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adVenTure & TraVel
Crime & Investigation
2 x 60 minutes | Produced by Thought Films
Tackling one of Biking’s Greatest Challenges
In a thrilling follow-up to Beyond Siberia (2 x 60’), this documentary follows 16 motorbike riders across 20,000 gruelling kilometres
through Africa. For 80 days, they battle blazing heat, treacherous roads, suffocating bureaucracy and bone-crunching crashes, attempting
to join a very elite group of people to have conquered this journey.
Riding the vast savannahs and witnessing the world’s greatest wildlife spectacle on the African plains, the riding gets tough as they battle
through gravel, sand, dirt and spectacular lightning storms across Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa.
It’s an incredible journey of vast sandy deserts, high mountain passes and never-ending savannahs on roads and tracks which are
amongst the most dangerous in the world.
6 x 30 minutes | Produced by Seven Productions | Commissioned by Seven Network Australia
The Heat is On for Sydney’s finest Beach Cops
The beaches are packed and the bars are pumping. As things heat up, the beach patrols prepare for another busy summer.
Millions of people flock to Sydney’s stunning Northern Beaches every year. However, between the summer heat, the drugs and alcohol,
antisocial and criminal behaviour, this iconic Australian location has a darker side.
This new factual series puts the viewer at the centre of the action, following the men and women responsible for street policing and rescue
operations in what can be a very hot, hectic and often dangerous occupation. This is policing with a difference, featuring a whole range of
characters that audiences will love. The Beach Cops tackle difficult situations every day. From driving offences to missing persons to drug arrests,
in each episode we witness how the Beach Cops respond to the dangerous, tragic and often funny situations that are part of their everyday lives.
6 x 30 minutes | Format Rights Available | Produced by CM Films | Commissioned by SBS Australia
World-renowned chef creates real Aussie food with an Italian twist
Antonio Carluccio, one of the world’s most well-known and respected chefs, is taken on a journey of discovery into Noongar country,
the south-west corner of Western Australia.
In one of the largest bio diversity areas in the world, Carluccio learns about Australia’s indigenous history, spanning the culture, art and
music of the land and, most importantly, the cuisine. He creates real Aussie food with an Italian twist, based on the six seasons of the
Aboriginal calendar and the availability of native and foraged foods at different times of the year.
Along the way, TV presenter Richard Walley introduces Carluccio to local characters who accompany them on their quest as they hunt,
fish and gather wild plants and experience the simple pleasures of Aboriginal life.
too many cooks
20 x 30 minutes | Format Rights Available | Produced by True North TV | Commissioned by Channel 4 UK
New series where cooking couples compete for cash!
In this new and fast-paced funny food format, three keen-as-mustard cooking couples compete against each other to lay on the best
spread for some very demanding party hosts. Each day of the week they must all prepare in advance before finishing their catering
at the party venue and serving up to the picky guests.
The host then takes soundings from all the guests at the end of each party, and decides whose food they would pay the most for. At the
end of the week – after our amateurs have catered for five very different parties – the winners will walk away with all the cash they’ve earned.
From birthday bashes and hectic housewarmings to romantic engagement dinners and exotic bon voyage farewell parties, our highly
competitive cooking couples have to dig deep and cater at a scale and to culinary standards they’ve never attempted before.
13 x 60 minutes | Format Rights Available | Produced by Big Coat Productions | Commissioned by W Network Canada
Will They or Won’t They?
This new spin-off series of the globally successful primetime format Love It Or List It offers viewers something a little different. Featuring a series
of unique homes and breathtaking scenery, the focus now turns on homeowners whose love affair with their beloved holiday home has fizzled.
Each episode takes viewers on an emotional rollercoaster ride as new hosts, designer Dan Vickery and estate agent Elisa Goldhawke,
face off against each other, armed with their list of “must-haves” to sway the vacation homeowners’ final decision to either keep their
renovated property or sell. Our designer has to overcome the hidden surprises that come with every renovation and deliver a beautiful
transformation so the owners will LOVE their holiday home again. Meanwhile our estate agent will have to pull out all the stops to find
the perfect new vacation home and will have them rushing to LIST their current property. So will they or won’t they?
1 x 60 minutes | Produced by DoubleBand Films | Commissioned by Channel 4 UK
The romantic, tragic story of the Queen’s playboy cousin
The Queen’s cousin was a playboy Royal who spent the 60s travelling the globe on diplomatic business. A love affair in Japan and a rare
incurable blood disease caused scandal for the British Monarchy before his glamorous life was cut short when he crashed his plane in
1972. But why do we not know this other Prince William?
This fascinating documentary, packed with evocative archive footage, documents the romance between Prince William of Gloucester and
glamorous divorcee, model and former air hostess Zsuzsi Starkloff. William was the Queen’s cousin and pageboy at her wedding to Prince
Philip in 1947, at which time he was fourth in line to the throne. However, his forbidden romance caused consternation at Buckingham
Palace, and Starkloff speaks on camera for the first time about their relationship.
ChiLdren & Family
1 x 60 minutes/1 x 90 minutes | Produced by Lowlands Media and Inkwell Films | Commissioned by Foxtel Australia
A unique look into the life of a Hollywood icon
Rod Taylor was Australia’s most famous Hollywood star in the 1960s. One of his most memorable roles was in H.G. Wells’ The Time
Machine. He also featured in Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds and starred alongside John Wayne in The Train Robbers.
Taylor’s rugged on-screen and off-screen persona created a brand of Australian masculinity now enjoyed by actors such as Mel Gibson,
Russell Crowe and Sam Worthington. This enlightening and very personal documentary features interviews with Rod Taylor before his
death in 2015. There are also interviews with a variety of actors, including Tippi Hedren and Dame Maggie Smith, as well as producers
and directors who reflect on his colourful life and career.
10 x 30 minutes | Produced by Drummer TV | Commissioned by CBBC UK
Living life on the edge with a group of determined young skaters
com g
Ice Stars is an exciting new series that unwraps the action-packed life, on and off the ice, of a group of determined young skaters.
From high-octane ice hockey players to synchronized dancers and individual performers, Ice Stars follows the ups and downs, both
on and off the ice.
We view the world of skating in a way that’s never been seen before, getting up-close, and capturing the emotions and dramas of
their daily lives. Our skaters may leave home at 5am to practice in the rink before school, but outside the rink they are normal young
people, dealing with the same day-to-day challenges as their non-skating friends. Future Olympians balance school and friendships
with international competitions, whilst beginners learn to shine.
ChiLdren & Family
Factual Entertainment
26 x 11 minutes/26 x 5 minutes | Produced by Screen Glue Ltd | Commissioned by Curiosity Stream & Discovery Asia
Where crazy science and kids with superpowers collide!
What happens if you make someone as heavy as a neutron star? Or use a tornado to make ice cream?
From world-renowned producer Jasper James (founder of Wide-Eyed Entertainment and Impossible Pictures) the answers to these
fascinating questions and more are explored in new children’s series Quarx.
Filmed as a series of short films (in 11 and 5 minute versions), each episode features a trio of teenagers who like to do mad experiments
and post them online. However these are no ordinary kids – they have super-powers and can alter the fundamental laws of physics.
So their experiments tend to go completely over the top!
6 x 30 minutes | Format Rights Available | Produced by Independent Pictures | Commissioned by RTE One Ireland
The countdown is on to the biggest day of a couple’s life…
In this new series, we join six couples with one week to go until their wedding – a week set to be one of the most intense, stressful
and unpredictable they will ever experience.
Highly entertaining, emotional and uplifting, we follow the bride, the groom and their families through the mayhem, chaos and
excitement surrounding the week before their wedding.
From the country couple who have 900 pigs to feed the morning of the wedding, to the New Jersey native marrying her “Irish Prince”
in a huge American-style three-day wedding, the couples featured vary in religious beliefs, sexual orientation, attitudes to marriage,
experience of previous marriages and socioeconomic backgrounds.
Health & Medicine
Health & Medicine
4 x 60 minutes | Format Rights Available | Produced by Independent Pictures | Commissioned by RTE One Ireland
On the front line of one of the largest children’s hospitals
Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital in Crumlin, a suburb of Dublin, is where life and death are a daily reality. This series observes medical
practitioners as they grapple with ethical decisions, complex cases and rare conditions.
Every child presents the team with difficult dilemmas that sometimes require emergency interventions. From the National Children’s
Heart Centre, which sees around ten thousand children annually, to the Intensive Care Unit with over 1,000 admissions each year,
the hospital tackles complex and rare conditions, some of which have no known cure.
With unprecedented access, Crumlin Children’s Hospital provides a sensitive but searingly honest portrayal of the challenges faced by the medical
teams. This series brings us the difficult decisions, the heartache and most importantly, the joys of working on the frontlines of paediatric medicine.
1 x 60 minutes | Produced by Dream Street Pictures | Commissioned by CBC Canada
People will do anything for their pets
The health and welfare of people’s pets is a billion dollar industry. There is almost no limit to the treatment available to our furry friends
– MRIs and even stem cell transplants are now standard.
This documentary takes the viewer inside veterinary surgeries across the US and Canada to witness cutting edge technology being used
to treat pets, even including prostheses.
We also visit Toronto Veterinary Emergency Hospital. With a staff of almost one hundred, and state of the art medical equipment on site,
this is a real hospital offering the same treatment you’d expect at a human hospital. Not surprisingly, medical bills can quickly go from
the hundreds into the thousands.
Health & Medicine
6 x 30 minutes | Format Rights Available | Produced by Independent Pictures | Commissioned by RTE One Ireland
Will our doctors agree with their patients’ own diagnoses?
Drama & Telemovies
soo !
In this intriguing new series, patients present their cases as well as their own research and theories to the show’s resident doctors.
How wrong or how right do they get it? We follow those who require further exploration on their journey as they go from our location
diagnosis to solving their health issues.
The self-diagnoses are vast and varied. From sleep apnoea to food intolerances, and irritable bowel syndrome to the fabled underactive
thyroid. But are our patients’ symptoms real or the result of too much online research?
Led by Dr Pixie McKenna (Embarrassing Bodies, C4) and Dr Phil Kieran, our doctors debunk health fads, explore the latest medical
breakthroughs and demonstrate proven medical facts.
1 x 90 minutes | Produced by Beyond Screen Productions | Commissioned by Seven Network Australia
Adored by his fans, can he ever really connect to one person?
This feel-good comedy-drama film tells the story of fictional stand-up comedian Manny Lewis (played by Australian stand-up comedy
performer Carl Barron).
Successful comic Manny Lewis finds himself at the height of his popularity, but at the depths of his loneliness. Disenchanted with life
and himself, he feels he can’t trust anyone with matters of the heart. Until one day by chance he meets the beautiful and complex Maria.
With his fame skyrocketing and the temptation of overseas riches in America beckoning, Manny must choose between taking a risk on
love, or retreating to the confines of his lonely but lucrative career.
Returning series
Returning series
8 x 60 minutes | Format Rights Available | Produced by Raise the Roof Productions | Commissioned by Channel 4 UK
Kirstie & Phil are back!
British property experts Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer are back with the second series of their top rated property dilemma series.
They’re helping families who’ve fallen out of love … with their home but can’t agree how to remedy it. One wants to give up and list it,
but the other wants to renovate so everyone can love it. This is where Kirstie and Phil come in to help!
Kirstie will use all her skills to completely transform the house. There will be extensions, new kitchens and some serious structural work in the
hope of convincing them to stay put. Meanwhile Phil will prove that there are amazing homes out there, and listing and selling up is the best option.
Once they’ve done all they can to help these battling families, they will ask one emotionally driven question: Are you going to Love it or List it?
(Total Series 1 & 2: 16 x 60 minutes)
26 x 60 minutes | Format Rights Available | Produced by Big Coat Productions | Commissioned by W Network Canada
What Will They Decide to Do?
They’re back! Our ever-feisty and competitive hosts, designer Jillian Harris and realtor Todd Talbot, cross swords once again in an effort to
sway couples who are at a crossroads with their home to either Love It or List It.
Love It Or List It: Vancouver helps couples who are fed up with their home. One person wants to renovate the house, while the other can see
no end to the issues and wants out! After being presented with a wish list and budget, both of our hosts head out on parallel journeys. Jillian
is convinced she can use her renovation budget to transform their current home into their stunning forever home, while Todd knows he can
turn his budget into a worry-free move to a different home that suits them perfectly! Everyone will be on the edge of their seat desperate to
hear the final decision. Will they love it? Or will they list it?
(Total Series 1 – 4: 104 x 60 minutes/ 78 x 30 minutes)
Returning series
Returning series
14 x 30 minutes | Format rights available | Produced by RTR Media and SKIT Inc | Commissioned by HGTV Canada
Turning unused space into money-making property
Real Estate Investor and Contractor, Scott McGillivray, shows homeowners with cash problems how to create rental space in their
home, as a way to generate additional revenue to help with mortgage costs.
In each episode, McGillivray presents his client with two design options. After they pick the one that meets their needs, the host
and his team of contractors renovate the space, with the meticulous McGillivray overseeing a sleek and cost-effective makeover.
Income Property reveals Scott McGillivray as a triple threat expert in real estate, renovation, and finance. Every episode delivers
an incredible reveal and a financial transformation that feels like a lottery win.
(Total Series 1 – 11: 116 x 30 minutes + 41 x 60 minutes)
8 x 60 minutes | Format Rights Available | Produced by Great Pacific Media | Commissioned by W Network Canada
The Ultimate DIY Home Renovation Show
In this new series, host Dave Salmoni guides four pairs of amateur home renovators as they compete for the prize of a lifetime!
Four houses, destined for destruction, are ripped from their foundations and transported to the epic Game of Homes arena.
There, the four teams of amateur renovators will live in them for eight weeks, turning them week-by-week and room-by-room into their dream
homes. In each episode, our resident judges Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan (60 Minute Makeover, ITV), along with celebrity guest
judges, vote for their favourite room renovations based on design and workmanship. At the end, one team will walk away with the
ultimate prize: their completely renovated home, and somewhere amazing to live!
(Total Series 1 & 2: 16 x 60 minutes)
Returning series
Returning series
9 x 60 minutes | Produced by Seven Productions | Commissioned by Travel Channel US
Tribal rituals putting manhood to the test
Adventurer and filmmaker Tim Noonan embarks yet again on a solo journey of self-discovery to worlds beyond his imagination
to try and unlock the mysteries of what it means to be the ultimate man.
Throughout this epic series, Noonan first has to earn the trust of some of the world’s least known tribes. With just the clothes on
his back and a camera, he is put through rituals, initiations and gruelling tests to man-up and prove himself worthy of their respect.
He joins snake divers in Cameroon, coming face-to-fangs with a killer cobra, then on to Trobriand Island to wrestle with sharks, along
with a host of other gripping trials, to become a man of each tribe.
(Total Series 1 & 2: 12 x 60 minutes)
10 x 30 minutes | Format Rights Available | Produced by True North Productions | Commissioned by CBBC UK
The Junior Vets are back!
Pets, wildlife and every other kind of creature are in trouble and our network of Junior Vets is on hand to assist them, whatever and wherever they are.
The new recruits visit wildlife sanctuaries, zoos, vet practices and re-homing centres, helping a staggering array of weird and wonderful creatures.
From a snake with a sore throat, meerkats needing a pedicure, and a badger that’s been hit by a car – the only thing the Junior Vets can
expect is the unexpected!
Always at the heart of the action, the Junior Vets face real decisions and dilemmas. Some will need to overcome their fears and phobias
but they really DO have what it takes to save the day.
(Total Series: 1 – 4: 40 x 30 minutes)
Returning series
The Beyond Team
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This series reveals incredible footage never before seen of drunk
and aggressive drivers, clueless lorry drivers and someone out for
a stroll on the wrong side of the track. From the lucky escapes
to the big mistakes, we see why it’s never a good idea to try and
make a run for it from the police.
Sherry Fynbo
Joanne Azzopardi
Marzenna Czubowicz
(Total Series 1 – 16: 160 x 30 minutes)
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Jane Christy
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20 x 30 minutes | Produced by Greenstone TV
Commissioned by TVNZ New Zealand
Buckle up for another thrilling ride
with the Motorway Patrol team
The hit series returns, following Motorway Patrol officers as
they deal with the crashed, the trashed and the smashed, the
confused, amused and boozed – and everything else in between.
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20 x 30 minutes | Produced by Greenstone TV
Commissioned by TVNZ New Zealand
Back on the Road Again
Funny, frightening, sometimes appalling and often heartwarming, Highway Cops follows the efforts of highway patrol
officers as they strive to educate and protect everyone on
New Zealand’s roads.
Series 3 covers the largest geographical area of all road policing
districts in the country, the Southern District, which boasts
mountain passes, scenic routes and tourism hot-spots where
beauty can quickly become lethal. The officers deal with remote
crashes, a car plunging down a cliff, drunk drivers and all sorts
of characters in between.
(Total Series 1 – 3: 50 x 30 minutes)
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