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Herald of Hope - Richland Pregnancy Services
A Quarterly News
Journal of Richland
Pregnancy S e r v i c e s
Vol. 28
November 2015
“Real Choices Begin
With Real Options”
Jeremiah 31:15-17
in this issue
Anything But Boring P.2
Herald of Hope
Behind the Event P.2
RPS Staff:
What Really Inspires Me P.3
Pam Crank Executive Director
Amy Lee Service Director
Thankfulness P.3
Corporate Sponsors P.4
Kalynn Oldaker Nurse Manager
Dick Stedman Men’s Ministry Director
Jim Morgan Director of Development
Tracy Laudermilk Administrative Assistant
Sherri Stewart Financial Assistant
Dr. John Huddle Medical Director
Dr. Paul Buehrer Assistant Medical Director
Board Members:
Tom CunninghamPresident
Bob Entenmann Vice President
Elizabeth Boyd Secretary
Stephanie Grist Treasurer
Tammy Canfield
Tim Hilterman
Mike Lamp
Kathy McElvain
Bob Maxey
Beth Owens
Ronda Werner Vondriska
Love Never Fails
he weather outside may have
been blustery, but guests for
the banquet were soon warmed
by the message of “Love Never
Fails” on the inside.
From the moment featured
speaker David Bereit, the
Director of
40 Days for
Life” took
the podium
he captured
the hearts of
those in the
audience. This humble man
shared his heart and passion for
the unborn and the sanctity of all
human life.
The story of Nathan and Chelsea,
former clients of RPS was re-visited
by Pam Crank
from five years earlier. Their
moving story is a story of hope,
redemption and unconditional
love. Nathan and Chelsea’s family
is the epitome of what can happen
when “Love Never Fails” and God’s
people invest their time, talents and
treasures in the ministry of RPS.
Plans were shared to open a
satellite office in Shelby in the
near future and to begin offering
Life Skill Classes in the spring. In
addition, marketing and advertising
efforts will be targeted to increase
the outreach to the area college
This is an exciting time to be
involved in the prolife work…
we are making a difference!
Pregnancy centers now outnumber abortion clinics 5 to 1
across this country and for the
third year in a row our abortion
rate for Richland County and the
state of Ohio has decreased!! “…
let us not be weary in well doing:
for in due season we shall reap, if
we faint not.”
Anything But Boring
Kathy McWherter Given
by: Lauranne McWherter
In Memory of...
In Honor of...
Abigail, Natalie, Jillian &
Annabelle Given by:
Keith & Carol Welch
Dick & Dolores Stedman
Given by: Denise Stedman
& Dawn Ramsey
“If my people, who are called
by my name, will humble
themselves and pray and seek
my face and turn from their
wicked ways, then will I hear
from heaven and will forgive
their sin and will heal their
~ 2 Chronicles 7:14 ~
“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves”
~ Proverbs 31:8
ecently, a male client shared
something that makes me
realize why God has placed me
here at Richland Pregnancy
Services. His comment made me
see that what we have learned and
incorporated into our lifestyle is
something sadly lacking in today’s
After the first two visits to RPS’s
Dad to Dad program, I was humbled with his comment at the end
of his third session, just before
we closed in prayer: “I thought
I’d come here and be bored with
the ‘lectures.’ But, this is so great
and helpful and I really enjoy the
Bible-based applications to what
we are discussing.”
This same client, on the way to
sign up for our Dad to Dad
program, mentioned that no one
had mentioned to him how much
it would cost him but that he was
coming anyway. When he was told
I am writing this before the
annual banquet, though you
will be reading it after that
There is always an
excitement around the office
that builds as the banquet
approaches. Volunteers and
staff work together to
complete a large list of tasks
in preparation for the big
night. The computer hard
drive with all the details for
Behind the Event
the banquet practically
overheats as all the data is
entered. Many papers are
coordinated for distribution.
Staff and volunteers turn
to flower arranging for the
tables. Area businesses
underwrite the expenses for
the banquet. Student volunteers serve the dinners.
We all look forward to an
evening spent with our
speaker, volunteers, donors,
by Dick Stedman
all our services are free, he
actually had tears in his eyes as he
expressed his gratitude for all we
do. In addition to learning how
to be a great dad, he is full of
questions on how to be a better
Christian and role model for his
Another new enrollee in the Dad
to Dad program stated on his
Exit Interview (concerning what
can RPS do to be more helpful to
clients in his situation): he said,
“Nothing. You guys seem to
really care.”
Comments like these, from our
new enrollees, made me realize
that we are making a difference
in our male clients’ lives. It also
highlights one of the great joys
of knowing that these sessions
are made possible because of our
faithful donors who allow us to
offer all our services at no cost to
our clients.
by Kalynn Oldaker
and new acquaintances. That
evening we all gain energy
and strength from each other
as we meet together for the
common goal of making
Richland County an abortionfree county.
If you were not able to join
us this year, please consider
coming next November!
What Really Inspires Me
Practicality gets me by every day.
Understanding what I can and cannot
do for someone else. With the Lord’s
help, I am able to be kind, and speak
truth and encouragement into a client’s
life. I cannot make her choices for her.
It’s a freeing concept, really.
Yet what really inspires me is a desire
I have for each client. This desire is inspired by my own experience of walking with a personal Savior and other’s
stories where crisis becomes a beautiful
story of surrender and new life, for the
child they are carrying –and (almost
more importantly) for them. I desire for
clients: Salvation. Purpose for her life.
A value for the child she is
RPS Expenses July 2014 - June 2015
by Amy Lee
carrying. An aid and guide in parenting. A joy that bubbles up from within.
A new love that governs how she loves
her family and friends and neighbors.
A respect that molds a romantic
relationship into a loving, godly
marriage. And a compassion that
reaches out to her community to be a
light that guides people to her Savior…
(a prayer for myself as well).
RPS is a ministry. Not just an agency
that provides temporary hope, but a
ministry that shows the way to The
Hope. Pray for staff and volunteers
daily to be practical, yet inspired as we
minster to clients.
20 %
Sanctity of Human
Life Sunday
January 17, 2016
Baby Bottle
Boomerang 2016
Mark your calendars
and start to plan your
Baby Bottle Boomerange event.
Call Jim @
419-522-8863 ext.
203 for details.
RPS Income July 2014 - June 2015
17 %
Program SVC’s
Save The Date!
Individual 43%
13 %
by Tracy Laudermilk
I usually don’t write in the RPS newsletter. Why? Because I don’t really like
to write; I prefer to talk (as anyone
who knows me can attest). However,
I wanted to take this opportunity to
express how grateful I am to be part
of the ministry at Richland Pregnancy
teers who are such a vital part of RPS.
I enjoy interacting with the clients that
come in for our help and services.
I feel extremely blessed that I can not
only “bring Jesus” to work with me,
but that I can also share Him with
others. I am honored to pray for the
I have been working as the
Administrative Assistant for nearly
one year now and I truly love my job.
I feel so blessed to be even a small part
of this life affirming ministry. I love
the people I work with and the volun-
I also want to express my thankfulness
to each and every person that believes
in RPS and gives to make all of this
possible. Without you we simply could
not do what we do. Together we are
making a difference!
On December 1, 2015,
the Richland County
Foundation will host a
12 hour online day of
giving .
Please go to Richland
Gives and search for
Richland Pregnancy
Services or donor.richlandpregnancy.com and
give to our mission.
Our unborn babies will
love you for it.
Capital Campaign
Please give financially to this
great cause.
Our Goal $1. 5 million
To Date
As of Nov. 2015
Capital Campaign
Corporate Advertisers
Platinum Donors
Café on Main Catering
Center for Cosmetic Dentistry
Haring Realty
Modern Woodmen of America
Phillips Animal Hospital
What’s 4 Dessert
Gold Donors
Help us finish strong. Please
consider a gift today to our
We appreciate all who have
given and made our dream a
Your gift has helped us reach
more lives for the kingdom.
A.J. Kruse Construction
B-Dry Basement Waterproofing
Mansfield Plastic Surgery
Pediatric Consultants
Washington’s Carpet One
Weekley Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep
Silver Donors
Attorney Rebecca Thomas
Advanced Eye Care & Surgery Center
Care-n’s Development Resources
Gottschling Chiropractic
Hess Industries Ltd.
Kelly’s Propane
Marco’s Pizza
Ohio Health Primary Care- Blymyer
Quality Inn & Suites
Capital Building Business supporters
The Added Touch
My Floors by Prints & Paints
Catering, Weddings
Call us at 419-522-7699
Phillips Animal Hospital
581 South Main St. , Mansfield
Lydy Chiropractic
Town Money Saver
Please support these businesses who faithfully support our ministry.
Our Office Hours:
Monday & Wednesday 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Tuesday & Thursday 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Friday - Closed
Saturday 10:00 am -1:00 pm (2nd & 4th)
classic dessert
1344 exceptional
“Richland Pregnancy Services is an approved agency for the
United Way of Central Ohio’s Donor Choice Program.”
Herald of Hope Issue 04 Vol. 28 November 2015
419-522-8863 donor.richlandpregnancy.com
1560 West Fourth Street
Mansfield, Ohio 44906
Richland Pregnancy Services
U.S. Postage
Mansfield, Ohio
Permit No. 60
“I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.” P salm 1 39:13-14

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