dinner menu - Kingas Lounge



dinner menu - Kingas Lounge
Przekaski /
Zupy i Salaty
/ Soup & Salad
Add chicken to any salad $4 or Salmon $5 Farmers Platter / 12
Cold polish sausage cuts , european cheeses, marinated vegetables and bread Golabki / 6
Pork and rice staffed cabbage roll, tMaditional tomato spiced sauce Kielbasa Skewers / 8
Spicy BBQ, light cabbage salad Deep Fried Pierogi (dumplings) / 7 SerRed with sour cream Cajun Mac &Cheese / 10 Penne pasta , spicy creamy cheese sauce, gMilled chicken, red kielbasa or schnitzel Zurek Polski (white borscht) cup $4/bowl $6 Traditional sour [email protected] soup serRed w/ sausage, boiled egg & potatoes Salmon Plate / 11
Tomato, cucumber, capers, cojage cheese and gMilled bread Placki Ziemniaczane (homemade potato pancakes) / 8 SerRed with sour cream & applesauce Polish Kielbasa Sandwich / 10
Red or white sausage, bagaeje, sauerkraut, brown mustard Red Borscht ( beetroot soup ) cup$4/bowl$6 With your choice of pierogi House Salad / 6 Cucumber, tomato, onion & croutons on a bed of lejace Kotlety Mielone (Polish Meatballs) / 12
Two beef meatballs , creamy mushroom gMavy , home tied potatoes, beets Caesar Salad / 7
Romaine lejace , croutons , shredded parJesan, caesar dressing Kotlet Schabowy (Pork Loin Schnitzel) / 12
Home tied potatoes, mizeria (cucumber salad), hunter sauce Nalesniki (Crepes) / 5
Sweet cheese filled & deep tied, drizzled with [email protected] sauce Polish homemade cake / 8
Homemade Grilled Kielbasa / 12
White tesh or red smoked sausage , hot sauerkraut, home tied potatoes Pierogi Sampler (Dumplings) / 9
Ground pork, potato/cheese, sauerkraut & mushroom, sautéed onions, sour cream Greek Feast / 8 Tomato, cucumber, onion, kalamata olives & feta on a bed of lejace Spinach Bites / 8
Bacon, cranberMies, nuts, [email protected] tomatoes , feta, egg , champagse vinaigMeje , Ulubione / favourites
Chef’s Pierogi / 10
Potato / cheese pierogi, mushrooms, red kielbasa, apple cider vinegar, scallions, sour cream All sandwiches and burgers serRed with hand cut ties Wings / 8 Double Bacon CheeseBurger / 11
beef pajies, cheddar cheese, bacon, lejace, tomato, onions, pickles Golabki / 12 Two pork & rice staffed cabbage rolls, spiced tomato sauce, home tied potatoes & beets Farmhouse Burger / 11 Beef [email protected], pepper jack , sautéed red sausage , peppers, pepper flakes, onions & mushrooms w/horseradish aioli Goulash / 12
Beef goulash, potato pancakes, pickles, cabbage salad & beets Chicken Chipotle Burger / 10 Grilled chicken, pepper jack, chipotle aioli , lejace , tomato , onions , pickles Chicken Schnitzel / 11 Breaded chicken breast, cabbage salad, mizeria, beets Salmon Sandwich / 10
Smoked salmon, cojage cheese , onions , tomatoes, capers Slodycze / Sweets
Polish Plate / 13 *Many of our dishes can be made Gluten-­‐tee or Vegetarian, please ask your serRer for suggestions! *An 18% [email protected] will be added to par^ies of 6 or more, no separate checks
*Due to the small size of our kitchen please understand that there may be an additional wait during high volume business & for large par^ies. We are proud to offer catering, call ahead pick up & giſt cer^ificates. Book our basement bar & lounge area for any occasion! Ask staff for more details.