File - Wasatch BMW CCA



File - Wasatch BMW CCA
exquisite. With a lounge in the back seat and stuffed with enough wizardry to
fly to Mars, this new luxury is nothing less than a technological achievement.
Check out what John Halas from Carscoops had to say in this informative
The Bavarians have thrown in all of their engineering and technological
power on the car starting with one of its predecessor’s biggest drawbacks,
the weight, by combining carbon-fiber structures with steel, aluminum,
magnesium, and plastic, to shed up to 200kg (440 pounds) - though, due to
additional comfort and safety features, the weight savings are actually less at
130 kg (286 pounds) on the 750i xDrive.
“BMW has introduced its flagship 7-Series sedan, which may be similar in size
and…in looks to the outgoing F01 codenamed car, but it’s really a completely
new model.
We haven’t confirmed this yet, but according to BMW AG board member
Klaus Fröhlich, the new 7-Series is the “lightest luxury sedan in its segment”.
perplexing as ever.
Seventh Heaven The new 7 series is nothing short of
2016 BMW 750i
Codenamed G11 when opted with the short wheelbase and G12 with the long
wheelbase, the next iteration of the 7er has more or less, the same footprint
as the previous F01/F02 series.
The LWB version, which will be the only one offered in North America,
measures 206.2 inches (5,238mm) long with a 126.4 inch (3,210mm)
wheelbase, 74.9 inches (1,902mm) wide and 58.2 inches (1,479mm) tall. The
standard model is 200.7 inches (5,098mm) long with a 120.9 inch (3,070mm)
wheelbase, 74.9 inches (1,902mm) wide and 57.8 inches (1,467mm) tall.
BMW followed a similar practice with the interior,
which has a more modern feel to it without alienating
owners of the current 7er. Beyond the new digital
(and customizable) instrument graphics and iDrive 5.0
infotainment system that gets touch screen technology
and gesture control for the first time, the top BMW
sedan also gets wireless phone charging, an optional
7-inch removable tablet that can control functions of
the car, an ‘Ambient Air’ package that releases scents
in the cabin and various other amenities.
Another highlight is the world premiere of BMW’s
“Remote Control Parking” which will allow drivers
to maneuver in or out of forward-parking spaces or
garages without anyone at the wheel. According to
the Germans, “The driver initiates the car’s progress
forwards into or in reverse out of a space using the
likewise newly developed BMW Display Key. While the
car is carrying out the semi-automated maneuver, the
driver watches out for obstacles.”
“...if the Devil is in the details,
BMW has flushed him out.”
With every pen stroke, every scrap of clay, every stitch in every piece of leather,
every nuance has been addressed. One could state that if the Devil is in the
details, BMW has flushed him out. It’s not just the parts you see, this attention to
detail goes far beyond the high tech interior, far beyond the sweeping and fluid
lines of the exterior - no, it goes down to the core, down to the frame, and deep
inside the powerhouse. This is engineering meets luxury.
View the full library of videos devoted just to the creation of the new 7 series.
All 7ers will come with a standard two-axle air
suspension that automatically adjusts body height
– with a lower ride in sport mode, Dynamic Damper
Control, while for the first time, it will combine fourwheel steering (BMW calls it Integral Active Steering or
“X Steer”) with four-wheel drive (on models fitted with
the xDrive system).
The car’s exterior styling is best described as
evolutionary mixing the previous 7’s characteristics
with BMW’s newest…evolved…design DNA and
especially the 3- and 4-Series with the sedan sporting
a flatter front end with overgrown double kidney grilles
flanked by sleeker, elongated ‘Laserlight’ laser-based
headlamps (same as on the i8) that make it look wider
than the older model, even though it isn’t.
When it goes on sale in the USA this fall, the new
7-Series will be offered in the following models:
the 750i xDrive with a redeveloped 445hp 4.4-liter
turbocharged gasoline V8, and the 740i with a 320hp
3.0-liter turbocharged six gasoline – both with 8-speed
...Click here for the complete story from John Halas.
Car season has officially started and we’ve already had some really
fantastic events so far! We started off the season with a fantastic
highway blast! We met in West Walley at a coffee shop (because
what’s a car cruise without a little caffeine in your system) and
proceeded west towards Tooele, because you can’t forget that our
cars are natural highway stormers! We then headed down through
Stockton on Highway 36 and up to Fairfield on Highway 73 to finish
the tour with some delicious food! It was a fantastic scenic tour with
always great company and lots of diversity in the cars that came!
President - Daniel Archer
[email protected] 801-824-3130
The next event we had was a private tour of the BMW i8 Supercar
and i3 all electric vehicles at BMW of Murray! Robert Clark was
gracious enough to allow us to plan this very special tour of the
BMW i-line of vehicles! Ryan Roosendaal was our tour guide for
the evening and we couldn’t have asked for anyone better to teach
us about how special these two vehicles truly are! It was a fantastic
event and look into the quite simply stunning vehicles that BMW is
producing, as well as where the BMW electric technology is going in
the future. I want to say thanks again to Robert, Ryan, and the rest
of the BMW of Murray staff for allowing us to hold this event at their
The most recent event we were happy to throw was our annual CCA
BBQ! This year we held it at a private pavilion nestled up in the heart
of Parley’s Canyon. We did things a little different this year and had a
southern style BBQ instead of the traditional hot dogs & hamburgers.
The amazing food was provided by R&R BBQ and was absolutely
amazing. It’s quite funny how quickly it gets quiet at a car meet when
the good food gets served! It was a beautiful day in the canyon and
we rounded out the day with some photo shoots of each car and
can’t wait to share those photos!
These are just some of the events that took place this season so far,
and we are all very excited to announce some of the other events
we have planned and hope to see as many members and BMW
enthusiasts attending as possible! It has been a fantastic, fun filled
season so far and can’t wait for the next event! I’ll see you there!
Daniel Archer
Devin Lampert
Souhair Nakad
Craig Thompson
Michael Clawson
Greg Hanson
Richard Nadeau
Patrik Runald
Jordan Cheng
Angela Gonzalez
Ricardo Gonzalez
Dave Kay
Dawson Kay
Vice President – Rick Gelhart
[email protected] 801-949-5261
Secretary - Konrad Chen
[email protected] 801-560-5963
Treasurer - Tommy DeJong
[email protected] 801-580-4001
Membership Chair - Open
[email protected]
Webmaster – Dave Egelston
[email protected]
Newsletter Editor - Jamie Airmet
[email protected] 801-712-0209
Newsletter Submissions
We welcome your stories, suggestions, technical
tips, photos, questions or comments that would be of
interest to your fellow club members. All reasonable
submissions are considered and are needed. The
editor reserves the right to edit for length, quality and
good taste. Please include your contact information so
we may contact you if significant editing is necessary.
Please send your submissions to the Editor through
email, phone or the Wasatch Chapter address.
How to Join BMW-CCA
Call 1-800-878-9292 for credit card orders.
Membership cost is $48/year which includes a
subscription to the Roundel and Switchback as well
as all other Club Benefits. You may add another
person in your household for $10 so they can enjoy
full Club benefits as well, except they won’t get their
own Roundel. Send your change of address to BMW
CCA, Inc., 640 South Main St, Suite 201, Greenville,
SC 29601 or fax 864-250-0038 or
BMW CCA Benefits
Discounts on parts, supplies, free advertising in the
Roundel and BMW CCA website, library and video
services, help from technical and maintenance experts,
a Value Information Coordinator to help with insurance
claims, purchases or sale of your BMW, Ombudsmen
to assist you with BMW dealers and suppliers, Special
Interest Groups listed in the Roundel.
Kurt Richards
Paul Whynot
Steven Peterson
John Brodie
Alex Emery
Richard Etchberger
Christopher Leyva
Steve Romero
M.C. Waryas
Damian Shaw
Todd Hansen
Legal Disclaimers
The Switchback is published by and for the Wasatch
Chapter of BMW CCA. The chapter is not connected
with BMW AG or BMW NA. All information furnished
herein is provided by the membership of the club, for
members only. Unless otherwise stated, maintenance
and modification procedures herein are not “Factory
Approved” and their use may void your BMW warranty.
The ideas, opinions and suggestions expressed
herein are those of the authors, and no authentication
is implied by the editor, who assumes no liability
for information contained herein. Material may be
reproduced by other chapters provided credit is given
to the author or the Wasatch Chapter, unless otherwise
noted or specifically prohibited.
Take home a BMW i3 for a couple of days, even a weekend,
and experience life from the driver’s seat.
The BMW i3 is designed to fit your life today while taking
mobility to a whole new place—tomorrow. The BMW i3
launches you from 0 to 30 in just 3.5 seconds1 and delivers
enough range for your day-to-day needs. The BMW i3
Range Extender goes even further, allowing you to drive
up to 150 miles.* This is no ordinary test drive, because the
BMW i3 is no ordinary vehicle.
Driving an electric vehicle can save you as much as $9,000
or more in fuel costs over five years.2 And you may also
get a tax credit. The savings are almost as exciting as the
Click here to sign up today to take an extended test drive
over a few days of the new BMW i3 at one of our local
authorized dealers.
With 184 lb-ft of instant torque and lightweight Carbon Fiber
Reinforced Plastic construction, the handling, agility and
excitement are pure BMW.
BMW i offers a home charging solution perfect for any
garage. And when you’re away from home, thousands of
charging locations are literally at your fingertips.
4735 S State St,
Murray, UT 84107
(801) 262-2479
2111 W Grove Pkwy,
Pleasant Grove, UT 84062
(801) 443-2000
This was a great little drive out through Tooele and around the mountains and back into
Utah County ending with a meal in Saratoga. We stopped briefly in Tooele for a great
group photo, then on around the range for some eats in Saratoga Springs. This shot won
the front on our T-shirt design! - Pick one up at the next event.
n Syhavo
phy by Au
Wake up right.
Cars and Coffee at Sweet Country
196 west 12300 south #111, Draper, Utah
September 27th, October 11th & 25th
10 Am - 2 PM
Protect your Investment!
Total car care for
all models and
years of
Call for an appointment today
59 East 1700 South
Salt Lake City
Utah, 84115
AC/Climate Control
Oil and Fluids
Routine Service
Special prices For BMW CCA members
Brake Fluid Flush $60
MINI Oil Change $75
BMW 6 Cylinder Oil Change $87
BMW 8 Cylinder Oil Change $97
All oil changes include 21 point inspection, brake
check, tire pressure check and topping off of all
under hood fluids (coolant, power steering, brake
fluid). Prices not applicable to M,Turbo and Diesel
models (tax and shop supplies extra).
Independent BMW
and MINI Repair
Private Tour
BMW of Murray
Ryan Roosendaal put on an excellent
presentation explaining the many
ground breaking features in the BMW i3
and i8. His casual, yet still professional
manner, lead to a very open dialog with
members, allowing for every question to
be answered. This candid conversation
allowed members to comfortably get
to know these two new electric driving
machines inside and out. Everyone
came away very informed about BMW’s
drive to tackle the difficult energy
consumption and rising pollution
concerns that are quickly coming to the
forefront in our petro craving world.
The clean i3 definetley is an obtainable
and practical vehicle with fuel cost
savings that can easily justify the
resonable price tag. Today.
The mean i8 on the other hand, justifies
the importance of asthetics and power,
beauty and personality, and all the
other intangibles that will be needed to
convert the masses over to the world of
low emission level driving.
If this represents the future of BMW,
then I think they are on the right track.
Discounts Given to Club Members
“When Perfect is Good Enough”
Just show your Membership Card to:
BMW of Murray
10% discount on parts
Bimmer Motor Werks
See the ad
BMW of Pleasant Grove
10% discount on parts
Car Doctors of Saratoga
Call for monthly specials
Pro Dent-10% discount
Boyles Motorwerks
10% discount on most services
LUXE Auto Spa-15% discount
Do you have a business and wish to let CCA members have a discount?
-just let us know and we will advertise it here for free.
3270 South1100 West
Telephone: 801-364-8276
Fax 801-364-9947
Lane Clisshold
Email: [email protected]
Visit us at
The food was classic
and so were the cars at
Mountain Dell for our
annual BBQ.
Download any of these pics as
your new screen saver from our
new flikr page
com/photos/[email protected]/
Photos wanted:
If you happen to take some great pics
from any event, please send them in
we will get themin the next newsletter.
Not a member yet?
Sign up today and join the fun of being a part of the largest
association of BMW owners in the world. Get discounts at your
authorized BMW dealer, the monthly Roundel magazine, local
chapter newsletter, great drives, meets, and other events.
Visit for details.
Wasatch Chapter Events
Come to the events and meet like minded enthusiats
and get to know your club. The next event is the Fall
Drive up colorful Big Cottonwood canyon over the
pass. See you October 4th!
October Fall Drive
Oct 4th
11:30 am
BMW of Murray then to Gaurdsman
Pass and over to Park City
Lunch location to be determined.
Cars n Coffee
Oct 11th
10am - 2pm
Sweet’s Country Store,
Cars n Coffee
Oct 25th
10am - 2pm
196 w 12300 S #111, Draper, UT
Cars n Coffee
Nov 8th
10am - 2pm
Coffee and pasteries and Bimmers.
Check out their great menu at
Cars n Coffee
Nov 22
10am - 2pm
Christmas Box Meet
Details to come
Christmas Dinner
Details to come

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File - Wasatch BMW CCA

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