Serving Washtenaw County and Canton



Serving Washtenaw County and Canton
Serving Washtenaw County and Canton
Shelter Life
No. 3 Published quarterly by the Humane Society of Huron Valley Fall/Winter 2007
3100 Cherry Hill Road
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48105
Board of Directors
President, Robert Tetens
Vice President, Nancy Culotta
Treasurer, Mike Walsh
Secretary, Lucia Brewer
Jared Collins
Del Dunbar
Anne Ferris
Peter Fink
Diane Heidt
Mark Heusel
Diana Kern
Jane Lumm
Teresa Welsh
Dennis Wojcik
Tanya Hilgendorf
Executive Director
Mary Rupley, DVM
Directors of Clinic Operations
Helen DePinto
Director of Behavior Programs
Amy Milligan
Development Director
Deborah Kern
Marketing Director
Kelly Schwartz
Director of Volunteers and
Operational Support
Julie Curtis
Lead Cruelty Investigator
The mission of the Humane Society of Huron
Valley is to support the loving, responsible
care of all animals in our community.
HSHV serves all of Washtenaw County,
• Shelter and care for stray and
unwanted animals
• Adoption of companion animals
• Full-service veterinary clinic, including
low-cost spay and neuter services
• 24-hour rescue of injured animals
• Cruelty investigations
• Microchip ID
• Trap, Neuter & Return (TNR)
• Owner-requested euthanasia
• Harbor program
• Community outreach and education
• Behavior Helpline
Home for the Holidays
Who could imagine a cuter gift than a
warm puppy with soft brown eyes sporting a bright red ribbon – or a sweet
purring kitten peering out of a stocking? As romantic as giving a pet for a
gift sounds, please remember that the
best time to bring a new, permanent
member into the family might not be
on a holiday morning. A new pet is a
lifetime commitment and should never
be a spur-of-the-moment decision or
surprise gift.
The Humane Society of Huron Valley’s
“Home for the Holidays” campaign
offers an adoption gift certificate as
a better alternative. Each certificate
comes with either a 7” plush cat or dog
stuffed animal. You may choose either
cat or dog.
From now until December 31, 2007,
animal adoption gift certificates will be
sold at HSHV. You can purchase them
at our adoption center which is open
seven days a week from noon to 6 pm.
You can also visit to order
the certificates.
Adoption gift certificates are available
in any dollar amount from $25 to $200.
Kids are Making a Difference!
The dogs and cats at the shelter send many wet kisses to all of the wonderful
children who raised money, made donations of their own and donated supplies!
Melody Abesamis
Stephanie Bates
Katie Bishop
Rose Bogard
Brownie Troop 544
Amanda Brushaber
Jeffrey Cone
James Daniels
Alli Diehl
Ann Else
Elizabeth Fell
Justin Friedel
Julia Gallagher
Samantha Grabowski
Girl Scout Troop 481
Go Like The Wind
Montessori School
Claire Hesseltine
Deborah Houghton
Jessica Humfleet
Matthew Jones
Christopher Kersten
Ryan Kersten
Brittany Krol
Megan Lau
Jason Lindauer
Amanda Minkkinen
Kelly Mzorn
Catherine Newland
Adrienne O’Brien
Holly Ohtonen
People To People Student Ambassador Program
Megan Plave
Carol Phillips
Jonathan Schaefer
Paul Schwimmer
Celina Stead
St. Francis Elementary
Claire Vogel and Claire Hesseltine
Susan Crosby Wolfe Middle Claire and Claire brought in a
Tappan Middle School
donation of $300 that they raised
Temple Beth Emeth
having a neighborhood bake sale.
Thurston School
They made flyers and distributed
Lawrence Tyner
Tim Van Dijk
them by bike to all the newspaper
Jessica Vivian
boxes in the neighborhood. Many
Claire Vogel
people bought delicious baked
Diane Wahl
Ashley Weigel
goods and contributed extra donaKaylee White
Wines School Student
Philip Zemba
(Platt Rd Thank
HSHV’s Trap, Neuter and Return (TNR) Update
It is estimated that there are 60,000
feral cats in Washtenaw County. These
cats live in colonies and can reproduce
three to four times a year. Studies have
documented that a properly run and
monitored TNR program will maximize the
quality of life for these cats and eliminate
the existing colony over time through
HSHV’s goal is to stop population growth
and increase the well-being of feral cats. And we are well on our way. In the few
short months since HSHV launched this program, we have already handled 130
cats from 14 different locations. We have a number of upcoming trappings that we
expect will double or triple that number.
For more information on this high-impact program, visit or contact our
TNR Coordinator at [email protected]
HSHV Wins Felony Dogfighting Case and
Establishes a 24-Hour Tip Line
After months of work, the Humane Society of Huron Valley obtained a felony
conviction against Michael Alan Dalton for breeding and selling Pit Bulls from known
fighting blood lines.
On June 13, 2007, HSHV Animal Cruelty Investigators responded to a scene
where a dead dog was found half buried and four other dogs were found on the
property, along with paraphernalia known to be related to dogfighting. “It’s hard
to prove that actual dogfighting occurred, but we had clear evidence that the dogs
in his possession currently and in the past were being bred and sold for illegal
dogfighting,” said Julie Curtis, Animal Cruelty Investigator for HSHV.
Dog fighting is an illegal and cruel blood sport that has become increasingly popular
in recent years and is prevalent in certain areas of Washtenaw County. Individuals
involved in dogfighting are often involved in other illegal or violent activities. “We
take this crime very seriously and will work aggressively to investigate and seek
prosecution of offenders,” said Tanya Hilgendorf, HSHV Executive Director.
According to the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), more than 250,000
dogs are placed in dogfighting pits each year. The HSUS also estimates that 40,000
people are involved in organized dogfighting and an additional 100,000 are streetlevel fighters. A three-year study released by the Chicago Police Department showed
that 65% of people arrested for animal abuse crimes—including dogfighting—were
also arrested for violent crimes against people.
Mark Your Calendars
HSHV Holiday Hours
Dec. 24 - Noon to 3:00 pm
Dec. 25 - CLOSED
Dec. 31 - Noon to 3:00 pm
Jan. 1 - CLOSED
HSHV Board Meeting
Dec. 17, 2007 - 6:00 pm
Open to members and the
general public. Held in the
HSHV Adoption Center.
Westgate “Curves for
Women” Supports HSHV
We want to thank everyone at the
Westgate and Plymouth Road
Curves for their ongoing support and
When trainer Julie Ervin Bennett’s
cats ran away during a fire in August
2003, she came to HSHV looking
for her beloved felines and witnessed
the plight of homeless pets in our
community. Since then, the two Curves
facilities have become ongoing
donation centers for HSHV.
This past November, Curves staff
and members collected items from the
HSHV Wish List and made numerous
deliveries to the shelter.
It’s obvious from all the items that
we received that the members at
Curves understand the need to help
the homeless, neglected and abused
animals, and we sincerely thank them.
As a part of the effort to stamp out dogfighting, the Humane Society of Huron Valley
has established a 24-hour tip line. Anyone with information regarding dogfighting in
Washtenaw County should call 734.662.5585 x411.
The Humane Society of the United States offers a reward of up to $5,000 for
information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone involved in dogfighting
anywhere in the United States.
Curves Trainer, Julie Ervin Bennett
HSHV Earns Coveted
4-Star Rating from
Charity Navigator
premier charity evaluator has given
HSHV a 4-Star rating for sound fiscal
management. Charity Navigator has
been highly acclaimed by The New
York Times, NPR and The Chronicle
of Philanthropy, among others, for its
unique method of applying data-driven
analysis to the charitable sector.
Less than a quarter of the charities
evaluated by Charity Navigator receive
their highest rating, which indicates
that HSHV outperforms the majority of
non-profits in America with respect to
fiscal responsibility.
“We are proud to be able to
demonstrate to the public and our
valued donors that we take the proper
management of HSHV seriously,”
said HSHV Executive Director, Tanya
Hilgendorf. “We hope they will look at
this rating as reassurance they can
trust us to manage charitable gifts
Only through our amazing supporters
are we able to offer love and care to
so many animals in need. Dedicated
animal lover and HSHV supporter, Betty
Lou Shelters (left, posing with Sheeba
the cat and Executive Director, Tanya
Hilgendorf), stops by HSHV on a regular
basis to bring gifts and visit with the
HSHV’s Capital Campaign Goes Public!
On Tuesday, October 2, 2007, at The
Michigan Theater, the HSHV “Unleash the
Possibilities” formally kicked off its public
fundraising campaign.
With the success of this Campaign, we
will finally replace a dilapidated and
overcrowded 56-year-old shelter with a
larger, state-of-the-art facility. The new
animal shelter is being designed to be a
true haven where both people and animals
are nurtured, and compassion is instilled
throughout the community.
“As the chairperson for this capital campaign and a township resident, I am
excited to be on the ground floor of this
endeavor,” said HSHV Capital Campaign
Chairperson, Sharon Rothwell. “The need
for a new shelter has been apparent for years and with the community all working together, the dream can become a reality.
For more information on how you can make a pledge to the Capital Campaign
and help the homeless animals, please contact Deb Kern at the Humane Society
of Huron Valley at 734.662.5585, x126 or E-Mail [email protected]
Annie, the Wonder Beagle, Shares Her
Good Fortune
In August, Annie celebrated her eighth birthday with
seven of her closest canine buddies, four adoring
teen-aged girls, and more than a dozen dog-loving
adults, but didn’t keep any gifts!
Annie was adopted as an undernourished and
abused adult dog from an Ohio shelter in 2000 and
moved to Ann Arbor with her family. Over a period
of several months, her adoptive parents, Robert
Marsh and Judy White, helped her overcome many
fears, including a severe case of separation anxiety.
All of the hard work has paid off in so many ways:
Annie is now a healthy, friendly, affectionate, and
Annie greets the guests at her
birthday party
okay, slightly plump, member of the family.
As living proof of the joy a rescued shelter animal can bring to a household, Annie
is eager to make the lives of other dogs waiting for their forever homes more
comfortable. That’s why, in lieu of birthday gifts this year, Annie asked guests to
bring items from the 2007 Wish List for donation to the Humane Society of Huron
Valley. Annie hopes that throwing doggie birthday parties becomes a trend; they’re
silly fun for dogs and their people and so helpful to deserving HSHV dogs. Next
year’s party planning is already underway!
Sam’s Happy “Tail”
We wanted to give you an update
on Sampson, the Pit Bull we
adopted on November 3, 2007.
Sampson “Sam” attends doggie
daycare twice a week and I am
proud to report that he is doing
We couldn’t be happier with Sam,
he is intelligent, well-behaved,
and affectionate. His house
training is superb (he only had
two accidents the first weekend,
and one since) and he has picked
up commands very well. Sam is
an awesome car rider too and
quite the snuggler.
I never in a million years thought
we would bring home a pit bull
mix. All the weeks I searched on, I always skipped
the Pits due to the stereotypes.
But when we forgot about the
misconceptions and just focused
on Sam’s happy little personality,
we quickly discovered that breed
aside, he is first and foremost a
dog. Period. And we adore him.
Thanks for helping us make this
choice and for all the information
on the breed.
The Campbells
For the Love of Pits
Did you know that HSHV is one of the few
humane societies or animal shelters in
Michigan that adopts out Pit Bulls?
Our current adoption program has been
in existence for about 5 years and we
are proud to say that within that time we
have adopted out Pit Bulls and Pit Bull
mixes that would have been immediately
euthanized in other shelters.
The American Pit Bull Terrier is the most
abused and maligned dog breeds in society today. The favorite dog of dogfighters,
they are too frequently owned by vicious people who torture, maim and kill animals
for enjoyment and profit.
Pit Bulls have also been abused by the press. For years the media has demonized
Pit Bulls, making them seem like monsters. Recently, there were two dog attacks on
people in our area. In both cases, the media called those dogs Pit Bulls when, in
fact, they were completely different breeds.
In reality, Pit Bulls are some of the sweetest dogs you will ever meet, known for
being loving, loyal, and, yes, great with kids. Because of these traits, they were once
America’s favorite dog. Today, they serve as therapy dogs, search and rescue dogs,
and police dogs.
Like many other communities, Washtenaw County suffers from a large overpopulation of Pit Bulls. Because they are often bred for fighting, to make a quick
buck, or are just not spayed or neutered, there is a surplus of dogs that far exceeds
A commitment to Pit Bulls takes a great deal of extra time, attention and resources.
Their abuse and bad breeding requires us to have strict requirements and to do
extensive testing to ensure only behaviorally sound animals are adopted out. We
also have extra screening of adopters to ensure they go to good homes. But when
we hear stories about dogs like Samson(right), we know we are doing the right thing.
HSHV is currently seeking
funding to improve life for
Pit Bulls in our community
beyond our Adoption Program
and our Cruelty Investigations
to include more prevention
services such as free spay/
neutering and humane
education in area schools.
Please contact HSHV at
734.662.5585 x 113,
or e-mail
[email protected]
For more breed
information on
Pit Bulls, please go to
Special Gifts
The following is a list of gifts made
between May 1, 2007 and October 31,
2007 to the Humane Society of Huron
Valley in memory and honor of loved
family, friends and pets. We express
our sincere thanks for these tributes.
Gifts received after October 31st will
be acknowledged in the next issue of
Shelter Life.
People Memorials
In Memory of…
Akela Bill - from Rick Kamel
Alan Burgess, Grandfather of “Kiki” Vance and father
Susan Vance - from Judith Lowery
Alex & Cassie - from Frank Smith and Susan Kheder
Angela Gates - from Michele and Jon Bergsman,
Thomas and Heather Pierson
Anna Simon - from James and Lynn Mayer
B. Ramsey - from Patrick J. Brown
Bailey Glendon - from Walton and Charlene Hancock
Ben Levine: May your soul be free and your spirit
lifted - from Sandi and Sandy Swerdlen
Benjamin Levine, in honor of his love of animals
- from Mr. and Mrs. Michael Pickens & Family
Bernadice Rice - from Carol Kremer
Bill Trowbridge - from Brandi Baird
Blackjack Zias: the best grandson I could have had
- from Karen and Donald Johnston
Bob Penskar - from Doris and Barton Dixon
Bob Pratt - from Ray Lewis
Brittany Ellen Owens - from Margaret And Jim Splitt
Brittany Owens - from John and Diane Newman
Carmel Grech and Hanna - from Peg Holback
Carolyn S. Plice - from Bill and Hellen Gallaher
Cathy Meining: In memory of loving mother/wife who
had a great love for animals and people. - from
Denise Tarby and Northfield Dog Training
Charles Liskow-Newton - from Jane Chevalier and
Rich Smith, Julie and Mark Konkle, Karl and Angie
Liskow, Marlene and John Barr
Cheryl Harper & Edward Gierlach - from Diana G.
Cheryl Harper & Edward Gierlach who lost their lives
from dog attacks - from Laurie Whisnant
Christine Graham - from Carl and Heather Cairn
Christine Graham - from Daniel F. Scott, Howard and
Lou Ann Openo, Kimberly Turnquist
Christine A. Graham - from Ronald H. Bolzman
Claude and Marion Rogers - from Jo Johnston
Claude and Marion Rogers - from The Lewandowski
Claude Rogers - from David and Laura Rende, The
Ann Arbor News
Clayton Mead, who loved animals - from Spiros and
Marilyn Karras
David Buku - from Anna Tobias and Earl Reimold
David Dawson - from Andrea Gibson and Darian
Martyniuk, Bill Wheeler and Kathleen Tuta, Janis
Beard, Phyllis A. Valentine
David M. Munoz - from Richard Durfey
David Michael Munoz - from Leroy E. Drake
David Munoz - from Mike and Kathy Dorsey and Family, Stuart and Kathleen DeGeus, the Polo Fields
Ladies Golf League
Deacon Dunbar - from Paul and Constance Dimond
Decie Henderson - from Donald and Beth ColanerKenney
Dennis Burden - from Anne Garcia, Beta Kappa
Alumni of Alpha Gamma Delta, Carol and Paul
Batty, Chapter CM P.E.O of Ann Arbor, Deborah
Bayer, Diane Doone, Herbert and Betty Jones,
from Hugh and Linda Shirato, Karen Bollinger,
Kenna Kramer, Linda De Land, Nancy Sudia,
Sandy McCarthy
Dennis Burden: In loving memory of a dear man.
- from Kathy Scott
Dennis Burden: For Kathleen Scott in memory of her
husband - Maxine Gibson
Dorothy Mae Wier - from Phyllis Stone
Dorothy Wier - from Donald and N. Jean Thiel
Elaine Anderson - from Wendell Anderson
Elaine Anderson: Love, Clara Hoedema –
Finnie - from Phyllis Kreft
Granny - from Elaine Spiliopoulos
Hayes Andrew Wright - from Bonnie and Joel Anderson
Hayes Andrew Wright - from Jon Fowler and Family
Hayes Wright - from Carol Rigg, David and Maria Mejia-McQuade, Deb Yinger, Donald and Linda Ryno, MECS, the
Coppernoll Family, Don & Loretta Boss, and Gerald &
Dolores Frey
Helen Louise Wortley - from K. Barbara Tooman
In memorium for Joan Miller, who loved cats and passed
away on 6-8-7. - from Barbara Champion
In memory of cousin Brandi, 24 of Ozark, MO; who adored all
pets, especially her canine companion Lalah - from Lori
In memory of cousin David Munoz from Cousin Cindy (Baxter)
and Family - from Cynthia Hannon
In memory of Ted Heusel from his Warwick Ct. neighbors
Jack Dobson - from Candis Stern
In memory of Jack Sangunett - Nancy Slutter
In memory of Jack Sangunett - Benjamin Slutter
In memory of Jack Sangunett - Carolyn Ansley
Jack Sangunett - from Anne Krause, Jill McDonough and
Greg Merriman, the Lowes - Richard, Anne, Dean, & Janet
Jake - from Pauline Mehan
James Cunningham - from Virginia High
James D. Cunningham - from Noreen & JB Bancroft
Jean Schade - from Katie Schellmat
Jeannette Rote-Fetters: Remember you! Your friends and
coworkers at the Western Wayne Dept of Human Services.
- from State of Mich Western Wayne DHS
Jeffrey and Mark Strouss - from Gytha Mack
Jerry Kurunsaari - from Paul and Nancy Lennon
Jessica Wolke - from Bill & Lynn Ader
Jessie - from Laurie Weidman
John Fischer - from Edie Herrold and Susanne Peckham
John Gutenschwager - from Barbara Mills
John S. Dobson - from Susan M. Kornfield and Peter G. Coggan
Joseph Frederick - from Elizabeth McCully
Kathy Israel - from Ed and Vi Dely
M. Elaine (Somervill) Anderson - from Pearl & Pekka Peritalo
Margeurite Clayton - from Anne Kellogg
Marianne Frauhammer - from Susan and James Dettling
Marry Ann Storm (Granny) - from Margaret Lindemyer
Mary Ann’s Mother - from Heirloom Hookers
Mary R. Polk - from Connie and Danny Bergen, Diane L.
Flick, Tim Polk
Matthew Taggie - from Sara Heimerl and Scott Moazzen
Michael J. Byrnes - from Margaret M. Byrnes
Michael Konon - from Elaine Godfrey and Ronald Mosier
Michael Lillie - from Michael Steeb
Michael Lillie and Betty Dohlert - from Rochelle and Stephen Igrisan
Mildred Patterson - from Town Centre Residents
Miranda - from Judy Murphy
Mr. Jack Sangunett - from Lori Grover
Mrs. B. Clark, Mr. Bruce Clark, Ted Heusel - from Susy Clark
Mrs. Evelyn Reba Parks and her gentle spirit - from Sue
Stevens and Chip Kramer
Mrs. Helen Meisel - from Earl and Julia Roy
My husband Elwood - from June Kureth
Nate Rosenthal - from Jack and Cecilia Kaufman, Joel Potischman, Laurie Guthrie, Lawrene Alan Meyerson
Nate Rosenthal: my dear friend - from Tina Schneider
Nate Rosenthal: whose fondness for cats is exceeded only by
his fondness for people - from Rick and Anita Kurche
Nathan Rosenthal - from Doreen Harmelin, Elaine Meyerson, Joan and Leon Moskovitz, Marlene Van Wingerden,
Michael A. Sorise, Timothy and Laura Kowalksi
Our condolences to Amy Rosenthal on the loss of her father,
Nate Rosenthal - from Jeffrey Wallach, Rena Samin, and
Kalman Flomenhaft
Our Holly - from Michele Buchanan
Peggy Bok - from United States Postal Service
Raymdon Jurgensen - from Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Ferenczy
Rebecca J. Hoeft - from Barbara Sloat
Robert Kay - from the AFCU staff
Robert McCullen - from Jo Sobkow
Robert Penskar - from Erik Weingrot, Pauline Valmore
Robert W. Pratt - from Rita M. Pratt
Rowdy and Brandy Cost - from Norma Smith-Cost
Ruth Foster - from Susan Perry
New & Renewed Cage Sponsorships
Sharon and Eric Apollo
Barbara Bassett
Carl and Heather Cairns Chambers
Carl and Cathy Christensen
Karen DeBenedictis
Dogma Catmantoo
Judith and Roger Julie
Cathy and Thomas Kerr
Scott and Martha Larsen
Kim and Joanne Latvala
Barbara and Steven Levine
Richard Niezgoda
Lou Ann and Howard R. Openo
Chris and John Ossenmacher
Judith Pendergrass
Mike Perkins
Scott and Mary Rentschler
Joan and Robert Rose
Dana Rupp
Jarrod Sandel and Melody Dymock
Amy and Vivek Sankaran
Daniel F. Scott
Candis and Helmut Stern
Greg Tighe
Kimberly Turnquist
Kelly Vautour
Christina Zeisler
Visit for information
on becoming a Cage Sponsor.
Ruth Gamrath - from Donald & Bonnie Lonser
Ruth Goddard - from Betty and Linda Schneider,
Michael S. Kaslik
Ruth Mandy: wife, mother, sister, friend - from the
staff of the Department of Molecular, Cellular,
and Developmental Biology - The University of
Sadie - from Colleen Pierce
Sally Jones - from Jan Berry
Sandi Coleman - from Barbara Lauzon, C. Paul Gilson, Carnation Breckle and Diane Knibbs, Carolyn
J. Hastings, Cindy and Andy Dresner, Craig and
Doug Yerebeck, Dave and Karen Gates, Dorothy
J. Barrow, Francine Collier, Gerald and Shirley
Fisher, Gordon and Judy Bell, John and Jean Allen,
John and Judy Jambor, John and June Williams,
Marla and Scott Mueller, Mary Lou and Cecil
Baublit, Patsy Stevens, Pauline Hawbins, Randy
and Kelly Yerebeck, Richard and Sara Lovelace,
Sara T. Kring, Susan Robinson, Tom and Mary Jo
Sandra (Ingram) Coleman - from Ron and Nancy
Sandra Coleman - from Anita Stull, Gerald and Cheri
Marken, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Bryant, Richard
and Catherine O’Reilly-Freeland, Robert and
Jacqueline Epps
Sandra K. Coleman - from Kay Ingram, Mauri Ingram,
and Lee Eberhardt
Sandy Coleman - from the staff at Health Care Innovations
Sandy Whitesell: Miss you every day - from Ann
Sheila Rogers - from Marie Collier, Mike Tholheimer,
Scott and Lisa Beard
Susan A. Kiner - from Carol A. Peterson, Charles and
Teresa Hough, Craig and Patricia Richter, David
and Judy Kay Staebler, Gerald and Linda Bates,
Jerry Kenney, Ron & Mary Nix, Bonnie Feister,
Mr. and Mrs. Robin Wright, Mary Kay Zielinski,
Berlinda & Paula Pazzi, and RoseMary Hummel,
Michael and Robin Fullerton, Package Design &
Manufacturing, Inc., Robert A. Reding, Steven and
Jacqueline Breakefield
Susan Ellenwood Kiner - from Joan M. Cole
Susan Kiner - from Charles and Mildred Krausse
Tank - from Judy Murphy
Tanya - from William and Maria Carter
Taylor - from Cozette T. Grabb
Friendship Garden
Princess Mononoke Chen
Our favorite furry friend. We’ll always
remember you.
Adam Supernant
In memory of Woody, Brownie, and Pablo.
They were all deeply loved and
will be sorely missed.
Eric R. Bassey
Rosangel E. Cruz
Daniel A. Earle
Morgan and Aylin Gaughan
Amy Milligan and Kate Beauchamp
Jessie Ulsoy
Tony Wahlman and Carol Bennett
In memory of Brenna Brown
Heather and Fred Nicholas
Honor a dear friend.
Visit for information
about our Friendship Garden.
Ted Heusel - from Aileen Gatten and Charles Witke,
Bryan, Susie, and Beverly Fish, Butzel Long Attorneys and Counselors, Christine Kuzawa, David
Blanchard, David Hamer, Dawn and Roger Hertz,
Debra C. Borders, Dorothy Thorne and Family, Earl
and Mary Kay Ursul, Eva L. Nash, Helen Duffy, Mike
Duffy, and Dave and Janet Chamberlain, Jane and
John Lumm, John L. Etter, Lynne Deitch and Len
Mazor, Rodger and Patricia Drueke, Sandra and
Milo White, Sophie Farah, William and Marilynn
Peterson, your friends in the labor department at
Butzel Long
Ted J. Heusel - from Jim and Claudia Stewart, Ralph
and Frances Bolhouse, Rolf, Helen, and Christine
Wohnus, Zelma and Mike Marich
Theodore Riley - from Evelyn and Larry Greenway
Tony Fielek - from Rolling Meadows Country Club
Trixie - from Laurie Weidman
Uncle Jim Cunningham - from Mary Ann & Bob Mills
Virginia Theofil - from Te Dee Theofil
William Trowbridge - from Mark and Shirley Trowbridge
Pet Memorials
In Memory of…
Abby Spallasso, a very sweet and loved dog - from
Heidi Mier
Allegra, a special girl with much spirit - from Heidi
Alex, beloved cat of Debbie and Rick Phillips who
had a loving home for 18yrs. - from Gerald and
Kathleen Spain
Alex: Debbie and Rick’s sweet kitty, 18-years-old,
lovingly cared for and sheltered from the younger
members of the Pear/Phillips clan. - from Patti
Bailey...a Great Feline - from Tim Diss
Beloved cat of Maryann & Joe Howell - from Shawn
Bjorn: beloved dog of Braxton Blake and Freda Herseth - from Susan M. Kornfield and Peter G. Coggan
Bob-cat Johnston...he was a very good friend. Luv
Mom, Walt, William, Grouchie, & Vinnie Boomer, our dear Border Terrier: “Don’t cry because
it’s over, smile because it happened” -Dr. Seuss
- Love from your family - Reg, Pat, Nate, & Tess Boots - from Rita C. Mitchell
Brownie, Woody, and Pablo - from Eric Bassey
Buddy - from Carol Coppersmith, Keith Konefke
Buttons - from Auntie Judy, Baley Beaux, and Hank
Mobley, Janet and Eddy Going
Callahan: Beloved golden retriever of Gordon
Mullholland and Kathi Seglund. Also loved and
remembered by Leona Mullholland - from Leona
Cappo Perlman - from Debbie & Jim Beuche
Casey: a loving companion to Lori for 17 years - from Julie
Chester: Beloved chocolate Lab of Jan, Harry, Ethan, and
Jeremy Cohen - from Sally and Ian Bund
Cincy Hurray was a good ol boy & we will miss him so. - from
Happy Hearts Pet Care
Clara: beloved corgi of Liz, Gil, Jamie, & Will - from Sally &
Ian bund
Clara: beloved dog of the Goodenough & Leaf family - from
Jan Cohen
Cocoa, a very loved dog - Beau, a much loved dog - Tesque,
who had beauty and dignity - Ginger, a special little dog
- Allegra, a special girl with much spirit - from Heidi Mier
Cody: Happy friend of Beverly Rathcke - from Ed Steinman &
Rita Mitchell
Copper: from Alice and Sherry - from Sherry Roberts
Crash: the sweetest, dearest, and most loyal companion
- from Ellen Joynt
Beloved Pet of Donna Donkerbrook - from P.S. Knickerbocker
and L.J. McCrea
Eli - from Stephanie Bates
Figmont Hurray: Figgy was a special kitty - from Happy
Hearts Pet Care
In memory of Flip, much loved cat of our sister Vikki. He will
be missed. - from James and Rene Enos
Frieda (aka Fred) was a good and loyal friend to Sara and
Mike - we’ll all miss her. - from Gail Ives
Ginger Rice: We miss our tiny friend with the brave heart.
- from Bob and Jan Anchuetz
Gretchen Leigh Maki - from Roy and Susan Muir
Gretchen Leigh Maki: My adopted German shepherd who
brightened my life in her senior years. - from Patti Maki
Gretchen Maki - from Debbie and Rick Phillips
Gretchen: Rescued into a loving home with Patti Maki - from
Kathleen Spain
Harley Joe - from Danelyn Simpson
Heidi Glancy - from Maris and Judy Fravel
Honey: you will be missed - from Charles Snellings
In honor and remembrance of our sweet little Yorkie baby
Cinnamon - from Arlene Weiser
Jasper: This memorial donation is given in loving memory
of Jasper, perhaps the most beloved member of all time
in the Program in American Culture at the University of
Michigan. I will miss seeing his sweet face and hearing
the click of his feet on the tiles as he came in to work
every day. Jasper brightened hundreds of people’s days,
not the least of whom were the countless undergraduates who needed a “furry fix” while missing their own pets
back home. I don’t know how anyone will know when it’s
time to go home now that Jasper isn’t around to quietly
express his desire to leave after another long, hard day of
advising! Rest in peace, sweet boy. You will always have a
special place in my heart. - from Amy Roust
Jesse, Companion, friend, teacher for 17 years. You will be
missed. - from Linda Scibilia and Laurie Salzler
Keenan - from Bill and Barb Lavery
Keenan, a good friend - from The Waltmans and Crawfords
Lance - from David and Laura Rende
Lily - from Lanette Loudermilk
Louie, our special little foster kitten - from Debbie & Rick
Mackerel Compton - from Sandy Garges
Maggs and Zico - from Cathy J. Smillie
Maizey - from Beverly Dudley
Marley: beloved cat belonging to the King Family - from H.
Roger and Barbara King
Maude: Beloved companion and friend. Keep Sadie company. - from Colleen Pierce
Max - from Waleed Howrani and Beth Andersen
Maxie, the Wonder Dog - from Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Noden
Merlin: our special little foster kitten. - from Debbie & Rick
Misty Parsons: I miss your company more and more with
each passing day. Happy 19th birthday. Love, Andrea
- from Andrea Parsons
Murphy, beloved dog and companion of Barbara Reed,
Richard Ward, and Paige Labourdette, of whom it can be
said, “Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives
whole.” - from Susan Pollans and Alan Levy
Murphy, Ben, and Goldie - from Beverly Carlisle
Murphy, loving friend and companion to Cookie - from Dee
My precious Mason, we miss you so incredibly much. You are
always in my heart. We love you and feel like we can still
hear your precious purr. - from Lee Ann Walker
“Norm” (Norma): beloved dog belonging to Drs. Sidney
Gendin and JoEllen Vinyard - from H. Roger and
Barbara King
Pepper: a wonderful dog much loved by Barbara
Nickel and her family. - from Linda Grissom
Popcorn: loving pet of Joyce and Bob Sibler - from
Bonnie Miller
Rebel Cyr: you are much loved, and missed by all
- from Sheryl Cyr
Rocko: In memory of a great dog and friend. You will
be missed tremendously. Love Brianne, Grant, and
Colin –
Rocky - from Barbara and Tony Eichmuller
Rocky Brink - from Judith Collica
Rogue - from Peter and Jill Brown
Roxy - from Marcelle Smith
Schooner - from Donna Champine
Serena and Stumpy Miller: With deepest sympathy on
your loss. - from Jane Murphy
Shiloh - from David Willson
Simba, who touched our hearts - from Happy Hearts
pet Care
Simon - from Christine Alvey
Sister, FiFi - from Linda Chatters
Smiley, Roxy, Taffy, & Midnight - from Kathleen Spain
Spencer, who asked so little and gave so much - from
Deborah and Jerry May
Spencer: 16 years couldn’t have been sweeter. You
the “the boy”!! - from Angie Hall, Kevin Borland, and
Terri LaMarco
Spencer: a noble dog and beloved friend, who will live
forever in our hearts. - from Mary Duff-Silverman
and Ray Silverman
Spencer, beloved dog of Simone Himbeault-Taylor and
Brad Taylor - from Jack and Penny Cianciola
To the Family of Paul and Maryann Barrie in memory
of the passing of their dog, Dara - from Maxine
Townley - from Bryan and Dianne Siverly
Trixie and Rusty - from Freda Delosh
Yarshi, a cat with great spirit, owned by Sarah Ross
and Lisa Smith - from Heidi Mier
People Honoraria
In Honor of…
Abigail Hirshbein - from Allison Pollock
Alvin E. Lundgren - from Jerold Lundgren and Todd
Andrea Hayes: Congratulations on your graduation from
vet school! - from Maura and Bob Dalian
Andy & Kasey: We love you both always from Mom &
Dad. We miss you both! - from Fred and Tammy
Ansel Leveque: Happy Birthday, from the Levin-Shavit
family - from Erica Levin
Ashley Weigel - from Keith and Mary Lynn Weigel
Bettie Hunt’s 80th Birthday - from Danny Boy, Vincent
and Buttons, and Carol and Ernie Phillips
Boo: To celebrate your birthday, we thought we’d also
honor your beloved dog, Boo. Happy Birthday!
- from Linda Brown and Helena Stovall
Candis Stern - From PEO Chapter DH
Cherie Booth: Happy Birthday, Cherie - from Catherine
David Dawson - from David Goodman
David Leland Dawson, from his Aunt Ann (Dawson)
Deb and Dave Arnoldi’s 25th Wedding Anniversary
- from Ira and Sarah Mark
Diane Wahl’s 60th birthday - from Your Friends
Dr. Carrie Nichols - from Friends
Frances Peterson-Sand’s Birthday - from B. Kenneth
Duck and Mary Gallagher, Karen S. Sebastian,
Sharon Sand and Gabriel Peterson
Fredda Clisham - from Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smith
Gannon Van Riper - from Matthew and Dorothy Jones,
Gigette Bejin
Geoff and Carolyn Krone - from Melissa Henry and
Colin Krone
Gloria Fitzpatrick: Happy Birthday, Gloria - from Adrienne and Mark O’Brien
Grace Pernecky - from William and Deb Houghton
Happy B-day Dad! - from Megan Vihtelic
Happy Birthday Jeff Holden, supreme cat lover - from
Cheryl Atkinson
Happy Birthday, Holly Beaupre’ - from Jennifer Else
In celebration of Katie Haven and Michael Stanton’s
wedding - from Brianne Haven
In honor of Jim and Robert’s 25th Anniversary.
- from anonymous
Isabella Lamb - from David Lamb and Melody Abesamis, Holly and Steve Ohtonen, Jeffrey E. Cone
Janet Mailhot - from Chris Jones
Jim Fiine’s 50th Birthday - from Lawrence and
Elayne Tyner
Julie & Brad Darling: Wishing you many many years
of big love and married bliss! - from Julie Wenzel
and Jason Cumbers
Julie Gothrup and John Phillips: In honor of your
wedding - from The Zacks Family
Kaylie Bullock - from Jessie Auer
Lynn Wolf, my favorite animal lover - Congratulations
–Mom - from Ruth Gomulka
Mary Ann and her beloved dog Shadow Mary Norman - from Launda Powell
Mary Polk - from Theresa Griffis
Miss Minou - from Maria S. T. Whitaker
Mom - from Olivier Delers
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Woodward - from Gerald Toler
Nicole Schofield - from Richard Millunchick
Patti Maki - from Martha Lanphear
Peg and Bill Woehrle’s 40th wedding anniversary
- from Brian Chodoroff and Patricia Benson
Peretz Hirshbein - from Hillel Hirshbein
Phyllis Ponvert - from Tabitha Barnowsky
Pungyo - from Mary Walton
Renee Saper’s Birthday - from Arthur and Mary
Sally Peiter - from Judy and Charles Koenn, Koenn
Susan Kornfield and Peter Coggan’s 8th anniversary - from Freda Herseth and Braxton Blake
Susan Wright, our friend and art teacher - from
Nancy Nelson and Richard Hughes
Susie Lee: Happy Birthday to Susie! - from Stephanie
Ted Mawson - from Jason F. Lindauer
Thank you for all that you do for our community!
From the Clay-Leyshock Wedding Guests
- from The wedding of Erica Briggs and Don
- from Tamara Real
Tom Osburn: Happy Birthday to Tom!
- from Stephanie Bates
Traci Sincock celebrating her 50th birthday
- from Pat & Dave Brown
Pet Honoraria
In Honor of…
A lost pet - from Michelle Barnes
Boris and Alex - from Kristin Keir
Martin: We have a very lovely cat from your facility.
We picked him up as Eli, he was a very smart
little boy. He is now Martin and 2 1/2 years later
a smart, distinguished boy that we just love. This
donation is in his name!!! - from Lesa Bachman
Muffy - from Patricia Ardner
Mugsy, our wonderful rescued dog - from Nancy and
Irving Leon
Pungyo - from Mary Walton
Gifts that Live On
Jane Cooch
Carol Harroun
Erma & Carl Holtz
Nettie McCain
Provide for the welfare of animals in need by
securing the future of HSHV. For information
about bequests and planned giving, please call
734.662.5585 x125.
Please accept our apologies for any
unintentional errors or omissions. For
corrections, please notify us at
[email protected] or
734.662.5585, x 125.
Gifts from Our Community Partners
The following is a list representing business and organization gifts made between May 1, 2007, and October 31,
2007 to HSHV. We express our sincere thanks for these
tributes. Gifts received after October 31, 2007 will be
ackonledged in the next issue of Shelter Life.
Allstate Giving Campaign
Amerman Elementary
Angelini and Associates Architects
Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation
Ann Arbor News
Arbor Dog Daycare
Arbor Hills Properties LLC
Arbor Springs Water Company, Inc
Auto Finance Center of Ypsilanti, Inc.
Automotive Federal Credit Union
Bank of Ann Arbor
Beta Kappa Alumni of Alpha Gamma Delta
Brown Dog Pet Service
Butzel Long Attorneys and Counselors
Capital Area United Way, INC.
Charter Township of Plymouth
Columbia Asset Management
Community Action Network
Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan
D & D Vending
Davenport Insurance and Financial Services
David A. Brandon Foundation
Dexter Mills
Dogma Catmantoo
Eagle Associates, Inc.
Esselte Corporation
Fort Dodge Animal Health
Gap Foundation Gift Match Program
Groom N’ Go, Inc
H & H Distributing Co Inc
Happy Hearts Pet Care
Health Care Innovations
Heirloom Hookers
Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites
Holiday’s Restaurant
Hylant Group
Jewish Cultural Society
Jim Kovalak Excavating, Inc.
John Hancock Life Insurance Company
John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
Johnson Controls
JP Morgan Chase Bank
JP Morgan Chase Foundation
Knights Market
KT & Associates of Michigan
Lane Animal Hospital
LaSalle Bank
Limno-Tech, Inc
Mak Corporation
Mercantile Bank of Michigan
Mich Electric Power Coordinated Systems
Michigan Head Pain & Neurological Institute
Michigan Pain Specialists
Michigan Tunnel Community
Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
Midwest Vet Supply
Montague Foundation
MoonWinks Cafe
Mosaic Feline Refuge
National City
Nob Hill Stadium Properties
Office Max
Orthosport Physical Therapy Center, Inc.
Package Design & Manufacturing, Inc.
Past Presents
PEO, Chapter DH
Petco Foundation
Petco Marketing & Merchandising Company
Pfizer Inc. Ann Arbor Laboratories
PJA Realty, Inc
Plante & Moran, PLLC
Plymouth Three Dog Bakery
Power Sports of Ann Arbor, LLC
River Drive Properties LLC
Rolling Meadows Country Club
Salem Veterinary Service
Sam’s Club #6667
Schneider Electric/Square D Foundation
Sigma Nu Phi
SPX Corporation Foundation
St. Francis Elementary School
State of Michigan Western Wayne Department of
Human Services
Sweeta Z, LLC
TCF Foundation
TDS Metrocom Inc
Temple Beth Emeth
Temple Steel LLC
Thalner Electronic Laboratories
The Active Network, Inc.
The Bark Side
The Polo Fields Ladies Golf League
Therapaws of Michigan, Inc.
Three Oaks Group, LLC
Todd’s Services, Inc
Towne Centre Residents C/O Hildegard Lindstrom
Toyota Technical Center
Tractor Supply of Saline
Transit Advertising Group
U OF M Payroll Office
UAW - Ford FSLC Pete Pestillo Child Development
Underground Printing
University Flower Shop
US Post Office
Verizon Foundation
Village Animal Clinic
Washtenaw Comm. College Bailey Library Staff
West Hawk Industries
Wilson White Company Inc
We Need You!
Volunteering at HSHV is a
rewarding experience. There are
so many roles you can play to
aid the mission of the Humane
Society of Huron Valley. You
must be 18 or older for volunteer
positions requiring direct contact
with the animals. If you are 16-17
years old, you may volunteer for
other activities. If you are 1215 years old, you may volunteer
working directly with a parent.
For further information, please
call our Volunteer Hotline at
734.662.5585 x 300 or e-mail
[email protected]
3100 Cherry Hill Road
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48105
Animal Care
Canned cat and dog food
Kibbles n’ Bits Tender Chops
Unopened jars of peanut butter
Spray cheese in a can
Cat toys
Clean new or used towels
Planet Dog Toys (no tennis balls)
Grooming clippers
Cat litter
CareFresh Bedding
Clinic Supplies
Heating water blanket
Alcohol & peroxide
Unsed, unexpired flea/
heartworm treatment
Good condition surgical
Wish List
Nature’s Miracle
Simple Green
Paper towels & plates
Dish soap
Rubber & work gloves
Powdered laundry detergent
Office Supplies
New Space Heaters
2006 or newer camcorder
2006 or newer digital camera
New batteries
Copy paper (white & colors)
Gift Cards
Gasoline gift cards
Pet supply stores
Office supply stores
Screw driver sets
Specials Needs
Quart and gallon ziplock bags
Heavy-duty upright vaccum
Air travel miles
TNR Program
Cheap tuna fish
15 gallon Rubbermaid totes
Newspaper & bed sheets
Can openers & paper plates
Please note that there are some items that we cannot accept or use. If you are unsure,
please call us at 734.662.5585 x 104 before making a trip to HSHV. Thank you!
Our greatest wish it that all homeless animals find a loving, forever home. Please make adoption your first option.

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