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Volume 24 • Issue 3
2008 “Tilly” Santa Ynez
Valley Super Tuscan
2010 Santa Barbara
County Chardonnay
• Gold Medal, San Francisco
• Silver Medals: San
Chronicle Wine Comp.;
Francisco Chronicle Wine
Silver Medals: Long Beach
Comp., Orange County
Grand Cru, San Francisco
Wine Society; Bronze
Int’l. Wine Comp.; Bronze
Medals: Los Angeles Int’l. Wine
Medal, Sunset Int’l. Wine Comp.
Comp., Central Coast Wine Comp.
• A tremendously expressive wine with a meaty texture, brimming
• Be prepared for a very smooth ride with this Chardonnay.
with gorgeous blackberry, mulberry, plum and exotic spice aromas
“This is a fruit forward wine with the flavors of tropical
and flavors. Tons of complexity, with a long, lightly tannic finish.
guava and a supple, seductive body,” notes Christian.
• Fruit for “Tilly” came from the Los Alamos Vineyard in Santa
• Fruit for this Chardonnay came from two vineyards in
Barbara County. The 2008 harvest hit growers with frost and rain,
Santa Barbara County, one in Santa Maria and one in
dropping yields, though grapes delivered concentrated flavors.
Santa Ynez.
• Fruit was fermented in five-ton, open-top fermenters with
• Grapes were hand harvested in October, pressed, and then
commercial yeast. The cap was punched down three times per
cold-soaked for 24 hours. Fermentation began with a new
day for two weeks. The wine aged for several months in French
yeast strain RV134 “developed exclusively for extracting
oak barrels.
flavor density from white wines,” notes Christian.
• This is a blend of 60% Sangiovese and 40% Cabernet Sauvignon.
used a traditional stainless steel basket press to
“The Cabernet provides the backbone and structure of this wine,
then gravity-fed the wine to stainless steel
while the Sangiovese is the source of the aromatics and unique
six months on the lees prior to
nose,” says Winemaker Christian Garvin.
bottling. The final blend was 95% Chardonnay and 5%
• This traditional Italian-style red “is a tribute to my grandmother,
Semillon. “The Semillon brings a little sweetness to the
Matilda Maglio or Tilly, a wonderful woman who died of
wine,” says Christian.
Alzheimer’s. She was the quintessential Italian grandmother. In
• “By not aging in oak barrels, this wine is crisp
her honor, 10% of our ‘Tilly’ sales go to Alzheimer’s
and fresh without all the oakiness.
• A wonderfully rich, honey-suckle wine that
• Italian cuisine is the perfect choice for
goes great with Pacific Rim cuisine, spicy foods,
“Tilly, but it has plenty of weight to
handle big meat dishes, BBQ and spicy
sushi and all types of shellfish.
Asian cuisine.”
• Enjoy now or hold up to two years.
• Enjoy now or hold up to five years.
• Alcohol: 14.0%; pH: 3.26; Total Acidity:
• Alcohol: 13.8%; pH: 3.73; Total Acidity:
0.62g/100mL; Cases Produced: 3,400;
0.54g/100mL; Cases Produced: 4,200;
Bottling Date: June 2012;
Bottling Date: August 2011;
Release Date: September 2012.
Release Date: April 2012.
ve Chri
Tasting Room Retail: $25
Restaurant Wine List Price
(If you can find it): $31 - $37
“We lo rial spirit and
entrepr l-winning win
his med
Tasting Room Retail: $18
Restaurant Wine List Price
(If you can find it): $24 - $30
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Page 2
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$131 88
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Half us s/h.
, Fu
Casel and
s Ok
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Oreana Winery
Every wine has a story...
Youth, Passion & Wine in the
“Funk Zone” at Santa Barbara’s
Downtown Santa Barbara
Christian Garvin
Oreana Winery
Christian Garvin
Annual Cases Produced:
CWC Selections:
• 2008 “Tilly” Santa Ynez Valley
Super Tuscan
• 2010 Santa Barbara County
“What wine goes with Captain Crunch?”
—George Carlin, Comedian
CWC’s Bruce and Pam Boring with Oreana Founder Christian Garvin,
at the Oreana facility in downtown Santa Barbara.
To Your Health . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
From the typewriter Oreana Founder Christian Garvin uses every day in his
winery office to the Sinatra pictures on the wall, the old jukebox in the tasting
room to its location in Santa Barbara’s “funk zone,” Oreana Winery has a
style that goes beyond style. It comes from the nature of Christian himself, a
quirky, ambitious guy in his 30s with a fondness for the 1940s and a yen for
old crooners. Christian is by nature a blender, whether it’s decades, people or
wine. Like Sinatra, Christian has done it “his way,” and tagging along with a
winemaker was never so much fun…
Recipe: Pasta ca Sasizza
e Cucuzza . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
Uncorked: How and why did you start making wine?
Wine Words: “Dumb” . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
California’s Quickie Wine Timeline . . . . . . 7
Sparkling Advice
from Schramsberg Winery . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
Reorder Your Favorites . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
Nimble Winemakers
Reshaping California Wine . . . . . . . . . . . 11
The Game Room . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
On the Cover: Springtime brings
the vineyards to life in Santa
Barbara County.
Christian: In 1996, I had graduated, but surprise! Not much of a demand
for a guy with a degree in Communications and Sports Facilities. My
college friend Andrew Kahn was working up at Fess Parker Winery in
Santa Ynez. I moved up there and worked in the cellar for $8.50 an hour,
lived in a trailer on the property with Andrew and a dog. At night, we’d
sneak into the tasting room to steal cheese and crackers. We used an
extension cord for power and we’d plan out our own winery on a yellow
pad at night.
Continued on page 5
See details on page 12.
To Your
Wine & Pregnancy: New Research
Indicates Occasional Glass of Wine
Not Harmful
The Aarhus University in Denmark reported
in five studies that an occasional glass of wine
during pregnancy will not adversely affect the
child. The conclusions came from intelligence
tests of 1,628 Danish five-year-olds, along
with their mothers’ answers to a questionnaire
taken during pregnancy. Study results showed
that the children born of mothers who
consumed from one to eight 5-oz. glasses of
wine per week were as intelligent and welldeveloped as those with mothers who
abstained throughout pregnancy. The British
Medical Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology
published the findings.
While researchers advised that an occasional
glass of wine was not harmful during
pregnancy, they were quick to note that
overconsumption of alcohol during pregnancy
can damage a child’s neurological
development and lead to ongoing disabilities.
They also said that ideally, pregnant women
should consume no alcohol, but that
an occasional drink is no
cause for serious
Recipe from
Oreana Winery
From Tilly’s Kitchen:
Pasta ca Sasizza e Cucuzza
(Bow tie pasta with squash & sausage)
“The recipe is a traditional Sicilian dish that my grandmother used
to make,” says Oreana Founder/Winemaker Christian Garvin. “It is
relatively simple, fast and inexpensive. I chose it for those reasons
but also I believe it pairs with BOTH of your CWC selections,
depending on the time of year, the weather and the individual’s own
1 cup olive oil, divided
½ medium onion, finely diced
1 sausage, without the casing
1 lb. summer or winter squash, washed, peeled and
finely diced
½ lb. fennel, finely diced
salt and pepper, to taste
1 lb. pasta
1 lb. ricotta
1 cup breadcrumbs, divided
The Sauce:
Over a medium flame, heat 3 Tbsp of olive oil in a large sauté
pan. Add the diced onions and sauté for about 5 minutes or
until onions are translucent. Add the sausage and sauté for
additional 5 minutes to brown the meat, turning occasionally.
Add ½ cup of water and stir in the squash, the fennel and salt
and pepper to taste. Continue cooking for 10 minutes.
The Pasta:
Wine Words
Can wines be dumb and dumber?
Maybe! For winemakers, a dumb wine is
one that has very little aroma on the nose.
It could later develop a great nose, but right
now, not so much. Cabernet Sauvignons are
often dumb in their youth.
Page 4
Bring a pot of water to a boil. Add 1 Tbsp of salt and cook the
pasta following the manufacturer’s directions. Reduce the
recommended cooking time by 2 minutes.
Putting It All Together:
Drain pasta, reserve a cup of pasta water and toss the cooked
pasta into the sauté pan with the sauce. Add the ricotta and toss
until pasta and sauce are well combined, add ½ of the
breadcrumbs and over a low heat gently turn for about 2
minutes. If it is too dry, add some of the reserved water.
Serve immediately.
Garnish each dish with some breadcrumbs, drizzle with
a few drops of olive oil and offer hot red pepper on
the side.
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Oreana Continued from page 3
Uncorked: What was your first big break?
Christian: Andrew and I started Kahn Wines while still at Fess Parker, and
our Syrah got 86 points from Wine Spectator. We made 40 cases at a whopping
$22 a bottle and sold it all the same day.
Uncorked: The next big moment in your winemaking journey, we
hear, was Cabernet Frank…
Christian: Right. We began making wine elsewhere, a place we won’t
mention, the dark years. Andrew and I had day jobs. Our dream was
stagnant. At night, working at the cellar, we’d play Frank Sinatra. I come
from an Irish-Italian family in Long Island and Sinatra was part of life.
When Sinatra died, Andrew and I bottled Cabernet Frank in his honor. This
was 1998. We wrote the Sinatra family a letter.
About four months later, I saw someone had left a message
on our pager (at that point, we couldn’t afford a landline).
Some guy…I called him back in a few days.
To make a long story shorter, we had dinner with the Sinatra
family, they loved the idea, and we partnered with the family
to produce a wine in his honor. The wine was produced with
the Cabernet Franc grapes, so the name “Cabernet Frank” was
a play on words.
Cabernet Frank took off and it grew for seven years. I ended up
selling out after too many board meetings.
Continued on page 6
Oreana has to
limit the
number of
guests that
clamor to join
its parties and
A Radio Flyer wagon is part of the
whimsy common at Oreana.
Bruce and Pam flank some of Oreana’s staff, including (left to right) Kimberlee, Jenn, John, Danny, Christian and Christina.
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Page 5
Oreana Continued from page 5
Uncorked: Oreana was your next project…
why did you locate it downtown?
Christian: It just seemed to make sense. We’re not a sweeping estate
with family money behind us. This is a passion, not a second career
for someone who has already made their fortune. When we started,
Santa Barbara Winery was across the street and
Jaffurs was a few blocks away. Oreana became
Santa Barbara’s third urban winery. Now there
are 20 tasting rooms. We’ve had 800 people
show up at our concerts (Jefferson Starship,
Quicksilver Messenger Service), and the city
began to take an interest, so now we do a lot
of small events.
Bruce and Pam confer
with Christian at
Oreana’s loading area.
Uncorked: Do you buy all of your grapes?
Christian: Yes, from nine vineyards from
Santa Barbara County to
Monterey, threequarters from people I
met 16 years ago
working at Fess Parker
as a punk kid in a
Grateful Dead t-shirt.
Uncorked: What
would you say is your
wine style?
Christian: Our wines are
approachable, balanced
without heavy reliance
on oak.
Continued on page 8
Christian in his office “cave” with
Sinatra memorabilia decorating the walls.
Page 6
A 50’s jukebox is
ready to rock and roll
in the cellar.
The loungestyle tasting
room evokes
days gone
The Childhood...
What’s behind young Christian’s
love for singers like Sinatra,
Dean Martin, Mel Torme,
Perry Como and Keely Smith?
“Every summer I got shipped to a
retirement community and hung
out with my grandparents. Why go
to camp with the other kids, when
I got to play Mahjong and 9-hole
executive golf courses? Then we’d
have happy hour. I’d make the
drinks a little darker and we’d stay
up later. I’m like, hey, we’re not
watching Matlock. We’re watching
the A-Team!”
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California s
Wine Timeline
California’s wine history has been like a freight train, going from zero to 60 in
what has taken some countries several centuries. Here are the highlights:
The Gold Rush delivers
population boom to
northern California.
Sonoma County
becomes epicenter of
winemaking (22,683
acres planted to vines
by 1891).
Franciscan monks plant vinifera
vines in California, and the
“Mission” grape dominates
winemaking for 100 years
Phylloxera starts to slowly
eat away at California vines.
1860s - 1890s
California’s first
Golden Age of
Winemaking. Wineries
like Charles Krug,
Inglenook and
Schramsberg founded.
Berkeley scientist identifies
St. George rootstock as
resistant to phylloxera.
Saves wine industry in Europe
and U.S.
Prohibition nearly destroys
the industry.
Prohibition ends.
California winemakers
start making jug wines
mostly called Burgundy
and Chablis. These
dominate the industry
until the late 1960s.
Robert Mondavi builds the first
post-Prohibition winery in the
Napa Valley.
The Paris Tasting.
California wines beat
out their French
counterparts, and
California steps onto
the world wine stage.
1980s - 1990s
Northern California vineyards
are replanted thanks to
phylloxera. Knowledgeable
winemakers plant new vines
better suited to their place.
The California Wine Club · www.cawineclub.com · (800) 777-4443
produces nearly
28 million
gallons of wine.
A second Golden Age of
California winemaking, when
young, ambitious winemakers
start experimenting and
produce top flight varietal
1970s - 1980s
Number of California
wineries is approximately
3,364, more than 10 times
what it was in 1965 (232).
Eighty percent of those are
small mom & pop operations
whose wines rarely make it
outside their area.
Page 7
Sparkling Advice
Oreana Continued from page 6
From Schramsberg Winery
Uncorked: Has
anything surprised
you about the
process of
Christian: The most
Witty bumper stickers are part of the
surprising thing about
Oreana scene.
the process is how
simple it is on paper and
how difficult it is in practice. Man makes his plans and Mother
Nature throws her head back and laughs.
It’s true New Year’s has come and gone,
but that doesn’t mean you can’t uncork
the bubbly any old time you choose. We
knocked on the cellar door of
Schramsberg, “America’s House of
Sparkling Wine” and a CWC alumnus
winery multiple times, to ask its V.P. of
Sales & Marketing, Laurent Sarazin, about
what to watch out for with your Brut,
Blanc de Blancs and other bubbly bottles.
• Store your wine in direct light; standing
cork up; or in hot or scented locations.
• Put sparkling wine in a freezer to chill it
(use iced water instead).
• Point a bottle of sparkling wine at
people when opening it.
• Use dusty or wet glasses or pre-chill
your glasses.
• Store your sparkling wine in the
refrigerator for an extended period of
• Serve a brut style wine with a cake. A
dessert wine should be sweeter than the
dessert itself.
• Decant sparkling wine.
Bruce & Pam at one of Santa Barbara’s “hottest” wineries,
founded by one of its most engaging winemakers.
Uncorked: What do you like most about owning
a winery?
Christian: I enjoy every day, because it’s different and
unique. Tomorrow night I might be in Santa Monica hosting
a dinner in a suit. Next day, it could be rubber boots and
shorts, driving the forklift. I always tell people winemaking is
driving a forklift.
To savor sensational Santa Barbara
wines downtown, stop by Oreana
Winery at 205 Anacapa Street,
Santa Barbara, CA 93101; phone
(805) 962-5857, or online at
www.oreanawinery.com. The
tasting room is open daily 11am5pm, except some holidays.
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Pam Boring: President
Bruce Boring: Vice President Sales and Marketing
Page 8
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Frank Family Vineyards 2009 Napa Valley Zinfandel
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stood up to its fragrant nose.”
- Andrew Schaeffer, TX
International Selections:
19 pts Marigny-Neuf 2010 Val de Loire Pinot Noir “We used the
wine pairing suggestion in the newsletter and had this one with
pork tenderloin – fantastic combo!”
Selections features
“mom & pop”
wineries from
around the world.
Pirie Winery Founder Andrew Pirie was Australia’s
first Ph.D. in viticulture and the foremost pioneer of
viticulture in Tasmania. Pirie wines have earned 90+
points from top reviewers like Robert Parker
and James Halliday, and continue to impress
Not found
an international audience – including our
else in the
members. Enjoy them in this month’s
Pirie Tasmania South Winery 2009 “SOUTH” Pinot Noir
This wine begins with a super fragrant bouquet of black
cherries, sweet plum and floral notes. On the palate more
cherry and dark fruit embraced by a silky texture. Yum!
Pirie Tasmania South Winery 2008 “SOUTH” Riesling
The color of summer straw with hints of green, this
delicious white delivers a perfumed nose of lime zest and
fennel, leading to herbal flavors and a crisp dry finish.
Another winner from Down Under.
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Page 9
YOUR WINE STORE – Reorder Your Favorites!
PIETRA SANTA WINERY - Cienega Valley, Monterey
2009 Cienega Valley Block H Sangiovese
2010 Cienega Valley Pinot Grigio
• Notes of cranberry and intense Bing cherries
show up on the nose and the palate of this
deep and complex Sangiovese. Yum!
• Spinach pizza, spicy Italian foods, lasagna,
beef stew and other hearty fare are perfect
• Enjoy now or hold five to seven years.
• Gold Medal, California State Fair.
• “Tastes of mangos and passion fruit with hints
of citrus. It is crisp and refreshing,” notes
Winemaker Alessio Carli.
• Pinot Grigio is terrific with oysters on the half
shell as well as light salads, roast chicken,
Orzo risotto and shrimp, steamed cod or as an
Normal Retail: $24 Reorder: $11.99
Normal Retail: $18 Reorder: $10.99
2011 California Chardonnay
2011 Sonoma County Reserve Merlot
• This lovely red starts with a medley of
cherry, coconut, spice potpourri, dried rose
petals and vanilla fragrances. All are echoed
on the rich palate. Its velvety-soft texture
makes it a beautiful ambassador for Merlot.
• Pork loin and pasta in cream sauce are
terrific choices with this classy Merlot. Red
lentil curry and spicy shrimp are also great
Word of
Normal Retail: $21 Reorder: $11.99
• Rich, ripe tropical fruit flavors are married
with the toasty oak and hints of tangy citrus
and lime zest. Lush pineapple, lemon, peach
and melon flavors follow throughout with a
foundation of minerality and a fresh, bright
• This food-friendly Chardonnay is terrific
with Brie cheese, apricot chutney, pork
chops with apple walnut stuffing, salads,
roast chicken and much more.
Normal Retail: $17 Reorder: $10.99
DANIEL GEHRS WINES - Santa Ynez Valley
2009 Central Coast Merlot
H H H H H H points!
• Double Gold Medal, Tasters Guild Int’l; Gold
Medal, Dallas Morning News Wine Comp.;
Silver Medals, San Diego Int’l. Wine Comp.,
Pacific Rim Int’l. Wine Comp., West Coast Wine
Comp., New World Int’l. Wine Comp.; 86 points,
Very Good “Strong Recommendation,”
Ultimate Wine Challenge, NYC.
• Dustiness, tanned leather and earthiness add
complexity to the lush black cherry fruit.
• Delicious with prime rib.
Normal Retail: $22 Reorder: $10.99
H H H H 2011 Santa Barbara County White
Hills Vineyard Chenin Blanc
• Gold Medal: Chairman’s Best of Class, Long Beach
Grand Cru; Silver Medals: Orange County Fair and
Events; Center Comm. Wine Comp.; California State
Fair; Bronze Medal: San Francisco Int’l. Wine Comp.
• Aromas of plums, wild flowers and clover honey
lead to a fruity palate of ripe Bartlett pear and
melon flavors.
• Perfect with seasoned chicken dishes and spicy
Asian foods.
Normal Retail: $19 Reorder: $10.99
A Message from Bruce & Pam
We are often asked “which wines have you featured in the
past and how can I reorder them?” The wines listed here
are all recent club features. Each one has been handselected by us and comes with our 100% guarantee.
Whether you would like to try one or all of these wines,
please call or visit our website to place an order. Prices
listed are per bottle, and orders must be in increments of 6
or 12 bottles. Mixed-case orders are okay. In fact, we
encourage you to try as many as you can!
Please remember that the wines we feature come from
small “mom & pop” wineries and supply may be limited.
Page 10
The California Wine Club · www.cawineclub.com
These Recent Selections are available for as low as $10.99 per bottle.
2007 Napa Valley Merlot
2007 Napa Valley Pinot Noir
• Silver Medal, Riverside Wine Competition.
• Silver Medal, Riverside Wine Competition.
• This deep, solid Merlot offers lavish flavors
of cassis, vanilla and oak. Lush, lovely and
well-structured, it sends a goodbye kiss
with fine tannins.
• Deep red in color, this 100% Pinot Noir starts
off with rich flavors of cherry, spice and oak.
The cherry notes continue on the palate, joined
by plum and more toasty oak.
• Enjoy with beef, red sauce pastas,
chocolate cake and anything Italian.
Our latest
• This is a fabulous choice with salmon, roast
turkey, cream sauces, light meats and pork.
Normal Retail: $28 Reorder: $13.99
Normal Retail: $33 Reorder: $15.99
2011 Paso Robles Sauvignon Blanc
Non-vintage Paso Robles Repertoire
• The last bottling of Repertoire won a Gold and Best of Class
in the Red Blend Category at New World International Wine
Competition in March 2012 and a Bronze at the Orange
County Wine Competition.
• “Concentrated raspberry and cherry aromas and
notes of spicy vanilla oak lead to a rich palate of dark berry
flavors and plum,” says Winemaker Chuck Mulligan.
• Enjoy now or hold up to six years.
• “This vintage offers aromas reminiscent of ripe melon
and lime peel. It is medium-bodied with bright citrus flavors
and crisp acidity,” says Winemaker Chuck Mulligan.
• Harmonizes well with fresh seafood and lightly
seasoned poultry dishes.
• Enjoy now or hold up to three years.
g on
Normal Retail: $22 Reorder: $11.99
Normal Retail: $20 Reorder: $10.99
n No - Santa Barbara County
2007 Santa Ynez Valley Merlot
2009 Sta. Rita Hills Chardonnay
e Go
Sold out
• Fresh aromas of ripe yellow apple, lemon
aromas waft from your glass of
at the
curd and peach surround rich, creamy
Gainey Merlot. Rich, creamy and
flavors of citrus, spiced apple, peach and
blend of three
luscious, it offers concentrated red
cherry and plum flavors, touched by
tea/spice tones and tangy acidity.
• Enjoy this lovely red with herb-roasted
chicken, black olive pizza or Merlotmarinated game hens.
tropical fruit. Enjoy this white’s lovely
minerality and a refreshing finish.
• A fine choice with seafood, poultry and
vegetarian entrees.
• Enjoy now or hold one or two years.
Normal Retail: $23 Reorder: $11.99
Normal Retail: $22 Reorder: $10.99
2009 “Seven Brothers”
Napa Valley Tempranillo
• This wine has a bright ruby color with heavy aromas of
cranberry, blackberry, cinnamon, spice and toasted oak.
The flavors of dried black fruit, toasted cedar and tobacco
mingle with great acidity and strong tannins to produce a
long, rich finish.
• Tempranillo is fantastic with grilled meats and vegetables
or even pizza.
• Enjoy now or hold up to six to eight years.
Normal Retail: $28 Reorder: $12.99
2008 “Seven Brothers”
Lake County Sauvignon Blanc
• Bronze Medal, 2011 San Francisco Chronicle
Wine Competition.
• Aromas of honeysuckle and mango waft from your
glass of this yummy Sauvignon Blanc. On the palate,
green tea citrus and lemongrass make this white a rich,
complex companion to food, great for quaffing, too.
• Enjoy this Sauvignon Blanc with ahi tuna, oysters,
ceviche and light salads.
Normal Retail: $22 Reorder: $10.99
Nimble Winemakers Reshaping California Wine
Not so many years ago, the standard, premium California winery consisted of a winery, tasting facility and estate vineyard. All the fruit for
its wines were estate grown. This model has been smashed by an influx of young winemakers who own neither vineyards nor wineries.
They have thrived for two main reasons: 1) they are free to select fruit from the best vineyards, contracting with independent growers for
the wines they choose to make, and 2) they don’t have the ongoing expense and burden of a vineyard and a winery facility. They can
travel light. Such winemakers today produce many of California’s best wines. The Golden State’s wine industry is chockfull of these nimble
winemakers, to the benefit of wine lovers everywhere. Salud!
www.cawineclub.com · (800) 777-4443
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The Game Room
Before the winery, they were…
Winery founders often come to a wine career after
a successful profession elsewhere. Match the
founder to the career:
1. Michael Polenske, Blackbird Vineyards,
Napa Valley
2. Francis Ford Coppola, Coppola Winery,
Sonoma County
3. Joe Phelps, Joseph Phelps Winery, Napa Valley
4. Kerry Murphy, DuMol, Sonoma County
5. Jim Dierberg, Dierberg Winery, Santa Barbara
6. Jonathan Maltus, World’s End, Napa Valley
7. David Sloas, Michael Dragutsky,
Cornerstone Cellars, Napa Valley
8. Kent Rosenblum, Rosenblum Cellars, Oakland
9. Jerry Seps, Storybook Mountain Vineyards,
Napa Valley
10. John Ramsey, J.R. Wines, Napa Valley
Stock u
Now an p
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• More than 20 handcrafted wines priced between
$9.99 and $12.99 (including some “Reserve” selections)
from California’s best artisan wineries.
• 80 exquisite Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignons.
a) petroleum executive
b) banker
c) electronics business
d) university professor
e) veterinarian
f) investment banker
g) doctor
h) Hollywood director
i) tire company owner
j) construction magnate
• 20+ delicious Pinot Noirs, hand-selected from the
best terroirs, including the Sonoma Coast, Central
Otago in New Zealand and beyond.
• A generous selection of Chardonnay, Viognier,
Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio
for white wine lovers.
• Dozens of juicy Zins, spicy Syrahs, bold
Merlots, enticing Sangioveses and
unique blends.
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Sale ends March 31, 2013. Prices are per bottle
plus tax where applicable. Half, full and mixed
cases okay. Sale prices cannot be combined with
other promotional offers.
1. f) investment banker
2. h) Hollywood director
3. j) construction magnate
4. i) tire company owner
5. b) banker
6. a) petroleum executive
7. g) doctor
8. e) veterinarian
9. d) university professor
10. c) electronics business

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