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VWD Bulletin 12.indd
Read on to see how you can win the lotto more often.
‘Dream Car’ Owner
Yogesh Thanks VWD
UK Motoring enthusiast Yogesh Jethani
(pictured above outside his home) is ‘over the
moon’ after buying his ‘dream car’ with the
help of Virtual World Direct.
‘I’ve been a VWD member for more than a
year, he points out, ‘and, as well as being very
financially rewarding, the business gives me
the confidence of realizing that absolutely
anything in life is possible.
‘I now have a group of 600 people and that
achievement has enabled me to buy my
dream car and pay the mortgage on a brand
new home.
‘This is truly the most amazing opportunity to
generate a passive income and play the UK
National Lotto and EuroMillions the clever
I extend a big THANK YOU to VWD.
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The latest technology has been
installed in VWD members’
individual websites to significantly
broaden their business potential.
Tel: 01492 540236
Fax: 01492 547854
Post: VWD Member Support
Bevan House
51 Bevan Avenue
See back page for directions
A facility never before utilized in the
network marketing industry enables
them to download information or
the new e-Lottery movie directly
from their websites to their mobile
‘I believe this is the most powerful
form of communication ever in
networking,’ said VWD co-founder
Tom Brodie.
‘This gives members the ability to
show the power of the e-Lottery
System to anybody, anywhere,
‘All you need is a mobile phone with
video playback. The movie can be
downloaded from the tools section
of your website and also to your
‘The significance of this is you can
organize a presentation in a hotel or
café, using a laptop, and show the
movie without being online.
‘The bottom line is we are
embracing the latest advances in
technology to give our members a
better opportunity.’
An ideal opportunity to join a company with real
chances to win regularly, through your own
syndicate numbers and through commission from
other players.
This is a picture of a winning e-Lottery
syndicate picking up a cheque for
£139,340.00 GBP from the National
Lottery operator. The syndicate won
two, 5 numbers plus the bonus ball
prizes and 42 four ball prizes on
Wednesday Draw 28/08/2002. Each
syndicate member won £2,843.67 GBP
Malcolm Horsey Cheltenham. UK.
”Since I joined VWD not only have I had more lotto wins
than I've ever had before, I'm actually earning
substantial extra income showing friends how to play for
Paul Veverka, England, UK
In my 8 years of searching for a way to supplement my
income, Virtual World Direct has proved to be the most
exciting and unique opportunity. From the moment I
joined, I knew this was something special. Weekly wins
keep happening and I'm also getting paid for introducing
others to the e-Lottery system. Now I'm now earning
the equivalent of a good full-time income. Customer
service is first class and the literature and website are
fantastic . It's truly amazing that this is all happening for
only 5.00 a week!"
Colin Mitchell , England, UK
Within three months of playing the e-Lottery system I
had four Lottery wins and £2,846.95 deposited into my
Virtual World Direct account. It's not just about winning
big but winning regularly.
Dan Valter, Canada
I joined Virtual World Direct at the end of 2002 and
since then I've been a winner dozens of times and seen
my business grow between 9 and 20% every month.
Now my commissions add up to more than an average
employee makes in salaries.
The VWD programme is simple, completely global and
FUN. The websites and the functionality work Brilliantly.
The concept is unique and without competition and the
management (Tom and Len) are wise and considerate
and on top of significant growth. I am looking forward to
many years of prosperity, enjoyment and co-operation
with VWD.
Maureen Bell, England
Since joining the e-lottery multi win syndicate system –
with which £5 entered me into BOTH the Wednesday
and Saturday draw – I have won an amazing 12 times.
My partner has won 4 times and my two cousins in
Australia won £245 after being in only 10 days. Now
because of the amazing rewards system we are all
entered into the Wednesday and Saturday draw FREE of
charge. This really is a business for EVERYONE! Most
people play the lottery – why not join a system that
gives them 88 lines a week that COSTS £5 instead
of £88 and a guaranteed WINNING number.
Show them a better way!
With VWD - your friends, family and colleagues can enjoy playing the UK National Lotto from
the comfort of their armchair with ALL THESE ADDED BENEFITS.
No trudging to the shops, standing in queues or lost ticketsOdds as low as 1 in 13 88
entries a WEEK for just £5.00 Unique prizes not featured in the UK Lotto including a 2
ball winHit the JACKPOT with just 5 numbersWin more with the e-lottery than if you
play on your ownPlay for FREE through the VWD Rewards programme
Results by E-Mail with winnings paid out immediately
Plus, Plus, Plus – Watch the 3 minute movie for more details!
What's More there are around 20 Million People a week actively playing the UK National
Lotto with many more worldwide.
The UK National Lotto is one of the most prestigious, tax free, lump sum lotteries in the world
and its popularity is immense.All of them would like to know how to get the advantage and
phenomenal playing power of the e-lottery system by joining VWD!So click the link below
and start enjoying a better way to play the UK National Lotto and gain an easy way to build
an online business!
YES! – Show me a Better Way to Play and Earn!
Simply email [email protected] or visit
www.teamplaylotto.com to find out