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Energy Services
Balance Your Bottom
L I N E.
Inefficient HVAC systems are a drain on
both the environment and your budget.
Halvorson Trane’s building automation experience keeps
you comfortable while cutting wasteful energy spending.
The average building consumes $2.00 in energy costs
per square foot each year. Properly maintained
conditioning systems can reduce building consumption
by up to 20%.
It is crucial to understand your facility and identify key
areas where efficiency is being lost. Halvorson Trane
offers a variety of services to assess and optimize your
energy consumption including:
Energy Profile
Retro Commissioning
Full-Scale Energy Retrofit
Post Construction Services
Strategic Building Automation
Energy Profile
Full Scale Energy Retrofit
Before improvement can be made, we must thoroughly understand how
your business uses energy. We gather benchmark information from
utilities, lighting, HVAC and hot water systems to determine your
building’s efficiency using Energy Star benchmarking tools.
Energy systems are the most profitable when all elements are operating at peak
efficiency. Halvorson Trane can plan, design, and implement a complete building
management system to provide the most comfort and control for your facility.
We compile thermal imaging, data logging and building automation
system trends to develop a comprehensive energy profile for your facility.
These outline current consumption patterns and their impact on your
bottom line. Information is compiled to a level of complexity that meets
your budget and highlights crucial energy conservation opportunities and
specific payback periods.
Once we understand the current state of your energy consumption, we
conduct a commissioning study to determine how your facility can be
optimized for peak performance.
During the study, equipment, system and operational improvements are
identified and guidance is provided so your building can achieve optimal
operation and maintenance. These conservation measures will be reflected
in your budget and are linked directly to your long term ROI.
Results from an improperly
functioning economizer
Cost to implement corrective measures= $7,500
Annual Savings= $42,854*
Simple Payback (years)= 0.18
*Energy savings from economizer repairs are based on a 20,000
square foot facility with packaged rooftop units.
“The Halvorson Trane customer support
team has been priceless. Within a few
minutes of our call, they help us fix
any problems.
- Jeff Shaw, Facilities Manager for Toyota Financial of Cedar Rapids
Our team of project managers, engineers, service technicians, and building
automation specialists can execute a system to optimize energy usage and
meet all current building codes and standards.
“I’ve been in this industry for 25 years and
the Halvorson Trane people are some of
the best I have worked with.
-Dean Archer, Maintenance Manager for City of Cedar Rapids
Post Construction Services
Once all systems are in place, we will schedule quarterly follow up
meetings for the one year warranty period to ensure ideal operation.
We produce a full set of drawings for new equipment and infrastructure
to reference for future maintenance. Extended warranty service and
continual follow up maintenance can be arranged to fully protect
your new equipment.
Strategic Building Automation
Even the most efficient equipment can fail when not closely managed.
Halvorson Trane software and strategic products help you fine tune your
elements and keep them all in balance. Through on site commissioning or
remote monitoring support Halvorson Trane develops comprehensive
maintenance programs to keep your facility at peak performance.
With a full suite of Halvorson Trane products and services
you can be confident that your facility is comfortable, safe
and efficient, saving both your budget and your environment.