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Showcase Your Products - Fleamasters Fleamarket
Showcase Your Products
Punkin’palooza: Fleamasters’ Great
Pumpkin Festival, Oct. 9-11 2015
No white tent needed. Artists, crafters and
retailers can set up under roof at Fleamasters. It’s
a great time to sell fall crafts and holiday gifts.
From past history, traffic counters show Pumpkin
Festival Attendance is about 15,000 over the
3-day weekend.
Perfect opportunity for:
• Outdoor/Environmental groups, education and
• Nature arts, crafts and photography
• Artisans to display and sell paintings, sculpture,
ceramics, fabric, and art in all mediums
• Parks and recreation
• Youth groups and activities
• Charitable organization
Artists, crafters and photographers who are
selling their own works can take advantage of
our special crafter rate: only $5 per day per
space. Non-profits receive great exposure and
FREE display space. For profit retailers pay
less than $25 per day per space.
Punkin’palooza Exhibitor/Vendor Guidelines
1. By submitting this exhibitor application form,
participants agree to abide by all Rules and Regulations of
2. Fleamasters Fleamarket and its food stands are the sole
providers of food and beverages. Exhibitors/Vendors may
not sell food or beverages to be consumed on the property
without express written permission of the market.
3. Children and youth groups are welcome to participate,
but must be accompanied by an adult or adult
representatives who are responsible for their behavior,
actions, liabilities, etc.
4. Space rentals may not be canceled and there are no
refunds or credits issued for unused rent.
5. The event will be held rain or shine
6. All business or other activity for which vendor has rented
space must be conducted WITHIN THE DESIGNATED
BOOTH AREA ONLY. Distribution, layout, or hanging of
any items outside the designated booth area is not
7. The exhibition spaces will be located in the Grand
Pavilion or in the Green Aisle. The festival tent will be
located in the grassy area between the Pavilion and Main
8. Loud music, amplified voices, squawk boxes, or any
other type of sound amplification is NOT PERMITTED.
9. It is the Vendor’s responsibility to pay the appropriate
TAXES AND FEES to the State of Florida.
10. All Vendors are required to be OPEN BY 9 AM AND
Early closure may result in forfeiture of participation in
future events. Vendors are expected to vacate the market
premises no later than 6 pm.
11. Parking is available in the market, one car per booth
space. Others may park in the main market lots.
12. On the day of the event, please stop at the Fleamasters
Customer Service Office to pick up your booth assignment
and parking pass. The office opens at 7:30 am Friday,
Saturday and Sunday. If you are reserving a 3-day space in
advance, you may come in Thursday from 9 to 4 to pick up
your gate pass and set up in advance.
Questions? Contact Bonnie Ballard
239-334-7001 ext 2004
email [email protected]
Fleamasters 2015 Pumpkin Festival
Friday, Saturday and Sunday 9 - 5
October 9, 10 and 11
Exhibitor Application
Connect with our community
and share the exciting things
your organization offers. Bring
brochures, a demo, pre-packaged
samples, an interactive activity,
displays, giveaways, etc.
Artists and Crafters
Display and sell your original
paintings, sculpture, ceramics,
photos, fabric, jewelry and art
in all mediums for only $5 a
day (plus tax and license).
For-Profit Retailers
Reach thousands of local
shoppers and out-of-town
guests at Fleamasters’ 5th
Annual Pumpkin Festival.
Retail space is less than
The market will provide 10 x 12-ft covered booth space (or larger) and (2) 8 x 2-ft tables. Please bring
your own chairs. Exhibition space is in the Pavilion and along the green aisle, and is available on
a first-come, first-served basis. Sign up today!
o YES! Reserve our space in the 2015 Pumpkin Festival Community Showcase
1. Your Information
Business Name/Organization ______________________________________________
Your Name ______________________________________________________________
Billing Address ___________________________________________________________
City____________________________ State________________ Zip ________________
Phone___________________________ Email __________________________________
Website _________________________________________________________________
Please provide a brief description of your organization and/or products you will bring:
Non-profit organizations may receive (1)
FREE booth space for
(3) days. If you need
additional booths, please let
us know. We will try to
accommodate you as space
allows. Artists and crafters
pay only a special rate of
$15 for 3 days. For profit
businesses are welcome to
rent exhibition space at our
low rate of $70/3-day
weekend. Plus tax and
license fees. Advance
reservations for three days
only. For single day rentals,
please inquire at office.
2. Booth and Payment Information
Organization type: o Non-profit 501(c)3
o Artist or Crafter $15
Please reserve ______ booths for Oct. 9, 10, 11
________ No. 12x10-ft. booths
$ ___________
6% FL Sales Tax
$ ___________
$1.50 OCL per booth
$ ___________
$3.00 if using electric
$ ___________
$ ___________
o For Profit/Retailer $70
Check enclosed (payable to Fleamasters)
Please bill my Credit Card
o MasterCard o Visa o Discover o AmEx
Card Number
Expiration Date (mm/yr)
3-4 digit verification code
Cardholder’s Signature
Mail application to Fleamasters Fleamarket, 4135 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Ft. Myers, Florida 33916
or fax to 239-334-2087. Reservation and payment must be received by Friday, September 22, 2015
We look forward to seeing you at Punkin’palooza!

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