A CelebrAtion of exCellenCe



A CelebrAtion of exCellenCe
March - April 2016
Volume 20 Issue 2
A Celebration of Excellence
Hello! Destination Management and
Mears Transportation Sales enjoyed
a banner year in 2016. At the annual
holiday party, team members from
all six offices gathered at the Hyatt
Regency Orlando to celebrate another
year of outstanding achievements. The
most exemplary programs and team
members of 2015 were honored at
the pre-dinner cabaret.
The Hello! Destination Management
Top Producer is the account executive
with the highest gross profit for
the year. For 2015, the Hello! Top
Producer was Sarah German in
the Orlando office.
For the team or individual at Mears
who most exceeds their yearly revenue
goal, the Mears Producer award is
given. The 2015 Mears Producer team
is Nick Stein, Tim Heberling, Sarah
Barry, and Krista Estepa.
The Hello! Destination Management
Performer is the account manager with
the highest average client evaluation
score from all survey questions. 2015’s
winner is Amanda Flaum, Las Vegas.
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Top Producer
Sarah German
Mears Producer
Team: Nick Stein,
Tim Heberling,
Sarah Barry, and
Krista Estepa
Top Performer
Amanda Flaum
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Every year at the Holiday Party, a few Hello!
Account Executives are recognized for the
extraordinary achievement of earning more
than one million dollars in gross profit
for the year. This year the Million Dollar
Club grew exponentially, with several new
additions. Our 2015 Million Dollar Club
achievers are:
Mika Duynhouwer, Shannon Orme, Susan
Harry, Stephanie Hotchkiss, Erin Feldman,
Regina Brooks, Susan Smirnow, Valerie
Hershiser, Amie Garrett, Nikki Mosolf
and Chad Daun.
Million Dollar Club
Our Pillar Awards are one of the most
coveted honors. Many former Pillars have
gone on to become top performers, and this
is the one award that is based on overall
day-to-day performance, not just sales or
survey goals. Pillar recognition goes to one
individual in each office who is always
there for his or her colleagues, handles
enormous workloads and consistently gets
the job done. Here are the 2015 Pillar
winners for each office:
Marsha Heppler
Hello! Arizona
Sarra Mulugeta
Hello! Washington D.C.
Michael Schultz
Hello! Texas
Keith Wargula
Hello! Las Vegas
Melanie Patalano
Hello! Florida Orlando
Claudia Alvarez
Hello! South Florida
Keri Gunther
Mears Transportation
The Hello! Destination Management Superstar is an individual
who best represents Integrity, Enthusiasm and an Intense
Desire to Succeed. Congratulations to our 2015 Superstar
Danielle Guido, Washington, D.C.
The 2015 Mears Superstar, Erin Leonhardt, is the person on
the Mears sales team who best exemplifies our core values of
Respect, Integrity, Safety, Efficiency and Enthusiasm.
Hello! Destination Management’s new Most Innovative Guest
Experience award is given to the team that creates and delivers
an experience that allows them to successfully take a risk. This
team best utilizes our expertise as destination management
professionals to innovate in our business.
Most Innovative Guest Experience
Hello! Destination
Management Superstar
Danielle Guido
Mears Superstar
Erin Leonhardt
Our Orlando Team took the top innovation prize this
year with “The Perfect SWING” for Brown & Brown, Inc.
For their annual Sales Conclave at the Hilton Orlando,
Brown & Brown brought together 1,800 attendees from
around the world. This year’s theme, “The Perfect Swing,”
highlighted the point at which a crew team rows in
perfect unison. The theme was applied to six large-scale
events over the course of the three-day conference. From
modern dance set to custom imagery in the General
Session, to an elegant yacht club-themed dinner for
top earners, and even a Guinness World Record’s
achievement at its signature costume party, this was a
conference full of “perfect” experiences.
The Outstanding Performance award is given to Hello!
Destination Management’s best overall program for
the year. Congratulations to Sarah German, Kerry
Sauber, Nate Kalb, Rebecca Cerullo, Diantha Harris,
Mark Wells, Janice Dowling, and Cameron Rust for
Microsoft MGXFY16. Microsoft welcomed 12,000 of
its sales staff from around the world to Orlando for
its MGXFY16 final night concert at the Citrus Bowl in
Downtown Orlando. Featuring a full dinner for each
attendee, custom-branding throughout the venue, and
a fully-carpeted field, this concert was a complete
custom experience. We transformed this venue from a
soccer stadium to a dinner and concert venue in less
than four days, with a larger-than-life OneRepublic
and Katy Perry concert that culminated in an epic
stadium-wide fireworks finale to Katy Perry’s seminal
classic, “Firework.”
Outstanding Performance
Congratulations to all for their tremendous accomplishments in 2015!
M EA RS IN M OTIO N N EW SLETTER • M a rch - A pri l 2016
Joanna Boitis joins Hello! Florida Orlando as an
Account Manager. Joanna started her career at
Disney, then moved to Michigan and New Zealand
doing event coordination. She eventually made
her way back to Orlando and to Disney. She has
been working with Disney Weddings and Disney
Destination Marketing for the last year.
We welcome Kate Farmer as an Account Manager
at Hello! Florida Orlando. A graduate of Rosen
College, Kate started her career at Disney. She
moved to Las Vegas to take part in the Sands Corp
Leadership Development program, then moved to
Washington state and worked in several meeting
manager and event logistics roles before deciding
to make the move back to Orlando.
Please welcome our new Motor Coach
Maintenance Director, Wes Kanaga. Wes is from
Illinois, attended Illinois Central College and started
his maintenance career in the automotive industry.
For the last 20 years he has been the Maintenance
Director at Peoria Charter in Peoria, Illinois. During
that time he was recognized by his peers for
exceptional coach maintenance innovations and
won the United Motorcoach Association Technician
Competition three years in a row. We welcome Wes to Mears and
sunny Florida.
Hello! Florida Orlando’s new Account Manager
Meg Terry studied Education and started her
career working with children. She worked at Paul
Newman’s Hole-in-the-Wall Camp in Connecticut,
then Orange County Public Schools before moving
to Washington D.C., where she became an Events
Manager for City Year. She was an Event Designer
for Main Event Caterers prior to her recent move
back to Orlando.
We are pleased to introduce Patrick Wong as our
new MDS Call Center Manager. Patrick comes
to Mears with a strong Information Technology
background and has experience in a call center
environment, where he was responsible for hiring,
training and team building. He graduated from UCF
with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science,
Information Technology and received his Masters
of Business at Webster University. Patrick will be
responsible for analyzing call routing, forecasting and call flow. He
will also hire, coach and guide our supervisors in areas of call quality
and customer service. Please join us in welcoming Patrick to Mears.
Jarelis Rodriguez has joined us as Operations
Coordinator in Hello! Florida’s Orlando office.
A graduate of Rosen College, she has worked at
BBJ Linens, Residence Inn Marriott and most
recently the Simon Property Group at the Orlando
Premium Outlet as the Administrative Assistant.
Welcome, Jarelis.
Ebony Stephens has joined the Mears / Hello!
Florida team as our part-time Receptionist,
working alongside Linda Kauffman. Ebony’s sunny
personality and warm smiles welcome guests both
on the phone and in person at our Vineland Road
office in Orlando.
Christine Hemphill, Computer Network Engineer,
has joined our Information Technology team.
She comes to us from Charlotte, NC, where
she provided high-end tech support services,
installation, troubleshooting and repair. In her new
role she will be our liaison with Mobile Knowledge
for City Cab and Mears Destination Services,
handling the technical aspects of our Mobile
Knowledge systems. Christine has jumped in with
both feet to learn all about our various operations, and she has even
successfully driven both taxi and luxury sedan as part of her training.
We look forward to her many contributions.
Motor Coach Driver Manager
Michelle Rodriguez and husband,
Paul, welcomed a baby girl on
January 1, 2016. Joellie Rodriguez
weighed 6 lbs. and measured
18 inches. Congratulations to
mom, dad and big sisters Jasmine
and Jaelynn.
MDS Data Entry Clerk Denise Fluaitt
passed away on December 19, 2015.
Denise joined the company in August,
2014. We extend our sympathies to her
family, friends and co-workers.
Motor Coach Operators Luis Castanon, Miodrag Simic, Nestor Sosa and
Cecil Walton have served thousands of customers during their tenure with
Mears. Recently, our “Mystery Shopper” observed them aboard Disney’s
Magical Express (DME). Congratulations to these Motor Coach Operators
for earning a Perfect Shopper Report and courtesy award! Here’s what the
shopper had to say about their great service:
Holly Stephens has taken on the role of Hello!
Arizona Account Executive. She has spent the last
three years as an Account Manager, learning our
operational methods and delighting customers onsite at one of our largest hotel partners. In her new
position of Account Executive, Holly’s experience,
attention to detail and intense desire to amaze
customers with our services will take her far. Holly
receives countless accolades not only from our
valued customers, but from her peers as well. Her willingness to assist
with a pleasant smile is just one of her many positive attributes.
Luis Castanon
“Luis was professional and polite as he loaded the
luggage. He was well-spoken and friendly. He did
a great job covering all talking points. Luis also
offered the coach number should any items be left
behind. He stayed within all speed limits, drove
smoothly and obeyed all traffic laws. Luis achieved
all service points.”
Miodrag Simic
“Miodrag used his own words but did an
outstanding job of covering all points of the script.
He obeyed all traffic laws and stayed well within
speed limits. His driving was very smooth. As we
approached the airport, again Miodrag did a great
job with his final presentation. As we exited the
coach, he was at the base of the stairs ensuring
passengers left safely and thanked them. Miodrag
achieved all service points and the overall score
is 100%.”
Nestor Sosa
“When Nestor exited the coach he said, ‘Good
morning, Disney Magical Express, 9:25 to the
airport.’ He asked what airline after taking our
Transportation Notice and said, ‘Welcome
aboard.’ Nestor covered all points in his initial
announcement. Nestor also did a good job with
his final presentation, and greeted us at the base
of the stairs.”
Cecil Walton
“When Cecil exited the coach he did an
outstanding job announcing, ‘Disney Magical
Express, 10:55 to the Orlando International
Airport.’ After he loaded all luggage he announced
a last call. Cecil used a strong voice that could
be heard by all. Once he was on board, he faced
the passengers and gave his first announcement.
He was articulate, friendly and covered all talking
points. When we arrived at the airport, Cecil did a
great job with his final presentation. His directions
were very clear. Cecil obeyed all laws and stayed
well within the speed limit. Overall Cecil did an
outstanding job and achieved all service points.”
Ebon’e Morris has been promoted to MDS Sales
Coordinator. She will be working with HF!
Account Executives Alison Davis and Anne Laxson,
as well as coordinating transportation projects
for Shannon Gravitte, VP of Government and
Community Affairs. Ebon’e started with Mears in
August as a part-time receptionist, and when a
Sales Coordinator position became available in
November, she was proactive in applying for it.
Her willingness to move ahead and her familiarity with our operations
have made her a great fit for her new role.
Please join in congratulating Kate Connin as
the newest member of our Creative team. Kate
joined the Hello! family almost four years ago,
and has contributed in a variety of roles to make
our Orlando organization a success. Her great
attitude and willingness to help have advanced
her experience level well beyond her years. Right
away, Kate demonstrated that there was not a
creative proposal that she couldn’t tackle. Then her
experience in operations had her collaborating closely with various
teams and successfully managing complicated productions, all with
contagious enthusiasm. She’ll now continue on her career path as
Creative Services Manager, and we can’t wait to see her in action!
Michael Newman
Motor Coach Operator
Lisa Rogers
CCC Dispatch Radio Operator
M EA RS IN M OTIO N N EW SLETTER • M a rch - A pri l 2016
Wayne Nassis
CCC Operations Manager
Edward Porter
Motor Coach Operator
Wilner Cadet
Motor Coach Operator
Matthew DiFiore
Motor Coach Operator
Sobeida Germosen
Motor Coach Operator
Tyler Henry
CCC Field Operations Supervisor
Diana Perts
Hello! Florida Orlando
Operations Supervisor
Ray Ramtahall
CCC Mechanic
Diantha Harris
Hello! Florida Orlando
Production Accountant
Carlos Lucas
Shuttle Van Driver
Nestor Sosa
Motor Coach Operator
Buck Buchanan, Jr.
DME Boarding Representative
Robert Ventresca
Hello! Florida Orlando
Accounting Supervisor
Gerald Reigle
Motor Coach Operator
Michelle Zwieg
Hello! Florida Orlando Field Staffer
Brianna Arias, HLV
David Axel, MDS
Ashley Blakeley, HDC
James Bradley, MDS
Roy Brown, MDS
Ronald Bullock, MDS
Sahira Burgos, MDS
Patrick Clements, MDS
Michael Collins, MDS
Nellie Contreras, MDS
Tiera Davis, CCC
Chris Denny, MDS
Danelle Dodds, HLV
Roger Escobar, MDS
Aisha Figueroa, CCC
Mackenzie Grey, HDC
Annette Hamilton, MDS
Monica Hart, MDS
Autumn Hawkins, MDS
Donald Hawley, MDS
Taron Hurst, MDS
Joseph Imrisik, MDS
Marisol Jimenez, MDS
Michael Knispel, MDS
Tess Li, HLV
Sharon Martinez-Perez, MDS
Brigitte Mina, HTX
Jonathan Moore, MDS
Juan Munoz, CCC
Patrick Murray, MDS
Jose Navarro, CCC
Elvio Perez, CCC
Juan Perez, MDS
Ryan Peyton, MDS
Fedna Philacier, CCC
Tressa Rini, HAZ
Margaret Rodriguez, MDS
Octavio Rodriguez, MDS
Vianca Rodriguez, CCC
Jose Santana, MDS
Fatima Sesay, HF
Luis Walker, MDS
This might be the last year to see this
park – which celebrates the glamour of
movies and television – as most of us
currently know it. Disney Chairman Bob
Iger recently said Hollywood Studios
will change its name to go along with a
reported $3 billion make-over, but the
“when” is unclear. For now, the popular
Toy Story Mania, a 3-D ride and arcade
game, is opening an additional track
(reportedly this spring) to reduce wait
times, which frequently exceed an hour.
The buzz: With December’s release of Star
Wars: The Force Awakens, chatter about a
new attraction based on the ultra-popular
movie franchise is at a fever pitch. 2018
is a possible target for opening, and it
should include rides based on piloting
the Millennium Falcon and a climactic
battle scene. Until then, Star Wars-themed
events throughout the year will keep
fans happy.
To the delight of children and the young at heart, a ride
based on the movie Frozen is expected to open this spring
in Epcot’s Norway pavilion. Frozen Ever After features
a wintry boat ride through Arendelle, with songs and
animated characters from the movie guiding the way.
Listen for Elsa belting out “Let it Go” – the song that took
over the world in 2013.
The buzz: The flight simulator Soarin’ is scheduled to
get some new virtual territory. This summer, after nearly
11 years of “hang gliding” over California scenery in a
180-degree IMAX theater, it will take visitors around the
world for a birds-eye view of unique natural landscapes
and man-made wonders. Better still, an additional theater
will shorten wait times that often approach 90 minutes.
Source: AAA Living, January/February 2016
M EA RS IN M OTIO N N EW SLETTER • M a rch - A pri l 2016
100 Million Visitors In 2015
According to Gov. Rick Scott, Florida has become
the first state to welcome more than 100 million
tourists in a year – with 105 million visitors in
2015. “We have a great tourism industry all across
our state,” said Scott, who set the goal two years
ago. The new statewide record surpasses 2014’s
mark of 99 million.
Central Florida accounts for the “lion’s share” of Florida’s visitors. Orlando International Airport
welcomed a record number of 38.8 million travelers in 2015, up from 36 million in 2014. This
increase pushes airport leaders closer to planned construction of a $1.8 billion southern terminal
building, Greater Orlando Aviation Authority Chairman Frank Kruppenbacher said in a recent news
release. International traffic was up 17.57 percent last year, increasing to 5.08 million passengers.
Domestic traffic also increased 7.44 percent last year compared to 2014, with 33.7 million
Will Seccombe, President and Chief Executive Officer of state tourism authority Visit Florida said,
“Orlando is the most visited destination in the United States. It’s the most visited city. And certainly
the home of the theme park capital of the world, right? No place on Earth can compare to that.”
Seccombe commented that it is important for Orlando International Airport to thrive because it’s
a gateway to Orlando and Central Florida. “The airport is a critical international connector and a
domestic connector,” he added.
More investment in the state and new attractions are being credited for the increased number
of visitors. “The momentum is extraordinary,” Seccombe said. “And one of the most important
things we have is strengths in markets like the U.K. and Latin America. We have growth in
overseas visitors.”
Source: Orlando Sentinel, February 2016
The Westin Orlando
(computer code #5538) is now
Las Palmeras
by Hilton Grand Vacations
9501 Universal Blvd.
Orlando, FL 32819
Shuttle Zone 3
Luxury Vehicle Zone 131
Taxi Zone 801
The Resort at Universal Blvd, formerly the
Wow Resort, has changed names again.
The new property is called Grand Hotel
Orlando. Note the new address as well.
Grand Hotel Orlando
7825 Universal Blvd.
Orlando, FL 32819
Shuttle Zone 3
Luxury Vehicle Zone 130
Taxi Zone 800
Sales Manager Ortancis Gaines
sends KUDOS to Hello! Florida
Orlando Field Staffers Lori Babb,
Steve Babb, Mary Johnson and
Cindy Lafond:
Green Spirit Award
Mears Transportation was recently
awarded the American Bus Association's
Green Spirit Award, which recognizes
operators who demonstrate best practices
in environmentally friendly operating
and business policies. Mears won for its
comprehensive business sustainability
practices, such as the conversion to green
diesel engines and implementation of driver training programs that encourage best practices such
as taking the "no idle" pledge. Motor Coach Operators pictured here with the award (left to right)
are Ivan Arocha, Robert McGinty, Bobby Love, Jeanne Hamilton, Joel Mollay and Luis Castro.
“I want to commend Mary, Cindy,
Lori and Steve for the excellent job
they did with Meritas Games. They
were required to assemble, rearrange
and keep track of motor coaches.
They all worked very hard, put in
very long hours and kept smiles
on their faces. The client was
very pleased.”
Core Values: Respect, Efficiency &
“I wanted to share how extremely pleased Chris Boerner
and I were with Luxury Vehicle Chauffeur Daniel Rich
during the ASH conference.
“Daniel was assigned to Dr. Boerner, President of BMS’
US business. Daniel was professional, available to us night
and day, flexible with an ever-changing schedule, able
to recommend appropriate venues for private meetings,
expertly navigated a very congested Orlando area, and is
genuinely a very pleasant person to be around. I would
recommend him for any executive or high level assignment
at Mears.”
Core Values: Respect, Efficiency, Safety & Enthusiasm
“My family visited Orlando and had the pleasure of
working with Luxury Vehicle Chauffeur Emmanuel Chery
during our trip. Giving feedback is not something we do
often, as many people lack customer service skills, sad
to say.
Sales Manager Ortancis Gaines and Motor Coach
Operators Luis Castro, Jonathan Mills and
William Reardon:
“Your drivers and your coaches are always wonderful.
Jonathan and Luis took us to Port Everglades and William
and Luis brought us home. Even before we returned home,
your Ops center was able to delay the pickup from the ship
because we had a late disembarkation. We were given the
driver names that day, which always helps. Ops was terrific.
“Emmanuel was truly a pleasure to work with. He was
always on time and very patient with our two kids during
each encounter. Emmanuel even provided us with
beneficial information, like places to visit and eat during
our stay. Rarely do you encounter someone you look
forward to doing business with again one day. Emmanuel
will be our first call when we visit Orlando in the future.”
“In all instances, your driver service was above superb.
We had delays leaving the ship and they were right there,
within close walking distance, when we finally emerged
from the terminal. Loading and unloading baggage was
performed rapidly and allowed our travelers (some
with real problems staying on their feet) to get to their
comfortable seats quickly.
Core Values: Respect, Efficiency & Enthusiasm
“I wanted to pass along my thoughts on such great service.
All too often you only hear about the bad. The positive is
often overlooked or taken for granted. I am in the financial
service industry and I have been using car services for more
than 20 years. Luxury Vehicle Chauffeur Brunel Theus
should be commended. He covers the three ‘Ps’ for drivers
in my book: Polite, Prompt and Professional. The great job
Brunel has done servicing my family while we are here at
the Four Seasons should be recognized.”
Core Values: Enthusiasm, Efficiency & Respect
“Thank you for a great experience I had with one of your
drivers. Shuttle Van Driver Maria Ferraris was not only fun
and engaging with our group, but also professional and
helpful with all our needs and difficulties (one of our group
was on crutches). She is a great part of your team and I
wanted to send a thank you to Maria.”
Core Values: Safety & Enthusiasm
Hello! Florida Orlando Field Staffer Michelle Zwieg:
“Thank you so much for your unparalleled customer
service. We had more changes then I could have ever
dreamed of and you and your team did an out of this world
amazing job with everything. Thank you so much!”
“We will always ask for these guys when we travel. Please
convey our thanks for their service. We will definitely be
using Mears again, because you are all great.”
Core Values: Respect, Efficiency & Enthusiasm
Core Values: Efficiency & Enthusiasm
“I wanted to commend Hello! Florida Orlando Field
Staffer Brian Langdon on his exemplary service. My bag
and my colleague’s bag did not accompany us on the
shuttle from the hotel to the airport. Brian immediately
contacted the hotel to notify them, and he kept us
informed with respect to when our bags would arrive at the
airport. I sincerely appreciated Brian’s customer service,
as he went above and beyond to make sure that we were
satisfied. Thank you.”
Travel Industry Coordinator Jose Ulmos, Hello! Florida
Orlando Lead Field Staffer Diana Moncaleano and Field
Staffers Stephenie Black-Grant and Alice Keating:
“Thank you! Your staff at the airport were fantastic! I’m
very thankful for doing what they had to do given the
delays today.”
Core Values: Enthusiasm & Efficiency
Core Values: Integrity, Enthusiasm & Efficiency
M EA RS IN M OTIO N N EW SLETTER • M a rch - Apri l 2016
“Being from the Grand State
of Texas, hospitality is always
the first gesture that we extend
to our fellow Americans, and
being from an original family
that pioneered our Texas History,
that mindset is forever present,
especially when traveling out-of-state.
“We spent three days traveling back and forth to
Universal Studios using Mears as our transportation.
One of those evenings, Motor Coach Operator
Randy Porter was one of our drivers. Immediately,
before we even stepped into the coach, it was very
evident Randy was a real people person whose
personality was infectious! As we see it, he was the
‘red carpet’ for Mears. As he drove, he engaged our
entire coach (full of exhausted event-seekers) with
Disney and Universal Studios trivia, keeping all of us
laughing. It was one of the most entertaining coach
rides we’ve ever encountered on our many miles of
travel. Randy effortlessly exhibited a sheer joy for his
job. He was the face and the goodwill of all of your
drivers. His professionalism reached beyond the
necessity of just ‘doing your job.’
“We salute Randy Porter, as he ended our visit at
Universal Studios with a coach ride of memories
that we still laugh and fondly look back upon. We
tip our ‘Texas Hat’ to this gentleman. He stood
tall among all who crossed our lives during that
weeklong stay! I know you impact thousands of
lives who use Mears. Randy definitely sets the bar!”
Core Values: Respect & Enthusiasm
“We attended the Disney
Marathon and my husband
(a Deputy Sheriff for Hernando
County) ran the whole
26.2 miles and had medical
issues after the race. The
medical team arranged for us
to take a Mears coach back to
our hotel. Motor Coach Operator Ron Zupcic was
extremely helpful and kind. He went out of his
way to see that we were safely taken care of and
comfortable. We have never taken Mears coach
transportation before this, but after this occasion
we will be referring our friends and family to take
Mears whenever charter service is needed. As
long as you have drivers like Ron on board, your
customers are in very good hands! Please extend
our thanks to Mr. Zupcic.”
Core Values: Safety, Enthusiasm & Respect
Disney’s Magical Express (DME) Boarding Representative
Laarni Malleo:
Hello! Arizona Account Manager Nicole Brzostowicz:
“Excellent job, Laarni. You do a great job staying alert and
providing excellent service to DME.”
“The service your company provided was tremendous
– efficient and friendly! We would definitely use your
company again in the future for any of our events.”
Core Values: Efficiency & Enthusiasm
Core Values: Efficiency & Enthusiasm
Senior Sales Coordinator Rachel Bustamante and Director
of Business Development Karen Pitcherello:
MDS Sales Coordinator Aaron Hillman and Luxury Vehicle
Chauffeur Christopher Peters:
“Thank you for the outstanding service with our coaches.
I appreciate your making this so easy for us. Your drivers
are pleasant and well informed. The event is going so
wonderfully and the coaches are on time. We’re VERY
happy with Mears!
“Thank you so much. It was a wonderful experience and
Christopher was great. I highly recommend him for any
customers you have. He’s the best! I will be looking into
utilizing some transportation upon our return to Orlando
next year. I’ll be sure to contact you with the details.”
“We appreciate you scheduling everything for Dance the
Magic and look forward to working with you and your
team in the future. Please give Karen a shout out and let
her know how pleased we are (love her!).”
Core Values: Enthusiasm & Respect
Motor Coach Operators who participated with the
above-mentioned group: James Adams, Rob Bowman,
Linda Crosswait, Dominic De Pofe, Kenneth Fischer,
Jeanne Hamilton, Gery Horn, Jalil Huff, Michael Itani,
Lionel Jeanbaptiste, Nicholas Karaginis, Joel Mollay,
Edwin Nieves, Jean Pierre, Edward Porter, Bruce Proctor,
Michael Quiles, William Reardon, Alvaro Rudinger,
Lonnie Smith and Richard Smith.
Business Manager Rosemary Gates adds:
“Big shout out for Director of Motor Coach Scheduling
Jeff Miller, Assistant Director of Coach Scheduling Ruben
Grant, Motor Coach Scheduling and the Field staff who
were on site each day.”
Core Values: Respect, Efficiency & Enthusiasm
Sales Manager Ortancis Gaines and Motor Coach
Operator Merry Meyer:
“Most Precious Blood Catholic Church is deeply grateful
for your part in its Mass and Procession at Oviedo High
School stadium.
“The procession could not have been possible without
your motor coach. Thank you, Ortancis, for providing the
Mears motor coach to transport our pilgrims back to their
vehicles at Oviedo High School. It would have been a long
walk back.
“I want to thank Merry who went above and beyond her
call of duty. She assisted the elderly in getting on and off
the coach and then safely into the Parish Life Center. Riders
commented on how adept she was at maneuvering through
the narrow streets of old Oviedo. I also appreciated that
she drove the route prior to the event so that she was well
prepared for the task at hand. As always, Mears provided
first class service to our parishioners. Thank you, on behalf
of a grateful parish, for your grace-filled planning and for
your support.”
Core Values: Respect, Safety, Efficiency & Enthusiasm
“We were very fortunate to have Hello! Florida Orlando
Field Staffers Perla Pimentel and Erica Beltran assist us
at ASH 2015. Both ladies did a great job in meeting and
greeting our guests, keeping a log of those in attendance,
and providing me with a daily report. Although we didn’t
have the volume of meetings as projected, Perla and Erica
were proactive to find things to do to support us. This was
the level of service I was expecting and I wanted you to
know they did a great job. I look forward to our next event
in Orlando and hope we will have the pleasure of utilizing
these ladies again. I truly appreciate the partnership with
Hello! Florida; your team made my job that much easier.”
Core Values: Enthusiasm, Efficiency & Respect
Hello! Arizona Senior Account Representative Sarah
O’Donnell and Account Manager Nicole Brzostowicz:
“Your team was great! Couldn’t have asked for any better.
We appreciate all your assistance with the event and
look forward to collaborating again next time we’re in the
Phoenix area.”
Core Values: Enthusiasm & Efficiency
Sales Coordinator Aaron Hillman and Luxury Vehicle
Chauffeur Eddie Diaz:
“THANK YOU so much for the extra effort you made
for the Batman gig. Eddie did a FABULOUS JOB. He
was absolutely a perfect fit for my son-in-law, Kevin and
daughter, Suzy— and all of their children were beyond
impressed. I do not feel that written or spoken words can
truly express my thanks. You and Eddie made me look like
the Christmas hero of the year! God truly blessed me with
our connection. I want to let your boss know just how
wonderfully everything worked out and give you the credit
for making it all happen.”
Core Value: Enthusiasm
“Yellow Cab Driver Jason Bosini-Allday was by far the
best cab experience we’ve ever had! Polite, pleasant and
personable. Made our drive home from a long travel day
the perfect ending. Keep him driving for a long, long time!”
Core Values: Respect & Enthusiasm
Sales Coordinator Peggy Nance, Director of Motor Coach
Scheduling Jeff Miller and Assistant Director of Motor
Coach Scheduling Ruben Grant:
“I wanted to commend the customer service level we are
receiving this year. (Not that our service is not stellar each
year.) Peggy has been ahead of the game and has taken
many non-work hours to accommodate our needs.
I wanted to let you know what an asset you have and
that we appreciate all the hard work Peggy has put in.
I know any time taken after work hours is time taken
away from family.
“This also goes to the guys in Motor Coach Operations.
Jeff and Ruben have again set up all our lead drivers and
addressed all of our Bowl Teams’ needs. Thanks again for
all that you do!”
Core Values: Enthusiasm & Efficiency
“I wanted to pass on a compliment from a couple of our
Coordinators. They have high praise for your Client Service
Manager Beth Williams, who went above and beyond to
ensure the quality and safety of each coach that arrived
to help us each night. Mark and Nicole say she was out
with a flashlight performing her own inspection of each
unit before we even arrived on scene. When there were
traffic issues delaying the arrival of coaches, she was on the
phone to find out where they were and when they could
be expected. We appreciate the steps she took to ensure
the safety of all of our Guests and wanted to make sure
you were aware of how awesome she is! Thanks again
for the partnership of your team throughout these past
few weeks.”
Director of Client Services Lee Bradley adds:
“Great job! Your professionalism and dedication exemplify
our core values. Thank you so much for what you bring to
our organization.”
Core Values: Safety, Efficiency & Enthusiasm
“I received multiple calls from employees in reference to
Motor Coach Operator Mirl Robertson. They would like
to inform his supervisors of the amazing job that he is
doing. Mirl will leave his coach and make sure all the
females get to their vehicles safely before leaving the
employee parking area. The employees stated they felt
a lot more comfortable going to their cars and never had
a driver show that much concern.”
Core Values: Enthusiasm & Safety
MDS Sales Coordinator Ebon’e Morris and Motor Coach
Operator Rick Just:
“Our charter went great, and we were extremely satisfied
with the service provided by Mears. This is in large part due
to the excellent service provided by our driver, Rick Just.
He was recommended to me, and I am so happy that I
requested him. In fact, I understand that he came in on his
day off because he was requested. All who attended had
such great things to say about him: ‘Made the trip,’ ‘was
the best,’ etc. Thanks so much, and I won’t hesitate to use
Mears again in the future for our transportation needs!”
Core Values: Respect & Enthusiasm
“This is an overdue letter of commendation for Shuttle
Van Driver Todd Affricano. I was very impressed with his
customer service, and how knowledgeable he was about
the area and the parks. Based on my experience with
Todd, I would certainly use Mears again for any future
plans to Orlando.”
“With a party of 9 rising super early on Christmas Eve
to travel, it was an absolute replay of the ‘Home Alone’
movie, only we left nobody behind. We had such an
excellent experience with the most professional and
accommodating drivers.
Core Values: Respect, Efficiency & Enthusiasm
Director of Business Development Karen Pitcherello and
Senior Sales Coordinator Rachel Bustamante:
“We are going to take a closer look at how we organize
and promote airport transfers on our site, including
potential cross sells. It’s all because of you guys;
thank you!”
Core Values: Enthusiasm & Efficiency
“My daughter, while riding on
Disney’s Magical Express, left
the backpack containing her
three favorite stuffed animals
on one of your buses. And while we searched all
over Disney World looking for them, it didn’t occur
to me to check your motor coach service until we
were on our way home to Colorado.
Core Values: Integrity, Enthusiasm & Respect
“We were served by Luxury Vehicle Chauffeurs Frank De
Miranda, Dickens Edouard, Hesham Ellid and Nadeem
Iqbal. Each of these gentlemen did such a good job; I give
them my highest recommendation!”
“He said it was a great ride, the car was clean and
comfortable and the driver was really professional. This is
the point where I started talking about Mears Global and
Mears in Orlando and how it is our job to complement
our activities strategies with transportation, which is just
as vital.
Help Desk Coordinator
Karla Morris:
“When I called, I spoke to a very helpful
representative who not only confirmed you had
my daughter’s backpack, but also checked to
make sure her ‘babies’ were inside. My daughter’s
backpack arrived today and she is overjoyed to
have her favorite stuffed animals back in her arms.
As a grateful mom, I would sincerely like to thank
the entire Mears family for helping bring ‘Kitty,’
‘Cupcake’ and ‘Findo’ back home.”
Core Values: Enthusiasm & Respect
“A HUGE thank you for the San Francisco International
Airport transfers for my boss. He arrived last night and
told me this morning that he completely forgot he had a
transfer and was trying to use his Uber App when he saw
the sign with his name!
“I’m writing to tell you about
the wonderful service I received
from Luxury Vehicle Chauffeur
Diego Arango. My child and
I rode in the van; Diego and
his conversation were very
pleasant. He made sure that
the temperature was comfortable for us. Diego took
the best route to get us to an early appointment on
time. He explained that the van was not an extra
cost, which was helpful. He must have read my
body language, because I didn’t say anything. We
arrived at the appointment on time. The building
looked like it was locked. Knowing that we were
from out of town, Diego checked to make sure that
the business was open before opening the door to
let us out. He made sure that we had his card and
could text him when we were ready to go back to
the hotel. He texted me to confirm when we were
ready, ensuring that I had not misplaced his business
card. He was very conscious of our time. When
I texted, he arrived within five minutes to take us
back to the hotel. We ran into some traffic due to an
accident or construction. Diego took a side street to
avoid the backup. We arrived back at the hotel in a
timely fashion. Those are small things, but it means
a lot when you’ve spent money to take advantage
of an opportunity for your child. I appreciate Diego
more than he knows. I applaud Mears for having
such conscientious drivers.”
Core Values: Enthusiasm, Safety, Efficiency &
M EA RS IN M OTIO N N EW SLETTER • M a rch - Apri l 2016
“I wanted to inform you of what a positive experience I had
with Luxury Vehicle Chauffeur Ricardo Dusson. I had the
pleasure of having Ricardo as my driver for one of Cigna’s
new initiatives at the Walt Disney World Marathon, Cigna
on-course Brand Ambassadors, which included three very
early mornings all weekend and complex road maps for
the races.
“I was Cigna’s lead for this initiative and I was blown away
by Ricardo’s service over the course of the weekend.
Ricardo was always professional, reliable and hardworking. I always knew Ricardo was going to be where he
needed to be at the right time — which was great peace
of mind. When plans changed due to unexpected road
closures, Ricardo was ready with a solution and a friendly
smile to put the plan back on track. He was an expert on
the area and was great when dealing with ambiguity.
“A simple handshake and thank you at the end of the
weekend did not do justice for the outstanding work
that Ricardo did. I would love to have him again for
next year’s event.”
Core Values: Respect, Efficiency & Enthusiasm
Hello! Florida Orlando Account Executive Amanda
Trosset, Account Manager Devon Cribbon and Creative
Services Manager Lauren Farrell:
“I wanted to formally thank you and your team members
(most specifically Lauren and Devon, although I know
there were tons of others) for working with me under some
very unrealistic deadlines (that were out of our control) to
transform my vision for our event into a reality. As cliché
as it sounds, together we were all able to turn lemons into
lemonade; I could not have been more pleased with the
final product. I received nothing but positive feedback from
everyone, including our president, COO, and numerous
clients. Not only was the event fabulous in its own right,
but it no doubt surpassed all of the others which was an
added bonus.”
Core Values: Enthusiasm & Efficiency
Sales Coordinator Erin Leonhardt and Motor Coach
Operator Joe Gatlin:
“Our experience was AMAZING! We would recommend
you guys to anyone. Joe was such a great driver, very sweet
and personable. And of course, you have been GREAT!”
Core Values: Respect & Enthusiasm
Hello! Florida Orlando Senior Account Executive Alison
Davis and Account Manager Robyn Boyd:
“Robyn did a great job of communicating and keeping me
in the loop. You know I love working with you and the team
and wish every group that I work with would hire you.
“Robyn, thank you for keeping me informed and being
here to ensure the cars made it on time and into the
ballroom. I truly appreciate your efforts and hard work!”
Hello! Florida Vice President/General Manager Vic
Laxson adds:
“Thank you, Robyn. Hopping on a fast-moving train is
never easy, but you are showing all of us that you have
what it takes.”
Core Values: Enthusiasm & Efficiency
“I want to recognize a great driver. Shuttle Van Driver
Angel Martinez was excellent! As a non-morning-person
I normally don’t like to chat much in the car, but Angel
had the whole van cracking up at his jokes and he made
the whole experience enjoyable. He really deserves some
appreciation for the service he provided.”
Core Value: Enthusiasm
“We recently selected Mears (for the first time in a long
time) for our transportation to and from Port Canaveral
from downtown Orlando. In the past, we ruled out Mears
because of cost, but this time a luxury van was well within
our price-range. While I was pleased with the price, I was
more impressed with our Luxury Vehicle Chauffeur Gio
Gautier. Prior to the pickup, I received a text indicating
his location. Upon meeting him, he was professional in
appearance and attitude, but even more, he was engaging
and hospitable. And the most pleasant surprise was when
he offered to pick us up from the Port and provided his
text address so we could let him know in advance when
we were disembarking the ship. (We waited more than
90 minutes with a previous company because they could
not be contacted.) We texted Gio during breakfast, and by
the time we got off the boat we waited only a few minutes
before he was there to bring us home. This was impressive
and memorable.
“The service, quality, and overall experience we had with
Mears is something you should all be proud of. As a family,
we work with and meet many people; we will recommend
Gio and Mears whenever we have the opportunity.”
Core Values: Efficiency & Enthusiasm
“Shuttle Van Driver RJ Maleknia was very personable
and gave us interesting information about the airport,
the community and places we passed. It was like a very
enjoyable history lesson while riding to the airport. I
want to commend him on being such a great driver and
representative of your community and organization.”
Core Values: Respect & Enthusiasm
“I would like to recognize the outstanding customer service
I received from MDS Customer Service Representative Pat
Fuller. Pat was extremely helpful in resolving my reservation
discrepancies. Her courtesy, patience and professionalism
were most apparent and appreciated. Mears Shuttle Service
is lucky to have her representing the company. Thank you.”
Core Values: Enthusiasm, Efficiency & Respect
“I am writing to share my
experience with Luxury
Vehicle Chauffeur Jose Paul.
On my way to the airport
I inadvertently left my cell
phone in the back of Jose’s
car. I didn’t realize my error
until I was already approaching airport security.
Your dispatch team was able to find him and
provide him with my secondary number. I was
able to get in touch with Jose and wanted to relay
my appreciation for Jose’s level of effort to return
my phone. Jose called me multiple times to get a
hold of me and put himself in a holding pattern to
return my phone. When we finally connected, he
parked his car and walked over to greet me at the
curb. He was a life-saver.
“Jose’s professionalism and dedication to
customer service were exemplary. Please express
my thanks and know that I have relayed my
story to our conference organizers and the Four
Seasons as well. You have a superb member of
your team.”
Core Values: Respect, Integrity & Enthusiasm
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