x-bionic ® Technology
Thermo scans impressively show:
X-BIONIC® Functional Underwear is the first functional underwear that‘s worth taking a look at from the inside. Turn it inside out and
discover the sophisticated technology along the furthest angle: Climate channels automatically unfurl, the zones are compacted into insulation areas and the aeration system is opened up by the movement of the body. A very unique mechanism for high-performance sport.
Or as we say: Enhanced performance without doping.
The elbows
ElbowPad™ and ExpansionRibs™ in the elbow padding unfurl their additional
insulating air padding when in the bent position. Thanks to the folds of the
fabric, which are knitted together like an accordion, your elbow will not cool out
from the winter chill. They do not tire out the muscles, but gives them the best
X- Bi o n i c ® T e c h n o l o gy
This is how X-BIONIC ® Functional Underwear controls your body‘s climate.
The knee
ExpansionKnee™ No more «cold knees when skiing». Bent knees often lead
to extra wear and tear on traditional underwear. The accordion principle of
ExpansionRibs™ gains its insulating characteristics from the movement of the
knee, instead of losing it thereby. Warm air for insulation is stored on the inside
of a highly flexible chamber and channel system.
AirConditioningSpot™ The knee hollow perspires quickly and heavily. A fine, circular
knitted fabric has been incorporated there. Perspiration dissipates and is pushed
putwards with the aid of body warmth. So there is no risk of chilling.
insulated front knee
Heat dissipation via
the knee hollow
Where traditional functional underwear often only has coloured applications,
X-BIONIC® Functional Underwear has its own small three-dimensional world, full
of climate technology.
Close-up of the
knee, turned to
the left.
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