Why Shakespeare



Why Shakespeare
Why does Shakespeare
amaze people since
Elizabeth I to Elizabeth
- English project
We all have decided that our English
project will be about the great and
commonly known artist from Stradfort
upon Avon. He has inspired our minds and
opened our hearts with the power of
poetry and plays. We would like to
continue our work and discover the magic
of words used by Shakespeare.
Why Shakespeare ?
This is our group:
-Ewa Ulrich ( left)
-Mikołaj Szadkowski
-Przemek Jarocki
( behind on the left)
-Jan Malicki (behind
on the right)
And our teacher:
-Aleksandra Karpińska
We would like to
show you our plans
and trips we have
already organized!
Our English group
We started working before the 9th of December
2011, because on this day we went to Teatr Polski
in Warsaw to see the outstanding performence of
Andrzej Seweryn called ‘ Szekspir Forever ‘. The
play was simply amazing. It was a combination of
fragments from works like ‘Macbeth’, ‘Romeo and
Juliet’ and others.
For this occasion we prepared a small catalogue with
information about A. Seweryn, the theatre in
Elizabethan time and, of course, Shakespeare
The first step
Photo here…
The Catalogue
These are some pages
of the catalogue and
examples of exercises
prepared for the
participants of the
All of it was presented
on the way to
Warsaw. We amused
On the way…
Lady Macbeth
Andrzej Seweryn as…
Outside the theatre; having fun in
Warsaw …
Two months later, on the 8th of February we
organized the next trip. There were many
students, teachers and some parents interested
in our project and eager to join us. This time we
went to Bydgoszcz to see a play directed by Maja
Kleczewska – ”Burza” (”The Tempest”). Although
it was a bit controversial, everybody enjoyed it.
We had presentations, quizzes and some sweet
prizes for the winners on the bus.
Our second step:
This was a short
introduction to the
topic of the second
trip. Each of us made
a short presentation
about the director of
the play, the theatre
and made a short
summary of „The
The Tempest - leaflet
On the bus:
Unusual show
Our group in Bydgoszcz; Teatr
We have already bought tickets for the next play
to Warsaw’s Teatr Ateneum – ‘Sen Nocy Letniej ‘
(‘ Midsummer Night’s Dream ‘) directed by
Bożena Suchocka on the 13th of April. We are
really looking forward to it - our group will be,
again, presenting the most significant
information about the theatre and the work of
 We are searching for the most interesting
information now…
Our plans: What are we
working on?
We are also organizing our own play at
school. We will link a few Shakespeare
dramas and comedies together and perform
it on the stage. The whole school will be
invited. The performance will include works
such as ‘ Hamlet ‘, ‘ Macbeth ‘, ‘ Romeo and
Juliet ‘, ‘ Midsummer Night’s Dream ‘ and
‘The Merchant of Venice ‘. The school theatre
club will help us. We have already started
learning our roles by heart ;)
Shakespeare’s Night
It is worth mentioning that every time we
organize a trip to the theatre people of different
ages are coming willingly with us (pupils from
gymnasium, teachers and parents). They seem
to enjoy their time with us mixing learning with
pleasure. We often meet with favourable
responses from them and they thank us for
broadening their knowledge about Shakespeare.
What is more, they ask enthusiastically about
our next trips and plans :) It shows that
Shakespeare still amazes everyone regardless of
age and status.
Our impact on others
We really would like to win the competition. If we
get the prize, we would love to invite some
professional actors to organize a workshop for us
to teach us how to perform on the stage. We
would also organize another trip to the theatre
and invite those who cannot afford it. Such trips
are always great fun and exellent experience.
William Shakespeare has inspired us and the
theatre has fascinated us. We would be pleased,
if we did something for the development of our
passion for art.
Why we would love to win the
contest and recieve the prize?
Thank You very much for attention!
Ewa Ulrich; Jan Malicki; Mikołaj Szadkowski; Przemysław Jarocki and the leading
teacher Aleksandra Karpińska from GTS in Toruń

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