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discovery auction
featuring Toys & Dolls, Ephemera, Collectibles, and Books
Sale 2597M
May 16 & 17, 2012
Auctioneers and Appraisers of Antiques and Fine Art
Discovery Auction
featuring Estate Jewelry & Silver,
Textiles & Couture
June 13 & 14, 2012
Sale #2602M
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Discovery Auction
featuring Toys & Dolls, Ephemera, Collectibles, and Books
specialists in charge
Cara Elmslie
Department Director
Garrett J. Sheahan
Melissa Riebe
Discovery Department - 508.970.3202
General Inquiries: [email protected]
auction 2597M
Session I, Lots 1-600: Wednesday, May 16, 2012 at 2 p.m.
Session II, Lots 601-1200: Thursday, May 17, 2012 at 10 a.m.
274 Cedar Hill Street
Marlborough, Massachusetts
Tuesday, May 15, 2012
12 to 7 p.m.
Wednesday, May 16, 2012
10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Thursday, May 17, 2012
9 to 10 a.m.
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Session I: Lots 1-600
Session II: Lots 601-1200
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MA/Lic. #2304
Session I - Lots 1-600
Bisque Head Swivel Neck Lady Doll with
Trunk, Clothing, and a Tea Set, France, late
19th century, lady doll with closed mouth,
cobalt eyes, original blonde mohair wig, cloth
body, china hands, black faille two-piece
dress and hat, numerous undergarments,
extra skirts, cape, silvered tea set, small
leather-covered trunk with tray, doll ht. 14 in.
Two German Bisque Head Dolls and a
Composition Japanese Baby, small Simon
Halbig DEP 1279, a 1079 S & H 6 1/2, both
on fully articulated composition bodies, ht.
11, 17; composition Japanese baby doll, ht.
11 in.
Two German Bisque Socket Head Dolls,
Handwerck 79, ht. 17; AM 370, ht. 23 in.
Approximately Thirty Miscellaneous
Dolls, including 14-in. black-haired china
lady, two Lenci dolls, two Norah Wellings,
16-in. Madame Alexander composition
Baby McGuffey, the remainder assorted
internationally costumed dolls of various
Two German Bisque Shoulder Head Dolls,
AM 370, brown eyes, kid body, composition
lower legs, and an unmarked girl with blue
stationary eyes, kid body, ht. 17, 23 in.
Twin American Schoolboy Bisque Shoulder
Head Dolls, Germany, both with blonde
molded hair, blue eyes, matching blue outfits,
ht. 12 in.
Ideal Shirley Temple Composition Doll and
Bisque Shirley Doll, composition doll marked
head and body Shirley Temple, ht. 22; bisque
doll swivels at waist, long bisque legs, ht. 13
Small Steiff Mohair Bear, Germany, c.
1915, golden color with apricot tone at inner
joints, brown glass eyes, STEIFF button with
underscore F, felt pads, ht. 11 1/2 in.
Steiff-type Mohair Teddy Bear, Germany,
20th century, articulated blond mohair teddy
bear with button eyes, stitched nose, mouth,
and claws, felt pads, wearing a felt hat with
assorted lithograph pinback buttons, (wear
to pads, wear spot to mohair on snout and
chest), ht. 22 in.
Provenance: Ex Barry Cohen collection, New
Two German Bisque Head Dolls, Pansy IV,
blue sleeping eyes, blonde mohair wig; SHPB
1909 6, brown sleeping eyes, both with
jointed composition bodies, ht. 17, 22 in.
Schoenhut Doll with Molded Teeth,
American, early 20th century, blue eyes,
open-closed-mouth with molded upper teeth,
spring-jointed body, ht. 15 in.
Three Modern Boxed Steiff Mohair
Animals, a campfire bears group, a 1926
teddy bear, and a “bears on a teeter-totter”
Large Reproduction Bisque Head Jumeau
Doll, incised JB 1984 “Arielle” with closed
mouth, blue eyes, composition body, bisque
lower arms, gray velvet outfit, ht. 28 in.
Blonde China Doll and Blonde Parian Doll,
Germany, china with curly hair, blue bow,
cloth body, kid arms, ht. 21; pale blonde
parian, center part hair, kid body, bisque
lower arms, ht. 22 in.
Four Miscellaneous Brown Dolls, an
Alexander, Unis France, AM 341, and bisque
shoulder head, a small AM 341 Dream
Baby, a Unis France girl with straight limb
composition body, shoulder head with faint
inscription PAR 1943 ?, and a large hard
plastic Madame Alexander “Pussy Cat” baby
doll, ht. 8 1/2, 11, 13, and 18 in.
Two German Bisque Head Dolls, one in
white and a 12-in., both with open mouths,
one marked 604, blue eyes, fully articulated
composition body marked Handwerck, ht.
14; other marked 191 CB with K*R at base of
neck, brown sleeping eyes, ht. 18 in.
Large Metal Head Doll, no visible marks,
open mouth, blue stationary eyes, jointed kid
body, composition arms, ht. 23 in.
Simon Halbig Bisque Head Doll, Germany,
marked Simon & Halbig K*R 50 at base of
neck, blue sleeping eyes, inset teeth, fully
jointed body marked Handwerck, ht. 22 in.
Three German Bisque Head Dolls, all
with open mouths, an AM 390, a Heubach
Koppelsdorf 250, and a Handwerck 283,
all with open mouths, jointed composition
bodies, all ht. 24 in.
Small Steiff Rabbit and Bear, ht. to 5 in.
Bisque Turned Shoulder Head Closedmouth Boy, Germany, 1880s, cloth body,
bisque arms, ht. 15 in.
Early China Head Doll and Dress and a
Group of Paper Dolls, light pink-toned midnineteenth century German shoulder head
china doll with short black hair, brushstroking,
exposed ears, necklace, cloth body, wooden
lower arms, original pink printed challis dress
separate from later replacement, doll ht. 16
in.; plus an envelope containing group of
paper dolls from mixed periods with family
Eleven Steiff Mohair and Steiff-type Toys
and a Collector Book, including two bears,
“Vincenz,” “Flori” sheep, a penguin, monkey,
dog, elephant, bear, and a cat hand puppet.
French Fashion Lady Doll with Extra
Outfit, probably Jumeau, blue lined eyes,
pierced-in ears, incised 4 at base of neck,
gusseted kid body in strong condition, wired
fingers, original blonde mohair wig with curls,
undergarments, burgundy taffeta dress, and
extra two-piece dress in dark green wool
challis with black trim, CC signed shoes, doll
ht. 17 1/2 in.
online bidding at
Large Black-haired China Doll, center part
with curls around head, cloth body, long china
limbs, printed cotton dress, ht. 24 in.
Large Blonde China Doll with Hairband
and Snood, cloth body, kid arms, heeled red
leather shoes, ht. 20 in.
Glass-eyed Parian Doll with Blue Scarf,
Germany, blue paperweight eyes, closed
mouth, kid body, bisque lower arms jointed at
elbow, ht. 18 in.
Black-haired China Doll with Pierced Ears,
Germany, hair crowning and framing face,
swept to side with finely brushed strokes,
molded band and bun of curls in back, large
ear holes, three holes in plate, cloth body, mitt
hands, ht. 19 in.
Blonde Parian with Molded Blouse, curls
piled high on head with black hair band and
three bands across back of head, molded
braid, white blouse, necklace, cloth body,
china hands from wrist, ht. 19 1/2 in.
Small Curly-Haired Blond Parian Shoulder
Head Doll, Germany, molded blue bow
across front, pierced ears, blue eyes, cloth
body, blue heeled bisque boots, bisque lower
arms, ht. 10 in.
Papier-mâché Milliner Model with Apollo
Knot, hair kid body, wooden limbs, pink
printed dress, first place ribbon from National
Doll and Toy Collectors Club regional in 1972,
ht. 18 in.
Two Small Dolls, a papier-mâché
Mostschmann-type with wax-over head and
a closed-mouth bisque girl marked H3, fivepiece composition body, both ht. 8 1/2 in.
Ten Steiff Mohair Animal Toys and
Puppets, a cat, squirrel, tiger, two cats, a
lion, rabbit, articulated silver bear, and rabbit
and owl hand puppets.
Tiny Kammer & Reinhardt Bisque Head
Doll, Germany, brown sleeping eyes, open
mouth, mohair wig, unjointed composition
body with molded shoes, ht. 5 in.
Black-haired Parian Lady Doll, Germany,
hair falls low on back of neck, molded snood,
brush strokes sides of face, white blouse
with tie, cloth body, kid arms, dark blue wool
dress, old black and red shoes, ht. 16 in.
Three Small Blonde Parian Dolls, Germany,
two have simple hairstyles, one with curly hair,
both with cloth bodies, ht. 4-6 in.
Large Papier-mâché Greiner Doll, 1858
label, cloth body, kid arms, old dress and
shoes, ht. 31 in.
Wax Shoulder Head Doll, late 19th/early
20th century, blonde mohair wig, cloth body,
waxed-over composition lower limbs, ht. 21
Blonde Pale Bisque Shoulder Head Baby
Doll, cloth body, kid hands from wrist with
unseparated fingers, long baby outfit, ht. 13
Blonde Parian Lady Doll, Germany, short
hairstyle with curls around head, cloth body,
kid arms, blue plaid taffeta dress, ht. 20 in.
Joel Ellis Wooden Doll, Springfield, Vermont,
c. 1880, pewter limbs, ht. 15 in.
Two China Shoulder Head Dolls, Germany,
both with lowbrow hairstyles, one blackhaired, one blonde, cloth bodies, ht. 9, 13 in.
Large Blonde Parian with Curls and Hair
Bow, cloth body, brown leather arms, ht. 21
Blonde Parian with Curls, Hairband, and
Bow, curls framing face, caught in back in a
bow, pierced ears, blue eyes, cloth body, kid
arms, ht. 17 1/2 in.
Small Ash Blonde Parian with Necklace
and Applied Flowers, long curls down back,
cloth body, new leather arms with finely
stitched fingers, ht. 12 1/2 in.
French Fashion Lady Doll, pale coloring
with softly shaded and outlined lips, cobalt
blue eyes, pierced-in ears, blonde mohair wig,
gusseted kid body, wired fingers, in newer
brocaded silk dress, blue leather shoes, ht.
14 in.
Mason Taylor Wooden Doll, Springfield,
Vermont, c. 1880, metal feet, wooden arms,
ht. 11 1/2 in.
additional information and photos at
All-Bisque Kewpie German Soldier, molded
helmet, with gun, ht. to top of helmet 4 3/4 in.
All-Bisque Kewpie Doodle Dog, seated
black and white smiling dog signed “Rose
ONeill,” copyright stamp, ht. 2 3/4 in.
Kewpie Sitting on an Inkwell, bisque figure
on glazed porcelain inkwell, ht. 3 1/2 in.
Large Kammer & Reinhardt 192 Closedmouth Doll, Germany, blue sleeping eyes,
closed-mouth with defined space between
lips, fully articulated composition body, ht.
24 in.
French Fashion Lady Doll, probably
Jumeau, closed mouth, blue lined eyes,
pierced-in ears, gusseted kid body, snugly
fitting leather gloves, curly blonde mohair wig,
bronze taffeta and gray-blue two-piece dress
and hat with matching shoes, ht. 17 1/2 in.
Simon Halbig 1009 Bisque Head Doll,
Germany, open mouth, upper teeth, full
cheeks, blue sleeping eyes, blonde mohair
wig with extensions, wood and composition
articulated body, dressed in blue velvet, ht.
18 1/2 in.
German Bisque Shoulder Head Doll, open
mouth, unpierced ears, kid body, bisque
lower arms, dark brown human hair wig, blue
dress, ht. 17 in.
German Bisque Head Doll, impressed
Heubach Koppelsdorf with 312 SUR mark for
Seyfarth & Reinhard, long blonde wig, fully
articulated body, blue outfit, ht. 19 in.
Black-haired China Shoulder Head Doll,
Germany, center-part hairstyle, cloth body,
china hands, tall blue boots stitched onto
lower legs, ht. 20 in.
Turned Parian Shoulder Head Doll with
Fancy Blonde Hairdo, Germany, blue glass
eyes, pierced ears, head turned to right and
looking downward, cloth body, pale bisque
lower arms and legs, feet with blue molded
heeled boots, ht. 13 in.
Large Composition Shoulder Head Doll,
Germany, late 19th century, blue glass eyes,
blonde human hair wig, cloth body, kid arms,
ht. 26 in.
Closed-mouth Belton-type 224 Bisque
Head Doll, Germany, late 19th century, mark
attributed to Bahr Proschild, solid flat head,
brown stationary eyes, brown mohair wig,
articulated marked Jumeau body, ht. 17 in.
Large Jumeau Bisque Head Fashion Doll,
France, swivel neck, large brown eyes, new
brown human hair wig, kid body, aqua satin
dress and hat, ht. 19 in.
French Bisque Swivel Neck Lady Doll,
probably Jumeau, oversized blue glass eyes,
closed mouth, blonde mohair wig, gusseted
kid body with wired fingers, maroon velvet
dress, ht. 11 1/2 in.
Open-mouth Bisque Head Doll, Germany,
marked only 4 at base of neck, blue sleeping
eyes, fully jointed composition toddler body,
ht. 14 in.
Two Black-haired China Dolls, Germany,
both with blue eyes, center parts, curls
around head, larger doll with pink tinted
complexion, both with cloth bodies, china
lower limbs, ht. 12 1/2, 14 in.
Two China Head Dollhouse Dolls, Germany,
both black-haired, cloth bodies, china lower
arms, bisque legs, ht. 4, 4 3/4 in.
Small Black-haired Papier-mâché Shoulder
Head Doll, Germany, hair with curls on sides
of face, bun in back, kid “milliner’s model”
body, wooden lower limbs, red-painted
shoes, ht. 10 in.
Three Small Bisque Head Dolls, Germany,
all with open mouths, an AM 390 and an S&
H K*R girl, both with five-piece composition
bodies; AM 1894 on fully articulated body, ht.
8, 9, 12 in.
Ten Hard Plastic Vogue Ginny Dolls, 1950s,
all walkers, five straight leg, one with painted
lashes, five with jointed knees, ht. 8 in.
Closed-mouth Bisque Head Belton-type
Doll, Germany, blue stationary eyes, original
blonde mohair wig, fully jointed composition
body, ht. 14 1/2 in.
Two Small Bisque Head German Dolls
in Hooded Cradle, AM 971 with open
mouth and teeth, closed-mouth 152 with
molded tongue and teeth, both on bent limb
composition baby bodies, lg. 9; wooden
cradle lg. 20, ht. 14 in.
German Bisque Doll, closed-mouth flanged
head attached to cloth body, dark leather
arms, clothing sewn on around neck, ht. 12
Early Kestner Closed-mouth Bisque Head
Doll, Germany, c. 1880s, XI mark, blue
sleeping eyes, fully jointed eight-ball body,
replaced wig, ht. 16 in.
French Bisque Swivel Neck Lady Doll, blue
eyes, closed mouth, pierced ears, blonde
mohair wig, kid body with wired fingers,
brown dress, ht. 12 in.
Two Dollhouse Dolls and Three Tiny
Bisque Dolls, Germany, late 19th and early
20th centuries, blonde bisque shoulder head,
cloth body, bisque limbs; bisque girl with
molded bonnet, jointed arms; three tiny stone
bisque dolls, ht. 1 1/2-6 in.
Simon Halbig 1079 Bisque Head Doll,
Germany, open mouth, brown sleeping eyes,
fully jointed composition body, ht. 12 in.
Early Jumeau Bisque Head Bébé, France,
c. 1885, lined blue paperweight eyes, head
marked 5 at base, cork pate, replacement old
blonde mohair wig, marked Jumeau eight-ball
body, ht. 15 in.
Five Small All-Bisque Dolls, two blonde
boys, painted features, one with jointed arms,
a pink bisque with jointed limbs; three girls,
two with jointed limbs, one with glass eyes,
one with molded bow in hair, ht. 4 1/2-6 1/2
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Four China Shoulder Head Dolls, Germany,
late 19th/early 20th century, two with black
hair, cloth bodies, bisque and china limbs;
two blonde, one with molded blouse marked
Agnes, cloth body, wooden legs, kid arms,
ht. 7-9 in.
Wax Doll and Four Miniature Dolls, English
wax with blue stationary eyes, short blonde
wig, cloth body, wax lower limbs, long baby
gown and hat, ht. 15; four miscellaneous
small dolls, stockinette baby, bisque and
china, ht. 2 1/2-3 1/2 in.
Three Dolls, including a French SFBJ, brown
painted bisque, composition body, Jamaican
outfit, a small cloth Italian girl, and a hard
plastic bent knee Alexanderkins “Little Lady
Doll,” ht. 8-10 1/2 in.
Eight Steiff Mohair Tigers, Germany, three
recumbent, largest with ear button, approx.
lg. 17, 20, 28; seated tiger with haunches,
open-mouth and teeth, ear button and fabric
tag, ht. 8 1/2; two unjointed stalking tigers
without I.D., lg. 12, 14; two fully jointed,
smallest with ear button, lg. 5 1/2, 6 1/2 in.
Three German Bisque Head Dolls, J.D.K.
dome-head baby, open mouth, bent limb
composition body, ht. 9 1/2 in.; A.M. 1894,
wood and composition body, commercial
dress, and a COD 93-46 DEP shoulder head
girl, kid body, ht. 12, 15 in.
Simon Halbig 950 Bisque Head Doll,
Germany, late 19th century, blue sleeping
eyes, closed mouth, cloth body, bisque lower
arms, regional Swedish dress, ht. 9 in.
Composition Doll in Shaker Attire, America,
mid-20th century, all-composition doll with
blue painted eyes, blonde mohair wig, jointed
arms and legs, dressed in maroon wool cape
and straw bonnet over cotton dress, ht. 12
1/2 in.
Depose E 6 J Bébé Jumeau with
Provenance, France, c. 1880s, brown lined
paperweight eyes, closed-mouth with dark
shading and outlining, original cork pate and
blonde mohair wig, fully articulated straight
wrist wood and composition body with blue
Jumeau Medaille d’Or stamp, original cotton
print two-piece dress, wool cape, additional
white cotton dress and hat, doll ht. 15 in.
Provenance: From the family of the original
child owner Mabel Elizabeth Straker, who was
born in October 1874 in London. Further
information from the family is included in the
Handwerck 99 Bisque Head Doll, Germany,
marked 99 DEP 7 1/2, brown sleeping eyes,
open mouth, new dark brown synthetic fiber
wig, fully articulated composition body (lacking
one leg), ht. 16 in.
Kestner 129 Bisque Head Doll with Extra
Outfits, Germany, brown sleeping eyes, open
mouth, inset teeth, dark brown wig, fully
jointed composition body in original finish,
wearing black check dress with red trim,
extra clothing includes raincoat, petticoat,
blouse, navy wool jacket and hat, pink cotton
outfit, red and black cape with matching hat,
additional red hat, doll ht. 21 in.
Effanbee Anne Shirley Composition Doll,
America, mid-20th century, open smiling
mouth, teeth, brown sleeping eyes, head
unmarked, body marked EFFANBEE ANNE
SHIRLEY, original heart bracelet, ht. 21 in.
Three Dolls, late 19th and early 20th century,
a wax girl with cloth body and composition
limbs; a blonde parian with cloth body, kid
arms, both ht. 14; and a small black-haired
china doll marked 9 Germany, ht. 7 in.
Steiff “Eric” the Bat, Germany, mohair bat
with large felt ears, retains paper tag and
button, ht. 3 1/2 in.
Large Steiff Mohair Lobster, Germany,
bright colors, button and fabric tag, lg. 12 in.
additional information and photos at
Large Mohair Steiff “Flossy Fish,” “Froggy
Frog,” and a Monkey, Germany, frog
and fish retain paper and fabric labels and
buttons, lg. 10, 11; monkey has jointed neck,
paper label, ear button, seated ht. 9 in.
Three German Dolls, blond tinted bisque and
two black-haired china dolls, one with a low
brow, one with flat head, ht. 10, 11, 14 in.
Three Bisque Dolls, large Heinrich
Handwerck Simon Halbig 5, brown eyes,
jointed body stamped Heinrich Handwerck,
ht. 25; small bisque head doll marked 192,
fully articulated composition body, ht. 11;
reproduction Bye-lo baby, lg. 12 in.
Group of Dollhouse Furniture and
Accessories, primarily early to mid-20th
century, includes groups of china and
tableware, soft metal items, wooden furniture,
iron pieces, and miscellany.
Two Doll Carriages, Miniature Furniture,
and Miscellaneous Items, a wicker stroller,
lg. 36, and a wire mesh stroller, ht. 25 in.;
furniture includes a small pair of chairs and
table, cradle, small tea sets, etc.
Large Simon Halbig Bisque Head Doll,
Germany, impressed S&H 1279 DEP
Germany 14 1/2, blue sleeping eyes, open
mouth, teeth, dimples, long brown human
hair wig, fully articulated composition body
in original finish, ht. 31 in., with additional old
lace child’s dress.
Simon Halbig K*R Bisque Head Doll,
Germany, marked 58 at base of neck, open
mouth, brown eyes set stationary, human
hair wig, fully jointed composition body, old
clothes, red coat, ht. 24 in.
Gray-haired Dollhouse Doll in Dome,
Germany, early 20th century, older woman
with hair pulled back in bun, blue intaglio
eyes, dimpled wrinkles, shoulder head, cloth
body, bisque limbs, ht. 7 in.
Group of Doll Parts and Bodies, including
fully jointed and bent limb baby bodies, some
antique, many reproduction, miscellaneous
parts, doll shoes, clothing, etc.
Very Large C.M. Bergmann Bisque Head
Doll, Germany, marked Waltershausen 1916
17, brown eyes, fully articulated composition
body, ht. 38 in.
Large Walkure Bisque Head Girl Doll,
Germany, impressed Walkure mark, brown
eyes, fully articulated composition body, sailor
dress, ht. 27 1/2 in.
Jutta Bisque Head Girl Doll, Germany,
impressed Jutta 12 1/2, jointed composition
body, sailor dress, ht. 27 in.
Two German Bisque Socket Head Dolls,
both with open mouths, Kestner 167, ht. 24;
Simon & Halbig K*R 58, ht. 21 in.
Steiff Mohair Dinosaur “Dinos,” Germany,
blended coloring, felt ears and tongue, retains
paper tag, no button, lg. 12 1/2 in.
Steiff Mohair Dinosaur “Brosus,” Germany,
softly delineated markings, orange felt along
spine, pink tongue, retains button, fabric and
paper tags, lg. 13 in.
Two Steiff Dinosaur and Snail, Germany,
mohair standing dinosaur, jointed arms, blue
scalloped felt ridge line, pink felt tongue, no
tags, standing ht. 7 1/2; cotton snail with
shell, paper and fabric tags, button, lg. 6 1/2
Two German Bisque Head Baby Dolls,
Herm Steiner, closed mouth, cloth body,
lg. 12; ABG 1352 socket head baby, open
mouth, lg. 16 in.
Large Armand Marseille 341 Dream Baby,
Germany, bisque head, blue sleeping eyes,
cloth body, head circumference 16, lg. 21 in.
Kammer & Reinhardt 116/A Character
Baby Doll, Germany, bisque head impressed
K*R Simon Halbig 116/A 50, brown eyes,
open mouth, bent limb composition baby
body, lg. 19 in.
Kley & Hahn Bisque Head Baby Doll,
Germany, marked K & H Germany 176-12,
open mouth, deep molded tongue, voice
bellows mechanism in head, bent limb
composition body, lg. 19 in.
Five Bisque Head and Composition
Dolls, Germany and America, three Armand
Marseille dolls: a small 390, a 370, and a
Florodora, ht. 10, 13, and 16; LHK, ht. 11;
composition girl, ht. 12 in.
Three SPS Bisque Head Dolls, all marked
1920 SPS in an outlined shield, two marked
13, one 11, all with open mouths, stationary
blue eyes, higher coloring, all on jointed
composition bodies, ht. 20-21 in.
Three German Bisque Head Dolls, Queen
Louise, jointed body, ht. 24; Simon Halbig
1079 and Florodora shoulder head redressed
in matching boy and girl knit outfits, ht. 22 in.
Four China and Bisque Dolls and Two
Bisque Doll Heads, Germany, two lowbrow china dolls, ht. 15, 23; A.M. Rosebud
shoulder head doll, kid body, ht. 23; Gbr K
165, jointed composition body, ht. 17; two
A.M. heads: a small 390, and a Florodora, ht.
3 1/2, 5 in.
Four German Bisque Head Dolls, all on new
bodies, all with restoration, a Kestner 171 16
1/2, ht. 33; one small and two large A.M 390
dolls, ht. 15, 30 in.
Steiff Large Spider “Spidey” and Snail,
Germany, mohair spider with eight wired legs,
paper tag, no button, lg. 10; “Nelly” snail with
paper, fabric tags, and button, lg. 6 1/2 in.
Steiff Mohair Pony and Crocodile,
Germany, dappled pony, unjointed, pink felt
mouth, no tags, lg. 12; crocodile with red felt
mouth, no tags, overall lg. 28 in.
Four German Bisque Head Dolls, A.M.
1894, A.M. 390, Queen Louise, and large
Halbig Handwerck, all on new bodies, ht. 18,
19, 27, 31 in.
Three German Bisque Baby Dolls and Old
Cloth Doll Body, two Bye-Lo babies, cloth
bodies, lg. 10, 14; Heubach Koppelsdorf 300
baby on composition body, lg. 18, old cloth
body, ht. 16 in.
Lot of Baby Clothes, Shoes, and Books,
including Raggedy Andy Stories and a French
songbook Chansons et Rondes Enfantines.
Twin Bisque Socket Head Handwerck
Dolls, Germany, incised Max Handwerck 7
1/2, both with blue sleeping eyes, original
blonde mohair wigs, commercial chemises,
flannel petticoats, ht. 23 in.
Armand Marseille Bisque Head Doll,
Germany, blond mohair wig, jointed body, ht.
22 in.
Bisque Head Bye-Lo Baby Doll, impressed
Grace Storey Putnam marks, cloth body, lg.
14 in.
Steiff Mohair Chipmunk, Hedgehog,
Squirrel, and Beaver, Germany, small
chipmunk, felt paws, ear button, trace of tag;
hedgehog Joggi with jointed neck, ear button,
paper and fabric tags; squirrel with paper
tag; beaver with jointed neck, ear button and
fabric tag, seated ht. 3 3/4, 5, 7, 11 in.
online bidding at
Four Small Steiff Animals, Germany, mohair
seated lion with paper tag, ear button; Slo
turtle with paper tag; elephant with marked
Steiff blanket, ear button and tag; cotton
velvet horse with harness, button and tag; lg.
4-6 in.
Five Small Steiff Animals, Germany, tiny
wool chicken with wire legs; fat cat with ear
button; unjointed mohair cat with bell and ear
button; standing dressed mohair duck with
paper tag; seated fully-jointed rabbit with ear
button, ht. 2-5 in.
Closed-mouth Shoulder Head Lady Doll,
Germany, probably Simon Halbig, no marks
visible, solid dome, original golden brown
mohair wig, gusseted kid body, dressed, ht.
14 in.
Four Steiff Mohair Animals and a Lot of
Dollhouse Furniture and Accessories,
mid-20th century, one jointed pale blonde
bear, and two jointed Teddy Babies, ht. 9-11;
cocker spaniel with jointed neck, lg. 8 in.;
miscellaneous dollhouse items.
Bisque Head AM 351 Baby Doll, Germany,
early 20th century, brown sleeping eyes,
open mouth, two lower teeth, painted hair,
cloth body with Bye-Lo Baby stamp on torso,
celluloid hands, lg. 13 in.
Two Large German Bisque Head Dolls,
both with open mouths, an AM 390, brown
sleeping eyes, on jointed body; Handwerck
139 shoulder head doll, blue sleeping eyes,
on cloth body, both 27 in.
Group of Miscellaneous Dolls and Doll
Furniture, a bisque head doll with closed
mouth on a very heavy jointed composition
body; Ideal composition doll; Italian hard
plastic doll with flirty eyes, ht. 16-23 in.; three
boxed dolls including Publicity Tour Barbie,
“Chi-Chi” by Schiaparelli, and a Nancy Pearl
Librarian Action Figure; box of miscellaneous
wooden doll furniture including several chairs
and a cradle.
Metal Dollhouse and Boxed Folding
Dollhouses, mid-20th century, metal house
unassembled, unboxed; two boxed fold-up
dollhouses and an assortment of large paper
dolls and several paper doll books.
Two Reproduction French Bisque Head
Dolls, an A.T. with faintly incised J. Collison,
jointed composition body, ht. 23; Bru Jne
signed M. Russes, composition body with
bisque lower arms, ht. 28 in.
Group of Dollhouse and Toy Miniatures,
including tiny (5/8-in.) jointed wooden doll,
red leather desk accessories, lady’s shoe
jackknife, leather jewelry box, dollhouse chest,
ht. 4 1/2 in., etc.
Two German Bisque Head Dolls, a C.O.D.
1896 shoulder head doll, kid body, and AM
390, both with brown sleeping eyes, ht. 19 in.
Lafitte and Desirat French Wax Fashion
Doll, c. 1912, ht. 13 in.
Large AM 390 Bisque Head Doll, Germany,
brown eyes set stationary, jointed body,
peach dress, ht. 28 in.
CM Bergmann Bisque Head Doll, Germany,
brown sleeping eyes, brunette wig, old cotton
dress, jointed composition body, ht. 22 in.
Four Black-haired China Dolls, three
German ladies, one with lowbrow hairdo,
two with center-part hair, all with blue eyes,
ht. 15-20; and a pink-toned reproduction
lady with fancy hair and decoration marked
Wimer’s 56, ht. 14 in.
Group of Five Reproduction Bisque Head
Dolls, an SFBJ 252 marked S5, a Kestner
XI girl, a Kestner 211 baby marked Mary and
Jean, and two Bye-Lo baby dolls, ht. 13-19
Three Reproduction French Bisque Head
Dolls, all on reproduction jointed bodies, an
A.T. signed J. Collison, ht. 24; a Tête Jumeau
signed Jean and Mary, ht. 30; a Bru Jne with
illegible stamp, ht. 32 in.
Group of Four Large Reproduction Bisque
Head Dolls, a Bru Jne, a Tête Jumeau, and
a Handwerck Halbig, all signed M. Russes,
and an A.M. signed Jean and Mary, all on
reproduction composition jointed bodies, ht.
30-34 in.
additional information and photos at
Kammer & Reinhardt Bisque Head
Character Baby, Germany, Kaiser Baby
impressed 36 100, blue enameled eyes,
molded hair, closed mouth, composition baby
body, lg. 13 1/2 in.
Two Large German Bisque Head Dolls,
a PM 914 baby with open mouth, molded
tongue, blonde wig, on bent limb composition
baby body, lg. 24; a BSW in a heart girl
marked 12 at top of head and 2007 5 /12 at
base, jointed composition body, ht. 26 in.
Two German Bisque Head Dolls, an
unmarked shoulder head girl, kid body,
bisque lower arms, an ABG 1362 girl, jointed
composition body, ht. 15, 19 in.
Cuno & Otto Dressel Bisque Head Doll,
Germany, incised marks with 4/00 at top
of head, blue sleeping eyes, open mouth,
original pate and brown human hair wig, fully
jointed body, ht. 17 in.
Large JDK 211 Bisque Head Baby Doll,
Germany, open mouth, one tooth, blue set
eyes, reddish-brown mohair wig, bent-limb
composition baby body, lg. 20 in.
Two AM Bisque Head Dolls, Germany, a
370 shoulder head doll with blue sleeping
eyes, old blonde mohair wig, kid body, and
a 390 with brown sleeping eyes, jointed
composition body, ht. 20, 21 in.
Small Swivel Neck French Fashion Doll,
c. 1870, blue lined paperweight eyes, closed
mouth, kid-covered body with metal upper
arms, bisque lower, jointed knees, old
undergarments, brown dress, ht. 13 in.
Small French Bisque Head Child Doll,
incised Petite Français J V with an anchor,
open mouth, blue lined eyes, replaced blonde
wig, fully jointed composition body, white
cotton dress, ht. 14 in.
Queen Elizabeth II Artist Doll in Coronation
Robe, maker unknown, no discernable
marks, faithful likeness of Elizabeth at her
June 1953 coronation, soft paste or ceramic
figure, arms bent holding orb and staff,
dressed in embroidered white gown, satinlined purple velvet ermine-trimmed robe with
train and fur cape, jeweled crown, ht. 14 in.
Two Large German Dolls, a brown bisque
SHPB 914 girl, brown glass eyes, black wig,
fully jointed composition body, colorful outfit,
and a blonde papier-mâché girl, unclothed,
both ht. 25 in.
Provenance: From a New England Historical
Very Large Tête Jumeau Lady Doll,
France, c. 1880s, closed mouth, large blue
paperweight eyes, pierced ears, head with red
Jumeau stamp 13, light brown human hair
wig, on gusseted pink kid body with wired
fingers, dressed long flowered taffeta gown,
brown leather shoes, ht. 34 in.
Black Bisque Head Character Doll,
Germany, late 19th century, very black fired-in
color, ethnic features, open-mouth with upper
teeth, impressed 46 x 4, old black mohair
wig, fully jointed composition body, old cotton
dress, ht. 16 in.
Provenance: From a New England Historical
Brown AM Bisque Head Character Baby,
Germany, early 20th century, “Rock-a-bye
Baby” with AM 351 mark, brown sleeping
eyes, open mouth, dark coloring, black
painted hair, bent limb composition baby
body, long white gown, lg. 20 in.
Large Glass-eyed French Wigged China
Head Doll, blue glass eyes, closed mouth,
shoulder head, even coloring, cork pate,
brown human hair wig, kid body with stitched
fingers, black dress, leather shoes, ht. 31 in.
Reproduction French Bisque A. Marque
Doll, Seeliey mold, signed Pam Lembo, sharp
modeling, green outfit, composition body,
bisque lower limbs, black boots, ht. 18 1/2 in.
Provenance: From a New England Historical
Early French-type Papier-mâché Doll,
closed mouth, soft coloring, black pupil-less
glass eyes, original light blonde mohair hair
wig nailed over black tonsure spot, gusseted
pink kid body, dressed in red and white outfit
to represent Charlotte Corday of the French
Revolution, doll ht. 22 in.
Provenance: From a New England Historical
Two Large AM Bisque Head Dolls, one
marked 370, kid body, bisque lower arms;
larger doll incised A 14 M, original light brown
mohair wig, brown eyes set stationary, old
fully jointed body, ht. 26, 31 in.
Two Baby Dolls, a black baby of clay or
heavy bisque impressed 3/0 H 33 Germany,
brown glass eyes, bent limb composition
baby body, lg. 14; a cloth Martha Chase
hospital baby weighing 5 pounds, painted
features, lg. 20 in.
Small Composition Charlie McCarthy
Ventriloquist Doll, Effanbee, c. 1937, head
marked Edgar Bergen Charlie McCarthy, pullstrings at back of head to operate mouth,
brown painted eyes, composition hands,
wooden feet, green flannel jacket, ht. 16 in.
Revalo Bisque Socket Head Doll, Germany,
blue sleeping eyes, open mouth, marked
Revalo 5 Germany, dark brown mohair wig,
yellow cotton dress, ht. 17 in.
Two Large Composition Baby Dolls, an
Ideal Shirley Temple baby with flirty eyes,
blonde curly mohair wig, and a Madame
Alexander Dionne quint baby, molded hair,
both with composition arms and legs, cloth
torsos, lg. 20-22 in.
One Bisque and Two Composition Dolls,
an AM Florodora, brown sleeping eyes,
fully jointed body; a German composition
shoulder head boy with dimples, pull-string
mechanism, composition limbs; an Arranbee
all-composition girl with pink cotton dress and
hat, ht. 15-19 in.
Four Cloth Dolls and a Composition Doll,
England and Germany, two Norah Wellings, a
black velvet “Islander,” and a boy in Scottish
attire; a boy and girl stitched together in
dancing position, and two composition swivel
neck girls with brown side-glancing eyes,
cloth bodies, ht. 13-18 in.
Three Large Effanbee Composition Baby
Dolls, “Lovums,” and two “Bubbles,” the
smaller one black, lg. 18-23 in.
Three Composition Baby Dolls, an EIHCo.
Horsman, a Parsons Jackson baby, and a
K&W with tag “Mein Stolr,” voicebox, ht.
14-18 in.
Two Bisque Dolls and a Metal Shoulder
Head Doll, German bisque head doll, head
turns when walking, straight composition
limbs; Minerva metal head, cloth body, and
reproduction SFBJ 238 signed N.A.M. 1967,
ht. 13, 17, 20 in.
Four Composition Dolls, an all-composition
doll with remains of Kallus tag on foot; Ideal
Toni; Effanbee Anne Shirley in original dress,
heart bracelet; Alexander “Princess Elizabeth”
with tagged Sleeping Beauty dress, ht. 11-15
Three Small Bisque Dolls, Germany and
Japan, two AM 390 girls, brown sleeping
eyes, fully jointed bodies; Japanese baby doll
marked MB, blue sleeping eyes, bent limb
baby body, all ht. 10 1/2 in.
online bidding at
Four Composition and Hard Plastic Dolls,
hard plastic Mary Hartline by Ideal, Alexander
Sonia Henie, composition with inset hair, and
Effanbee Patsy-Ann, ht. 14-18 in.
Three Composition and Hard Plastic Dolls,
Madame Alexander, a hard plastic girl, and
composition Scarlett O’Hara and Deanna
Durbin dolls, ht. 17-20 in.
Six Composition and Black Vinyl Dolls,
five composition include Effanbee Patsyette,
Alexander toddler, Cameo Co. “Scootles,”
Effanbee mama-type doll, and a two-face
composition doll; soft black vinyl baby marked
Alexander 1965 in original gingham dress, ht.
9-17 in.
Madame Alexander “Little Women” and
“Sound of Music” Dolls, six Little Women
dolls, hard plastic, Laurie, Marmee, Meg, Jo,
Amy, and Beth, ht. 11 in.; soft vinyl dolls from
“The Sound of Music” include Brigitta, Liesl,
Gretl, Freidrich, Marta, Louisa, and Maria, all
wearing tagged outfits.
Three Hard Plastic and Composition Dolls,
an IMPCO hard plastic girl, an unmarked
jointed composition girl with handwritten
identification of Uneeda “Rita Hayworth,”
and a swivel neck composition girl with cloth
torso, composition limbs, ht. 19-21 in.
Miscellaneous Group of Eight Dolls, a
composition By-lo Baby doll, a Horsman
girl in original clothes, a large baby, a Pullan
Canada Eskimo doll, two hard plastic and two
small celluloid dolls, ht. 10-21 in.
Composition Dionne Quint Doll and
Related Material, Alexander toddler doll,
brown sleeping eyes, ht. 11; boxed set of five
Japanese all-bisque dolls in original box with
gold and silver hair, ht. 4 in.; miscellaneous
Dionne-related collector items.
Group of Small China, Bisque, and
Composition Dolls, Germany, nine all-bisque
dolls, babies and children, and one bisque
head baby on cloth body, ht. 2-6; two blackhaired china dolls, ht. 7-9; composition head
character toy, ht. 8 in.; assortment of clothing
for various sized dolls.
Thirty-seven Boxed Madame Alexander
Dolls, fourteen inch dolls include Poor
Cinderella 1540, Cinderella 1546, and 1547,
and Sweet Baby 3620; 8-in. Alexanderkins
include a large box 24150 with Russian doll
and matryoshka, small boxed dolls include
Russia 110540, Cossack 511; Japan 526
(two boxes, one doll); Spain 24160, Mexico
520, Lithuania 110544 and Lithuania box
with all-star baseball girl, Lapland 537,
Tibet 534, Bali 533, France 110538, Poland
526?, Goldfish 344, Queen of Hearts
14511, Nutcracker Ball Violet 201170, two
Puss in Boots 14552, Flapper (illegible),
Graduation 307, Jack 459?, Bobo Clown
310, Nutcracker prince 14571, Romeo 946,
Juliet 947, Calamity Jane 100352, Gretel 390,
Pinocchio 477, Tin Woodsman 140432, Alice
494, Wicked Witch of the West 94-9, Shadow
Stepmother 14638, and Cheerleader 324,
with doll stands.
Large Box of Boxed Dolls from the 1970s
and 1980s, approximately thirty dolls,
including Jordache, John Travolta, Grizzly
Adams, Barbie, Brooks Shields, etc.
Three Early Wooden and Papier-mâché
Dolls, a small jointed Tuck wooden with
comb, ht. 6 1/2; a papier-mâché “milliner’s
model” with long curls, kid body, wooden
limbs, ht. 7; an English peg wooden, ht. 11 in.
Group of Child’s Large-scale Doll
Furniture, including an upright Schoenhut
Piano, 17 x 19 x 10; a large tester bed 19 x
32 x 30 in.; a table, a dresser with mirror, and
a chest.
Quantity of Child’s and Doll’s Blue Willow
Pattern Ceramic Dinnerware, approximately
seventy pieces, including a tray, three dozen
plates in different sizes, teacups, covered
teapot, sugar, creamer, etc.
German Bisque Shoulder Head Doll,
Armand Marseille 1894, open mouth, brown
stationary eyes, kid body, lacy dress, ht. 15
Large Pink-tinted Frozen Charlie Doll,
Germany, brown painted eyes, black
painted hair with brush strokes around face,
impressed 3 on foot, flannel nightgown, oil
lamp, ht. 13 1/2 in.
additional information and photos at
“A Glimpse of Normandy” Diorama,
depicting an old woman seated in her parlor
cat on floor, furnishing and details, paper label
on back “A Glimpse of Normandy narcissa
thorne,” overall 14 x 9 x 17 in.
Two Doll Carriages, one hooded black
carriage with Shirley Temple decal, ht. 22 x
29; simple style wire-wheel stroller with fabriccovered wood seat, ht. 27 x 22 in.
Kammer & Reinhardt 101 Bisque Character
Doll, Germany, early 20th century, blue
painted eyes, closed mouth, incised K*R
101 46, dark blonde mohair wig, fully
jointed composition body marked Heinrich
Handwerck Germany, pink cotton dress and
hat, ht. 18 in.
Five Small Blonde-haired Bisque Head
Dolls, Germany, two small all bisque with
painted features, swivel necks, long limbs,
ht. 3 1/2; two closed-mouth swivel neck girls
marked 192, sleeping eyes, on five-piece
composition bodies, ht. 5 1/2, 6 1/2; small
closed-mouth Kestner with blue sleeping
eyes, bisque shoulderplate and arms, kid
body, ht. 6 1/2 in.
All-Bisque Kestner and a Gbr K Doll,
Germany, Kestner with brown sleep eyes,
closed mouth, blonde wig, swivel neck,
molded yellow boots, ht. 7; Gbr K with a
sunburst, open mouth, blonde wig, jointed
wood and composition body, ht. 8 1/2 in.
Bru Jne 5 Bisque Head Doll, France, c.
1885, classic Bru bébé incised Bru Jne 5,
deep blue paperweight eyes, clearly modeled
closed-mouth with tongue tip, with quizzical
expression, no wig, shoulder plate with
molded bosom, bisque lower arms, kid body,
original cotton dress and shoes marked Bru
Jne 5, ht. 15 in.
Provenance: Doll has been in the family of
the original child owner. Family information
will be provided with the doll.
Group of Twenty-one Small Dolls and
Figurines, including fourteen small jointed allbisque dolls, two with glass eyes, all dressed;
five bisque figurines and two tiny cloth dolls,
ht. 2-5 in.
All-Bisque Doll with Round Domed Display
Case, doll with closed mouth, brown sleeping
eyes, rigid neck, brown two-strap shoes,
seated in a round case, 10-in. diameter, 6-in.
height, with book, large doll shoes, and a toy
carousel, doll ht. 5 1/2 in.
Three Dolls, an AM 3200 bisque shoulder
head girl, blue stationary eyes, cloth body,
bisque hands, ht. 15; black papier-mâché
with black glass eyes, and a brown velvet
Norah Wellings islander girl, ht. 12 in.
Bisque Head Closed-mouth Character
Doll Incised 140, Germany, probably Hertel
and Schwab, blue painted eyes, flyaway
eyebrows, deeply incised mouth, fully jointed
composition body, pink dress, ht. 19 in.
Small Felt Lenci Girl Doll, Italy, brown eyes
glancing left, blonde curly mohair wig, jointed
body, organdy undergarments, red felt coatdress trimmed in black, matching hat and
shoes, ht. 11 in.
Babyland Rag Cloth Doll with Parasol and
Gloves, commercial ecru cotton dress, pink
polka-dotted hat, doll ht. 14; beige leather
gloves, lg. 4; aqua cotton parasol, lg. 10 in.
Two Papier-mâché Dolls, a pink-toned
boy, brown glass eyes, skin wig, cloth body,
composition lower limbs, ht. 14; large girl,
blue stationary eyes, blonde mohair wig, ht.
26 in.
Small Early Kestner Closed-mouth Bisque
Head Doll, Germany, 1880s, head marked
3, brown glass eyes, closed mouth, original
blonde mohair wig, jointed composition
body with straight arms, green wool dress,
Keystone shoes marked 0, red crocheted
socks, hat, and scarf, with paper note “The
Second Dick,” companion doll to the next lot,
ht. 10 in.
Small Early Kestner Closed-mouth Bisque
Head Doll, Germany, 1880s, head marked
3, companion doll to preceding lot, brown
sleeping eyes, closed mouth, original blonde
mohair wig, jointed composition body with
straight arms, green crocheted top, hat, and
socks, brown CM shoes, paper note “The
Third Dick,” ht. 10 in.
Bisque Shoulder Head Boy in Navy Suit,
Germany, closed mouth, brown stationary
eyes, molded blonde hair, cloth body, kid
arms, navy wool suit, green crocheted high
stockings, Keystone boots marked 0, ht. 14
Small Belton-type Closed-mouth Doll, blue
stationary eyes, closed-mouth with white
space between lips, marked 9/0, blonde
mohair wig, fully articulated composition and
wood body, lower legs with molded shoes
and stockings, ecru dress, pinned-on note
“Sweet Little Jane,” ht. 10 1/2 in.
Nine Miscellaneous Dolls of Various
Materials, including a bisque head boy in
brown uniform, small china lady, Storybook
doll in Swedish outfit, two Dutch woodens,
Pinocchio, an elf, a plastic boy and a cloth
lady with pink floss hair, ht. 5-15 in.
Approximately Thirty Foreign Dolls of
Various Materials, including three papiermâché Chinese opera figures and dolls of
cloth, composition, and plastic dressed to
represent many countries.
Lot of Children’s Books, approximately
twenty hardcover books, including The
Tarzan Twins by Edgar Rice Burroughs, nine
Josephine Scribner Gates doll stories, Hey
Diddle Diddle Picture Book by R. Caldecott,
and other children’s stories, plus the Doll
Home Library Series, Vol. 3-10.
Large Group of Paper Dolls, cut dolls and
outfits in envelopes, large lot of Sunday
comics with paper dolls (uncut), Lettie Lane,
Dennison, etc.; some hand-drawn and jointed
dolls, miscellaneous magazines, folders
and uncut books with paper dolls, including
Rosemary Clooney, Doris Day, That Girl,
Munsters, Ann Blyth, Kewpie, Baby Nancy,
Queen Holden, Tarzan, etc., plus two small
scrapbooks with paper dolls and postcards.
Very Large Lot of Paper Dolls, mid to late
20th century, boxed and uncut books include
Patty Duke, Wendy, Twiggy, Lucky Locket,
Snow White, Teen Time, Magic Mary Jane,
Dr. Kildare, Roly Poly Twins, Tutti, Swingy,
Bridal Party, Cyd Charisse, Buffy, Twiggy,
The Flying Nun, Little Lulu, Mrs. Beasley,
Heidi, Betsy McCall story books, numerous
miscellaneous uncut paper doll books, and
research books including Mary Young’s
“Collector’s Guide, second series,” Jean
Woodcock’s “Paper Dolls of Famous Faces,”
John Noble’s “A Fabulous Doll House of the
Twenties,” plus other paper doll related items,
Painted Composition Charlie McCarthytype Ventriloquist Dummy, wearing a tuxedo
on a cloth-clad sawdust-filled body, with
Plexiglas case, approx. doll ht. 29 3/4 in.
Group of Lionel Electric Trains with
Accessories, two transformers, track, plastic
6066T tender, 3474 box car, 6032 gondola
car, 6037 caboose, 6035 tank car, and metal
2037 engine.
Kingsbury Painted Pressed Metal No. 782
Street Trolley Car, Keene, New Hampshire,
with bell, lg. 9 in.
Seven Vintage Board Games, including
Parker Bros. PEG Base Ball Game, a Hialeah
Horse Racing Game, Clue, Sorry!, Finance
and Fortune, Star Reporter, and Cargoes.
Group of Vintage Toy Electric Trains
and Accessories, including American
Flyer/A.C. Gilbert Co. transformer, switch,
loader elevator, billboard, four-piece plastic
passenger car set, a plastic 923 freight car,
941 coal car, 938 caboose, 307 engine
with coal tender; four Louis Marx & Co.
transformers and a thirteen-piece lithographed
tin train set; Lionel including two switches,
a plastic coal tender, 246 engine, 6057
caboose, 6162 coal car, 25000 coal car, a
lithograph tin 1680 Shell tank, 1682 caboose,
1679 Baby Ruth freight car, and a 1689 car,
sold with an electric cross sign/bell, track,
etc., (soiling, varying corrosion, losses, and
online bidding at
Lot of Assorted 20th Century Toys
and Collectibles, sixteen mostly German
composition animal figures, five glass candy
containers, six Dinky Toys, a wood jig saw
puzzle, a J. Chein & Co. wind-up “Yellow
Taxi,” a painted wood dancing bell hop, three
cast metal figures, a set of four plastic Beatles
nodders, four small bisque figures including
two Disney dwarfs, a Captain Marvel wrist
watch, two metal toy guns, etc., sold with two
wood and glass vitrine cases.
Thirteen Assorted Early 20th Century
and Vintage Children’s Books and Two
Staffordshire Transfer and Hand-colored
ABC Plates, sold along with a small framed
Eleven Painted Cast Iron Toy Vehicles and
Accessories, including Hubley “Borden’s
Milk Truck,” firefighting pumper, and a truck,
Arcade double-decker bus, a small touring
car, steamroller, truck, a car, and two signs,
with a reproduction car.
Wyandotte Toys Lithographed Pressed Tin
Convertible “Woody” Automobile, lg. 12 in.
Five Groups of Britain’s Painted Metal
Soldiers and Figures, six drums and bugles,
eight Highlanders, five mounted guards, five
Arabs on horseback, and nine Coldstream
Six Lithographed Tin Toys, a J. Chien
lithographed tin rabbit, clown mechanical
bank, and wind-up walking clown, a
Japanese wind-up celluloid and tin elephant
jumping rope, and two Walt Disney
Productions “Mickey Mouse” and “Donald
Duck” tin paint boxes.
S.A. Smith Mfg. Co. Painted Wood
Horse-drawn “Express” Wagon Pull-toy,
Brattleboro, Vermont, c. 1900.
Five Groups of Britain’s Painted Metal
Soldiers, six Gordon Highlanders, nine
Grenadier Guards, eight Gov.-Gen’l Foot
Guards, five mounted Irish Lancers, and nine
knights in armor.
Three Toy Boats, a Marklin-type painted
metal steamship, a painted Ito wooden
battery-powered speedboat, and a Chad
Valley Works “Take-to-Pieces” twelve-deck
R.M.S. Queen Mary, with box, the speed boat
lg. 18 in.
Six Hubley Metal and Plastic Toy Trucks,
metal road grader, a “John’s Towing” truck,
and a log truck, a plastic “Motor Express”
truck, cattle truck, and a tanker.
Five Groups of Britain’s Painted Metal
Soldiers, ten Grenadier Guards, five Queen’s
Bays, five Queen’s own Hussars, five
mounted guards, and five Life Guards.
Four Toy Pressed Metal Vehicles and
Trucks, a Marx wind-up painted pressed
metal ambulance, a Wyandotte painted metal
“Army Supply Corp.” truck and “Truck Line”
transport truck, and a Structo Toys painted
pressed metal “City of Toyland, No. 7, Utility
Marx Lithographed Tin Cat with Ball Toy
and a Japanese Wind-up “Billy, The Ball
Blowing Magic Whale” Toy.
Six Britain’s Painted Metal Figural Groups,
a horse roller, Trumbell cart, naval gun, horse
and cart, limbered wagon, and a sentry
Turner Painted Pressed Metal Toy Ladder
Fire Truck and Hubley Toy Trucks, the
Hubley including five painted metal fire trucks,
a stake truck, and a plastic tow truck, sold
with a noisemaker.
Marx Wind-up Lithographed Tin “Rocket
Four Groups of Britain’s Painted Metal
Cowboy, Indian, Arab, and Soldier Figures,
sixteen “Wild West” cowboys and Indians,
four Native American Indians mounted, five
Arabs of the desert, and five Royal Scots
Grays Second Dragoons.
additional information and photos at
SY Wind-up Lithographed Tin Robot,
Japan, ht. 9 5/8 in.
Six Mostly Lithographed Tin Wind-up Toys
and Four Lithographed Tin Noisemakers,
a German friction crocodile, a wind-up
celluloid hopping bird, a wind-up celluloid,
tin, and cloth cowboy, a Japanese wind-up
tin monkey, a Marx wind-up tin hopping bird,
and a Japanese wind-up flapping lady bug.
Eleven Vintage Puzzles and Toys, including
puzzles Hopalong Cassidy, Elsie, Farm
Friends, two Jaymar/Walt Disney Productions
“Pinocchio” and “Tortoise and Hare” puzzles,
an Elgo “American Skyline” construction set,
a celluloid Santa Claus on sled, a xylophone,
Flintstones punchbook, Alpha-1 Ballistic
Missile, etc.
Five Par Wood Jigsaw Puzzles and an A.H.
Wood Jigsaw Puzzle.
Painted Wood Windmill and a Group
of Assorted Painted Cast Iron and
Lithographed Tin Carts, Wagons, and
Vintage Brickplayer Construction Set,
Collection of Glass, Clay, and Ceramic
Marbles, in a painted tin box with swing
Group of Vintage Toys, Japanese friction
lithographed tin “Avenue Bus” and “Sight
Seeing” bus, a Hubley painted metal
telephone lineman truck, tin “3-Coin
Registration Bank,” a cast iron model-T,
Structo pressed metal steam shovel, and a
Weedon steam engine model.
Three Lithographed Tin Toy Buildings,
Marx house with porch, “Happy Time” barn
with accessories, Wyandotte Toys “Super
Service Station” with accessories.
Lot of Children’s Late 19th and Early
20th Century Books, Games, and
Toys, eleven small books and pamphlets,
chromolithograph books including ten
McLoughlin Bros. with two Santa Claus, two
Saalfield, and two Tuck’s, an R. Bliss Express
Wagon with building blocks, a Hendrik Von
Loon Wide World Game, an animal puzzle,
chromolithograph-clad blocks set, painted
wood blocks set, a lithographed cardboard
buildings set, three other games, etc.
Lot of Lionel Metal Electric Toy Trains with
Accessories, two 610 Pullman cars, 1682
car, 821 stock car, two 820 box cars, 822
caboose, 253 engine, electric crossing gate,
and track.
Scale Model White and Green-painted
Wood Clapboard Two-story House, second
quarter 20th century, approx. ht. 33, lg. 35
1/2, wd. 32 in.
Group of Vintage and Collectible Mostly
Disney Items, seven Disney Jecktor movies,
a boxed Irwin projector and four non-Disney
Jecktor movies, two Marx Old Timer cars in
boxes, a Marx friction Mickey Mouse scooter
with box (Mickey unglued), a Mick-a-matic
camera with box, a painted mesh Mickey
Mouse mask, a Timex Minnie Mouse watch
with display and box, a Phinney Walker Minnie
Mouse travel alarm clock with box, a Bradley
Mickey Mouse watch with case and travel
alarm clock with box, assorted pins, watches,
and jewelry items, and other miscellaneous
Emmets Toy Corp. Lithographed Pressed
Metal Nine-hole Golf Game, with two clubs
and balls, 20 x 27 3/4 in.
Group of Tootsietoy Painted Metal
Vehicles, fourteen vehicles, two 1971
Tootsietoy Jam Pacs, sold with five
miscellaneous small die-cast metal vehicles.
Group of Vintage Batman Toys and
Collectibles, a 1966 Simms Inc. Batmobile
on card; a 1974 Ahi Brand Batman Stunt
Cycle on card; a 1977 Dabs Batman Super
Hero watch with box; and two Batman &
Robin Society, Charter Member pinback
Two Converse Attributed Painted Sheet
Iron Trolley Cars, including a “City Hall
Park” car, (some later paint and paint loss,
Seven Assorted Scottie Dog Figural and
Theme Toys, including a Marx wind-up
lithograph tin “Wee Scottie,” a Japanese
wind-up celluloid, a painted composition
bank, a xylophone, a plastic figure, a painted
composition rolling pull figure, and the child’s
book Angus and the Ducks.
Approximately Ninety Boxed Die-cast
Metal Vehicles and Cars, including thirteen
1980s Lledo Days Gone; twelve Ziss-Modell;
six 1960s Corgi Classics; ten Rami; eighteen
1960s Matchbox Models of Yesteryear; four
Frankonia Toys; a 1967 Corgi Chitty Chitty
Bang Bang; Mighty Midget twelve-car display
box with cars; and eighteen miscellaneous
Group of Toy Train Items, a Meccano
Hornby Dublo Two-rail Electric Train Set
2009 060 Tank Passenger Train in box, two
Hornby Marshal Controllers in boxes, and
an American Flyer no. 88 F.Y. & P. steam
locomotive train.
Fourteen Figural Still Banks, Candy
Containers, and Collectible Items, metal,
glass, and plastic, including “Thrift Dial Bank,”
“Humphrey’s Lunch Bank,” and an Atlas
Crystal Works “Watermelon Boy” snow globe.
Vintage Toy Western Cowboys and Indians
Figures, Buildings, and Accessories Group,
including approximately eighteen Elastolin
painted figures, twenty-one painted cast
metal figures, wood cabins, fencing, and
Large Lot of Glass Marbles and Games
and Toys, including sulfide seal and bear
marbles, (chips); painted cast metal “Radio
Bank,” three games, a Knapp Electric
Questioner, No. 325, and a washboard.
Group of Painted Metal WWII and I Army
Toys, including approximately fourteen Dinky
Toys WWII vehicles with twenty-six figures,
five Britains WWI artillery pieces and thirteen
“Casey Jones Cannonball Express No. 9”
Painted Metal Pedal Car, approx. lg. 40 in.
Group of British Painted Metal Figural
Toys, Britains painted cast metal fourteenpiece British marching band, three guards
with two guard houses, two horses with
riders, a horse-drawn wagon, three Zulu
warriors, and a Western stagecoach with
horses, and three small Lesney vehicles.
Group of 1950s-60s Vintage Toys and
Figures, including a 1960s Remco Dick Tracy
Wrist Radio, a Dick Tracy gun holster, a 1972
Mego Tarzan action figure with box, a 1968
Ideal Toy Captain Action action figure with
box (some crushing), and Action Boy action
figure with box (some crushing), a 1954 Revell
Chuck Wagon model kit, a 1973 Mego Wild
Bill Hickok action figure, and a 1973 Mego
Buffalo Bill Cody action figure.
Group of Vintage and Modern Toys,
including an All-Metal Products metal ray
gun, a 1967 Remco Little Orphan Annie rag
doll with box, a 1966 Kenner Marvel Super
Heroes See-A-Show, a Line-Mar lithographed
tin Old Jalopy car, a 1940s Alps wind-up
celluloid Sharp Shooter with box, five tin
cars including Japanese Sign of Quality, five
Japanese Modern Toys Old Fashioned car
no. 4, 6, 7 (2), and 9, with boxes, a Japanese
SSS friction antique truck with box, and a
large assortment other toys.
Silver Age Fantastic Four, No. 1, Marvel
Comics, 1961.
Silver Age The X-Men, No. 1, Marvel
Comics, 1963.
Silver Age The X-Men, No. 6-10, Marvel
Comics, 1964-1965.
online bidding at
Fifty-five Silver Age Fantastic Four, Marvel
Comics, 1964-1971, issue range no. 30-110,
including no. 48, and King Size no. 4 and 6,
with duplicates.
Twenty-nine Silver Age Justice League of
America, DC Comics, 1960-1964, no. 1-21
and 23-30.
Silver Age Brave and The Bold, No. 28,
DC Comics, 1960, introduction of the Justice
Approximately Thirty Silver Age The
Atom, DC Comics, 1962-1968, issue range
no. 1-38, including two no. 1, with other
Twenty Silver Age Hawkman, and Six
Brave and The Bold, DC Comics, 19611968, issue range no. 2-26; and no. 34, (3)
36, 42, and 44, respectively.
Thirty-three Comic Books, including sixteen
1960s DC, Batman, Action, and others, nine
1970s Archie, eight miscellaneous, three
magazine size humor issues, (general wear,
tears, imperfections, some covers missing).
Approximately Fifty-five Silver Age Green
Lantern, DC Comics, 1960-1969, issue range
no. 2-73, with duplicates.
100 Silver Age Comic Books and Six Little
Big Books, comics including four Dell, fifty
Gold Key, thirty Harvey, and twenty-one
Archie Series; books include Mickey Mouse
the Mail Pilot, International Spy, Chester
Gump, Prairie Bill, Skippy, and Robinson
Thirty-three Silver Age Tales To Astonish
and Thirty-two The Incredible Hulk, Marvel
Comics, 1963-1970, no. 46, 48, 49, (2) 55,
56, (2) 58, 60, (2) 61, 62, 65, (2) 67, (2) 69,
70, (3) 71, 72-74, (2) 76, 78, (2) 79, 80, 84,
94, and 99; no. 102, 104, (2) 105, (2) 106,
(2) 107, 108, (3) 109, 110-113, (2) 114, 115,
(2) 116, (3) 117, (2) 118, 120, 121, 124, 137,
King Size no. 2 and 3.
Complete Box of 1966 Topps Batman
Television Gum Cards, 3rd series, twentyfour sealed packs in original box, (box
1966 Topps Batman Television Gum
Cards, 3rd series, twenty-two sealed packs
in original box; sold with a Donruss Marvel
Super Heroes gum cards empty box.
Approximately 480 1969 Topps Brady
Bunch Gum Cards, including three complete
sets, no. 1-88 with duplicates, approx. ninety
wax wrappers, and two original boxes with
retail slip band.
Approximately 285 1966 Topps Rat Patrol
Gum Cards, a complete set and a near
complete set (lacking no. 38); sold with
forty-five Rat Patrol ring cards, and a near
complete set of twenty-two (lacking no. 10)
with duplicates, and an original box.
Approximately 160 Combat Television
Show Gum Cards, 1964, Donruss, series
2, a complete set no. 67-132, a partial set
(lacking no. 70, 76, 81, 82, 98, 99, 103,
112, 115, 117, 121, and 131), and approx.
forty 1963, Donruss, series 1 cards, (with
Complete Set of 330 1977 Topps Star
Wars Gum Cards, with fifty-two Star Wars
sticker cards including 1-45, 47, 48, 50,
Thirty-six Silver and Bronze Age Comic
Books, including The Avengers, Superman,
Captain America, Batman, Amazing Spiderman, The Atom, and others, (general wear,
imperfections, tears).
additional information and photos at
Group of Assorted Movie, Sports,
Entertainment and 1950s-70s Television
Gum Cards, including five 1930s Disney
Mickey Mouse; forty-three 1958 Topps TV
western Gunsmoke, Wagon Train, others;
thirty-two wrestling; fifteen 1961 Leaf Spook
Stories; twenty-seven 1964 Donruss Voyage
to the Bottom of the Sea; twenty 1964 Leaf
Munsters; twenty-six 1964 Donruss Addams
Family; twenty-six 1965 Glidrose James
Bond; nineteen 1965 Topps Man From Uncle;
fifteen 1968 Topps Mod Squad; approx. 120
1971 Topps Partridge Family including fortyfive wax wrappers and an original box; and
approx. 130 miscellaneous cards.
Approximately 250 1960s and 1970s
Monster and Horror Magazines, thirteen
Monster World, including 1-4; approximately
ninety Famous Monsters of Filmland; eight
Vampirella; six Spacemen, including 1-5;
fifteen Creepy, including 2-5; twelve Castle
of Frankenstein including 4-8; and eight Mad
Monsters including 1-4, some duplicates
throughout, (varying wear, tears, and tape).
Approximately 200 1920s-40s Movie and
Radio Magazines, including Picture Play,
Motion Picture, Photoplay, Modern Screen,
Movieland, and Radio Stars, (varying wear
and imperfections)
Twenty-nine 1930s Movie Pin-up and
Good Girl Cover Magazines, including Real
Screen Fun, Film Fun, and Movie Humor,
(varying wear and imperfections).
Dr. No Movie Poster, 1962, United Artists,
U.S., one-sheet.
To Kill a Mockingbird Movie Poster, 1963,
Universal, U.S., one-sheet.
Approximately 110 Beadles Dime Library
Dime Novels and Two Bound Volumes of
Aldine Cheerful Library, Beadle & Adams
publishers, New York, late 19th/early 20th
century; vol. 18, no. 443-468 and vol. 21, no.
512-546, Aldine Publishing, c. 1900, cloth
bound, (varying wear and imperfections).
Approximately Sixty 1930s-50s Science
Fiction and Detective Pulp Magazines,
including nineteen Amazing Stories, fifteen
Doc Savage, and eight Detective Story,
(varying wear and imperfections).
Approximately Seventy Adventure,
Western, and Detective Dime Novel
Paperbacks, late 19th/early 20th century,
including Frank Merriwell, Nick Carter,
Sherlock Holmes, and Jesse James, (varying
wear and imperfections).
Forty-five Star Wars Plastic Action Figures
and Vehicles, fifteen action figures and
vehicles including 1978 Darth Vader, 1978
Chewbacca, and a 1981 Yoda hand-puppet,
with approx. thirty small 1995 Kenner figures.
Eleven Vintage Cartoon and Advertising
Watches, a Sheraton “Daffy Duck,” “Elmer
Fudd,” and “Cool Cat,” a Luna Time “Space
Mouse,” a “Circus Time,” a Photorific “Buck
Rogers,” a Bradley “Merrie Mouse,” “Mighty
Mouse,” and a “Smokey the Bear,” a “Mr.
Peanut,” and an “Uncle Sam” watch, most
with original boxes.
Ten 1950s Art Photography Magazines,
including Amateur Screen and Photography,
Figure Studies, Art and Camera, and Art
Six Signed Movie Studio Publicity Portrait
Photographs, c. 1930, Richard Dix, Dolores
Costello, and Douglas MacLeary, with
facsimile Clara Bow, Ramon Navarro, and
Norma Shearer, sold with a photograph of the
Three Photographs from the Fox Movie
Studios Photography Archives, a
photograph from the 1953 premier of the
movie How to Marry a Millionaire depicting
Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, Nunnally
Johnson, and Marilyn Monroe, 24 x 18; a
photograph of Elvis Presley taken in 1956
while working at Fox on the movie Love Me
Tender, 16 x 20; and a photograph taken in
1967 of Frank Sinatra and Jill St. John filming
Tony Rome, 24 x 20 in., all unframed.
Provenance: The consignor, while working at
as a film editor at Fox Studios in Hollywood in
the 1990s, was given these prints taken from
the original negatives in the Fox Photo Archive
just prior to their destruction.
The Conversation Movie Poster, 1974,
Paramount, U.S., one-sheet.
Chinatown Movie Poster, 1974, Paramount,
U.S., one-sheet.
Pillow Talk and Ben Hur Movie Posters,
1959, Universal, half-sheet, unframed and
1960, MGM, U.S., half-sheet, unframed.
Group of Golf Clubs and Equipment,
second quarter 20th century, with clubs
Wilson Hy-Quest woods 2 and 3, A.G.
Spalding Kro-Flite irons 1, 3, and 6, Comet
Chromium irons 2, 5, and 8, Nipper
Chromium, a child’s generic wood club,
pair of golf shoes, twelve assorted golf balls
including a St Mungo.
Golf, Eight Volumes: Fox, G.D. The Golfer’s
Pocket Tip Book. New York: James Pott
& Co., [c. 1915]. Cloth, 12mo, Donovan &
Murdoch 17160, and seven modern golfrelated titles, some signed; Fox with Judge
Earle F. Tilley’s ink stamp on ffep. In 1938,
Tilley endowed his extensive golf library to the
Five Metal and Two Small Wood Shaft Golf
Bobby Jones and Walter “Rabbit”
Maranville Autographs, c. 1930s, on cards
and cut, with original stamped envelopes
used by signers.
Porcelain Enameled Metal Double-sided
“Western Union” Advertising Sign and
a c. 1890 Printed Grant Locomotive
Works Addition to Chicago Plot Map, the
enameled sign 17 x 30 in.
Miniature Set of Twenty-four Coca-Cola
Glass Bottles in a Wood Carrier Crate,
“Disfrute Coca-Cola, Marca Reg.” painted
metal caps on labeled glass bottles containing
Coca-Cola-colored liquid, bottle ht. 3 1/8,
carrier 6 3/4 x 4 3/4 in.
Pause...Drink Coca-Cola Painted Tin
Advertising Sign, c. 1944, mounted in
original silver-painted wood frame, (loss at l.l.
corner), sight size 32 1/2 x 68 in.
Royal Crown Cola Painted Metal
Thermometer Advertising Sign, c. 1950s,
Nehi Corp, Dasco, thermometer intact,
(varying edge paint loss), 25 1/2 x 9 3/4 in.
The War Lover Movie Poster, 1962,
Columbia, U.S., one-sheet.
Apocalypse Now Movie Poster, 1979,
United Artists, U.S., one-sheet.
Collection of Botanical, Nature, and
Animals Tobacco, Tea, and Soap Cards,
including 225 Gallaher Ltd; seventy John
Player & Sons; 125 Red Rose Tea; 225
Mecca; 100 James Welch Co.; 110 Arm &
Hammer; and others, with duplicates approx.
850 cards total.
Collection of War and Military Tobacco
and Trading Cards, including 240 Horrors
of War (170 still in banded sets of ten);
forty Second World War; 100 Nightmares
of Warfare (seventy-two still unseparated);
seventy Uncle Sam; ninety Action Gum; thirty
Sky Birds; fifty-five Topps Airplane Spotter;
thirty airplane strip cards; ninety 1940s
Goudey First Column Defenders; and other
miscellaneous cards, with duplicates, approx.
800 cards total.
Kendall Motor Oils Oval Enameled Metal
Double-sided Advertising Sign, first half
20th century, (some edge losses, enamel
chips, corrosion), 18 x 24 in.
1940s-50s Car Show Posters and Related
Auto Ephemera and Collectibles, twentysix Veteran Motor Car Club of America
Antique Auto Show, Boston window card
posters, with newspaper clippings, personal
snapshots, auto tour programs, manufacturer
brochures and catalogs, membership cards,
and other paper items.
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Forty-seven Duke Cigarettes Actress
Photo Trading Cards and Approximately
135 Arm & Hammer Baking Soda Useful
Birds of America Trading Cards, sold with
three F.J. Walsh actress miniature photos.
Group of Assorted Collectibles, including
advertising, bottle openers, tobacco tins,
souvenirs, ephemera, postcards, sold with a
wood and glass vitrine case.
Collection of Historical, People, Places,
Science, and Western Tobacco and
Trading Cards, including 70 Topps Civil
War News; seventy Topps Flags of the
World; seventy-five Mecca boxing, golf
and others; twenty Goudey Indian; fifteen
Ogdens; seventy-five Players; 150 Red Rose
Tea Space Age; forty Sights of Britain; fifty
Sweet Caporal; ninety Kinney; thirty-five 1889
Dukes Actors & Actresses; twenty Topps
x-ray roundup; thirty-five Leaf Good Guys/
Bad Guys; fifty Hassan Lighthouse Series;
160 1930s Indian/Cowboy strip cards, (120
unseparated); and fifty miscellaneous cards,
with duplicates, approx. 1000 total.
Nineteen Bird’s-eye Maple Veneer Framed
Waterfowl Stamp Limited Edition Prints,
1970s-90s, Gromme, 1978 Wisconsin;
Maass, 1984 North Dakota; Barton, 1985
New York; Smith, 1985 Alaska; Parson, 1986
Utah; Maass, 1986 New Jersey; Maass,
1986 New York; Smith, 1987 West Virginia;
Dillard, 1988 West Virginia; Leslie, 1988
Idaho; Steiner, 1990 Rhode Island; Steiner,
1990 Colorado; Steiner, 1991 New Mexico;
Anderson, 1992 Nebraska; Hirata, 1993
Connecticut; U.S. Department of the Interior,
Scholer, 1984; Mobley, 1986; Smith, 1989;
and Anderson, 1990.
2001: A Space Odyssey Movie Poster,
1971, MGM, U.S., one-sheet.
Days of Heaven Movie Poster, 1978,
Paramount, U.S., one-sheet.
1940s Autograph Album, with direct and cut
signatures, including Frank Sinatra, Woody
Herman, Gene Krupa, big band members,
Arthur Fiedler, Jane Withers, Victor Mature,
Father Flanagan, and others.
Collection of 1966 Norman Mailer/
Act IV Theater Material, Provincetown,
Massachusetts, a portfolio with eleven printed
illustrations, text, etc., and related ephemera
and collectibles, one illustration and one
program page framed.
Four Entertainer Autographed Items, Frank
Sinatra on a publicity photograph, inscribed
in black marker; Natalie Wood on a publicity
photograph, inscribed and dated “6-23-80,”
in black marker; a framed Nelson family
photograph inscribed in black marker “For
Dwight Black, Good Luck from Ozzie and
Harriet, David and Ricky Nelson,” and Debbie
Reynolds on a theater program for the play
“Irene,” inscribed in black pen.
Large Collection of Mostly Hollywood
and Show Business Photographs, U.S.,
French, Mexican, Brazilian, and Vietnam,
1930s-1960s, primarily publicity, press, and
personal, many likely unpublished, including
Errol Flynn, Edward G. Robinson, Ann Miller,
Irene Dunne, Ava Gardner, Fred MacMurray,
Joan Fontaine, Dagmar, John Wayne, Bob
Hope, etc.
Gary Cooper Autographed Photograph,
Three Handwritten Letters, and a Pair of
Wire Sock Stretchers, a portrait photograph
inscribed “To Linda, With all the best wishes
in this world from- your friend...,” and three
letters written between 1955 and 1958 to
Elaine Shepard, the stretchers with inscribed
tags from the Hotel Pierre, New York; sold
with additional correspondence from Helen
Hayes, Arthur Treacher, and others to Elaine
Provenance: The estate of Elaine Shepard,
actress, journalist, and writer.
Ship of Wanted Men and The Country
Beyond Movie Posters, 1933, Showmens,
U.S., one-sheet; and 1936, 20th Century Fox,
U.S., one-sheet.
additional information and photos at
Three Clara Bow Autographed Portrait
and Family Photographs and an Unsigned
Family Portrait Photograph, a portrait of
Bow inscribed “To Elaine Dear-Best Wishes
from your friend and admirer Clara”; a portrait
of Cara Bow’s oldest son Tony, inscribed
by Clara Bow, “To Elaine-my pal-Love-your
little admirer Tony”; a 1940s unsigned family
portrait of Clara Bow, husband Rex Bell, and
sons Tony and George; and a portrait of Clara
and youngest son inscribed “To Elaine DearAll our love always, Clara and George Jr.”
Provenance: The estate of Elaine Shepard,
actress, journalist, and writer.
Jeanette MacDonald Handwritten Letter
to Irving Stone, April 1928, three and onehalf pages on two sheets of stationary with
stamped and addressed envelope, discussing
frequency of exchanging letters, her shopping,
decorating, weight loss, the weather, her
theater contract being extended, and his need
for a vacation, all in black ink.
Note: As established through letters
published in the book Jeanette MacDonald,
The Irving Stone Letters, in 1926, Jeanette
MacDonald began a relationship with
Irving Stone, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin,
and employed at his uncle’s Milwaukee
department store, The Boston Store. They
had met when she performed in Chicago.
Correspondence between the two would
continue well after their romance ended and
covered frank and wide subjects, with Irving
Stone saving all of the letters he received from
Serpico Movie Poster, 1973, Paramount,
U.S., one-sheet.
The Collector Movie Poster, 1965,
Columbia, U.S., one-sheet.
Houdini Movie Poster, 1953, Paramount,
U.S., window card, 22 x 14 in.
Blood of Dracula and The Cat Girl Movie
Posters, 1957, American-International, U.S.,
one-sheets, folded.
King Kong Movie Poster, 1956 re-release,
RKO, U.S., one-sheet, on linen.
35mm Restored French Film Footage
of the August 8, 1908 Wright Bros.
First Public and First European Flight
Demonstration at Hunaudieries Race
Course, Le Mans, France, including a 35mm
viewing reel and negative reel, along with VHS
and Beta copies.
Group of Edison Storage Battery Co.
Ephemera, from Walter H. Bancroft,
photographic group portrait titled “First Annual
Outing Edison Storage Battery Co. Guards
& Ben. Asso’n., Greenville, N.J. Sept. 19th
1914,” 11 x 14; photographic group company
portrait dated 1921, showing fifty-three
employees, including Edison in the foreground
and Bancroft in the third row, (rolled and
cracked), with separate key, (folded); six
photographs related to the company and
two typewritten letters to employee W.H.
Bancroft, dated 1929, requesting a copy of
his photograph for forthcoming publication
of Handbook of Electrical Engineers; copies
of two patents for improvements in batteries
granted to Bancroft and Bancroft and Bruce
Ford in 1926 and 1932 respectively; and a
group of mimeographed papers, including
resume of Walter H. Bancroft, manager
of Department of Special Developments
(Experimental) at Edison Electric Storage
Battery Co., Philadelphia, from 1922-1930.
Note: Founded in 1901 to develop,
manufacture, and sell Thomas Edison’s
alkaline storage battery, the company
produced batteries for mining, lighting,
signaling, and other uses, before it merged
with Thomas A. Edison in 1932.
1911 North Elevation Blueprint of the U.S.
Custom House, Boston, Peabody & Stearns
architects, rolled, (torn, losses), lg. 11 ft. 16
in., wd. 41 in.
Large Group of Assorted Masonic
Paraphernalia, including framed certificates,
presentation plaques, paperweights,
glassware, playing cards, and other items.
Eight New York Film Festival Posters, three
1982, two 1983, two 1987, and one William
Wegman autographed 1992, rolled.
1900 Movie Poster, 1977, Paramount, U.S.,
Five Assorted Elaine Shepard Movie
and Theatre Posters, a framed I Cover
Chinatown one-sheet movie poster and two
unframed half-sheet posters, a framed 1950
Rome Theatre Guild poster for a production
of Born Yesterday, and a framed 1964
McLean Summer Theatre window card for a
production of Voice of the Turtle.
Provenance: The estate of Elaine Shepard,
actress, journalist, and writer.
Kiss Them For Me and The Courtship of
Eddie’s Father Movie Posters, 1957, 20th
Century Fox, U.S., one-sheet, folded; and
1963, MGM, U.S., one-sheet, folded.
Collection of Assorted 20th Century
Pinback Buttons, various subjects including
bonds, political phrases, patriotism, political
parties and slogans, war, labor unions,
religion, environmental, drugs, liquor, and
Collection of 19th and 20th Century
Political Pinback Buttons, including lapel
1888 Harrison/Morton, William J. Bryan,
William McKinley, Alton Parker, Theodore
Roosevelt, William H. Taft, Warren G. Harding,
Woodrow Wilson, Calvin Coolidge, Franklin
D. Roosevelt, Landon/Knox, Wendall Wilkie,
Thomas Dewey, Harry S. Truman, Dwight
Eisenhower, etc.
Collection of 1970s and 1980s U.S.
Political Pinback Buttons, including Ted
Kennedy, Shirley Chisholm, John Lindsay,
Pete McCloskey, Henry Jackson, McGovern/
Shriver, Jimmy Carter, John Anderson,
George Bush, Ford/Dole, Michael Dukakis,
Maddox, Hartke, Black and militant
Collection of 1960s and 1970s U.S.
Political Pinback Buttons, including George
Romney, Nelson Rockefeller, Richard Nixon,
and Spiro Agnew.
Group of 19th and 20th Century Mostly
Pinback Buttons and Collectibles, including
twenty-seven political from Winfield Scott
Hancock to Eugene McCarthy, and twentyone advertising, Red Cross, cartoon, WWI,
Collection of 1960s and 70s U.S. Political
Pinback Buttons, including John F. Kennedy,
Robert Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Barry
Goldwater, Hubert Humphrey, and Bill
Collection of Assorted Collectible Pinback
Buttons, 20th century, including baseball
player and teams, football, basketball,
and hockey teams, television and cartoon
characters, colleges and universities,
Massachusetts related, business and
advertising, “smile,” teacher, phrase, and
Collection of 1950s-70s U.S. Political
Pinback Buttons, including Adlai Stevenson,
Barry Goldwater, Eugene McCarthy, Hubert
Humphrey, Edmund Muskie, Richard Nixon,
Spiro Agnew, George Wallace, and Ronald
Two Compound Microscopes, late 19th
century, the first Bausch & Lomb, Rochester,
New York, with rackwork coarse focusing,
fine screw focusing, triple nose-piece changer
with three marked objectives, black-painted
square stage and swinging substage with
condenser and iris diaphragm, on U-base,
ht. 12 1/2; the second Spencer, Buffalo,
New York, with rackwork focus, fine screw
focusing, double nose-piece changer with one
marked objective, square stage with clips and
mirror arm below (lacks mirror), on U-base, ht.
13 1/2 in.
Black-painted Monocular Compound
Microscope, Spencer, Buffalo, New York,
late 19th century, with rackwork coarse
focusing, fine focusing mounted on the side
of the curved pillar, triple nosepiece with three
marked objectives, square stage with clips,
substage condenser and iris diaphragm,
plano/concave mirror, U-foot, with box, ht.
12 in.
Lot of 19th and 20th Century Books,
Paper, Ephemera, and Collectibles,
including thirty mostly Dell comic books,
bound 1860 Peterson Magazine, 1871 Young
Ladies’ Journal, seven volumes of 18841892 Harper’s Bazaar, advertising, die-cuts,
catalogs, programs, souvenirs, greeting cards,
postcards, tickets, labels, historical, buttons,
and modern travel books and ephemera.
online bidding at
Ninety-seven 1960s U.S. Movie Lobby
Cards, two The Fearless Vampire Killers,
1967 MGM; six Succubus, 1969, Trans
American; four Baby Love, 1969, AvcoEmbassy; five The Balcony, 1963,
Continental; eight Experiment In Terror,
1963,Columbia, two Once Upon A Time In
The West, 1968, Euro International; two The
Illustrated Man, 1969, Warner Bros.; two
Head, 1968, Columbia; five The Touchables,
1968, 20th Century-Fox; four The Green
Slime, 1969, MGM; thirteen A Rage To Live,
1965, United Artists; eight That Kind of Girl,
1963, Topaz Film; eight Monstrosity, 1963,
Emerson Film; two Tony Rome, 1967, 20th
Century Fox; three The Wrecking Crew,
1968, Columbia; two Where Eagles Dare,
1969, MGM; six A Fistful of Dollars, 1969,
United Artists; two 100 Rifles, 1969, 20th
Century Fox; three Rosemary’s Baby, 1968,
Paramount; and ten other, with duplicates.
Large Framed Gone with the Wind
Montage, including photographs, prints, cut
autographs of Ann Rutherford, Laura Hope
Crews, Leslie Howard, Thomas Mitchell,
Butterfly McQueen, Alicia Rhett, Olivia De
Havilland, and Barbara O’Neil, a signed
typed note from Hattie McDaniel regarding
a complimentary Los Angeles newspaper
review of her performance in Gone with the
Wind, and a partial bill from the BeverlyWilshire for Clark Gable’s Nov. 1935-Oct.
1937 apartment.
105 1960s U.S. Movie Lobby Cards, sixteen
Any Wednesday, 1966, Warner Bros.; eleven
The Nasty Rabbit, 1965, Fairway International;
eight 13 West Street, 1962, Columbia;
three Hook, Line & Sinker, 1969, Columbia;
four 3 Blondes in His Life, 1962, Golden;
three Clarence The Cross-eyed Lion, 1965,
MGM; eight Not With My Wife You Don’t,
1966, Warner Bros.; six Arabesque, 1966,
Universal; eight Lady L, 1966, MGM; four The
Liquidator, 1966, MGM; three Where The
Truth Lies, 1962, Marianne-SNE Gaumont;
eight In The Heat of The Night, 1967, United
Artists; four Buona Sera, Mrs. Campbell,
1968, United Artists; four Term of Trial, 1962,
Warner Bros.; three Secret Ceremony, 1968,
Universal; eight The Fortune Cookie, 1966,
United Artists; with four other, with duplicates.
Reasonable Doubt and The Courtship of
Eddie’s Father Movie Poster, 1956, RKO,
U.S., one-sheet, folded; and 1963, MGM,
U.S., one-sheet, folded.
Group of Film Entertainment Reels,
including two “Sammy Sunshine” restored
and converted 35mm negative reels, and
16mm reel of the Ritz Bros. Never a Dull
Moment, two reels of Trial of John Peter
Zengel, and a reel Nature.
“Willie Wiredhand” Illuminated Painted
Composition and Metal Floor Display
Figure, third quarter 20th century, approx. ht.
59, wd. 28 in.
Persons Majestic Co. Art Deco
Frosted Pale Green Molded Art Glass
“Longchamps” Automobile Mascot,
Worcester, Massachusetts, c. 1930, raised
molded label, (base chips, scattered minor
nicks), ht. 5 1/8, lg. 6 in.
Provenance: The estate of Elaine Shepard,
actress, journalist, and writer.
Group of Automobile, Vehicle, Machine,
and Boat Hardware Items, a chromeplated greyhound auto mascot, a Boyce
Motor Meter American Lafrance radiator cap
thermometer, four brass and bronze steam
valves including a Crosby and an Adam Cook,
a hose nozzle, and boat’s oar lock and cleat.
Group of Collectibles and Ephemera,
including theater bills, programs, three medals
and pins, a 1904 World’s Fair medal, modern
and some early postcards, souvenirs, a
straight razor, a Chinese silver-plated frame, a
set of five Planters “Mr. Peanut” lithographed
tin nut dishes, twenty-six early 20th century
pinback buttons, bound and 1867 Peterson’s
Magazine and 1868 Godey’s Lady’s Book,
and etc.
Chicago World’s Columbian Exposition
Views Lithograph Paper Hand Fan, John W.
Green, 1892, with wood sticks, lg. 13 in.
Persons Majestic Mfg Co. Opalescent
Molded Art Glass Fish Automobile Mascot,
c. 1930s, Worcester, Massachusetts, with
raised molded label, (tail broken at end),
overall ht. 5 1/2, lg. 6 1/2 in.
additional information and photos at
274 1950s and Fifteen 1940s U.S. Movie
Lobby Cards, eight The King and I, 1956,
20th Century Fox; twelve Death of a
Scoundrel, 1956, RKO; eighteen Pardners,
1956, Paramount; eight Annie Get Your Gun,
1950, Loews; eight You Can’t Run Away
From It, 1956, Columbia; eight Column
South, 1953, Universal; sixteen High Noon,
1956, United Artists; eight The Man With The
Golden Arm, 1956, United Artists; sixteen
The Girl He Left Behind, 1956, Warner Bros.;
twenty-four The First Traveling Saleslady,
1956, RKO; five Hit and Run, 1957, United
Artists; eight Pickup Alley, 1957, Columbia;
three The Girl in Black Stockings, 1957,
United Artists; eight Strangers on a Train,
1957, Warner Bros.; eight The Lusty Men,
1956, RKO; sixteen Hot Summer Night,
1956, Loews; eleven Picnic, 1956, Columbia;
eight Short Cut to Hell, 1957, Paramount;
twenty-four Gunfire at Indian Gap, 1957,
Republic; sixteen The Flesh is Weak, 1957,
DCA; twenty-five The Fighting Wildcats, 1957,
Republic; eight Blonde in Bondage, 1957,
DCA; eight Lost Lonely and Vicious, 1957,
Howco International; seven I’m Nobody’s
Sweetheart Now, 1940, Universal; eight
Margie, 1940, Universal; with duplicates.
Annie Get Your Gun Movie Poster, 1956
re-release, MGM, U.S., one-sheet, folded.
Four 1950s Hot Rod/Teenage Movie
Posters, Hot Rod Rumble, 1957, Allied
Artists, U.S.; Teen Age Thunder, 1957,
Howco International, U.S.; Carnival Rock,
1957, Howco International, U.S.; and
Lost Lonely and Vicious, 1957, Howco
International, U.S., all one-sheets, folded.
Collection of Assorted Foreign and U.S.
Coins, Medallions, Commemoratives, and
Facsimiles, including five Iranian sterling
coins, eighteen commemorative uncirculated
foreign coin sets, eighteen British and Irish
coins and facsimile coins, sixteen sets of
U.S. and biblical facsimile coins and tokens,
twenty-three 1975 U.S.S.R. coin sets, loose
foreign coins, six Israeli bronze medals, three
silver medals, and three coin sets, and four
Christmas and Hanukkah medal sets.
Twenty-four Britannia Commemorative
Society Sterling Silver Medals, with a wood
and glass six-drawer vitrine case.
Fifty-one Franklin Mint Sterling Silver
Numismatic Issues and Sixty-one Franklin
Mint and Other Bronze and Metal Medals
and Coins, including thirty-six Franklin Mint
presidential metal coin medals, three bronze
Washington D.C. commemorative, a set of
twenty-one commemorative bronze U.S.
space program, and a set of sixty Thomason
Medallic Bible bronzes in with a wood and
glass six-drawer vitrine case.
Thirteen Society of Medalists Bronze
Medals and Seventeen Assorted Bronze
and Metal Medals and Coins, including
Linda Harper “Laughter/Tears” clowns, Dexter
Jones “Clown,” Joseph Kiselewski “World
Peace,” “1930, Steady,” “Oh What are the
Prizes...,” Frank Eliscu, Harry Marinsky,
Edward Grove, two Georg Lober, Edward F.
Hoffman, Bruno Mankowsky, and James E.
Fraser, a 1971 Disney World, two Statue of
Liberty Centennial, a 1981 Flight Calendar,
1964-65 N.Y. World’s Fair, five Judaic,
a 1909 Abraham Lincoln 100th birthday,
U.S. Bicentennial, Apollo 11, U.S. Frigate
Constellation, and 1883 Mexican Industrial
Exposition, with a pyramidal mahogany
revolving display stand.
Group of Mostly Sterling Silver Medals,
Coins, and Commemoratives, including
a set of thirty-six Longines gold-plated,
six miscellaneous, a Franklin Mint 1972
Christmas ingot, and a 1986 gold coin proof.
(World War I), Anderson, Isabel Weld
Perkins (1876-1948) Framed Medallion and
Certificate, given from the Comite Americain
pour Les Regions Devastees de la France
1916-1923, the Medaille en Argent given to
Madame Larz W. Anderson.
Note: In 1918, Mrs. Anderson also received
the Croix de Guerre for her contributions to
the American Red Cross.
Twenty-two Society of Medalists and
Thirty-three Medallic Art Bronze Medals,
including an Apollo Lunar set.
Eighty-five Assorted Bronze and Metal
Coins and Medals and a 1973 Franklin
Mint Bronze Set.
Lithograph Carnival and Fun Fair Poster,
England, framed, sight size 29 1/2 x 39 1/2
Set of Four Lithograph Chang and FakHong’s United Magicians Presents
REVIEW,” and “THE BHUDA,” printed in
Spain, framed, posters 24 1/2 x 16 3/4 in.
Harwich Cape Cod Baseball League Team
Photograph and an Autographed Baseball,
c. 1938, the baseball including signatures
Eddie Collins, Lefty Lefebvre, Joe Kelley,
Doc G..., George..., Bob..., Red D..., and
Charlie F..., on an “Official Northern Base Ball
League, J.B. McNulty, Pres.,” ball.
Provenance: Charlie “Chick” Kittredge was
born in 1911 and is pictured here in the team
photograph to the right of the batboy and a
signer of the ball. He also played as captain
of the baseball team for Boston College, and
served in the U.S. Army from 1942-1946. He
went on to graduate from Boston College
School of Law in 1954.
Four Professional Athlete Autographs, c.
1971, baseball players Hank Aaron, Maury
Wills, Whitey Ford, and Yogi Berra, boxer
Jack Dempsey, and golfer Jack Nicklaus, on
autograph certificates.
1962 New York Yankees World Series
10kt Gold and Diamond Ring, band interior
engraved “SA-145669-8,” (diamond chipped,
Provenance: Won from the Balfour Co. by
the consignor for answering a trivia question
about the New York Yankees in the 1962
World Series.
Assorted Late 19th and Early 20th Century
Baseball Collectibles, including eight 19th
century chromolithograph paper-clad wood
baseball player game figures, a 1940s Babe
Ruth Exacta watch, approximately fortyfive tobacco/health cards baseball cards
including, thirteen Honest Long Cut Tobacco,
two Hassan Cigarettes, seventeen Tolstoi
Cigarettes, one Lenox Cigarettes, two Briggs
Lozenge, and two Turkey Red Cigarettes,
with checklist backs, and other miscellaneous
Mills Novelty Co. Champions Play Baseball
Candy Mints Five-cent Slot Machine,
Chicago, 1927, no. 256105, painted cast
metal and wood, approx. ht. 25 1/4, wd. 16
Two Boxer Autographs and Two Movie
Star-related Ephemera Items, a card
inscribed facsimile “Best wishes Charlie
Chaplin 1 9-30”; a cut signature “Jas J
Corbett”; and a request letter tagged with
“Gene Tunney Jan. 19, 1931”; sold with a
typed letter on Rosalind Russell stationary.
1978 Boston Red Sox Autographed
Baseball, Carl Yastrzemski, Jim Rice, Johnny
Pesky, Carlton Fisk, Butch Hobson, Jerry
Remy, Don Zimmer, Fred Lynn, Mike Torrez
and Rick Burleson in blue ink on Wilson
A1010 red-stitched ball.
Boston Red Sox Jim Lonborg, Sammy
White, and Jimmy Piersall Autographed
Baseballs, a Jim Lonborg, inscribed “Cy
Young ‘67,” in black marker on a Double
Header brand red stitched baseball; Sammy
White and Jimmy Piersall, in blue ink on a
Wilson Ted Williams Speed Ball brand red
stitched baseball; with a Joe Cronin 1940s
WWII Joseph Hirsch Till We Meet Again
and J.W. Wilkinson You buy ‘em, we’ll fly
‘em Posters, folded, each approx. 59 3/4 x
39 3/4 in.
Two WWI Lithograph Posters, Howard
Chandler Christy, Americans All, 40 x 27; and
Gerrit A. Beneker, Sure We’ll Finish The Job,
38 x 26 in.
Provenance: Sold to benefit the Temple Beth
Israel and St. James Catholic Church, both of
Danielson, Connecticut.
online bidding at
Fourteen Stereoviews, Photographs, and
Photographic Reproductions, including
views of the Grand Canyon, Philadelphia
Centennial opening, Psalms XIX, alligators,
Scottish buildings, Queen Mary’s Bedroom at
Holyrood Palace; print after Matthew Brady’s
The Glory of Gettysburg 3rd July 1863
stamped “Reproduced from the Collections
of the Library of Congress” on the reverse;
a print after an anonymous daguerreotype
of Henry David Thoreau, a Victorian family
portrait; a reproduction of Walker Evans’
yearbook picture from Phillips Academy,
Andover, Massachusetts, printed by Rodger
P. Kingston; a color Polaroid modern boudoir
diptych, and a print after F. Jay Haynes’
Along the Clarks Fork, Montana.
Twelve Assorted Celebrity, Entertainer,
and Athlete Autographed Items, Bill Blass
signed publicity photograph; Gene Autry
inscribed publicity photograph; a 2004
Denver Broncos team signed weekly booklet
with twenty signatures; a Linda Fratianne
inscribed publicity photograph; master
magician “Cardini” signed as President,
Society of American Magicians member’s
card; two daredevil Jean Lussier signed
and dated “Aug. ‘35” publicity photographs;
a Cab Calloway inscribed card; two Ink
Spots group and member signed photos; a
Rudolph Deuter inscribed photograph; and
an inscribed photograph of an Italian female
Provenance: From the collection of Austin
Lamont, by family descent.
Group of Edison Electric Illuminating Co.
Related Items, four Edison Life, 1912 and
1937, a small E.E.I. Co. cotton flag, a glass
bulb and fixture, E. Greenwood, Edison, The
Boy-The Man, and two other books.
Approximately 120 19th and Early 20th
Century Portrait Photographs, mostly
cabinet cards, with ten miniature serial portrait
sets, postcards, etc.
(Gibson, Sir Charles), Album of photographs
and photographic reproductions related to
Missouri native Sir Charles Gibson’s travels
and experiences in Germany and Austria, with
manuscript and autograph notations, bound
in full calf, (binding w.a.f.).
Soviet Russian Transfer-decorated
Double-sided Red Satin Banner with
Fringe, approx. 41 x 69 in.
G.N.R., England’s First Aviation Races
at Doncaster Great Northern Railroad
Advertising Poster, Science Museum,
London, Ministry of Defense reprint,
unframed, 39 3/4 x 25 in.
Framed Overpainted Fireman’s Fund
Insurance Company Advertising Panel,
originally after Waldo Bemis, panel 24 1/2 x
18 in.
Thirteen WWII Era British Magazines and
Original Photo of Babe Ruth and His Wife
Claire at the Copley Plaza Hotel Boston,
February 1935, for his signing with the Boston
Braves as manager, unframed, 14 x 11 in.
Provenance; Purportedly unpublished
photograph, according to consigner.
Cy Young Cut Signature With Photograph,
in blue ink, framed, paper 1 3/4 x 4 1/2,
photograph sight size 9 1/2 x 7 1/2 in., PSA/
DNA certified autograph 83183136.
Joe DiMaggio and Ted Williams
Autographed Photograph, in blue marker,
framed, sight size 10 1/2 x 13 1/2 in., with
PSA/DNA letter of authenticity and attached
sticker I96841.
Ted Williams Autographed Photograph, in
blue marker, framed, sight size 9 1/2 x 7 1/2
in., with certificate of authenticity by Nicholas
R. Burczyk, Florida.
Two WWI Lithograph Posters, Howard
Chandler Christy, Americans All, 40 x 27; and
Gerrit A. Beneker, Sure We’ll Finish The Job,
38 x 26 in.
Provenance: Sold to benefit the Temple Beth
Israel and St. James Catholic Church, both of
Danielson, Connecticut.
additional information and photos at
Three WWI Lithograph Posters, Herbert
Paus, To Make The World A Decent Place
To Live, 36 x 56; Henry Patrick Raleigh, Must
Children Die And Mothers Plead In Vain, 40
x 30; and Clyde Forsythe, And They Thought
We Couldn’t Fight, 41 x 30 1/2 in.
Provenance: Sold to benefit the Temple Beth
Israel and St. James Catholic Church, both of
Danielson, Connecticut.
Early 20th Century Postcard Album,
mostly Christmas, Easter, birthday, and other
greeting cards, approx. 100.
Approximately 300 Early 20th Century
Holiday and Greeting Postcards, including
Christmas, Easter, New Years, Thanksgiving,
birthday, valentines, and other greeting, some
Approximately 775 Early 20th Century
U.S. Postcards, including Massachusetts,
New England, New York, Washington, D.C.,
Florida, California, etc.
Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, and Ted
Williams Autographed Photograph, in blue
marker, framed, sight size 7 1/2 x 9 1/2 in.
Mickey Mantle Autographed Photograph,
and inscribed “...11/20/’92” in blue marker,
framed, sight size 9 1/2 x 7 1/2 in., with PSA/
DNA authenticity letter and attached sticker
Ted Williams Autographed Photograph, in
blue marker, framed, sight size 9 1/2 x 7 1/2
in., with certificate of authenticity by Score
Board Inc., New Jersey.
Thirteen Autographed Photographs
and Baseball Cards, and a Yogi Berra
Autographed Postcard, baseball cards:
1989 Donruss Warren Spahn no. 588; 1982
Topps Tom Seaver no. 30; 1982 Donruss
Tom Seaver no. 16; 1970 Topps Ralph Houk
no. 273; 1980 Baseball Immortals Brooks
Robinson no. 181; 1985 Circle K Harmon
Killebrew no. 5; 1983 Donruss Billy Martin
no. 575; 1985 Circle K Eddie Mathews no.
11; 1956 Topps Roy Sievers no. 75; 1948
Bowman Jack Lohrke no. 16 and 1974 Toma
Ltd. postcard Yogi Berra no. 6, all PSA/DNA
certified, photographs: Nolan Ryan, in blue
marker, sight size 10 x 8, with certificate of
authenticity by Global Authentication Inc.,
California; Tommy John, in black marker,
sight size 9 1/2 x 7 1/2, with JSA letter of
authenticity; Tom Seaver, “...To Tom Best
Wishes,” in black marker, sight size 7 x 9 1/2
in., with JSA letter of authenticity, sold with
a 1916 rookie year image of Babe Ruth, all
Twenty-nine Baseball and One Football
Postage First Day Covers, twenty-five
with autographs, including, Bill Terry, Carl
Hubbell, Graig Nettles, Dave Kingman,
Lou Brock, Mike Flanagan, Al Kaline, Duke
Snider, Len Barker, Don Sutton, Phil Niekro,
Steve Garvey, Joe Niekro, Maury Wills, Andy
Van Slyke, Will Clark, Terry Steinbach, Red
Schoendienst, Orel Hershiser, Dave Stewart,
Ralph Kiner, Monte Irvin, Al Barlick, Joe
Morgan and Jerry Rice (NFL), mostly Gateway
Stamp Co.
J. Scott Williams WWI Lithograph For
Victory, Buy More Bonds Poster, 36 x 56
Provenance: Sold to benefit the Temple Beth
Israel and St. James Catholic Church, both of
Danielson, Connecticut.
Seven WWI Lithograph Posters, including
Lloyd Harrison, Corn the Food Of The Nation,
frame sight, 29 1/2 x 20 1/2; Haskell Coffin,
Joan Of Arc Saved France, 30 x 20; and
Harvey Dunn, Red Cross/The Ladies’ Home
Journal, 16 x 35 in.
Provenance: Sold to benefit the Temple Beth
Israel and St. James Catholic Church, both of
Danielson, Connecticut.
Group of 1900-20s New Hampshire and
Massachusetts Railroad Postal Transit
Cards, with B. & M. Railroad envelopes.
Lot of 19th Century Massachusetts
and Connecticut Railroad Paper and
Ephemera, 1846-1901, New Haven and
Northampton Co., Hampshire and Hampden
Rail Road Co., New York Central Railroad
Co., including vouchers, bills, receipts,
accounting, payroll, 1866-67 New Haven and
Northampton Williamsburg Extension Stock
receipts, many U.S. revenue stamps.
Large Lot of Railroad Ephemera and
Collectibles, late 19th/20th century, including
books, ledgers, record books, photographs,
magazines Engineering News, Railroad
Magazine, calendars, posters, scrapbooks,
films, a recording, etc.
Group of Assorted 19th and 20th Century
Paper, Ephemera, and Collectible Items,
including 1886 Greenwich Academy
correspondence, chromolithography,
souvenirs, advertising and business
ephemera, postcards, gum and tobacco
cards, photographs, vintage ephemera, etc.
Large Ledger Book of Received Business
Billheads, New York, 1884-1886, (each with
top edges glued in).
Seventy-eight Pieces of c. 1900 Billhead
and Fifteen Small Sketches and
Watercolors, the billhead for Boston area
businesses in produce, tobacco, fountain,
imported food, notions, and Italian products
Archive of Elaine Shepard v. Dorothy
Kilgallen Case Related Papers, Journalism,
and Vietnam War Related Material,
and Personal Material, including typed
manuscripts, photographs, correspondence,
ephemera, recordings, a a copy of Elaine
Shepard’s books The Doom Pussy and
Forgive us our Press Passes, assorted typed
manuscripts, etc.
Painted Leather Fireman’s Helmet, “Chief,
Fire Dept., JOC.”
Babe Ruth Autographed Baseball, on
a Harwood National League red stitched
baseball, inscribed in blue ink “To: F.W.
“Eddie” Edwards” From Babe Ruth.”
Provenance: Inherited by consignor from his
mother who lived the majority of her life in the
Detroit, Michigan, area.
Ted Williams and Mickey Mantle
Autographed Photograph, in blue marker,
framed, sight size 7 1/2 x 9 1/2 in., with
certificate of authenticity by Nicholas R.
Burczyk, Florida.
Ted Williams Autographed Photograph,
in blue marker, 10 x 8 in., with certificate of
authenticity by Nicholas R. Burczyk, Florida.
Fifty Z Sports Series Babe Ruth Silk
Cachet First Day Covers, July 6, 1983, in a
ring binder notebook.
Three WWI Lithograph Posters, Douglas
Volk, They Shall Not Perish, 40 x 30; W.T.
Benda, Give or We Perish, 33 x 22; and
Sidney Riesenberg, Civilians, 33 x 22 in.
Provenance: Sold to benefit the Temple Beth
Israel and St. James Catholic Church, both of
Danielson, Connecticut.
Six WWI YMCA/YWCA Lithograph Posters,
including Albert Herter, His Home Over There,
48 x 28 1/2; Arthur W. Brown, For Your
Boy, 30 x 20; Lucien Jonas, Four Years in
the Fight, 42 x 28; Adolf Treider, For Every
Fighter a Woman Worker, 40 x 27; Clarence
Underwood, Back Our Girls Over There, 28
x 21 in.
Provenance: Sold to benefit the Temple Beth
Israel and St. James Catholic Church, both of
Danielson, Connecticut.
Seven Stereoviews of Ancient Egypt,
late 19th/early 20th century, Underwood &
Underwood Publishers, New York, London,
Toronto, Canada, Ottawa, Kansas. no. 26,
19-2536, 54, 18-2535, 77-2594, 70, and
62-2579, images include the Sphinx, the
Great Pyramid, Ramses III temple, the Great
Pyramid of Giza.
online bidding at
Velvet-clad Album of Early 20th Century
Portrait Photograph Cabinet Cards,
approximately forty.
Five WWI Lithograph Posters, including
H.H. Green, My Soldier, 41 1/2 x 28; Oh Boy,
That’s The Girl, The Salvation Army Lassie,
40 x 30; and M. Ledene Bracker, Keep ‘em
Smiling, 41 x 28 in.
Ninth Plate Daguerreotype of Two Nude
Young Women, probably France, mid-19th
century, in a pressed paper case, (edge
tarnish, scratch c.l.).
Provenance: Sold to benefit the Temple Beth
Israel and St. James Catholic Church, both of
Danielson, Connecticut.
Eastman Kodak Film Tank, early 20th
century, 3 1/2 in., model “B”-2, with metal
Lot of 19th and Early 20th Century
Photographs, Books, Ephemera, and
Framed Collection of Brooklyn Dodgers
Cut Signatures and Photos, including Boyd
Bartley, Ray Berres, Rocky Bridges, Dolph
Camilli, Al Campanis, George Cisar, Pete
Coscarart, Roger Craig, Claude Crocker, Bert
Haas, Joe Hatten, Tommy Holmes, Spider
Jorgensen, Clyde King, Bob Milliken, Luis
Ohmo, Andy Pafko, Gordon “Babe” Phelps,
George Shuba, Dwain Sloat, Nick Tremark,
Chris Van Cuyk, Preston Ward, and Whit
Joe DiMaggio Autographed Photograph,
pictured at the 1936 All-Star Game in Boston,
in blue marker, framed, sight size 10 1/2 x
13 1/2 in., PSA/DNA letter of authenticity and
attached sticker I91828.
Twenty-six 1934-38 Issues of Baseball
Magazine, including 1934 June, September,
October, November, December; 1935
January, March, June, July, October,
November, December; 1936 January,
February, March, September, October,
December; 1937 February, March, June, July,
August, October, November; and 1938 July.
Nine WWI Lithograph Posters, including
Lawrence Harris, Good Bye, Dad, I’m Off...,
30 x 20; Alfred Everitt Orr, For Home And
Country, 30 x 20; and James C. Leyendecker,
Weapons For Liberty, 30 x 20 in.
Provenance: Sold to benefit the Temple Beth
Israel and St. James Catholic Church, both of
Danielson, Connecticut.
Approximately 1000 Early 20th Century
European and Foreign Postcards.
Approximately 475 Early 20th Century
Specialty Postcards, including photographic,
humor, series, trains, advertising, women,
etc., sold with approximately 400 later glossy
color postcards.
Approximately 100 Late Victorian and Early
20th Century Mostly Christmas, Easter,
and Holiday Postcards and Cards.
Group of Assorted 1930s-70s Baseball
and Sports Programs, Magazines, and
Ephemera, a 1937 New York Yankee/
Giants World Series program, a 1967 Boston
Red Sox/St. Louis Cardinals World Series
program, eight college football programs, a
1973 New York Knicks program, two 1968
Boston Red Sox programs, a 1975 Boston
Red Sox program, six c. 1939 minor league
baseball score cards including a 1938 New
York Yankees/Triple Cities, Scranton, Albany,
Binghamton, Triplets, and Springfield, five
1951-52 Baseball Magazine, 1936-37 Boston
Garden Sport News, etc.
Ted Williams Autographed Photograph,
in blue marker, 8 x 10 in., with certificate of
authenticity by Global Authentication Inc.,
additional information and photos at
Group of Assorted Baseball Collectibles,
a 1950s Brooklyn Dodgers at Ebbets Field
photograph, a photograph of players Red
Sox Jim Rice and Milwaukee Brewers Hank
Aaron, a Travis Jackson cut autograph, a
book John P. Carmichael, Who’s Who in the
Major Leagues, seven Baseball Hall of Fame
Induction Day sheets with some first day
covers and one signed by Charlie Gehringer.
Ted Williams Autographed Photograph, in
blue marker, framed, sight size 9 1/2 x 7 1/2
in., with certificate of authenticity by Nicholas
R. Burczyk, Florida.
Five Autographed Baseball Player
Photographs, Terry Moore, in blue marker,
framed, sight size 9 x 7 1/4, with JSA letter
of authenticity; Hank Bauer, in blue marker,
framed, sight size 9 x 7 1/4, with JSA letter of
authenticity; Gil McDougall, inscribed
“...ROY 1951” in blue marker, framed,
sight size 9 1/2 x 7 1/4, with JSA letter
of authenticity; Bob Feller, in blue marker,
framed, sight size 9 1/2 x 7 1/2, PSA/DNA
verification of authenticity and attached
sticker H63173; Bob Feller, magazine page,
inscribed “...To Michael Best Wishes Bob
Feller 1981” in black ink, unframed, 11 x 8
1/2 in., with JSA letter of authenticity.
Babe Ruth Autograph, “Sincerely...,” in
black ink on index card, with original stamped
envelope used by signer dated “Apr. 28,
Eight WWI Lithograph Posters, including
F. Strothmann, Beat Back The Hun, 30 x
20; J. Allen St. John, The Hun-his Mark, Blot
it Out, 30 x 20; H. Druitt Walsh, They Give
Their Lives, 30 x 20; and Ellsworth Young,
Remember Belgium, 30 x 20 in.
Provenance: Sold to benefit the Temple Beth
Israel and St. James Catholic Church, both of
Danielson, Connecticut.
Eight WWI Red Cross Lithograph Posters,
including A.E. Foringer, The Greatest Mother
in the World, 42 x 28; W.T. Benda, You Can
Help, 30 x 20; W.B. King, Hold Up Your End,
27 1/2 x 20 1/2; and a Harrison Fisher, 25 x
21 in.
Provenance: Sold to benefit the Temple Beth
Israel and St. James Catholic Church, both of
Danielson, Connecticut.
Four Large Albums of Cabinet Cards and
Cartes-de-visite, mid to late 19th century,
one containing images of various British and
European royals and nobility, including Queen
Victoria, Prince and Princess Bismarck,
Florence Nightingale, Lady Randolph
Churchill, and others, with numerous
Grand Tour scenes, and images of private
individuals, together with approximately
twenty cards not mounted in an album, and
one tintype; (album bindings disintegrating,
broken, boards detached).
Ten Late 19th and Early 20th Century
Photograph Albums, a miniature with tintype
portraits, an album with cartes-de-visite and
tintype portraits including Lincoln, dwarves,
and vocational, three albums of cartes-devisite and tintype portraits including Civil War,
and album of cabinet cards, cartes-de-visite,
and tintype portraits, an album of cabinet
cards, and three albums of snapshots.
1926 Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey
Circus Photograph Album, approximately
sixty-two photographs, most with
identification, depicting acts, personalities,
sights, and activities.
Joe DiMaggio, Billy Martin, and Mickey
Mantle Autographed Photograph, in blue
ink and blue marker, framed, sight size 9 1/2
x 7 1/2 in., with certificate of authenticity by
Nicholas R. Burczyk, Florida.
Ted Williams and Joe DiMaggio
Autographed Photograph, in blue marker,
framed, sight size 7 1/2 x 9 1/2 in., limited
edition No. 283/1941, with certificate of
authenticity by Score Board Inc., New Jersey.
Ted Williams Autographed Photograph,
in blue marker, 10 x 8 in., with certificate of
authenticity by Nicholas R. Burczyk, Florida.
Twenty-six Autographed Baseball Hall
of Fame Cards, including, Bob Doerr (2),
Duke Snider, Rick Ferrell, Monte Irvin, Lou
Boudreau, Bob Lemon, Enos Slaughter,
George Kell, Robin Roberts, Luis Aparicio,
Willie Stargell, Ralph Kiner, Joe Sewell, Bob
Feller (2), Hoyt Wilhelm, Brooks Robinson,
Joe Morgan, Rollie Fingers, Juan Antonio, Al
Kaline, Joe Sewell, Monte Irvin, Fergie Jenkins
and Billy Williams, on National Baseball Hall
of Fame & Museum Cooperstown, New York
Babe Ruth Autograph, 1934, in blue ink on
request correspondence from the collector,
“Sincerely...,” with original stamped return
envelope dated “Apr. 15, 1934.”
Nine WWI Red Cross Lithograph Posters,
including Gordon Grant, What are You
Doing to Help?, 38 x 25; Crisp, Motherless,
Fatherless, Starving, 27 1/2 x 20 1/2; A.E.
Foringer, The Greatest Mother in the World,
27 1/2 x 20; a Harrison Fisher, 28 x 24; and
a 10,000,000 Members by Christmas, 30 x
20 in.
Provenance: Sold to benefit the Temple Beth
Israel and St. James Catholic Church, both of
Danielson, Connecticut.
Nine WWI Red Cross Lithograph
Posters, including Harrison Fisher, 28 x 24;
10,000,000 Members by Christmas, 30 x 20;
Ray Greenleaf, Answer The Red Cross, 30 x
20; P.G. Morgan, Keep This Hand of Mercy at
it’s Work, 27 1/2 x 20 1/2; and Jessie Willcox
Smith, Have You a Red Cross Service Flag?,
28 x 21 in.
Provenance: Sold to benefit the Temple Beth
Israel and St. James Catholic Church, both of
Danielson, Connecticut.
Nineteen New Orleans, Baton Rouge &
Vicksburg Rail Road Co. Bond Certificates,
Haydon Jones Pen and Ink on Paper
Illustration Depicting “The Washington
Through Lynn, Portland Express,” signed
l.l., unframed, 9 x 18 3/4 in.
Large Lot of Charles A. Lindbergh Related
Ephemera, Collectibles, Etc.
Pace Mfg. Co. Bantam One-cent Slot
Machine, Chicago, no. 10204, cast metal
and wood, approx. ht. 19 3/4, wd. 14 1/2,
dp. 13 1/2 in.
1955 Boston Red Sox Autographed
Baseball, Ted Williams, Mike Higgins, Ted
Lepcio, Bill Goodman, Mel Parnell, Dick
Brodowski, Ike Delock, Leo Kiely, Sam White,
Frank Baumann, Jackie Jensen, Bill Klaus,
Grady Hatton, Jim Piersall, Milt Bolling, Will
Nixon, Tom Brewer, Pete Daley, Del Baker,
Eddie Joost, Jack Burns, Norm Zauchin, Jim
Pagliaroni, Frank Sullivan, Boo Ferriss and
Karl Olson, in blue ink on a Reach Official
American League red-stitched ball, Will
Harridge Pres.
Boston Red Sox and Boston Bruins
Autographs, including Ted Williams, Carl
Yastrzemski (2), Butch Hobson (2), Don
Zimmer (2), Jim Lonborg (3), Sam Horn,
Johnny Pesky, and others, on photographs,
cards and programs, with two Boston Bruins
autographed items.
Ted Williams Autographed Photograph,
in black ink, framed, sight size 7 1/2 x 9 1/2
in., 50th Anniversary Ted Williams, Doubleday
Field June 13 1940 Cooperstown, New
York, limited edition of 2000, with PSA/
DNA authenticity letter and attached sticker
1951 Boston Red Sox Autographed
Baseball, Ted Williams, Steve O’Neill, Walter
Dropo, Leo Kiely, Charlie Maxwell, Chuck
Stobbs, Paul Schreiber, Dom DiMaggio, Fred
Hatfield, Bill Goodman, Ray Scarborough,
Ellis Kinder, Harry Taylor, Bob Doerr, Willard
Nixon, Mel Hoderlein, Walter Masterson,
Earl Combs, George Susce, Vern Stephens,
Lou Boudreau, Mel Parnell, Buddy Rosar
and Johnny Pesky, in black ink on a Reach
Official American League red-stitched ball, Will
Harridge Pres.
Seven WWI Red Cross Lithograph Posters,
including Kidder, The First Three, 27 1/2 x 20
1/2; E.H. Blashfield, Where Columbia Sets
Her Name..., 28 x 19; Dan Smith, Put Fighting
Blood in Your Business, 28 x 19; and Jessie
Willcox Smith, Have You a Red Cross Service
Flag?, 28 x 21 in.
Provenance: Sold to benefit the Temple Beth
Israel and St. James Catholic Church, both of
Danielson, Connecticut.
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Eight WWI Lithograph Posters, including
Stern, Are You 100% American? Prove It!, 30
x 20; J.N. Ding, Tired of Giving?..., 27 x 21
1/4 in.
Provenance: Sold to benefit the Temple Beth
Israel and St. James Catholic Church, both of
Danielson, Connecticut.
Collection of Late 19th and early 20th
Century Postcards and Five Albums,
including U.S., photographic, whimsical, etc.,
small albums with whimsical and girlie cards
and a Massachusetts and lighthouse cards,
approx. 600 loose cards.
Sixty-eight Raphael Tuck & Sons Mostly
Oilette Foreign Postcards and a Romance
Approximately 1400 Early 20th Century
Postcards, including Tuck & Sons,
Christmas, holiday, valentines, New England,
military, series, whimsical, etc.
Ted Williams Autographed Photograph, in
blue marker, framed, sight size 7 1/2 x 9 1/2
in., with certificated of authenticity by Global
Authentication Inc., California.
Joe DiMaggio Autographed Trading Card,
in blue marker, framed, 5 1/2 x 3 1/2 in.,
certified by PSA/DNA, sold with a framed
print of Joe DiMaggio.
Autographed Baseball Photographs, Cards
and Program, including Hank Aaron and
(spurious) Willie Mays, Pete Rose, Whitey
Herzog, Wilbur Wood, Harmon Killebrew,
Rollie Fingers, Duke Snider, Jim Palmer and
Johnny Mize Autographed Baseball with
Photograph and Three Autographed
Programs, including a Luis Tiant autographed
1987 Fenway Park Anniversary program, a
1984 Old Timers Baseball Game program,
and a 1994 Hall of Fame Game score card.
Ted Williams Autographed Photograph,
in blue marker, 10 x 8 in., with certificate of
authenticity by Nicholas R. Burczyk, Florida.
Three WWI Lithograph Posters, Herbert
Paus, Save Your Child..., 40 x 30; James
Montgomery Flagg, First in the Fight..., 42
x 28; and James H. Daugherty, Send the
Eagle’s Answer, approx. 59 3/4 x 40 1/2 in.
WWI Sidney H. Riesenberg Lithograph
Over The Top Poster, framed, sight size 29
1/2 x 19 3/4 in.
Two Sets of WWI Stereoview Cards,
ninety-nine Keystone View Co. World War
Through the Stereoscope and seventy-eight
Underwood & Underwood.
Wooden Stereoviewer and 168 Stereoview
Cards, mostly late 19th century, including
New York City, Niagara Falls, lakes region,
Boston, New England, the Chicago World’s
Fair, western U.S., whimsical, Europe, etc.,
some small sets.
Collection of Late Victorian and 20th
Century Paper Valentines, including die-cut,
articulated, postcards, etc., approx. 100 total.
Twenty Late Victorian Die-cut and Other
Paper Valentines.
Collection of 19th and 20th Century Paper
Valentines, including chromolithograph, diecut, articulated, etc., approx. 260, in three
ring binders.
Collection of Early 20th Century Christmas
Postcards, approximately 375.
Collection of Early 20th Century Easter
Postcards, approximately 500.
additional information and photos at
Collection of Early 20th Century California
Postcards, approximately 3000.
WWI James Montgomery Flagg Lithograph
I Want You For U.S. Army Poster, framed,
sight size 39 3/4 x 29 3/4 in.
WWI Michael P. Whelan Chromolithograph
Men wanted for the Army Poster, framed,
sight size 39 3/4 x 29 1/4 in.
Four Powder Flasks and Holster, two
leather-clad flasks, one with embossed dogs,
the other marked London below the king’s
shield; a brass pistol flask with pressed dog
and bird; circular-form middle eastern-style
flask, and a leather holster with embroidered
U.S. Cavalry McClellan Leather Saddle,
with brass mounts, fittings, and saddle
plate “12 INCH SEAT,” embossed “US”
leather hooded bentwood stirrups, (with later
attached reflectors and replaced elements).
Collection of Mostly 19th and 20th Century
U.S. Brass and Metal Military and Uniform
Buttons, Six WWII Era Campaign and
Other Medals and Ribbons, approximately
Signed Postcard of Major A. H. Johnson,
13 Year Old Black Civil War Drummer
Boy, of the 54th Mass. Regiment, 18611865, the card reverse inscribed in black
ink “Complement To Mrs. Perry, Dec. 23rd
1914,” sold with a later Worcester Telegram
and Gazette related newspaper article
recounting Johnson and family history.
Sanford Augustus “Gus” Moeller Wooden
Polychrome Painted Field Drum, c. 1957,
for the “Sons of the American Legion Post,”
Manhasset, New York, impressed mark,
with a pair of drumsticks, related books and
Approximately Forty-two Medals and
Regalia Articles, including Odd Fellows,
G.A.R., commemorative, fraternal, award, five
1908-12 Boston Work Horse Parade medals,
a belt, a Jasper, Alabama police badge, etc.,
some with enameling.
Walnut Framed Chromolithograph 1878
Vermont G.A.R. Muster Certificate, printed
by J.A. Joel, New York, issued to James M.
Tarbell, Co. E, Regt. 2, U.S. Sharpshooter
Vols., discharged December 31, 1864.
Forty-four Lacquered Game Cards, possibly
British Colonial, mounted on paper mat,
framed, card lg. 2- 2 3/8 in.
Group of Assorted Desk, Decorative,
Collectible, and Man’s Accessory Items,
including small table frames, a burl veneer
cigarette box, a straight razor, ivory netsuke, a
plane, level, Samson iron padlock, WB brass
padlock, Art Nouveau notepad, a pocket
knife, seal, cuff links, watch fob, tie clips, etc.,
sold with a wood and glass vitrine case.
Group of Paper, Ephemera, and Collectible
Items, including mostly mid-century political
pinback buttons, prints, ephemera, unused
can labels, newspapers, etc.
Soviet Russian Post-WII Poster, 27 x 23
3/4 in.
Six 1960s Family Dog, Concert, and
Psychedelic-style Posters, 1967, Avalon
Ballroom, San Francisco, Quicksilver
Messenger Service, Big Brother and the
Holding Company, Mount Rushmore and
Horns of Plenty, by Moscoso, Family Dog, no.
68, 20 x 14; Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco,
Big Brother and the Holding Company,
Oxford Circle, Lee Michaels, Ben Van Meter
and Roger Hillyard, by Moscoso, Family Dog,
Bindwood Press, 18 x 14; 1967, Fillmore,
San Francisco, Sam and Dave, James Cotton
Blues Band, Country Joe and the Fish, and
The Loading Zone, by MacLean, no. 73, 21
x 14; 1967, Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco,
Country Joe and the Fish, Sparrow,
Kaleidoscope, Ben Van Meter and Roger
Hillyard, by Moscoso, Family Dog, no. 46, 19
3/4 x 14 1/4; 1967 Lucifer Rising & Oracle,
by Rick Griffin and Victor Moscoso, Neon
Rose no. 13, 20 x 28; 1960s Hambly Studios
Silkscreen Blacklight no. 4, 23 x 17 1/2 in.;
includes three 1970s art posters.
Three 19th Century Portrait Photograph
Albums, two with cartes-de-visite and some
tintypes, one with cabinet cards, tintypes,
and cartes-de-visite, including Lincoln, Tom
Thumb, U.S. military, I. Moody, Garfield, and
Six Tintype Photographic Portraits and a
Cased Ambrotype Photographic Portrait
of a Husband and Wife, the tintypes include
a soldier, two boys, a woman, and two men,
some cased.
C.G. Sargent of Graniteville,
Massachusetts Archive of Papers, 19th and
early 20th century, including ledger, billheads,
deeds, checks, receipts, and ephemera.
Framed 1968 Nixon Campaign Poster,
printed on plastic sheet, labeled “Panel Prints,
Milton Story Creation, Freeley & Wheeler Inc.,
New York,” sight size 42 1/2 x 29 in.
George Ripart Laubenheimer Bieres
Lithograph Poster, France, c. 1930, 47 1/8
x 37 1/4 in.
Collection of 19th and 20th Century
Clothing Buttons with Two Related
Reference Books, buttons include metal, jet,
shell, glass, and plastic, in seven boxes.
Approximately Twenty-one Assorted
Prints, Bookplates, and Works on Paper.
Fifteen Decorative Prints, Silhouettes,
and Forty-one Vintage Advertising and
Magazine Covers Depicting Scottie Dogs,
prints including Elizabeth Thomas, Zito, and
Marion Krupp, sold with an assortment of
Scottie tobacco cards.
Two WWII Norman Rockwell Lithograph
Freedoms Posters, Save Freedom of
Worship and Freedom of Want, 28 x 19 3/4
Oscar Berger Nikotex Lithograph
Advertising Poster, 27 x 23 3/4 in.
Lot of Mostly U.S. Military and Uniform
Buttons and Regalia, approximately 107
buttons and thirty-four regalia articles.
Six Firearms Related Items and a Brass
Automobile Horn, a Springfield 1807 walnut
and steel percussion rifle, two powder horns,
two pressed copper and tin shot/powder
flasks, and a pressed tin canteen.
Walnut Framed Presentation Abraham
Lincoln Portrait Print, inscribed “Presented
to Captain Saml. S. Collyer by members of
Tower Light Battery, June 29th 1865,” sight
size 20 1/4 x 16 in.
WW II Era Pieced Cotton Japanese
Imperial Navy Flag, 59 1/2 x 94 in.
Approximately Fifty-seven Mostly U.S.
Military and Uniform Buttons and Two
1904 St. Louis Exposition Souvenirs, a
souvenir metal-mounted reverse-painted glass
trinket box and small velvet-clad purse, the
buttons accompanied by related collecting
articles and correspondence.
Late Victorian Scrap Album and Two
Early 20th Century Postcard Albums, the
scrap album with chromolithograph die-cuts,
trade cards, and calling cards, the postcards
including Christmas, holiday, U.S., whimsical,
and ships.
Three Late Victorian Scrap Albums and an
1871 F.W. Beers & Co. Atlas of Worcester
County, Massachusetts, the albums with
mostly chromolithograph trade cards, diecuts, scraps, etc., one with thirty-four leaves,
thirty-three leaves, and fifteen leaves.
Late Victorian Scrapbook, with sixteen
leaves, containing chromolithograph trade
cards, die-cuts, scraps, and calling cards.
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WWI L.A. Shafer They Kept the Sea Lanes
Open Lithograph Poster, 29 1/4 x 39 1/4 in.
Two WWI Howard Chandler Christy
Lithograph Posters, Clear-The-Way!! and
Americans All!, 30 x 19 3/4 and 39 7/8 x 26
7/8 in., respectively.
Eight Japanese Hand-colored Lithographs
Depicting Imperial Navy Battle Scenes,
early 20th century, including conflicts with
Russia, China, and Great Britain, unframed,
approx. 18 1/2 x 25 1/4 in.
Elaine Shepard Related Political,
Hollywood, and Other Miscellaneous
Ephemera and Collectibles, including
magazines, newspapers, playbills and
publicity, political buttons and stickers,
souvenirs and collectibles, etc.
Provenance: The estate of Elaine Shepard,
actress, journalist, and writer.
Bull Durham Smoking Tobacco “My!
It shure am sweet” Chromolithograph
Advertising Poster, framed, sight size 24 1/2
x 16 1/2 in.
Katherine Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart, and
Spencer Tracy Autographs, c. 1930s, on
cards and cut, some with original stamped
envelopes used by signers, sold with a
Katherine Hepburn publicity photograph with
attached note “Very sorry Miss Hepburn does
not autograph.”
Collection of Movie and Entertainer
Autographs, c. 1930s, including Harold
Lloyd, George Raft, Rosalind Russell, Boris
Karloff, Una Merkel, Jack Benny, Anna May
Wong, Ramon Navarro, Burgess Meredith,
Charles Butterworth, C. Aubrey Smith, Guy
Kibbee, Paulette Goddard, Esther Ralston,
Alice Brady, Billie Burke, Warner Baxter,
Francis Langford, Jean Hersholt, Brian
Donlevy, Paul Lukas, June Travis, Brian
Ahenne, Mary Boland, E.E. Clive, Charles
Boyer, Lloyd Nolan, Allan Jones, Bevery
Roberts, Miscka Aver, Eddie Cantor, Joe
E. Brown, Pat O’Brien, Rochelle Hudson,
Alice Fay, Dorthy Mackaill, Adolphe Menjou,
Josephine Hutchinson, Don Ameche, John
Boles, Ray Millard, Kay Francis, Clara Bow
Bell, Tyrone Power, Gene Raymond, Eleanor
Powell, Madge Evans, Ann Sothern, Anita
Louise, Madeleine Carroll, Sonja Henie, Mary
Miles Minter, Dorothy Lamour, Richard Dix,
Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Joel McCrea, Richard
Arlen, Charlie Ruggles, Andrea Leeds, on
cards and cut, some with original stamped
envelopes used by signers, sold with a
“Mama Jean” signed Jean Harlow publicity
photograph and five other movie star publicity
photographs, approximately sixty-five.
Cole Porter Signed Typewritten Note,
a typed note on The Ritz-Carlton, Boston
stationary, dated October 11, 1940, to Elaine
Shepard, “Dear Elaine: Many thanks for your
wire on the opening of Panama Hattie. It was
very thoughtful of you. Kindest regards, Cole
Porter,” the signature in black ink, in a frame.
Note: Cole Porter was residing at The RitzCarlton while his musical Panama Hattie,
starring Ethel Merman, and including Elaine
Shepard in the cast, was in tryout in Boston
at the Schubert Theatre, opening October
8, 1940, before going on to New York and
opening on Broadway October 30, 1940.
Provenance: The estate of Elaine Shepard,
actress, journalist, and writer.
19th Century Journal/Scrapbook, including
cut signature of Winslow Homer and
correspondence from Alice Brown and Edna
Dean Proctor.
additional information and photos at
Assorted U.S. Political and Military Related
Signed Letters and Notes, including Dwight
Eisenhower, Strom Thurmond, Sen. John
Tower, Spiro Agnew, Pat Nixon, Julie Nixon
Eisenhower, Gen. William C. Westmoreland,
Barry Goldwater, Ronald Zeigler,
Congressman Mendel Rivers, sold with a
1963 letter from Field Marshal Muhammad
Ayub Khan, most typed on official or personal
William Cullen Bryant Signed Handwritten
Verse, in ink on paper.
Collection 19th and 20th Century
Autographs, including late 19th and 20th
century theater entertainers, 19th century
documents, figures from business, politics,
government, science, writers, scholars,
foreign figures, big band leaders and
members, opera singers, and composers,
many on photographs and correspondence,
in four ring binder notebooks.
Large Collection Opera and Classical
Artists Autographs and Ephemera, most c.
1980s, signed on portrait prints, ephemera,
programs, with personal photographs, and
early 20th century ephemera, loose and in
four ring notebooks.
Approximately Twenty-five 18th-20th
Century Notables and Politician Signed
Documents and Autographs, including
Helen Keller, letters, receipts, deeds, etc.
Albumen Photographic Print of a
Purported Massachusetts Regiment,
approx. 12 x 16 1/2 in.
Thirteen Unframed Contemporary Civil
War Portrait and Scenic Prints, a set
of five 1990 Michael Gnatek Jr./George
W. Shaffer Assoc. officer portraits and a
Gnatek Jr. infantry portrait; a set of three
1993 George Woodbridge uniform portraits;
three Don Troiani portrait scenes; and a
1995 Keith Rocco portrait scene, most artist
signed and numbered, unframed, Gnatek
and Woodbridge set lg. 16 and 17 in.,
No lot.
Three WWI Lithograph Posters, Howard
Chandler Christy, Clear-The -Way!!, 30 x 20;
J. Allen St. John, The Hun-his Mark, Blot it
Out, 40 x 28; and Henry Patrick Raleigh, Must
Children Die and Mothers Plead in Vain?, 40
x 30 in.
Six WWI Lithograph Posters, James
Montgomery Flagg, Seeds of Victory, 33 1/4
x 22; John E. Sheridan “Hey Fellows!; Dan
Smith, Knowledge Wins, 28 x 19 in.; David
Stone Martin, Strong in the Strength of the
Lord...; Arthur W. Brown, YMCA, For Your
Boy; and Your War Savings Pledge.
Group of 19th and Early 20th Century
Ephemera, including trade cards, advertising,
cartes-de-visite, collectibles, etc.
Collection of Movie and Entertainer
Autographs, c. 1930s, including Ginger
Rogers, James Cagney, Irene Dunn, Edward
G. Robinson, Bing Crosby, William Powell,
Fanny Brice, Francis Farmer, Boris Karloff,
Wallace Berry, Dick Powell, Carole Lombard,
Jack Oakie, Fredric March, Claudette Colbert,
Edmund Lowe, Nelson Eddy, Claire Trevor,
Joan Blondell, Jeanette MacDonald, Gladys
George, Janet Gaynor, Olivia de Havilland,
Loretta Young. Glenda Farrell, Norma
Shearer, Ida Lupino, Randolph Scott, Virginia
Bruce, Lyle Talbot, Myrna Loy, Ruby Keeler,
Bob Burns, Herbert Marshall, Oliver Hardy,
Ned Spanks, Louise Fazenda, Sally Eilers,
Sylvia Sidney, Walter Connolly, Margaret
Lindsay, Gail Patrick, Allen Jenkins, Joan
Bennett, Heather Angel, Luke Velez, Alan
Mowbray, Mary Carlisle, Hugh Herbert, Evelyn
Brent, Olympe Bradna, Gladys Swarthout,
Robert Montgomery, May Robson, Charles
Bickford, Marjorie Weaver, on index cards,
cut, with some original stamped envelopes
used by signers, sold with six movie star
publicity photographs, approximately sixtyfive.
Two Amelia Earhart Autographs, c. 1930s,
on an index card and on a returned request
letter with original stamped envelope dated
“Feb. 28, 1933.”
Frank Lloyd Wright and N.C. Wyeth
Autographs, 1933, the Wright signature
in black ink on the collector’s request
correspondence, with original stamped return
envelope dated “May 18, 1933”; Wyeth
signature in black ink on the collector’s
request correspondence, with original
stamped envelope dated “May 31, 1933.”
Charlie Chaplin, Fred Astaire, Al Jolson,
and Bing Crosby Autographs, c. 1930s,
on cards and cut, with original stamped
envelopes used by signers.
Jerome Kern and Irving Berlin Autographs,
c. 1930s, two Jerome Kern, on cards and
cut, some with original stamped return
envelopes used by signers.
Box of Assorted Autographs, including
actors, politicians, musicians, etc.
Mae West, W.C. Fields, Tom Mix, and
Mary Pickford Autographs, c. 1930s,
on cards and cut, with original stamped
envelopes used by signers.
A.W. Greely, Donald MacMillan, Robert
Millikan, Charles H. Mayo, Edward M.
House, Louis Brandeis, and Herbert
Hoover Autographs, c. 1930s, on cards and
cut, some with original stamped envelopes
used by signers.
Cary Grant, Henry Fonda, Joan Crawford,
and Basil Rathbone Autographs, c. 1930s,
on cards and cut, some with original stamped
envelopes used by signers.
Errol Flynn, James Stewart, Bette
Davis, Peter Lorre, and Gloria Swanson
Autographs, c. 1930s, on cards and cut,
with original stamped envelopes used by
Collection of Historical, Business, Political,
Literature, and Academia Autographs,
c. 1930s, including three J.P. Waterman,
Walter Winchell (news and radio personality),
Charles E. Hughes, (Chief Justice, U.S.
Supreme Court), J. Edgar Hoover (Director,
F.B.I.), Capt. Eddie Rickenbacker (aviator),
E.M. House (author, statesman), R.A. Bartlett
(explorer), Hugh Johnson (U.S. General,
former N.R.A. chief), Lewis E. Lawes
(Warden, Sing Sing Prison), Roy Chapman
Andrews (explorer), Lowell Thomas (explorer,
broadcaster), Fannie Hurst (author), Upton
Sinclair (author), Burton Holmes, John
Dewey, Irwin S. Cobb (author), William Green,
William E. Bovah (U.S. Sen., ID), Morris
Sheppard (U.S. Sen., TX), Kermit Roosevelt
(explorer), Adolph Ochs, Angelo Patri, Royal
S. Copeland (U.S. Sen., NY) A.J. Williams
(aviator), A.W. Greely, Newton Baker, Alfred E.
Smith (Gov. NY), Edgar A. Guest (poet), Elihu
Root, John Barton Payne, Frank B. Kellogg,
Robert L. Bacon, George W. Wickersham
(U.S. Sen.), A.W. Mellon (Secretary of the
Treasury), Oscar K. Allen (Gov., LA), J.M.
Futrell (Gov., AK), Floyd B. Olsen (Gov., MN),
Theodore Francis Green (Gov., RI), Joseph
Ely (Gov., MA), William Langer (Gov., ND),
Herbert Lehman (Gov., NY), Paul V. McNutt
(Gov., IN), Edwin C. Johnson (Gov., CO), Alf
Landon (Gov., KS), A.W. Hockenhull (Gov.,
NM), Clyde L. Herring (Gov., IO), B.B. Moeur
(Gov., AZ), Eugene Talmadge (Gov., GA),
Henry H. Blood, (Gov., UT), I.C. Blackwood
(Gov., SC), George White (Gov., OH), on
correspondence, calling cards, cut, cards,
some with original stamped return envelopes
from signers, approximately ninety.
Collection of Historical, Business, Political,
Literature, and Academia Autographs,
c. 1930s, including Carl Rungius, William
H. Standley (Admiral, U.S. Navy), Andrew
Mellon, George McManus, Louis Brandeis,
Charles Dawes, Ely Culbertson, George
Bird Grinnell, Stewart Edward White, Lowell
Thomas (writer, personality), Morris Sheppard,
Eddie Rickenbacker (aviator), William J. Pratt
(Admiral, U.S. Navy), Roscoe Pound, George
R. Putnam, Anna Pennybacker, James B.
Overstreet, David Muzzey, Frank Lowden,
Colin Livingstone, Irving Langmuir, Rex
Beach, Fannie Hurst, Gleason L. Archer, Felix
Adler, Harry E. Fosdick, Max Fleischmann,
Helen Ferris, Fontaine Fox, John Dewey,
Carl Van Doren, Octavus Roy Cohen, Irvin S.
Cobb, Samuel Harden Church, Nicholas M.
Butler, Herman N. Bundesen (Pres. Board of
Health), William Beebe, Robert Bartlett, some
correspondence and original stamped return
envelopes from signers, thirty-eight total.
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Eight Assorted 20th Century Notables
Autographed Items, a William A. White
signed photo; George Gallup Jr. inscribed
stationary; Oscar De Mejo signed typed letter;
a Bobby Seale signed portrait print of Martin
Luther King; Walter Cronkite signed publicity
photograph; Prince S.A.S. Rainier of Monaco
signed card with postcards; Secretary George
Schultz signed photograph; and Archbishop
Cushing of Boston signed typed letter and
accompanying framed Fabian Bachrach
portrait photograph.
Maxfield Parrish New Hampshire the
Winter Paradise Poster, produced by
the New Hampshire State Planning and
Development Commission, unframed, 30 x
21 in.
Three Printed Posters, Otto Ernst, Rochers
de Naye, Montreux, on linen, 39 1/4 x 27 1/2
in.; H. Druitt Walsh, They Give Their Lives;
and a Swiss Electric Railway poster.
J. Garcia Moya Lithograph Plaza Toros De
Malaga Bullfighting Poster, Spain, c. 1936,
64 1/4 x 30 in.
Six 19th Century U.S. Military Related
Books, Upton’s Infantry Tactics, 1870;
Statistical Pocket Manual of the Army,
Navy, and Census of the United States of
America, 1862, vol. I and II; Concise System
of Instruction and Regulations for the Militia
and Volunteers of the United States, 1836;
General Regulations for the Military Forces of
the State of New York, 1858; and Regulations
for the Army of the United States, 1857.
Approximately Forty-five American and
Antique Silver Reference Books, including a
book on gold boxes.
Four 18th Century German Documents,
two printed edicts from Empress Maria
Theresa, one dated 1770, the other c.
1766; and two manuscript documents, an
accounting dated 1775, and a document
dated 1797 affixed with fifteen wax seals; sold
with a guest book from a reception honoring
the Swedish Choral Club of Chicago, 1920, (5
items total).
Victoria, Queen of England (1819-1901),
Signed document, one page, November 25th,
1858, military appointment given to Arthur A.
Capel as Ensign in the Eighty-fifth Regiment
of Foot, with seals intact, 9 1/2 x 13 3/8 in.,
(linen backed, edges with minor chipping, fold
separations and minor staining lower edge).
Three Newspaper Clipping Scrapbooks
Concerning Abolition and Related Topics,
taken from various newspapers, laid onto
three volumes of a printed book, the spines
printed Message and Documents, parts 1, 3,
and 4, 1855-78, cloth, 8vo.
Samuel Adams, Sr. (1689-1748), signed
indenture as Justice of the Peace, Boston
August 6, 1737, four pages, unframed.
Portfolio of Allegorical Prints, c. 1930s, a
series of photo-reproductions of allegorical
subjects including life’s journey and the arts,
each titled in Lithuanian, unsigned, mounted
in a in decorative leather album with woven
ribbon accents.
Framed 1867 Boston Harbor
Massachusetts Chart and a Framed Early
20th Century Chromolithograph Minstrel
Show Poster, the chart a trigonometrical
survey, the poster printed by National Ptg-Eng
Co., (the poster cut down), sight sizes 31 3/4
x 41 1/4 and 26 x 39 in., respectively.
Thirty-six Assorted Signed Book Titles and
Twenty-nine Assorted Library Titles, signed
include authors and Dwight Eisenhower,
Eisenhower’s Own Story of the War and
Crusade in Europe; Richard Nixon, Dere Mr.
President and The Memoirs of Richard Nixon;
Jawaharlal Nehru, Collected Poems and Plays
of Rabindranath Tagore; Eleanor Roosevelt,
This I Remember; Ethel Waters, His Eye is on
the Sparrow; Compton Mackenzie, Whisky
Galore and two My Life and Times; Budd
Schulberg, Moving Pictures; David Irwin,
Along Across the Top of the World; David
Eisenhower, Eisenhower at War 1943-1945;
Julie Nixon Eisenhower, Eye on Nixon and Pat
Nixon, The Untold Story.
additional information and photos at
Children’s Books, Nineteen Volumes: 19th
century school books; a Bible from 1812; a
diary from Dunstable, Massachusetts, 1872;
receipt book, with stamps, c. 1840-80;
an autograph book from Middleborough,
Massachusetts, 1880s; a guest book from
1920s-70s; and eight illustrated children’s
classics, 1880s-1920s; some volumes
Approximately 112 Decorative Gilt Leatherbound Books, mostly 19th century, in three
Six Late 19th/Early 20th Century Art and
Commemorative Folios, The Art of the
World, D. Appleton & Co., 1893, vol. 2, 4, 5,
and 10; C. Aller, Eine Hochzeitsreise Durch
Die Schweiz, Berlin, c. 1893; and The War of
the Nations, New York Times Co., New York,
Partial Sets of Bound Harper’s New
Monthly Magazine and Scribner’s
Magazine, sets of Harper’s five volumes
including 1851-54, and 1861, and two
volumes 1853 and 1860; Scribner’s fourvolume partial set including 1890, (two) 1892,
1893, and single volume 1894.
Nineteen Assorted Book Titles, including
Twain, The Innocents Abroad or the New
Pilgrim’s Progress, Hartford, American
Publishing, 1871, cloth bound; The New
Modern Physician, New York, Wm. Wise &
Co., 1947; Chamberlin, Shoes and Ships and
Sealing Wax; Spyri, Heidi and Mazli; Burnett,
Louisiana and My Robin; Washburne, The
Story of Earth and Sky.
Americana, Sixteen Volumes: Grahame’s
History of the U.S., 1st ed. 1827; Abiel
Holmes’ American Annals, 1st ed., 2 vols.
1805; History of John Bull, 1st Am. ed.
1794; The Spy Unmasked by Barnum, 1st
ed. 1828 w/frontispiece; Jay’s Causes and
Consequences of the Mexican War, 1849;
Edge’s Alabama and Kearsage, 1864;
Goldsborough’s Naval Chronicle, 1824;
Reports on Naval Engagements, 1862;
Walpole’s Richard III, 1st ed. 1768; and four
Partial sets, ex-library, boards detached;
Walpole has frontispiece and one plate.
Illustrated Books, Seven Volumes: Egan’s
Tom & Jerry Life in London, [1870]; Titmarsh’s
Doctor Birch & His Young Friends, 1849;
Surtees’ Mr. Sponge’s Sporting Tour, [n.d.],
illus. Leech; Egan’s Finish to the Adventures
of Tom, Jerry and Logic, 1830, illus.
Cruikshank; and The Microcosm of London,
1904, illus. Pugin and Rowlandson, in three
Bindings in various states of disrepair, boards
missing, patched library repairs, all copies ex
library with perforated stamps, lot should be
Exploration, Five Volumes: Lempriere’s
Tour of Gibraltar, 1st ed. 1791; Staunton’s
Embassy to the Emperor of China, 1799;
Page’s La Plata, 1859; and Heber’s Journey
through India, 1829, in 2 vols.
All titles are ex-library, the bindings rubbed
and shaken, damaged and loose.
Nash, Ray (1905-1982) Printing as an Art.
Cambridge: Harvard University Press, for the
Society of Printers, 1955.
Original publisher’s paste paper boards,
cloth spine, dj, unopened, with the souvenir
Archive of Correspondence Related to
Wisconsin U.S. Congressman and Senator
Charles Durkee (1805-1870), dated from
Updike, John (1932-2009) The Best
American Short Stories of the Century.
Boston and New York: Houghton Mifflin
Company, 1999.
Publisher’s cloth, housed in slipcase,
numbered 141 of 200 copies signed by
Updike; front pastedown paper crumpled and
glued down defectively at one corner.
Seven 18th Century New England
Handwritten and Printed Documents,
1771-1775 New Hampshire and Maine
receipts and promissory notes, 1785 Fairfield
County promissory note and summons.
Three Framed Early Hand-colored
Engraved Maps Depicting Great Britain,
Annandiae Praefectura, sight size 18 1/2 x 22
3/4; Huntington Shire, sight size 19 x 23 1/4;
and Nithia Vicecomitatvs, sight size 18 3/4 x
22 3/4 in.
Five Printed U.S. Congressional Resolution
Broadsides, 1794 and 1795, including
officer compensation, duties on spirits, claims
for destroyed certificates, pension for Col.
Tousard, embargo liability, and appropriations
for the support of government.
Illustrated Books, Four Volumes: Whistler’s
!OHO! Certain Two-Faced Individuals, 1946,
1st ed.; Iribe’s Blanc et Rouge; Bleu Blanc
Rouge; and Rose et Noir, 1930-1932.
Whistler with torn dj; Iribe volumes in limp
paper with chipped glassine wraps.
Medicine, Two Volumes: Fuller’s Medicina
Gymnastica, 2nd ed., 1705, contemporary
paneled calf, front board detached, endleaves
browned, contents clean; and Warthin’s
Physician of the Dance of Death, 1931, with
author’s Credo, chipped, signed and dated
1930, #93 of 1000, half cloth, blue paper
Scrapbook (1828), First page signed J.
Easten. A collection of pencil sketches,
gouache paintings, engravings, drawings, and
manuscript poems and short stories, 432 pp.;
all poems and stories are copied by hand;
the text leaves are colored paper; some of
the original artwork has been drawn directly
onto the text leaves, others are mounted, as
are all of the engravings; all contents perfectly
preserved in full burgundy gold-tooled
morocco closed with a silver clasp, housed in
a tattered slipcase.
Travel, Four Volumes: Landor’s In the
Forbidden Land, 1899, 2 vols.; Rochon’s
Voyage to Madagascar, 1793; and John
Ireland’s Wall-Street to Cashmere. All
bindings intact; Landor and Ireland in original
publisher’s cloth; Rochon in later half calf,
marbled boards.
Americana, Three Volumes: Hinton’s
History and Topography of the United States
of North America, in 2 vols., 1834; Taylor’s
Scenes of Wealth, 1826; Frost’s Book of the
Navy, 1843; Poore’s Life of Burnside, 1882,
deluxe edition, #171 of 300; some bindings
Illustrated Books, Four Volumes: Leech’s
Comic History of England, and Comic History
of Rome, 1851-2; Chalcographimania by
Satiricus Sculptur, 1814; and Northleigh’s
Topographical Descriptions of Europe, 1702;
all boards of all volumes detached; Leech in
full polished tree calf, gilt; Chalcographimania
in boards, untrimmed throughout; Northleigh
in contemporary calf.
[Defoe, Daniel (1659?-1731) Attributed
Author] The History of the Wars of his late
Majesty Charles XII King of Sweden, from his
First Landing in Denmark, to his Return from
Turkey to Pomerania. London: 1720.
Second edition with the continuation and
frontispiece, 402 pp., one page of ads;
original calfskin binding covered over with
blue paper, with a sheepskin rebacking
applied over the boards, inner hinges
strengthened with fabric tape; edge wear,
toning, scattered soiling, some edge chipping
and light marginalia.
Acts Passed at the First Session of the
Fifth Congress. Philadelphia: William Ross,
Contemporary sheepskin; ex-library copy,
hinges cracked and weak, covers scuffed,
worn and bumped, interior with scattered
Children’s Books, Five Volumes: Newell’s
Hole Book, 1908; Bennett’s Book of
Blockheads, 1863; Herford’s Alphabet of
Celebrities, 1900; and two by Kenneth
Grahame: Dream Days, and the Golden Age;
publisher’s bindings, some quite shaken,
bindings scratched, some contents torn, etc.
Sporting, Seven Volumes: Blome’s Hawking,
Cresset Press, 1929; Mayer’s Sport with
Gun and Rod, [1883]; Malet’s Annals of
the Road, 1876; Reynardson’s Down the
Road; Higginson & Chamberlain’s Hunting
in the U.S. and Canada, 1928; Dawson’s
Sport in War, 1937; and Schaladach’s Carl
Rungius, Big Game Painter, [1945]; all titles
in publishers’ bindings, mostly intact, spine of
Down the Road missing.
Brown, Dan (1964- ) Angels and Demons.
New York: Pocket Books, 2000.
Advanced uncorrected proof copy, with
purple paper wraps, good, minor sunning to
front cover.
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Six Decorative Framed Photographs
and Photomechanically Reproduced
Signatures, Oliver Wendell Holmes; Bret
Harte; Charles Dickens; Longfellow; Robert
Louis Stevenson; and Mark Twain.
Matted and framed, all materials
photographically reproduced.
Gailhabaud, Jules (1810-1888) Monuments
Anciens et Modernes. Paris: Librairie de
Firmin Didot Frères, 1850.
Four volumes, half morocco, folio;
dampstaining, bumped, chipped, one
with hinge crack, another with spine loss,
browning, scattered spotting.
Gibson, Charles Dana (1867-1944) Framed
illustration, signed. “Gibson Girl” artist print,
with his signature in ink; stooped elderly man
with a cane, wearing a tricorn hat, points
accusingly at attractive young woman, who
looks askance at the codger from over her
shoulder; not examined out of frame.
Newspapers: London Gazette, six issues
from 1727, one from 1728, all stamped with
stamp tax mark; Norwich Gazette, two issues
from 1763, stamped; Massachusetts Gazette,
one issue from 1772; Independent Chronicle,
one issue from 1780.
Hedin, Sven (1865-1952) Through Asia:
with nearly three hundred illustrations from
sketches and photographs by the author.
New York and London: Harper & Brothers,
Two volumes, illustrated, with folding maps,
publisher’s pictorial cloth, rubbed, ex-library,
with stamps, spines blemished, tape stains
on endleaves of volume one, preliminaries
detached, hinges weak.
Teddy Roosevelt Family, Two Volumes:
Theodore Roosevelt’s Letters to His Children,
1919, signed “Teddy” dated 1919, publisher’s
green cloth, with illustrations on blue paper
in text; bumped, shaken, rubbed, some dog
Together with Kermit Roosevelt’s The Long
Trail, 1921, signed by the author on the
“Autographed Edition” flyleaf; illustrated,
publisher’s boards, rubbed and spotted.
Children’s Books, Twelve Volumes: The
National Clay Melodist, 1844; seven copies of
Demorest’s Young America, 1866; and three
Mixed Lot, Five Volumes: Kendall’s Designs
for Schools and School Houses, 1848;
Darley’s War Pictures/Lyrics, 1866; Kit
Carson’s Own Story, 1926; Shaw’s Wine: the
Vine and the Cellar, 1864; and Cleaveland &
Smillie’s Green-Wood, 1847; some bindings
Newspapers: United States Chronicle,
assorted issues, 1787-1803; United States
Chronicle assorted issues, 1791-1793.
Newspapers: Providence Gazette, Carter
and Wilkinson, 1795-97. Ten separate issues
from each year: 1795, 1796, and 1797; and
a stab-sewn continuous run of issues from
February 1796 to December 1797.
Bound collection browned and tattered, with
text loss on the last few leaves due to insect
Newspapers: Providence Gazette, Carter and
Wilkinson. Approximately fifty issues, 1798 to
Newspapers: Providence Gazette.
Approximately fifty issues, 1801-1804.
Newspapers: Providence Gazette, John
Carter; and Hugh Brown. Approximately sixty
issues, 1810 to 1817.
Newspapers: Providence Gazette, John
Carter, et al. Approximately forty issues,
usually one or two issues for each year, 1779
to 1812.
Newspapers: Providence Phoenix,
Columbian Phoenix, and Providence Patriot.
Approximately 100 issues from 1803 to 1814.
additional information and photos at
Illustrated Books, Three Volumes:
McTaggart’s From Colonel to Subaltern,
1928, deluxe ed., #38 of 150; Memoirs of a
Lady of Quality, 1925; Gosse & Willoughby’s
Recruiting Officer, 1926; publishers’ boards,
two volumes rebacked.
Kleeman, Rita Halle (b. 1885) Gracious
Lady, the Life of Sara Delano Roosevelt. New
York: D. Appleton-Century, 1935. Inscription
on ffep attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt. No dj,
spine sunned.
A’Becket, Gilbert Abbot (1811-1856),
illus. John Leech (1817-1864) The Comic
History of England. London: Bradbury and
Evans, 1847-1848. Contemporary gilt lettered
and stamped three-quarter red morocco,
with twenty hand-colored plates. Losses to
bindings, boards becoming detached.
Shakespeare, William (1564-1616), ed. A.J.
Valpy (1787-1854) The Plays and Poems of
Shakespeare. London: Bell & Daldy, 1875.
Fifteen volumes uniformly bound in threequarter blue calf, bumped, some chipping
and head wear, scuffs, shelf wear, spines a
little dry, toning.
Together with Maeterlinck, Maurice (18621949) Hours of Gladness. London and New
York: 1912. Illustrated by E.J. Detmold, with
nineteen colored plates, original pictorial cloth;
cover soiled and spine yellowed; bumped and
chipped; scattered interior soiling.
Grenfell, Sir Wilfred (1865-1940) A
Labrador Doctor. The Autobiography of
Wilfred Thomason Grenfell. Boston and
New York: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1923.
Original gilt green cloth, signed and with a
sketch of a two-masted schooner at sea and
inscribed, “S.S. Strathcona, Hospital Ship,
Labrador”; spine faded, cover rubbed and
spotted, no dj.
Mixed Lot, Ten Volumes: Verlaine’s Fetes
Galantes, [1936]; Flaubert’s Madame
Bovary, [1935]; Morrow’s Painted Pig,
1930; Morrow’s Beast, Bird and Fish, 1933;
Cervantes’ Don Quixote, 1941; Gordon’s
Modern French Painters, 1929; Bliss’ History
of Wood Engraving, 1928; Houvet’s Illustrated
Monograph of Chartres Cathedral, [n.d.];
Verner’s Other Places, 1946; Verner’s Prints
and Impressions of Charleston, [1945].
Pennell, Joseph (1857-1926), Three
Volumes: Memorial Exhibition of the Works
of the Late Joseph Pennell. Philadelphia:
Lippincott, 1926. Our Philadelphia, Autograph
Edition. Philadelphia and London: Lippincott,
1914. Limited edition, signed, with ten
additional lithographs.
Adventures of an Illustrator. Boston: Little,
Brown, and Co., 1925. All three in original
boards, some scuffing, water staining to spine
of Adventures.
Holmes, Richard R. (fl. circa 1897) Queen
Victoria. London and Paris: Boussod,
Valadon & Co., 1897.
Three-quarter red morocco by Riviere,
bumped, chipped, scuffed, front board
detached, upper corners of binding stained,
minor age toning.
Law, Three Volumes: Holt’s Law of Libel,
1818; Secret Proceedings and Debates of
the [Constitutional] Convention, 1821; Banks’
Dormant and Extinct Baronage, [volume one
only] 1807; water stains, toning and browning.
Art, Two Volumes: Coburn’s Portfolio of
Sixteen Photographs, [1963]; and Clouzot and
Follot’s Histoire du Papier Peint en France,
1935; some wear to glassine jacket, corners
of portfolio bumped.
Gog and Magog: Or an Exposition of
Ezekiel 38 and 39 Pamphlet, Lowell, S.J.
Varney, 1854.
Framed 1971 Governor Ronald Reagan
Signed Typed Letter, in blue ink, on State
of California, Governor’s Office stationary,
regarding complimentary message about
State of the State address, with stamped
envelope dated “Feb. 2, 71,” and includes a
Six 18th and 19th Century European
Engravings, including an Italian genre scene;
A. Cardon, Cries of London, plates 4 and
13; Busieri, a young mother with child; C.
Meadows, Gathering Wood; and James
Northcote, The Loss of the “Halsewell,” only
two framed, some with hand-coloring.
265 Topographical Maps, assorted contour
maps, U.S. Geological Survey, early 20th
century, 16 1/2 x 20 in. each.
Seven 18th and 19th Century Leatherbound Book Titles, Gillies, The History of
Ancient Greece, vol. I-IV, 1793; Waverley
Novels, vol. I; and C.B. Taylor, Universal
History of the United States of America, New
York, Ezra Strong, 1835; and W. Bingley,
Biographical Conversations on Celebrated
Travellers, London, John Sharpe, 1819.
Pamphlets, Three Volumes: A Description of
Caractacus, a Grand Ballet of Action, in Three
Parts, c. 1808; Martinka and Company Magic
Catalogue, c. 1896; and A Full and Interesting
Account of the Great Hippopotamus, 1861.
All disbound; all illustrated; Caractacus with
hand-colored frontispiece of the actor James
Henry D’Egville in costume.
Universal Gazette. Washington City: Joseph
Gales, February 14, 1812. Excerpts from the
House of Representatives for “classing and
arming the Militia” and the specifics of the
appropriations and ages of the men to serve
and the numbers needed to fill the army;
browned, chipped, faded and folded.
Mixed Lot, Twenty-One Volumes: House’s
Wild Flowers, 1942; Whymper’s Scrambles,
[1954]; Flemwell’s Alpine Flowers, 1910;
Tupper’s Proverbial Philosophy, 1854; Cook’s
England, 1900; Bartley’s Rhine, 1899; Cook’s
Switzerland, 1904; Hartshorne’s Japan,
1902; Tissot’s Mont Blanc, [1924]; Schroter’s
Coloured Vade Mecum to the Alpine
Flora, [n.d.]; Millay’s Harp-Weaver, 1923;
Houston’s Representative Men of the Bombay
Presidency, [1897]; Stoddard’s Im Fluge
durch die Welt, [n.d.]; and four others.
Equestrian, Nineteen Volumes: A Fox
Hunter’s Journal; Cross Country with Horse
and Hound; Cavalcade of American Horses;
The Hunts of the United States and Canada;
Ring Riding; The Racehorse in Training; The
Horse in America; and twelve others.
Together with two decks of playing cards with
equine decoration.
Rein, J.J. The Industries of Japan. New
York: A.C. Armstrong and Son, 1889.
Decorative cloth binding, plates; lacking spine,
sewing structure sprung.
Together with Molina’s Geographical, Natural
and Civil History of Chili, 1808; volume one
only, both boards detached.
Knight, Charles (1791-1873) London.
London: Charles Knight & Co., 1841-44.
Six volumes, three-quarter calf, dry, hinges
starting, bumped and chipped, scattered
spotting; labels chipped with loss.
Loudon, John Claudius (1783-1843)
Arboretum et Fruitcetum Britannicum; or,
the Trees and Shrubs of Britain. London:
for the Author, 1844.
Second edition, eight volumes (four text
volumes, and four plate volumes), green cloth;
bumped, chipped, faded, scattered spotting
to contents.
Three Small Framed Maps: Andalusia,
Spain, engraved, hand-colored, framed and
matted, c. 1690, after Blaeu, 10 x 7 in.;
Argow, Switzerland, including Berne and
Lucerne, place names in German, engraved,
hand-colored, framed and matted, c. 1660,
7 1/2 x 5 1/2 in.; and the Netherlands,
engraved, hand-colored, London: Laurie and
Whittle, 1801, 10 x 7 1/2 in.
Banks, Thomas Christopher (1765-1854)
The Dormant and Extinct Baronage of
England London: T. Bensley, 1807.
Three volumes, half morocco, shelf wear,
dampstaining, tape repairs to some folding
Together with Warrington’s History of Wales.
London: Johnson, 1788; two volumes,
contemporary calf, boards detached.
Art, Two Volumes: Gellert’s Fabeln,
with woodcuts by Seewald, 1920; and
The Drawings of Nicolas Poussin, ed.,
Friedlaender, [1939].
Gellert in publisher’s illustrated boards,
cloth spine completely perished; Poussin
in a folding cloth portfolio, one soft-cover
catalog with eighty-two unbound folio sheets
with mounted reproductions of drawings,
discolored, rubbed.
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Wharton, Edith, ed. (1862-1937) The Book
of the Homeless. New York: Merrymount
Press, 1916. Edition de Luxe, one of 125
on Van Gelder paper, half-tones printed
in color on special paper and mounted,
photogravures with a plate-mark, and signed
by the publisher, in half cloth, with the
publisher’s prospectus, corners bumped,
boards stained with covering paper torn.
Together with Stevenson’s Kidnapped, 1911.
Roosevelt, Eleanor (1884-1962) Typed
letter, signed, September 23, 1933, on
the letterhead of the National Women’s
Committee, as Chairman. The letter is
addressed to Mrs. George H. Crooker, of
Providence, RI, and in it Roosevelt asks
Crooker to serve as Chairman of her local
Women’s Crusade. Written during the heart
of the Depression, Roosevelt refers to the
sacrifices made by women in the first World
War and appeals to Crooker to mobilize
for the sake of families in need during the
Depression. “[Women] know how important
are the growing years of babyhood, the
play time of boys and girls, the worries
and heartaches of burdened mothers, and
the anxieties of the old folk. They are the
conservators of family life.”
Nogueres, Henri (1916-1990) Histoire de
la Resistance en France de 1940 a 1945.
Paris: Robert Laffont, 1967, five volumes,
cloth, 8vo.
Map of Greece, Sanson d’Abbeville, Nicolas:
Graeciae Antiquae Tabula Geographica,
[Paris]: 1699, double-page folio, with handcolored borders, unframed, 24 x 18 in.,
browning, spots of soiling.
Decorative Bindings, Six Volumes: Late
Victorian three-quarter tan calfskin bindings
with gilt spines and red and black labels,
marbled boards, edges, and endleaves;
partial sets of Martin’s History of France,
Guizot’s History of England, and Rambaud’s
History of Russia.
Sheldon, G.W. (1843-1914) American
Painters. New York: Appelton, 1881.
Publisher’s gilt cloth, a.e.g., enlarged edition,
with 104 wood engravings in the text, binding
rubbed, corners bumped, contents slightly
Bird, Joseph (fl. circa 1873) Protection
Against Fire. New York: Hurd and Houghton,
[and] Cambridge: Riverside Press, 1873.
First edition, in red pictorial publisher’s cloth,
with tag, bound at the Riverside Press, front
board with some staining, head frayed.
Agassiz, Louis (1807-1873) and Agassiz,
Elizabeth C. A Journey in Brazil. Boston:
Ticknor and Fields, 1868.
Pike, Nicholas. Sub-Tropical Rambles in the
Land of the Aphanapteryx. New York: Harper
& Brothers, 1873; both titles in publisher’s
cloth, inscribed by the authors, spine
detached and front board almost detached
on Agassiz.
Together with Darley’s Illustrations of Sleepy
Hollow, 1849; and Rip Van Winkle, 1848; both
Darley titles are chipped, stained, creased,
torn, and spotted.
Woodward, Samuel P. (1790-1838) A
Manual of the Mollusca. London: Weale,
1854. Part two only; copiously illustrated
throughout with woodcuts by A. N.
Waterhouse, in publisher’s limp green cloth,
front cover detached.
Three Maps of Boston and its Environs
(1863-1893), one with roller detached; all
are brittle, flaking, and worn, with discolored
Brown, Carleton (1869-1941) Somer
Soneday. Pamphlet reprinted from Studies
in English Philosophy, A Miscellany in Honor
of Frederick Klaeber, University of Minnesota
Press: Minneapolis, Minnesota, [undated],
signed by the author; browned.
Framed Bunker Hill Poem, unpublished
poem on the Battle of Bunker Hill, tacked
down to mat board.
Exploration Lot, Nine Volumes: Johnstone’s
Chrysal, or the Adventures of a Guinea, 1761,
second edition, in three volumes; Hubback’s
To Far Western Alaska for Big Game, 1929;
Fanning’s Voyages and Discoveries in the
South Seas 1792-1832, 1924, one of 97 on
vellum, illustrated; Nansen’s Farthest North,
1897, in two volumes, illustrated; and two
odd volumes: Stowe’s Sunny Memories of
Foreign Lands, 1854, volume two only; and
Stanley’s Through the Dark Continent, 1878,
volume two only.
additional information and photos at
Eaton, Asa B. (1800-1851) Executive and
Legislative Departments of the State of M
Lowell: Stone & Huse, 1868. 35 pages, 280
leaves of plates, salted paper photographic
prints, portraits; text is a directory of
state officials with brief biographies; each
portrait is autographed by the sitter; full
green publisher’s cloth, stamped in gilt.
Autographed photographic portraits of John
Quincy Adams (1833-1894), and John J.
Smith, the third African American to serve in
the Massachusetts House of Representatives.
(together with) Electoral College of
Massachusetts, 1913; Our First Men: a
Calendar of Wealth, Fashion, and Gentility,
1846; Rich Men of Massachusetts, 1852; and
Men of Massachusetts, 1903.
New England History, Seventeen Volumes:
History of Waterford, Oxford County,
Maine, 1879; Rice’s Celebration of the Two
Hundredth Anniversary of the First Parish
at Salem Village, 1874; Drake’s History
and Antiquities of Boston, 1856; Shurtleff’s
Topographical and Historical Description
of Boston, 1871; Shurtleff’s Records of the
Governor and Company of Massachusetts
Bay, 1853, in five volumes; Drake’s Town
of Roxbury, 1878; Hunnewell’s History of
Charlestown, 1888; Quincy’s Municipal
History of Boston, 1852; Paige’s History of
Hardwick, 1883; Reception and Dinner in
Honor of George Peabody, 1856; Massey’s
History of Freemasonry in Danvers, MA, 1896;
and Larned’s History of Windham County, CT,
1874, in two volumes.
Biography, Eight Volumes: Representative
Men of Massachusetts, 1898; Reno’s
Memoirs of the Judiciary and the Bar of New
England for the Nineteenth Century, 1900,
two volumes; Chamberlain’s Universities and
Their Sons, 1898, volumes one through five,
bindings defective.
Mixed Lot, Three Volumes: Berenger’s
Helps and Hints How to Protect Life and
Property, 1835, lacking back board and
pages 275-286; Turner’s Illustrations to
Nimrod; and Mallory’s Panoramic View from
Bunker Hill Monument, with large folding plate
engraved by James Smillie, 1848.
Boissier, Gaston, ed. (1823-1908) The
Immortals, Masterpieces of Fiction. Paris:
Maison Mazarin, 1905.
Twenty volumes in full fancy dyed calfskin,
each with a medallion of the French Academy
featuring Cardinal Richelieu set into the front
board, t.e.g., silk endleaves, edition de luxe,
one of 250, spines lettered in gold, boards
gilt-tooled, leather a bit dry, some heads
Together with Oliver Goldsmith. Works.
London: Murray, 1854; four volumes in
uniform navy calf, t.e.g., lightly bumped,
Masterpieces of the International
Centennial Exhibition, Gebbie & Barrie,
1875, Philadelphia, vol. I-III, gilt leatherbound; with Adventures of America, 18571900, Harper & Brothers, 1938, New York,
Taft, William Howard (1857-1930) Typed
Letter Signed. February 5th, 1917, as
Professor of Law at Yale University, to Mr.
Lawrence Mitchell, concurring with the
recipient about a argument in a case of law;
small tape remnants, toning along fold.
Thackeray, William Makepeace (18111863) The Works. London: Smith, Elder, &
Co., 1901.
Twenty-six volume set, gilt tooled green calf,
spine of volume one detached, scattered
scuffs and shelf wear, losses to spine labels,
scattered soiling.
Monroe, James (1758-1831), document, not
signed, vellum, 13 3/4 x 9 3/4 in. Land grant
for 160 acres of land in the Illinois Territory
to Charles Brimmer, 6 May 1817; folds, one
Collection of Modern Children’s Pop-up
Books and Illustrated Books, approx. 275
pop-up and 170 illustrated books.
Later Reproduction of the Wall-Paper
Edition of the Vicksburg Daily Citizen,
originally published in 1863: FACSIMILE.
Approximately Ninety Children’s Pop-up
Books, pre-1970.
Map and Atlas Lot, Two Volumes and Two
Maps: Polish Statistical Atlas, 1930; Smiley’s
Sacred Geography, 1824; large, handcolored, folding map of Prague, 21 x 24 in.,
1742; small, hand-colored map of Germany,
8 x 10 in., 1756.
Approximately 270 Children’s Books,
including fourteen Hal Foster Prince Valiant,
Hastings House; five Marge, Little Lulu, David
McKay Co.; four Disney, DC Heath & Co.;
and thirty-four Johnny Gruelle, Raggedy Ann
& Andy, Bobbs-Merrill Co.
Approximately Eighty Children’s Books,
mostly early 20th century, eleven Frank L.
Baum and related titles including Wizard
of Oz, 1903; Wizard of Oz Waddle Book,
1934; Sky Island; two Life and Adventures
of Santa Claus, 1902; Hidden Valley of Oz,
1951; Silver Princess in Oz, 1938; Shaggy
Man of Oz, 1949; Wonder City of Oz, 1940;
with Ozoplaning with Wizard of Oz, 1939;
and other ephemera; fourteen Frances
T. Montgomery, Billy Whiskers, Saalfield
Publishing; forty Howard Garis, Uncle
Wiggily’s; with seventeen miscellaneous titles.
Ethnography, Eight Volumes: Bancroft’s
Native Races of the Pacific States of North
America, five vols., 1874; Thirtieth Annual
Report of the Bureau of American Ethnology
to the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution,
1915; Velpeau’s Treatise on the Diseases of
the Breast and Mammary Region, 1756; and
one other.
Spence, Joseph (1699-1768) Polymetis:
Or, An Enquiry concerning the Agreement
Between the works of the Roman Poets
and the Remains of the Antient Artists.
London: Dodsley, 1755.
Folio, frontispiece, full-paged text engravings
throughout; contemporary diced Russia
rebacked, patched, scuffed with losses.
Mixed Lot, Three Volumes: Pinkerton’s
Thirty Years a Detective, 1884; Gilbert’s Bab
Ballads, n.d.; Ross’ Aubrey Beardsley, 1909.
All bound in publisher’s cloth; signatures in
Pinkerton sprung.
Literature, Six Volumes: Emily Dickinson’s
Poems, 1891; another copy, 1908;
Dickinson’s Poems, Second Series, 1906;
Dickinson’s Poems, Third Series, 1906;
Channing’s Thoreau, the Poet-Naturalist,
1902; with the accompanying suite of
etchings by Sidney L. Smith.
Dickinsons in gray beveled publisher’s boards,
covers embossed in gold; Channing in quarter
buff cloth with navy paste paper boards, with
matching portfolio of etchings.
Kipling, Rudyard (1865-1936) Kim. New
York: Doubleday, Page & Company, 1901.
First American edition, pictorial cloth; lightly
bumped and chipped, minor soiling, front
hinge starting.
Audubon, John James (1785-1851):
Plate from the imperial folio edition of The
Quadrupeds of North America, Richardson’s
Ground Squirrel: Spermophilus Richardsonii,
Sabine, Richard’s Spermophile. Bowen,
Philadelphia, 1844.
Plate depicts male and female in their natural
habitat; image printed by stone lithography
and hand coloring; upper left corner labeled
“No. 10”; upper right, “Plate L”; lower left,
“Drawn from Nature by J.J. Audubon,
F.R.S.F.L.S.”; lower right, “Lith. Printed &
Cold. by J.T. Bowen, Philad 1844”; folio, the
full sheet, framed, not examined out of frame,
21 x 27 in.
Benedict/Weed Family Documents (18201910): including a document of military
commission from 1820, signed by DeWitt
Clinton (1769-1828), nineteenth century
copies of eighteenth century documents
relating to the military careers of Jonah
Benedict and Harvey Weed. Clinton
document intact, folds, with some breaks at
intersecting folds; other documents folded,
one very fragmentary, folded and damaged.
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Dibdin, Thomas Frognall (1776-1847)
A Bibliographical, Antiquarian and
Picturesque Tour in the Northern Countries
of England and in Scotland. London: printed
by C. Richards, 1838.
Two volumes, illustrated gilt red morocco,
hinges weak, chipped and bumped.
Whitman, Walt (1819-1892) Leaves of
Grass, facsimile edition of the 1855 text.
Portland, Maine: Mosher and Gable, 1919.
Limited edition, number nine of 100 copies
printed on handmade paper, with blue paper
boards stamped in gold; hinges starting,
spine faded.
Mixed Lot, Two Volumes: Walton’s
Compleat Angler, illus. Arthur Rackham,
Philadelphia, [1931], publisher’s green cloth,
gilt, t.e.g., no edition statement; and Frank
Lloyd Wright’s Architecture and Modern Life,
1938, stated second edition, publisher’s
cloth, spine sunned.
Art, Five Volumes: Ben Shahn’s Paintings
[and] Graphic Art, by Soby, 1963, two
volumes housed in publisher’s slipcase;
Sutkever’s Siberia, illus. Marc Chagall, [1961],
in dj; Julien’s Posters of Toulouse-Lautrec,
1966, in dj, [with a full-color brochure from
the Art Institute of Chicago’s Lautrec show
from 1980 inserted]; and Mourlot’s Picasso
Lithographs, 1970, in dj.
Dershowitz, Alan, Four Volumes:
Reversal of Fortune, 1986, inscribed, in dj;
The Best Defense, 1982, inscribed, in dj;
Taking Liberties, 1988, inscribed, in dj; The
Advocate’s Devil, typed draft of the novel,
stamped “Confidential,” with notes; and
TLs; all books inscribed to attorney Lewis
Landor, A. Henry Savage (1865-1924) Tibet
and Nepal Painted and Described. London:
A. & C. Black, 1905.
Publisher’s decorative gilt-stamped blue cloth,
torn slightly at head, with the folding map,
scattered spotting and foxing.
Shipping, Two Volumes: Robinson’s Sailing
Ships of New England Series Two, 1924; and
Roux’s Ships and Shipping, 1925, publishers’
Bound Portrait Collection (c. 1830),
Collection of approximately forty-three
engraved portraits, all printed by Harding and
Lepard in London (ac. 1826-1836, associated
with seventy-three portraits). Portraits begin
with the court of Henry VIII, members of
the royal family, important ministers, literary
figures and others: Lord Nelson, Cromwell,
Locke, Sidney, Bacon, Thomas More, etc.;
bound together in full gilt green morocco,
a.e.g., the work of a Toledo bindery, with
their label; interleaved throughout with
blank sheets. The engravings, all done
after paintings, were engraved by Cochran,
Cooper, Freeman, Holl, Ryall, Scriven, and
others; binding rubbed, with rubbed areas
colored in with a green marker, head and tail
bumped, corners bumped with loss.
Rand, Ayn (1905-1982) The Fountainhead.
Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill Company, [1943]
Not the stated first edition, but an early edition
with the binding in its first state and the errors
on pages nine, 321, and 480 uncorrected; red
pebbled cloth, lacking dj, bumped, chipped,
covers somewhat soiled, leaning slightly,
owner’s name inside front board.
House, Homer Doliver (1878-1949) Wild
Flowers of New York. Albany: University of
the State of New York, 1923.
In two volumes, publisher’s green cloth, 264
colored plates with descriptions, spotting
to fore edges and endleaves, front cover of
volume one with smears, corners bumped.
18th Century English, Three Volumes:
Waller’s Poems, 1711; Rawlinson’s Catalogue
of Choice and Valuable Books, sixth part only,
1726; and Bibliotheca Croftsiana, a Catalogue
of the Curious and Distinguished Library of
Thomas Crofts, 1783; Waller in recent calf
with the frontis; Rawlinson with tears and
losses to text.
Mixed Lot, Six Volumes: Gertrude Stein’s
Geography and Plays, in chipped dj, [1922];
Hunt’s A Jar of Honey from Mount Hybla,
illus. Richard Doyle, in a deluxe binding,
a.e.g., original covers bound in as doublures,
1848; one leaf from Wynkyn de Worde’s Nova
Legenda Angliae, in a modern custom cloth
folder, 1516; Peacock’s Misfortunes of Elphin,
patterned cloth boards, one of 250, Gregynog
Press, 1928; Irving’s Wolfert’s Roost, in full
crushed morocco, t.e.g., with original covers
bound in at the back, presented by Cushing
to the Porcellian club, 1855; and Martin’s
History of the Town of Thetford, 1779,
illustrated, some faint traces of old mold.
Civil War Lot, Twelve Volumes: Stephens’
Constitutional View of the War Between the
States, two vols., [1868]; Schouler’s History
of Massachusetts in the Civil War, two
vols., 1868; Record of the Massachusetts
Volunteers, 1861-1865, two vols., 1868;
Trial of Andrew Johnson, three vols., 1868;
Tucker’s Monroe Doctrine, a Concise History,
1885; Young’s Around the World with General
Grant, vol. one only [1879]; and Biographical
Encyclopedia of Massachusetts of the
Nineteenth Century, vol. one only, 1879,
publisher’s bindings, rubbed, bumped; some
damage to the Andrew Johnson title.
Ainsworth, W. Harrison (1805-1882) The
Tower of London and Windsor Castle.
Paris: Baudry’s European Library, two
volumes in one, 1841-43.
Spine detached, labels detached (one
missing), ffep missing, title spotted.
French Books, Approximately Thirty
Volumes: mostly leather-bound.
Modern Literature, Approximately Twenty
Volumes: T.S. Eliot, P.G. Wodehouse,
Gertrude Stein, Edith Sitwell, Henry Miller,
James Thurber, Kenneth Grahame, Walker
Evans, and others.
additional information and photos at
Cobb Family Manuscript Archive (17671830), Twenty-one Separate Documents:
manuscript receipts and notes related to
the Cobb family of Falmouth, Maine. Many
receipts relate to the building and repair of
the school in district five in Falmouth, from
the 1760s to 1830; Samuel, James, Jonathan
and Ebenezer Cobb are mentioned; others
refer to the payment of tax debts and other
mercantile transactions; some receipts
with Hope Cobb’s name, are bills from the
1770s for making bonnets, gowns, cloaks,
shoes, stays, knitting stockings, weaving,
and “nursing”; others are for purchases of
indigo, cotton, handkerchiefs and ribbons;
one receipt calculates the cost to the town of
hiring soldiers for the years 1775-1782.
Vesalius, Andreas (1514-1564) Fragment, c.
1569. Two title pages from Wechel editions of
the Anatomes Totius. Latin (1564) and French
(1569); forty full-paged engraved plates; fiftythree pages of text; all leaves are disbound,
and all are severely damaged by worming,
especially along the lower margin; water
staining throughout, with some contemporary
notes in ink.
Fourteen Auction Catalogs, American Art
Association, and Others: Blakeslee Galleries
Collection, 1916; M.C.D. Borden’s Collection
in two parts, I: Notable Paintings and II:
Beautiful Oriental Porcelains, 1913; The P.C.
Hanford Collection, 1902; Valuable Paintings
belonging to Cottier & Co., 1909; Notable
Paintings by the Great Masters Collected
by Clement Griscom, 1914; The Catholina
Lambert Collection, 1916; The Kent Shmavon
Collections of Ancient Art of Asia and Europe,
1915; Collection of Raoul Tolentino, 1919,
and 1920; Galerie Greven Catalog from the
1920s; Remarkable Collection of the Imperial
Prince Kung of China, 1913; Old Masters of
the British School exhibition catalog, Duveen,
1914; and Les Chefs d’Oeuvre du Musee du
Louvre, 1920s; most in paper wraps, many
dusty, chipped, etc.
Together with five other fine art and auction
Five Boxes of Assorted Books (19th and
20th Centuries): Many with decorative leather
bindings; various subjects.
MacInnes, Helen (1907-1985), Twentythree Volumes: Twenty signed, including
Above Suspicion, 1941; Assignment in
Brittany, 1942; Horizon, 1945; The Venetian
Affair, 1963; and others. All in publisher’s
cloth, lacking djs.
Together with a small group of MacInnes
autograph letters. From the collection of
Naomi Burton Stone, friend of MacInnes,
author, and literary agent.
Frost, John (1800-1859) Thrilling
Adventures among the Indians. Boston:
L.P. Crown & Co., 1849. Illustrated with
numerous wood engravings from designs by
W. Croome and others, one hand-colored,
contemporary publisher’s stamped sheepskin
with losses at head and tail, and tape repairs.
Dulac, Edmund (1882-1953) Edmund
Dulac’s Picture Book for the French Red
Cross. London: for the Daily Telegraph by
Hodder and Stoughton, [1915].
Publisher’s yellow cloth binding, illustrated
throughout with colored plates, back hinge
starting to fray, boards lightly scraped and
Parrish, Maxfield (1870-1966), Seven
Volumes: Dream Days, Poems of Childhood,
The Arabian Nights, The Golden Treasury
of Songs and Lyrics, The Golden Age (two
copies), and A Wonder Book and Tanglewood
Tales; publisher’s cloth, no djs, bumped,
scratched, shaken.
Sloane, William Milligan (1850-1928) Life
of Napoleon Bonaparte. New York: The
Century Co., 1896.
Four volumes, three-quarter red morocco,
with numerous chromolithographic plates;
bumped, one spine with wear, leather scuffed,
toning, scattered soiling.
Modern Literature, Approximately Thirty
Volumes: Conrad Aiken, Eudora Welty,
Robert Graves, Aldous Huxley, E.M. Forster,
Virginia Woolf, and others.
Melville, Herman (1819-1891) Typee: A
Peep at Polynesian Life. During Four
Months’ Residence in a Valley of the
Marquesas. New York: Wiley and Putnam;
London: John Murray, 1846. first American
edition, original stamped cloth binding, with
two pages of ads dated March, 1846 inset at
back; library blind stamp on title, spine torn
with loss and reglued upside down, chipped,
bumped and faded; some signatures sprung.
Together with Steinbeck, John (1902-1968)
A Letter Written in Reply to a Request for a
Statement about his Ancestry. Stamford, CT:
Overbrook, 1940.
Lamb, Charles (1775-1834) Elia.
Philadelphia: Carey, Lea, & Carey, 1828.
Second edition, navy three-quarter sheepskin,
heavy extremity wear, one spine with gouge,
ownership inscription inside front board,
heavy spotting.
Fine Press, Approximately Twenty
Volumes: Nonesuch Press; Golden Cockerell;
Limited Editions; Thomas Mosher; etc.
French Books, Approximately Thirty
Volumes: Mixed titles, mostly 19th century,
leather bindings.
Modern Literature, Approximately Thirty
Volumes: Ezra Pound, Robert Penn Warren,
D.H. Lawrence, Willa Cather, Mark Twain,
Richard Wright, Somerset Maugham, Ernest
Hemingway, and others.
Modern Literature, Approximately Thirty
Volumes: T.S. Eliot, Robert Frost, Edith
Wharton, Ring Lardner, Edith Sitwell, Kenneth
Roberts, and others.
Greenaway, Kate, illus. (1846-1901), Jane
and Ann Taylor. Little Ann and Other
Poems. London: George Routledge & Sons,
[1882], three-quarter green cloth with pictorial
boards; binding worn, covers soiled and
darkened, scattered spotting and soiling.
Webster, Daniel (1782-1852) An Address
Delivered before the New York Historical
Society, February 23, 1852. New York:
Press of the Historical Society, 1852.
Inscribed by Daniel Webster, presentation
copy, original wraps; edge chipping, spine
tears, creasing, scattered spotting and soiling.
Tasso, Torquato (1544-1595) La
Gerusalemme Liberata. Florence: Giovanni
Marenigh, 1820.
Two volumes, illustrated throughout, folio;
hinges cracked, second volume without
spine, edges and corners chipped, contents
somewhat soiled and spotted.
Together with Wainwright’s Women of the
Bible, 1849; hand-colored plates, boards
detached, preliminaries chipped and loose,
contents spotted.
End of Session I
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Session II - Lots 601-1200
Nineteen Assorted Colorless Cut Glass
Items, three water goblets, seven wines, two
small cups, a creamer, a two-handled sugar,
a cordial, a cruet, salt and pepper shakers,
and a three-legged candy dish.
Nine Assorted Mid-century Items, three
green-glazed Haeger pottery planters with
maker’s marks on bases, an appliquéd linen
dish towel with maid design, a red vinyl
snap-close purse, and four culinary devices:
a cocktail shaker with chrome cover on pale
green glass vessel overlaid with a sterling
silver sailboat, a chrome nutcracker, a
corkscrew with Bakelite handle, and a black
and red plastic bird-form toothpick dispenser.
Southwest Persian Rug, 20th century, 7 ft.
4 in. x 5 ft.
Silver-plate and Glass Epergne, 20th
century, trumpet-shaped vase and circular
dish decorated with palmette borders and
frosted bands, mounted atop a tapering
triangular base, overall ht. 17 1/2 in.
Victorian White Marble-top Mahogany
Veneer Commode.
Late Victorian Oval Marble-top Bird’s-eye
Veneer and Carved Maple Shaving Stand
with Paw Feet, (marble broken), ht. 47, wd.
18 1/2 in.
Walnut Deep Drop-leaf Gate-leg Dining
Table with End Drawer, 19th century, ht. 29,
lg. 44 3/4, wd. 21, leaf wd. 19 1/2 in.
Chinese Embroidered Silk Panel
and Child’s Jacket, and a Japanese
Embroidered Silk Scroll.
Inlaid Brass Plate, Persia, white brass inlaid
with zinc and brass design of stylized leafy
meanders, dia. 9 7/8 in.
Nancy Mitchnick (American, b. 1947)
Landscape. Signed and inscribed “Nancy
Mitchnick Summer 82-Jan 83” on the reverse.
Oil on canvas, 60 x 72 in., framed. Condition:
Two Framed 20th Century Oil on Canvas
Works, a winter view, signed “Kink
Ingeborga” l.r. and inscribed and dated
“1981” on the reverse, framed, canvas 31 1/2
x 23 1/2; and a Paris street scene, signed
“Vincent” l.r., framed, canvas 24 1/2 x 36 1/2
Bohemian Red Glass Portrait Vase, 19th
century, bottle shape with gilded ground
surrounding a central polychrome enameled
portrait of a maiden, ht. 9 5/8 in.
Victorian Renaissance Revival Carved
Walnut Davenport Writing Desk, with brass
gallery, ht. 34 3/4, wd. 21 1/4, dp. 21 in.
Victorian Giltwood and Gesso Mirror, 31
x 47 in.
Four Framed Works:
Jo Birdsey Linberg (Bermudian, b. 1945),
Abstract Bird, 1992, signed and dated l.r.,
watercolor on paper, sight size 10 x 8; Roger
Worms (French, 1907-1980), Boats on the
Shore, signed l.r. and numbered “98/225”
l.l., chromolithograph, image size 15 3/4 x
21 1/4; a color print of a sailboat, signed
illegibly in pencil l.r., image size 17 x 24; and
an abstract landscape watercolor, signed in
pencil l.r., possibly “Paul Nankiewicz,” and
numbered “57/74” l.l., sight size 24 1/2 x 31
1/2 in.; (not examined out of frames).
Binocular Microscope by the Perlometer
Corporation, New York, the iron U-shaped
base marked Reichert Austria No. 77813,
rack focus, rectangular stage, electric
condenser and fitting, all on a wooden base,
ht. 14 in.
Chinese Export Marble-inset Carved
Hardwood Stand, ht. 32 1/4 in.
Venetian Rococo-style Polychromepainted Floral-decorated Wood Side Table
with Drawer, ht. 31, wd. 32, dp. 15 in.
Venetian Cut and Etched Glass Mirror, late
19th century, (imperfections), lg. 52 1/2, wd.
33 1/4 in.
Victorian Rococo Revival White Marble-top
Serpentine Carved Walnut Side Table, with
drawer, (lacking gallery), ht. 32, wd. 37 1/2,
dp. 19 3/4 in.
Seventeen Assorted Hummel and Goebel
Ceramic Figures and Figural Groups,
including “Little Thrifty,” “Bird Duet,” “Signs of
Spring,” “Christchild with Holly,” “Goose Girl,”
“Knit One, Purl One,” and “Singing Lesson,”
ht. to 5 1/2 in.
French Patinated Metal Statuary Clock,
with a seated female allegorical figure
holding a tablet, Arabic numeral paper dial
marked Made in France, thirty-hour time-only
movement all on a variegated marble base
with cast brass mounts, ht. 20 in.
Doulton Lambeth Ceramic Pitcher,
England, of primarily cobalt blue ground
with molded leaf and abstract geometric
decoration, reeded handle, ht. 6 1/4 in.
Four Unframed Chinese Ink and
Watercolor Paintings on Paper, including a
pair, lg. to 35 3/4 in.
additional information and photos at
Northwest Persian Rug, mid to late 20th
century, 8 ft. 4 in. x 5 ft. 4 in.
Persian Carpet, second quarter 20th century,
(moth damage, fringes added), 12 ft. 4 in. x
9 ft. 2 in.
Chinese Ink and Watercolor on Paper
Hanging Scroll Depicting Flowers and a
Kitten, Wang Xue Tao, 20th century, image
lg. 53 1/2 in.
Louis XV-style Gilt-metal Mounted
Fruitwood and Burl Veneer Side Table, the
top mounted with brass “AF” monogram.
Louis XV-style Carved Walnut and Walnut
Veneer Dressing Table, (gallery loss).
Neoclassical-style Upholstered Painted
Wood Ottoman with X-form Base, ht. 18,
lg. 20 1/4, wd. 16 3/4 in.
Twenty Pieces of Colorless Glass
Stemware and a Stuart Cut Glass
Decanter, twelve pressed goblets, a cordial,
and a set of seven cut champagnes/sherbets.
Pair of Empire Gilt-bronze Two-light
Candle Wall Sconces, 19th century, lg. 17,
wd. 12 1/4, dp. 7 in.
Chinese Cloisonné and Bronze Jar/Table
Lamp and a Crackle Glazed Ceramic Vaseshaped Table Lamp.
Approximately Twenty-four Silhouettes
and Partial Silhouettes and Thirty-seven
Albums, Folios, Cases, Billfolds, and
Wallets, late 18th-20th century, some
silhouettes framed, folios and cases in paper,
leather, and cloth.
Pair of Child’s Caned Hardwood Chairs
with X-form Bases.
Danish-type Modern Upholstered Teak
Sofa, (soiled, wear), lg. 80 in.
Italian Modern Caned Hardwood Valet
Small English Walnut and Fabric Twopanel Folding Floor Screen, ht. 45 1/4, each
panel wd. 18 in.
Four-piece Russell Woodard “Sculptura”
Painted Wire and Iron Patio Seating Group,
a settee and three armchairs, back ht. to 32,
settee lg. 52 3/4, armchair wd. 27 1/4 to 32
3/4 in.
Chinese Bronze and Champlevé Jardinière
and a Chinese Cast Bronze Jardinière, ht.
9 3/4 and 10 3/4 in., respectively.
Empire-style Cast Brass Six-light
Chandelier with Prisms, electrified, approx.
lg. 29 1/2, wd. 23 in.
Japanese Cast Metal Fan-shaped Frame
and Water Lily Figural Dish.
Pair of Hand-painted Limoges Porcelain
Serving Platters, France, late 19th century,
each twelve-sided and with gilding to a wide
deep pink border, the centers painted and
printed with views of deer grazing, signed
“Granger,” printed mark, lg. 15 3/4 in.
Two Framed Photographs, a photo of a
seagull, signed “Worden” l.r., and a handcolored photo of Royal Arch Oak, Florida,
identified in pencil l.l. and signed “S.L. Blair”
l.r., framed dimensions to 21 1/2 x 31 in.
Four Unframed Works on Paper, three
hand-colored engravings: “Common Wild
Duck, Male,” a view of Paris, and a hunting
scene titled “Pheasant Shooting,” and a small
engraving of a Berlin street scene, image size
to 15 3/4 x 21 1/2 in.
Seth Thomas Oak Wall Clock and French
Black Slate Mantel Clock, oak wall clock
converted to electric, accompanied with
original Seth Thomas brass spring -powered
time-only movement ht. 30; mantel clock
having porcelain Roman numeral dial, eightday time and strike movement, ht. 8 in.
Oak Two-stack Barrister’s Bookcase, ht.
39 1/4, wd. 34 in.
Pair of Bohemian Cased White-cutruby Art Glass Garniture Lustres and a
Compote, with prisms, ht. to 12 1/4 in.
South Caucasian Runner, 19th century, 10
ft. 8 in. x 2 ft. 4 in.
Qashqai Kelim, Southwest Persia, 20th
century, 8 ft. 6 in. x 5 ft.
Small Group of Blue Willow Pattern
Ceramic Tableware, mostly serving items,
a large oval platter, a small platter, a teapot,
a creamer, a covered tureen, a small square
covered dish, and three plates, large platter
lg. 15 1/2, wd. 12 1/2 in.
Two Framed 20th Century Works, Vladimir
Lebedev oil on artist board beach scene,
estate stamp on reverse, unsigned, framed,
board 9 x 12; and Donald Witherstine etching
Founder’s Hall-Loomis School, signed and
titled in pencil at bottom margin, framed, sight
size 13 1/2 x 10 1/2 in.
Seven Blue and White Carpet Balls, in a
variety of floral and abstract patterns, (some
chips), dia. approx. 3 1/2 in.
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Seven Small Wedgwood Articles, a solid
light blue lidded jewelry box, two solid light
blue dishes, a solid rose creamer and sugar,
a small green jasper dip rectangular lidded
box, and a cobalt jasper dip covered sugar
bowl, ht. to 4 in.
Chinese Ink and Watercolor on Paper
Hanging Scroll Depicting Prawns, attributed
to Qi Baishi, image lg. 37 1/2 in.
Sarouk Carpet, West Persia, 20th century,
11 ft. 9 in. x 9 ft. 4 in.
Lot of Miscellaneous Decorative Articles,
including a nineteen-piece gilt and transferdecorated porcelain tea set, two ceramic
cat figures, a miniature doll, an ethnographic
knife, four Persian enameled metal cups,
a large Venetian glass ashtray, two aqua
pressed glass insulators, bottles, seven
ethnographic brass headbands, small jewelry
and accessory items, etc.
Provenance: The estate of Elaine Shepard,
actress, journalist, and writer.
Country Post Office Thirty-three-slot
Wooden Mail Sorting Cabinet, ht. 31 3/4,
wd. 36 1/2, dp. 9 in.
Six Assorted Shaker-type Wooden Slatback Side Chairs, four with woven tape
Federal-style Mahogany Tilting Dish-top
Eleven Assorted Royal Doulton Porcelain
Figures, Eliza HN 3801, Gabriella HN 4837,
Michele HN 2234, Beatrice HN 3263, Ninette
HN 2379, Buttercup HN 2309, Elegance HN
2264, and Top o’ the Hill HN 1834, A Child
from Williamsburg HN 2154, and Tootles HN
Eight English Collectible Ceramic Mostly
Beatrix Potter Figures and Two Hummel
Ceramic Figures, including six Royal Albert,
Mrs. Rabbit, Peter Rabbit, Poorly Peter
Rabbit, Fierce Bad Rabbit, Flopsy Mopsy and
Cottontail, and Benjamin ate a Lettuce Leaf,
a Beswick Lady Mouse, and a Royal Doulton
Bunnykins Tally Ho figure.
After Marc Chagall (French, 1887-1985)
The Circus. Inscribed “MARC CHAGALL”
within the matrix l.r., numbered “21/300” in
pencil l.l., identified on a label from Orleans
Art Gallery, Orleans, Massachusetts, on the
paper backing. Color lithograph, sight size
15 x 21 in., framed. Condition: Minor toning,
minor handling crease u.l., not examined out
of frame.
Set of Four Chippendale-style Carved
Walnut Side Chairs, made by William
Donath, Old Saybrook, Connecticut, with
needlepoint upholstered slip seats.
Four Asian Carved and Gold and Redpainted Wooden Articles, a pair of
bookends with metal footplates, a figure of a
seated deity, and a low square one-drawer
stand, deity ht. 12 1/4, stand ht. 8 1/4, dp.
13 3/8 in.
Paris Porcelain Orange-rimmed Giltdecorated Partial Dinner Service, including
sixteen dinner plates, six lunch plates, four
cups with six saucers, a gravy boat and
undertray, two bowls, three platters, and a
tazza, (damage).
Two 20th Century Works:
Derek Bernstein (Anglo/American, b. 1954),
Untitled [Abstract], signed and dated “Derek
Bernstein Dec 75” l.r., oil on paper, 23 x 35
in.; and American School, 20th Century,
Thyatira, signed and dated “...© 77” l.r., titled
and numbered “...H.C. 7/12” l.c., lithograph
on paper, sight size 24 x 38 1/4 in.; both
framed. Condition: Abstract with staining
and rippling to right side, losses at u.r. and
u.l. corners, soiling; neither examined out of
N.B. Abstract is an early work by Bernstein
completed at Goldsmiths, University of
London, prior to his continuing graduate
studies at the Yale University Summer School
of Art, Norfolk, Connecticut. We wish to
thank the artist for his assistance cataloging
the lot.
Theodor Karner for Rosenthal Porcelain
Figure of a Doe, Germany, 20th century,
with green factory mark and impressed “TH.
KARNER,” ht. 8 1/2, lg. 10 in.
Kittinger Chippendale-style Shell-carved
Mahogany Four-drawer Blockfront Bureau,
metal tag, ht. 34 3/4, wd. 37, dp. 20 in.
Chippendale-style Carved Mahogany Tilttop Supper Table, (damage).
additional information and photos at
Edna Hibel (American, b. 1917)
Mother and Child. Signed in pencil l.r. and
numbered “I 9/150 ld 302” l.l. Lithograph on
handmade paper, sight size 21 1/4 x 15 3/8
in., framed. Condition: Grime, overall good.
Drop Octagonal Wall Clock by Waterbury
Clock Co., with brass bezel surrounding
a Roman numeral painted zinc dial, eightday time and strike brass spring-powered
movement, directional paper label attached to
back, ht. 31 in.
Rectangular White Marble-top Pier Table
with a Pair of White-painted Scrolling
Carved Wood Wall Brackets, wd. 33 1/4,
dp. 20, bracket lg. 17 in.
Classical-style Gilt-tooled Leather-inset
Mahogany Pedestal-base Drum Table, 20th
Chinese Export Marble-inset Carved
Hardwood Stand, ht. 23 1/2 in.
Late Victorian Frosted Red Molded Glass
and Brass-fitted Kerosene Gone-with-theWind Lamp, (electrified).
Italian Renaissance-style Bronze Dagger,
with scabbard, steel blade, and hexagonal
knopped hilt, lg. 10 3/4 in.
Set of Three Framed Hand-colored Prints
Depicting Marble Urns, after G. Piranesi,
sight size 14 1/2 x 9 1/4 in.
Bronze Horse-form Handle, likely India, the
rearing figure on cloudwork mounts, ht. 10
5/8 in.
Rembrandt Lamps Leaded Mother-of-pearl
Table Lamp Shade, top opening with arms
marked “Rembrandt Lamps,” ht. 10 1/8, top
open dia. 11, bottom dia. 19 in.
Mahogany Inlaid Wheel Barometer, swan’s
neck pediment with ivory finial above a
silvered thermometer indicator and brass
bezel, silvered barometer dial marked Pozzi
Warranted, inlaid shell and flower motifs, ht.
38 in.
Northwest Persian Rug, 20th century, 8 ft.
x 4 ft. 6 in.
Four Pieces of British Porcelain, a Longton
figural vase, a Tuscan China figural footed
bowl, a Belleek sugar, and a Lotus Ware-type
figural vase, ht. to 8 in.
Asian Silk Embroidery, depicting a wide
variety of figures, including actors, scholars,
and men on horseback, with multicolored silk
tassels, backed in floral and butterfly-printed
cotton, lg. 176, wd. 17 1/2 in. not including
Country Federal Pine Washstand.
“Star” Iron-bound Oak Barrel Butter Churn
on Stand.
Country Carved Pine Built-in Barrel-back
Cupboard, ht. 72 3/8, wd. 33 3/4, dp. 15
1/4 in.
Dirk with Bronze Hilt and Scabbard and
Silver Blade, Continental, bronze with
repousse grotesque-interspersed arabesques,
blade with further engraved decoration, lg. 12
1/4 in.
Victorian Ebonized Wood Adjustable Piano
Bench, lg. 24 3/4, wd. 16 1/2 in.
Victorian Eastlake-type Carved Maple
Occasional Table with Cast Brass Balland-talon Feet, ht. 30 1/2, lg. 30, wd. 22
1/2 in.
Victorian Rosewood Veneer Melodeon,
Herald J. Potter, Bristol, Connecticut, ht. 30,
lg. 37, wd. 19 in.
Chinese Ink and Watercolor on Paper
Hanging Scroll Depicting a Still Life with
Flowers and Fruit, image lg. 44 3/4 in.
American School, 19th Century
Still Life with Pansies. Unsigned. Oil on
board, sight size 9 3/4 x 17 3/8 in., framed.
Condition: Surface grime, abrasions, minor
areas of craquelure.
20th Century American School Oil on
Panel Still Life with Inkwell and Cigarettes,
unsigned, framed, panel 6 x 8 1/2 in.
Twelve Asian Works on Paper, including
Japanese woodblock prints, a watercolor
floral study, and Japanese and Chinese ink on
paper works.
Six Assorted Decorative Metal Figural
Accessories, a pair of bronze sailing ship
bookends, a pair of patinated copper-plated
metal cherub figural bookends, a bronze
standing horse figure, and a black-painted
cast iron Scottie dog doorstop.
Two Japanese Bronze Vases, ht. 6 3/4 and
8 3/4 in.
Tapestry-upholstered Carved Oak
Armchair, early 20th century, with foliatecarved armrests and front stretcher, and
block- and ring-turned H-stretcher and legs
ending in hairy paw feet, seat ht. 19 in.
Icon Depicting the Mother of God and
the Christ Child with Brass Riza, Russia,
late 19th/early 20th century, with painted
faces, hands, and feet, the chased riza with
openwork halos, framed, icon size 8 3/4 x 6
15/16 in.
Kuba Rug, Northeast Caucasus, late 19th
century, (small repair in border), 5 ft. 9 in. x 3
ft. 7 in.
Twenty-seven Colorless Cut Glass
Stemware Items, mostly wines, including
sets, ht. to 6 in.
Mahogany Veneer Box-form Tea Caddy,
with brass ring handles and inlaid ivory
escutcheon, raised on four ball feet, with two
interior compartments, ht. 6 1/2, lg. 12, dp.
6 in.
19th Century Patinated Brass Relief
Plaque L’Abreuvoir Agriable, after Berghem,
framed, sight size 12 7/8 x 17 in.
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Ten Assorted Early Articles, a banded
yellowware pitcher (chips), two wooden
pestles, a perfume bottle, two wooden cookie
molds, a soft-paste porcelain pitcher, and
three early lighting devices.
Three Vintage Tennis Racquets, “Stephen
J. Feron, New York,” “Wright & Ditson, Top
Flight,” and “Dunlop, Vincent Richards”
Resin Sculpture of a Man and Woman
Embracing, on square variegated marble
pedestal base, incised “Peggy” to base and
written over in marker, sculpture ht. 10 1/2,
overall ht. 13 1/2 in.
Soumak Rug, mid-20th century, 6 ft. 4 in. x
5 ft. 4 in.
Persian-style Silver-inlaid Picture Frame,
with arabesques and stylized floral decoration,
enclosing a watercolor of a military figure in
uniform on a camel, ht. 10, wd. 6 in.
Small European Rococo Revival Burl
Veneer Lift-top Storage Box, ht. 23 1/4, wd.
26 3/4, dp. 16 1/2 in.
Two Rococo Revival Upholstered Carved
Rosewood Parlor Chairs.
Richard Stedman Oak Longcase Clock,
Godalming, England, c. 1780, square
composite brass dial with chapter ring
inscribed with maker’s name as above,
thirty-hour weight-powered movement, with
pendulum and single iron weight, ht. 78 in.
Famille Rose Vase, China, 20th century,
baluster shape decorated with enamel flowers
and birds with double lion lugs, lappet and
lingzhi borders, ht. 24 in.
“Telecaster” Electric Guitar, with case.
Framed Oil on Masonite of a Woman
Playing the Piano, signed illegibly l.r.,
(surface grime, minor craquelure, scattered
abrasions), sight size 19 1/2 x 25 1/2 in.
Sevres-style Porcelain and Gilt-metal
Clock Garniture, porcelain columns flanking
a gilt-metal case with tombstone-shaped top,
raised Roman numeral dial under a convex
hinged door, acorn finial below a floraldecorated porcelain vase, eight-day time and
countwheel strike movement; the four-arm
candle garnitures decorated with swags and
porcelain center sections, ht. 15 1/2 in.
Provenance: Estate of Susan Parrish.
Bruce Backman Turner (American, b. 1941)
Framed Oil on Canvas Bucolic Landscape
with Figures, signed “Richard” l.l., in giltwood
frame, (surface grime, craquelure, frame
wear), sight size 18 3/4 x 25 in.
Group of Early Miscellaneous Lighting
and Decorative and Country Items, a
small green-painted tin kerosene lamp, iron
hogscraper candlestick, brass extension
double candle wall sconce, a wrought iron
candleholder/spike, a pair of amber pressed
glass tiebacks, four picture nails/tiebacks, a
small brass and tin wall planter, a wood and
glass candle lantern, a wood mail/voting box,
Renaissance-style Walnut Credenza,
Belgium, late 19th century, the rectangular
top over two doors carved with male and
female profiles, enclosing shelved interior, with
wrought iron hinges, ht. 35 1/2, wd. 75 1/2,
dp. 21 3/4 in.
Louis XV-style Brass-mounted Inlaid
Rosewood and Beechwood Demilune
Vitrine, the interior with three fixed shelves,
ht. 67 3/4, wd. 26 3/4, dp. 14 3/4 in.
Asian Export Ebonized Carved Hardwood
Stand, ht. 33 1/2, lg. 21 1/2, wd. 16 1/4 in.
Brass Seven-light Candelabrum and Three
Pairs of Candlesticks, candlestick ht. 10 5/8
to 12 1/2 in.
additional information and photos at
Village View, Yosemite, 1979. Signed l.l.,
titled and dated on the stretcher and on a
partial label on the reverse. Oil on canvas,
sight size 13 3/8 x 10 1/2 in., framed.
Condition: Minor surface abrasions, minor
surface grime.
Mahogany Wheel Barometer, inlaid
mahogany case with swan’s neck pediment
over a “dry/damp” window, thermometer,
circular convex center mirror, silvered dial
barometer and level window at base, ht. 43
1/2 in.
Classical-style Upholstered Carved
Mahogany Loveseat, with cushion, (one finial
detached), ht. 46 3/4, lg. 49, dp. 20 1/2 in.
Federal Tiger Maple and Maple
Candlestand, (refinished, repairs).
Empire White Marble-top Mahogany
Veneer Bureau and Mirror.
Two Asian Items, a small cloisonné vase and
a Japanese Satsuma bowl and saucer/lid,
(repairs, damage), vase ht. 6 in.
Chippendale-style Parcel-gilt Tiger Maple
Mirror, lg. 39 1/2 in.
Northwest Persian Carpet, 20th century, 12
ft. 4 in. x 9 ft.
Yomud Chuval, West Turkestan, 19th
century, 4 ft. x 2 ft. 8 in.
Pair of Mid-century Art Glass Table Lamps,
body ht. 18 in.
Pair of Southwood Queen Anne-style
Upholstered Carved Mahogany Armchairs
and a Set of Three Kittinger/Williamsburg
Restoration Chippendale-style Blue
Leather Upholstered Carved Mahogany
Armchairs, labels, metal tags, and branded.
Mahogany Dwarf Clock by John Knox,
Belfast, Ireland, inlaid mahogany case with
scroll top and reeded columns flanking a
full waist door, Roman numeral painted
iron dial marked as above, floral spandrels
and rocking-ship in arch, time-only brass
movement, ht. 52 3/4 in.
Georgian-style Mahogany and Needlepoint
Fire Screen, England, 19th century, with
turned finial and oval panel with adjustable
height, on tripod base with claw-and-ball feet,
ht. 53 1/2 in.
Seven Miniature and Small Profile Portrait
Busts, most 19th century, including three
pairs, jasper, composition, marble, and
Ceremonial Staff, Middle Eastern, 19th/20th
century, the top part metal, of conical shape
with palmetto leaves in relief, the bottom
portion wood with ivory inlay, lg. 27 1/8 in.
Lundberg Studios Iridescent Art Glass
Vase and a Gilt and Enamel-decorated
Acid-etched Art Glass Center Bowl, ht. 10
and dia. 14 in., respectively.
Set of Six Unframed 19th Century
Japanese Woodblock Prints, all folded
at center, depicting geishas in a variety of
settings, (some minor tears along creases), ht.
6 7/8, lg. 9 3/8 in.
Edwardian Inlaid Mahogany Serpentine
Carlton House Writing Desk, approx. ht. 39
1/2, wd. 42 1/4, dp. 24 in.
Early 20th Century Carved Oak Two-door
Book Cabinet, with two short drawers above
cabinet doors, the interior with four adjustable
shelves, approx. ht. 57 3/4, wd. 40 1/4, dp.
14 in.
Two Modern Burlwood Veneer Pedestals,
ht. 20 1/2, wd. 14, and ht. 42 1/4, wd. 11 in.
Asian Carved Hardstone and Polychrome
Painted Wood Bonsai-form Table Lamp,
early 20th century, in the form of a potted
bonsai tree, (electrified), ht. 24 in.
Framed Oil on Board View of the Boston
Skyline in Autumn, signed “DeJean” l.r.,
image size 14 1/2 x 35 1/2 in.
Rose Sobel (American, 20th Century)
Kittens Stalking a Mouse. Signed l.l. Oil on
canvas, sight size 9 1/2 x 7 5/8 in., framed.
Condition: Surface grime, minor losses, some
canvas warping.
J. Fischer Gilt and Enamel-decorated
Pierced Ceramic Jardinière, Hungary,
approx. ht. 12, wd. 17 3/4 in.
Four-piece Rattan Porch Set, a settee,
reclining armchair, and a pair of end tables,
(lacking cushions).
Oak Paneled Storage Chest with Cedar
Lining, including interior tray, on casters,
overall ht. 22, lg. 47 1/2, wd. 21 in.
Asian Brass Bell, Chinese Champlevé
Candlestick, and a Graduated Set of Five
Hanging Bells, bell ht. 6, candlestick ht. 23
3/4 in.
Italian Painted Carved Wood Costumed
Marionette, approx. ht. 15 1/2 in.
Afshar Rug, South Persia, 19th/20th century,
3 ft. 6 in. x 3 ft. 6 in.
Meshed Carpet, Northeast Persia, 20th
century, 12 ft. 8 in. x 9 ft. 6 in.
Seven Decorative Asian Articles, two blue
and white porcelain vases, a baluster-form
vase with geometric and floral decoration and
applied blue-glazed dolphin-form handles, ht.
13 3/4, and a bottle-form vase with oversized
floral decoration, ht. 16 1/2 in., a silk brocade
jacket, and a set of four Japanese painted
landscape scrolls, second half 20th century.
American School, 19th Century
Sleighing Scene. Unsigned. Oil on canvas,
sight size 17 3/4 x 29 1/2 in., framed.
Condition: Losses, flaking, surface abrasions,
surface grime.
Pair of Brass Crusader Figural Five-light
Candelabra, ht. 23 1/4 in.
Set of Twelve Wedgwood Blue and White
Transfer 1930 Massachusetts Institute of
Technology Ceramic Dinner Plates and a
1934 Platter, plate dia. 10 1/4, platter lg. 17
1/2 in.
Four Pieces of Continental-style Brass
Fireplace Equipment, a pair of columnar
andirons, a fan-form screen, and a woven
pattern fender.
Shirvan Rug, 20th century, 6 ft. 4 in. x 4 ft.
9 in.
Japanese Satsuma Pottery Vase, 20th
century, ht. 12 in.
online bidding at
Louis XVI-style Marble-top Gilt-metal and
Porcelain Medallion-mounted D-shaped
Beechwood Console Table, ht. 30 3/4, wd.
35 3/4, dp. 12 1/2 in.
Three Decorative Painted Glass Articles, a
bird-decorated Gone-with-the-wind lamp with
colorless glass shade, and an enameled white
glass jar and decorative-edged goblet.
Bench-made Rectangular Mahogany
Library Table, ht. 30 1/2, lg. 72, wd. 38 in.
Country Blue-painted Pine Dovetailconstructed Rocking Open Cradle, the
interior with some red paint, lg. 36 1/2 in.
Eight Glazed and Wood Architectural and
Furniture Elements, two bird’s-eye maple
armoire back panels, a pair of white-painted
narrow ten-pane French doors, two glazed
painted wood side lights, a pair of glazed
wood cabinet door panels.
Serge Belloni (Italian, b. 1925)
Venetian Canal Scene. Signed “Serge
Belloni” l.l. Oil on canvas, 29 x 23 1/2 in.,
framed. Condition: Surface grime.
Three Wooden Storage Boxes and a Group
of Country Kitchen and Other Items, boxes
include a green-painted dovetail-constructed
and a grain-painted, with an eggbeater,
counter scale, copper kettle, wood mortar
and pestle, and a wood game board with
glass marbles.
Needlepoint-inset Mahogany Three-step
Commode, England, 19th century, the middle
step enclosing a covered porcelain basin, the
top step housing a smaller compartment, with
turned legs, ht. 25 1/4, wd. 17 1/2, dp. 27 in.
Two Mantel Clocks and a Swiss Wall
Clock, an E. Ingraham “Grecian” shelf clock
with paper Roman numeral dial, eight-day
time and strike spring-powered movement; an
oak cased Ansonia with pressed brass bezel
surrounding a Roman numeral dial, eight-day
time and strike movement; and a Swiss wall
clock marked Bruco Swiss, Baumann LTD, ht.
12 to 14 in.
Baroque-style Painted Wrought Iron Floor
Lamp and Four Decorative Table Lamp
Bases, a Baroque-style metal-clad pricket
candlestick/lamp, a Continental-style giltmetal, cut glass and turned wood lamp, a
Chinese cast iron candleholder/lamp, and a
wrought iron candlestick/lamp.
Roland Clark (American, 1874-1957)
Twelve Assorted Collectible Ceramic
Figures, including Goebel, Royal Doulton,
Spode, and Lladro.
Two Framed Works on Paper of Ducks:
Stilly Day, signed l.r. and identified on a label
on the reverse, etching, sight size 7 1/8 x 8
1/2; and Dawn/American Widgeon, handcolored photoengraving, sight size 16 1/2 x
13 1/2 in.
Georges (Jeankelowitch) Jeanclos (French,
Hommage à Rachi, 1983. Unsigned.
Unglazed terra-cotta, 17 5/16 x 20 13/16 x
11 in. Condition: Firing cracks.
Provenance: Purchased directly from the
artist; from a private Boston collection.
Two Framed Japanese Watercolors on Silk
and Paper, 20th century, depicting a house
in snow and birds on a rock amidst flowering
branches, overall 41 1/4 x 20 and 45 3/4 x 21
1/2 in., respectively.
Two Mahogany Swan’s Neck Pediment
Wheel Barometers, the first with string inlay
around case edge, “dry/damp” window above
circular convex mirror, silvered barometer dial
and a leveling window; the other by P. Maffia,
Monmouth, with shell inlay and silvered
thermometer and barometer dial, (missing
hands and glass on barometer section,
pediment off but present), ht. 38 in.
additional information and photos at
Two Late Victorian Carved Oak Fall-front
Lady’s Writing Desks.
Victorian Eastlake-type Parcel-gilt Carved
Walnut Pier Mirror, ht. 69 1/2, wd. 27 1/4 in.
Victorian Rococo Revival Upholstered
Carved Walnut Settee and Footstool.
Three Chinese Porcelain Vessels with Blue
Decoration, one with cover, ht. 10 to 12 in.
Seven Andrew Pereny Pottery Plates,
Columbus, Ohio, 1933-38, most incised with
geometric designs, one with female face
under turquoise glaze with hairline and chip,
dia. 6 3/4 to 10 in.
Two Oriental Rugs, Tekke, 5 ft. 4 in. x 3 ft. 3
in., and Turkish, 4 ft. 4 in. x 2 ft. 6 in.
Two Matching Inlaid Wooden Desk Items,
a blotter and an inkwell, both with inlaid
stylized brass ornamentation, the inkwell with
colorless glass lidded well, inkwell ht. 4 1/2,
blotter lg. 5 3/4 in.
Pair of Louis XVI-style Gilt-bronze Twolight Wall Sconces, (electrified, arm and
elements detached), lg. 30 in.
Six Assorted Asian Ceramics, including
decorative, modern, and studio.
Asian Gilt-metal Rhinoceros Figure and a
Pair of Duck Figures, the rhinoceros with
wood pedestal, rhinoceros lg. 14 in.
Victorian Aesthetic Bamboo Hall Tree and
Small Four-tier Bookshelf, hall tree ht. 77,
wd. 22 3/4 in.
Two Chippendale-style Maple Mirrors, lg.
31 3/4 and 40 1/2 in.
Four Assorted Asian Items, a small brassmounted, paint- and gilt-decorated lacquered
cabinet with hinged top, over three drawers
and doors painted with fowl and foliage,
opening to six small drawers, a framed
Chinese embroidered silk panel and a giltdecorated pigskin-clad box, and a Japanese
gilt enamel-decorated black lacquer box,
cabinet ht. 18, wd. 14, dp. 6 1/4, Chinese
box ht. 4, lg. 10 1/2 in.
Limoges Gilt-rimmed Porcelain Chocolate
Service for Six, comprised of lidded
chocolate pot and six each cups, saucers,
and side plates, (large crack to one side of
chocolate pot, repair to lid), pot ht. 9 1/2 in.
Four Wedgwood Blue Jasper Articles, three
cobalt blue jasper dip items: a jewelry box, a
scalloped-edge plate, and a jug, and a solid
light blue plate, large plate dia. 10 1/2, jug ht.
5 1/4 in.
Pair of White-painted Cast Iron Garden
Chairs, back ht. 33 3/4, seat ht. 17 1/4 in.
Pair of Brown-painted Wooden Garden
Gates, each gate with square spindles over
lattice, ht. 62 1/2, each wd. 38 1/4, dp. 3 in.
White-painted Late Victorian Cast Iron
Serpentine-top Occasional Table, on
casters, ht. 27 1/2, lg. 21 1/2, wd. 15 1/2 in.
Five Mostly Asian Decorative Items, a Rose
Medallion porcelain center bowl, a blue and
white porcelain landscape-decorated charger,
a blue and white floral-decorated porcelain
vase, a cloisonné vase decorated with
dragons and other mythical beasts, and a giltbrass open-mouthed face of a deity, bowl dia.
11, vases ht. to 12 in.
Large Framed Painting of Guan Yin, 20th
century, watercolor on silk, sight size 49 x 29
1/4 in.
Eight Assorted Framed Works, including a
decorative grave rubbing of a knight; a portrait
sketch of a young girl, signed and dated “King
‘69” l.r.; an etching signed “H. Lessnick” l.r.,
titled “Rural Landscape” l.l., and numbered
“154/250” l.c.; a reproduction antique map of
the world; and a lithograph of Sterling Harbor.
Weller Softone Vase, wide-mouthed ovoid
body in pale yellow glaze with stylized drapery
decoration, Weller hand-inscribed on base,
ht. 9 1/2 in.
Provenance: Estate of Susan Parrish.
Black-painted Cast Iron Garden Urn, ht.
15, dia. 16 in.
Nine Cast Stone and Terra-cotta Garden
Edging Stones, six with roping pattern and
three with assorted patterns.
Pair of Black-painted Cast Iron Fluted
Columns, ht. 53 1/2, base dia. 6 in.
Meissen “New Gold” Porcelain Dish,
Germany, 19th century, with four cobalt
cartouches to rim each with raised and gilded
floral motifs, first quality crossed swords mark
to base, dia. 12 1/4 in.
Kerman Carpet, Southeast Persia, second
quarter 20th century, (small areas of wear), 19
ft. 8 in. x 9 ft. 8 in.
Nine Classical-style Terra-cotta Figures,
possibly 19th century, all of robed women in
various standing, seated and laying positions,
with traces of original polychrome coloring,
some with indistinct signatures to base,
together with one additional head.
Group of Assorted Mostly Asian
Decorative Articles, including a Chinese
polychrome-decorated pigskin-clad box, a
brass-mounted hardwood travel chest with
mirror, a blue and white decorated porcelain
ginger jar, a silk embroidered shoe, four
metal enamel-decorated desk items, a silver
handled scoop, and nine assorted faux
tortoiseshell dresser and vanity items.
Framed Photo-reproduction of Lower
Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge, signed
illegibly and dated “1964” l.r., sight size 15
1/2 x 19 1/2 in.
Hanging Scroll, China, ink and colors on
paper, depicting a Chinese fisherman, (foxing,
tear, toning), 75 x 29 1/2 in.
Two Mahogany Shelf Clocks, a Seth
Thomas gothic-style case with a painted zinc
Roman numeral dial, eight-day time and strike
movement, and reverse-painted lower glass;
a Jerome & Co. ogee case with a Roman
numeral painted dial with floral spandrels,
above a reverse-painted lower glass with gold
and black star and border, thirty-hour time
and strike movement, ht. 14 1/2 to 26 in.
Collection of Small Mostly Lancaster
Sandland Ceramic Character Jugs,
approximately twenty-eight.
Turkoman Flatweave Animal Band, West
Turkestan, 19th century, (three small holes,
two small edge gouges), 13 ft. 6 in. x 4 ft. 6
Two Sets of Decorative Metal Wall Light
Sconces, a pair of Empire-style brass and a
set of three Georgian-style silver-painted twolight, dp. 12 1/2, wd. 12 1/2, and wd. 13 3/4
in., respectively.
Irving & Casson/A.H. Davenport Attributed
William & Mary-style Mahogany Flat-top
Highboy, in two parts, ht. 64 1/2, wd. 42 3/4,
dp. 20 1/2 in.
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Country Pine Blanket Chest over Long
Drawer, ht. 31 3/4, lg. 37 in.
Large Walnut, Pine, and Cherry Plantation
Desk, in one piece, ht. 57 1/4, wd. 80 1/2,
dp. 32 in.
Provenance: Albermal County.
Pair of Carved Griffins, both depicted
seated with banners draped around neck, ht.
16, wd. 15, dp. 6 1/2 in.
Two Hanging Scrolls Depicting Men
in Leafy Landscapes, both set in white
brocade fabric frames, lg. 69, wd. 16 in.
Two Framed Works, a chromolithograph
of a young child holding a pear, numbered
“83/125” in pencil l.l.; and a watercolor of a
tree, signed “J.L. Wenzel” l.r.; sight sizes 15 x
11 1/4 and 5 3/8 x 8 3/8 in., respectively.
After Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (French,
Two Framed Posters: Jane Avril and
Moulin Rouge Concert Bal Tous les
Soirs, framed dimensions 28 1/2 x 20 5/8
in. Condition: Tears, creasing, soiling, not
examined out of frames.
Giltwood and Gesso Putto, modeled flying
with arms and legs outstretched, approx. ht.
6, wd. 4 in.
Chippendale-style Carved Mahogany
Dressing Table.
Japanese Patinated Cast Bronze Elephant
and Tigers Sculpture, with a wood pedestal,
(tusk break), bronze ht. 12 1/2 in.
Kittinger Georgian-style Glazed Mahogany
Butler’s Desk/Breakfront, in two parts,
branded and metal tag, approx. ht. 94 1/2,
wd. 88, dp. 22 in.
Forty-four-piece Silesia Blue and White
Porcelain Partial Tea Service, comprised
of five teacups, one cup, two creamers, four
small bowls, five saucers dia. 5 1/2, five
saucers dia. 6 1/4, eight plates dia. 6 1/8,
seven plates dia. 6 7/8, six plates dia. 7 1/2,
and one plate dia. 7 7/8 in.
No lot.
Carol Lummus (American, 20th/21st
Fourteen Small Framed Etchings: Kissing
Won’t Last, Cookery Doth, A Sense of
Humus, Slow Coach, Have Your Cake and
Et it Too, Darling, Say Cheese, I Know
I’m Fat, But Am I Blue?, Town Fathers,
Revenons a Nos Moutons, Do We Love
Us?, My Baroquer is G.F. Handel, The
Princess and the Sugar Snap Peas, Thru
the Water Cooler, On the Third Day of
Christmas, and Barkis is Willin’, all signed,
dated, and numbered in pencil, some titled in
pencil, some embossed, framed dimensions
to 9 1/2 x 11 3/4 in. Condition: Overall very
good, not examined out of frames.
Three-piece Dresden Porcelain Decorative
Centerpiece Garniture, comprised of basketform reticulated centerpiece bowl raised on
detachable tree-form stand, with applied
flowers and figures of children, along with
two small matching reticulated covered urns
with floral finials and applied flowers and putti,
all marked to bases, (chips, minor losses),
centerpiece ht. 14 1/2, urn ht. 7 1/2 in.
Heywood-Wakefield Modern Maple Dining
Table and Six Chairs, a rectangular table
with arching legs, one leaf, four side and two
armchairs, leaf stamped “222E Wheat,” table
ht. 29, lg. 50, wd. 36, leaf wd. 13 3/4 in.
Chinese Archaic-style Bronze Bowl and
Burner on Stand, ht. 5 3/8 and 5 7/8 in.,
additional information and photos at
Pair of Wellington Hall Georgian-style
Inlaid Mahogany Console Tables, ht. 33
1/4, wd. 72, dp. 21 3/4 in.
Chinese Cast Bronze Dish, with six figures
of animals and birds centered in medallions,
the outer rim with characters, dia. 8 in.
Meissen Hand-painted Porcelain Tea
Set for Six, comprised of six teacups and
saucers, teapot, lidded creamer, and covered
sugar with matching spoon, all pieces with
alternating cobalt stripes and floral plaques,
with gold-painted waists, the creamer and
sugar with floral finials, the teapot with
scrolling ear-shaped handle and butterfly
finial, all with crossed swords mark to base,
teapot ht. 7 in.
Ersari Main Carpet, West Turkestan, 19th
century, 9 ft. x 7 ft. 7 in.
Indo-Persian Small Carpet, 20th century, 8
ft. 10 in. x 6 ft. 8 in.
Two Large Staffordshire Toby Jugs, a
classic seated Toby form, and a standing
“Hearty Good Fellow” with pipe and tankard,
ht. to 11 in.
Three-piece Louis XV-style Tapestry-style
Upholstered Carved Beechwood Parlor
Set, a settee and a pair of side chairs.
Louis XVI-style Brass-mounted Wood
Veneer Corner Vitrine Cabinet, the interior
with two fixed glass shelves, ht. 61 5/8, wd.
23 3/4, dp. 13 1/4 in.
French-style Marble-top Brass-mounted
Inlaid Mahogany Lady’s Writing Desk.
Group of Miniature Asian Metalwork Items,
a bronze censer, ht. 3 in., two enameled
brass teapots, and a copper tea service with
Italian Capo di Monte Ceramic Figural
Group of Romeo and Juliet, identified to
front base, impressed signature “B. Merli”
and identified on a plaque, impressed “1982
Florence” and underglazed blue N with crown
mark to back, ht. 13 1/2 in.
Two Dresden-style European Porcelain
Figural Groups, unmarked, a musical group
of two women playing the piano and the harp,
and a group of two ladies and a gentleman
having tea, ht. to 5, lg. to 6 in.
Two Continental Mirrors, Italian Rococo
polychrome and gilt, ht. 29, wd. 15 1/4; and
Queen Anne walnut, ht. 25, wd. 15 1/2 in.
Late Victorian Upholstered Parcel-gilt
Carved and Turned Maple Settee and a
Modern Tile-top Iron Stand, bench ht. 26
1/2, lg. 31 1/4, wd. 17 3/4 in.
Black-painted Metal Ship Captain’s
Storage Box, with stenciled labeling and
paper ship line labels, lg. 25 in.
Pine Six-board Blanket Box and a Colonial
Revival Maple Drop-leaf Dining Table.
Eighty-seven Piece Chamberlains Transfer
and Hand-painted Floral-decorated
Porcelain Partial Dinner Service, England,
including two covered tureens with
undertrays, two covered serving bowls, two
open serving bowls, twenty-eight dinner
plates, twenty-two plates, eighteen soup
plates, and eleven assorted and graduated
platters, plate dia. 10, 8 3/4, and 10 1/4 in.,
Carol Lummus (American, 20th/21st
Twelve Small Framed Etchings and
Embossed Works on Paper: Saturday
Night with Lawrence Whelk, Is That All
There Is?, I Came - I Saw - I Left, Little
Pretty Penny, Let Us Squander Thee, Your
Father’s Frowsty Moustache, Just Good
Friends, Foraging the Amanita Dreadfuls,
Done In by Excess of Marzipan, A Sense
of Humus, I Think I Can (two copies), and
an angel with an oversized harp, untitled, all
signed, dated, and numbered in pencil, some
titled in pencil as well, framed dimensions to
13 x 10 in. Condition: Overall very good, not
examined out of frames.
Framed Oil on Canvasboard Depicting
Boats Docked in a Harbor, unsigned, (heavy
surface grime, minor scattered abrasions),
sight size 19 1/2 x 15 1/2 in.
Four Dresden Porcelain Floral-decorated
Articles, all with underglazed blue Dresden
marks, a pair of covered two-handled urns
with applied flowers and putti holding yellow
birds to the domed lids, with pierced scrolling
bracket feet, the cups decorated on one side
with transfer-decorated scenes of courting
couples, ht. 10, and a pair of bracket-form
wall shelves with extensive applied floral
decoration, (one with repaired breaks to
center section), ht. 9 3/4, wd. 9 1/4 in.
Japanese Cloisonné Bowl, Small Vase,
and a Lacquer Box, bowl ht. 4 1/4, vase ht.
4 5/8 in.
Kittinger Regency-style Oval Burl Veneer
and Inlaid Mahogany Coffee Table, a Pair
of Federal-style Mahogany Serpentine Tilttop Candlestands, and a Small Victorian
Walnut Three-drawer Chest, Kittinger with
paper labels, (one tilt-top hinge break).
Early 20th Century Bird’s-eye Maple and
Maple Lady’s Slant-lid Writing Desk.
Mottled Green Hardstone Lidded Censer,
with foo lion and ring handles and lion head to
lid, raised on three paw feet, ht. 8 1/2 in.
Three Oriental Rug Items, 20th century,
Kelim saddle cover, 2 ft. 4 in. x 1 ft. 7 in.,
Moroccan four-compartment spice bag, 1
ft. 2 in. x 1 ft. 2 in., and an Indian pouch, 7
x 4 in.
Hamadan Carpet, Northwest Persia, 20th
century, 11 ft. x 8 ft. 8 in.
Eight Small Silver and Enamel Boxes,
including three melon-form, a pair of dragondecorated pillboxes with hinged lids, and two
enamel-decorated boxes, ht. to 2 in.
Two Framed Equestrian-themed Prints:
Polly Knipp Hill (American, 1900-1990),
Morning Ride, signed in pencil l.r., titled
and numbered “3/50” l.l., image size 10 5/8
x 8 3/8; and Clarence William Anderson
(American, 1891-1971), Tomorrow’s
Champion, signed in pencil l.r., titled and
numbered l.l., and inscribed “To Gale” l.c.,
image size 9 x 11 1/4 in. Condition: Some
toning, mild foxing, not examined out of
Waltham Mahogany Banjo Clock, Arabic
numeral painted dial marked Waltham,
reverse-painted lower tablet depicting Perry’s
Victory , the waist with Federal shield and
flanked by brass side ornaments, eight-day,
time-only movement, lg. 42 in.
Three Sitzendorf Porcelain Figures and
Figural Groups, Germany, a seated lady with
floral-embellished hat, a seated gentleman
holding a basket of flowers, and a horsedrawn coach with a lady riding inside, all with
underglazed blue crown over stylized “S”
mark to bases, (some breakage to flowers),
ht. to 5 1/2, coach lg. 7 1/4 in.
Modern Arnart KPM Gold-decorated
Japanese Porcelain Tea Service, with
applied transfer decoration of courting
couples, comprised of teapot, two creamers,
covered sugar, twelve teacups, six saucers,
and six side plates, teapot ht. 9 1/2 in.
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Aubusson-style Rug, 20th century, 9 ft. x 5
ft. 8 in.
Hermann (Ermanno) Steiner (Polish, 18781963)
Pair of Male and Female Herms. Male
signed and inscribed “...Herm. Steiner.
Merano.” u.l., Female signed and inscribed
“...H. Steiner. Merano.” u.l. Carved wood, ht.
to 8 in. Condition: Minor surface grime.
Victorian Renaissance Revival Damaskupholstered Carved Walnut Hound’s-head
Easy Chair.
Asian Export Ebonized Carved Hardwood
Console Table, wall mounting, approx. ht. 29
1/2, wd. 61, dp. 17 1/2 in.
Japanese Cast Bronze Kerosene Lamp
Base, (electrified), body approx. dia. 12 in.
Three Pairs of European-style Metal Wall
Light Sconces, a pair of Italian painted tin
and metal two-light, a pair of Renaissance
Revival brass and wrought iron, and a pair of
Empire-style gilt-iron two-light, (varying wear
or imperfections), approx. lg. 11, 9 1/2, and
20 in., respectively.
Unter Weiss Bach German Porcelain
Figural Group, 20th century, marked to base,
depicting a lady seated on a blue upholstered
sofa, attended to by a gentleman with a violin,
ht. 9 3/4, lg. 10 1/2 in.
Framed Chinese Embroidered Panel,
of blue and white silk flowers on a copper
ground, set within a shadow box-style black
and gold carved wood frame, panel size 12 x
9 3/8, framed dimensions 25 3/4 x 23 in.
Carol Lummus (American, 20th/21st
Nine Framed Etchings: Wan-Tom, Hush
Clara, and Study Your Moths, Prima Diva,
Burke’s Steerage, The Burdens of Grace,
Ursus Theodorus, Contemplating His
Navy, Miss Prudhomme’s Pinacotheca,
and Fanny Famer, all signed, dated, and
numbered in pencil, some titled in pencil,
some embossed, framed dimensions to 15
1/2 x 12 1/2 in. Condition: Overall very
good, not examined out of frames.
Small Group of Asian Porcelain, a yellowground dish, tea bowl, and undertray, with
carved wooden display stand, a blue and
white dragon-decorated tea bowl, a red and
white tea bowl with abstract floral decoration,
and a small cup, (chips).
Louis XVI-style Parcel-gilt and Paintdecorated Lady’s Tambour Roll-top
Writing Desk, (tambour damage).
Regency Mahogany and Mahogany Veneer
Corner Cabinet, the interior with four fixed
shelves, approx. ht. 74 3/4, wd. 33, dp. 23 in.
Pair of Italian-style Brocade Upholstered
Painted Wood Armchairs.
Rectangular Cerulean Cloisonné Brassmounted Box, with overall bird and floral
decoration, two interior compartments, the lid
inset with a pale green carved jade buckle, ht.
2 1/4, lg. 9, wd. 5 in.
Pair of Delft Blue and White Ceramic
Vases, the trumpet-form bodies with fluted
tops decorated to three sides with floral
decoration, and with waterfront landscape
scenes to the fronts, marked “Delft dec 501
A” and “Delft dec 501 B” to bases, (some rim
chips to one), ht. 10 in.
additional information and photos at
Nine Assorted Framed Works, including
an oil on canvas city street scene, signed
indistinctly l.l., an oil on canvas still life
with birds and flowers, a watercolor study
of a kneeling religious figure, an Italian
giltwood-framed icon, two framed clockwork
compositions, and a group of framed
Pair of Dorothy Doughty for Royal
Worcester Bone China “Chickadees and
Larch” Figures, both approx. 9 1/2, each
mounted on rotating wood bases, total ht. 15
3/4, wd. 10, dp. 11 in.
French Neoclassical-style Gilt-ormolu
Mounted Mahogany and Mirrored Lady’s
Writing Table.
Louis XV-style Upholstered Gilt-ormolu
Mounted Carved Walnut Slipper Chair.
French Gilt-metal and Marble Figural
Clock on Marble Pedestal, gilt painted figure
of a woman and cherub with a faux stone
fountain, a porcelain Arabic numeral dial with
beveled glass and brass bezel, plaque below
figure marked LA CONFIDENCE, Par Ferron,
all sitting on top of a variegated green marble
base with gilt floral feet, eight-day time and
strike movement; with associated green
marble pedestal, ht. 68 1/2 in.
Pair of Small Modern German Dresdentype Porcelain Covered Urns, the twohandled bodies with applied cherubs and
flowers, with two transfer-decorated floral
cartouches, on pierced feet, the pierced finialform lids form as densely clustered bunches
of flowers, ht. 10 1/2 in.
Two Capo di Monte Porcelain Basketform Floral Arrangements, a white ceramic
latticework basket with purple and white lilies
and mums, and a fluted two-tone jardinière
with an assortment of multicolored roses,
daffodils, and other flowers, both marked to
base, ht. to approx. 13 1/2 in.
Chinese Carpet, late 19th century, (small
areas of wear, small edge gouge, minor moth
damage, small end tears, some glue along
ends), 11 ft. 8 in. x 9 ft. 4 in.
Pair of Cloisonné Vases, the metal urnform vases with black and gold abstract and
stylized foliate decoration, (dent to one), ht. 9
1/2 in.
Rosenthal Gilt-rimmed Floral-decorated
Porcelain Partial Coffee Service, comprised
of coffeepot, creamer, two-handled covered
sugar, ten teacups, nine saucers, and twelve
side plates, coffeepot ht. 10 5/8, side plate
dia. 7 3/4 in.
Louis XVI-style Gilt-bronze-mounted
Inlaid Tulipwood and Kingwood Corner
Cabinet, France, 19th century, with a pair of
herringbone-inlaid doors enclosing an interior
fitted with brass-lined shelves, over a single
drawer, raised on block feet, ht. 76, dp. 27 in.
Provenance: Doyle, New York, Sale 06CN02,
Lot 292, May 17, 2006.
Regency Oval Inlaid Mahogany and Glass
Vitrine Stand, (leg repairs, imperfections), ht.
28, lg. 21 3/4, wd. 14 in.
Bronze-mounted and Marquetry-inlaid
Credenza, allover arabesque decoration,
the breakfronted velvet-covered top over
conforming case fitted with three glass doors
enclosing shelved interior, on plinth base, ht.
44 1/2, wd. 70 1/2, dp. 16 1/4 in.
Eleven Assorted Mostly Art Glass
Decorative Articles, including a pair of tall
green gilt-decorated glass trumpet vases,
ht. 14 3/4 in., an Austrian porcelain floraldecorated two-handled jug, six art glass
tumblers, including one speckled, two polka
dot, and one quilted pink satin, and a glass
bowl of fruit.
Five Small Decorative Articles, a brass
kaleidoscope, a small rectangular enameled
glass two-handled box with hinged lid, a
brass H.G. Wood & Sons, Boston, carriage
clock with key, a small round inlaid wooden
box, and a round painted tray, possibly
Russian, tray dia. 11 1/2 in.
Modern German Blue and White Porcelain
Four-light Table Lamp, the figural base
formed as a tree trunk on a pedestal encircled
by four dancing youths, with pierced porcelain
shade decorated with applied gold-tipped
cobalt blue flowers and four oval relief
plaques, with domed finial formed as a cluster
of flowers, base and shade marked, base ht.
21, shade dia. 13 in.
Four Tall Chinese Porcelain Plaques, 20th
century, depicting happy figures in the woods,
inscribed with calligraphy at the upper right
corner, 30 x 9 in.
Chippendale-style Mahogany Serpentine
Slant-lid Desk, ht. 42 1/4, wd. 31 in.
Federal-style Carved Mahogany and
Mahogany Veneer Four-drawer Chest, ht.
35 3/4, wd. 38 1/4 in.
Federal-style Inlaid Mahogany Swell-front
Card Table.
Ivory Horn, carved with tightly stacked
figured of deities, some masked, interspersed
with stylized foliate motifs, lg. 11 1/2 in.
Framed 19th Century Pen and Ink Portrait
of a Dandy, signed and dated “D. Hernandez
1875” l.r., (foxing, toning, not examined out of
frame), sight size 9 1/4 x 7 in.
Four Engravings, James Basire after P.
Symans, A Plan of Dover Harbour, printed for
Hasted’s History of Kent, 1797; J. Cousen
after T. Creswick R.A., Blenheim; C. Cousen
after W.H. Bartlett town bridge; and R. Wallis
after W.H. Bartlett harbor scene, sizes to 9
1/4 x 13 in., all framed, (some rippling and
foxing, one with water staining).
Tiziano Galli Contemporary Italian Capo di
Monte Ceramic Sculpture of a Professor,
with underglazed blue N with crown mark
and maker identification to base, the absentminded-type professor studying a globe
and making astronomical calculations on a
chalkboard while losing his trousers, ht. 12 in.
Regency-style Caned and Carved
Mahogany Sofa with Upholstered Seat and
Cushion, lg. 77 1/2 in.
Pine Dovetail-constructed Sea Chest with
Canted Front Panel, ht. 15 1/4, lg. 37 3/4 in.
Pine Two-drawer Stand with Tapering
Federal Mahogany Banjo Clock Case, with
weight, (repainted dial, disassembled case,
lacking movement and throat glass).
Jajim, Northwest Persia, 19th century, (corner
gouges and some end fraying), 5 ft. 4 in. x
5 ft.
Three Baroque-style Brass Three-light Wall
Sconces, including a pair, lg. 16, wd. 14 in.
Five Small Decorative Articles, an Art
Deco patinated metal figural calling card tray,
formed as a crouching nude woman holding
a round tray in her outstretched arms, ht. 7,
a pair of metal-mounted caramel glass tulip
shades (one panel cracked), ht. 5 1/4 in., and
a pair of blue glass perfumes.
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After Marie Laurencin (French, 1885-1956)
Head of a Girl. Signed or inscribed “Marie
Laurencin” in pencil l.r., numbered “85/100”
l.l. Collotype, 8 1/2 x 6 in., framed.
Six Assorted Porcelain Oyster Plates, one
marked German, including a pair, dia. to 9 in.
Three European Porcelain Table Articles,
an octagonal covered sugar bowl with
impressed crossed swords mark to base (rim
chip, crack to inside of lid), and two floraldecorated Nymphenburg items, a creamer
and a round dish with domed lid, both with
underglazed marks to bases, sugar bowl ht. 6
in. including finial.
Cloisonné Lidded Censer, with blue
enamel interior, gilt foo dog finial, raised on
three open-mouthed lion-form legs, with
polychrome geometric and taotie decoration,
with carved ebonized wooden stand, censer
ht. 13 3/8 in. not including stand.
Child’s Rattan and Wicker Rocking Horse.
Three Antique Brass Push-up
Candlesticks, including a pair, (one missing
push-up tab), ht. 7 1/8 and 9 1/4 in.
Pair of Walnut-finished Veneered End
Cabinets, ht. 18 3/4, wd. 16 1/2, dp. 13 3/4
Eames Herman Miller Upholstered Black
Wire Eiffel Tower-base Chair, (damage),
paper label.
Mid-century Modern Oak Daybed with
Upholstered Cushion and Backrest, lg. 76
3/4 in.
Asian Carved Ivory Statue of a Dancing
Girl, her arms posed and her dress billowing
around her, with two long braids falling down
her back, on carved wooden stand, (loss to
tip of one braid), overall ht. 8 3/8 in.
Eight-piece Mid-century Modern
Blondewood Dining Room Set, including a
rectangular dining table with one leaf, a set
of six chairs with upholstered slip seats, and
a china cabinet, table approx. ht. 29, lg. 60,
wd. 41, leaf wd. 12 in.
Silver-plated Wood Liquor Carrier, Hobbs
& Co., London, with two colorless cut glass
decanters with faceted stoppers, ht. 9 1/2, lg.
10 1/2, dp. 5 3/4 in.
English Gilt Transfer, Cobalt, and Handpainted Porcelain Floor Vase, ht. 23 in.
Carol Lummus (American, 20th/21st
Five Asian Cloisonné Vessels, three ginger
jars, including a pair, and a pair of floraldecorated vases, jar ht. 9, vase ht. 12 1/4 in.
Sixteen Small Framed Etchings and
Embossed Works on Paper: Will He
Plié in Peoria?, K as in Knave, The
Andromedarian, The Constant Ear,
Apricot Peonies, a Gramophone, and
the New Chastity, Venetian Impalement,
Hippocampe, Another Profound and
Meaningful Song, Saturday Night with
Lawrence Whelk, Saturday’s Surprise,
Feta Accompli, A Little Woolgathering,
Henry’s Eighth, I am...therefore, you’re
not, I Came - I Saw - I Left, and the Queen
of Hearts, untitled, all signed, dated, and
numbered in pencil, some titled in pencil,
framed dimensions to 13 1/2 x 10 1/2 in.
Condition: Overall very good, not examined
out of frames.
Four Framed European Watercolor
Landscape Views, two Italian street scenes,
signed “Y. Gianni,” a city view initialed illegibly
and dated “Mar. 76” l.l., and a view of
Conway Castle, North Wales, signed “Clinton
Jones” l.r. and identified on the reverse, (not
examined out of frames), framed dimensions
to 14 1/2 x 17 3/4 in.
Set of Three Bohemian Decorative Gilt
Glass Vessels, with applied floral decoration
and colorless glass prisms, ht. 12 3/4 in.
Victorian Walnut Drop-leaf Table, a Set of
Four Turned Wood Side Chairs, and a Pair
of Neoclassical Armchairs.
Seven Brass and Iron Fireplace and
Hearth Items, a fender, a pair of tool rests,
a footman, a shovel and tongs set, and a hot
water kettle.
additional information and photos at
After Joan Miró (Spanish, 1893-1983)
Abstract. Inscribed “Miro” in the matrix l.r.
Silkscreen, sheet size 25 7/8 x 20 in., framed.
Condition: Gentle toning and scattered foxing
to margins.
Carved Wooden Figure of a Deity Standing
on the Back of a Boar, on tiered carved
giltwood pedestal, overall ht. 16 1/2 in.
Kuwaiti Brass-bound Wood Chest with
Decorative Nailwork, the rectangular hinged
lid enclosing open interior, over three short
drawers, ht. 18 1/2, wd. 42 1/2, dp. 18 5/8
Jacobean-style Carved Oak Side Chair,
England, early 20th century, with foliatecarved crest, splat, stiles, and front medial
stretcher, overupholstered seat and blockand ring-turned legs and H-form stretcher,
seat ht. 20 in.
Georgian-style Inlaid Mahogany and Glass
China Cabinet, the interior with three fixed
shelves, ht. 59 1/4, wd. 46, dp. 16 1/2 in.
Unter Weiss Bach Porcelain Figural Group,
Germany, 20th century, marked to base,
depicting a lady descending from a carriage,
attended by two footmen, ht. 9 1/2, lg. 11
1/2 in.
Modern European Blue and White
Porcelain Figural Clock, the clock set on a
base of gold-painted scrolls topped with four
figures, with an assortment of multicolored
porcelain flowers on trembling stems, the
clock with German works, overall ht. 16 in.
Two Robert and Virginia Warfield Carved
and Painted Wood Bird Figures, Jaffrey,
New Hampshire, a “Blue-wing Teals,” 1984,
no. 1, signed, ht. 11 1/2; and “Eastern
Bluebird and apple twig,” 1976, signed, ht. 7
1/4 in.
Robert and Virginia Warfield Carved and
Painted Wood “Mockingbird” Figure,
Jaffrey, New Hampshire, no. 1, signed, ht. 14
1/4 in.
Four Decorative Glass and Metal Articles,
two European pewter items, a Continental
brass-rimmed mug and an English flagon, ht.
to 11 in., a Kosta glass bowl, and a silveroverlaid etched glass compote.
Carved Oak and Leaded Glass Cabinet
Components, including three drawers, three
leaded glass doors, and three paneled doors.
Pair of Wellington Hall Regency-style Inlaid
Mahogany D-shaped Console Tables, ht.
33 1/4, wd. 60, dp. 18 in.
Chippendale Carved Mahogany Side Chair,
19th century, with carved and pierced splat
back with floral details and a wave-like motif
in low relief carving to back, ht. 36 1/2, wd.
20 3/4, dp. 17 3/4 in.
Three Hanging Scrolls, a calligraphic work, a
painting of bamboo, and a scene with figures
on horseback.
Large Group of Mostly Colorless Pressed
Glass, including plates, bowls, serving pieces,
cups, and candleholders.
Seven Small Wedgwood Articles, six cobalt
blue: two small lidded boxes, two desk trays,
a miniature teapot (handle broken off), and
a miniature metal-mounted jug, and a single
green cylindrical candleholder, ht. to 2 1/2 in.
Three Pieces of Federal-style Mahogany
Furniture and an Empire Caned Maple
Armrocker, a mahogany quarter-round
chamberstand, an inlaid muffineer, and
dressing mirror on cabinet.
Eleven Small Jade Items, mostly jewelry,
including two rings, six pendants, including
four carved as a mythical beast, a Buddha
head, a vase, and a round lavender jade
Buddha, a beaded bracelet, a small carved
dragon, and a pierced carving of fruit.
Pair of Japanese Satsuma Yellow Ground
Vases with Hand-painted Praying Mantis
and Floral, and Mt. Fuji Decoration, approx.
body ht. 15 in.
Painted Ornamental Wrought Iron
Architectural Grill, 89 3/4 x 27 1/4 in.
Victorian Aesthetic Lacquer-paneled
Bamboo and Glass Two-door Cabinet, ht.
40 3/4, wd. 33 3/4, dp. 11 1/4 in.
Chinoiserie-style Brass-mounted Faux
Bamboo Vitrine Cabinet, the interior with
four fixed shelves, ht. 80, wd, 22 3/4, dp. 14
3/4 in.
Patinated Bronze Censer, with pierced
rectangular lid with finial of Buddha seated on
a water buffalo, the sides molded with foliate
designs, raised on four scrolling legs, ht. 13
1/2 in., with associated wooden pedestal.
Winifred Austen (English, 1876-1964)
Decoy Pool. Signed in pencil and
monogrammed l.r. Etching on paper, plate
size 7 x 10 in., framed. Condition: Toning,
minor foxing, some rippling, not examined out
of frame.
Two Framed Urban Landscape Photo
Collages, both signed illegibly l.l. and l.r.,
respectively, sight size 13 1/4 x 19 1/4 in.
Twelve Assorted Asian Porcelain Items,
two large similar chargers, dia. 14 1/2, a pair
of floral-decorated plates, and eight assorted
vases and jars, ht. to 13 in.
Federal-style Inlaid Mahogany Serpentine
Server and a Rococo-style Gilt-gesso
Mirror, (server with detached medial shelf),
mirror ht. 32, wd. 34 1/4 in.
Thirteen Mostly Wood, Ivory, and Bone
Netsuke, including figures, a horse, a pair of
camels, a skull, an ox, and an octopus, (one
plastic), together with a strand of carved fetish
Robert and Virginia Warfield Carved
and Painted Wood “North Wind, Pair
of Pintail Ducks” Figural Group, Jaffrey,
New Hampshire, 1982, no. 1, signed,
(imperfections), ht. 30 1/4 in.
Two Robert and Virginia Warfield Carved
and Painted Wood Birds, Jaffrey, New
Hampshire, an “Evening Grosbeak on
Larch,” 1977, ht. 9 3/4; and a “Cardinal on
Dogwood,” 1984, ht. 7 in., both signed.
Three Chinese Silk Embroidered Rank
Badges, each depicting a peacock, a crane,
and a horned mythical beast on black silk
ground, surrounded by stylized embroidered
flowers, clouds, waves, and birds, wd. to 12
Four Framed Sporting-themed Prints, “The
Whaddon Chase,” “Harrier,” and a pair of
small hunting scenes, framed dimensions to
19 1/2 x 17 1/2 in.
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Carved Wooden Tree Trunk-form Lidded
Box, marked “RR” to base, carved out of a
hollowed-out log, with sliding top, ht. 9 1/2 in.
Art Pottery Candleholder, unmarked, with
mottled red, green, and yellow matte glaze to
body and ear-shaped handle, ht. 8 1/2 in.
Graflex Camera in Original Case, with
assorted accessories including booklets, lens
filters, and other items.
Robert and Virginia Warfield Carved and
Painted Wood “Wood Thrush and Lady’s
Slipper” Group, Jaffrey, New Hampshire,
1975, no. 3, signed, ht. 11 1/4 in.
Two Brass and Colored Glass Nautical
Light-mounted Wall Shelves, the red and
green lights on red- and green-painted
wooden shelves, electrified, ht. 7, lg. 19, dp.
5 in.
Regency-style Mahogany and Calamander
Crossbanded Drop-leaf Two-drawer Sofa
Table, ht. 28 1/2, lg. 35 1/4, leaf wd. 11 3/4,
wd. 26 in.
English Chippendale Carved Mahogany
Side Chair, late 19th century, splat back
pierced with abstract motif with incorporated
pierced crest, on cabriole front legs with
carved knee terminating in claw-and-ball front
feet, ht. 39 1/2, wd. 22 1/2, dp.18 in.
Classical-style Carved Mahogany Lidded
Cellarette, France, approx. ht. 19 1/2, lg. 22,
wd. 17 in.
Two Pairs of Brass Baroque-style Threelight Wall Sconces, lg. 9, wd. 8 3/4, and lg.
9, wd. 9 in.
Six Large Asian Porcelain Items, a pair of
lidded blue and white urns, two baluster-form
vases, a Satsuma, and two large jardinières,
ht. 10 to 19 3/4 in., with two carved wooden
Five Unframed Japanese Botanical
Attributed to Nisaburo Ito (Japanese,
1910-1988): Crepe Myrtle, Nandin, Plum
Blossoms, and Flowers in Spring, all
identified in pencil l.r. and bearing artist’s
stamps within the matrix; and Attributed
to Tomikichiro Tokuriki (Japanese, 19021999), Chrysanthemum, identified in pencil
l.r. and with an artist’s stamp and signature
within the matrix, sheet sizes 11 1/2 x 10 1/2
Framed Stamp Map of the United States,
1951, published by the Philatelic Institute
in Cambridge, Massachusetts, designed
and drawn by Ernest Dudley Chase, with
reproductions of United States postal stamps
adhered to their corresponding locations
on the map, with two curving rows of
reproduction stamps of American artists and
scholars along the top, (not examined out of
frame), sight size 21 1/2 x 33 1/2 in.
Six Assorted Asian Articles, two carved
hardstone items: a small grapevine and a
mountain, a polychrome glazed ceramic figure
of a scholar, a white carved stone figure of a
deity, and two carved red lacquer standing
figures of women on carved wooden stands,
ht. to 16 1/2 in.
Modern German Blue and White Floraldecorated Porcelain Table, the table with
twisted pedestal base with acanthus leaf
waist, on three scrolling gold-accented foliate
legs, one leg marked, with detachable flat
round porcelain top with central floral design
and blue floral and gold hatchwork border, ht.
35 1/2, tabletop dia. 18 in.
Welsh Cupboard, top section with a
scalloped top above three narrow shelves,
bottom section with a row of two drawers
and a scalloped apron on four tall square
legs, approx. total ht. 70, wd. 50 3/4, dp. 14
3/4 in.
additional information and photos at
Near Pair of Italian Neoclassical Fruitwood
Chests of Drawers, each with a row of two
small drawers atop two larger with stringing
to top surface, drawer fronts and sides,
on tapered en gaine legs, (one rear leg
damaged), ht. 47 1/2, wd. 45, dp. 18 3/4 in.
Seven Assorted Metal and Wood
Decorative Articles, a carved wooden bust
of a saint, a pair of small brass candlesticks,
two brass buckets, a small metal ornament
of a kneeling angel, and a brass samovar,
samovar ht. 18 1/2 in.
Polychrome Painted and Gilt-gesso
Carved Wood Figure of a Saint, approx. ht.
33, wd. 16 in.
Three Framed Works, a watercolor
landscape, signed and dated “C.A. Packard
1855” l.r., a small pastel landscape with
castle, signed “D. Book” l.l., and “Panoramic
View of Jerusalem and the Adjacent Towns
and Villages.”
Four Walking Sticks, two with gold-plated
presentation handles (one very dented and
missing tip), one wooden with decorated ivory
handle, and one bamboo, lg. 34 1/2 to 36
1/2 in.
Classical Octagonal Upholstered
Rosewood Grained Organ Stool.
Diminutive Tiger Maple Drop-leaf Trestlebase Stand, ht. 21 5/8, lg. 18 in.
Pair of Federal Upholstered Inlaid and
Carved Mahogany Shield-back Side
Eight Pairpoint Floral Art Glass
Paperweights, mostly 1972-73, including
seven pedestal rose paperweights with
faceted sides, ht. to 4 3/4 in.
Ten Multicolored Pairpoint Art Glass Bells,
all with enameled floral decoration and clear
handles with white or red-and-white interior
ribbon decoration, (tip of one handle broken
off), ht. to 12 in.
Robert and Virginia Warfield Carved and
Painted Wood “Pair of Pintail Ducks”
and “Flying Mallard Pair,” Jaffrey, New
Hampshire, each 1979, no. 1, signed, (the
former with wing tip chip), ht. 21 3/4 and 20
1/2 in., respectively.
Set of Six Art Deco Hand-painted Rabbitdecorated Porcelain Plates, with a rabbit
surrounded by tulips in the central medallion
and a black and white tulip-accented rims,
each signed “E.D.H.” to the base, dia. 8 5/8
Delft Blue and White Porcelain Mantel
Clock, with German brass spring-wound
movement, overall floral decoration with a
scene of birds and flowers to the base, raised
on four bracket legs, marked inside the front
at base, loose pendulum, key, and back
plate, ht. 16 in.
Classical Mahogany and Mahogany Veneer
Set of Four Classical Mahogany Veneer
Side Chairs.
Two Japanese Blue and White Decorated
Porcelain Dishes.
Two Partial European Porcelain Tea and
Chocolate Services, a Royal Worcester
Chinoiserie pattern tea, comprised of covered
sugar, five teacups, eight bouillons, seven
saucers, and eight side plates, and a Limoges
gilt-decorated chocolate, comprised of
chocolate pot, seven cups, and ten saucers,
the pot with ornate applied monogram,
(chips), chocolate pot ht. 9 3/4 in.
Twelve Pieces of Pairpoint Peachblow
Floral-decorated Art Glass, a top hat, a
jack-in-the-pulpit vase, a pair of vases, and
assorted compotes, bowls, and fluted dishes,
several pieces signed “P. Kiluk” on the bases,
ht. to 6 1/4 in.
Sky Blue Cloisonné Floor Vase, decorated
with scenes of birds in flowering branches,
including chrysanthemums and cherry
blossoms, on a flat wooden disc-form stand,
ht. 35 1/2 in.
Carved Green Quartz Standing Kuan Yin
Figure, of mottled green and brown stone, on
a two-part fitted carved wooden and metalclad stand, overall ht. 18 1/2 in.
Modern Louis XVI-style Marble-top Brassmounted Vernis Martin-style Two-door
Side Cabinet, ht. 40 1/4, wd. 37 1/4, dp. 15
1/2 in.
French Neoclassical-style Red Velvetupholstered Gilt and Painted Carved Wood
Bench, ht. 20 1/2, lg. 29 3/4, wd. 15 3/4 in.
Ten Assorted Brass Fireplace and Hearth
Items, a fender, a set of three tools with
stand, four hearth trivets, and a hot water
Royal Doulton Gilt and Blue Transfer
Classical Scene-decorated Porcelain
Jardinière on Pedestal, overall approx. ht.
32 1/4, dia. 12 in.
William Baldwin Oil on Masonite SunsetRockport, signed and dated “1992” l.r. and
on reverse, framed, Masonite 24 3/4 x 19
1/4 in.
Framed Silk Needlework Farm Scene,
depicting a variety of figures and a cow in
front of a barn, (long vertical tear to sky,
significant loss l.l.), sight size 20 x 26 1/4 in.
Chinese Ink and Gouache on Paper
Hanging Scroll Depicting Red-crown
Cranes Amidst Reeds, Jian Bi, image lg. 50
1/2, wd. 18 in.
George III Chest with Mirror, beveled mirror
with brass-mounted garland crest to top,
framed within brass mounts; chest with bookmatched veneer to top, a row of three smaller
drawers each framed with recessed brass
mounts above two large drawers framed
together within recessed mounts, on tapered
en gaine legs and caster feet, approx. total ht.
61, wd. 49 1/2, dp. 22 3/4 in.
Cased Art Glass Bottle-form Vase,
unsigned, ht. 8 1/4 in.
Georgian Mahogany Hall Table, England,
19th century, serpentine top with canted
corners, egg-and-dart and gadrooned
molding to top with pierced brackets and an
undulating foliate apron, ht. 32, wd. 49 1/2,
dp. 29 1/2 in.
Rogers-type Painted Plaster Figural Group
First Love, (some nicks and chips), approx.
ht. 13 1/4, wd. 12 in.
C. Hopkins Carved and Painted Wood
Rainbow Trout Figural Group, Amherst,
New Hampshire, signed, ht. 14 1/4 in.
Assorted Group of Ceramic Tableware,
a set of fifteen gilt-decorated pink-rimmed
Sevres plates with heraldry motif to the
center field, six Italian faience dessert plates
depicting a variety of pastoral scenes (one
broken in half and repaired), and a J & W
Ridgway blue and white platter depicting the
Theatre Printing House, Oxford, England,
Sevres plates dia. 9 5/8, platter lg. 18 1/2,
wd. 14 1/4 in.
Two Lladro Porcelain Figural Groups, a girl
with a bench and tree in original box, and a
young boy and girl, both marked to bases, ht.
to 11 3/8 in.
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Four Framed Animal Prints, a pair of prints
of wildcats, both signed “Eric Tenney” in
pencil l.r.; a Thomas Blinks print of a group
of hounds hunting a fox; and a Gilbert Hester
etching of two dogs titled “Sympathy,” framed
dimensions to 26 1/2 x 31 3/4 in.
Large Lladro Porcelain Figure of a Lady on
a Swing, the swing suspended from the tree
branch with silk rope, with two white birds in
the tree and a small dog at her feet, ht. 15
1/2 in.
Two Collectible Porcelain Plates, boxed,
Edna Hibel “Molly and Annie,” from the
Mother’s Day series, dia. 8 1/4, and Versace
for Rosenthal “It’s Christmas 2009,” dia. 13
Six Ceramic Figurals and Figural Groups,
a family of deer (chips, breaks, losses), a
canvasback duck, a Canada goose, a modern
Capo di Monte bride and groom, a boy with
a bird, and a framed pair of lovers entwined,
boy with bird ht. 10, frame dimensions 19 1/4
x 16 in.
Robert and Virginia Warfield Carved and
Painted Wood “Eastern Meadowlark” Bird
Figure, Jaffrey, New Hampshire, 1975, no. 1,
signed, ht. 10 3/8 in.
Two Hepplewhite Mahogany Corner
Chamberstands, (damage).
Extensive Group of Assorted Mostly
European Porcelain Teaware, a large
Theodore Haviland Touraine pattern
assembled service, comprised of twenty-four
teacups, creamer, covered sugar, twenty-six
saucers, eight small shallow bowls, thirty-one
bread plates, twenty-two salad plates, twentythree dinner plates, twelve soup bowls,
covered serving dish, and platter; a modern
KPM red and blue floral-decorated tea set,
comprised of five teacups, six saucers,
teapot, creamer, and sugar; a Limoges
rose-decorated creamer, two teacups,
nine saucers, and three plates; six Royal
Copenhagen gilt-rimmed demitasse cups and
saucers; three Dresden and Dresden-style
floral decorated plates; and a single Mintons
for W.H. Plummer & Co. plate.
George III Beechwood Armchair, 19th
century, with pieced splat back and scrolled
armrests, ht. 40, wd. 23, dp. 19 in.
George III-style Ormolu-mounted Veneered
Tall Chest, two small adjoining drawers
with five larger drawers beneath; with bookmatched veneer to top and drawer fronts and
brass mounts to sides, drawer fronts and also
forming a recessed portion of larger drawers,
all on en gaine brass-mounted legs with
casters, ht. 52 1/2, wd. 34, dp. 20 in.
Five Lladro Porcelain Figures and Figural
Groups, a dancing couple in original box, two
single geese, a group of geese, and a young
girl with a bouquet of flowers and a bird, all
marked to bases, ht. to 12 1/2 in.
Czechoslovakian Peach-colored Art
Deco-style Pressed Glass Cordial Set,
with stopped decanter and six footed cordial
glasses on matching two-handled hexagonal
tray, decanter ht. 8, tray lg. 13 1/2 in.
Three Unframed Japanese Woodblock
Large Group of Porcelain and Hardstone
Decorative Articles, three modern Dresden
porcelain items, an Audubon “Anna’s
Hummingbird” porcelain figural, nine small
hardstone floral arrangements in cloisonné
vessels, and three ceramic flowers and floral
Six Murano and Murano-type Figural Art
Glass Articles, a pair of chickens, a matching
pair of fish, a single multicolored tropical fish,
and a clown, ht. to 13 1/2 in.
Kitagawa Utamaro (Japanese, 1753-1806),
Portrait of a Geisha, 1792, and Toshusai
Sharaku (Japanese, fl. 1794-1795),
Portrait of the Actor Iwai Hanshiro IV as
Chichinohito Shigenoi, 1794, both identified
in pen on the mats and on accompanying
papers and signed r.c. on the prints, sheet
sizes 14 1/2 x 10 1/4 in.; and a small erotic
woodcut with applied gilt decoration, with
artist’s signature and stamps l.r., sheet size 8
3/8 x 7 1/4 in.
Federal-style Glazed Inlaid Mahogany
Corner Cupboard, the upper interior with
three adjustable shelves, ht. 82 1/4, wd. 40
1/4, dp. 21 1/2 in.
Hand-colored Engraving of Sleeping
Horses, Monkeys, and Dogs, signed illegibly
in pencil l.r., plate size 21 1/2 x 32, framed
dimensions 35 x 42 1/2 in.
Federal-style Circular Carved Mahogany
Dining Table with a Set of Eight Inlaid
Mahogany Dining Chairs, the table with one
original leaf and a custom oversized leaf, six
side chairs and two armchairs, table ht. 30,
dia. 45, leaf wd. 18 and 37 in.
Pair of Single-socket Colorless Cut Glass
Lamps, each with baluster-form top over
faceted knop, with spherical base, on cast
brass and marble pedestal, raised on four
paw feet, ht. 27 3/4 in.
Victorian Cherry and Mahogany Dessert
Console, England, 19th century, top gallery
with central floral crest atop two shelves
separated by turned supports on casters, ht.
without gallery 43 3/4, wd. 48, dp. 18 3/4 in.
additional information and photos at
Four Framed Works, a hand-colored hunting
print “The Merry Beaglers,” a print of a jockey
on horseback titled “Humorist and Donoghue
(Going out to the Derby 1921),” and two
Herring’s Farm Scenes, “Noon” and “Night.”
Four Lladro Porcelain Figural Angels and a
Star of Bethlehem, three of the angels and
the star in original boxes, ht. to 12 1/2 in.
Queen Anne-style Mahogany Armchair,
England, with baluster splat and scrolled crest
and arm rails on scalloped apron on cabriole
legs, ht. 39, wd. 24, dp. 19 1/2 in.
Mahogany and Mahogany Veneer Side
Table, England, with flowerhead medallions
above fluted front legs, ht. 29, wd. 54, dp. 26
3/4 in.
Leather-upholstered Oak Side Chair, boxshape with turned front stretcher and large
brass tacks to leather upholstery on back and
seat, ht. 36 1/2, wd. 19 1/2, dp. 17 in.
Approximately Forty-two Pieces of Russel
Wright American Modern Dinnerware,
Steubenville Pottery Company, Steubenville,
Ohio, the dinnerware glazed in shades of
green, chartreuse, and gray, comprised
of nine teacups and saucers, twelve salad
plates, and twelve dinner plates, some
marked to bases, (some crazing).
Set of Three Large Baroque-style Brass
Three-light Wall Sconces, lg. 14 1/4, wd.
11 3/4 in.
Robert and Virginia Warfield Carved and
Painted Wood “Sulpher Crested Cockatoo”
Bird Figure, Jaffrey, New Hampshire, 1980,
no. 1, signed, ht. 14 1/2 in.
Serge Belloni (Italian, b. 1925)
Parisian Flower Vendors. Signed and dated
“S Belloni ‘57” l.l. Oil on canvas, 32 x 25 1/2
in., framed. Condition: Surface grime.
Two Art Nouveau Cast Metal Items, a
botanical easel-form bookstand, stamped
“5978” on the reverse, and a diamondshaped mirror frame with rose decoration,
frame lg. 34 in.
Pair of Modern Asian Export Enameldecorated Ceramic Bottle-form Table
Lamps, approx. body ht. 12 in.
Three Chinese Soapstone Carvings, a pair
of seal blocks with foo dogs and a landscape
carving, ht. 5 1/2 and 8 1/4 in., respectively.
Red-painted Adirondack Bentwood and
Woven Split Cane Settee, lg. 46 1/2 in.
Bing & Grondahl Commemorative
Porcelain Plaque of the Statue of Liberty,
in original box, framed, with a small brass
plaque to the frame reading “The Unveiling of
the Statue of Liberty Enlightening the World,
From an Original Painting by Edward Moran,”
with certificate of authenticity and numbered
“304/2500” on the reverse, plaque sight size
11 3/4 x 8 3/8 in.
Eighteen Pieces of Lenox Porcelain,
including large serving dishes and bowls, a
teapot, a pair of salt and pepper shakers,
a vase, a boxed Millennium Collection
reticulated plate, three small bowls, a vase,
and a pair of dolphin-form candlesticks;
together with a small pair of Belleek seashell
and dolphin vases, candlestick ht. 10 in.
Approximately Twenty-one Assorted
Pipes and Cheroot Holders, with additional
miscellaneous parts, including Dresden,
Hofgraveur, and other makers, some in
original cases, (damage).
Large Group of Chinese Snuff Bottles and
Assorted Small Vases, approximately fortyseven pieces total, including blue and white
porcelain, enamel, Peking glass, cloisonné,
ceramic, and stone examples.
French Inlaid and Veneer Mirrored
Dressing Table, (losses, veneer damage,
French Charles X Mahogany Veneer
Nine-drawer Lock-end Semainier, fitted
with six stacked gilt-tooled leather drawers
with lids over three stacked mahogany
veneer drawers, (cornice detached, wear,
imperfections), ht. 64, wd. 24 3/4, dp. 15
7/8 in.
Modern European Porcelain-framed Mirror,
the white ground decorated with multicolored
flowers molded in heavy relief atop abstract
scrolling designs, mounted to a wooden base,
approx. lg. 45, wd. 28 in.
Six Wedgwood Jasper Articles, a black
covered two-handled urn, a black and
white striped covered urn, a single black
candleholder, a small green wall pocket, a
green metal-mounted ice bucket, and a white
jug with applied green and mauve floral and
foliate decoration, ht. to 8 1/2 in.
Arthur Zaidenburg (Mexican/American,
Two Framed Mixed Media Works on
Paper: Study of a Nude Woman, signed
l.l., sheet size 14 x 8 3/8; and Two Running
Horses, signed l.l., sight size 10 3/4 x 16 7/8
in. Condition: Not examined out of frames.
Six Framed Landscape Views:
Susan Grisell (American, 20th/21st
Century), Winter Stream and Barn in
Autumn, both signed l.l., oil on board, sight
sizes to 8 1/4 x 11 1/4; Emilie Walker
(American, b. 1925), Beach View, signed
and dated ‘94 l.l., watercolor on paper,
sight size 8 1/2 x 11 1/2; Liz Parkinson
(Canadian, 20th/21st Century), Waterfront
View, signed l.r., watercolor and crayon
on paper, sight size 6 1/4 x 9 1/4; and two
additional watercolor water views, one signed
“Napoletano” l.r., sight sizes 9 3/4 x 14 and 6
3/4 x 9 3/4 in. Condition: Not examined out
of frames.
Lladro Porcelain Nativity Scene, comprised
of Mary, Joseph, the Christ child, two of the
three wise men (one duplicate), two peasants,
a donkey, and a cow, all in original boxes.
Robert and Virginia Warfield Carved and
Painted Wood “Herring Gull” Bird Figure,
Jaffrey, New Hampshire, 1974, no. 1/25,
signed, ht. 16 in.
Robert and Virginia Warfield Carved and
Painted Wood “Long Billed Marsh Wren”
Bird Figure, Jaffrey, New Hampshire, 1977,
signed, ht. 8 1/4 in.
Three Rococo Revival Needlepointupholstered Carved Walnut Footstools,
including a pair, (wear).
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Three Large Staffordshire Pottery Figural
Items, a pair of seated dogs, and a man and
woman holding hands while seated beneath
an arbor, (some crazing), ht. to 14 1/2 in.
Painted Molded Copper Running Horse
Weather Vane, figure lg. 27 1/2 in.
18kt Gold and Enamel Pillbox, 7.7 dwt,
Four Wedgwood Dry Body Wares, a black
basalt clock and small fluted urn, a rosso
antico jug, and an enameled rosso antico
teapot with figural finial, (teapot lid chipped),
ht. to 5 5/8 in.
Jane Tuckerman (American, 20th/21st
Difunta Correa Shrine, Argentina. Signed
“Jane Tuckerman” in pencil l.r., titled in
pencil l.l. Photogravure with hand-coloring
on paper, image size 18 1/2 x 25 3/4 in.,
framed. Condition: Deckled edges, pinholes
to corners, gentle rippling, not examined out
of frame.
N.B. Tuckerman is a professor of
photography at the Art Institute of Boston.
Pewter-mounted Mettlach Relief Stein,
Germany, late 19th century, 1/2 litre,
numbered 2182, with white drinking
and recreational scenes to a terra-cotta
background, impressed marks to base,
(noticeable crack to relief), ht. 7 3/4 in.
including thumb-piece.
Japanese Woven Bronze Basket,
constructed from interwoven bronze strips
and wires, with two applied cast bronze
crabs and a frog, the crabs with polychrome
decoration, on four hoof-form legs,
(misshapen), ht. 7 1/4 in.
Two Wedgwood Solid Primrose Jasper
Egyptian Items, with applied terra-cotta
relief, an Ankhesenamun trophy plate, boxed,
numbered 347/500 on the reverse and on
accompanying certificate of authenticity, and
a cylindrical vase, plate dia. 8 3/4, vase ht. 4
7/8 in.
Late Victorian Brass-plated Metal and
Angel Transfer-decorated Opaque Glass
Hanging Kerosene Lamp, (electrified),
approx. dia. 14 in.
Small Quezal Iridescent Gold Art Glass
Plate, with ribbing on the bottom, inscribed
“Quezal” on the base, dia. 6 in.
Asian Export Enamel-decorated Celadonand Cobalt-glazed Porcelain Barrel-form
Garden Seat, ht. 19 1/4 in.
Group of Vintage and Later Scottie Dogdecorated Kitchenware and Accessories,
including a nine-piece beverage set, two
sets of eight glasses, two serving trays, two
boxes of drink stirrers, a cookie jar, two
napkin holders, a lamp, coasters, twenty-six
miscellaneous glasses, and other items.
Collection of Metal Scottie Dog Figural
Items, including banks, paperweights,
doorstops, salt and pepper shakers, and
other decorative items, thirty-six pieces.
Six Assorted Wedgwood Articles, a
framed black basalt portrait plaque of Chief
Blackhawk of the Sauk and Fox Tribe, no.
449/500, a caneware covered pie dish,
moonstone-glazed Skeaping monkeys,
a small silver lustre creamer, and a giltdecorated porcelain teacup and saucer.
Ten Dorothy Doughty Royal Worcester
Bone China Dessert Plates and a Book,
the plates include: “Blackburnian Warbler &
Western Hemlock 1975,” “Redstarts & Beech
1972” (2), “Ruby-Crowned Kinglets & Abutilon
1982,” “Paradise Wydah 1977,” “Cerulean
Warblers & Beech 1980,” “Mountain Bluebird
& Pint 1979,” “Myrtle Warbler & Cherry 1973,”
“Blue-Grey Gnatcatchers 1974,” and “Willow
Warbler & Cranes Bill 1981,” all in original
boxes, some with original booklets, together
with George Savage, The American Birds of
Dorothy Doughty, 1962, in original slipcover.
additional information and photos at
British School, 19th Century
Mother and Children. Unsigned. Watercolor
on laid paper, 9 x 7 1/8 in., framed.
Condition: Toning, small tear with 1/8 inch
hole to upper center edge of sheet, sheet
glued to window mat at top edge, acid burn
to the margins.
After Gladys Emerson Cook (American,
Portrait of a Siamese Cat. Inscribed
“Gladys Emerson Cook” l.l. Photogravure
after a pastel on paper, sight size 16 x 11 3/4
in., unframed. Condition: Taped to window
Four Yellow-glazed Staffordshire Pottery
Items, a pair of small cradles and two jugs,
one with grotesque multicolored demon face
to front, ht. to 5 1/8 in.
Robert and Virginia Warfield Carved and
Painted Wood “Canada Goose” Bird
Figure, Jaffrey, New Hampshire, 1975, no. 4,
signed, ht. 12 3/4 in.
Robert and Virginia Warfield Carved and
Painted Wood “Spotted Sandpiper” Bird
Figure, Jaffrey, New Hampshire, 1977, no. 5,
signed, ht. 7 in.
Nine Dresden Hand-painted Porcelain
Monkey Band Figures, unmarked, ht. to 4
5/8 in.
Modern German Porcelain Figural Lamp,
the base with a young boy and girl seated on
a bench about to kiss, together with matching
pierced porcelain shade and finial, all with
overall applied heavily molded porcelain
flowers, (some breakage and losses), overall
ht. approx. 18 in.
Three Modern Italian Porcelain and Marble
Carousel Music Boxes/Cigarette Holders,
with Swiss musical movements, two play “La
Vie En Rose” and “The Blue Danube,” (third
doesn’t appear to work), ht. 11 1/4 to 15 3/4
Two Framed Black and White Photographs
of Mt. Fuji, sight size 3 3/4 x 5 3/4 in.
Small Louis Vuitton-type Train Case,
sheathed in monogrammed coated canvas,
with leather and brass mountings and goldtone hardware, leather luggage tag (broken),
and leather handle, interior not marked Louis
Vuitton, hardware not stamped, ht. 8 5/8, lg.
13 1/4, wd. 8 7/8 in.
Patinated Molded Copper “Blackhawk”
Running Horse Weather Vane, (crushing,
seam splits, bullet holes), figure lg. 25 1/4 in.
Collection of Scottie Dog Jewelry and
Accessories, including pins, brooches,
necklaces, charms, key chains, and bracelets,
approx. thirty-four pieces.
Collection of Small Glass, Ceramic, and
Composition Scottie Dog Figures, including
Royal Doulton, Beswick, Goebel, Japanese,
bookends, salt and pepper shakers, etc.,
approx. forty-nine pieces.
Large Assortment of 20th Century Art
Pottery, mostly dinnerware, including eight
Mexican green and yellow striped dinner
plates and matching small teapot, five
Mexican blue and white geometric plates with
matching teapot, sugar, and single teacup,
five plates with Picasso-style illustrations
of figures and animals, a number of floraldecorated redware pieces, and other items.
No lot.
Stewart Universal Favorite Banjo and
a 19th Century Karl Sprenger Inlaid
Rosewood Veneer Zither, the latter with
mahogany case.
Robert and Virginia Warfield Carved
and Painted Wood “Ruffled Grouse
(drumming)” Bird Figure, Jaffrey, New
Hampshire, 1988, no. 17, signed, ht. 12 1/2
Robert and Virginia Warfield Carved and
Painted Wood “Screaming Jay” Bird
Figure, Jaffrey, New Hampshire, no. 23,
signed, ht. 9 1/4 in.
Collection of Scottie Dog Accessories
and Collectible Items, including desk items,
advertising, smoking, personal, and table
items, approx. thirty-seven items.
Twenty-two-piece Japanese Satsuma Tea
Approximately Forty-five Pieces of Arts
& Crafts Mostly Hammered and Wrought
Copperwork, including a Roycroft tray, three
desk calendars, two blotter corners, two
inkwells, a small table frame, eight pairs of
bookends, a box, four sconces, a pair of wall
pockets, etc., with some openwork.
Ten Pieces of Brass, Copper, and
Metalware, including copper Dutch oven,
pan, hot water kettle, tray, and urn, brass
tazza, covered pot, Near Eastern vessel, and
a metal pan.
Approximately Fifty-one Assorted
Porcelain Dinnerware Items, eleven
Rosenthal gilt-rimmed “Royal” bouillons with
ten undertrays and three saucers, five green
gilt Cauldon plates and five blue gilt Coalport
plates, both for Charles R. Lynde, Boston,
four red gilt Mintons scalloped-edge plates, a
set of twelve Cauldon gilt Greek key-rimmed
plates, and a single small saucer, (crazing,
chip to single saucer), Coalport dia. 10 1/4 in.
Nine Modern Wedgwood Solid Jasper
Items, a primrose bamboo-style teapot and
sugar with applied terra-cotta relief, a dark
blue Portland-style vase, a terra-cotta jug, a
pair of green oval plaques, a green cylindrical
vase, a small green bowl, and a black bowl,
green vase ht. 6 1/2 in.
Group of Assorted Decorative and
Collectible Items, a French bronze bird
sculpture on marble base, a Victorian lacquer
matchsafe, repousse metal cup, five pieces
of tartanware, a brass skeleton key, a
reverse-painted and decoupage glass ball,
and a Northeastern Native American beaded
whimsey pillow.
Robert and Virginia Warfield Carved and
Painted Wood “California Quail” Bird
Figure, Jaffrey, New Hampshire, no. 31,
signed, ht. 10 3/8 in.
Robert and Virginia Warfield Carved and
Painted Wood “Mute Swan” Bird Figure,
Jaffrey, New Hampshire, 1976, signed, ht. 9,
lg. 16 in.
Pair of Victorian-style Opalescent and
Cranberry Glass Lamps, Two Vases, and a
Miniature Hat.
Modern German Porcelain Figural Lamp,
the base with three youths dancing around a
tree trunk, together with matching porcelain
shade and associated similar finial, all with
overall applied heavily molded porcelain
flowers, (some breakage and losses), overall
ht. approx. 22 in.
Two Framed Mario Martin Lithograph
Portraits, signed l.r. and dated “78,” edition
28/50, 3/50, each 14 3/4 x 10 3/4 in.
Ten Framed 20th Century Mexican School
Prints and Drawings, two Chalez Morado
prints Vendedoras de Ora and La Duermeola;
a print Recordandote signed “Alcazar”; a
print depicting the limestone carved head of
“Pacal”; and a set of six drawings depicting
Aztec figures in two frames.
No lot.
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Weber Costello Co. Illuminated 12-inch
Terrestrial Globe on Mahogany Stand,
Chicago, overall approx. ht. 36 3/4 in.
Twelve Brass and Iron Candlesticks,
including two brass chambersticks, three
pairs of brass candlesticks, and four iron
hogscraper candlesticks, ht. to 11 1/2 in.
Painted and Patinated Weighted Molded
Copper Horse Weather Vane, (seam splits,
corrosion, imperfections), figure lg. 19 in.
Group of Assorted Decorated Ceramic
Table Items and Partial Tableware Sets,
including a set of five Selb dinner plates, ten
Ovington gilt and floral plates, a Schumann
basket, a twenty-three piece Haviland
Limoges partial dinner set, a Royal Bonn
portrait vase, Wedgwood basalt vase,
Gien vase, and five miscellaneous ceramic
tableware items.
Neoclassical-style Gold-painted Metal
Hanging Light with Prisms.
Four Partial Sets of Gilt-rimmed Porcelain
Dinnerware, twelve Royal Worcester dinner
plates, dia. 10 3/8, twelve Mintons for Tiffany
& Co. plates (many cracked), dia. 9, twelve
Cauldon soup bowls, dia. 9 3/8, and six Royal
Worcester “Diana” bowls, dia. 8 in.
Colorless Etched Golfer in Landscapedecorated Glass Beverage Pitcher, with
applied handle and polished pontil, ht. 13
1/2 in.
Six Assorted Framed 20th Century Works,
Jacob Alfolabi print Spirit Head Mask; Dave
Rogan abstract print; two C. Fatiguant,
a gouache of two figures and an oil on
Masonite portrait; Strauser work depicting
a woman; and a Cynthia Packard print of a
seated woman with a bowl of fruit.
Victorian Walnut Box-form Stool, a
Mahogany Dressing Mirror on Cabinet, and
a Baroque-style High Relief Carved Walnut
Document Box, the box ht. 9, lg. 20 in.
Robert and Virginia Warfield Carved and
Painted Wood “American Woodcock”
Bird Figure, Jaffrey, New Hampshire, 1983,
approx. ht. 4 7/8, lg. 8 1/2 in.
Seven Assorted Wedgwood Jasper Items,
five jasper dip: a sage green jug, an olive
green small bud vase and candlestick, and
a black footed bowl and mustard pot with
silver-plated lid; and two pale blue solid
jasper items: a small dish (broken) and a cup,
candlestick ht. 7 in.
Two Framed 20th Century and Four
Framed Contemporary 20th Century
Works, a mixed media “owls” and a print
depicting sleeping bunks; a Ruth Hogan
pastel depicting Cape Cod sailboats at low
tide; and three signed “Lennar,” oil on artist
board and Masonite, a house in a landscape,
a landscape with gray sky, and a portrait of
a horse.
Late Victorian Pieced and Embroidered
Silk Crazy Quilt, with embroidered initials
“E.C.C.” and dated “Feb 18-’90,” 53 x 53 in.
Seven Assorted Collectible and Decorative
Ceramic Items, a Royal Doulton Dick Turpin
D 6528 character jug, a Japanese small
ceramic character jug, standing figure, small
box, and pair of Dutch-style shoes, and a
Hotel D’Angleterre porcelain smoking stand.
Dutch Baroque-style Brass Six-arm
Chandelier, approx. lg. 25, wd. 26 in.
Robert and Virginia Warfield Carved and
Painted Wood “Belted Kingfisher (Female)”
Bird Figure, Jaffrey, New Hampshire, 1977,
no. 15, signed, ht. 14 3/4 in.
Robert and Virginia Warfield Carved and
Pained Wood “Yellow-shafted Flicker and
Young Red Squirrel” Figural Group, Jaffrey,
New Hampshire, 1975, 4/25, signed, ht. 15
Seventy-piece Minton Transfer Bellemeade
Pattern Porcelain Partial Dinner Set.
Robert and Virginia Warfield Carved
and Painted Wood “Wood Duck with
Painted Turtle” Figural Group, Jaffrey, New
Hampshire, 1975, signed, (wing tip chip), ht.
29 1/2 in.
additional information and photos at
After Salvador Dali (Spanish, 1904-1989)
Three Prints: Return, Return, Shulamite
and I Have Compared Thee, O My Love, To
a Company of Horses..., both from Song of
Songs of Solomon, 1971; and Transparent
Horse (Chevauchée). Each inscribed “Dali”
in pencil l.r., Shulamite and Horses inscribed
“E.A.” l.l., Transparent inscribed “255/300”
l.l., each with labels from Artworld Gallery,
Acton, Massachusetts, affixed to the backing.
Shulamite and Horses color etchings with
glitter appliqué, Transparent color etching;
sheet sizes to 24 x 27 in.; all framed.
N.B. Shulamite and Horses are likely restrikes
published by Leon Amiel; Transparent is a
restrike published by Leon Amiel.
Approximately Twenty Assorted Pieces
of Ceramic Tableware, a set of nine
Wedgwood strawberry-decorated plates, a
Spode reticulated basket and undertray, and
four red-rimmed Wedgwood plates with large
matching trivet and two matching serving
dishes, one with cover and pierced insert,
(chips), trivet lg. 15 3/4 in.
Mid-century Geode Specimen Table Lamp
with Wood Base, lamp base and body ht. 18
3/8, geode wd. 7 1/2 in.
Seven Pieces of Assorted Stoneware, a
cobalt-decorated two-gallon churn, two jugs,
two bottles, a butter crock, and another
Painted Molded Copper “Blackhawk”
Running Horse Weather Vane, (seam splits,
breaks), figure lg. 24 in.
No lot.
Group of Assorted Art Glass Items,
including two Scandinavian vases, a
contemporary favrile scroll sculpture
paperweight, two miniature Waterford vases,
three Baccarat Christmas trees, a Santa, and
snowman figures, seven Swarovski figures,
Franklin Galambos (American, b. 1944)
Reflections Ebb. Numbered, titled, signed,
and dated “24/300...© 79” l.l., l.c., and l.r.,
identified on a label from Artworld Gallery,
Acton, Massachusetts, affixed to the backing.
Color lithograph, sight size 19 1/2 x 28 1/2
in., framed.
Seven Ceramic Figures and Twenty-one
Pieces of Assorted Ceramic Tableware,
two Lladro, two Goebel birds, two Royal
Copenhagen birds, and a Rosenthal vase.
Fifty-five Modern Pairpoint Sandwich-style
Colored and Colorless Pressed Glass Cup
Large Chinese Blue and White Landscapedecorated Porcelain Urn, (cracks, lacking
cover), ht. 18 1/2 in.
Walnut Desk Box with Two Drawers
and a Small Dill & Collins Printing Paper
Oak Dovetail-constructed Three-drawer
Countertop Box, ht. 7 1/2, wd. 22 1/2, and
ht. 7 1/4, wd. 9, lg. 10 3/4 in.
Robert and Virginia Warfield Carved and
Painted Wood “White Footed Mouse”
Figure, Jaffrey, New Hampshire, 1980,
signed, ht. 4 3/4 in.
Robert and Virginia Warfield Carved and
Painted Wood “Red-wing Blackbirds” Bird
Figural Group, Jaffrey, New Hampshire, no.
1, signed, ht. 21 1/2 in.
Federal-style Gold-painted Wooden
Girandole Mirror with Convex Glass, lg. 35
1/2 in.
Nine Pieces of European Mostly Handpainted Porcelain Tableware.
Forest Hart Bronze Sculpture of Otters and
Sculpture of Bear Cubs, each on a marble
base, the otters with inscribed signature,
edition “3/12,” and dated “1992,” approx.
ht. 5 1/4, lg. 15 1/4; the cubs with inscribed
signature, edition “4/25,” and dated “1995,”
ht. 9 1/8 in.
Two Painted Wood Pond Sailboats, a
Stereoviewer with Twenty-one View Cards,
and Games, including three sets of ivory
and wood chess pieces, an inlaid wood
chess board, and a set of bone and ebony
dominoes, (piece count unknown, some chips
and breaks to pieces).
Three American Art Pottery Vases, a Fulper,
Marblehead matte blue, and a Hampshire
matte green, ht. 6 3/4, 5 1/4, and 7 1/4 in.,
Cast Zinc and Patinated Molded Copper
Full-body Running Horse Weather Vane,
(corrosion, seam splits), figure lg. 26 1/2 in.
Fifteen Assorted Blue and White European
Porcelain Tableware Items, ten Meissen
Onion pattern salad plates, a dinner plate,
and a serving tray, all with underglazed blue
crossed swords mark, a Villeroy & Boch
Dresden Onion pattern quadripartite bowl, a
Royal Copenhagen small oval dish, and an
unmarked similar funnel (hairline), serving tray
lg. 16 in.
Three Framed Hand-painted Miniatures,
oval portraits on porcelain of a cherub and of
a maiden, and a circular watercolor on ivory
French interior scene, signed l.l., sight lg. 2
1/2, 3 1/4, and 3 1/4 in., respectively.
Five-piece Bing & Grondahl Gilt Blue and
White Porcelain Tea and Coffee Set.
Four Kitchen Mixing Bowls, two banded
yellowware bowls, a blue and white
spongeware bowl, and a small glazed ceramic
Group of Assorted Decorative Items,
two Chippendale and Chippendale-style
mahogany mirrors, an Imari porcelain bowl,
a carved wood eagle fragment, two Chinese
ginger jars, a horse brass, a brass-inlaid
hardwood ruler, and a near pair of colorless
pressed bull’s-eye and fleur-de-lis pattern
glass oil lamps, (mirror with detached
element, lamps electrified), mirror lg. 29 and
21 1/2 in.
Set of Six French Acid-etched and Enamel
Floral-decorated Art Glass Punch Cups.
William Nicholson (British, 1872-1949)
No lot.
Four Ceramic Articles, two Staffordshire
Scottish-type figural groups: a soldier with a
cannon and flag and a polychrome boy with a
goat; a miniature Toby jug; and a small, lidded
box, ht. to 11 1/2 in.
Two Equestrian Subjects: Racing and
Boating from An Almanac of Twelve
Sports, 1898. Unsigned. Color woodblock
prints, sight size 9 x 9 in., both framed.
Nathan Dolinsky Oil on Canvas of a Stable
Interior, signed l.r., framed, (laid down),
canvas 12 x 16 in.
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Large Imari Porcelain Floor Vase, ht. 36
1/2 in.
Eighteen-piece Gilt-metal Monogrammounted Faux Tortoiseshell Dresser Set,
monogram “TK.”
Eight Assorted Mostly Brass Decorative
Accessories, including a small framed mirror,
brass horse doorstop, a pair of candlestick/
table lamps, a bouloitte-style table lamp,
a hearth trivet, a brass and leather-clad
columnar table lamp, and a sculpted bust of
John F. Kennedy.
Thirty-six-piece Eschenbach Gilt Blue and
White Porcelain Dessert Service and a Set
of Nine Stuart Colorless Glass Goblets
with Air-trapped Twist Stems.
Three-piece Pink Porcelain Figural Clock
and Garniture, with clock produced for
Tiffany & Co. being held by two youths in
matching pink flowered outfits, the clock and
base decorated with applied roses and pink
and gold foliate designs, flanked by matching
five-light figural candelabra, (one arm broken
on one candleholder, losses and breaks to
some of the flowers), ht. to 16 1/2 in.
Meissen New Gold Porcelain Dish, (wear),
dia. 11 1/4 in.
Pair of Brass Finial and Faceted Lemontop Andirons, with seamed construction, ht.
19 3/4 in.
Three Mahogany Veneer Ogee Framed
Mirrors and a Victorian Arch-top Walnut
Framed Mirror.
19th/20th Century American School Oil
on Canvas Depicting a Barnyard with
Chickens, signed “Rose Howard” l.l., framed,
canvas 18 x 12 in.
Two Danish Modern Reversible Machinewoven Wool, Viscose, and Cotton Rugs, for
Bloomingdale’s, 58 x 34 1/2 and 83 x 58 in.
Two Cucumberlabs Painted Sheet Metal
Rooster Sculptures, ht. 18 1/4 in.
Eleven Assorted Pieces of Gilt-decorated
European Porcelain, a Haviland Limoges
serving tray, a Limoges blue and pink molded
bowl, a Hancock floral-decorated scallopedged compote and fluted dish, a round
covered dish, three shell-form dishes, a
small jug, a smaller serving tray with pierced
handles, and a footed basket-form twohandled bowl.
Pair of Vienna Hand-painted
“Schafemende Genius” Porcelain Cabinet
Plates, dia. 12 1/4 in.
Vetri Murano Art Glass Figural Sculpture,
R. Armotine, (detached), overall ht. 18 1/4 in.
Patinated Molded Copper Running Horse
Weather Vane, figure lg. 32 1/4 in.
Ralph H. Segal, Bodyscope Publications
Bodyscope; a Collection of 20th Century
Sheet Music; and Eight Piano Rolls.
Chinese Hexagonal Porcelain Vase and a
Bird-form Pitcher, vase ht. 14 3/4 in.
Painted Cast Metal Tree-form Table Lamp
with Three Rose Blossom-shaped Glass
Light Bulbs.
Oak Wall Box, lg. 18 in.
Framed Offset Mechanical Print Depicting
a Dock Scene, after Gordon Grant, sight size
14 1/4 x 21 in.
additional information and photos at
Set of Three Framed Hand-colored
Hunting Lithographs, Deer Hunting, Moose
Hunting, and Partridge Shooting, sight sizes 6
3/4 x 9 1/4 in.
Hexagonal Copper-framed Bent Slag Glass
Panel and Painted Cast Metal Table Lamp,
with three sockets, (married), ht. 23 1/2, wd.
19 in.
Near Pair of Modern Asian Export Famille
Rose Porcelain Barrel-form Garden Seats,
approx. ht. 19, dia. 14 in.
Large Assortment of Mostly 19th Century
Decorative Articles, including twenty pieces
of ceramic tableware, a set of three enameled
colorless blown glass dresser bottles, a pair
of Victorian art glass spill vases, an etched
glass pin tray, a small 19th century brass
desk clock, a French lacquered snuff box, a
faux book-form box, a majolica figural bottle,
and an etched colorless glass vase.
Edward Miller & Co. Duplex Brass
Adjustable Double Student Lamp with a
Pair of Opaque Glass Shades, (electrified),
ht. 23, wd. 25 in.
Group of Copper Cookware and a Russian
Brass Samovar, including sixteen copper
pots, a covered broiler, two pots, and a kettle.
Eleven Assorted Decorative Items, a
European Victorian wood-framed beaded
plateau, a cobalt glass jar, five-bottle caster
set with stand, a Bohemian etched colorless
decanter with six glasses, and a pale blue
molded glass floral-form scent bottle.
Three Framed English Hand-colored
Hunting Prints, Barraud Mr. William Long,
on “Bertha” and Mr. Charles Davis, on “The
Traverser,” and Henry Graves & Co. The Meet
at Melton, sight size the pair 19 1/4 x 28 3/4,
and single 18 1/2 x 21 1/2 in.
Gilt-metal and Bent Slag Glass Panel
Hanging Light with Four Pendant Lamps,
(glass damage, married, replaced sockets),
approx. ht. 12, wd. 27 in.
Six Bisque Figures, a boy and girl pair, a
sleepy girl, an egg-shaped box with babies,
a miniature black baby, and a black baby
emerging from an egg, ht. 2 1/2 to 13 1/2 in.
Three Pieces of European Art Nouveau
Pewter and Britanniaware, a vase, a maiden
and shell figural tray, and a WMFB vase, ht.
to 9 1/2 in.
Meissen Hand-painted Porcelain Cherubs
Figural Group and Two Small Painted
Bisque Figures, Meissen ht. 6 5/8 in.
Octagonal Carmel Slag Glass Bent Panel
and Metal Overlay Table Lamp with Cast
Metal Base, three original sockets and chain
pulls, approx. ht. 27, wd. 21 in.
Twelve Framed Works, including two
Japanese woodblock prints, three melon and
botanical plates, two watercolors, a pair of
painted monkeys parading on panel, a small
contemporary print, two oil on canvas: Boston
view and country landscape.
Seven Assorted Decorative Ceramic Table
Items and an Enamel-decorated Amethyst
Vase, two Parian figures, a Pickard gilt bowl
and covered jar, a jasperware figural vase, a
ewer, and a stoneware tobacco jar.
Sixty-nine-piece Coalport Red Transfer
Pastoral Pattern Ceramic Dinner Set.
Pair of Art Nouveau Cast Bronze Vases,
ht. 7 in.
Jane Eliza Dillon Glazed Art Pottery
Sculpture, RSDI, 1979, in three parts, incised
marks, ht. 19 3/4 in.
Three Assorted Meissen Hand-painted
Porcelain Figural Groups, a couple beneath
a tree, young man with a bowl, and a young
couple, (varying losses and restoration), ht. 8
3/4, lg. 11, and ht. 7 3/8 in., respectively.
Pair of Victorian Gilt-gesso and Wood
Frames, exterior 40 1/2 x 35 1/2, rabbet 27
1/2 x 22 1/4 in.
WMFB Art Nouveau Britanniaware Jewelry
Box, with cloth-lined interior, ht. 6, lg. 9 3/8
Thirty-five Colorless Glass Punch Cups,
including sets of five cut, eleven cut, two
sets of six etched, three etched, and four
Seven Assorted Decorative Table Items,
a Royal Doulton porcelain Fair Lady (red)
figure HN 2832, a pair of German gilt and
hand-painted porcelain platters, an ironstone
covered tureen, a colorless pattern glass
covered compote, a candlestick, and a
sterling silver candelabra.
Pyramidal Patinated Metal Landscape
Overlay and Slag Glass Panel Table Lamp
Shade and a Bradley & Hubbard Patinated
Metal Table Lamp Base, with one socket,
shade ht. 7 1/2, wd. 15, base approx. arm ht.
13, wd. 15 in.
Five Assorted Late Victorian and Assorted
Art Glass Table Items, a Victorian gilt and
enamel floral-decorated colored glass footed
trumpet vase, a decanter, covered jar,
perfume, and a silver-plated and green glass
kerosene table lamp.
Art Nouveau White Glazed Ceramic Figural
Table Lamp, with an unrelated molded glass
shade, lamp ht. 20 1/2 in.
Forty-one Pieces of Assorted European
Decorated Porcelain Tea and Tableware.
Burmese Art Glass Cruet, with applied
handle, ht. 6 3/4 in.
Mettlach Stein with Four Other Steins and
Lidded Jugs, etched Mettlach no. 2035, one
liter, a German bear-form, an English ceramic
jug, salt glazed jug, and a European glazed
pottery flagon.
Three Framed Prints, A.H. Haig, Door to
Cloisters, Jedsburgh Abbey; Alice Standish
Buell, Vermont Landmark; and an aquatint
Venezia Ponte Sospiri.
Two Japanese Carved Ivory Okimono
and a Carved Wood Figure of an Elderly
WMF Jugendstil Brass Flagon, a Loetztype Gilt-metal Mounted Iridescent Green
Art Glass Vase, and an Iridescent Art Glass
Candlestick with Applied Threading.
Fifteen French Hand-painted Porcelain
Fruit Plates, a Chinese Export Porcelain
Bowl, and Modern Jar-form/Table Lamp,
the plates include a set of twelve and three
Scott Chambers Wood Half-hull Sailing
Ship Model Elias Westervelt, 2011,
comprised of cherry, mahogany, and other
woods, 10 x 33 3/4 in.
Five Victorian Table and Decorative Items,
an inlaid wood book-form box, a fretwork
bracket wall shelf, a European carved walnut
bird and tree trunk figural vase, an ebonized
carved wood box, and a gilt-brass and marble
sinumbra lamp with etched glass shade and
online bidding at
Eight Asian Brass Decorative Items, a tray
on wood stand, two boxes, a censer, bell,
match holder, tray, and a coaster.
Pair of Art Deco Brass Figural Table
Lamps with Glass Shades, lg. 10 1/2 in.
Pair of European Blue Flambé Glazed Art
Pottery Vases, unsigned, ht. 11 3/4 in.
Nine Framed Duck Stamp Prints, Robert
Bateman 1987 and 1990 National Fish and
Wildlife Foundation, 1985 and 1988 Canadian
Wildlife Conservation, 1987 Arkansas
Waterfowl and Hunting, 1988 Washington
Migratory, 1989 New York Migratory, 1990
Texas Parks & Wildlife, and a Nancy Howe
1992 U.S. Department of the Interior.
Eleven 19th Century French Lithograph
Caricatures, including Daumier, Aubert &
Co., Mourlot Bros., Delaunois, seven framed.
additional information and photos at
Skinner, Inc. - Conditions of Sale
1. Some of the lots in this sale are offered subject to a reserve. The reserve is a confidential minimum price agreed upon by the consignor and
Skinner, Inc. below which the lot will not be sold. In most cases, the reserve will be set below the estimated range, but in no case will it exceed
the estimates listed. A representative of Skinner, Inc. will execute such reserves by bidding for the consignor. In any event and whether or not a
lot is subject to a reserve, the auctioneer may reject any bid or raise not commensurate with the value of such lot.
2. All property is sold “as is,” and neither the auctioneer nor any consignor makes any warranties or representation of any kind or nature with
respect to the property, and in no event shall they be responsible for the correctness, nor deemed to have made any representation or warranty, of
description, genuineness, authorship, attribution, provenance, period, culture, source, origin, or condition of the property and no statement made
at the sale, or in the bill of sale, or invoice or elsewhere shall be deemed such a warranty of representation or an assumption of liability.
3. Except as provided in paragraph 1 above, the highest bidder as determined by the auctioneer shall be the purchaser. In the case of a disputed
bid, the auctioneer shall have sole discretion in determining the purchaser and may also, at his or her election, withdraw the lot or reoffer the lot
for sale. The auctioneer shall have sole discretion to refuse any bid, or refuse to acknowledge any bidder. Any bidder that plans on spending in
excess of $100,000 should make arrangements with the accounting department at least five (5) days in advance of the sale, as a deposit may be
required to participate.
4. All merchandise purchased must be paid for and removed from the premises the day of the auction. Skinner Inc. may impose, and the
purchaser agrees to pay, a monthly interest charge of 1.5% of the purchase price of any lot or item lot not paid for within thirty-five (35) days of
the date of sale.
Skinner, Inc. shall have no liability for any damage or loss to property left on its premises for more than three (3) days from the date of sale. If
any property has not been removed within three (3) days from the date of sale, at the option of Skinner, Inc. (a) Skinner Inc., may impose, and
the purchaser agrees to pay, a monthly storage charge of 1.5% of the purchase price of any lot or portion of a lot not removed within the three
days, and/or (b) Skinner Inc. may place the merchandise in a subsequent auction, without Reserve, to be sold to the highest bidder, and after
deducting the standard commission and any additional charges that may apply, remit the proceeds to the purchaser.
5. Skinner accepts cash or check for payment. Personal checks will be acceptable only if credit has been established with Skinner, Inc. or if a bank
authorization has been received guaranteeing a personal check. Skinner, Inc. reserves the right to hold merchandise purchased by personal check
until the check has cleared the bank. The purchaser agrees to pay Skinner, Inc. a handling charge of $25.00 for any check dishonored by the
drawee. Please contact Accounting for additional payment methods. Skinner does not accept payment by credit card for merchandise purchases.
6. If the purchaser breaches any of its obligations under these Conditions of Sale, including its obligation to pay in full the purchase price of
all items for which it was the highest successful bidder, Skinner Inc. may exercise all of its rights and remedies under the law including, without
limitation, (a) canceling the sale and applying any payments made by the purchaser to the damages caused by the purchaser’s breach, and/or (b)
offering at public auction, without reserve, any lot or item for which the purchaser has breached any of its obligations, including its obligation to
pay in full the purchase price, holding the purchaser liable for any deficiency plus all costs of sale.
7. In no event will the liability of Skinner, Inc. to any purchaser with respect to any item exceed the purchase price actually paid by such
purchaser for such item.
8. Shipping is the responsibility of the purchaser. Upon request, our staff will provide the list of shippers who deliver to destinations within
the United States and overseas. Some property that is sold at auction can be subject to laws governing export from the U.S., such as items that
include material from some endangered species. Import restrictions from foreign countries are subject to these same governing laws. Granting of
licensing for import or export of goods from local authorities is the sole responsibility of the buyer. Denial or delay of licensing will not constitute
cancellation or delay in payment for the total purchase price of these lots.
9. All purchases are subject to the Massachusetts 6.25% sales tax unless the purchaser possesses a Massachusetts sales tax exemption number.
Exemption numbers from other states are accepted in Massachusetts if presented with a business card or letterhead. Dealers, museums, and
other qualifying parties can apply for a Massachusetts exemption number prior to the auction by contacting the Massachusetts Department of
Corporations and Taxation at 100 Cambridge Street in Boston.
10. Except for property purchased via On-line Auctions, a premium equal to 18.5% of the final bid price up to and including $200,000, plus 10%
of the final bid over $200,000, will be applied to each lot sold, to be paid by the Buyer as part of the purchase price. The buyers premium on
property purchased via On-line Auctions will be in an amount up to 22.5% of the final bid price up to and including $200,000, plus 15% of the
final bid over $200,000.
11. Bidding on any item indicates your acceptance of these terms and all other terms announced at the time of sale whether bidding in person,
through a representative, by phone, by Internet, or other absentee bid.
12. Skinner, Inc. and its consignors make no warranty or representation, express or implied, that the purchaser will acquire any copyright or
reproduction rights to any lot sold. Skinner, Inc. expressly reserves the right to reproduce any image of the lots sold in this catalogue. The
copyright in all images, illustrations and written material produced by or for Skinner, Inc. relating to a lot, including the contents of this
catalogue, is, and shall remain at all times, the property of Skinner, Inc. and shall not be used by the purchaser, nor by anyone else, without our
prior written consent.
13. These conditions of sale shall be governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (excluding the laws applicable to conflicts or
choice of law). The buyer/bidder agrees that any suit for the enforcement of this agreement may be brought, and any action against Skinner in
connection with the transactions contemplated by this agreement shall be brought, in the courts of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts or any
federal court sitting therein. The bidder/buyer consents to the nonexclusive jurisdiction of such courts and waives objections that it may now or
hereafter have to the venue of any such suit.
Revised April 17, 2012
Absentee Bid Form
Sale Title
Sale Date
First Time Bidder?
Customer #
Name (Please Print)
Business Name
Phone #
Alternate #
check if change in address
Zip Code
I wish to place the following bids in the sale listed above. I understand that Skinner, Inc. will execute bids as
a convenience, and will not be held responsible for any errors or failure to execute bids. I understand that
my bids are executed and accepted as per Conditions of Sale as printed in the catalogue of this sale.
Signature (Required)
Lot #
Bid Price
Auctioneers and Appraisers of Antiques and Fine Art
6 3 P a r k P l a z a , B o s t o n , M A 0 2 1 1 6 Te l : 6 1 7 . 3 5 0 . 5 4 0 0 F a x : 6 1 7 . 3 5 0 . 5 4 2 9
2 7 4 C e d a r H i l l S t r e e t , M a r l b o r o u g h , M A 0 1 7 5 2 Te l : 5 0 8 . 9 7 0 . 3 0 0 0 F a x : 5 0 8 . 9 7 0 . 3 1 0 0
w w w. s k i n n e r i n c . c o m
Board of Directors
Auctioneers and
Appraisers of Antiques
and Fine Art
63 Park Plaza
Boston, MA 02116
Fax 617.350.5429
274 Cedar Hill Street
Marlborough, MA 01752
Fax 508.970.3100
Chairman of the Board - Nancy R. Skinner
Richard Albright
John Deighton
Barnet Fain
Stephen L. Fletcher
Karen M. Keane
Andrew Payne
President/Chief Executive Officer - Karen M. Keane
Chief Financial Officer - Don Kelly
Executive Vice President - Stephen L. Fletcher
Vice Presidents - Eric Jones, Marie Keep, Gloria Lieberman, Carol McCaffrey,
Kerry Shrives, Stuart G. Slavid, Robin S.R. Starr
20th Century Design - Jane D. Prentiss
American & European Paintings & Prints - Robin S.R. Starr
Assistants: Kathy Wong, Elizabeth C. Haff
American Furniture & Decorative Arts - Stephen L. Fletcher
Deputy Director: Chris Barber; Assistant: Karen Langberg
American Indian & Ethnographic Art - Douglas Deihl
Asian Works of Art - Judith Dowling
Assistants: Biying Zhang, Carol Tran
Books & Manuscripts - Devon Gray
Bottles, Flasks & Early Glass - Stephen L. Fletcher
Ceramics - Stuart G. Slavid
Classic Automobiles & Motorcycles - Jane D. Prentiss
Couture - Cara Elmslie
Discovery Auctions - Cara Elmslie
Assistants: Garrett J. Sheahan, Melissa Riebe
European Furniture & Decorative Arts - Stuart G. Slavid
Assistants: Leah Kingman, Stephanie Opolski
Fine Wines - Marie Keep
Assistant: Michael J. Moser
Jewelry - Victoria Bratberg
Assistants: John Colasacco, Julie Khouri
Judaica - Kerry Shrives
Musical Instruments - David Bonsey
Oriental Rugs & Carpets - Gary Richards
Science, Technology & Clocks - Robert C. Cheney
Assistant: Jonathan Dowling
Silver - Stuart G. Slavid
Toys & Dolls - Kerry Shrives
Auctioneers - LaGina Austin, Chris Barber, Robert C. Cheney,
John Colasacco, Stephen L. Fletcher, Karen M. Keane, Marie C. Keep,
Gloria Lieberman, Jessica R. Lincoln, Kerry Shrives, Stuart G. Slavid,
Robin S.R. Starr, Laura V. Sweeney
Exhibitions &
Property Distribution
Finance Department
Service Departments
Marlborough: Warehouse Manager - Fred Trottier; 508.970.3261
Property Manager - Samuel Combs, 508.970.3262
Property Distribution Manager - Jessica R. Lincoln, 617.874.4308
Auction Coordinator - Benjamin Evans, 617.874.4329
Accounts Receivable - Denise Johnson, 508.970.3269
Accounts Payable, Consignment - Kathleen Hayes, 508.970.3268
Accounts Payable, Trade - Kevin Rota, 508.970.3283
Credit Supervisor - Joe Monteyro, 508.970.3266
Marlborough: Heather Retzke, 508.970.3240
Appraisal & Auction Services - LaGina Austin, Christine E. Finn,
Shannon M. Ames, Hadley Bridgman
Advertising Production - Pamela Van de Houten
Boston Gallery Director - Laura V. Sweeney
Assistant Gallery Director: Paige Lewellyn
Gallery Assistant: Jessica Turner
Catalogue Production - Pamela Van de Houten, Kristina Harrison
Consignment Services - Patricia Walker King, Megan J. Blomgren, Carol Zeigler
Customer Relations - Carol McCaffrey
Institutional Relations - L. Emerson Tuttle
Human Resources - Carol McCaffrey
Information Technology & Internet Auctions - Kerry Shrives
Assistants: Timothy Shaughnessey, Melissa Riebe
Managing Director - Marie C. Keep
Marketing & Public Relations - Kate de Bethune, Kathryn Gargolinski,
Heather Retzke
Photographers - Stanley P. Bystrowski, Jeffrey R. Antkowiak, John Cornelius
Receptionists - Marlborough: Jessica Bedenbaugh
Boston: Sarah L. Collins
Staff Portraits - Cheryl Richards Photography
Transportation - Eric Jones
Assistant: Mark McCaffrey
From Boston and Points East:
Take the Massachusetts Turnpike (Route 90) West to Route 495 North at exit 11A. Proceed on
Route 495N to exit 23C, Simarano Drive. Keep left at the fork in the ramp. At the bottom of the
exit ramp take a left at the lights onto Simarano Drive. Take a right at the next light on Cedar Hill
Street. Skinner is at #274 on the left.
From Points North:
Take Route 495 South to exit 23C, Simarano Drive. Stay left at the fork in the ramp, and turn left
onto Simarano Drive. Take a right at the next light on Cedar Hill Street. Skinner is at #274 on
the left.
From Points West:
Take 290 East toward Marlborough. Merge onto Route 495 South via exit 26A, toward Cape
Cod. Take the Simarano Drive exit, 23C. Stay left at the fork in the ramp, and turn left onto
Simarano Drive. Take a right at the next light on Cedar Hill Street. Skinner is at #274 on the left.
From Points South:
Take Route 495 North to exit 23C, Simarano Drive. At the bottom of the exit ramp take a left at
the lights onto Simarano Drive. Take a right at the next light on Cedar Hill Street. Skinner is at
#274 on the left.
Guiseppe’s Grille
35 Solomon Pond Rd.
Northborough, MA
Allora Ristorante
139 Lakeside Ave.
Marlborough, MA
Wildwood Steakhouse
189 Boston Post Rd. East
Marlborough, MA
Longhorn Steakhouse
191 Boston Post Rd.
Marlborough, MA
Tandoori Grill
197 H Boston Post Rd. West
Marlborough, MA
Boston Market
185 Boston Post Rd. West
Marlborough, MA
Panera Bread
197 Boston Post Rd. West
Marlborough, MA
Ninety Nine Restaurant & Pub
32 Boston Post Rd. West
Marlborough, MA
Linguini’s Italian Eatery
350 Boston Post Rd. West
Marlborough, MA
China Taste
197 Boston Post Rd. West
Marlborough, MA
Yoong Tong
Thai Cuisine and Sushi
278 Main Street
Northborough, MA
The Crossings
154 Turnpike Rd.
Southborough, MA
Jake’s Restuarant & Coffee Shop
30 Main Street
Marlborough, MA
237 Boston Post Rd. West
Marlborough, MA
Courtyard by Marriott
75 Felton St. (exit 24B off 495)
Marlborough, MA
Embassy Suites
123 Boston Post Rd. West
(exit 24B off 495)
Marlborough, MA
Hampton Inn
277 Boston Post Rd. West
(exit 24B off 495)
Marlborough, MA
Holiday Inn and Suites
265 Lakeside Ave.
(exit 24A off 495)
Marlborough, MA
Ultimate Livery
To Logan Airport
$46.00 each way for one
$56.00 each way for two
Private car and driver $147.50 one way
Servicing all Marlborough hotels
80 Northborough Rd East
Marlborough, MA 01752
Enterprise Car Rental
Hotel Pick-up and Delivery
364 Maple Street
(Rt. 85)
Marlborough, MA
Hertz Car Rental
410 Maple Street
(Rt. 85)
Marlborough, MA
catalogue subscription form
Prices effective JULy 1, 2010. Catalogue subscription price includes quarterly brochure. Subscription effective
one year from date processed. No refunds for previous subscriptions. Renewal notice will be sent one month prior to expiration.
Subscriptions do not include Discovery, Estates, and other special sales. Post-auction prices are available online at
please check the appropriate boxes:
Quarterly Brochure
No charge
Foreign (payable in U.S. dollars only)
No charge
Included with catalogue subscription
American Furniture & Decorative Arts $120
European Furniture & Decorative Arts
American & European Paintings & Prints $120 $143
Fine Jewelry $120 $143
20th Century Furniture & Decorative Arts $60 $73
Asian Works of Art $60 $73
Fine Oriental Rugs & Carpets
$18 $25
American Indian & Ethnographic Art
$60 $73
Fine Books & Manuscripts
$30 $36
Fine Ceramics $60 $73
Fine Musical Instruments $60 $73
Science, Technology & Clocks
$60 $73
Fine Wines $60 $73
All Above Departments $750 $915
ma residents
sales tax
MasterCard/VISA #
Exp. Date
Check enclosed
Business Name
Mailing Address _____________________________________________________ City_______________________________ State________ Zip______________
email address________________________________________________
Tel: (
) _____________________________
Please enclose payment with subscription form and mail or fa x to:
Skinner, Inc., Subscription Department, 274 Cedar Hill Street, Marlborough, MA 01752
Auctioneers and Appraisers of Antiques and Fine Art
Auctioneers and Appraisers of Antiques and Fine Art
Auctioneers and Appraisers
of Antiques and Fine Art

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