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A Newsletter from your Skin Health Professional… Sallie Deitz, Aesthetician, C.I.D.E.S.C.O. Associate and Author
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Saturday Morning
Skin Care
It was Saturday morning 10:00 a.m.
I needed to walk and walk hard.
I’d had the kind of week that had
many ups and downs, along with
a few “to” and “fro’s”. Abby, our
boxer, was running out ahead of me
when I noticed my neighbor Frank (not
his real name) getting up from a lawn chair
moving toward us. He looked up and said,
“Sallie you work with skin right?” I said,
“Yes Frank, I do. What can I do for you?”
Frank said, “I do not know what is happening, but my
skin just isn’t right. It’s hot, burning and itching all at
the same time, and look, it’s always red.” Upon further
observation, I could see that Frank was in a full blown
Rosacea flare. He was flushed, sunburned, and I could
tell, it hurt. But…I needed to refer him on one of our
“docs”, as aestheticians, clinical or otherwise, are not
licensed to make a diagnosis (aesthetics 101). The
following week he made contact for his appointment,
and picked up some Calm & Restore (Mark Lees
Sensitive Science) along with the new COTZ SPF 58
2940 Squalicum Pkwy., #202, Bellingham, WA 98225
The National Rosacea Society Updates:
The society states that there are now 14 million Americans
afflicted with rosacea and 41% of them have avoided social
events due to an outbreak of rosacea. These statistics are
alarming. They still are unclear about how it starts, and
with exactly how medication (usually anti-fungal) maintains
control of it if used regularly.
There are some new medications out now, called Rosanil®,
by the Galderma label however it’s important to know that
if you are allergic to sulfur, this may not be the best prep
for you. The main ingredient in all of these products is a
sulfur derivative called sodium sulfacetaminde, which may
be helpful if you have no allergies.
The Metronidazole products commonly known as Metrogel, Metro-lotion, and Metro-cream remain to be the triedand-true method for slowing down the advancing nature
of rosacea. They work by reducing inflammation and redness
caused by the sebaceous glands in the face.
Once rosacea is under control, we have found the Mark
Lees products to be the most soothing and helpful for a
maintenance program. They are as follows:
Soothing Cleanser
Soothing Toner
Calm & Restore
Keep in mind some simple dietary measures as well.
1 Month later…
It was Saturday morning 10:00 a.m. I needed to walk and
walk hard. I looked up and saw Frank (not his real name)
working in his yard. I noted that he had his hat perched
just right for maximum protection. In addition he was
covered with the zinc oxide and titanium dioxide loaded
sun shield that I told him to use. He looked up and said
“Hi Sal” and he stated that he’d been using his medication
daily. He appeared to be happy. I said “Good job Frank,
now about your roses…”
1. Watch your caffeine intake
2. Guard against rapid changes in your blood sugar level
(sugar and other items high on the glycemic index)
3. Eat smaller lighter meals throughout the day rather than 1 or 2
heavier meals
4. Go slowly from cooler environments (outside) to warm rooms
5. Drink lots of H20
6. Think calm and positive thoughts while in stressful situations
(I know this is easier to say…than to do, but…)
Check in to laser and light therapies, they are marvelous
for reducing redness. Some clients post treatment, now
need to wear blush…
Sensitive Science®
For Sensitive Skin
The Sensitive Science line offers
soothing agents, age-fighters, sun
protection, firming ingredients,
extremely gentle cleansers and
hydrators in extraordinary advanced
formulations designed to protect thin,
delicate sensitive skin. Highly tested
for irritancy on humans in an
independent consumer lab. Excellent
for couperose (broken capillaries) skin,
dehydrated rosacea clients, or any
dehydrated, reactive skin
Ultraviolet Rays
Dr. Barbara Gilchrest (Department of Dermatology, Boston University)
says, “Without sun protection a sun sensitive person can get a minor
sunburn in approximately 10 minutes on a June midday in New York, and
approximately 5 minutes in Florida.” We do not need to look too far in
comparing exposure times with us here in the west.
It is also determined the UVA ray, the longest wavelength is as damaging
in December as it is in July. We do not need to see the sun in order to
have UVA exposure. If you find yourself saying, “I don’t go out in the
sun”, or “I always use my sunscreen when it’s nice out.” Remember:
UVA = wrinkles, elastosis/sagging, brown marks, skin cancer)
Soothing Cleanser
Soothing Cleanser features a uniquely
gentle cleansing agent combined
with soothing aloe and emollients.
It has a very light foam when
combined with water, or can be used
as a makeup remover. It is excellent
for dry, dehydrated or sensitive skin.
8.0 oz
Soothing Toner
Soothing Toner cools and hydrates
sensitive skin with a non-alcoholic,
soothing blend of green tea, gingko
biloba, coneflower and aloe extracts,
in a light mist spray. Excellent for
sensitive, dehydrated or dry skin.
8.0 oz
Calm & Restore
Soothing Hydration Fluid
Calm & Restore Soothing Hydration
Fluid is ideal for redness-prone,
rosacea, couperose, and reactive skin.
A one-of-a-kind moisture product for
exceptionally sensitive skin, formulated to respect and support the
skin’s protective barrier. This highlytested hydrator combines soothing
agents and moisture binders with
ingredients to support young-looking
skin. 1.12 oz.
Fallene Ltd
New Protection Product
We are now carrying COTZ which is a new non-chemical sunscreen. This
is a misnomer however; as we know that everything except “lightening”
(isn’t that what they said in a science class somewhere?) is a chemical in
one form or another. What the company means to suggest is that the
only ingredients in COTZ are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which are
considered minerals. These minerals are necessary to protect the skin from
UVA (ultraviolet) and UVB exposure (the UVB being the burning ray; and
the UVA ray- meaning the longer wavelength, hence the more damaging
ray between the two).
Dermatologists, plastic surgeons, aestheticians and skin care specialists
still recommend personal safety protection products such as hats,
glasses, and long sleeves. In fact, clothing made of fabric with the
protection built-in is great. Sun
Precautions is still producing
Solumbra clothing available at The
clothes are more attractive with each
new catalogue. Check them out.
Also, if you are so inclined, check
out fabrics at the local fabric stores.
They have materials with this
protection in them for draperies,
boats and sunrooms/atriums.
New Products
Rhonda Allison, aesthetician and educator continues to create new products and treatments. Having had the opportunity
to work with her on a curriculum textbook for aestheticians, I can tell you that she is not only beautiful, but sweet and
Her diligence and passion for skin care is reflected in her product line. She blends AHA’s BHA’s, Retinol, skin lighteners,
and antioxidants with essential oils; and has many specialty products targeting acne and anti-aging.
Here are the latest additions:
Green Tea Beta Cleanser ........All Skins/All Purpose
Green Tea Beta Lotion ...........Normal to Oily Skin - Acne Prone
Skin Smoothing Gel...............All Skin Types
Vitamin A Therapy................All Skin Types/Photoaging
In addition there are some eye creams and serums
that contain hybrid forms of cosmeceuticals
that contain higher level concentrations of
performance ingredients, yet they are quite
gentle. The concept is light layers that penetrate
and effect, rather than heavy creams that simply
sit on the surface.