2015 07 - Worcester Chapter, AGO



2015 07 - Worcester Chapter, AGO
WorcAGO Email Newsletter Summary
(late)June - Aug 2015
WorcAGO Season-Opener Viva Pro Organo
Oct 16 Friday 7PM – William Ness, organist
Celebrating Virtuosic Italian repertoire 1700 – 2000.
(Discount at local Italian restaurant)
WorcAGO 2015-16 Program Year Announced
Monday Night Open Consoles - We visit a different instrument each month
First Thursday Lunch Bunch – Network with your colleagues
October 16, 2015 Friday 7PM – WorcAGO OPENING CONCERT – William Ness, organist
Viva Pro Organo- Charm & Virtuosic Italian repertoire from 1700 to 2000
First Unitarian – Aeolian-Skinner IV/68 EP
Dinner discount at Viva Bene, local Italian Restaurant (15% off meal portion)
October 24, 2015 Pedal, Pipes, Pizza and Pumpkins (PPPP) – Brett Maguire presenting
10AM registration. Pakachoag Church, Auburn. Dobson II/28 M
Sunday, Nov. 15 at 2pm Craig Cramer (Univ Notre Dame) at Assumption Chapel of the Holy Spirit Russell Op 18 1995 III/65 EM
Nov 20, 2015 7PM Friday – Hymn Tune Showcase – a potpourri of organ literature featuring chorale and hymn themes.
A members’ recital with congregational singing.
Dec 16, 2015 Wed noon – Annual Christmas Concert, Mechanics Hall – E G & G Hook IV/64 M
with All Saints Choirs, Graeme McCullough, conducting
About the MH Organ Series (w/video)
January 10 2016- 12th (+/-) Night Party- informal social gathering, light fare
Feb 5 2016 – Young Artist Concert- National AGO Rising Star Alcee Chriss in concert
- Trinity Lutheran, Noack III/38 M
March, 2016 – Mechanics Hall Organ Series – William Ness, organist
April 10, 2016 3PM Sunday – concert of organ and brass music with WPI Brass & Percussion
- Mechanics Hall – E G & G Hook IV/64 M
April 22 2016 Friday 7PM – Concert by major artist (to be revealed in a few weeks) at Our Lady of the Angels
- JW Walker III/46 M
Spring 2016 – Young Artists Showcase, First Unitarian (co-sponsored)
May 15 2016 3PM Sunday – WorcAGO Composers’ Concert (WorcAGO members’ compositions)
May 23, 2016 Monday 6:30PM – Scholarship Recital & Annual Meeting
August, 2016 – Young Artists Showcase, Mechanics Hall, Wednesday noon
First Thursday Lunches Continue – TOPIC THIS WEEK – Bring organ scores to suggest/passaround/show-and-tell
Tweeds/Worc – noon – 9/3
We welcome several new people with us this week. RSVP to help with the reservation count (if you haven’t already)
Scholarship Fund Donations Continue to pour in
Some 50 neck-stretchers piled inside, while others listened from outside, while Peter Krasinski performed at the
Scholarship benefit Garden Tour.
Every amount, little or small, contributed by our many members who support Scholarships is always appreciated. We are
grateful to all who care and were present to help pull off a very successful fund-raising event. While she was unable to
attend our Garden Music Party, Lois Toeppner and Stefan Maier sent in their contributions - how's that for dedication! As a
result of everyone's offerings, we were able to reach an unexpected total of now over $550. What an excellent milestone to
We have a new possibility for Scholarship Fund contributions: automatic monthly recurring credit card donations. If
six people each automatically gave $6 a month, that would guarantee one scholarship award for the coming award year
based on the 2015 scholarship amount.
Please consider a monthly gift by checking the []Recurring box at this link: AGO Scholarship Fund
or feel free to make a one-time donation. Help organ study continue for the next generation!
Remembering Myles Tronic . . .
A memorial service is planned at St Leo’s Sat Sept 26 at 11AM.
We believe that an obituary information will be posted here (as of now it has not been)
>>> T&G updated article
Live Streaming Organ Concerts Online
Spreckels Organ Pavillion (San Diego) Live Audio Stream  link
Sundays, 5pm ET & Mondays, 10:30 pm ET
>>> About the Austin IV/73 Spreckles Organ in Balboa Park (Spreckels Organ is the largest outdoor organ in
the Western Hemisphere)
All God’s Critters Got a Place in the Choir
A major task of teaching music to young children should be to provide appropriate experiences closely related to
activities in their world, giving them ample time and space to experiment with and explore all types of sounds . . .
An awareness of How Sound is: Heard, Made, Arranged, …
>>> View entire article by Donna Brink Fox
Scholarship Fund Musical Garden Tour Fundraiser – Huge Success
BosAGO Dean & WorcAGO member Peter Krasinski was the featured performer in an afternoon of mini-concerts and
strolling thru the gardens at the Sherwood-Bershad residence. Peter played a delightful Theme & Variations
improvisation on Country Gardens. Throughout the afternoon about 125 people visited, and we raised $465 for the
WorcAGO Scholarship Fund – thank you all for your support!
First Thursday Lunches Continue
Tweeds/Worc – noon – 9/3
We welcome several new people with us this week.
More Information about Myles Tronic’s widespread areas of endeavors and talents
Former member Myles Tronic (newsletter editor, executive board member, and T&G Music Critic) had been seriously
injured in a head-on collision with a driver going the wrong way on I-190 last Saturday. He had had both legs and arms
broken. >>> T&G News Article >>> WCVB News Video
Graduated from The University of Virginia in 1976 with a degree in French literature.
As an investigative reporter, uncovered a significant Medicaid fraud case involving the
New York State Health Department (see article link below)
Moved to Westborough to care for aging parents in 1980s
Music reviewer for Worcester Telegram and Gazette
Correspondent for the Worcester Phoenix
Director of Music at:
First Congregational Church, Milford, MA
St. Columba's, Paxton, MA
St. Leo's, Leominster (Marjorie Ness is substituting for the next few Sundays)
Interim, First Congregational Church of Spencer
Grafton-Upton UU Church (at least 1990-1992)
An article Richard Jones found on the web gives insight into Myles’ talents and
interests. >> view google archive article from 1977 (make the browser screen wide
to see the additional columns)
We will include service plans and obituary information in a future mailing when
information becomes available.
Celebration of Hymns
Calling all interested organists!
Our WorcAGO chapter is presenting another Hymn Festival with Organ Preludes, this one to be held at Salem Covenant
Church, November 20, 2015, 7:00 p.m. The organ is a versatile 3-manual Reuter, 37 ranks which we’ve enjoyed many
times in past chapter programs – a joy to play and listen to!
As in the last hymn festival, we are asking organists to play a chorale prelude on one of the hymn tunes in the list below,
followed by leading the assembly in singing that hymn. The list of hymns follows. Choose your favorite hymn tune and
email Stan Hanson (Stanley Hanson <[email protected]>) with the name of the arranger of the chorale prelude(or
type of arrangement) you plan to play. (Hymn numbers are as found in The Covenant Hymnal, from which the
audience/congregation will sing,)
Hymn 742
Hymn 3
Hymn 712
Hymn 60
Hymn 622
Hymn 92
Hymn 401
Hymn 764
Hymn 760
Hymn 739
New Songs of Celebration
Earth and All Stars!
God in His Love for Us
All Things Bright and Beautiful
Where Cross the Crowded Ways of Life
The Lord’s My Shepherd, I’ll Not Want
If You Will Only Let God Guide You
Behold a Host Arrayed in White
O Holy Angels Bright
When in Our Music God Is Glorified
Delightful Afternoon of Music in the Gardens
Recent rehearsal among the flowers
A “Floral Symphony” Garden Tour with freshly picked melodies every half hour serves as the perfect end of the summer
outing for music and flower lovers.
Replete with a small orchard, perennial gardens (with music!), designed vegetable gardens, and a pipe organ miniconcert, the Sherwood-Bershad Residence will host this multi-sensory fusion of harmonies and flora. Stroll & Relax!
As of last weekend, your AGO renewal had not been posted in the national AGO database. We hope it’s already on the
way. But if it’s not, QUICK – RENEW!
August 31 is a magic date in the renewal process. Your membership would expire and if renewed late, we do not want
you to be considered non-contiguous. (OH NO, how embarrassing!) DON’T LEAVE US!
A turtle out in our Sterling back yard heard about this dire situation!!
Welcome New Class of Organ Scholars to Worcester
We are so lucky to have in our own backyard two colleges that sponsor full scholarships for organ majors!
This year we have two incoming freshmen who received the honor of organ scholar:
• Holy Cross (James David Christie) – Lorraine Mihaliak
• Assumption College (Michelle Graveline) – Christian Copeley (Jacob Dowgewicz graduated last May)
WorcAGO is happy to provide free WorcAGO memberships to local scholars.
John Scott (1956-2015)
The organ community is heartbroken by the sudden death of John Scott, Organist and Director of Music at
St Thomas Church New York City, on Wednesday, August 12.
John returned to New York on August 11 after a very successful European tour. He was not feeling well
the next morning and suffered a sudden cardiac episode. He was taken to Roosevelt Hospital but never
regained consciousness. His wife, Lily, was by his side when he died. John and Lily are expecting their
first child in September.
John was appointed Organist and Director of Music of Saint Thomas Church and Choir School in 2004. He
previously served at Saint Paul's Cathedral London for 26 years. He was born in 1956 and is a graduate of
Saint John's College, Cambridge. In addition to his beloved wife, Lily, he is survived by two children,
Emma and Alex, and two sisters, Judith and Helen.
John's contribution to music is a lasting legacy to the Church and to the world. He was a man of great
faith; the words of J.S. Bach, Soli Deo Gloria (Glory to God alone) inspired his ministry.
A Requiem Mass will be offered for the repose of his soul at Saint Thomas Church on Thursday, August
13, at 5:30pm.
May choirs of angels receive him and may he have eternal rest.
NYT Article, more on John Scott
For all his success, prominence and acclaim,
John Scott cut a modest, almost self-effacing figure in public.
Organists often perform unseen, hidden away in church lofts, and he
seemed perfectly content with that, though if he could aid listeners
with a few words of explanation beforehand, he would do so. Even
when busily managing a grand choral work, he seemed to somehow
disappear into the music.
Read new NYT article >>>
No Sag in Pitch for more than 100 Years
Installed in 1910, this rank of 16’ Open pedal pipes
(mounted ingeniously on the sloped ceiling) has been
singing steadily for over 100 years in St John’s (West
Hartford) now piloted by former Worcester organist
Scott Lamlein.
Actually this Austin III/64 Op. 2761 is the THIRD
instrument/incarnation that this rank has served in situ
untouched in the pedal division, including having
survived a major fire that led to the current instrument
(many smaller pipes simply melted).
Op. 2761 is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its
dedication with the upcoming Music at the Red Door
Series, including five half-hour “Pipes Alive!” recitals.
Concert Series >>>
Organ Specs >>>
New Online Resources
The History of the Organ in the US
(full text accessible)
From the Spanish mission days of the 17th century to the present, the organ mirrors
to a remarkable degree its social, economic, and cultural setting. Immigration, wars,
industrial growth, the availability of electricity, the popularity of orchestral music,
and the invention of the phonograph and of the player piano all had a part in
determining the course of American organ history.
"This book is the best single source of information about American organ building
and the content is clearly presented. There are wonderful quotations from prime
sources and many photographs and stop-lists." —American Music Teacher
Access the online book, which is SEARCHABLE (good for pgm notes, curiosity, etc)
The Origins of Music (full text accessible)
What biological and cognitive forces have shaped humankind's musical behavior and the rich
global repertoire of musical structures? What is music for, and why does every human
culture have it? What are the universal features of music and musical behavior across
In this groundbreaking book, musicologists, biologists, anthropologists, archaeologists,
psychologists, neuroscientists, ethologists, and linguists come together for the first time to
examine these and related issues. The book can be viewed as representing the birth of
evolutionary biomusicology -- the study of which will contribute greatly to our
understanding of the evolutionary precursors of human music, the evolution of the hominid
vocal tract, localization of brain function, the structure of acoustic-communication signals,
symbolic gesture, emotional manipulation through sound, self-expression, creativity, the
human affinity for the spiritual, and the human attachment to music itself.
Read/Search this book online >>>
Free Pipe Organ – for the (under)taking
While nowhere near the grand gallery organ at New York’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral 1930 V/150 Op. 5918,
the St. Sava (Cambridge MA) organ was made by the same company, Geo. Kilgen & Sons of St. Louis, Mo.
The family’s history as organ builders dates to the 17th century. Kilgen broke into two companies in 1939, and their final
instrument was built in 1960. Read article/details >>>
Acclaimed Return Appearance at Mechanics Hall
Holy Cross Scholar Abe Ross
gave an exuberant
performance of varied
repertoire at this season’s
final concert in the Young
Artist Showcase Series at
He will be presenting his
Senior Recital next spring at
Holy Cross.
We look forward to the next
in the series at Mechanics
All Saints Choirs (Dec 16
William Ness, organist (2016)
WPI Brass with organ (2016)
WorcAGO 2015-16 Program Year Concert Support Donation Request
WorcAGO has the happy situation of having a private donor to make a major donation to completely fund the artist fee
for one of our major programs this year, which will be
James Kibbie, organist to be held a major venue in town. We are seeking member donations to cover the $400 of travel
Would you be able to contribute $25 or $50 to help make this concert possible? (WorcAGO, PO Box 20208, Worc
Dr. Kibbie has presented recitals, masterclasses and workshops throughout North America and Europe, including
appearances at the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, Royal Festival Hall in London, Dvořák Hall in the
Rudolfinum in Prague and Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in New York. His performances have been
broadcast on radio and television in the USA, Canada and Europe. His recordings have been issued on a variety
of labels in North American and Europe.
WorcAGO had sent a donation to support this year’s Northeast POE
We received a wonderful thank you, signed by all the young participants at the Brooklyn POE
– what a nice way to say thank-you from these budding organists!
(The next POE event in the northeast region is next summer in Springfield, MA, July 10-15, 2016. Please go here to find
out more: https://www.facebook.com/AGOspringfield)
“Bach Organ” (St Thomas/Leipzig) Featured in All-Bach Concert on EWTN
EWTN religious cable channel is currently re-rerunning a wonderfully played concert from 2013 in their In Concert program.
Sadly the boiler-plate introductory remarks are pablum and do not mention anything of the historic church, Bach’s legacy, nor
magnificent Woehl instrument. They never even identify the organist Ullrich Böhme, who played a note-perfect and well interpreted
program of major works. He was appointed organist at St Thomas in 1985 and has been a professor at the University of Leipzig since
The Bach-Organ on the north choir loft, situated across from the Bach-Window, was built in the year 2000. This organ is used
especially for playing the organ works of Johann Sebastian Bach and was built by the organ manufacturer Gerald Woehl in Marburg.
The sound quality of this instrument, with its 61 stops on 4 manuals and a pedal board, is similar to the organs built in MiddleGermany during the 18th century. The organ in the University Church St. Pauli, which Bach played during his time in Leipzig, served
as the inspiration for the form of the Bach-Organ.
Portland Announces Ray Cornils’ 25th Year Programming for the Kotzschmar
Portland’s Tenth Muncipal Organist Ray Cornils celebrates his 25th year in the 2015-16 season. The series begins with
Ken Cowan
and includes Carol Williams and our own Peter Krasinski. Their web site is not updated yet for the new season.
HC Scholar Abe Ross Announces MH Program for Wednesday
Abe Ross makes a return appearance at Mechanics Hall this Wednesday with a dazzling concert
planned to begin his final year in Worcester prior to graduation from Holy Cross. Abe is the latest
in the exceptional lineage of fine organists groomed by Jim Christie at Holy Cross – come and hear
the interesting program he has prepared for us in this Young Artists Showcase series featuring the
150-year-old Hook instrument in the Great Hall.
Wednesday August 12 Noon – Free (co-sponsored by WorcAGO)
Sonate II für orgel (1937)
Paul Hindemith (1895-1963)
I. Lebhaft
II. Ruhig bewegt
Eleven Chorale Preludes Op. 122 (posth.)
Johannes Brahms (1833-1897)
8. Es ist ein Ros’ entsprungen
10. Herzlich tut mich verlangen
11. O Welt, ich muss dich lassen
Symphonie III, op. 28
Louis Vierne (1870-1937)
IV. Adagio
Hommage à Frescobaldi (1951)
Jean Langlais (1907-1991)
VII: Thème et variations
Les Corps glorieux (1939)
Olivier Messiaen (1908-1992)
VI: Joie et clarté des Corps Glorieux
Grand Choeur en sol majeur (1875)
Théodore Salomé (1834-1896)
Monica Czausz in concert at Methuen, Wednesday 8PM
If you missed her performance last week at MH, you can still
hear her at Methuen this week.
Works by:
Bach, Paulus, Olsson, Saint-Saëns, Mendelssohn, Parker,
Karg-Elert and Reger
Hartt School Shuts Organ Program, Sells Organ
The University of Hartford's Hartt School graduated its last
organ major in May 2015. Once a robust program, Hartt made
the tough decision to abandon the organ program two years
ago (but kept guitar). The 1970 Gres-Miles instrument has
been sold to a church on Long Island.
Read Story >>>
Sci Channel video: How It’s Made:
Pipe Organs
An excellent video explanation with snippets of each step
from metal pouring, to voicing, chest building, console—all
with respectable background organ repertoire.
View YouTube Video (5:30) >>>
Lead Soup
Stolen Stradivarius Recovered After 35 Years
Suspected thief Phillip Johnson's ex-wife and her boyfriend were cleaning
house, and they came across a violin case that her former husband had left to
her. They opened the case to find a violin with a label inside that said it was
made in 1734 by the most famous violin-maker of all time — Antonio
The appraiser said to the ex-wife: “Well, I've got good news for you, and I've
got bad news for you—The good news is that this is a Stradivarius. The bad
news is it was stolen 35, 36 years ago from Roman Totenberg."
Read Full Stories>>>
NPR (daughter is correspondent Nina Totenberg)
Calgary Morel/Legge II/5 House Organ (free)
Made 80 years ago in Toronto, the instrument was originally shipped west to a
Calgary funeral home.
After Herb Vandernet bought it, he spent two years building his basement around
the organ, its 300 pipes taking up an entire room.
Following the father’s death last fall, his children have put the house up for sale.
See Article/Video >>>
Austin Organs Celebrated 100 Years in 2014
… "You have to be a musician, an artist, an engineer, and an electrician,” said Michael Fazio (current company owner
since 2005). “One thing that young folks coming into the business often say [is] that they're never bored. There's always
something new to learn, something different, especially in a company as large as Austin.
See article & videos >>>
First Thursday at Tweeds – Noon 8/6
RSVP to help us make the reservation. Always lively conversation and interesting comparing “notes”.
“It Started In Worcester” – POE student makes it big – hear her tomorrow at MH.
Monica Czausz, who caught the “organ bug” at WorcAGO’s 2008 POE when she was a high school freshman,
will perform in Mechanics Hall’s Young Artist Showcase this Wednesday 8/5 at noon.
She was just appointed Cathedral Organist at Houston’s Christ Church Cathedral.
Her program includes:
Toccata and Fugue in E, BWV 566 Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
Adagio from Treize Prières, Op. 64, No. 5 Charles-Valentin Alkan (1813-1888)
Allegro, Chorale, and Fugue Felix Mendelssohn (1809-1847)
Three Impressions, Op. 72 Clair de lune Sigfrid Karg-Elert (1877-1933)
Prelude and Fugue in D-Sharp minor, Op. 56
Otto Olsson (1879-1964)
Seven Improvisations, Op. 150
Camille Saint-Saëns (1835-1921)
Allegretto - Allegro Giocoso
Renew Your AGO Membership Now:
Wednesday Noontime Concerts Featured in T&G Article
Monica Csausz will perform at Mechanics Hall this Wednesday noon Aug 5 in
the Young Artists Showcase series. She had attended the WorcAGO POE
organized by former dean Dr. Frank Corbin in 2008 at Assumption, and from
there it’s all history …
from the T&G article…
“… It started in Worcester," Czausz said during a telephone
interview from Houston, where she is a student at Rice University
and on track to complete a five-year combined bachelor of
music/master's degree program in organ performance. The winner
of several prestigious organ competitions and awards, she has been
appointed cathedral organist at Christ Church Cathedral (Episcopal)
in Houston, effective Sept. 1.”
Read entire article>>
Composers Arise
A WorcAGO Composers’ Concert is being planned for May 2016. All instrumentations will be considered (the venue will
have a grand piano and pipe organ).
Be dusting off your manuscript paper and get your submissions ready!
Please contact WorcAGO member (and Jobs Editor) Kevin Murphy if you’re interested in participating or helping to plan
the concert.
Sunday August 30 1-4PM Garden Tour
with concerts every half hour
– fundraiser for the WorcAGO scholarship fund
Organ, piano, and harpsichord (with flute & recorder
outside in the gardens) will be featured at this unusual
event in Sterling.
See organ details here.
More information in future newsletters.
Pipedreams This Monday – Portland’s Kotzschmar 2014 Re-Opening Concert
Michael Barone features the
2014 Triumphant Return
Grand Opening Concert
Tune in to MPBN at 9pm Monday, Aug 3
for Highlights of the Kotzschmar!
Tune in at 9:00pm to MPBN to experience the first hour of Michael Barone's Pipedreams! The program presents
organ music recorded in Maine, featuring the Kotzschmar with selections from the momentous return concert
from September.
Not in Maine? Check your local public radio station schedule for its own Pipedreams broadcasting next week or
visit the Pipedreams archives after it airs.
Check out the Pipedreams: "Some Maine Lines" Program
Other Organ News
Lynnwood Farnam Competition finals
The 2015 Lynnwood Farnam Competition, Canada's oldest organ competition, concluded May 20 in Montreal. First prize ($1,000 plus recital engagements)...
Taylor Organ Competition
On April 18, the Atlanta Chapter of the American Guild of Organists hosted the Taylor Organ Competition at All Saints' Episcopal Church. Five young...
Jonathan Dimmock appointment
Jonathan Dimmock (www.JonathanDimmock.com) has been appointed principal organist of the Legion of Honor Museum of San Francisco. As such, he will...
David Hurd program
David Hurd (third from left) presented a program to the Southwest Chapter of the American Guild of Organists on May 8. Dr. Hurd featured hymns from...
Jan Kraybill recording
Reference Recordings announces a new release: Saint-Saëns, Symphony No. 3, 'Organ' features Michael Stern conducting the Kansas City Symphony...
Nigel Potts recording
Nigel Potts, organist, and Sarah Rose Taylor, mezzo soprano, have released an all Wagner and Elgar CD on the MSR Classics label. The program includes...
Scott Lamlein appointment
Scott Lamlein was appointed director of music and organist at St. John's Episcopal Church, West Hartford, Connecticut, following a long line of noted...
G. Phillip Shoultz III to VocalEssence
VocalEssence has selected G. Phillip Shoultz III as its new associate conductor-a newly created full-time position. He replaces Sigrid Johnson, who...
Russell Stinson to University of Louisville for fall semester
Russell Stinson, professor of music and college organist at Lyon College, Batesville, Arkansas, has been appointed Gerhard Herz Visiting Professor of...
Trinity Lutheran, Lynnwood, WA celebration concert
Trinity Lutheran Church, Lynnwood, Washington, concluded its 20th anniversary season of "Artists at the Organ" with a special celebratory concert,...
John Bishop announces new company
John Bishop, author of the column "In the wind . . ." in The Diapason, announces the formation of John Bishop Organ Consultation. John Bishop draws...
Bedient relocates Opus 8
The Bedient Pipe Organ Company of Roca, Nebraska, has relocated the firm's Opus 8, built in 1976 for Wesley House, a United Methodist ministry for...
Young Artists at Mechanics Hall – Free Noontime Concerts
Free noontime concert featuring the historic Hook Organ aka The Worcester Organ at Mechanics Hall, 321 Main street
Worcester, on Wednesday, August 5th from 12-1:00pm. Monica Czausz will be performing. In 2011 Czausz won first
place in the Oklahoma City High School Organ Competition, a national honor attracting performers from across the nation.
Considered one of the leading pipe organ players of her generation in the country she will graduate in Spring 2016 from
Rice University Shepard School of Music with a degree in Organ Performance. She is currently Organ Scholar at Christ
Church Cathedral, Houston, TX and has been Organist and Choir Director at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Holyoke MA.
Seating is cabaret style, so bring your lunch or buy one at the Hall while they last!
William Nierentz Heralded the “New Tradition” for Wedding Music in the 1960s
Some Fifty years ago, WorcAGO member and former Dean William Nierentz encouraged the public movement away
from Wagner and Mendelssohn which had become engrained in the American Wedding tradition since the 1940s.
Here’s an excerpt:
Both of these marches (Wagner/Mendelssohn) bring tears to the listener's eyes, and perhaps rightly so. Few people know that the Wagner
(Here Comes the Bride) was written for the operatic marriage of Elsa and Lohengrin, and their marriage did not last long. Secondly,
the "trivial character (of the Lohengrin) makes it unfit" for the sacred wedding service which is to be performed in any house
of worship. "Its faults more than outweigh any value it may have acquired through popular associations with weddings."1 The
Mendelssohn march, though much better from a musical standpoint, was written for the Shakespearean marriage of a young
maiden to a satyr, half man, half horse-a man given to lechery and lasciviousness. Certainly, these are incidents and situations
which I would not care to have associated with my wedding.
. . . This whole category of music, popularly called traditional, but which I prefer to classify as traditionally inappropriate, should be
seriously examined and questioned by prospective brides and grooms before they select their own wedding music. The connotations
and secular associations of these selections do nothing more than detract from a sacred wedding ceremony, contradicting
the mood and meaning of the service. Certainly music of greater worth, suitability, and seriousness of purpose can and should be
Read entire PDF article from the 1967 issue of Modern Bride
Commentary for the wedding couple in a more modern medium is throughout www.WeddingMusicAdvisor.com (full
disclosure: Will Sherwood’s music selection demo site)
Unfortunately, contemporary suggestion list examples (catering to white, middle class, straight couples) include “Light My
Fire” and “Isn’t She Lovely” – so our journey in steering wedding repertoire in the popular culture is still a steep climb!
Boston AGO announces Opening Fall Program
The Opening Chapter Program
BOSAGO kicks off the 2015-2016 season with a Service/Concert of Installation, presented the Day after Labor Day on TUESDAY, SEP.
8 AT 7:30 @Saint Cecilia's Church, Boston - Plan to be there and put it on your calendar NOW!
This event is FREE and open to the public. Members of the Choir of Trinity Wall Street and Marsh Chapel, Boston University, will be
joined by organ, brass and percussion and will be conducted by, and featuring the music of, Julian Wachner, one of the most
prominent and nationally covered young music makers in the United States today. Dr.
Wachner's successor at March Chapel, Scott Jarrett, will also conduct. Boston was an
important wellspring for Dr. Wachner, and his work at Boston University continues to
influence the Boston musical world today. Designed as a SERVICE/CONCERT featuring
the music of Dr. Wachner, the public will be able to learn about the Boston Chapter of
the American Guild of Organist and witness the installation of officers. A brief sermon
will be delivered by Boston Chapter Chaplin, Rev. Carl Daw and the Master of
Ceremonies will be the Dean of the Boston Chapter, Peter Krasinski.
As an added attraction, local organist Forrest Eimold, who will be featured later in
September on the popular radio show, 'FROM THE TOP", will play the prelude
(with Eric Berlin on Trumpet for "Blue Green Red, for Trumpet and Organ") and the
postlude. Forrest won second place in the chapter's 2015 organ playing competition,
and is Organ Scholar at St. Paul's R.C. Church, Cambridge. The opening service is
designed both for our chapter membership and as an attractive event for the general public. Information about the Boston
Chapter can be found on our website, www.bostonago.org, and on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/bostonago.
Methuen Tonight!
Wednesday, July 29, at 8:00 p.m. METHUEN MEMORIAL MUSIC HALL presents GLENN KIME, Organ
Craig Phillips—Fantasy: Torah Song (Yisrael V'oraita)
Daniel Pinkham—Saints' Days (From a suite of 12 pieces for saints, these eight are for Saints Paul, Brigid of Ireland,
Gabriel, George, Asaph, Michael, Canice and Stephen.)
Paul Cooper—Variants
Dan Locklair—Rubrics: A Liturgical Suite for Organ
Edward Elgar—Sonata in G major, Op. 28
Glenn Kime is Director of Music for the May Memorial Unitarian Universalist Society in Syracuse, NY, and University
Organist for Colgate University in Hamilton, NY. He studied with Florence Scholl Cushman, Will Headlee, Gillian Weir and
Cherry Rhodes and has performed solo recitals from London to Los Angeles, including conventions of the American Guild
of Organists and the Organ Historical Society. As an accompanist, he has performed throughout the USA, in Canada,
Britain, Europe and China. For Raven CDs, Glenn has recorded organ symphonies by Dupré and Vierne, at Old First
Church, San Francisco. He previously performed at Methuen in 1995.
Free Antique Reed Organ in Western Mass
There is an antique reed organ available free to a good loving and caring home.
Please contact Sandy Cardinal at: [email protected] She would be most happy to donate her reed organ to anyone
interested in having it.
Vacation Photos – Casavant in Montreal
Note the doubled treble flues-en-chamade, and "squeeze tuning" on one reed (bottom, third from left)(oops)
AUGUST – A Busy Month in Central Mass
Two MH Concerts (Young Artists Showcase); Garden Tour With Concerts
Wednesday, August 5, 2015
Worcester Organ Concert Series: Young Artist Showcase featuring Monica Czausz, Noon, Free Admission
Wednesday, August 12, 2015
Worcester Organ Concert Series: Young Artist Showcase featuring Abraham Ross, Noon, Free Admission
Sunday, August 30, 2015 1 – 4 PM (drop-in)
Garden Tour, Sterling Mass – includes mini-concerts about every half hour (harpsichord in the gardens, piano,
pipe organ) Gardens include extensive mature perennial garden, designed organic vegetable garden, organic
orchard, field vistas
Sherwood-Bershad Residence (JW Walker II/20 + 10 antiphonal ranks; Steinway D )
NYT: Virtual Organ Tour
On the Organ Trail in Manhattan
A tour of St. Patrick’s Cathedral, St. Mary the Virgin and the Church of St.
Ignatius Loyola reveal the personalities of the instruments that can both
caress and crush.
“The trickiest part is turning it on,” Paul Jacobs said one night recently
as he took his seat at the console of the organ at St. Patrick’s Cathedral
for the first time. Ah, the plight of the itinerant organist. Where, amid
the myriad buttons and knobs and levers and (literal) bells and whistles,
was the on-off switch?
“It’s like sitting in the cockpit of a Boeing 767,” he said. “But with the
controls in a different place every time.”
Mr. Jacobs, the boyish-looking 38-year-old chairman of the organ department
at the Juilliard School and a well-traveled concert performer in his own right,
was giving a private tour of some of New York’s finest organs, including those
of the Church of St. Ignatius Loyola on Park Avenue and the Church of St. Mary
the Virgin, near Times Square. (St. Patrick’s and St. Ignatius are Roman
Catholic, St. Mary Episcopalian.) The idea for the tour grew out of
conversations over several years, in which Mr. Jacobs, originally from
Washington, Pa., near Pittsburgh, spoke glowingly of the wealth of pipe organs
in New York and of the qualities — the personalities, if you will — of specific
Read entire article>>>
Pipe Organ Encounter in Brooklyn Summer 2015
Twenty-one young organists (and future organists) will be coming to
Brooklyn, NY to spend a week studying and playing the pipe organ.
These young people, ages 13 to 18 will be arriving from Hawaii,
California, Louisiana, Florida, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and
states in the local region on July 26 for a week of intensive lessons and
classes with a distinguished faculty. The public is welcome at five
major events of the Brooklyn Pipe Organ Encounter week from July 26
to 31.
Please read about the offerings below and come visit us in Brooklyn!
Public Events of the Brooklyn POE
Sunday, July 26, 2015, 8:15 p.m
Faculty Recital
Grace Church, 254 Hicks Street, Brooklyn Heights
Monday, July 27, 2015, 7:00 p.m.
Faculty Recital
Co-Cathedral of St. Joseph, 856 Pacific Street, Brooklyn
Tuesday, July 28, 2015, 7:30 p.m.
Guest Artist Concert - Joyce Jones, organist
Our Lady of Refuge Church, 2020 Foster Avenue, Brooklyn
Admission cost: $20 General admission/$10 children 12 & under
Buy tickets HERE
Date: Thursday, July 30, 2015, 4:00 p.m.
Faculty Recital
St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church, 325 Park Avenue, New York, NY
Friday, July 31, 2015, 6:30 p.m.
Closing Student Recital
Flatbush-Tompkins Congregational Church, 424 E. 19th St., Brooklyn
About the Brooklyn Pipe Organ Encounter...
Since 1988, approximately 2,500 teen-age musicians have been introduced to the King of Instruments through Pipe Organ
Encounters (POE) programs hosted by dozens of AGO chapters across the country. These 4-5 day events immerse the
students in the organ world, enabling them to experience the magic of the instrument in a variety of venues. Students who have
at least an early intermediate level of piano proficiency are invited to apply. The POE hosted by the Brooklyn Chapter, AGO
promises to be a unique experience for all 20 students participating. For the first time in a POE, special attention will be given to
skills and repertoire needed for use of the organ in Roman Catholic Liturgy and African American worship. The congregations
of these two faith traditions often face challenges of replacing a retiring generation of musicians with young organists and music
ministers adequately equipped to provide musical leadership. While standard organ training and repertoire will be covered and
the expected required events of a POE will be provided, skills and information will be taught specific to these two traditions
which will have far-reaching effects on producing well-rounded musicians prepared for future worship trends.
See what a POE looks like...
View this documentary video about the Pipe Organ Encounters program of the American Guild of
Organists produced by the San Francisco Chapter AGO:
NBC TV Features National Youth Orchestra Carnegie Hall Concert & world tour
140 Auditioned Top young performers gain great experience and exposure
Each summer, Carnegie Hall’s Weill Music Institute
brings together the brightest young players from across
the country to form NYO-USA. Now in its third year, the
National Youth Orchestra of the United States of America
will make a historic first visit to Asia this July, serving as
dynamic musical ambassadors through seven concerts in
some of the finest concert halls across China.
Before travelling, the orchestra came together on June 27
for a two-week training residency with leading
professional orchestra musicians and a concert on the
famed stage of Carnegie Hall.
Thomas Murray to Perform Wednesday (tomorrow) at Woolsey Hall (Yale)
[Not much publicity has been available from the convention; the following is from a NH(!)
The four-day convention of about 300 organists here starting Sunday isn’t just some
closed gathering for insiders; there are also five free organ recitals and concerts for the
It’s the Northeast regional gathering of the American Guild of Organists, offered in
cooperation with the Yale Institute of Sacred Music. And it helps to have some of the
nation’s great organs in town, as well as sponsor funding and volunteers.
The public events:
Details about concerts and
• Peter Richard Conte of the Wanamaker Store in Philadelphia will play a recital on
venues are available at
www.NewHavenAGO2015.org. Sunday at 7:30 p.m. in Woolsey Hall.
• Young virtuoso organist Ahreum Han will present a recital at Trinity on the Green
Monday at 1:45 p.m.
• Monday evening, a hymn festival entitled Ev’ry Voice in Concert Ring will be held at
7:30 p.m. in Battell Chapel, led by festival artists/presenters working with a community
choir conducted by Yale University professor Marguerite L. Brooks.
• A recital on the great E. & G.G. Hook & Hastings organ at St. Mary’s Church, Hillhouse
Avenue, will be presented by Diane Meredith Belcher on Tuesday at 8 p.m.
• And professor Thomas Murray of the Yale School of Music will cap the week’s
concert series with a recital in Woolsey Hall on Wednesday at 7:30 p.m.
Concert Venues Advised to Carry Keyboard Fire Insurance When This Artist Performs
Krisjon Imperio’s phenomenal technique and exquisite musicianship gave both the piano and organ keyboards a
workout – one could almost see the smoke rising during several virtuosic pieces!
Sunday June 28 in Bolton was Krisjon’s farewell concert after seven years at First Parish as Organist/Director of Music.
Alesia Tringale, soprano, joined him during the first half with piano for a rare and moving performance of Barber’s
MMMH: Douglas Major to Perform This Wednesday 8PM in Methuen
Due to a US Customs snafu, Suzanne Ozorak (previously scheduled for 7/1) is not permitted to play.
Works by Bach, Hewitt, Goemanne, Mozart, Dirksen, Mulet, Major
Member Peter Krasinski at Portland Kotzschmar
Berklee College of Music and Boston Conservatory to Explore Merger
The overwhelming opinion is that Conservatory students would benefit from access to Berklee’s stylistic diversity, music
technology, and entrepreneurship and business programs, while Berklee students’ access to dance, movement, theater,
and conservatory training would expand their educational experience in key areas. All students would benefit from the
shared community, comprehensive curriculum, and our deep music and performing arts culture.
Read Article>>>
CBS 60 Minutes Features Live Music (Jazz/Blues) in New Orleans for HBO 8-part
Composing with Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters
The Foo Fighters band was in New Orleans for a week, filming part
of its documentary series "Sonic Highways," in which it visits eight
American cities, spotlights local musicians, and writes music
inspired by those musicians and the musical heritage of the city.
see more>>>
Boston AGO Young Organists Initiative Scholarship Winners Recital
Please join us Tuesday, July 7th at noon at King's Chapel, at the corner of Tremont and School
Streets in Boston for the 2015 YOI Scholarship Winners Concert. This year's winners are Helena
Starzec, Charlie Smith and Cana Teague and they will be sharing works of Bach, Franck, Vierne and
Kauffman. These students have studied under the guidance of Boston teachers Cathy Meyer and
Dan McKinley and this is an opportunity for us to encourage and foster the love of the organ with
our next generation of AGO membership and leadership.
Helena, 11 years old lives in Belmont where she attends Plymouth Congregational Church. She has
played piano since kindergarten under the instruction of Melanie Almiron McGinnis of Arlington.
Helena enjoys playing in recitals, and over the past few years has been encouraged to play during
services by Plymouth Music Director Christine Hogan. Her other interests include tennis, drawing, and being with her
dog, friends and family. She will enter sixth grade at Chenery Middle School in the fall.
Charlie who also lives in Belmont just graduated from Belmont High School a few weeks ago. This Fall he will attend
Amherst College where his older sister Karen just finished her undergraduate studies. Charlie is a jazz and classical
musician and has been active in both the arts and sports.
Cana is an 8th grader from Peabody, where she has studied piano with Nancy Morgan for 7 years and is a member of
Michael Olbash's choir. In addition to her musical studies Cana is a USA swimmer with the YMCA North Shore Sharks.
New Haven Convention Starts Sunday
June 28 to July 1, 2015 - There are free public events each day.
(Worcester is proud to be a sponsor)
The Northeast Regional Convention invites us to New Haven, CT, for an energetic and inspiring program. Combining the
instruments at Yale University and those at churches in the downtown area, New Haven offers a wealth of organs of
different styles, housed in interesting and beautiful locations. Click here for more information.
Sunday 6/28 Farewell Recital in Bolton: Piano, then Organ
WorcAGO member Krisjon Imperio will present a multi-instrument
concert at the First Parish of Bolton, on Sunday June 28 4:30PM.
At the end of June, First Parish director of music Kristjon Imperio is leaving after
eight years to become director of music at the First Congregational Church of
West Boylston, Massachusetts. A highly-skilled and sought-after organist,
pianist, conductor, and accompanist, Kristjon Imperio is the artistic director of
the Nashua Philharmonic, a member of the adjunct faculty at Anna Maria
College, and performs regularly with several ensembles, including the
acclaimed early music ensemble “Seele Musicale.” Join us as we celebrate
Kristjon Imperio!
Prelude & Fugue in D Minor, Op. 87, No. 24 (Dmitri Shostakovich)
Knoxville: Summer of 1915, Op. 24 (Samuel Barber) Alesia Tringale, soprano
Scherzo No. 1 in B Minor, Op. 20 (Frederic Chopin)
Chorale No. 3 in A Minor, FWV 40 (Cesar Franck)
Vor deinen Thron tret' ich, BWV 668 (Johann Sebastian Bach)
Crown Imperial (Sir William Walton)
Variations and Fugue on "God Save the Queen" (Max Reger)
Past Dean Henry Hokans Obituary Published
The Worcester area has lost a virtuoso musician as well as
a designer, restorer, and maintainer of the mightiest of
musical instruments - the Organ. Henry (Hank) Hokans
died in the arms of his loving wife Louise D (George)
Hokans on Tuesday, June 2, 2015, at their home in
Ogunquit, Maine. Besides his wife of 25 years, he leaves
his daughter Rebecca and son Richard, 2 grandchildren
and 2 great grandchildren.
Read entire article>>
Musical Happenings . . .
Poister Competition
The 2015 Arthur Poister Scholarship Competition in Organ Playing was held April 11 at Park Central Presbyterian Church, Syracuse,
New York. First...
Tornado hits Delmont, South Dakota
On Sunday, May 10, a tornado hit the small town of Delmont, South Dakota. Zion Lutheran Church, the tallest, most impressive
landmark in Delmont...
Stephen Cleobury recording
The Choir of King’s College, Cambridge label announces the release of Liszt, Reubke, Mendelssohn Organ Works, a new recording
by Stephen...
Stephen Hamilton recital in South Dakota
Stephen Hamilton performed a general repertoire recital on Palm Sunday, March 29, at First Lutheran Church in Sioux Falls, South
Dakota, on the...
Lorenzo Martinez to Houston Chamber Choir
Lorenzo Martinez has been appointed executive director of the Houston Chamber Choir, which enters its twentieth season. Martinez
McNeil Robinson dead at 72
McNeil Robinson II died May 9 in New York City. He was 72. Robinson served as organist and music director in New York City for Holy
Trinity Roman...
Damin Spritzer to University of Oklahoma
Damin Spritzer has been appointed full-time assistant professor of organ at the University of Oklahoma, where she served as visiting
professor of...
David Wagner retires from Madonna University
David Wagner has retired from Madonna University in Livonia, Michigan, where he served as professor of music and university
organist. During his 17-...
Noack Opus 159
The Noack Organ Co. announces a new organ project to be installed at the Trinitarian Congregational Church in Concord,
Massachusetts. Opus 159...
Johannus installation in Illinois
Johannus reports that its U.S. dealer, Church Organ Consultants, recently installed a hybrid organ at St. Ambrose Catholic Church in
Spreckels Organ Society Summer Organ Festival
The Spreckels Organ Society presents its Centennial International Summer Organ Festival, 11 concerts performed Monday evenings at
7:30 p.m. on the...
Improvisation Competition
The University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre and Dance is accepting applications for its Organ Improvisation Competition, cosponsored by the...
Trinity Lutheran, Cleveland, recitals
Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, Cleveland, Ohio, presents organ recitals on the Beckerath organ Wednesdays at 12:15 p.m.: July
1, Florence...
Interlochen Arts Camp summer organ festival
Interlochen Arts Camp announces their 2015 summer organ festival, performed by visiting artists and students. All students will study
with the...
Steven Egler anniversary concert
Steven Egler, professor of music at Central Michigan University, will perform a recital on the refurbished organ at First Christian Church,
First Parish Church, Brunswick, Maine concerts
First Parish Church, UCC in Brunswick Maine presents its 30th annual Summer Organ Concert Series, beginning Tuesday, July 14
and continuing...
CONCORA Summer Festival
CONCORA’s (Connecticut Choral Artists) Summer Festival 2015 will be held July 19–25 in Bethany Covenant Church, Berlin,
Connecticut, with conductor...
International Organ Competition
The International Organ Competition in Dudelange, Luxembourg, will take place August 24–29. Applicants for the interpretation
competition must be...
Italian organ music course
The Third Course on Italian Organ Music will be held September 3–8 in the Sanctuary of La Verna, Arezzo (Tuscany), Italy. Eugenio

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