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Cancun News
The highly anticipated grand opening of Finest Playa Mujeres - an
all-inclusive, luxury resort in Playa Mujeres - welcomed its first
guests on February 12, 2015. The luxury resort, situated on a white
sand beach with crystal-clear waters, caters to a variety of guests
including those seeking romantic getaways, nuptial celebrations,
invigorating holidays and family fun.
Guests can take advantage of all hotel amenities, including elegant
and modern suites, oversized Jacuzzis, private pools, decks with
breathtaking views, rooftop terraces, and more. Finest Playa Mujeres offers world-class spa facilities and treatments, complete with a
hydrotherapy circuit. Entertainment, 10 swimming pools, children’s
pool and baby wading pool are also available on property, as well
as a playground and pavilion. The hotel boasts nine international
gourmet restaurants and 17 bars. At night, guests can visit the Finest Club for music, entertainment and dance.
Fifteen years ago, Alltournative, one of Cancun’s leading ecoarcheological tour operators, embarked on a socio-ecological
project in Pacchén, a Mayan community near Cancun. A local
boy named Paulino Poot Utzil was inspired to become a tour
guide when he saw the frequent tourist’s visits to his village.
Although most children in these villages average a third grade
education level, Paulino continued on his quest for learning by
relocating to neighboring village, Tres Reyes, in order to attend
middle school. Alltournative then granted Paulino a scholarship
to pursue higher education, which led to his enrollment and graduation with a degree in Tourism and Languages from the Universidad de Valladolid in Yucatan.
Alltournative plays a pivotal role in employment opportunities for
locals, including women and senior citizens, which in turn has
aided in the development of household incomes. Paulino currently excels in his role as Alltournative’s first Mayan local tour guide
and is fluent in English, Spanish, French and Mayan.
In recent years, Cancun has cemented its position as a world-class destination for music aficionados. In addition to unforgettable local
events like Inception Fest and Vive Latino,
various hotels have announced their entertainment offerings for this spring season.
Inception Fest, the world’s largest spring event,
has drawn the attendance of over 60,000
guests to Cancun in the last two years, and this
year is no exception. With performances by
Diplo, 3LAU, Carnage, Cash, GTA and many
more, music lovers will flock to eight eclectic
venues including Palazzo and The City on
March 7 - 21, 2015.
Oasis Hotels & Resorts will once again host the
annual Oasis Dance-U festival March 8 - 29,
2015. Headliners to this dance festival include:
Joe Ghost, Michael Woods, Gemellini, Dyro,
Thomas Newson and Arty.
Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort will feature the
legendary super group REO Speedwagon on
March 21, 2015. The band will perform classic
hits such as, “Keep on Loving You,” and “Take
it on the Run” in the property’s sprawling convention center, Moon Palace Arena.
The resort will also feature an unforgettable
performance by Rock and Roll hall-of-famers
Creedance Clearwater Revisited on April 24
and 25, 2015. A pre-show dinner for attendees
will take place before performances kick off at
9 p.m.
On March 6, Iberostar Cancun played host to Iberostarchef, an ambitious initiative that takes the flavors and
creativity of some of the world’s most renowned Spanish
chefs and brings it to guests at Iberostar hotels in the Caribbean and Spain.
Nacho Manzon, a two-star Michelin chef considered one
of the top emerging chefs of Spanish cuisine, created a
mouthwatering culinary experience during his showcase at
Iberostar Cancun this past week.
His gastronomic soiree showcased his most innovative
dishes that encompass Manzon’s signature culinary art
expertise, which blends together the chef’s refined characteristics with his traditional roots.
Manzon joined an ensemble of notable Michelin chefs at
the hotel, including: Marcos Morán, Pepe Solla, Fernando
Pérez Arellano, Jordi Cruz, Fina Puigdeval, Beatriz Sotelo,
Yolanda León, Macarena Castro and Begoña Rodrigo.
Xoximilco Cancun is proud to announce the
inauguration of a new chapel. The catholic
chapel Niño Pa has been officially authorized
by the catholic clergy of Cancun-Chetumal,
under the leadership of Monsignor Pedro
Pablo Elizondo Cardenas.
This new chapel will allow Xoximilco to host
special religious events and each of the seven
catholic sacraments including baptism, marriage, confirmations, and more. Father Joseph
Nguyen, who oversees the parish of Nuestra
Señora de Guadalupe y San Felipe de Jesus
in Cancun, will be in charge of the chapel.
Located in Cancun, the chapel Niño Pa is
named after the child Jesus, revered in Xochimilco, Mexico City. The name of this chapel derives from the Spanish-Nahuatl word that
translates to “Child of the People”, merging
Mexico’s indigenous and Spanish culture.
March 2015
The chapel boasts hand-made wooden
sculptures created by Xcaret’s best artisans, which depict images of the child Jesus and the Virgin of Guadalupe, the patron saint of Mexico. Featuring an extraordinary architectural structure, visitors of the
chapel can admire Xoximilco’s canals and
the trajineras (colorful, gondola-like boats)
that traverse these waters daily. The chapel also features a colonial-style cross
measuring 36 feet tall built with Xcaret’s
iconic style - a mix of organic and traditional Mexican architecture.
Xoximilco opened its doors on December
20, 2013 as part of Experiencias Xcaret,
and honors the famous Xochimilco borough of Mexico City. Tourists can explore
4.6 miles of Venetian-like channels on picturesque trajineras, while they enjoy traditional and live mariachi music and feast on
delicious local Mexican staples.