DeHart lives in Greensboro,
North Carolina with her husband and dog Louis.
She works as a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner. She received her Master’s Degree
from University of Cincinnati and her Bachelor’s
Degree from Ohio State. . .Michael Carter ’98
(pictured below), son of Karen Carter of
Oakwood and William K. Carter, Jr. of Washington Township, graduated from Findlay
University in May with his Doctor of Pharmacy
after earning his B.S. in Pharmaceutical
Sciences from Ohio State. While at Findlay, he
received a certificate of studies in Gerontology
and in his fourth year of studies, was selected
to receive the Pharmacists Mutual Scholar-
Father Manning presented Archbishop
ship. Michael has been employed by Drug Mart
Dennis Schnurr a copy of the Roundtable
throughout most of his college career and has
during a reception following a recent visit to
been offered a fulltime position of practicing
Alter when he celebrated Mass with the student
pharmacist upon graduation and State Board
body, faculty and staff.
licensure. He will be residing and working near
Dublin, Ohio.
Kristen Moore ’01 graduated in May with
a Master’s of Science in Nursing at Fairfield
University in Connecticut. She now lives in
Austin, Texas with her sister Erin Moore ’06.
Kristen works as a Nurse Anesthetist at Capitol
Anesthesiology Association. . .Nick Douville ’01
defended his dissertation in July at the University of Michigan and resumed his medical
training with 18 months of clinical rotations
left before becoming a resident. . .Joseph Reinstatler ’07 was commissioned as a Second
Lieutenant in the United States Army on May
13. He also graduated from Xavier University
on May 14. Joey will be attending Quartermaster
Office Basic Course beginning in July at Ft. Lee
Virginia. Upon completion of this course, he
helping his Wolverine swimming team win
spent time this past year studying abroad
another Big Ten championship he received the
in China. She is currently attending Loyola
Honorable Mention Scholar All America award.
(Chicago) University. Ben Tillar ’10 (pictured
Chris graduated in May with a degree in chem-
below) is swimming for Johns Hopkins Univer-
ical engineering and is now attending Johns
sity and is majoring in Global Environmental
Hopkins for his doctoral studies in biomedical
Change and Sustainability.
engineering. . . Alex Tillar ’08 (pictured left)
will report to his reserve unit in Ft. Thomas,
Kentucky, where he will serve as a platoon
leader with the forward support company of
the 478th Engineer Battalion. . .Laurel Yohe ’07
graduated with honors from Loyola University
(Chicago) with a double major in biology and
bioformatics and was awarded a Fulbright
Scholarship for her proposal, “Using Past and
Present Species Distributions to Prioritize
Conservation Efforts.” As part of her research,
she left for Vietnam in August where she will
be for nine months. . . Chris Douville ’07 after
FA L L 2 0 1 1
Non Profit Org.
U.S. Postage
Permit No. 302
Dayton, OH
Alter Advancement Office
940 East David Road
Kettering, Ohio 45429
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and Twitter!
Keep up with the latest Alter news through our social media outlets. Become a “fan”
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watch the Knights football game against Roger Bacon on Thursday, October 20 which
will be televised live in Ohio on Fox Sports Ohio cable channels and even streamed live
on their website. For a complete schedule go to the athletics pages of and click on “Knights on the Air.”
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