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5 1st Generation Camaro Enthusiasts
A Club of 1st Generation Camaro Enthusiasts, Years 1967, 1968 & 1969
Official Club News Letter For February 2010
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5 1st Generation Camaro Enthusiasts
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February 2010
Bill’s Corner: Info for The North Texas Camaro Club
Well the Super Bowl is over and I hope you won enough $ to buy a 2010 Camaro.
Some NTC folks have ordered/received their 2010 Camaros: Huff, Rudy Martinez, David Caver, and David
Clark - anyone else? Let's see some of these at 2010 shows.
2010 Ft. Worth Rod & Custom Show NTC entries are:. Gary Dolezal, Chris Recker, Todd Recker, Tom
Beard, Bill Roy, Huff, Tad Hall, and David Caver. March 5,6,7. NoMad Dog and David Clark entered
individually, so some great NTC participation.
NTC 2010 - Kick Off meeting will be at the Rail Head in Ft. Worth in connection with the Ft. Worth Rod
& Custom Show, 11:00 am sharp Saturday March 6th, 2010. This is the North Texas Camaros March Ralley
Point, ya'll come on out.
Dues are Due for 2010, Deadline is 3/1/2010, Dues stay at $20-same as last year. See web site home page
for mailing info.
Autorama in Dallas is Feb. 19 - 21. Looks like NoMad Dog Dodson and Huff are showing, anyone else
showing or going?
Jerry Jackson made the top 3 on Saturday with the Barrett-Jackson fantasy car bidding. Congrats Jerry, we
may have you get into the appraisal business for the muscle cars. All in all the prices were off from the
highs 2-3 years ago when COPO's went for $400k and Hemi Cuda convert went for $1million. Some really
good buys on Tue/Wed/and Sun at B-J. At the same time as B-J, the Russo & Steele Auctions right down
the street from B-J, had major wind and rain on Thursday evening. It did not reopen until Sunday. See email links for car damage images.
Jerry Jackson is also already on the job for the Cruise for the Cure in 2010. Looks like he has managed to
lock down the 3rd street location we had last year. Thanks Jerry, we'll be there.
Here is a work in progress report from John Mc Alpin, anyone else have a write up, let me know.
Hello from Austin. I was hoping to finally meet everyone this month at the social. But I was unable
to get the car lined out well enough to travel those distances. I have come to grips that it will be quite some
time before I can afford to fix the rusty spots. And, I know that you folks would understand. Though I did
need to make it road worthy.
So far I have completely gone through the suspension, power brakes and power steering systems. By
the way, I really like the Global West front control arms. The extra caster makes a nice difference on how it
drives. I stayed with the standard disk/drum setup for now. We'll see later about better brakes if needed.
I have also gone through the cooling system. I snagged a stock looking Alumatech aluminum
radiator with twin fans and automatic transmission cooling ports. Well, it would have looked stock if I'd
painted it black. I just could make myself paint the aluminum. It is much cooler than the original radiator.
My biggest challenge was that I went with the big block sized radiator for the extra cooling.
I might-a should-a thought a bit more about this. See, neither a small block nor a big block upper
radiator hose works. On my old engine I had the thermostat housing neck extended about two inches so it'd
reach. It looked pretty wretched. I now have a spacer mid hose to extend the hose out to the radiator neck. I
wish I could find a single molded hose that would fit the bill without shenanigans. I have the Vintage Air A/
C in place. What a nice setup. This was my Christmas present last year. The only drawback is that the
cooling system did notice the condenser sitting in front of it. About 5 degrees or so. Not too bad. I also had
the 12 bolt gone through and a set of original ratio 3:31 gears put back in. Besides it being the right ratio for
the BS rear end, it is my favorite ratio. Good highway manners and decent acceleration. The only challenge
is that the pinion seal leaks a bit.
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February 2010
Bill’s Corner: Info for The North Texas Camaro Club
The bearings and seals were new when I had the gears setup and I have since taken it back to them
with another new seal. Still leaks <drat!>. I am not sure that it's the original yoke since it doesn't have the
seal shield part on it. When I look at the current seal installation it is not in quite all the way (not flush to the
housing). I wonder if the mechanic tore the shield off because he couldn't get the seal in all the way and it
was hitting the shield <shrug>. I have since purchased a GM pinion seal and was trying to decide what to do
next. I have never been into that sort of repair before. Sure I've pulled axles and replaced those seals and
bearings. But I am nervous dealing with the pinion torque and don't know how close the bearing is to the
seal. If I hammer more on the seal could it be hitting the bearing? Could that be why it is not in flush to the
housing? Any suggestions/instructions would be welcome.
My latest efforts have been an engine swap. The original engine was quite anemic, and when hot,
only run at 25 on the oil pressure gauge. At idle it was a scary 5 to 10. It never knocked or smoked, but it
was obviously very tired. The car was originally an automatic but had been swapped to a 4 speed. An odd
overdrive 4 speed out of an 87 truck. Even that couldn't perk up the stock engine <grin>. And I certainly
didn't want to drive up to the frozen north (DFW) with this engine. So in came a GM ZZ4 Fastburn 350
crate engine. I fretted quite a bit about the option of an LS series engine. But, decided to stay with a sort of
stock appearance. And, it should have been easier right?
It mostly was, except for the headers. See, the Fastburn aluminum heads have D-Port exhausts
similar to the late LT1 engines. Only they have elevated D-Ports. The center of the ports is above the bolt
holes for the headers. I bought quite a few exhaust gaskets trying to see what would work. I could not find
any combination that would mate properly without leaking. All the headers that I could find stated that they
would work on regular and D-Port heads. They must have meant the normal height D-Port heads. My
existing Hookers sure wouldn't work. Big gaps in places and they would have leaked like crazy. Not to
mention that they would have had obstructions and turbulence in the exhaust from them not mating up
properly. I was quite frustrated and about to throw in the towel and have some headers custom made <yikes!
>. Then I stumbled across a reference to some Edelbrock headers made for their E-Tec and Fastburn heads
with the elevated D-Ports. They were made for first gens and matched perfectly to the ports. These are the
only headers that I know of that would mate properly to these heads. Stainless steel, thick 3/8" flanges, and
(my favorite) non-leaking donut style collector gaskets. Sweet! Sure, I had to put them in my press and
nudge some clearance around my fast ration PS steering box. I hated doing that but, I don't think anyone can
see it unless they are looking for it.
I put my old Edelbrock carb back on it (not my favorite carb) and it fired right up. I mean, it literally
fired right up. It actually made me jump because I was expecting to have to do a bit of tinkering to get it
going. Very nice.
I wanted to go back with an automatic but, I also liked the overdrive. I had Monster Transmission
send me a 700R4. I had it built with the Stage 3 HD parts but, with the Stage 2 shift characteristics.
Naturally a conversion cross member was in order. I used Turbo 350 cooling lines that were very close. The
threads were correct and the routing was good. I only had to tweak-bend the last 6 inches or so of the lines
so they pointed into the 700R4 fittings. This transmission, with the 3:31 gears gives me 2100 RPM at 70
mph. That'll do. Monster had pre-setup everything in the transmission so my speedometer reads correctly.
Back went the factory automatic transmission floor shifter (after fixing the gouging done to the tunnel for
the 4 speed shifter). I still have to swap back in the automatic brake pedal.
So, right now my tasks are to fix the pinion seal and do some routing changes to the A/C drain tube
that now conflicts with the new headers. After that I should be able to make it up to see you folks. I am
really looking forward to seeing everyone's rides.
Let's Go For a Spin in 2010
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February 2010
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February 2010
Featured Car Questionnaire
Terry Taylor's BBC 69 Camaro Coupe
The Silver Bullet
Car Specifications
Year Made:
Location Made:
Option Package(s):
Body Color:
Trim Color:
Interior Color:
Interior Style:
# previous owners:?
Any enhancements:
3rd week of January 1969
Norwood Ohio
X44 (base car)
Originally Frost Green / Now Silver
Originally Medium Green Standard Now Red
Originally Green / Now Red
Button Pleat
Is button pleat an enhancement?
Engine Specifications
Cubic Inch:
Matching numbers engine:
Intake Manifold:
Any enhancements:
Started life as a 350. Now has a 396 bored 30 over.
Holley Street Avenger 770
Edlebrock Performer RPM
Hooker 2457 full length ceramic coated
When I bought the car it was originally a solid cam motor.
I have installed a Comp Cam 11-205-3; hydraulic flat tappet
with a 268 advertised duration, also Comp Cam hydraulic
lifters. K&N air filter.
Drive Train
Rear Axle:
Gear ratio:
Tire Specs:
Wheel Specs:
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It had a Turbo400 when I bought the car. I have since had a
700R4 installed by Plano Transmission. He told me it had
all the “good stuff” in it (Corvette servos, etc)
10 bolt
Originally 308, now it has 373‟s.
Nitto NT450 225 50 16
American Racing Torque Thrust II 16”
February 2010
Featured Car Questionnaire
Terry Taylor's BBC 69 Camaro Coupe
The Silver Bullet
How did you acquire the car?
I saw the car on Craigslist for sale. I called the guy and he said that he had already accepted a
deposit on it. I wrote it off as first come first served, and I was not first. That was Tuesday or Wednesday
that week. I had sent an email to the club asking if they knew of a 69 for sale anywhere. Saturday morning
that week Frank (Huff) called me and asked me if I was looking for a 69 Big Block car. I said that I was
looking for a 69, but didn‟t care if it was a big block. I immediately got excited. He said there was one on
Craigslist. I asked him if it was the silver one with the extra hood and he said yes. I said that I had talked to
the guy and he already had a deposit. Frank said that the guy told him the same thing and Frank asked how
much and the guy told him $200. Frank told the guy that he was coming over with his asking price and the
guy told him to COME ON! I immediately hung up the phone and called the guy and told him that I would
be over in the afternoon. I ran to the bank and moved some monies around and went and saw the guy.
When I got there and saw the car I thought it looked pretty good. The main drawback was the big hole in
the roof. Someone had cut a hole for a sunroof. I didn‟t see much rust on the car, looking in the trunk and
floorboards. I asked him if the car would start and drive; he said yes. I told him “lets go”. He pulled the
car out and I took it for a drive down the street. I got about 200 yards and immediately heard a loud “clunk”
then the car started missing badly. I thought “Uh oh” this is not the car for me. When I “limped” it back to
his house, he said “Oh one of the rocker arms came off”. Puzzled I looked under the hood and sure enough
one of the rocker arms was laying on the side of the engine. He said that he forgot to torque down the nuts.
Yeah, there was a loose nut there alright. He had not even put on the valve covers. Luckily the gear on the
distributor was not fully seated in the oil pump or the whole interior engine bay would have been soaked
with oil! We agreed on a price, I gave him half the cash and he gave me the title. I told him I would be back
the next day with a trailer. I made a quick call to my friend Frank (Huff) and soon had a trailer.
The next day I picked up the car and dropped it off at my mechanic for a good once over. He fixed the hole
in the roof and replaced the rocker arms with a stock GM set. He has since stabbed in a new hydraulic cam
and lifters, replaced the rear-end I tracked down in Austin. Rodney Moore installed some disc brakes and
got them all working fine. My brother-in-law painted the orange and black cowl hood and top where the
sunroof used to be to match the rest of the car. My plan was to make it into a daily driver and not sink a
whole lot of money into it just yet. The overdrive transmission had helped with the MPG, but not really
enough to make it a full daily driver. I currently drive it two to three times a week to work. Long term I
plan to make this one look just like the one I had in High School, for that you will have to wait…
How long have you owned the car?
I purchased the car around the middle of August 2009.
What would you do differently with the car?
Long term this car is going to be blue with white Z stripes with white interior.
Any company or service that deserves high praise for helping with your car?
Frank Manzare (Huff) for the lead and the use of the trailer.
Boris Rapin for initial mechanical and engine work.
Rodney Moore for brake and front end alignment work.
My wife for tolerating all my toys.
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February 2010
North Texas Camaro Club’s
February’s Events Calendar
A Club For The First Generation
Camaro Enthusiast ‘67-’68-’69
NTC website @ http://www.NorthTXCamaros.com
Feb 19, 20, 21 / Friday, Saturday, Sunday Dallas, Texas
50th Anniversary O'Reilly Auto Parts AutoRama at the Dallas Market Hall, 2200 Stemmons Freeway
Dallas, Texas. 2nd Annual Dallas Diamond Award - $2000 in cash - first time shown in Dallas-Fort Worth
Metro Area. The "Fab 4" will be picked and all will receive a commemorative plaque. Over $30,000 in cash
and awards. Info: call Jimmy Austin at 972-429-4281 or go to www.autorama.com. Part of the Summit
Racing Equipment/ISCA Show Car Series - click HERE to go to ISCA's website.
Feb 26, 27, 28 / Friday, Saturday, Sunday Detroit, Michigan
58th O‟Reilly Auto Parts Autorama at Cobo Center. Info: MHRA at 586-771-7110 or email
[email protected] Part of the Summit Racing Equipment/ISCA Show Car Series - click HERE to go to
ISCA's website.
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February 2010
North Texas Camaro Club’s
March’s Events Calendar
A Club For The First Generation
Camaro Enthusiast ‘67-’68-’69
NTC website @ http://www.NorthTXCamaros.com
March club Ralley point
March 6 / Saturday / 11:00 am sharp Fort Worth, Texas
NTC 2010 - Kick Off meeting will be at the Rail Head in Ft. Worth in connection with
the Ft. Worth Rod & Custom Show.
Mar 5, 6, 7 / Friday, Saturday, Sunday Fort Worth, Texas
36th Annual Fort Worth Motorama featuring Texas' finest cars, motorcycles and trucks. Show location:
Will Rogers Exhibit Building, 3401 W. Lancaster Avenue, Fort Worth, Texas. More info:
Mar 5, 6, 7 / Friday, Saturday, Sunday Chicago, Illinois
48th O‟Reilly Auto Parts World of Wheels at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center. Info: Show
Committee at 708-361-2665 or email [email protected] Part of the Summit Racing Equipment/
ISCA Show Car Series - click HERE to go to ISCA's website.
Mar 12, 13, 14 / Friday, Saturday, Sunday Omaha, Nebraska
55th O‟Reilly Auto Parts World of Wheels at Qwest Center. Info: Jim Karls, 402-478-5277. Part of the
Summit Racing Equipment/ISCA Show Car Series - click HERE to go to ISCA's website.
Mar 13 / Saturday / Noon - 3 pm Richardson , Texas
'55, ‟56, ‟57 Classic Chevy Show at Reliable Chevrolet, at the corner of Arapaho and Central Expressway
(800 North Central Expressway), Richardson , Texas . Display only - no fees, no judging, 'Favorite Picks' of
each year, largest exclusive Tri Five Chevy event in the southwest! All '55, '56 and '57 Chevy cars, trucks
and corvettes welcomed to display, under construction, show cars, race cars, daily drivers ALL TRI FIVES
ARE WELCOMED! Event will feature a SPECIAL TRI FIVE CHEVY „CACKLEFEST‟!, Live music by
the „Ghost Surfers‟, door prizes, dash plaques to the first 100 cars, goodie bags, oh did I say NO FEES?!,
bring your Tri Five Chevy car, truck or corvette and enjoy the day! Don‟t have a Tri Five Chevy?, that‟s ok,
come and look and go back to the „50‟s! Hosted by the Dallas Area Classic Chevy Club. Info:
www.DallasClassicChevy.com or email [email protected] or call 866-754-3241.
Mar 27 / Saturday Shelbyville, Tennessee
The 2010 Spring Thaw Bike Show and Swap Meet is scheduled for March 27th, returning to the Calsonic
Arena in Shelbyville, TN. $1,000.00 Best of Show PLUS a feature with Thunder Roads Tennessee is up for
grabs this year, think your bike has what it takes?? $500.00 will go to the winner of the Low Buck Chopper
class. And as usual, the biggest swap meet in TN. Huge selection of new and used parts, accessories,
memorabilia, vintage bikes, bike builders, pinstripers and more. Stuff for all types of bikes. Ride safe, see
ya'll in the Spring! Tommy & Doris Williams. BothBarrelsPromotions.com
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February 2010
North Texas Camaro Club’s
April’s Events Calendar
A Club For The First Generation
Camaro Enthusiast ‘67-’68-’69
NTC website @ http://www.NorthTXCamaros.com
Apr 3 / Saturday / 10 am - 2 pm Fort Worth, Texas
Hays Automotive will host its 6th Annual Car/Truck/& Motorcycle Show. With taxes & everything else on
the way up, we've decided to keep the participant entry fee to only $10. There will be free food and drinks,
LIVE MUSIC, a bounce-house for the kidos! A panel of judges will select winning entries in the following
Divisions (as was done last year to make it more fair): There will be five Divisions including: GM Powered
Vehicles, Ford Powered Vehicles, MOPAR Powered Vehicles, and two flexible OTHER categories to be
designated depending on show entries. There will also be other awards including "Best of Show". Door
prizes for participants and Awards will be at approximately 2:15 pm. Show location: 4300 Benbrook Hwy
(also called Hwy 377), Fort Worth, Texas 76116. This is about 1/4 mile South of the Hwy 183 (Southwest
Blvd)/Hwy 377 Traffic Circle. Address can be accessed either through the traffic circle or North on Hwy
377 from Hwy 20 about 1 & 1/2 mile. Hays Automotive Phone # is: 817-696-8888.
Apr 3 / Saturday / 4:30 pm – 8:30 pm Plano, Texas
2010 Shows: Apr 3, May 1, Jun 5, Jul 3, Aug 7, Sept 4, Oct 2, Nov 6
Monthly Muscle Car Show holds its 1st Saturday of month car show at the SONIC Drive-In parking lot at
1601 Custer Rd. (15th street and Custer Rd) in Plano, Texas. Trophies for 18 classes and best of show truck
and car! Entry: $10, with free dash plaques for the first 50 entries. Registration is from 4:30 pm to 7:00 pm,
judging is at 6:45 pm to 7:45 pm and awards at 8:15. 50/50 pot drawings for cash and prizes.
Info:www.monthlymuscle.com or call SONIC at 972-596-7616.
Apr 10 / Saturday / 10 am – 3 pm North Richland Hills, Texas
Advantage Autoworks Spring Show at 6347 Davis Blvd North Richland Hills Texas, 76180. Come join us
for an awesome show. There will be 28 Classes Including Best of Show 1980 & Newer Car, Best of Show
1979 & Older Car, Best of Show 1980 & Newer Truck, Best of Show 1979 & Older Truck, Advantage
Autoworks Pick, Fat Cars Pick, Club Participation and many more. First and Class Awards in all 28
Classes. Free T-Shirts for all Paid Entries, Dash Plaques to the First 70 Paid Entries, and Lunch will be
Available with Cold Drinks. This is an awesome venue for a Car Show and show is open to all makes and
models of cars, trucks and motorcycles. Visitor parking will be separate from the car show. Come early this
show fills up quickly. Registration will open at 8:00 am and close at 12:00. Awesome door prizes, music
and you never know what other surprises Chris and Todd may have up their sleeves. Info: Mouse @ 940231-9956 or Alena @ 940-391-4988.
Apr 10 / Saturday / 12 noon - 4 pm Richardson, Texas
3rd Annual Heights Car & Motor Show. Registration 11 am - 2 pm. Last year we had more than 140 entries
in 22 classes, 42 large trophies, from Ferraris to Muscle Cars to Roadsters. We hope to attract even more
classic and exotic cars this year.The show will include a live DJ as well as food vendors including Chick-Fil
-A and Dickey‟s BBQ. Show car registration is $10 per entry or 10 canned food items. Proceeds will benefit
God's Food Pantry in Plano , Texas . The show is open to the public, spectator admission is free. Show will
be held at The Heights Baptist Church , 201 West Renner Road , Richardson , Texas 75080 (Southwest
corner of US 75 & Renner Road). Registration and more information is available online at
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February 2010
North Texas Camaro Club’s
April’s Events Calendar(continued)
A Club For The First Generation
Camaro Enthusiast ‘67-’68-’69
NTC website @ http://www.NorthTXCamaros.com
Apr 10 / Saturday / 4 pm - 8 pm North Richland Hills, Texas
2010 Dates: Apr 10, May 8, Jun 12, Jul 10, Aug 14, Sept 11. Oct 9, Nov13
2nd Saturday of the month Car Show. This is the first show of the Season! Beef o'Brady's at 845 Precinct
Line Road in North Richland Hills. Registration 4 - 5:30. Entry: $10, with free dash plaques to the first 50
entries. Full show classes for cars, trucks and motorcycles! 55 awards - 24-First place, 24-Class awards, 4Best of Show, 1-Managers Pick, 1-DfwCarShowInfo Pick And 1-Outstanding Club Participation Award.
Door prizes and 50/50. Info: 214-577-5857 214-577-5857 214-577-5857 or Beef'o'Brady's 817-577-4040
817-577-4040 817-577-4040 . www.dfwcarshowinfo.com .
Apr 10 / Saturday / 4:30 pm - 8:30 pm Dallas, Texas
2010 Dates: Apr 10, May 8, Jun 12, Jul 10, Aug 14, Sept 11, and Oct 9
Late Great Chevys of Dallas present their 22nd Annual Cruise Nights for 2010 on the 2nd Saturday of each
month from April through October. Show location is Rock-N-Rogers Diner on the northeast corner of W.
Park Blvd./Hebron Parkway and Midway Road in Dallas, Texas. Bigger, better awards and the best mix of
muscle, restored, specialty, and vintage cars and trucks in the metroplex. Door prizes and 50/50 drawing. DJ
featuring 50's and 60's music. Lots of family fun. Registration starts at 4:30 pm. Participant judging begins
at 7 pm and awards begin at 8 pm. Entry: $10. Club charity is the VA Hospital in Dallas. Please bring
books, magazines and personal sized toiletries for military veteran patients to use at the hospital. Info: Jim
at 214-707-1278, Dan at 214-668-4158 or Richard at 214-690-1334. Log on to www.lategreatchevys.org for
more info.
Apr 10, 11 / Saturday, Sunday Fort Worth, Texas SWAP MEET
DFW Swap Meet at LaGrave Field, Fort Worth, Texas. Thousands of classic car buffs from across the
country are expected for the Spring D/FW Classic Car Swap Meet. LaGrave Field is located one block east
of North Main Street between the "world famous Stockyards" and beautiful downtown Fort Worth. Free
admission. Public hours 8 am - 5 pm on Saturday and Sunday. Info: Jason or Dean Earhart at 254-751-7958.
Apr 15 / Thursday Night / 5 pm - 9 pm Mesquite, Texas
2010 Dates: Mar 18, Apr 15, May 20, Jun 17, Jul 15, Aug 19, Sept 16, Oct 21
McDonald's Car Show every 3rd Thursday of the month. Show location: 1531 Town East Blvd next to the
Town East Mall on the Sear's side, Mesquite, Texas. Free McDonald's meal to the 1st twenty cars to register
(one per car). Free Dash Plaques to the 1st 50 Cars to register. 28 Classes, 1st and 2nd place in each class.
Entry: $10.00. For more info call Gabby 469-632-6993.
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February 2010
North Texas Camaro Club’s
April’s Events Calendar(continued)
A Club For The First Generation
Camaro Enthusiast ‘67-’68-’69
NTC website @ http://www.NorthTXCamaros.com
Apr 17 / Saturday / 1 pm – 5 pm Roanoke, Texas
Great American Wheels & Wings benefiting Paws 'n' Wheels animal welfare. Show location: NW
Regional Airport, 5360 Kelly Road, Roanoke, TX 76262. Participant judging with awards or show 'n'
shine only, car owner's choice. Entry: $15 for awards. Entrants can elect to furnish $15.00 worth of animal
food or supplies in lieu of entry fee (see list at http://www.greatamericanwheelsandwings.com/
GAW&WWishList.htm). The first 50 entries will receive a dash plaque. Door prizes. Awards - Outstanding
Club Participation, First and Second place awards in lots of classes plus Best of Show Car 79 & Older, Best
of Show Car 80's & Newer, Best of Show Truck 79 & Older, Best of Show Truck 80's & Newer. Vendors,
food & drinks available. More info: [email protected] .
Apr 17, 18 / Jefferson TX
Car Show( downtown)
Apr 18 / Sunday / 1 pm to 5 pm Keller, Texas
Come join us at 459 Keller Parkway Keller Texas 76248. Mimosa Manor Custom Car, Truck and
Motorcycle Show. Share your Classic Cars with the Senior Citizens of Mimosa Manor. This is a Fund
Raiser for Mimosa Manor. There will be 28 Classes, all Makes and Models are Welcome. Free Dash
Plaques to the First 50 Entries. Best of Show Car 1980 & Newer, Best of Show Car 1979 & Older, Best of
Show Truck 1980 & Newer, Best of Show Truck 1979 & Older, Fat Cars Pick, Mimosa Manor Pick, Club
Participation Award. There will be Fresh Cooked Hot Dogs, Chips and Cold Drinks for sale. 50/50 Tickets.
Proceeds of the 50/50 will go to Mimosa Manor. Entry Fee is $15.00 $5.00 of Each entry fee goes to
Mimosa Manor. Please help support this great cause and bring some joy back into their lives. Who knows
they might have owned the Car or Truck you have now. For more information please contact Mouse @ 940231-9956 or Alena @ 940-391-4988 please visit our website @ fatcarsonline.com, uniquekarz.com.
Apr 18 / Sunday / 1 pm – 5 pm Lewisville, Texas
Redneck Heaven Car Show (between Red Lobster & T.G.I. Friday's), 2501 S. Stemmons Fwy. (sb frontage
road @ Vista Ridge Mall) in Lewisville, TX 75067 in conjunction with Great American Wheels & Wings
benefitingPaws 'n' Wheels animal welfare. Participant judging with awards or show 'n' shine only, car
owner's choice. $15 entry fee for awards. Entrants can elect to furnish $15 worth of animal food or supplies
in lieu of entry fee (see list at http://www.greatamericanwheelsandwings.com/GAW&WWishList.htm). The
first 50 entries will receive a dash plaque. Door prizes. Awards - First and Second place in lots of classes
plus Outstanding Club Participation, Best of Show Car 79 & Older, Best of Show Car 80's & Newer, Best
of Show Truck 79 & Older, Best of Show Truck 80's & Newer. Vendors, food & drinks available. Info:
[email protected]
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February 2010
North Texas Camaro Club’s
April’s Events Calendar(continued)
A Club For The First Generation
Camaro Enthusiast ‘67-’68-’69
NTC website @ http://www.NorthTXCamaros.com
Apr 24 / Saturday / 8 am - 3 pm
The 7th Annual Shakers & Scrapers Open Car Show. April 24, 2010. Located in historic downtown
Corsicana, TX during the Derrick Days Celebration. Food, art and crafts, chili-cookoff, games, parade and
carnival all day during Derrick Days Saturday. New this year - Friday night Cruise-In & Street Dance with
free performances featuring Johnny Bush of Whiskey River & Jessee Dayton. See flyer for information.
Registration is 8am to 11am but get there early for the best spots. Entry is $20.00. $15.00 Early registration
before April 19th. Free T-Shirt for early registration & attend the Friday Cruise-In. Door prizes given
throughout the day and 50/50 tickets. Auction, raffle prizes. 50/50 giveaway and awards start about 3:00pm.
Judged show with 0ver 20 classes. 50 Plaques will be given out. ALL proceeds to benefit the Family
Service Association of Corsicana. Call Dan (903)467-7170 for more information and be sure to visit http://
www.shakersandscrapers.com for more information, calendar, contacts, pictures, and much more. Show
flyer: http://www.shakersandscrapers.com/calendar/notes/cruisenight.pdf
Apr 24 / Saturday / 5 pm - 9 pm Arlington, Texas
2010 Dates: 4/24, 5/29, 6/26, 7/31, 8/28, 9/25 and 10/30
Special Interest Ford‟s club has a monthly car show on the last Saturday of each month from 5pm to 9 pm.
The show is for all makes and models. It is located at Fabulous 50‟s Diner, 2424 W. Park Row Dr.
Arlington , TX . (The corner of Park Row and Bowen) Entry fee is $10. There are door prizes, 50/50 raffle,
oldies music, dash plaques and trophies. For additional information, send emails [email protected]
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February 2010