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2012 Hillel Newsletter
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Hillel Welcomes New Executive Director, Tilly Shames
By Lauren Kobrick & Jordan Korn
s I’m sure most of you know, Hillel has welcomed
a new Executive Director this year. Although Hillel’s
beloved previous Executive Director, Michael Brooks,
left some big shoes to fill, Tilly’s response has been “I’m ready
to bring my heels to this party!” As excited as she is to be
starting out in her new role, our Hillel is even more excited and
proud to have Tilly Shames leading the way into the future.
This new role allows me to see
all we have done, but also to see
our greater potential...
Tilly was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, bringing her
Canadian accent (ask her to say “process”) and a love for
Tim Horton’s coffee, which she says is her “favourite” (pronounced with a ‘U’) to Michigan. She studied at York University in Toronto and received her undergraduate B.A. in
Environmental Studies and Political Science. She earned a
master’s degree in International Affairs from the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs at Carleton University in
Ottawa, Canada. After college, she studied water issues at
Ben Gurion University in Israel and then worked for the United National Environment Programme in Nairobi, Kenya. You
might think that Tilly’s academic interests would make her an
unlikely candidate for a Jewish professional career. However,
her experiences during her undergraduate career and after
set her on a different path from global environmental politics.
As a student, Tilly had no interest in getting involved in Hillel.
One night during her third year of college, one of her friends
invited her to a Tu B’Shvat seder (an environmental Jewish
holiday). As an environmental student who had just returned
from a leadership mission to Israel, she couldn’t think of an
excuse not to go. At the event, she was greeted so warmly by the Hillel professional, Pearl Gropper, that it had an
impact on her and opened her eyes to the positive effect a
2 • University of Michigan Hillel
on external relations. This allowed her to focus on building
relationships and developing new partnerships on campus
through initiatives like Holocaust and Genocide Awareness
Tilly and Meirav Cafri (‘14) taking advantage of Tilly’s whiteboard
wall to brainstorm events for the upcoming school year.
After five years of working with Hillel in Toronto, Tilly came to
the University of Michigan Hillel in 2008 as the Berman Fellow. “I really wanted to focus on bringing a sense of vision
and mission to our goals and to our programming,” says
Tilly. After a year as Berman Fellow, she became Associate Director and continued to work with the students and
program staff at U-M Hillel to set and implement strategic
goals. Students now post these goals on Hillel’s walls as
well as on the website each year. The goals are included in
Hillel’s allocation process and have become what drives the
students’ programming forward.
Hillel professional could have on students by being engaging and welcoming. She developed a friendship with Pearl,
and ended up creating Jewish environmental programming
for herself and her other unengaged Jewish friends who
were in environmental studies. Tilly was able to intertwine
her passion for environmental studies with her new interest
in Israel and Jewish environmental ethics. It also helped the
Hillel move beyond the traditional students it was reaching
to students with other interests on campus.
While she did a fantastic job as Associate Director, Tilly says
she is “thrilled to be seeing the organization through new eyes
After graduation, while working at the United Nations, Tilly as the Executive Director.” She says, “I’ve inherited a Hillel
witnessed a lot of anti-Israel sentiment, even in the Environ- with great bones, a great foundation, and long-standing repument Programme. She said, “Even though I probably went tation. This new role allows me to see all we have done, but
to synagogue more regularly in Nairobi than I ever had in my also to see our greater potential and set our vision for the
life, I just didn’t feel I could comfortably be myself as a Jew future.” Tilly plans to do a lot more than simply maintain the
and Zionist in the UN in Nairobi.” She returned to Toronto and reputation that was left for Hillel. She thinks it is extremely
soon was asked to join the Hillel of Greater Toronto team to important that the staff and students of Hillel are constantsupport Jewish students facing a challenging Israel climate ly evaluating who they are now and how they can strive to
on campus. After several years of working with a team to de- make the Hillel even better. She emphasizes the innovation
velop Hillel’s positive, pro-active, pluralistic approach to Is- and creativity that can be brought to the organization by berael advocacy, she became Associate Director and focused ing entrepreneurs and “incubating the next big Jewish idea.”
She is very excited about being able to use the goals, visions, and
mission of the entire organization as the compass that drives Hillel
Already we have seen her leadership help shape new initiatives. First is the Jewish Detroit Initiative, one of Hillel’s new
Alternative Spring Breaks (ASB) for 2012. Tilly was involved in
helping the group build a relationship with Detroit long before
Spring Break. She finds this to be a very important expression
of Tikun Olam, repairing the world. It is very easy to get stuck
in the bubble of Ann Arbor, but Tilly is pushing Hillel to think
more broadly. This broader vision is also reflected in the national Meet and Greets for incoming freshmen and the national
fundraising events U-M Hillel has implemented this past year.
“We are bursting at the seams in Ann Arbor and our community
has become a national community.”
Tilly is excited for what lies ahead. “I’m really blessed to work
with such an extraordinary team that is extremely creative and
innovative and very supportive of our students and all of our organizations,” she says. She adds how lucky she feels to be part
of the University of Michigan Hillel which has such a strong sense
of community and leadership all across campus. She plans to
continue to focus on “building leadership and community driven
by Jewish values” and striving to find more ways to make our
Hillel the best it can possibly be. We look forward to seeing the
amazing plans she has for Hillel in the years to come.
Lauren Kobrick (’14) is in the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy.
She is from Roslyn, New York. Jordan Korn (’14) is in the College of
LS&A. She is from Westport, Connecticut.
From the Whiteboard of Tilly Shames
n reading the articles in this year’s newsletter, I find
myself balancing the pride and humility that I feel
every day directing our Hillel. I can’t help but feel
proud. In looking at all that we have accomplished this
year alone, from developing new groups like Outdoor
Adventure and MEDx, new engagement initiatives like
Know Your Neighbor and the Hillel App, and new leaders through our Jack and Barbara Berman Leadership
Series, I am amazed at all that we have been able to
achieve in the short academic year.
community of support—all rely on one another to
make this Hillel the success that it is.
I have been asked many times since January how
I feel taking on this administrative role in our Hillel.
The question implies that I am arms-length away
from the programming, which is mostly true and
that has been the biggest adjustment for me. But
in this new position, I get to live in a space of gratitude every day. I can stand at the front of our Hillel welcoming hundreds of students into our space
every Friday night. I can stand at the back of the
room appreciating our staff and student leaders for
a successful event, pointing out all of the positives
around the room. I can write notes of appreciation
on thank you letters to share how much your gifts
mean to our organization and our students. And
I can call parents to thank them for sharing their
student with us for a short time. Being in this role
allows me to be proud of what we do every day,
and yet recognize all of the components that make
Every year we want to stand on the rooftops and share
this Hillel the success that it is.
our stories through this newsletter and other media and
events. And yet that pride is always balanced with the
When you read these stories, you will hear stuhumility of what it takes to achieve such great heights.
dent voices explain how they became engaged,
Nothing is accomplished in a silo or by any one indiinvolved, and enriched by our Hillel. It could be an
vidual in our Hillel. We have developed something
interaction with one student that made them feel
unique in our Hillel: a true partnership. This is a Hillel
welcome, or the support and guidance of a staff
driven by student leadership, student innovation, and
person who encouraged them to try something
student passion. We hire strong professionals (several
new, or the opportunity to be in Israel the first time,
of whom you will meet in these pages) who know how
or our amazing gourmet chef’s cooking. One thing
to develop leadership among others and build them up
I know for certain is that all of it is a result of the
for success so that they can cheer from the sidelines
triad of partnership we have created among our
rather than take in the spotlight. And we have a donor
students, staff and community of support, and all I
community of parents, alumni, trustees, and supportive
can say is thank you.
friends, who share in our pride and support our efforts,
whether they live down the street or thousands of miles
away. Each one of us—students, professionals, and our
We have developed something
unique in our Hillel: a true
partnership. This is a Hillel driven
by student leadership, student
innovation, and student passion.
www.umhillel.org • 3
a Retrospective
By Victoria Senter
The founding editors of Consider enjoy the Purim festivities
dressed as Consider and the rare opportunity to be in a picture
with Michael Brooks. From left to right: Brian Sher (’84) (husband
of Tamara Sher (’84), a U-M Hillel Board of Trustee member, and
a partner of the law firm Bryan Cave in Chicago), Michael Brooks
(Chicken in Residence), Jeff Spinner-Halev (’84), (Kenan Eminent
Professor of Political Ethics at the University of North Carolina,
Chapel Hill), Scott Winkelman (’84) (husband of Noreen
Winkelman (’86), father of Alex Winkelman (’12) and Jay
Winkelman (’15), and partner of the law firm Crowell Moring
in Washington, D.C.).
4 • University of Michigan Hillel
n 1972, Michael Brooks came to the
University of Michigan for a degree in
Greek social history. However, a sequence of events took him beyond
merely earning the degree and launched
Michael into his lifetime passion of revitalizing Hillel. In the past 30 years,
Michael, who was until 2012 the Executive Director of Hillel, transformed
the University of Michigan Hillel from a
small organization to one of the country’s largest, most well-run and model
Michael, who studied at Brandeis and
Harvard, came to Michigan when the
organization was truly bare-boned. At
the time he arrived, there were only a
few student groups sponsored by Hillel: the Orthodox minyan, the Conference on the Holocaust, a kosher coop, and Israeli dancing along with a
few other groups. Now, over 30 years later, the University
of Michigan Hillel is not only one of the largest in the nation,
but it also boasts over 55 student groups. U-M Hillel has
made Michigan a top choice for Jewish students who are
seeking a thriving, active, and welcoming Jewish presence
on campus.
Michael’s accomplishments in the growth and development of Hillel’s programming and infrastructure pale in comparison to the impact he has had on countless students’
lives. Rabbi Elliot Cosgrove (’93), a University of Michigan
alum and devout Michael fan, describes Michael with great
admiration: “Michael is a beautiful human being, a dear
friend, and my teacher. As I’ve become a Rabbi of a large
synagogue, my admiration has only increased for Michael,
seeing the way he has built U-M Hillel.” Rabbi Cosgrove
explains: “His gift is his ability to mentor people, to take
His gift is his ability to mentor people,
to take young up-and-coming
students at critical stages of their
lives to help them grow into someone
they didn’t know they could be.
young up-and-coming students at critical stages of their
lives to help them grow into someone they didn’t know they
could be.” Rabbi Cosgrove explains that without Michael’s
mentorship, he wouldn’t be where he is today. “He saw the
diamonds in the rough.” says Rabbi Cosgrove. “He believed
in us and our potential.” Rabbi Cosgrove not only took guidance and mentorship from Michael, but also played racquetIn addition to making Hillel an organization where Jewish ball with him (one of Michael’s favorite ways to engage with
students are able to get in touch with their Judaism, Mi- students). In the early 1990s, when Rabbi Cosgrove was a
chael has also made Hillel a place where students can feel student, he remembers Michael honking his horn outside
at home, providing students with ceaseless guidance and his door, letting him know that it was time for them to play
solace through some of their toughest, most pressing years. racquetball at the CCRB. From there, the friendship began.
Michael’s ability to genuinely listen to the Jewish students’
wants and needs has enabled him to create the monumental Another student influenced by Michael is Michigan alum
Hillel that stands today.
Kevin Berman (’01), who met Michael during his freshman
year. Every other month throughout Kevin’s college career,
he and Michael would get together for breakfast. To Kevin,
First Year Students of Hillel
By Emily Lisner
Michael’s gift was “teaching and empowering students to
make a difference, to give a little bit of guidance to make
something really big.” Kevin was chair of the Governing
Board when he was a student and he continues to serve
Hillel on the Board of Trustees.
Bill Berman, for whom the gorgeous Hillel building which
opened in 1988 is named, has known Michael since 1968.
Bill describes him as “the highest profile Hillel leader in
America and the model of what a Hillel director should be.”
Furthermore, Bill explains that Michael is, “a natural. He is
always doing something to touch the lives of young people,
he has a mission to reach out to Jewish students and make
them feel better about themselves.”
Working directly with Michael at Hillel is also a joy. Diane
Redman Pfahler, the current Director of Operations, has
been working at Hillel alongside Michael for 18 years. When
discussing her fondness and admiration for Michael, she describes a scene that happened a few years ago at a Shabbat, where students stacked a bunch of garbage cans and
plates in a typical college student prank. Michael, seeing
the mess that the students had made, did not relegate the
task to one of the other members of the Hillel staff. Instead,
Michael took the duty upon himself, going on his hands
and knees to clean it up. Diane, tearing up as she tells the
anecdote, explains how this is just one of many moments
where Michael has shown what a caring, down-to-earth,
and thoughtful person he is.
Everyone who is lucky enough to have met Michael Brooks
can say they’ve been touched by his presence, warmth, and
generosity of spirit. Michael has not only transformed the
U-M Hillel into the well-run organization that it is today, but
also directly impacted thousands of students’ lives, leaving
a mark on Michigan alums all around the globe!
Victoria Senter (’13) is majoring in English.
She is from Mamaroneck, New York.
The board of FYSH welcoming everyone to U-M Hillel. From left to right: Sarah Strickberger (‘15),
Shira Barron (‘15), Jordana Suldan (‘15), Rebecca Scharf (‘15), Atara Lakritz (‘15), Emily Steinberg (‘15),
Elana Graf (‘15), Alexandra Kaplan (‘15), Adam Tannenbaum (‘15), Alex Broome (‘15). Not pictured are
Jessica Borison (‘15), Josh Belinky (‘15), Josh Bernard (‘15), Jordan Zecher (‘15), and Paul Feingold (‘15).
or many freshmen students, their first year can be
challenging as they struggle to adjust to life in
college. Often students seek to be a part of a
strong Jewish community at the University of Michigan,
an important factor for many in choosing Michigan. First
Year Students of Hillel (FYSH) helps students feel at home
and find a welcoming Jewish community at Michigan.
FYSH is a great opportunity
for first year students to find their
niche at Michigan, Hillel, and the
Jewish culture as a whole.
Hillel, and others who do not, engaging Jewish freshmen
in all that Hillel has to offer.
A viewing party for the OSU vs. Michigan basketball
game was one of FYSH’s most successful events this
year. Pride for Michigan basketball and love of the Wolverines brought students together. Another program that
was a great success was “Shabbat in the Dorms,” held
over two different Friday nights in five different residence
halls. When students see a Shabbat dinner being held in
their own residence hall, they see Jewish culture brought
right into their lives. And by bringing Shabbat to freshmen,
students start to find their place in the Jewish community
at the beginning of their college experience.
With fresh ideas, great events and enthusiastic new leaders, FYSH will continue to welcome and comfort those
“FYSH is a great opportunity for first year students to looking for a Jewish community on campus.
find their niche at Michigan, Hillel, and the Jewish community as a whole,” says Sarah Strickberger (’15), one of Emily Lisner (’15) is a Communications major.
the group’s leaders. FYSH is able to reach out to a wide She is from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.
variety of students—some who already have a home in
www.umhillel.org • 5
Marc Rivera challenging Hayley Sakwa (’14) as Elana Graf (’15) cheers on.
his past spring break, I took part in the Jewish-Detroit
Initiative, Hillel’s first alternative spring break to
Detroit, and I cannot rave enough about it! The
goal of our trip was to create sustainable connections
to the city and its residents through meaningful community
service and dialogue. I came away from the trip having so
many more questions about the city—about its positives
and its negatives—but most definitely with a connection
to Detroit that I never had the opportunity to create before.
As many of the other participants on the trip, I am Detroit
born. Although I grew up in the suburbs, I had minimal connection to the city. To quote one of my peers, the city felt
almost “taboo” in that it was a city that was once great but
is now unsafe, has little to offer, and is better left avoided.
My involvement in the city was spurred not quite by a desire
to form this connection, but by the endless opportunities for
community action and social change within the city. After
the week spent in the city, I am inspired by the Detroit residents who are actively working towards change in the city.
Moreover, I am inspired by the network of young, vibrant,
6 • University of Michigan Hillel
By Hayley Sakwa
I am excited to sustain these
relationships, continue these
conversations, and learn more about
Detroit and community change
through the continuation of
Jewish-Detroit Initiative—which is
now an official Hillel group!
Jewish social entrepreneurs who are joining these community organizers in their efforts to revitalize Detroit.
Meeting many of these individuals and learning from their
experiences was only a tiny part of the trip. The majority of
our time was spent working with students from Earhart Elementary Middle School in Southwest Detroit. In the mornings, we acted as an extra set of hands in K through 5 classrooms—something every teacher, in every district and city,
needs and deserves. Through this experience, we learned a
lot about the struggles within Detroit education and education as a whole, and we got to know amazing teachers and
unbelievably cute kids!
At the end of each school day, we met with a group of
Earhart eighth graders and walked to Latino Mission Society (LMS), a church in the area. Together we renovated a
century-old bowling alley in the basement of LMS. After a
week spent painting, cleaning, assembling foosball tables,
and goofing off, we had created a youth space for kids in
the area to go after school. One of the best parts of this
project was the chance to get to know the Earhart students.
We traded music and movie tastes, heard about their goals,
and more. Not everything we learned was light and fluffy—
we spoke quite a bit about the presence of gangs in South-
Hayley Sakwa (’14) and Eli
Newman (’13) with some of
their new friends from Earhart
Elementary Middle School.
A sketch of the Jewish Detroit Initiative team on display at the Latino Mission Society.
west Detroit. It often frustrated me to hear that something meaningful to the community and I am
violence was a serious part of these young kids’ proud to have been a part of it.
lives; however to them it is simply a reality.
Furthermore, I am excited to sustain these reFrom these conversations, my perspective on lationships, continue these conversations, and
community action began to shift. Rather than learn more about Detroit and community change
fixating on the negative issues in a community, I through the continuation of Jewish-Detroit Initialearned that organizing is instead about harness- tive (which is now an official Hillel group). And yes,
ing the positive qualities of a neighborhood. For here comes the plug: If this sounds like something
example, it seems to me that the same sense of you or someone you know might be interested in,
loyalty and family unity that might fuel gang in- or would in any way like to make a connection
volvement, could also fuel an investment in com- to the city of Detroit, please contact me (Hayley
munity involvement. While I do not think that the Sakwa [email protected]) to get involved!
youth center we created at LMS will solve all of
the neighborhood problems, I do think it allows Hayley Sakwa (’14) is in the field of
kids to make good choices, like the Earhart kids Organizational Studies. She is from
who decided to come to the bowling alley for ice West Bloomfield, Michigan.
cream sundaes instead of going to a fight after
school. To me, this was a project that offered
Earhart students, Aalieya Jarrells, Rousfiel Rodriguez and Marc Rivera take
advantage of the bowling alley JDI helped build as Eli Newman (’13) gets
ready to take his turn.
www.umhillel.org • 7
Exciting Interpretations of Living Jewish Life:
By Brandon Shaw
Tu B’Shevat
wo major holidays celebrations were revamped Avery Robinson (’12), one of the organizers, said he considwith new components this year: Tu B’Shevat and ered the event a success. Avery added, “what set this seder
apart from most other seders, here and across the country,
were the engaging and dynamic speakers.” Robinson said
that among those who spoke at the event were a farmer, a
pickler, a convenience store fresh food supplier, and over
fifty students. One speaker was a Michigan graduate named
Nate Lada (’08), who founded and manages Green Things
Farm and CSA (community-supported agriculture) in Ann
Arbor. He spoke about his journey from Hebrew Day School
to today and how Jewish texts have helped shape his farming journey. His discussion was focused on the importance
of agriculture and respecting the Earth as central to the
A Tu B’Shevat seder was held this year with a dinner event
Jewish tradition. “Winter is an important season for farmers
focusing on environmental activism. Held in the Dana Buildbecause this is when the harvests are planned,” Nate said,
ing of Natural Resources and the Environment, the dinner
prompting the students to raise their glasses of white grape
was a way to incorporate environmental conservation edujuice to the bounty that is not yet here.
cation with a holiday that celebrates nature and the trees—
specifically, the “birthday of the trees.” Students brought
After Nate shared his story, Noam Kimelman, also a Michitheir own vegetarian dishes to add to the kosher dishes progan alumnus (’09, ’11), introduced the group to his initiative,
vided by Hillel, in a potluck-themed dinner called Yerakot
Fresh Corner Café, which serves and caters healthy “grab
which can translate as greens or vegetables. The dinner was
and go” meals made from fresh high-quality ingredients.
titled for its reference to both trees representing the holiday
While an undergraduate student at Michigan, Noam started
and to its symbolism of the environment. According to Hilthis company that brought fresh produce to convenience
lel’s Assistant Director, Rabbi Seth Winberg, the event was
stores throughout the city of Detroit, enabling residents to
a way of engaging several different audiences and bringing
access fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables. Noam wove
people together through both enjoyment and education of
the environmental justice mission of Tu B’Shevat into the
an important Jewish holiday.
fabric of social and food justice. Noam was followed by Blair
He spoke about his journey from
Hebrew Day School to today and
how Jewish texts have helped
shape his farming journey.
8 • University of Michigan Hillel
Nosan, another Michigan alumnae (’08), and Lead Pickler
of Suddenly Sauer, who shared her approach to environmentalism through food preservation, like pickling and
Spring, the season of growth and new beginnings, brought
out the slightly rosé grape juices for the second Kiddush.
According to Robinson, “between the discussions, (we ate)
the seven-species salad, and various other seasonal dishes.
Everyone was treated to a nourishing evening.” He also
noted that “rather than leave this as just one great event,
follow-up conversations are being planned to continue to
engage and motivate this learning.”
nother holiday this year, Purim, also brought many
students out to a Megillah reading on Erev Purim,
as well as a concert featuring Israeli hip-hop group
Hadag Nahash. Hillel provided transportation from the megillah reading to the Blind Pig, the Downtown Ann Arbor
club where the concert was held with the popular hip-hop
group, who were on their United States tour. Hillel student
group American Movement for Israel (AMI) sponsored the
event, and was responsible for the planning and setup of
the club activities. “Who’s excited for Hadag Nahash?!”
AMI Chair Alyssa Adler (’14) asked the packed crowd, to
a rousing response of cheers and excitement, with Hillel
students dressed in a variety of Purim costumes.
With the club packed to its capacity of 400 and the lights
dimmed low everywhere but on stage where bright lights lit
up the six-piece band, the band played some of their most
popular songs, such as “Ha Mechona Shel Ha Groove” and
“Lazuz.” The band, which included everyone from a trumpet player to two rappers, gave students an opportunity to
dance, sing, and enjoy themselves through both common
English chants and Hebrew choruses, with their fists held an “energetic and innovative way to bring people
high in the air to celebrate Israel, their faith, and the sense of together for the holiday,” Rosen said. “Hadag Nacommunity felt strongly in the room.
hash brought a lot of energy and weaved together
fun and funky music.”
Davey Rosen, Tilly Shames,
A Conn, and Michael
Spitulnik (some of the Hillel
enjoy the Hadag
Nahash concert in costume.
Purim also brought new and recurring
faces to the table with a Megillah
reading on Erev Purim, as well as a
concert featuring Israeli hip-hop
group Hadag Nahash.
Purim day also brought new opportunities to engage Hillel frequenters and new students alike.
With different locations for Megillah readings in
the morning, including a Women’s Megillah Reading organized by Shoshi Lockshin (wife of Rabbi
Seth Winberg), and two different daytime lunch
festivities, many students continued to celebrate
the holiday and share what Purim means to them.
Both of these holidays laid a solid framework for a
Davey Rosen, Hillel’s Assistant Director of Student Leader- tradition of engagement and broadening outreach
ship and Programming, said that this new way of celebrating to new Hillel students, a tradition Hillel has always
the holiday is a tradition he saw as well-embraced by the upheld and continues to strive for with each new
community. He thought there was “a lot of excitement for and innovative celebration.
the show” and there was a big crowd from the moment the
doors opened. The band and subsequent festivities were all Brandon Shaw (’14) is majoring in Political
Shira Sandler (’13), Jessica Curhan (’13), Alyssa Adler (’14),
Melissa Rosenbaum (’14), and Becca Millman (’15), with
Hadag Nahash vocalist Shaa’nan Streett.
Communications and Marketing. He is from
Los Angeles, California.
www.umhillel.org • 9
Jewish Students Go Into the Wild
By Atara Lakritz
un, friendships, and the great outdoors...what could
be a better combination? The answer is the Hillel
Outdoor Adventure group! This group was created
by siblings Teddie (‘12) and Max (‘15) Olender to provide an
outlet for Jewish students to enjoy the outdoors together.
Being adventure-lovers themselves, it was a no-brainer for
the Olender team to reach out to their fellow students while
exploring the great outdoors.
After participating in an outdoor
adventure, our members leave
enthusiastic about their experience
with our Hillel group and excited
for the next adventure.
connect to.” That stems from the Jewish connection he
found with Outdoor Adventure, he says.
The Jewish principle of bal tashchit, meaning “do not destroy,” is the guiding value for Jewish environmentalism and
living sustainably. Hillel’s Outdoor Adventure group has fostered a greater appreciation for our natural surroundings by
following this principle. “As Jews, it is important that we add
to the goodness of the earth, rather than take away from
the natural world,“ says Davey Rosen, U-M Hillel’s Assistant
Director and staff advisor for Hillel Outdoors.
The newly created group also strives to involve those who
are not already involved with Hillel. They believe bonding
over the outdoors is the perfect way to integrate both Hillel regulars and those who are not already involved in Hillel.
“After participating in an outdoor adventure, our members
leave enthusiastic about their experience with our Hillel
group and excited for the next adventure,” say Teddie and
Max. “Going on adventures outdoors together can lead to a
At the beginning of the year, the Hillel Outdoor Adventure stronger and larger Hillel community, as friends and relationgroup’s kickoff event included a weekend camp-out at Silver ships are built during our time together.”
Lake State Park. Seven adventurers hiked an impressive six
miles into the November sunset and enjoyed a hot dog din- The group closed out the year with a cookout in Hillel’s lobner, cooked outside, of course. The group roasted marsh- by to kick off 24/7 Study Hours. During study breaks, dilimallows and finished the night with some board games be- gent students enjoyed a hot dog—or veggie dog—or two,
fore settling in to rustic bunk beds in their rented camping chatted with friends new and old, and enjoyed themselves
despite the downpour outside.
Jake Steinerman (‘12), who hiked and noshed at Pinckney
State Park, says, “It’s a good way to get some exercise and
fresh air, and to hang out with other Jewish students.” Similarly, Adam Tannenbaum (‘15), who joined the skiing and
snowboarding outing, says he liked having fun while being
around people he “felt safe and comfortable with and could
10 • University of Michigan Hillel
Though his sister Teddie graduated this spring, Max is excited about new possibilities for next year. He’s planning a
canoe trip on the Huron River next fall, and more camping,
hiking and skiing fun.
Atara Lakritz (’14) is majoring in International Studies. She is from
West Bloomfield, Michigan.
Max Olender (’15), Jake Steinerman (’12), Danny Altkorn
(’14) and Daphne Porat (’15) take in the beautiful scenery
at Pinckney State Recreation Area
Justin Hayworth (’13), Max Olender (’15), Daphne Porat
(’15), and Jon Rubins (’13) enjoy the Outdoor Adventure
Club sponsored ski trip at Mt. Brighton Ski Resort.
Hillel Gets
By Andrew Shapiro
ewish students now have a different, more
technologically focused way to connect to
the Jewish community on campus than in the past.
Students are now updating U-M Hillel’s communication with
innovations such as apps and “Hillel Highlights” videos to
keep Hillel current. The implementation of newer technology
is making interactions more engaging and meaningful.
Through the app students will
be able to reserve meals, check
service times, or provide feedback
to the executive board.
Jon Rubins (’13) and Jeremy Klaben (’13) recognized that
signing up for meals at Hillel was not an efficient process.
As Rubins explains, “[Hillel] is not where it should be” with
its technology development. They decided to create an innovative solution: a smartphone app. Though perhaps less
appealing than Angry Birds and other popular apps available, the app that Klaben and Rubins are planning will serve
a practical role for students. Through the app students will
be able to reserve meals, check service times, or provide
feedback to the executive board, to name a few examples.
Furthermore, myHillel—an intended feature of the app—
will provide more individualized information, significantly
cutting down on spam or unwanted messages. Rubins states,
“The whole point is to engage and focus on the needs of
the students.”
News + RSVP
Social Media
Penicillin Hotline
Student focus groups have made recommendations ranging
from the inclusion of an intramural sports feature to suggestions for a name for the app. Rubins and Klaben hope that
the new app will simplify the jobs of Hillel staff members as
well. In fact, Rubins says the next step in the process is to
coordinate the Hillel website with the app to avoid redundancy while helping reach as wide a range of an audience as
possible. The Hillel app will arrive at an app store or android
market near you in the near future.
Rubins and Klaben aren’t the only innovative Hillel members on campus. David Rosenwein (’13) has created threeminute “Hillel Highlights” videos which capture the memorable moments of the previous week while previewing the
week to come. He also acknowledges the student volunteer
of the week and ends with an invitation to Shabbat dinner.
Groups within the Hillel community nominate members or
events to be featured in the three-minute video. In upcoming episodes, Rosenwein states, “I hope to have star appearances from athletes or other group leaders on campus.”
The “Highlights” videos, which have been well-received, can
be viewed on YouTube, Facebook, or www.umhillel.org. As
Rosenwein proudly declares, “Hillel Highlights is a way to
show students, alumni, [and] other Hillels why our Hillel is
so unique.”
Technology that seemed unrealistic a short time ago is now
not only reasonable, but well within reach. Students on U-M
campus will undoubtedly find this technology makes it easy
to connect to Hillel and to the Jewish community.
What the app will look like on an iPhone.
Andrew Shapiro (’14) studies in the Stephen M. Ross School
of Business. He is from Westchester, New York .
www.umhillel.org • 11
Before and After
By Nikki Koll
any Jews raised in the United States are taught
about Israel as their “homeland” and recognize
the importance of Zionism. However, many Jews
are not fortunate enough to visit Israel during their childhood, restricting their understanding and appreciation for
the country to what they learn through their parents and in
religious school. For that reason, Taglit-Birthright Israel was
developed in 2000 “to strengthen participants’ Jewish identity; to build an understanding, friendship and lasting bond
with the land and people of Israel; and to reinforce the solidarity of the Jewish people worldwide.”
As a part of the birthright program, University of Michigan
Hillel partners with trip organizer IsraelExperts to send
students on a Taglit-Birthright Israel trip that allows students
to experience the unique culture, beauty, history, accomplishments, and inspiration the country has to offer.
I think one of the greatest aspects
about Birthright is the opportunity to
experience a little bit of every place.
We interviewed students both before and after the trip to
inquire about their expectations and experiences. We were
interested in how participants’ anticipations before attending the trip compared to their impressions once they returned home.
Additionally, the opportunity to explore prominent Israeli
landmarks was particularly exciting to prospective Birthright
participants. Some of the specific sites students anticipated
visiting included the Western Wall, Masada, and the Dead
Sea. Before going on Birthright, Stacey recalled learning the
significance and the stories behind these places and could
not wait to see them in person.
Another major aspect that excited these students about
the trip was the chance to create lifelong bonds with fellow
University of Michigan students. Eva believed that going to
Israel for the first time with her peers would allow her to
grapple with religious questions and have a more enriching
experience than she would if she went on this trip alone.
Students who applied for the trip had various expectations
and hoped to accomplish numerous goals through their
experiences. Before they embarked on their journey in December, Stacey Mates (’12), Eva Tulchinsky (’14) and Jamie
Goode (’14) were interviewed and said they were anxious to
create a personal connection with the state of Israel.
From left to right: Stacey Mates (’12), Gal Sapir, Kira Monin (’14),
Hannah Moiseev (’14), and Nikki Haven (’14).
When she was interviewed before the trip, Jamie discussed
the personal connection she was hoping to establish with
the state of Israel. Specifically, she said that she wanted to
gain a better understanding of her Jewish identity, what it
means to be a Jew, and how to better integrate Judaism into Some of the guys exfoliating at the Dead Sea. From left to
her day-to-day life.
right: Alex Allweil (’13), Michael Lourie (’14), Jeff Lavine (’14),
Steven Zuckerman (’12), Seth Fireman (’15), Noah Stone (’13),
and Joe Gelber (’13).
12 • University of Michigan Hillel
Traveling to a distant land may seem scary to some, however Stacey felt otherwise. When asked if she was nervous,
she said “I’m not nervous, I think it’s because it hasn’t hit me
yet that I’m going to Israel for the first time in 10 days. I am
so excited!”
a famous Israeli breakfast food, and loved sleeping in the
Bedouin tent and kibbutzim. Stacey recalled picking fresh
fruit and vegetables at the ecological center, riding camels
at the Bedouin tent, eating over-sized bagels on Ben Yahuda
Street, and seeing the sunrise during the 4 a.m. climb up
Masada. She said, “I think one of the greatest aspects about
Regardless of how students felt entering the trip, most stu- birthright is the opportunity to experience a little bit of every
dents returned extraordinarily elated. Some words used to place.”
describe the experience include “life-changing”, “unbelievable”, and “educational.”
Michigan students experiencing the Western Wall.
From left to right: Emily Schottenfels (’15), Jamie Goode (’14),
Brooke Suskin (’12) and Nicole Barron (’14).
As the trip progressed, students forged an unimaginably
strong tie with Israel. For Jamie, this bond was felt upon her
visit to Jerusalem. She said driving to the city and seeing it
for the first time was unlike anything she had ever seen before. Eva experienced a particularly strong connection at the
Western wall. She said, “I could never have ever dreamed
that walking up to the Western Wall I would feel so connected to everything in Israel. It was a feeling I couldn’t imagine
before; it was an emotionally charged moment.”
Students commented on the vast amount of knowledge
they gained in only 10 short days. Eva said she learned so
much it “blew her mind”. Stacey also felt that the trip was
very informative. She said, “Our tour guide, Gigi, was incredible and taught me everything from the history of the state to
its ecological systems to the current conflicts with bordering countries. I left the trip feeling a lot more knowledgeable
about the past and current state of Israel.”
U-M students having a good time on the Shvil Hasalat (the Salad
Trail). From left to right: Jamie Goode (’14), Michael Lourie (’14),
Mark Feldman (’14), and Joe Gelber (’13).
Nikki Koll (’15) is in the College of LS&A.
She is from Westfield, New Jersey.
Gaining insight into Israeli culture was a very exciting part
of the trip for the students. Eva enjoyed eating Shakshouka,
www.umhillel.org • 13
U-M Students and YouthVille Detroit
Connect Through Maize and Blue Games
By Jamie Burke
ombining their love for sports and charity, a group
of students came together to develop a new
University of Michigan student group called Maize
and Blue Games. This exciting new group enlists U-M
students to participate in team sports to raise money to
support YouthVille Detroit.
The best part about the games
is that [they] facilitated healthy athletic
competition—something we all
benefited from growing up—in order
to positively affect the lives of children.
Jacob Lurie (’12), one of the new group’s leaders, explained
that the mission of Maize and Blue Games is to help provide
Detroit children with a safe and fun place to go after school.
YouthVille Detroit was a perfect fit. Dr. Gerald K. Smith
founded The Detroit Youth Foundation on the belief that
“young people need a safe place, [and] responsible, caring
adults engaged in their lives, to be intentionally involved in
their own development.” YouthVille Detroit’s 1,300 members aged 11–19 participate in various programs, including
leadership and career development as well as educational
Evan Kourtjian (’13) participating in the tournament.
teams of students participated in the hopes of making it to
the championship round to face a special team composed
of celebrity student athletes. The tournament was a success, raising more than $1,000 in donations. Because of the
help from local businesses such as Papa John’s, who served
pizza, Arbor Springs, who donated water, and Chipotle, who
donated chips and salsa and sponsored the registration
table, 100% of the proceeds from the event were donated
to YouthVille Detroit.
Evan Kourtjian (’13) believes “the best part about the games
is that [they] facilitated healthy athletic competition—something we all benefited from growing up—in order to positively affect the lives of children.” Casey Smith (’12) said “seeing
the tournament become a reality meant the world to [the]
group. All along our goal was to give back to a community we
care about through a medium we care about, and we were
able to do that through this dodgeball tournament.” Freshman Referee Will Lederer describes how it “was fun to see
the winners compete against varsity athletes like football
player Jordan Kovacs.” “It was great to feel the positive energy and excitement of all the participants that contributed
to the success of the tournament,” he continued.
One of the participants
competing in the tournament.
Planning is underway for The Maize and Blue Games’
next event in the fall of 2012, and although the sport has
not yet been finalized, you can be certain it will be a team
sport, with the hopes of continuing to raise more money for
YouthVille Detroit.
The inaugural Maize and Blue Games event was a campus- Jamie Burke (’15) is in the college of LS&A.
wide Dodge Ball Tournament on February 18th in the Univer- She is from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.
sity of Michigan’s Intramural Sports Building. Sixteen diverse
14 • University of Michigan Hillel
The Maize and Blue Games Board after
a successful tournament.
“Know Your Neighbor” Launches at U-M Hillel
by Lizzy Schapiro
his past summer five students active in U-M Hillel
attended Hillel International’s Engagement Institute
at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. We
had a great group of students including the 2011 chair of the
governing board Jon Hornstein (‘12), the 2011 treasurer and
2012 chair of governing board David Rosenwein (‘13), our
Masa Israel Intern Tali Ribnick (’12), a leader of AMI (American Movement for Israel) Shira Sandler (‘13), and me, a leader of Challah for Hunger. We were all enthusiastic about engaging with students active in Hillels throughout the world.
KYN was a way for us to call upon
the members of our community
and ask them to put forth that
extra effort to make everyone
feel welcome at Hillel.
At the Engagement Institute, we participated in simulations
where we played out different scenarios that one might find
him/herself in when participating in a Hillel sponsored event.
One afternoon, we met as a group to discuss a particular
simulation. Because we were passionate about bringing this
energy we found at the Engagement Institute back to our
Hillel community, we were throwing out ideas, like kickoff
events and new Hillel merchandise, things that would spark
a fire under our Hillel community. I thought that adding a
theme or slogan to our name would make Hillel more memorable and would be more welcoming to incoming freshmen,
just as at the University of Michigan there is a theme for
the semester, the most notable being “The Michigan Differ-
ence.” Suddenly the theme hit me and seemed to just roll off
of my lips: Know Your Neighbor.
A combination of warmth and empowerment, Know Your
Neighbor (KYN) simply means engaging with new people.
In our proposal to implement KYN into our Hillel, we wrote,
“Often times, we try to create events with the goal of attracting as many bodies as possible, but we don’t just want
a collection of bodies, we want to create community.” To
those of us at the Engagement Institute, KYN was a way
for us to call upon the members of our community and ask
them to put forth that extra effort to make everyone feel welcome at Hillel.
Know your Neighbor launched at the beginning of the 2011
fall semester. Allie Conn, Berman Fellow at U-M Hillel, created a video introducing KYN and blasted it onto social networks like Facebook and Twitter. We made KYN pens that
were given to students at Mensch’s welcome back BBQ and
introduced KYN to all the group leaders. Name games and
bonding activities spread to every Hillel group and soon beKYN coordinator Lizzy Schapiro (’14) getting to know
came a staple of group meetings.
What I love most about KYN is the energy and passion for
meeting new people. This desire to reach out to new people
has always existed in our Hillel community and in the Jewish community at large (who doesn’t love a good game of
Jewish geography?). All we had to do was call attention to
this desire, and be inclusive, and our community responded
immediately. KYN has given a name to the spirit of the University of Michigan Hillel, and we will continue to encourage
our community to know their neighbors.
109,901 of her neighbors at a University of Michigan
football game.
Lizzy Schapiro (’14) is majoring in Art History.
She is from Scarsdale, New York.
www.umhillel.org • 15
U-M Hillel Welcomes Rabbi Seth Winberg
By Alli Komrower
information they have brought in while enjoying waffles
they help make) to “Radical Jewish Ideas” on Thursdays,
there is something for everyone. Be they Socratic discussions, learning the Talmud, or even discussing and learning
about our subconscious daily Jewish actions, Hillel’s learning programs are popular amongst a variety of students. In
addition to Jewish learning, Rabbi Seth has encouraged the
Rabbi Seth decided to become a rabbi for many reasons. continued diversification of Hillel’s outreach. For example,
After attending a Jewish day school and then a public high he spoke to a multi-faith engineering group about the ideals
school where he was one of only five Jews, he realized the and spirituality of Judaism.
importance of a Jewish education. While the Judaic Studies
classes he took at York University were very broad, Rabbi
Seth was looking to study Jewish texts for a “sense of independence and ownership of my own Jewish identity”. Rabbinical school gave him the instruction he desired.
his year the University of Michigan Hillel welcomed
Rabbi Seth Winberg to its staff. Born in Vancouver,
Canada, Rabbi Seth is definitely no stranger to the
cold weather of Ann Arbor! He is a graduate of Toronto’s
York University and Yeshivat Chovevei Torah (YCT), an open
Modern Orthodox Rabbinical School in New York City.
Since he started working at Hillel, Rabbi Seth dove into
bringing Jewish education to the community. He teaches large classes, like Jewish Philosophy and Friday Night
Learning, but in his opinion, “a lot of Jewish learning is most
effective based on simple one-on-one education.” It is clear
he genuinely wants to get to know the students of Michigan,
learn what they care about, and help them discover what
kind of lives they want to lead as Jewish adults.
Rabbi Seth’s goal is to help students
become quality Jewish adults who
help build community from within.
Rabbi Seth is passionate about his work and eager to make
an impact on the University of Michigan. His goal is to help
students become quality Jewish adults who help build community from within by being a strong part of Jewish community. Meeting Rabbi Seth was a great experience and I know
he will continue to be a positive influence at the University of
Michigan Hillel for many years to come.
According to Rabbi Seth, there are Jewish education classes or events at Hillel almost every night of the week. From Allie Komrower (’15) is in the College of LS&A.
“Waffle Wednesdays” (where students discuss articles and She is from River Vale, New Jersey.
Rabbi Seth hard at work on the MuJew Alternative
Spring Break
16 • University of Michigan Hillel
Assistant Director Davey Rosen in the Spotlight
By Chloe Hirsch
Davey has enjoyed getting to know the Michigan students
and getting to “work with them to create their Jewish community.” Davey hopes that students will take advantage of
opportunities such as joining a Taglit-Birthright Israel trip or
working with a group to craft a new mission statement, and
that they “consider their core values, … think about their
place in this world as Jews, Americans, whatever their identity may be, and … know their decisions impact well beyond
themselves.” Davey is a great addition to our Hillel!
ou may recognize the name Davey Rosen as the
lead guitarist of the infamous punk rock band, The
Suburban Yuppies, which toured from West Bloomfield to Farmington Hills in the 90’s. But if that doesn’t ring
a bell for you, then you’ve probably seen him around Hillel
where he is the Assistant Director, or you may have even
gone on a Taglit-Birthright Israel trip with him!
Davey hopes to “support our students
as they create exciting and dynamic
Jewish lives on campus” in the future.
Chloe Hirsch (‘15) is in the College of LS&A.
She is from Scarsdale, New York.
Davey Rosen leading Shabbat services at Hillel Institute.
Davey graduated from North Farmington High School in
1998 and, unlike his peers who continued on to college after
graduation, Davey went to Israel with Young Judaea Year
Course. Bold decision, you might think, but he had developed a passion for Israel and Jewish history after spending
a high school semester in Israel. Also fueling his passion
were many summers spent at Camp Ramah in Canada,
where, according to its website, young people “develop
skills and leadership, close friendships and a Jewish consciousness that lasts a lifetime.” Davey could be the poster
child for the camp!
for Young Judaea and completed his Masters’ Degree in
Informal and Communal Jewish Education at the Davidson
School of the Jewish Theological Seminary. It was in New
York that he met his future wife, Jillian, and he also worked
as the family educator at Congregation B’nai Jeshurun.
Davey later moved to Boston to be the Assistant Director at
Camp Ramah in New England.
Why then did Davey come back to Michigan? Because he’s
“all about living an exciting and dynamic Jewish life and that
requires exciting and dynamic Jewish communities.” Davey
joined our U-M Hillel community in July 2011 because he
After his time in Israel, Davey kept with the warm weather believes that “Michigan students are critical thinkers and
theme and moved to Los Angeles to be a rock star while have a desire to ask big questions.” Davey hopes to “supalso attending the University of Judaism, where he received port our students as they create exciting and dynamic Jewa bachelor’s degree in modern Jewish History and Thought. ish lives on campus” because “it is people that define comIn 2004, Davey moved to New York City, where he worked munity, and the U-M Jewish community is strong, diverse,
smart and fun!”
www.umhillel.org • 17
Making a Difference in Israel and Michigan
By Lauren Kobrick & Jordan Korn
his winter, Hillel formed a new organization called other volunteers and
Medical Exposure (MEDx). Leedor Lieberman (‘13), drivers at each station.
its founder, shared the story of its formation with us. In addition, all the volunteers came back with a
“Last summer, I wanted to volunteer with Magen David feeling that they impactAdom, an Israel ambulance service. The ambulance service ed people’s lives. Leedor
has a non-denominational program that is open to all inter- said, “we saw births and
national individuals to train as first responders. After training, deaths, but overall the
we can ride in ambulances alongside Israeli EMTs. I thought experience was amazthis was a great idea so I spread the word around campus ing and one that I can’t
and found eight other students who wanted to volunteer for compare to anything I’ve
the summer.”
ever experienced.”
The goal of MEDx is to expose students
to medical environments through
volunteer and learning opportunities.
Leedor tutored the students for 2–3 months in introductory
Hebrew before they went to Israel. A basic level of Hebrew
is required for all volunteers. Once in Israel, the Michigan
participants found the program hosted people of various
ages, religions, and origins. All volunteers were required
to complete a 60-hour training course and then were dispersed to different volunteer locations across the country.
The Michigan group volunteered in Tel-Aviv, Ramat Gan,
and Bat Yam and lived together in apartments in downtown
When the eight volunteers returned to the University of Michigan, they
wanted to encourage
other students to experience what they did. However, they
realized that while volunteering in Israel was amazing, they
could still find that reward by volunteering in medical settings
in our Michigan community. This led to the formation of Medical Exposure, or MEDx. The goal of MEDx is to expose students to medical environments through volunteer and learning opportunities. Members are often in medical fields, and
are encouraged to participate in opportunities that will help
them refine their goals and interests in medicine.
MEDx group members and interested students at the
MEDx medical/public health student panel.
Later in the year, MEDx co-hosted “The Obesity Epidemic:
A Jewish Perspective” with the School of Public Health.
Award-winning researcher on obesity, Dr. Mendel Singer,
discussed the correlations between Judaism and obesity.
Also, MEDx is setting up weekly volunteering at Ypsilanti’s
Hope Clinic to give students the opportunity to work in a
volunteer-based health clinic. Finally, MEDx is in the process
of organizing another Michigan group to travel to Israel next
summer. The student leaders hope to inspire a new group of
students to volunteer in Israel by exposing them to serving
people through medicine in Ann Arbor.
Thirty students attended MEDx’s first meeting, and the newly created Facebook group has 74 members! The group’s
first event, hosting a Medical School/School of Public
Health student panel, had enormous success. The panel allowed students to learn about different health careers and
Leedor described the volunteering as “addicting” as every- application processes for different departments, and to ask Lauren Kobrick (’14) is in the Gerald R. Ford School of Public
one was eager to add extra shifts to their days. One of the questions of students in these medical related departments Policy. She is from Roslyn, New York. Jordan Korn (’14) is in the
best experiences for the volunteers was getting to know on campus.
College of LS&A. She is from Westport, Connecticut.
18 • University of Michigan Hillel
Hillel Friends
Thank you to all those who have made generous gifts to Hillel
from July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2011.
Stars of David
Mandell L. & Madeleine
H. Berman Foundation
Samuel (z”l) &
Jean (z”l) Frankel
Stanley & Judith Frankel
Stephen & Nancy Grand
Hillel: The Foundation for
Jewish Campus Life
Jewish Federation of
Metropolitan Detroit
Murray & Ina Pitt
The Ravitz Foundation
Carol & Herbert (z”l) Amster
Sheila & Joseph Gutman
Jewish Federation of
Washtenaw County
Harry & Andrea Krakowski
Robert Krasnov
Richard & Barbara Levy
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Hillel Fund
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Joseph & Freida Ross
Marc & Audrey Solomon
Spiegel Family
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of North America
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Fund: Gayle & Jerry Klusky
Robert Klyman & Dena Bloom
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Repair The World, Inc.
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Diane & Howard Wohl
Zell Family Foundation
Chairman’s Circle
4 Eleven Lofts LLC
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Jonathan & Amy Berman
Ann Berman & Daniel Feld
Mark Bernstein &
Rachel Bendit
David Blumenstein &
Jane Pollner
Jon & Lili Bosse
Jonathan & Nadine Carmel
Allen & Franka Charlupski
Foundation: Helen
2010–2011 True Blue Society
Those donors who have given for five consecutive years or more are denoted by
a listing in bold. These donors will receive a four-color magnet with the dates of the
Jewish holidays for 2012–2013.
Charlupski & Joseph
Biederman & Lawrence
& Elyn Charlupski
Bradley Chod &
Lauren Taney
DeRoy Testamentary
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Halley & Ruth Anne Faust
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Byron & Dorothy Gerson
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The Israel, Rose, Henry and
Robert Wiener Charitable
Foundation, Inc.
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Amy & Kenneth Pollinger
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Beth Israel Congregation
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Simeon Brinberg
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Bruce & Laurie Fisher
Edward I. Fleischman
Robert & Sara Franco
Bruce & Dale Frankel
Ronald & Marla Frankel
Paul & Judith Freedman
Frank & Sondra Friedman
Lynda & Harold Friedman
Ricky & Lynn Friedman
Howard & Loren Friend
Ya’aqov Fuhrman
Enid Galler
Family Foundation
Steven & Marilyn Garber
Marvin & Florence Gerber
Stuart & Suzanne Gildenberg
Andrew & Julie Gilson
Mark & Fran Gloger
Barry & Laurie Goldman
Janet & Michael Goldman
Elliott Goldstein
Larry & Ninette Golub
Eugene & Emily Grant
Robert Greebel
Dan Greenberg
Hilary & Allan Greenberg
Joel & Julie Greenblatt
Renanah Halpern & Joel Green
Ben Guslits & Marilyn Novice
Steven & Linda Harwood
Alan & Sheri Heller
Rebecca & J. David Heller
Joseph Helman
Barnett & Shirley Helzberg
Joel Herz
James Hiller
Richard Hirsch
Larry & Carolyn Hiss
Ron & Mindy Horowitz
Howard & Lilly Jacobson
Ira & Brenda Jaffe
Yale & Joan Kamisar
David & Meredith Kaplan
The Karmin Family
John & Robin Kennedy
Katayoun & Paul Khakshouri
Mark Killingsworth
Rich & Myra Klarman
Harvey & Aileen Kleiman
David & Debbie Kornblatt
Rebecca Kotkin &
Donald Steinberg
The Kroger Co.
Michelle & David Kroin
Richard & Sally Krugel
Howard & Mara Labow
Pamela Lederer &
Michael Carmen
Ellsworth & Janet Levine
Jody & Stewart Levy
Sheldon Levy
Paul & Carolyn Lichter
Bruce & Vicki Liebowitz
Alan & Eva Litt
Steven Lowenstein
Debra & Harold Luks
Shareef & Renee Mahdavi
Karen & Stephen Malkin
Steven Marenberg &
Alison Whalen
Steven & Staci Marlowe
Glenn & Debbie Maron
Milk and Honey Endowment
Fund of the Jewish Federation
of Greater Seattle
The Minkin Family Foundation
Victor & Laurie Mizrahi
Stephen Modell
Sheila Mondry
Michael Monheit &
Ellen Golden
Michael & Ruth Mooreville
Dan & Wendy Moskowitz
Andrea & Frank Newman
Daniel Newman
Natalie & William Newman
Bunny North
Old Original Levis Inc.
Gilbert Omenn & Martha Darling
Michael Opatowski &
Ruth Malman Opatowski
Jeffrey & Emily Pitt
Maurice & Lori Pogoda
Sheryl Pomerance &
Patrick OKeefe
Mervin & Helen Pregulman
Stephen & Susan Rabinowitz
Lisa & Mark Ratner
Sandra & Bud Reisman
Robert & Helene Riederman
Bonnie & Len Romberg
Benjamin & Marie Rosenberg
Nanette Rosenberg
Norman & Dulcie Rosenfeld
Beth & Leo Rothbarth
Andrew & Francesca Rothseid
Javier & Lisa Rubinstein
Michael & Jessica Sacher
Kenneth & Stacy Samet
Louis & Jill Sapperstein
Mark Schacht & Sari Hart
Morty Schaja & Rebecca Amitai
Marc & Margi Scherr
Cheryl Schneider
Pinchas Schoenfield
Barbara Schrayer
Max & Lynn Schrayer
Harvey Schulweis
William & Irene Schumer
Jeff Schwaber & Liz Schrayer
David & Lisa Schwartz
David Schwartz &
Debra Diamond-Schwartz
Ethan Schwartz
Vicki Wheelock &
Jerry Schwartz
Charles & Marcia Seigerman
Philip Shaw & Shira Gordon
Douglas & Julie Shiffman
Rebecca Hoelting Short
Labron & Pamela Shuman
Jonathan & Jan Simon
Bill & Lois Solomon
Susan Sosnick
Marc & Wendy Stanley
Mitchell Steir & Nancy Ganz
Karen & David Stutz
Swieca Family Foundation
Megan Tallmer & Rick Kastellec
A. Alfred Taubman
G. Leonard & Dorothy
Temple Israel Rabbis
West Bloomfield, MI
Carolyn & Laurence Tisdale
Robert & Sharon Turner
Phyllis Mandell Victorson
Elliott & Sue Weinstein
Bob & Mimi Weisberg
Harvey Weisberg
Ronald & Eileen Weiser
Jeffrey & Jessica Weiss
Robert & Ofra Weiss
Stephen & Lisa Weiss
Neil Weissman
Alexandra & Joseph Wener
Catherine Yost
Harvey & Anita Zalesin
Jonathan & Lisa Zirin
Helen Zuckerman
Richard & Julie Zussman
Sustaining Members
Jeffrey & Nancy Adler
Michael & Lisa Auerbach
Gregory & Susan Azorsky
Jamie & Mark Benjamin
Susan & Robert Benjamin
Ronald & Linda Benson
Mitchell & Susan Berk
Joseph Berman &
Marsha Gentner
Harvey Bertcher
Stanford & Roselyn Blanck
Bob & Holly Bloom
Alan Blum
Ellie & Fred Braid
Dina & Herman (z”l) Brodsky
Devin Brown
Sidney & Sandra Brown
David & Michele Camiener
David & Ruth Carliner
Yossi Chait & Neva Frumkin
Joshua & Marci Charm
David & Angela Chernin
Paul & Gail Chod
Debra Chopp & Gil Seinfeld
Carl Cohen
David & Roxanne Cohen
Sarita & Arthur Cohen
Susan Coren
Howard & Leslie Crane
Gayle & Alan Cutler
Michael Dan
Marc & Stephanie Daniels
Miriam & Michael Daniels
Lawrence & Suzi Daitch Dell
Michael & Norma Dorman
Shari & Eric Dusansky
Harriet & Richard Ebers
Ronald & Deborah Eisenberg
Danny Elbaum &
Mary Thompson
Glenn & Michelle Engelmann
Clifford Feibus & Deena
Fishman Feibus
Steven & Sandra Finkelman
Stanley & Shari Finsilver
Arnold & Lorraine Fisher
Ira Fisher & Beth Eisler
Dana & Adam Frank
Richard & Joanna Friedman
Howard & Cindy Garoon
Lawrence & Judith Garshofsky
Mark & Julia Gerstein
Morad & Sima Ghadamian
Susan & Daniel Ginsberg
Mary & Bruce Gladner
Cathy Glick & Larry Halman
Gary & Rachel Glick
Leo & Betty Goldstein
Jodi & Robert Goodman
Charles & Staci Goss
Robert Green &
Martha Sullivan Green
Allan & Susan Greenberg
David & Robin Gutmann
Alan & Lauren Halperin
Joan & Paul Halpern
Dale Harburg
Natan HarPaz
Cindy & Jay Harris
Elliot Henslovitz &
Terri Apfelbaum
Howard & Susan Hirsch
David Hirsh & Allison Cook
Kenneth Hornstein &
Larraine Bernstein
Jeffrey & Marion Isaacs
Linda Isaacson
The Isackson Family
Hilary & Selwyn Isakow
Abigail & Verne Jacobs
Richard & Linda Jacobs
Michael & Nancy Kanterman
Kerri & Erez Katz
Gary & Annette Kaufman
Steve & Lisa Kaufman
Emery & Diane Klein
Steven & Diane Klein
Doug Gelb & Karen Kluin
Levis & Rochelle Kochin
Gary & Shari Korn
Paul & Melissa Kotcher
Irwin Kula & Dana Kurzweil
Thomas & Barbara Kunz
Richard Kurtzman
Jim & Ellen Labes
Steven & Charmaine Lampert
Laura & Paul Lapping
Terry & Lisa Lashin
Eric Lazar
Steven Leber &
Dina Shtull-Leber
Eric & Debra Lerner
Douglas & Ronna Levine
Jeffrey & Joyce Levine
Robert & Gina Levine
Stanley & Joan Levy
Marcy & Steven Lippman
Allison & Aaron Magat
Paul & Lizabeth McOsker
Gary & Audrey Menachem
S. David & Jodi Miller
H. Herbert Myers
Jerry Neumann &
Naomi Richman
Dale & Marilyn Okonow
Irving & Ethel Palman
Jeremy & Andrea Perler
Theodore & Harriette Perlman
Miriam & Marc Pester
Jeffrey & Belinda Pop
Jerry & Louise Ribnick
Stanley Rogovin &
Marleen Meyers
Sandra & Evan Roklen
Lisa Ruiz
Michael & Sharon Safra
Brett Sagel
David & Paula Saginaw
Stuart & Randi Sakwa
David & Charlene Sales
Adam Saltzman & Ilana Gonik
Gary & Gayle Samuels
Eli & Michele Saulson
Marc & Susan Schechter
Edward & Amy Scheinerman
Steven & Polly Schiff
Jerrold & Naomi Senser
David & Lisa Shanker
David & Reesa Shaw
Jay & Susan Shayevitz
Daniel & Rachel Shere
Ariel Sherizen &
Jodie Steinway
Laura & Gary Siegel
Marc Silverstein &
Tonya Sparks
Howard & Judy Simon
David Sklar &
Carolyn Reinglass
Warren & Lisa Solochek
Gary & Lynn Spevack
David Spitulnik &
Diana Cohen
Jeffrey & Sheryl
Joy & Stuart Stein
Edward & Irit Stoppelman
Susan & Mark Strassman
Judith & Michael Streiter
Jeffrey & Debra Supowit
Alan & Jennifer Tannenbaum
Seth Timen
Gail & Jeff Toll
Kurt Vilders & Judie Goodman
Eric & Thelma Waxman
Daniel & Lisa Weiner
Sheryl Weiss
Steve & Jody Winter
Stephen & Deena Wolff
Zachary Yost
Anonymous (4)
Howard & Patricia Adelman
Steven & Faye Adelson
Larry & Sue Adler
Norman & Rosalyn Adler
James & Ashley Adox
Fred & Desiree Afari
www.umhillel.org • 21
Aaron Agami
Alan & Nancy Agree
Aaron & Aura Ahuvia
Michael & Susan Alpern
Sheldon & Riitta Alster
Norman & Jo Amer
Ilana Amrani-Cohen & Marc Cohen
Max & Pamela April
Jacob Armstrong
Levana & Stephen Aronson
David Axelrad & Liza Bercovici
Mark & Linda Bachmann
Craig & Linda Bacon
Alexander & Marina Balanevsky
Jeff & Julie Baltimore
Ivor & Myra Bamberger
Maxwell & Renah Bardenstein
Ariel & Elizabeth Barkan
Kenneth & Marianthe Barnett
Reuben & Joan Baron
Mark & Sheri Bartelstein
Murray & Linda Baruch
Norman & Leslie Bash
Jesse Baumgold & Linda Golden
Eric Bean
Isabel Becker
Norman & Ruth Beitner
Donna Bender
Hal & Patrice Bennett
Sima & Jonathan Bennett
Deborah Bensinger
Karen & James Berger
Mitchell & Cindi Berger
Stuart & Elaine Berger
Ronald & Miriam Bergman
Robert & Debbie Bergson
Jodie & Peter Berkman
Naomi Berkove
Allen & Julie Berman
Kathy Berman & Carl Corman
Hadas & Dennis Bernard
Alison & David Bernstein
Martin & Barbara Bienenstock
Joseph & Robyn Bier
Zachary Bier
Alan & Sandra Bittker
Arline Bittker
Michele & Mitchell Bleznak
Ilana & Adam Block
Susan & Steven Bloom
Hanna Bloomfield
The Blue Leprechaun
Jonathan & Mara Blum
Robert Blum & Tracye Valasco
Peter & Julie Borish
Steven & Joy Bortnick
Nancy & Matthew Boskin
David & Jessie Brand
Joshua Brass
Devra Braun & Peter Smedresman
Arnold & Viviane Breitbart
Jeffrey & Stacy Brodsky
Helene Brodsky Brody
Samuel & Rosolyn Brott
Rondi Brower & Philip Gilly
Robert & Greta Brown
Charles & Renee Brownman
Barbara Bruno & Steven Harris
Amy & Mark Bubes
Lee & Rachel Buckman
Dana Burnstein
Richard & Gayle Burstein
Julie & Roy Cantu
David & Malka Caroline
Beth & Steve Catlett
Jessica Chaffin
Ronald & Lynda Charfoos
Benjamin Chevat & Sherri Rossoff
Sarah Chopp
Paul & Ruth Chosid
Toby Citrin & Phyllis Blumenfeld
Gordan & Susan Coburn
Andrew Cohen &
Christine Sorenson
David & Tracey Cohen
Julius Cohen
Kathi & Rick Cohen
Malcolm & Judith Cohen
Michael Cohen & Adrienne Allen
Norton Cohen
Pamela Cohen
Richard Cohen & Kathy Krieger
Jim & Jean Coleman
Betty & Marvin Cooper
Bruce & Jenny Corman
Clifford & Deborah Corman
22 • University of Michigan Hillel
Will Corrdin
Wendy & Jeffrey Cossman
Esta & Thomas Czik
Richard & Karen Dale
Allen & Jone Dalezman
Eric Dallal
Andrew & Julie Daniels
Jonathan Daniels
Jacqueline & Dale Danilewitz
Lawrence & Betty Dannenberg
Caren & Larry Dash
Deborah Dash-Moore
Mark & Babette Daskin
Steven & Eilleen David
Brent & Karen Davidson
Barbara & Gary Davis
Scott & Denise Davis
Mark & Paula DeBofsky
Joan & David Denenberg
Steven & Ariel Derringer
Jeffrey Devries & Deb Kirshner
Ilyse & Burton Diamond
Debbie & Brad Dockser
Linda Jo Doctor & Elliot Ginsberg
Martin & Paula Domansky
Michael & Debbie Doppelt
Carolyn Dorfman & Gregory Gallick
Neal & Luanne Dresher
Victoria & Mark Drozdov
Tamara Dunietz
Richard & Elizabeth Dyckman
David & Suzanne Eagle
Geoffrey & Alison Edelstein
Jeffrey Eisman & Nancy
Joel & Lisa Elconin
Elite Management LLC/Amir Cohen
& Adam Cohen
David & Julie Ellenhorn
Jerry & Gail Ellstein
Neal & Margaret Elyakin
Todd & Judith Endelman
Lisa Erwin
Robin & Joel Evans
Jason Faller & Karen Wagner
Henry & Barbara Fasteau
Daniel & Thalia Federbush
Arthur & Nancy Feibus
Simon & Amy Feiglin
L. Scott & Janet Feiler
Adam Feldman
Git & Jerry Feldman
Helene Feldman
Susan & Stephen Feldman
James & Carol Felsenthal
Bob & Bonnie Fendell
Julie & Mark Filler
Sydney Fine
Harvey & Kathleen Fink
Martin & Bonnie Finkel
Sandra Finkel & Seth Warschausky
Elnora Finkelstein
Bernard & Jane Finn
Rachel Firestone
Michal & Jonathan Firsht
Ira & Debbie Fisch
Marc Fisher
Flint Jewish Federation
Jeremy & Naomi Fogel
Samantha Frankel
Robert & Marjorie Franklin
Gary & Eileen Freed
Larry & Helaine Freed
Amy Freedman
Michael & Lisbeth Fried
David & Julie Friedland
Janice & David Friedlander
Michael & Lucie Friedlander
Avram & Jodi Friedman
Pam & Michael Friedman
Howard & Amy Friedner
Adam & Elissa Futterman
Bev & Gary Futterman
Stephen Galens
Ronald & Frada Galler
Steven Gamer & Stephanie
Ryan Garber
Kimberly & Robert Gatof
Peter & Bonnie Gatof
Michael & Debra Gelband
Pamela & Richard Gelfand
William & Raquel Gershon
Beverly Gershowitz
Ralph Gerson & Erica Ward
Annemiek & Richard Gersten
Sheri & Dan Ginis
Robert & Karen Ginsberg
David & Maureen Ginsburg
Zvi & Marlene Gitelman
Steve & Abbie Gitkin
David & Theresa Glaser
Brad & Martha Glass
Joan & Craig Glick
Glenn Goldberg & Kim Burke
Marshall & Nancy Golden
Sol Goldfarb
Amy & Gary Goldman
Eleanor Goldman
Lyle & Anne Goldman
Ellen & Alan Goldner
Edward & Joanne Goldstein
Jennifer & Thomas Goldstein
Jonathan & Karen Goldstick
Cathy & Gerald Gollub
Bernard & Margaret Gonik
Henry & Lois Goodman
Jeffrey & Mindy Gordon
Susan & Bruce Goren
Linda Gorens-Levey &
Michael Levey
Monica & Mitchell Gorochow
Peter & Roberta Gottlieb
Sam Gottlieb
Marilyn & William Graber
Fred & Orna Grand
David Grauer & Carolyn
Laurence Gray(z”l)
Seth Greenberg
Richard & Linda Greene
Evan Greenspan
Bonnie Greenwald
Benjamin & Rebeca Grinstein
Harold & Andrea Gross
Randolph & Beth Gross
Richard & Marion Gross
Robert & Jan Grossman
Stephen & Lori Grussmark
Jeffrey Gurwin
Ellina Gusinsky
Jessica Halprin &
Mitchell Bernstein
Sheldon & Eva Hamburger
Michael Handelman
David & Pamela Haron
Mark & Mary Harris
Clifford & Alice Hart
Leslie & Daniel Hartman
Mark & Jeanette Hauser
Sandra Hauser & Jeffrey Parness
Steven & Robin Hausman
Amy & Allen Hecht
Malgorzata & Henry Hecht
Sara & Myron Hecht
Raymond & Lucia Henney
Jay & Judy Heyman
Cindy & Stuart Hill
Paula Hiller & Ned Kirsch
Pamela & Samuel Himmelrich
Ann & Jordan Hirsch
Karen & Frederic Hirsch
Eric & Debbie Hirschfield
William Hirschhorn &
Susan Sherman
Benjamin Hockenberg
Candy & Bruce Hoffman
Erma & Herbert Hoffman
Morton & Sandra Hoffman
Emily & James Holdstein
Eydie & Ira Holz
Aviva Hopkovitz-Dunsky &
Frederic Dunsky
Susan Hosat
Alan & Ruth Hurvitz
Rand Hutcheson
Harold Igdaloff
Francine & Robert Immerman
Marc Israel & Abbey Frank
Andy & Linda Jacob
Joel & Lauren Jacob
Catherine & Andrew Jacobs
Jonathan Jacobs & Joy Koletsky
Matthew Jacobson
Shira Jacobson
Stephen & Linda Jacobson
Mark & Pamela Jacobstein
Harry Jaffe
Jeffrey & Laura Jaffe
Jeffrey & Ruth Jarrett
Jewish Federation of Grand Rapids
Jonathan & Debra Joels
Ian Johnson & Judith Mills Johnson
Freddi & Harvey Kadden
Russell Kagan
Ted & Laura Kalick
Marc & Leslie Kallus
Jennifer Kanfer
Raelin & Jeffrey Kantor
Edward & Tammy Kaplan
Ira & Amy Kaplan
Jerome Kaplan
Paul W. Kaplan
Sanford & Sher Kaplan
Kenneth Kaplin
Irvin & Barbara Kappy
Sheila & John Karaczynski
David & Judith Karp
Richard Karp
Maurice Karpman
Gilda & Richard Katz
Herbert & Jane Kaufer
Babs & Herb Kaufman
Shari Kaufman
Steven & Stephanie Kaufman
Carole Kazmierski
Andrew & Fern Keimach
R. William & Ellen Kestenberg
Esther & Peter Kind
Edan & Hilary King
Jared Klein & Peggy Heine
David & Susan Koffler
Carol & Howard Koransky
Michael & Ruth Korda
Yoram & Alina Koren
David & Amy Kornblau
Tom & Sara Kornfeld
Martin & Ruth Kornheiser
Michael Kornreich
Jerry & Ilene Kosberg
Stephen & Judith Kovach
Kenneth & Robin Kramer
Milton A. and Charlotte R. Kramer
Charitable Foundation
Martin & Meryl Krasne
Rosalind Krasney
Jeffrey & Julie Kreamer
Barbara & Kevan Kreitman
Daniel & Jocelyn Krifcher
Marilyn & Samuel Krimm
Matthew Kripke
Ellen & Aaron Krumbein
Rhonda & Paul Krupkin
Debbie Kubiak & Steven Cohen
Nancy Kulish
Howard Kur
Adam Kurland & Sari Kurland
Lucinda Kurtz & Oren Hesterman
Howard & Robin Kurtzman
Brian Kutinsky
Marten & Robin Ladman
Robin Lampert
Aaron & Kerryn Langer
Sandra & Lynwood Lary
Neil Lazar & Susan Miller Lazar
Irvin & Marlene Lebovits
Laurie & Jeffrey Leflein
Arie Leibovitz
Joel & Laura Leizer
Thomas & Ellen Lemberger
Simon Lesser & Carol Patinkin
Ira & Beth Leventhal
Peter & Betsy Levick
Bruce & Gail Levin
Allyn & Jeffrey Levine
Andrea & Robert Levine
David & Nori Levine
Jen & Adam Levine
Myron & Bobbie Levine
Scott & Marla Levinson
Benjamin & Shelly Levy
Douglas & Nanci Levy
Mark & Francine Levy
Robert Levy
Scott & Karen Lewis
Charles & Mimi Lieber
Jeff & Diane Lieberman
James & Louise Lieblich
Linda Lipsett & Jules Bernstein
Jeffrey Lipshaw & Alene Franklin
Marc & Suzanne Lipshaw
Craig & Suzanne Litt
Lori & Bradley Long
Mark & Lisa Lundy
Paul & Margaret Lurie
David & Cathi Luski
Jay & Kathleen Lutins
Rabbi Jack A. Luxenburg:
Temple Beth Ami
Rich & Monica Magid
Armand Makowski
Janet & Steven Malerman
Maury & Susan Maniff
George Mann &
Ann Mandelbaum-Mann
Carl Margolis & Randy
Klinger Margolis
Lester & Vivien Marion
David & Vivian Mark
Andrei & Irena Markovits
Mendy & Cheryl Markowitz
MASA Israel Journey
Joel & Julie Mayer
Gabriel & Mariela Melamed
Larry Mellen
Robert & Margie Mellen
Lisa & Dan Mendelson
Barbara Mermelstein
David & Carole Metzger
William & Sheri Michaels
David Miller & Marcia Nirenstein
I. Matthew Miller
Joyce & Steven Miller
Susan & Gregg Millman
Lawrence Milner & Karen Black
Richard & Karen Minkin
Michael & Marilyn Misch
Clive & Tamara Moch
Helene & Steven Moehlman
Andrew Mohr & Lynn Kamarck
Andrew & Marla Moiseev
Ira & Gail Mondry
Miriam Mondry
Arnold & Ellyne Monto
Stephen Monto
Joshua Moradfar
Howard & Diane Morof
Stanley & Esther Morris
Michael Morrison
Barbara Murphy & Gavin Eadie
Samuel Mylrea
David Nachman & Laurel
Alan & Wendy Nacht
Ronn & Beth Nadis
Robert & Anita Naftaly
David & Bonnie Nanus
David & Alicia Nelson
Harry Nelson & Dorit Naftalin
Mark & Diane Neubauer
Amy Neuman
Michael & Nancy Neuman
Gregg & Jodi Newmark
Rachel Niewoehner
Julie & Gary Nitzkin
Richard & Amy Noren
North Suburban Synagogue
Beth El
Irwin & Patricia Novack
Lynn & Bernard Nusbaum
Harris & Carol Nydick
Paul & Margo O’Moore
Cheryl Oberman
Amy & Allen Olender
Robert & Joyce Olshan
Steven & Jodi Orbuch
Charles & Sharon Orlowek
Kelly & Jeffrey Orringer
Mark & Susan Orringer
Steven & Ellen Osinski
Susan & Doug Overman
Avraham & Jackie Oz
Ira & Francine Ozeran
David & Andrea Page
Barbara Palmer
Marla Parker & Bradley Goldberg
Richard & Debra Partrich
Alan Patzik & Marla Keene Patzik
David & Barbara Pearl
Sophie Pearlstein
Joshua Peck
Michael & Dina Pedersen
Phyllis & Elliot Pellman
Jason & Jacqueline Peltz
Micah Peltz & Rachel Zivic
Allen & Julia Perl
Martin Pernick & Marie Deveney
Paul Pervil & Paula
Solomon & Sheridan Pesis
Elissa & Rick Phillips
Louis & Jo Pichulik
Marc Picker
www.umhillel.org • 23
Juliet & Steven Plonsker
Susan Pokorney
Richard & Eileen Polk
Mark & Susan Pollack
Meredith & Adam Polsky
William Pomeranz & Harriet Prensky
Natalie & Michael Pont
Mitchell & Janice Posner
Robert & Bano Pozin
Spencer & Ilana Preis
Scott & Debra Primack
Adrian Rabinowicz &
Laura Meischenguiser
Mitchell Radist & Lisa
Margolis Radist
Debra & Alan Radov
Beth & Jay Rakow
Harry Randel & Pamela Feld-Randel
Courtney K. Rangen
Adele Rapport Seymour &
John Seymour
Mitchell Rashkin & Karen Ohlbaum
Steven & Rachel Ravich
Samuel & Gail Ravit
Allan & Lynne Reich
Kammi & Brad Reiss
Charles & Jayme Rich
Devorah & Kenneth Rich
Jack & Aviva Robinson
Warren Robinson &
Davida Doneson-Robinson
Peter & Lisa Roblin
Burt Rochelson
Burton & Karen Rodney
Robert & Randee Romanoff
Amy & Bruce Rosen
Lee & Elaine Rosen
Stanley & Michele Rosen
Barry & Linda Rosenbaum
Rosie Rosenbaum & Shimon Layani
David Rosenberg &
Ann Brodsky-Rosenberg
Heather & Stevan Rosenberg
David & Wendy Rosenburgh
Richard & Hilary Rosenburgh
Bernard & Bonnie Rosenfeld
Ken & Janet Rosenfield
Benjamin & Marta Rosenthal
Jennifer Rolnick Rosenthal
Lauren Rosenthal
Rachel Rosenthal
Moshe & Deborah Rosenwein
Jordan Rossen
Warren & Alissa Roston
Norman & Emily Rotenberg
Michael & Rennie Roth
Jeffrey & Susan Rothman
Russell & Nina Rothman
Leor & Hillary Roubein
Gail & Richard Rubel
Eric & Patricia Rubin
Jean-Paul Rudell
Ellen & Jeff Sadur
Peter Safirstein & Ruth Susnick
Beverlee & Stuart Sagel
Cyrus Sakhai
Michael & Julie Salinger
Robert Salzberg
Marsha & Marc Salzman
Michael & Susan Samuels
Andrew Sandler & Karen Garber
Steven & Cheryl Schanes
Richard & Linda Schapiro
Shira Scheindlin &
Stanley Friedman
Michael Scher & Karen Lederer
Suanne & David Scherr
Marc & Janet Schneider
Alvin & Susan Schoenberger
Andrew & Esther Schorr
Mark & Lillian Schostak
Bradley & Judith Schram
Steven & Elizabeth Schubiner
Allan Schuster & Cynthia Sherman
Alan & Marianne Schwartz
Arnold & Susan Schwartz
Daniel Schwartz & Shira Lipsky
Lorraine Schwartz
Marc & Kim Schwartz
Nolan & Barbara Schwartz
Richard & Jane Schwartz
Steven Schwinder & Jane Dystel
Martin & Carol Segal
David & Judy Segaloff
Lenny Segel & Lynn Keidan-Segel
Robert & Anita Seidemann
24 • University of Michigan Hillel
Jill Seigerman
Jessica & Alan Semel
Jared Sender
Michael & Lisa Senter
Daniel & Sharon Serota
Susan & Bradley Shafer
Tilly Shames
Elise Shanfeld
Daniel & Annette Shapiro
Jay & Karen Shapiro
Matthew Shapiro & Susan Garetz
Nancy & Alan Shapiro
Jacqueline & Benjamin Shapo
Philip & Joyce Sharfstein
Raymond & Barbara Sherbill
Marc & Sarah Sheridan
Jonathan & Francine Sherman
Donna Shewach & Stanton Elias
Gary & Lisa Shiffman
Jeff & Barbara Shillman
Margaret & Mehrdad Shooshani
David & Deborah Shtulman
Steven & Joyce Shwedel
David Shyer & Kim Brody-Shyer
Bluma & Leonard G. Siegal
Eric Siegal & Jeanne Howard
Alex Siegel
Arnold Siegel & Judith
Wippman Siegel
Michael Siegel & Susan Felzer
Rachel & Rich Siegel
Ruth Siegel
Margery Silberstein &
Leonard Bloom
Susan Sills Levey
Julie & Scott Silverman
Michael Silverman &
Sheryl Ontell-Silverman
Ronnie & Bonnie Silverman
Mark & Sharon Sklansky
Arnold & Joyce Sklar
Ron & Morgan Sklar
Barry & Linda Slotnick
Kathleen Smith
Michael Smith & Sheri Goldberg
Sue & Arthur Smith
Gary & Francine Snyder
Jeffrey & Lynn Snyder
Jill & Steven Sokol
Steven & Laurine Solomon
Richard Sorman
Scott & Stephanie Sosnik
Martin & April Spiegelman
Melissa & Michael Spiesman
Allan Spivack
Mark & Lisa Spivack
Felix Spivak
Mario & Naomi Spivak
Barbara & Anthony Squire
David & Tami Stapf
Aaron & Rebecca Starr
Myron & Deborah Stayman
Doris Steg
Jon Steiger & Darby Miller Steiger
Eric & Virginia Stein
David & Joyce Steinberg
Tamara & Michael Steinberg
Andrew & Rona Steinerman
Randolph Stern & Carol Whitehead
Mark & Stacy Sternberg
Michael & Alicia Stillman
Tracie & Evan Stolove
Emil & Rosa Strashnov
Michael & Cara Strashnov
Lori & Victor Strauss
Michele Strauss
Susan & Mark Stumer
Jeff & Janis Susskind
Richard & June Swartz
Kevin Swieca
Martin & Esta Swig
Donald & Cindy Tanenbaum
Larry & Roberta Tankanow
Ilene & Evan Tannor
Russell & Robyn Tanz
Steven & Benay Taub
Stephen & Ellen Taylor
Corey Teblum
Warren Tessler
Bruce & Ileane Thal
Michael Traison
Jordan & Erica Tritt
Howard & Marcia Ufberg
Cary Verasco
Jay & Marianne Victor
Miriam Volk
Elliott & Felise Wachtel
Robert & Florie Wachtenheim
Susan & Paul Wachter
Donald & Dottie Wagner
Linda & David Walke
David & Barbara Wallace
Robert & Irene Walters
Robert & Marcia Warner
Alisa Warshay
David & Ellen Wasserman
Kenneth & Linda Wasserman
Jodi & Stephen Waterman
Mark & Susan Weber
Joseph Wein
Ellen & Hadley Weinberg
Franne & William Weinberg
Neal & Susan Weinberg
Kevin & Michelle Weiner
Erika & Allen Weisberg
Steven & Lori Weisberg
Shana & Allen Weiss
Benjamin Berger &
Rachel Weiss-Berger
Charles & Aida Weissman
Jay Welford
Jeremy Werner
Arlene & Neil Wexler
Louis & Mary White
Steven Winick
Jeffrey & Linda Winter
Jerold & Karen Wish
Linda & Jerome Wisselman
Bill Witte & Keiko Sakamoto
Laurie J. Levin & Fred S. Wittenstein
Alix Wolf
Barry Wolf & Sarah Jacobson
Mitchell & Suzanne Wolf
Steven & Joyce Wolitzer
Ronit & Chaim Wollstein
Harvey & Carole Wolsh
Alan & Shira Woronoff
Ralph & Beverly Woronoff
Richard & Claire Yaffe
Amy Yenkin & Robert Usdan
Alan & Beverly Yost
Andrew Zaikis & Carol Aiken
Michael & Sandra Zellinger
Jonathan Zeltser &
Liat Bronfeld Zeltser
Jay & Idyth Zimbler
Jerald Zimmerman &
Elaine Suchman
Robert & Teresa Zimmerman
Philip & Marla Zipin
Paul & Linda Zlotoff
Michael Zuckerman
Gary & Renee Zussman
Milton & Lois Zussman
Anonymous (3)
Patrice Aaron
Jack & Betty Abelson
James & Jamie Abelson
Gerald & Gloria Abrams
Harry & Gay Abrams
Helaine & Donald Abrams
Sharon & Matthew Abramsky
Lee & Meryl Abramson
Dorit Adler
Laura & Mark Adler
Nelida Adler
Victor & Debora Aghion
Diane Agresta
George & Paula Akst
David Alexander
Shelley & Ian Alexis
Catherine & Mandel Allweil
Elizabeth Alpern
Gary & Janet Alpert
Mark & Brenda Altus
Allen & Karen Amber
Alisa & Jeffrey Ambrose
Aaron & Susan Amster
Frank Anderson & Marcia
Caren & Laurence Appel
Avery Appelman &
Cindy Tarshis Appelman
Michael & Michelle Appleman
Jamie & Melissa Arnold
Daniel & Joanne Aronovitz
Michael & Helene Aronson
Amy & Douglas Ashinsky
Steve & Susan Atkins
Charles & Deborah Averbook
James & Susie Axelrad
Norman & Alison Axelrod
Sean & Sharon Baartmans
Eric & Lori Babat
Diane & Bob Bacine
Jeffrey & Gerilyn Bader
Joshua & Nancy Bailin
Robert & Nancy Bain
Todd & Miriam Bakal
Laurence & Maxine Baker
Evan & Dina Bakst
Philip & Lisa Baratz
Stuart & Miriam Barish
Elsy & Neil Baron
Gretchen Baron
Rachel Baron
Phillip & Julie Barr
Richard Barr & Nancy Welber Barr
Brian & Margaret Batt
Harriet & Michael Baum
Michael & Sara Baumrin
Wendy Bear
Felicia Becker
Katherine Beitner
Marc & Jean Benjoya
Eric Bensky & Amber Cottle
Ronald & Barbara Berg
Ari Berger & Naomi Brenner
Jeffrey & Rachel Berger
Martin Berger
Ruth Ann Bergstein
Arthur & Lisa Berkowitz
Dan & Diane Berkowitz
David Berkowitz & Susan Klein
Ria Berkus
James & Diane Berliner
Paul & Debra Berman
Simon & Julie Bernfeld
James & Roberta Berns
Avi & Nancy Bernstein
Heidi & Evan Bernstein
Sheldon & Barbara Berry
Judith Berson
Wayne Berson
Paul Besl
Aaron & Tammy Betel
Beth Tfiloh Congregation
Saul & Jane Bialilew
Brian & Dina Biesman
Andrew Bilzin
Linda Binder
Patricia Binder
Maurice Binkow
Caryn & Ronald Bittker
Louise Bittker
Amy & Jason Black
Frederick & Doris Blechman
Susan Blitz
Karen Blitz Shabbir
Douglas & Barbara Bloom
Brynna & Sam Bloomfield
Ari Blumenthal & Sharon Parrott
Marc Blumenthal & Sharon Veis
Marjory & William Blumenthal
Stuart & Marci Bodner
Stephen & Tanya Bodzin
Seth Bonder
Carolyn Borman
George & Jane Bornstein
Marc & Michele Borovoy
Enoch & Liz Brater
Alan Braun
Mark Braunstein
Charles & Diana Bresinger
Michele & David Breslin
Neil & Stacy Brickman
Marcy Bristol
Amy & Adam Brode
James & Darlene Broderick
Frederick & Darla Brodsky
Cynthia Brody
Daniel & Honey Bronson
Louis & Liliana Brotchner
Lorraine & Joel Brown
Morris & Rhonda Brown
Robert & Elissa Brown
Myra Browne
David Brownstein & Allison Selko
Meryl Brownstein & Ted Friedman
Bernie & Eileen Brunwasser
Miriam & Henry Brysk
Eric Bukstein
Robyn & Philip Burchman
Murray & Beth Burke
Iraida Burman
Marvin & Carol Burman
Amanda & Brian Burnovski
Ian & Marcy Burnstein
Mark Burstein
Rena & Fernando Campos
Bonnie Canner
Beverly & Robert Canvasser
David & Joanne Canvasser
Hadwin Card & Diana Lowenthal
Rita & Gary Carleton
Nancy Carpey
James Cassel
Joyce Cassen & Norman Levey
Stanley Chadsey
David & Ilene Chait
Alan & Marilyn Chandross
Fred Chanowski
Jeffrey & Karen Charen
Larry & Sheryl Charleson
Joel & Ellen Charm
Patricia & Mike Cherry
Rebecca Chinsky
Robert & Susan Citrin
Gerald & Joanne Cohen
Jeffrey & Sherrie Cohen
Karen Cohen
Serge Cohen & Mireille Kena-Cohen
Sheldon & Erma Cohen
Steven & Margaret Cohen
Gerald & Patricia Cohn
Sandra & Jay Colvin
Gary & Sharon Constantine
David & Shelly Cooke
Arnold & Susan Coran
Scott Corin & Nina Blumenthal
Jeri & Jamie Craig
Sarah Crane
Stacey Crane
Frances Cullen
Matthew & Jessica Daitch
Ilan & Linda Dallal
Paula & Richard Dank
Marcos & Debora Dantus
Lisa & Stephen David
Cheryl Davidson & Alan Kusinitz
Howard & Francee Davine
Janet & Koorosh Dawoodi
Ivan & Jillian Diamond
Mark & Lois Diamond
Robert & Ellen Dobrusin
Mitchell & Leslie Dorf
Aaron & Deborah Dworin
Michael & Terri Dworkin
Steven & Carol Dworkin
Lewis Ebstein
Richard & Myrna Edgar
Robin & Paul Ehrmann
Mark & Susan Eig
Lawrence Eilender & Amy Goldfaden
Harvey & Janis Eisman
Charles and Robin Elkin
Hubert Elkins
Philip & Estelle Elkus
Michael Ellenhorn
Catherine M. Ellison
Mark & Susan Elowsky
Marcy Engel & Stuart Cobert
David & Stephanie Englander
Irving & Estelle Epstein
Judith & Samuel Epstein
Richard & Anne Epstein
Rick & Marcie Eskin
Robin & Joanne Estes
Mindy & David Falk
Leonard & Dolores Farber
Louis & Sheila Feigelson
Marc Feiglin & Andrea Rybak-Feiglin
Jacob Feit
Edmund & Frances Feldman
Janice & Steven Feldman
Michael & Susan Feldman
Peter & Shelley Fenyes
Carol Fine
Rick & Carol Fine
Carol Finerman
Robert & Meryl Finkelman
Lonnie Firestone
Suzette & Michael Fisher
Robert Fleshner & Phyllis Aaronson
Ernest & Margot Fontheim
Neil & Alisa Forrest
Amy Jablin Forseter
Jonathan & Rochelle Forstot
David & Beverly Frank
Ken & Joanne Frankel
Marlene Frankel
Ira & Judy Frazer
Stuart & Jennifer Freedland
Robert & Barbara Freedman
Gary & Stefany Freeman
Lester & Amy Karen Friedlander
Mark & Andrea Friedlander
Cecelia Friedman
Jack Friedman
Robert Friedman & Gretchen Hecht
www.umhillel.org • 25
L.J. Fromm
Michael Fromm &
Susan Labes Fromm
Harold Frysh & Wendy Burk
Joseph & Rita Futterman
Edward & Carolyn Gabelman
Sharon & Ronald Gadoth
Richard & Lynn Garb
Judith Garber
Richard & Lisa Garfinkel
Claire & David Gebler
Howard & Leta Gebler
Robert Gelber & Anna Hackman
Jayne & Martin Geller
Harvey & Phyllis Gendler
Marion & Howard Gershman
Elliot H. Gertel & Jamie R. Morris
Cheryl & Marc Ginsburg
Terri Ginsburg & Jeffrey Spoon
Jack Gold
Carol & Mitchell Goldberg
Mark & Miriam Goldberg
Tessa Goldberg
Kim Golden
Jill & Ami Goldfein
Sheila & Marvin Goldklang
Deborah Goldman & Howard Levine
Rachel Goldman
Reisha & Michael Goldman
Carol Goldman Klein & Mitchell Klein
Ethan Goldsmith
Gary & Deborah Goldstein
Irwin Goldstein & Martha Mayo
Jonathan & Harriet Goldstein
Lauren & David Goldstein
Steven & Susan Goldstein
Tamas Gombosi
Jeffrey & Molly Goodman
Paul & Barbara Goodman
Deborah Gordon & Marc Thomas
Michael & Catherine Gordon
Suzon & A. David Gordon
Ellen & Bart Gorin
Bruce & Tamara Gorosh
John & Marcy Gottesman
Seth Gould
Kristine & Jeffrey Grabell
Shelly & Warren Grafstein
Hadar & Lois Granader
Jeanne Greco & James Jacobs
Maurice & Beatrice Greenbaum
Daniel & Illana Greenberg
Jayson & Laurie Greenberg
Susan J. Greenberg
Alan & Linda Greenfield
Merwyn & Harriet Greenlick
Warren & Gail Greenspoon
Caroline & Mark Grinfeld
Andrew & Amy Grolnick
Sheldon & Judith Grosberg
Alon Grosman
Arnold & Judy Gross
Barry & Susan Gross
Stuart & Joan Gross
Bernard Grosser
David & Donna Grossman
Ronald Grossman & Diane Wagner
Sherry & Daniel Gumbiner
Karen & Louis Gurwitch
Mitchell & Sharyn Gusler
Diane Gutmann & Thomas Palay
Bruce & Julie Guttman
Harold & Lana Guttman
Judy & Steven Hagen
Michael & Iris Hamroff
Robert & Renee Handelsman
Howard Handler & Wendy
Kranitz Handler
Lawrence & Hilary Handler
Patricia & Mark Haron
Nancy Harris & Mitchell Rodman
Martin & Sharon Hart
Julie & Stanley Hazan
Gilda (z”l) & Morris Hecht
Leslie & Stacy Heffez
Amy & Gary Heimberg
Robert & Nancy Heinrich
Robert Helfend & Kimberly Byron
Jason & Wendy Heltzer
Richard & Sandra Hendin
Arthur & Annlee Herbstman
Peter & Norma Herrick
Stuart Hertzberg
William & Marlene Herzig
Beth & Marc Hirsch
Jerry & Nancy Hirsch
Lisa Hochberger
Ruth & Martin Hochberger
Dale & Sharona Hoffman
Lisa & Bruce Hoffman
26 • University of Michigan Hillel
Paul & Sharon Hoffman
Leo & Harriet Hollander
Norman Holtz & Nadine Appel Holtz
Hope Horn
Debbie & Mitch Horwitz
Nancy & Craig Huber
Sharyn & Robert Hyman
Milton & Sheila Hyman
David & Lilly Icikson
Brenda & Bailie Imber
Martin Ingall
Leonard & Celeste Ingber
Robin Isaacs
Laura J. Isenstein
Joan Israel
Seth Jackier
Amy & Steven Jacobs
Barbara & David Jacobs
Barry Jacobs
Paul & Susie Jacobs
David Jacobson
Denise & Alan Jaffe
Joan & Robert Jampel
Jerry & Beverly Jerome
Daniel Joels
David & Etta Jonas
Jodie Joseph
Sue & Randy Joseph
Ari Kahan
Robert & Candace Kahan
Bob & Pat Kahn
Robert & Beatrice Kahn
Denise & Fred Kalt
Andrew Kaminsky
Carolyn Kanagy
Leonard & Jill Kaplain
Julie Kaplow & Alan Prossin
Doron Lamm & Smadar Karni
Elliot & Sharon Karp
Judith & Daniel Katsin
Annbeth Katz
Simon & Francine Katz
Steven Katz & Claire Lieberman
Jacqueline Kaufman
Barbara Kaye
Ellen & Richard (z”l) Kaye
Franklin & M. Lane Kelemen
Scott & Cindy Kellman
Michael & Amy Kellogg
Daniel & Cheryl Kendis
Laurie & Paul Kentor
Brian & Fern Kepes
Steven & Robin Kerzer
Edward & Martha Kimball
Penelope & Robert Kinzer
Heidi & Jim Kirsch
Jeffrey & Elit Kirschenbaum
Ross Kirschner
Eva & Dan Kleeman
Marc Klein & Patricia Topping Klein
Nancy & Howard Klein
Robert & Marian Klein
Saralyn Klein
Felice & Eric Kobrick
Daniel & Laura Koffsky
Deborah Kopinsky
Joel Kopinsky
Rabbi Sandford Kopnick:
Valley Temple
Moshe Kornfeld & Rachel Feder
Deborah Kosofsky
Mark & Rina Kotok
Edward & Elsa Kramer
Meryl Kramer
Seth & Stephanie Krantz
Neal & Sarah Krasnick
Robert Krasny
Ari & Lin Kresch
Samuel Kriegman
Hal & Audrey Krisbergh
Phillip & Syma Kroll
Simone Krug
Riki & Ira Kucheck
Laurie Kuntz
Bianna Kurutin
Spencer Lader
Lorraine Laighold
Richard & Rachail Laine
Irving & Beverly Laker
Steven & Marcy LaKind
Mark & Suzanne Lampert
Bryan & Judith Lapidus
Robert & Sheila Lash
Theodore & Wendy Lawrence
Lawrence & Melissa Lax
Dennis & Ruth Leader
Diane & Joey Lebovic
Terran & Roger Leemis
Robin & Stuart Leibach
Daniel & Gail Leitman
Beth & Todd Leonard
Melvin Lester
Alytia Levendosky & David Nacht
David & Grisel Levene
Henry Levin & Pilar Soler
Jeffrey & Susan Levin
Myles & Michele Levin
Lawrence & Michele Levine
Lori & Howard Levine
Susan & Richard Levine
Nancy & Michael Levinson
Joel & Joan Levitt
Howard Levy & Faith Frankel Levy
Jordan & Holly Levy
Reuben & Jill Levy
Susan & Howard Levy
Stephen & Debra Lewin
Ruth Licht
Mark & Susan Lichterman
Maria Lieber
Ronald & Elizabeth Lieberman
Miriam & M. Patrick Light
Debra & Edward Linkner
Stephen & Elizabeth Lipkin
Daniel & Paula Lipnik
Doris Lipnik
Sue Lipsey
Leon & Sheri Lipshitz
Irving & Dorothy Litt
Leslie & Robert Littman
Esther Littmann
Lillian & Jay Litvack
Gabriel & Jolie Loeb
Steven & Martha Loewenthal
Jeffrey & Ellen London
Rabbi Andrea London: Beth Emet
Asher Lopatin &
Rachel Tessler Lopatin
Ronald & Jacqueline Lorfel
Bruce & Susan Luria
Todd & Nancy Lurie
Steven & Ellen Lux
Robert & Judith Mack
Marilyn Madorsky & Robert McClain
Paul & Leslie Magy
Susan & Dicron Mahakian
Ian & Karen Malatesta
Mark & Carolyn Mallinger
Joel Mandel
Kenneth & Andrea Marcus
Eugene & Galina Marder
Barry & Elaine Margolis
Philip & Nancy Margolis
Jeffrey & Joni Marine
Kenneth & Marlene Markison
Steven & Carolyn Marks
Myron & Ilyse Marlin
Judy & John Marx
Daniel & Helene Mathisson
Daniel Mathless
Leslie & Jordan Mayer
Greg & Susan McMains
Stephen Mechanick & Debra Subar
Michael & Janice Meisel
Seth & Michele Meisler
Brian Meister
Robert & Karen Meister
Michael Mellen
Brian & Rosemary Meltzer
Morton & Rosaly Meltzer
Hannah & Jeffrey Mensch
Lee & Francine Mergentime
Deena & Daniel Messinger
Corey Metz
Keith & Sharon Meyer
Jeffery Meyers
Amy Miller & Gregory Brandner
Arthur Miller
Jerome & Laura Miller
Lee & Lauren Miller
William Miller & Kathleen Koehler
David Milobsky & Andrea Karp
Jeffrey & Barbara Mirel
Norman & Lisa Mirsky
Carrie Mitnick
Stuart & Joan Mitnick
Jeff & Patty Mitter
Mark & Gail Mizruchi
Susan Moiseev
Leslie & Michael Molder
Jonathan and Stephanie More
Charlene Morris
Cyril Moscow
Mark & Susan Moskowitz
Marcia Muth Miller
Todd Nabi
Nancy Nadler & Kenneth Fogel
Brian & Marsha Nagorsky
Glenn & Danielle Nathan
Michael & Laurie Nedelman
Monica & Yoel Neman
Anthony & Monise Neumann
Daniel Newman
Kayla & Jonathan Niles
Charles & Elaine Noon
Bobby Nooromid
James & Renee Novakoff
Arthur Nusbaum
David & Deborah Oleshansky
Harold & Janice Orbuch
Susan & Daniel Orman
Anne & Bradley Orvieto
Hillary & David Oser
Sharon Page
John & Barbara Paglione
Mark & Debra Paige
Robert & Susan Paletz
Joanne & Eli Papir
Howard & Marcia Parven
Steven Peale & Melissa Lamb-Peale
Edwin & Sue Pear
Lawrence & Vincine Pearlstein
Marianne & Jerome Pesick
Paul & Elvira Petigrow
Donald & Deborah Peven
Michael Pfeiffer
Jacquelyn Pierce
Marsha Pinson
William Plevan & Sara
Susan Pollans & Alan Levy
Mark Pollock
Lillian Port
Shena Potter Jaffee &
Brian Potter Jaffee
Brad & Sahalee Price
Debbie & Gil Priel
Wayne & Barbara Prigoff
Beth Probinsky
Rosemary & Robert Putnam
Elizabeth & Eric Rabkin
Lisa & Michael Radin
Alden & Erica Raine
Rachel & Michael Raphael
Aaron & Deborah Rapoport
Arthur & Martha Raskin
Allison & Mitch Reiver
Steven & Aggie Renner
Barbara Ribacoff
Diane & Kenneth Richter
Ellis Rifkin (z”l)
Elliott & Anna Ring
Michael & Sandra Robbins
Georgia & Murray Robinson
Myra Rochelson
Jeffrey & Michelle Rodney
Shari Rogers
Robert & Anne Rogoff
Barry & Sharon Rosenberg
Howard & Brenda Rosenberg
Samuel & Meryl Rosenberg
Stuart Rosenberg
Robert & Janet Rosenblum
Robert & Joan Rosenblum
Stephen Rosenblum & Rosalyn Sarver
Robert & Sheri Rosenfeld
Jay & Barbara Rosenfield
Harold Rosenn
Eric & Lisa Rosenstock
Alan & Karen Rosenthal
Brenda & Jay Rosner
Cecilia & Joel Roth
Ed & Wendy Rothman
Mark & Shelly Rubenfire
James & Barbara Rubenstein
Barry & Rochelle Rubin
Stanlee & Gerald Rubin
Jack & Rivka Rubinfeld
Sergio & Anat Rubinstein
John Ruskay & Robin Bernstein
Deborah & Jonathan Salinger
Israel & Michaela Samuelly
Steven & Lisa Sands
Mark & Cindy Saper
David & Nancy Sarne
Ester Sarraf
Richard Saslow
Uzi & Ayelet Sasson
Marjorie & Saul Saulson
Carie & Spencer Sax
Joseph & Barbara Scaglione
Steve & Robin Scari
Richard & Amy Schafrann
Ari Scharg
Cathy & Gary Scharmett
Susan Scheinman
Martin Schepsman & Ellen Zwalsky
Leland & Janice Schermer
Lauren Schiff
Howard & Debbie Schiller
Craig & Allison Schlanger
Wendy & Leslie Schlesinger
Harriet & Neil Schor
George Schott & Elizabeth Rimer
Beatrice Schreter & Charles Rose
David & Monica Schteingart
Daniel Schultz & Orit Kamir
Charles & Catherine Schwartz
Debra Schwartz & Howard Brick
Doreen & Louis Schwartz
Howard & Jill Schwartz
Ilene P. Schwartz
Jonathan & Oriyan Schwartz
Lawrence & Sharon Schwartz
Marc & Terri Schwartz
Shirley & Carl Schwartz
Herman Schwarz &
Lori Kagan Schwarz
Sharon & Don Segal
Evan & Barbara Sehgal
Steven & Jody Seidman
Michael & Marcy Seiler
Richard & Susan Seiler
Harriet Selin
Matthew Seplowe
Robin & Howard Seplowe
Gary & Rachel Sesser
Anatoli & Diana Shabashov
Jonathan Shaevitz & Karen Blumberg
Joseph & Marla Shafran
Alexander Shaftal
Liz & Billy Shaid
Loren & Robyn Shalinsky
Barb & Jon Shane
A. Brett & Marcia Shankman
Corey & Amy Shanus
Jack & Andra Shapiro
Jane & David Shapiro
Judith Share
Bruce Shaw & Susan Kessler
Michael & Catherine Shecter
Michael & Sara Sher
Eugene Sherizen
Burton & Suzanne Shifman
Wayne & Elizabeth Shore
Sharon & Stephen Shpeen
Adam & Lorna Siegal
Deanne & Norman Siegal
Eric & Rhonda Siegel
Marvin & Gloria Siegel
Debra Siegel & Robert Altman
Barbara Silberman
Arthur & Sheryl Silverman
Denise Silverman
Isadore & Evelyn Silverman
Paula Silverman & Robert Wolff
Craig Silverstein
David & Melissa Simon
Edwin & Barb Simon
Marla & Mark Simon
Sharon & Brad Simon
Stuart Sinai & Carole Shaw
Eric & Andrea Singer
Daniel Sinykin & Jodi Habush
Melvin & Lenore Sirner
Edward Siskin & Alison Lorber
Michael & Meryl Skinder
Robert Sklar & Brenda Moskovitz
Joshua Skoff
Lori & Richard Skoller
Diane & Randy Slovin
David & Rae Smerling
Marilyn Smith
Bruce & Gail Smoler
Sylvan & Joan Sobel
Levi Sokol
Pam & Bob Solomon
Robert & Marjorie Solomon
Errol & Patricia Soskolne
Stephanie Spiegel
Jay & Sandra Stark
Kenneth & Maxine Steckler
Lawrence & Mary Steele
Perry & Lisa Steinberg
Steven & Lynne Steindel
Brandon & Mara Steiner
Michael & Joyce Stellman
David Stern & Alexandra Ackerman
Hillary Stern
Julie & William Stern
Stewart & Lydia Stern
Randy & Amy Sternberg
Howard Stewart
Lisa Stollman-Smouha
Adam Stolz
Danny Stoney
Jerome & Judith Subar
Craig & Lori Sumberg
www.umhillel.org • 27
Edward Surovell
Phyllis Tabachnick
Aharon & Becky Tal
Jill Talus
Andrea & Michael Tannenbaum
Michael & Dafna Tarlowe
Glenn & Stephanie Teplitz
Bernard & Yudit Terry
Michael & Judith Thoyer
Ronald Tischler & Andrea Bricker
David & Yolanda Tisdale
Claude & Sharyl Titche
Phil & Sandra Tochterman
Arthur & Anita Travers
Debra & Sam Tucker
Daniel & Lidia Turner
Steven & Amy Uffner
Ayse Uras
Harry & Abby Vine
Amiram Vinokur &
Diane Kaplan Vinokur
Susan & Steven Visoky
Amy & Andrew Vogel
Cynthia & Lewis Wagner
P. Steven Wainess
Joseph & Cheryl Wald
Darwin & Karen Walker
Michael Wall
Hank & Elizabeth Walter
James & Priscilla Warner
Steven Weasen & Stephanie Knapp
Naomi Weckstein & Elliot Pachter
David & Joan Weinbaum
Judy & Mitchell Weiner
Shirley Weiner Green
Stanley & Eileen Weinstein
Elise Weisbach
David & Allison Weiss
Paul & Ruth Weiss
Susan Weiss
Jay & Carol Weissbrot
Eric Weissler & Cindy Forman
Diane & Richard Wender
Mark & Sally Wender
Gary & Donna Weyman
Marla & Barney Whitesman
Susan & Bennett Williams
Patrick Wilson & Roberta Koz-Wilson
Jeffrey & Robyn Winik
Kim & Michael Winn
Mark Wittow & Gail Gatton
Glen Wolf
Michael Wolf
Laurence Wolff & Miriam Daniel
Paul & Kathy Wolfson
Daniel & Laura Wolkoff
Nina Wortzel-Hoffman
Richard Wurtman
Joan & David Wynn
William Yeaton
Julie Yolles
Murray & Elinor Yolles
Herbert Yoskowitz
Elissa Young
Joel & Mindy Young
Amy & David Zagin
Yuriy Zaltsman & Esther Rabinovitch
Harvey & Diane Zameck
Caryn & Allan Zelinger
Harvey & Judith Zeller
Yasha & Tanya Zelmanovich
Jeffrey Zheutlin
Natan & Lori Zimand
Inge Zimmerman
Michael & Charlotte Zinder
Robert Zinn & Darlene Berkovitz
Jeffrey & Susan Zipkin
Edward & Linda Zizmor
Ronna & Steven Zoll
Julie Zomick
Marc Zupmore
Howard Zwickel & Evelyn Tenenbaum
Sara & Timothy Zwickl
Anonymous (6)
Francine Aber
Donna & Ken Abosch
Jacques Abrams
Stephen & Robin Abrams
David & Alice Abramson
Joel & Judith Adelman
David & Rachel Adler
Deborah Agus & Robert Kleinman
Jennifer Allan & Marc Renouf
Michael Alterman
William & Ilana Altman
28 • University of Michigan Hillel
Mark Altschul
Marc Altschull
Lori Amer
David & Helen Aminoff
Matthew & Jennifer Andelman
Lawrence Ansel
Russell Apfel
Michael Appel & Ruth Kraut
Terry & Rhona Arbit
Lisa Arian & Larry Pollack
William & Isa Aron
Susanne Aronowitz & Robert Schulhof
Jason Aronson
Thomas & Jaclyn Aronson
Muriel Levis Asch
Viatcheslav Avshalumov
Ira Baer & Andrew Tabatchnick
Miriam Bailin & Paul Rosenzweig
Neil & Deborah Baker
Marc & Wendy Bakst
Robert & Trudy Balogh
David & Lori Bargas
Benson & Susan Barr
Janet Barudin
Beth Baskin
Lenore Becker
Ruth Behar & David Frye
Steve & Julie Belkin
Alan & Susan Bendes
Daniel & Beth Benjamin
Jaye & Nancy Benjamin
Leonard & Rita Benjamin
Lynn Benore & Bruce Cohen
Rhea Bensman & Jeff Monin
Michael Berenhaus
Kenneth & Cheryl Berger
Rachel Berger
Carol & Seymour Berman
Joshua Berman
Lisa & Gary Berman
Richard & Jennifer Berman
Ken & Monica Brockmeyer
Ronald Bernstein
Robert & Dagmar Berry
Corey & Terese Bertcher
Marcus & Amy Besser
Jack Billi & Sheryl Hirsch
Jonathan Bilmes & Barbara Becker
Jeremy & Jennifer Black
Sidney Blackman & Linda Bolton
Karen & Ira Blank
Ian Blant & Wendy Seligson
Sherry & Segerman Blaskopf
Neal Blatt
Barry Blattman & Jane Borg
Donald & Roberta Blitz
Lisa & Glenn Blitzer
Beverly & Zachary Block
Alan & Kathleen Bloom
Theodore & Leah Blum
Olga & David Bluman
Lori Blumenstein-Bott & Dennis Bott
Stuart & Hortensia Bodker
Daniel & Jody Boorstein
William Boorstein
Claudia Borg
Bard Borkon & Julie Silverman
Benjamin Bornstein & Ellen
Sidransky Bornstein
Morton & Lynne Borzykowski
Stuart & Vancy Boyar
Randall & Rhonda Brand
Jonathan Brateman
Arthur & Greer Braun
Jason & Hallie Bravo
Robert & Ilene Brehm
Karen & Andrew Brenner
Matthew & Sarah Brenner
Merrilee Broder
Rachel Brody
Ross Broms
Timothy & Marilyn Broms
Jean Brown
Leonard & Phylis Brown
Lewis & Michelle Brown
Michelle Browne & Joel Persky
Mark & Sherry Bruni
Shara & Ken Bubes
Leslie & June Buch
Harvey & Joan Bucholtz
Luba Burman
Margit Burmeister
Lawrence & Sandra Burnstein
Laurie & Bruce Bzura
Hillary & Michael Canning
David & M. Catherine Cantor
Eric & Cynthia Celt
Manford & Barbara Cetner
Steven Chameides
Andrew & Beth Chapman
Natalie & Jay Chason
Ronald & Stephanie Chervin
William & Janine Chey
Edward & Rebecca Chudacoff
Joan Churchill
Margaret & Steven Cicurel
Allen & Elaine Cizner
Daniel & Diana Cohen
Deborah & David Cohen
Hope Cohen
Joshua Cohen
Karen Cohen
Larry Cohen
Stacey Cohen
Stephen Cohen
Stuart & Rolly Cohen
Josh Cohn
Theodore Cohn
Arnold & Dorothy Collens
Jeffrey Colman & Ellen Nissenbaum
Randy & Nancy Colman
Neil & Rachelle Cooper
Robert & Tina Cooper
Steven & Lori Cooper
Sarah Coulson
Robert Crespi
Suzan & Michael Curhan
Bradley & Ellen Cutler
Meredith & Michael Cymerman
Charles & Adena Cytron-Walker
Jayne Czik
Herb & Andrea David
Martin & Robin Davis
Naomi Davis
Penny & Laurence Deitch
Julie & Steven Deutch
Herbert & Susan Donner
Lori & David Dressler
Otto & Rochelle Dube
Ann & Gary Duchan
Ansel & Audrey Edidin
Nancy & Harris Effron
David Ehrmann & Mindy Schwartz
Erwin Eichen
Stephen & Genie Einstein
Avraham & Emily Eisbruch
Brooke Eisenstat
Steven & Jane Eisenstat
Dawn Eliashiv
Judith Elkin
Jacqueline & Lawrence Elkus
Frank & Lisa Ellias
Jared Ellias
Charles & Julie Ellis
Joseph & Michele Ellner
Randi Elman
Lawrence & Lorraine Elowsky
Julie & Michael Engelman
Daniel & Linda Englander
Amy & Michael Entin
Stuart Epstein
Jodey & David Ertman
Lydia Eskenazi
Stephanie Etkin
Leslie & Esther Evans
Mark Evans
Joshua Fagan
Renee & Mair Faibish
Marion & Burt Fainman
Gennady & Anessa Farber
Deborah & James Farrar
Lisa Fazertham
David & Loni Feinberg
Eric Feinberg
Eric & Dena Feldman
Miriam & Alan Feldman
Susan & Bob Fensterheim
Pat & Martin Fine
Richard Fine & Linda Hurwitz
Edward & Rhea Finkelstein
Reesa Fischer
Sandra Fish
Bruce Fisher & Patricia Colman
Richard and Mary Fisher
Janis Fishman Goldstein
Melvin & Wendy Flamenbaum
Thomas & Joanne Fleeter
Victor & Victorine Fleischman
Suzanne Fligiel
Shari Fogel
Lisa & David Forman
Sarah Jane Forman
Anthony & Susan Frank
Jonathan & Janette Frank
Lois Freedman
Orit Frenkel
Richard & Cynthia Frey
Melissa Friedland
Candace Friedman
Jeffrey & Laura Friedman
Martin & Jacquelyn Friedman
James & Ann Fuchs
Anna Funston
Bruce & Karen Furman
Richard & Valerie Galler
David Garcia
Harry & Harriet Garden
Paul & Joanne Geller
David & Robin Gelles
Lisa & Daniel Gendler
Steven & Joyce Gerber
Alan & Camille Gertler
Bonnie & Christopher Gibson
Scott Gitlin & Amy Meltzer
Harry Glanz
Richard & Rachel Glaser
Julie Glassman
Eric Glickman &
Melissa London
Jason Gluck
David Golbahar
Kenneth & Debra Goldberg
Matthew & Shira Goldberg
David Goldblum
Matthew Golden
Jill Goldenberg & Sidney Kriger
Andrea & Daniel Goldfarb
Allison Proper &
Greg Goldfeder
Michael & Monica Goldklang
Charles Goldman
Jessica & Peter Goldman
Craig & Elissa Goldsmith
Leizer Goldsmith &
Sharon Bray
Rachel Goldsmith &
Howard Ungar
Richard & Elaine Goldsmith
Bernice Goldstein
Esther & Murray Goldstein
Gary & Marla Goldstein
Jay & Bari Goldstein
Mindelle Goldstein
Neal & Nancy Goldstein
Neil & Karen Goldstein
Steven & Lory Goldstein
Lauren Goldstein Field
Irving & Joyce Gomolin
Ross Goodhart
Lisa & Bruce Gooel
Lynn Gordon
Marvin & Sylvia Gordon
Margie & Jeffrey Gorelick
Pearl Gorin
Steven Gottlieb
Robert & Roberta Granadier
Barbara & Bernard Grandis
Andrew & Dara Grant
David & Marion Grant
David Gray & Lisa Kleppel
Arie & Lori Greenberg
Edward & Karen Greenberg
Jonathan & Elana Greenberg
Marc Greenberger &
Julie Buch
Barry & Judith Greenblatt
Joshua E. Greene
Audrey Greenfeld
Ruth & Alan Greenthal
David Grey & Ellen Folbe
David Grischkan
Laurie Gross
Ellen & Barry Grossbaum
Genna Grossman
David Gruber & Yuri Yanari
Aleta & Ariel Grunberg
Arthur & Valerie Guild
Rose & Howard Gunty
Louis & Beth Guttman
Erez & Davida Haas
Debbie & Moshe Habshoosh
Barbara & Jan Halper
Eli & Julie Halpern
Herbert & Eileen Halpern
Clifford & Susan Hamburger
Rina & Michael Hanania
Jeffrey & Debra Handsman
Ira G. Harris
Meryl & Larry Harwood
Ralph & Sara Hattenbach
Paul & Jackie Haven
Philip Hegge &
Judith Leventhal
Sidney Heisler & Sarah Zamari
John Hendler
Joshua Henkin
Joel & Jennifer Herman
Lisa Herzberg
Fran & Daniel Heyman
Mark Heyman
Gary Hoberman
Polly & Herman Hochberg
Louis & Janet Hockenberg
Joanna & Nathaniel Holzman
Frederick Horowitz
Robert & Louise Horowitz
Gina & Arthur Horwitz
Terese & Tom Hunersen
Melvyn & Wendy Hyman
Saul & Eileen Hymans
Carrie Ingall Stein
Abe Ingber
Paul & Roberta Ingber
Ruth Irvings & Amy Shapiro
Jeanne & Richard Isaacson
Robert Israel
Joni Jablansky
David Jacobs
M. Orry & Sheila Jacobs
Marvin & Marilyn Jacobs
Shari & Marc Jacobson
Aric Jacover
Steven Jasper
Vered Jona
Ilene & Daniel Joseph
Stephen Josephson &
Sally Fink
John & Carolyn Judge
Rochelle & Jack Juni
Barry & Cathy Jurist
Andrea & Bruce Kadin
David Kahn & Diane
Newman Kahn
Laurence & Cynthia Kahn
Mitchell & Adela Kahn
Sheldon Kahn
Rachel Kalmowitz
Douglas & Mona Kanter
Scott & Julia Kantrowitz
Elisa Kapell
Rachel & Sheldon Kapen
Andrea & Douglas Kaplan
Ivan & Janet Kaplan
William & Rachel Kaplowitz
Marlene & Michael Karpas
Stephanie & Scott Kashkin
Stephen & Mercy Kasle
David & Carol Kastan
Jon & Rosa Kaswick
Harry & Susan Katz
Kenneth & Anne Katz
Neal & Susan Katz
Gerald & Anne Katzman
Ronna Katzman &
Kenny Whiteman
Ana & Lawrence Kaufman
Daniel Kaufman
Nina & Scott Kerr
Alice & Joe Kessler
Stefanie Kessler &
Gregory Larson
Lawrence Kestenbaum &
Mary Janice Gutfreund
Brett Kifferstein
Marsha & Warren Kifferstein
Paul & Leah Kileny
Robert Kinast
Mark Kirsch & Lisa Hanover
David & Elaine Kirshenbaum
Marsha & Michael Kistler
Zelda Klaiman
Alicia & Michael Klein
Joanne Klein
Krin & Etan Klein
Jerry & Nancy Kleinbaum
Rachelle & Andrew Knopf
Boris & Tatiana Kochubievsky
Jonathon Koenigsberg
Ida Kogan
Elissa Kohel
Martin Kohlenberg
Steven Kohn
Richard Koletsky &
Susan Braham
Raoul & Chava Kopelman
Joel & Kelly Kornblut
Alexander & Svetlana Korot
Ronald & Nurit Kotick
Howard Kowalsky
Mike & Linda Anne Kozminski
Melanie Kraft
Barry Kramer
Bruce Kramer &
Rita Kramer Davis
Michael & Cheryl Kramer
Richard & Laura Kraslow
Harvey Krasner
Donna Krasney &
Mark Fremont
Tracey Kritt
David Kroll
Todd & Shari Krouner
Lawrence & Ayleen Krugel
Raymond & Debra Kuhn
Holly Kuper & Hugh Harris
Ilona & Grigoriy Kupisk
Jeffrey & Barbara Kurland
Matthew & Ami Kuttler
Cory & Jill Kwait
Saaron Laighold
Zachary Lainer
Martin & Renee Laker
Caren Landau
Carter Laney
Mark & Lois Langberg
Jason & Stephanie Langwell
Donald & Gail Lansky
Sissi Lapides
Glenn & Natalie Lapin
Susan Lapoff
William & Pam Lashner
Ehud & Kathy Laska
Douglas Last
Anne Leavitt-Gruberger
Sharon & Jamie Lebovitz
Erica Lehrer
David Leitner
Barnet & Marcy Leland
Barbara & Peter Lemis
Irving & Nancy Leon
Julie & Amir Leshem
Elizabeth Leshin
Margot & Lawrence Lessans
Sandi & David Lester
Drew Levin
Fred Levin & Cindi Brandt Levin
Kenneth & Jill Levin
William & Karen Levin
Alvin & Blanche Levine
Frederick Levine
Ronald & Deborah Levine
Adam & Leslie Levinson
Isaac Levy & Rosemary
Levy Zumwalt
Robert & Cherie Levy
Bernard Lewis
Harold & Ivy Lewis
Jennifer Lewis & Marc Bernstein
Rimona & Randy Lieberman
Victor & Sharon Lieberman
Susan Liebowitz
www.umhillel.org • 29
Julie & Sheldon Lincenberg
Terri Lindenberg
Eddie & Susie Linker
Adam Linkner
Jonathan & Priscilla Linn
Jerry Linsner &
Joanne Dresner
Nancy Liu & Victor Fox
Michelle Locke
Stuart Logan &
Deborah Szobel Logan
Teresa Love
Kim Lovy
Roger Lowenstein
J. Marvin & Ellen Lowenthal
Rebecca & Gregg Lurcott
Marian & Steven Lustig
Georgia Luxenberg
Perry MacNeille &
Elaine Cassen
Bert & Ilene Madwed
Miriam Magat
Betsy Mahlke & Steve Brown
Jonathan & Wendy Margolin
Benjamin Margolis &
Brenda Oelbaum
Beth & Michael Margolis
Marc Margolis
Marlene Margolis
Susan & Martin Markowitz
Joseph & Debra Marks
Steven & Michelle Marsch
Jennifer Martin
Jonathan Marwil
Steven & Sandra Matz
Jim & Randi Mayer
Jessica & Bradley Maze
Susan & Todd Maziar
Phyllis & Gordon McGlothlin
Terry & Semyon Meerkov
Leonard Meizlish
Jay & Michelle Mendelsohn
Kip & Bonnie Mercure
Dean & Stephanie Metter
Rachelle & Michael Metzger
Charles & Carla Meyer
Harvey Michaels &
Gloria Helfand
Carole & Eric Miller
Caroline Miller
David Miller
Doris Miller
Robert Miller
Pamela & Steven Mischel
Joseph & Amy Mishell
Larry & Judy Mishkin
Michelle Missaghieh &
Bruce Ellman
Mark & Barbara Mitchell
Jeremy & Elizabeth Modell
Melvin & Joyce Mogill
Joanne & Howard Molefsky
Jon Monger
Brian & Jessica Mono
Myrna Morganstern &
Russell Frackman
Stephen & Sharon
John Moro
Howard & Janis Morris
Evan & Deborah Morrison
Kathryn Moss
Douglas & Linda Mossman
Bruce & Gayle Moyer
Rebecca Murow
Jack & Laurie Myers
Ann Nachbar & David Frenkel
Linda Nack
James & Margot Narens
Joel & Cindy Nass
Louis & Abigail Natenshon
Kevin & Jodi Neff
Jack & Wendy Neinken
Martin & Sandra Nessel
K. Sidney & Marilyn Neuman
Daniel Neumann
David & Donna Neumark
Robert Newblatt
Jill Newfield
I. Suzanne Newhouse &
Roger Amenson
Jill & Andy Nieman
Kathie & Robert Norman
Morton Noveck
David & Gail Numark
Abigail Ochberg & Steven Ewer
Jennifer & Charles Ohana
Jamie & Peter Okin
Leonard & Michelle Ostroff
30 • University of Michigan Hillel
Michael & Susan Oxman
Elizabeth Paige & Perry Hull
Daniel & Barbara Palant
Hollis & Michael Panter
Philip Parker &
Fran Klein Parker
William Pearlman
Laurie & Sergio Pereira
Joel & Ruth Perlin
Daniel & Sheryl Perlman
Ellen Perlman
Emily & Scott Perlman
Richard & Judy Perlman
Mary Phillpotts
Nancy Pike Kreinik &
Gary Kreinik
Robert & Barbara Pincus
Stephen & Amy Pincus
Mikhail Pinelis
Renee & David Pinsky
Jill & Jack Pinto
Robert Piper
Wendy & Robert Plasko
Arnold Podolsky &
Shelly Allyn-Podolsky
Leonard & Judith Poger
Daniel & Barbara Pollack
Gregg Pollack &
Laurie Stevens
Bruce & Linda Pollekoff
John & Yuan Pollick
Judit & Steve Pomerantz
Michelle Poris &
David Bowbeer
Steven & Deborah Portney
Elliott & Estee Portnoy
Alan Posner
David Post &
Allison Goldberg
Lane Potkin & Jodie Jacobs
Fred & Sue Preis
Douglas & Leslie Quint
Marilyn Ratner
Richard & Ellen Ravreby
Midland Jewish Welfare
Scott Reich
Lionel & Gloria Reiman
Diane Reinheimer
Max & Mary Reiswerg
Marc & Deborah Renner
Gary & Nina Reses
Bess & Neil Resnick
Daniel Richter &
Micole Cohen Richter
Carol & Henry Rider
Alan & Rachel Risch
Elaine Robb
Marc & Lori Robinson
Rachel Robinson
Stephanie Robinson
Sharri & Greg Rochlin
Eve Rodsky
Richard & Sharon Roffman
Rory Rogel
Karen & Ben Romer
Michael & Susan Rontal
Rachel Rose
Marc Rosen &
Lynn Halper Rosen
Roy & Carol Rosen
Andrew & Marci Rosenberg
Howard & Ann Rosenberg
Jay Rosenberg
Marjorie Rosenberg
Dorrie Rosenblatt
Helene Rosenblatt
Michael Rosenblum
Daniel & Hope Rosenfeld
Steven & Sherri Rosenfeld
Arlen & Richard Rosenthal
Elan Rosenthal
Joel & Kate Rosenthal
Ellen & Michael Roskin
Mark & Debby Rosner
Harlene & Michael Ross
Stuart & Rochelle Rossman
Robert & Sheri Rotenberg
Elise & Lincoln Rowin
Allan & Lola Rubens
Donna Rubens
Jeffrey & Susan Rubenstein
Charles Rubin
Harvey & Karen Rumeld
Mitchell & Carole Rycus
Arden & Sari Rynew
Lorraine P. Sachs
David Sadownick
Scott Sagel
Oren Sagher & Susan Karp
Lisa & Larry Saks
Meryl & Marc Sakwa
Michael & Susan Salesin
Rhonda & Stuart Salins
Patricia & Steven Salk
Peter Salm &
Beth Blumencranz Salm
Jerrold Salmanson
Stewart Samelson & Judy Katz
Gary & Patrice Samuels
Edee & Larry Sands
David Saperstein &
Susan Knoppow
Gary & Amy Savatsky
Mindy & R. Michael Scarano
Marilyn & Ralph Schapira
Joel & Ellen Schaumberg
Steven Schaumberger
David & Marilyn Schechter
Perry & Faith Schechtman
Matthew & Marlene Schiff
Menachem & Renee Schilit
Pamela Schlussel
Tanya & Robert Schmertler
Richard Schmidt &
Debra Lerner-Schmidt
Jennifer Schneider
Jordan & Shelly Schreier
Arthur & Pamela Schwartz
Edward & Barbara Schwartz
Herman & Rona Schwartz
Lee & Bonnie Schwartz
Mark & Kathryn Schwartz
Abraham & Talya Schwarzberg
Daniel & Sarah Schweber
Sheryl & Jay Scolnick
Joshua Scott
Jordan & Roberta Sedler
Marc & Laurie Segal
Thomas Segall
Abe & Judith Seltzer
Susan B. Serwer
Ilana Shaffer
Eric Shafran
Caryn Shapiro
Harvey & Leslie Shapiro
Michelle Shapiro
Paul Shapiro
Samuel Shapiro
Wendy & Jeffrey Shapiro
Harriet & David Sharaf
Jami & Howard Sharfman
Karyn & Barry Shatzman
Shirley & Daniel Sheill
Robert & Ellen Sheiman
Oded & Miriam Shenkar
Scott Sher
Cecile Sheramy
Joel & Margaret Shere
Ivan & Judith Sherick
Gerald & Renee Sherman
Lorraine Sherman
Rennie Sherman &
William Willis
Jared Sherr
Paul & Rita Sherr
Jay & Bonnie Shevins
Howard & Aliza Shevrin
Jessica Shill & James Novak
Joel & Marilyn Shore
Barry Shulkin &
Patresha Mandel
Allen & Deborah Shulman
Brett Siegal
Marlene Siegal
Ronald & Caryn Siegel
Stephen D. Silver
Terri & Robert Silver
Terry Silver
Barney & Ruth Silverman
Eugene & Alida Silverman
Diane & Leon Silverstein
Steven & Ava Silverstein
Karen & Jonathan Simon
Lynn Simon-Perry &
Elliot Perry
Daniel & Robin Singer
Martin Singer
Scott & Joan Singer
Tobias Singer
Linda & Scott Sircus
Richard & Linda Sitman
Richard & Cathy Slavik
Esther Sleutelberg
Julie & Sheldon Sloan
Donald & Edith Slotkin
Bernie & Donna Smilovitz
David & Renate Smith
Zucel & Helaine Solc
Ronald Sollish &
Nancy Waldmann
Edward & Eva Solomon
Norman & Deborah Sorkin
Aleksandr & Helen Sorser
Howard & Tracey Sosnik
Roberta & Stephen Sperber
Robert & Mira Spiegel
Murray & Geraldine Spilman
Lori B. Spindell
Jeffrey Spinner Halev &
Elyza Richmon Halev
Edward & Linda Spitz
Alexander Spitzer & Ann
Silverman Spitzer
Leslie & Cindy Spodek
Aaron & Shulamith Spool
Allison Sporn
Richard & Joy Sposta
Reuven Stafford
Robert & Deborah Statfeld
Jonathan Steele
Jay & Jessy Stein
Karen & Jeffrey Stein
Joel & Florence Steinberg
Leon Steinberg
Susan Steinberg
Donald & Elizabeth Stern
Nell Stern
Sheldon Stern &
Marla Hornsten
Richard & Mary Stevens
Linda & Roger Stewart
Neil & Jennifer Stiber
Shaina & Bradley Sugar
Mark & Heidi Sussman
Betsy & Charles Swersky
Michael & Brenda Tainsky
Tama Tamarkin
A. Eli & Donna Taub
Jeffrey & Linda Taylor
Simond & Eva Taylor
Mark & Julie Teicher
Daniel & Milinda Teitelbaum
Robert & Debra Teitelbaum
Jay & Karla Teitler
Terry & Howard Tenebaum
Ruth & Stan Terry
Anthony & Joyce Tesoriero
David & Mary Tessler
Fariba & David Thomas
Alan & Suelly Tigay
Michele & Jeff Title
Stephen & Diane Tom
Laura & Eric Toubin
Janice Traison
Nancy Tresser
Jonathan Trobe &
Joan Lowenstein
Susan & Frederick Tucker
Elaine & Mark Tulis
Gregory Unatin
Olga & Ilya Veksler
Paul Venze
Richard & Ruth Wade
Judith & Mark Wadness
Karolyn Wallace &
John Broder
Harold & Debra Wanderman
Peter Ward
Andrew & Lynn Warheit
Bradley Wasserman
William Waxman
Charles & Tamar Weaver
Susan Webber
Kenneth & Linda Weber
Aron & Cheryl Weberman
Morris & Ida Weider
Steven & Sindy Weil
Allen Weinberger
Howard & Judy Weinblatt
Joshua Weiner
Stewart & Cheryl Weiner
Alice & Gerry Weinstein
Daniel Weisberg
Nancy & Glenn Weisbord
Caroline & Glenn Weiser
Deborah & James Weisman
Herbert & Esther Weiss
Bonnie & Richard Weiss
Gene Weisz
Zachary Weisz
Matthew Werber
Steven & Georgette
Natalie Westreich
Patricia & Martin Whalen
Steven & Ana White
Adam Whiteman &
Paula Teitelbaum
Suzanne Whitney
Jennifer Wiederkehr-Rothberg
& David Rothberg
Peter & Carrie Wiesel
Judith & Barry Wilansky
Stephen & Susan Wildstrom
Jacqueline Wilen
James & Ronna Willis
Joseph & Jessica Wilson
Nancy & Eric Winer
Robert Winfield
Irvin Wise
Jerry & Judy Wiskin
Ann Witkin
Michael & Samantha
Lee & Leslie Woldenberg
Hershel Wolf & Geet Engel
Andrew Wolfe &
Joanna DeWolfe
Michael & Helene Wolff
Paul & Wendy Yedwab
Alexander & Rita Yevzelman
Martin & Rochelle Yonas
Errol & Marlene Yudelman
David & Lory Yudin
Mark & Laura Zausmer
Lawrence & Jacqueline Zeff
Norman Zilber
Mark & Irina Zilberman
Jonathan Zimbler
Benjamin Zinder
Leon & Barbara Zolkower
Barry & Barbara Zolot
Eric & Denise Zonder
Kalman Zucker & Mary Haerr
Landon & Marilyn Zuckerman
(under $50)
Anonymous (13)
Marc Abrams
Marcy Abrams
Joanna Abramson
Esther Abramson-Krutz & Louis Krut
Steven & Shellie Achtman
Gary & Barbara Ackerman
Marc & Patricia Adler
Stephen Adler
Nancy Alchek
Ariel Allal
Judith & Itzhak Allal
Alan & Sophie Alpert
Alpha Epsilon Pi Foundation
Neal & Karen Alpiner
Marla Alter
Linn & Donald Apel
Barbara Appelman
Gene Applebaum
Risa & Hal Aqua
Richard & Ellen Arnold
Harold & Terri Arnold
Robert & I-Ming Aron
Elyse Aronauer
Arnold & Nina Aronson
Brian & Judith Ashin
Neal Ashinsky
Mario & Talia Atias
Bruce & Mona Auerbach
Steven Averbuch
Debra Axelrood
Jessica Baer
Ronnie & Daniel Baer
Susan Baker
Lauren Balfour
Michael & Deborah Balkin
Leonard & Diane Balter
Marla Banov
Herbert & Cheryl Baraf
Karen & David Barch
David & Rubina Bard
Jeffrey Barry
Robert & Aliza Barsky
Donald & Merilyn Bartolacci
Maya Barzilai & Russell Bucker
Carl & Dianne Baskind
Leonard & Barbara Bassen
Peter & Abby Bauland
Jeffrey & Robin Baum
Edward & Lillian Bayone
David & Tina Beale
Bear Family
Jared Becker
Beverly Bedol
Kenneth & Claudia Been
Alain & Susan Belasen
Jeffrey & Jane Belkin
Martin & Alison Bell
Janet Belsky
Michael & Jan Bendor
Robert & Shirley Benyas
Elyce & Evan Berenzweig
Alice Beresin & Daniel Greenbaum
Elissa Berg
Isabell & Richard Berger
Morton A. Berger
Elizabeth Berk
Lawrence & Gail Berkove
Alvin & Flora Berkun
Nancy & Louis Berlin
Beverly Berman
Jay & Nancy Berman
Edward & Shwu-Shya Berman
Marvin Berman &
Donna Bean-Berman
Susan Berman & Douglas Kress
Ruth Bernard
Mark Bernhard & Pauline Reisner
Joel & Gayle Bernstein
Marilyn Bernstein
Pamela & Martin Bernstein
Peter & Marilyn Bernstein
Kevin Beroukhim
Jodi Berris
Kenneth & Ilene Bershad
Gregg & Aimee Bierman
Frances Bilmes
Bette Birnbaum
Jonathan Black & Jill Meadow
Nancy & Daniel Blake
Howard & Jamie Blank
Scott Blech
Sol & June Bleiweis
Jason & Yael Blinkoff
Jeffrey Blivaiss
Ellis & Lisa Block
Ken & Pamela Bloom
Geoffrey Bloomfield &
Linda Alexander
Susan Blum & Lionel Jensen
Seth Blumberg
Robert Blumenthal & Beth Dwoskin
Sara Blumenzweig
Steven Bolton
Gloria & Randy Boritz
Allison Bormel
Ethan Bornstein
Stacy Bornstein
Morris & Valerie Borock
Danielle Borovoy
Pamela & Marc Borstein
James Bosse
Marilyn Bray
Adrienne Breen
Alvin & Jeannette Bregman
Ruth Breslaw
Gary & Rimma Bressler
Steven & Amy Broder
Bernard & Ruthan Brodsky
Cantor Norman Brody:
Temple Bethel
Nancy & Robert Brody
Susan & David Brody
Alyce Brown
Judith & Hy Brownstein
Robert Brumbaugh &
Jessica Schwartz
Erica Bubes
Allison Buchwach
Michael & Karen Bukiet
David & Sandra Burkons
Betty Butensky
Lenny & Ellen Butterman
Steven & Melanie Calef
Ashley Cameron
Bernard & Judith Cantor
Judith Cantor
Howard & Lynne Caplan
Stanley Caplan
Robert & Jordana Carbeck
Lewis & Ilene Cashman
Victor & Ruth Caston
Maureen Chalfin
Neil & Shelley Chaness
Joshua & Amy Charlson
Audrey & Jack Chase
Ronald & Phyllis Chess
Barry Chesterman & Elaine Webber
Tim Chupp & E. Martine Perreault
Elke Coblens & Emanuel Aftergut
Alice Cohen
Carol Cohen
Celia Cohen
Charles Cohen & Jessica Simons
David & Lisa Cohen
Douglas Cohen & Hikari Hathaway
Steven & Paula Cohen
Ellen Cohen & Steven Fraade
Evan Cohen & Deborah Keller-Cohen
Garry Cohen &
Debra Nesselson Cohen
Helene & Mark Cohen
Joshua Cohen
Kenneth Cohen &
Hilari Trombka Cohen
Leah Cohen
Robert & Cheryle Cohen
Roger & Linda Cohen
Susan & Bruce Cohen
www.umhillel.org • 31
Shulamit Cohen-Wyner & Elliot
Harriet & Albert Colman
Nathalie Conrad
Sean & Dianne Cook
George Cooper
Leonard & Sharon Cooper
Christine Corney
Irwin & Kathy Coskey
Harvey & Helen Cramer
Barbara Crone & Lee Hertz
Dolores Curiel
Daniel Cutler
Joseph & Billie Dalezman
Michael Daniels
Margit David
Robert Davidow & Susan Grubb
Amanda Davidson
Rachel Davis
Michael & Carol Dean
Oren Dekalo
Harlan & Jane Dellsy
Lisa & Harold Dembo
Charles Derrow & Susan Couden
Theodore & Jill Deutch
Harriet Diamond & Peter Jones
Michael Diamond
Samuel & Micki Dion
Janis & William Dodson
Stuart & Susan Doneson
Sol & Leah Drachler
Andrea Drechsler
Leora Druckman & Daniel Peisach
Stacie & Jeffrey Dubnow
Mark & Susan Dubow
Laurie & Robert Duhovny
Jeffrey & Marjorie Dulberg
Adam Dumes
Joan & Jeff Dunn
Louis & Gail Dvorkin
Benjamin Dyme
Joshua & Rachel Dyme
Labe Eden
Shimon & Doris Edut
Barry & Lori Effron
Arnold & Ramona Ehrich
Linda & Bernard EIsen
Heath & Lisa Eisman
Joseph Eisman
Cory Elbaum & Tara Goldsmith
S. J. Elden
Susan & Joel Elin
Maury Ellenberg
Diane Elliot
Tami Elliott Goodman
Douglas & Claudia Ellmann
Victor & Susan Elner
Brett Endelman
Sarah Ensor
Elliot & Margaret Entis
Kenneth Epstein
Marcy Epstein
Marvin & Lois Epstein
Meredith Epstein
Eugene & Ilene Farb
Joan Farber
Matvey Farber
Hannah Farkas
Erica & Elliot Fatoullah
Paul Federbush
Alexander Feierman
Cheryl & Michael Feinberg
Sheldon & Sheryl Feinland
Donald & June Feinsod
Zeev & Hava Feit
Dorit Feith
Rebecca Feld
Douglas & Carol Feldman
Laura & James Feldman
Eleanor Feller
Robert & Nessa Feller
Sherry & Ira Feuer
Richard & Cheryl Fialkoff
Stephen & Ellyce Field
Jacqueline Fienberg
Jeffrey & Barbara Fierstein
Bruce & Penny Fine
Jean Fine
William & Elizabeth Finger
Rebecca & Alan Fink
Scott Fink
Matthew Finkel
Morton & Paula Finkel
Rhonda & Evan Finkel
Robert & Linda Finkel
Gail & Steven Fisher
Michelle Fisher
Janet Fishman
Jill & Richard Fitzburgh
Ellen Fivenson
Tom Fivenson
Maynard & Marilynn Flusty
Daniel & Eleanor Fogel
William Fogel
Paul & Marcia Foldes
Jesse Footlik
32 • University of Michigan Hillel
Daniel & Robin Forman
Samantha Fowoll
Jason Fox
Aaron & Laura Frank
Barbara Frank
Bryant & Mary Frank
Lauren Fredericks
Elizabeth Freedman
Michael Freedman
Norma Freedman
Ruth Freedman
Suzanne Freeman
Alfred & Margaret Freilich
Vicky Freund
Karen & Jeffrey Friedenberg
Elias & Cecilia Friedenzohn
Jane & Kenneth Friedland
Carin & Scott Friedman
Daniel Friedman
Jennifer Friedman
Mark & Chong Friedman
Melvin & Susan Friedman
Melvin & Joan Friedman
John & Nancy Friedman
Richard & Sandra Friedman
Barry & Ilene Frischer
Deborah & Stephen Frishman
Michael Fuerst
Jessica Furgiuele
Andrew Gaber
Ari & Ilana Gafni
Glenn & Carol Galler
Leonid Gankin & Maria Vilinskaia
Lauren & David Gansler
Pamela Ganz
Dale & Lisa Garber
Micah & Michal Garber
Jeffrey & Helen Garden
Marc & Eylana Garfinkle
William Garmisa
Laurence Garner
Eran Gasko & Bonni Berger
Jonathan Gelber
Jessica Gerschitz
Jordan Gershuny
Lawrence & Barbara Gerstein
Jonathan & Lauren Gerstel
Joshua Gerstman & Heather Cutting
Richard Ginsberg
Harold & Edna Ginsberg
Lorie Girsh
Steven Gish & Hilary Levack
Elliot Glantz
Peter & Lynn Glantz
Louis & Paula Glazier
Jeffery Glogower
Peter & Roberta Gluck
Suzi & Rob Glushon
Debra & Dennis Gmerek
Kenneth & Esther Gold
Steven & Tania Gold
Sharon Gold-Steinberg &
Michael Steinberg
Harvey & Robin Goldberg
Linda & Alan Goldberg
Shelley & Alan Goldberg
David Goldblatt
Arda Golden
Bruce & Mindy Golden
Sandra Golden
Joel & Joyce Goldenbach
Andrew & Sharon Goldenberg
Barry & Harriet Goldenberg
Robert & Claudia Goldenthal
Kimberly Goldfarb
Martin Goldfarb
Rosalind Goldfarb Levitt
Richard & Leslye Golding
Gail & Steven Goldman
Adam & Julie Goldsmith
Charles Goldstein & Martha Solent
Harvey & Joan Goodman
Irwin & Perri Goodman
Jonathan Goodman
Melody & Roger Goodman
Robert Goodman
Peter & Hanna Goodstein
Isidore & Helen Goren
Rachel Gould
Ronald & Suzanne Gould
Ron Gould
Shari & Heyden Graham
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Summer Meet and Greets
By Arielle Weingast
he weather was gray;
it matched my mood
perfectly. In about four or
five days, I was to leave for my first
semester at Michigan, and the last
thing I wanted to do was go to a Hillel Meet and Greet. I thought I had
better things to do with my time —
hanging with friends, packing, any- The author, Arielle
thing seemed better than going to Weingast (’15).
a stranger’s house and meeting other Jews from New Jersey
entering their freshmen year at Michigan. Little did I know this
Meet and Greet would be the perfect opportunity to introduce
me to Michigan’s Jewish community in addition to helping
me meet other incoming freshmen interested in maintaining a
Jewish identity in college.
this resource, and had I not gone on that gray day in August,
I am not so sure I would have used it. During Welcome Week,
my roommate and I decided to venture to Hillel for Shabbat
Dinner. There were hundreds of students there, some observing the prayers religiously, while others were there to eat and
gather before going out for the night. It was great to see so
many different levels of observance in one place, as well as
so many different students all gathering for Shabbat Dinner.
Carly says the Hillel Meet and Greet
was the “ideal way to ease into
the school year.”
Since the experience was such a positive one for me, I was
very interested to hear what Sallie Abelson, Development Director of U-M Hillel, had to say about these summer Meet
and Greets. When I sat down with her, she explained to me
that U-M Hillel hosted these events in Washington D.C., Los
Angeles, New Jersey, Chicago, New York City, Boston,
Detroit and Ann Arbor. In total, around 200–250 freshmen and
their parents attended one of eight Meet and Greets. Sallie
said Hillel’s intentions were to “inform, have the students
meet each other, and give helpful hints to the freshmen and
their parents.” The purpose of the Meet and Greets “is to help
the students become familiar with the university and Hillel and
As much as I did not want to go, my mom wanted to go even decrease anxiety about the college experience, especially for
more. Since I was involved in my temple all throughout high out-of-state students.” And they did just that.
school, she wanted to make sure I would preserve a connection with Judaism. After attending, she was reassured know- As a result of attending the New Jersey Meet and Greet,
ing that I would have a Jewish home on campus. She was I found a sense of security knowing that Hillel was available
“impressed with the varied and extensive programs at Hillel to me in more than just a religious aspect. Hillel offers a very
and the care that Hillel gives to U-M students.”
simple and rewarding way of meeting great friends—just
another one of its many perks.
My feelings after the Meet and Greet were very similar to
those of my mom and Carly. I left feeling much more relaxed Hillel is currently working on plans for this upcoming summer.
knowing that there was a place for me to go to on the High Parents or students who are interested in a Meet and Greet in
Holidays, or even just for a Shabbat dinner. I actually used your area should contact Sallie Abelson at (734) 769-0500 or
As I walked into the house, I recognized a girl I knew from
Facebook and through friends. She smiled, waved and said,
“How are you?” This girl, Carly Skinder (’15), is now one of
my best friends. And although this encounter was brief, her
friendliness was warming and her similar curiosity was reassuring. To this day, we always laugh about our first meeting.
Carly says the Hillel Meet and Greet was the “ideal way to
ease into the school year.” Not only did it introduce her to her
peers who were “also eager to get involved in a smaller community on campus,” but it also comforted her.
Guests at the Boston Meet and Greet enjoying some food and
meeting new people. From left to right: Lauren Warshaw (’15),
Shari Idelson (’15), and Sue Idelson
[email protected] If you are aware of any incoming underclassmen who might be interested in attending, please email
U-M Hillel at [email protected] or call Sallie Abelson.
Arielle Weingast (’15) is majoring in Communications
and Psychology. She is from Tenafly, New Jersey.
Summer 2012 Meet and Greets for new students and their parents
August 16, 7:00–9:00 PM
New York
August 19, 4:00–6:00 PM
Hosted by Elisa and Steven Silverman,
parents of Peri (’13) and Eliot Silverman
(’15), at their house in West Newton,
Hosted by Andrea and Harry
Krakowski, parents of Rachel
Krakowski (’15), at the Skyline
Hotel, 725 10th Ave. at 49th St.
New York, New York
New Jersey
August 19, 11:30 AM–1:30 PM
Hosted by Elaine and Stuart Berger,
parents of Jonathan Berger (’13),
at their house in Pine Brook, New Jersey.
Washington D.C./Baltimore
August 21, 7:00–9:00 PM
Hosted by Lisa and Mitch Eisen,
parents of Ariella Eisen (’15), at their
house in Potomac, Maryland.
August 22, 7:00–9:00 PM
Hosted by Hilary and Allan Greenberg,
parents of Joanna Greenberg (’13), at
their house in Highland Park, Illinois.
www.umhillel.org • 35
A message from
David Rosenwein
distinctly remember the first time I walked into the
University of Michigan Hillel. I had just spent the day
unpacking my belongings and my parents and I decided to go to the Hillel Café for dinner. Chaim Frenkel (’12), a
friendly sophomore who was dining at the Café, greeted my
family and ended up inviting me to hang out with his friends
later that evening. I instantly knew this was the place for me.
Chair of the University of Michigan
Hillel Governing Board
of people in suits, jeans, and everything in between, all chatting and celebrating Shabbat together. This is something I
found to be remarkable.
Never did I see myself getting involved in Hillel’s leadership. But at the end of my freshman year I participated in
the American Movement for Israel, a Hillel group, and some
upperclassmen began to speak to me about running for the
Governing Board of Hillel. I had a strict policy of staying away
from politics. I enjoyed being friends with everyone and, as a
political science major, I understand that is almost an impossible task for any politician. However, as my sophomore year
continued I began to reconsider. I loved Hillel because of the
community, because of its diversity, and most of all because I
felt like I had a new home. I realized that to ensure other Jewish students would continue to have incredible experiences
with Hillel it was my responsibility to be a part of the leaderAs a freshman I was shy. I had graduated from an Orthodox ship of this diverse community. In the middle of my sophoJewish Day School in New Jersey with 48 students in my more year I ran for Hillel Governing Board and was elected by
grade and now I was embarking on a journey where there my peers to be treasurer.
would be over 4,800 students in my freshman class. My
roommates seemed very different from me and I was worried My year as treasurer is one I will never forget. As a unit we
about fitting in while maintaining my Jewish identity. Because accomplished so much, and on an individual level I grew from
I was dining on the Hillel kosher meal plan, I became a regular the experience tremendously. The direct impact I was able
at Hillel and within the first couple of weeks I began to feel to have on an organization and on a university that I deeply
more comfortable. This was largely due to the older students care about was invaluable to me. I was able to learn from the
I met at Hillel who took time to advise me on classes, majors, Hillel staff, my fellow board members, and most importantly
the students whom I represented. Together we made Hillel
and summer plans.
a welcoming environment where students felt comfortable
I enjoyed the Hillel community; I was making friends and and engaged. We worked on initiatives such as jNET, which
meeting a diverse group of Jewish people. I could walk in sought to engage students who did not necessarily feel comto Hillel on Friday night for Shabbat dinner and see people fortable in the Hillel building.
dressed in all different ways. Contrary to my expectations, everyone got along. At any given table you could find a number In November I was elected as Chair of the 2012 Governing
I loved Hillel because of the
community, because of its diversity,
and most of all because I felt like
I had a new home.
Board. There is a lot of work to be
done. Luckily, I am surrounded by
wonderful, hard-working, and
skilled board members who
share a vision for Hillel. We
have made it our mission to
enhance our leadership development by asking leaders to choose the skills they
want to improve; to offer
more freshman programming by reconstructing the
student group “First Year
Students of Hillel” (FYSH) to
meet the diverse needs of freshmen; and to recognize the dedication and hard work of student volunteers who create the incredible
programs throughout the year for our
My first semester as chair has been
phenomenal. I truly love the impact
we have made so far and am even
more excited to see more of our other
plans come to fruition in the fall. The
vision I have, that I hope will stay with
Hillel, is that every Jew on campus can
feel like they have a community to support them and a place to call home. Being Jewish is different for everybody and you don’t have to enter our building to
be engaged in our thriving community.
David Rosenwein (’13) is majoring in Political Science.
He is from Springfield, New Jersey.
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