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North Andover, Massachusetts
M a s s a c h u s e t t s
a business & community guide
A Business & Quality of Life Guide
The Town of North Andover would like to acknowledge the corporations below
for their generous support of this publication.
Welcome to North Andover
orth Andover is great community to work, play and build
a life. Founded in 1646, North Andover continues to be
as vibrant as it has been for more than 360 years. Convenient
to routes I-495 and I-93, North Andover has preserved a small
town, rural feeling as it has grown to accommodate industry,
commerce and a wide variety of housing options.
North Andover is blessed with excellent public schools,
well maintained parks and generous amounts of protected land.
In addition, our Police, Fire and Ambulance services provide a
low crime rate and excellent emergency response capabilities.
All of which contributed to North Andover being rated the 5th
most desirable place in live for municipalities
with a population under $100,000 in the eastern United States by Money Magazine.
You will find North Andover to be very
business friendly. We are committed to “fast
tracking” our building permit process and will meet with potential
developers in advance to review
our regulatory processes and
ways we can assist you with
moving your projects forward
including the availability of
grants and tax incentives.
Our transportation infrastructure,
including easy access to interstate highways,
a major railroad line and a regional airport
make getting your employees and product
in and out of North Andover relatively
trouble-free. We have an extensive sanitary
sewer and portable water systems that have
considerable capacity available to them. The Town’s advanced
infrastructure and positive attitude towards business development has resulted in the town being rated number two in the
Commonwealth by the Massachusetts High Tech Council as
positive place to locate your business.
Our town prides itself on maintaining a balanced approach,
ensuring the community has strong quality of life. We think you
will enjoy North Andover and hope you will feel at home here.
Rosemary Connelly Smedile
Chair, North Andover Board of Selectmen
This publication is
Published & Distributed by:
860-963-0414 • [email protected]
Mark H. Rees
Town Manager
The Town of North Andover is located in Essex
County in the northeastern part of Massachasetts
on the banks of the Merrimack River. North
Andover lies 12 miles east of Lowell; 24 miles
north of Boston; 33 miles from Manchester, New
Hampshire; and 243 miles from New York City.
Lawrence Municipal Airport
Located in North Andover, this airfield can accommodate a full range of aircraft, from single
and multi-engine planes to smaller jets and
helicopters. Over 80 local and national
firms (including major telecommunications and defense industry companies) use LWM for business travel.
• Incorporated as a town: 1646
• Population: 27,202*
• Land area: 26.67 sq. miles
• Population Density: 1,020 per sq. mile
• Labor Force: 13,192**
• Unemployment Rate: 3.8% **
Government: Open Town Meeting –
Board of Selectmen Town Manager
• Median age: 37.2*
• Total Housing Units: 9,943*
• Median Household Income: $73K*
(*source 2000 census; **MA Dept Labor, March 2008)
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Business &
North Andover, at the forefront of the Merrimack
Valley’s economic development activity, is committed to attracting new businesses - small and large.
The excellent geographic location, endless source of
talented workers, citizens and volunteers dedicated to
their community, and the natural beauty of the town
make it a great place to live and work. North Andover’s development goals emphasize expanding the
regional economic base through sustained economic
development efforts, securing new businesses with
an emphasis on creating well paying jobs and significant advancement of the commercial and industrial
tax base, and planning for future growth opportunities
that will ensure the community’s quality of life.
North Andover was ranked by the Massachusetts High-Tech
Council in 2007 as the “2nd most Tech-friendly municipality
in the Commonwealth.”
North Andover Economic Target Area
In September, 2007, the Town received approval for the
expansion of the regional Economic Target Area (ETA) that
includes the Davis & Furber Mill complex and the downtown area. This expansion will allow the town to offer tax
incentives and deductions which will help retain existing
businesses and promote new business growth.
East Mill North Andover
East Mill, the former East Campus of the Davis & Furber
Machine Shop, serves as the centerpiece of the Machine
Shop Village Neighborhood Conservation District. Listed
on the National Register of Historic Places, the property
consists of 235,000 sq. ft. of mill buildings that surround an
attractive mill pond. The developer, RCG LLC, has breathed
new life into the property by introducing a mix of retail,
residential, restaurants, and higher quality office uses that
are consistent with thriving downtown neighborhoods and
in line with the Town’s goals of developing “sustainable”
communities. or
Eaglewood Plaza
Merrimack Valley Means Business!
This interactive website, a collaboration
between the Merrimack Valley Planning Commission and the Merrimack
Valley Chamber of Commerce, offers
a complete inventory of all businesses
and parcels of commercial and industrial land in the northeastern Massachusetts. Because of its unique aerial
image capabilities, this interactive web
site, the first regionally based business
informational web tool of this caliber in
the country, provides free service for
businesses and commercial realtors.
The Merrimack Valley Economic
Development Council, Inc, a nonprofit organization created in 1999 to
advance the economic interests of the
Merrimack Valley, encourages greater
communication between the public
and private sectors and fosters
collaborative efforts between and
among communities, leading to
sustainable economic growth and
prosperity for all. The Council provides
• O sgo o d L a n d i n g
• Air p o r t E xe cu ti ve Par k
• Ma chin e Sh o p V illa ge
• W illow In d u s tr ia l Pa r k
a forum for sharing information and
developing joint strategies to address
specific challenges.
The Merrimack Valley Chamber of
Commerce, the largest, most effective business-to-business network in
the Merrimack Valley, offers help with
financing opportunities, site and
building space location, permit
information, marketing, free business
counseling, and more.
Community Preservation Act
North Andover is one of the first
communities in Massachusetts to
take advantage of the Community
Preservation Act (CPA), an innovative
funding source which can be used
to address the following community
concerns: acquisition and preservation
of open space, creation and support
of affordable housing, acquisition and
preservation of historic buildings and
landscapes, and creation and support
Acquisition almost 100 acres
of land for watershed and open space protection
Historic preservation of the town-owned Stevens Estate
Stevens Memorial Library restoration and repairs
Town Hall Renovation Project
enhanced the historic renova-
tion of the c.1923 building
The Town Common Project:
monument restoration, walk-
ways, and granite posts
Restoration of the Old
Burying Ground and historic gravestones
The Machine Shop Village
Project to upgrade and pre-
serve the district's historic nature & streetscape
Steeple and foundation
restoration for the North Parish Church (the Town’s Meeting
house in 1836)
The Scholfield Mill site cleanup and grounds restoration
The Historic Preservation
Project to restored the Town’s original documents and
digitally catalogue the Town’s records
The Affordable Housing
Program includes developing a housing plan and a First-Time Homebuyers Program
Rehabilitate and repair
recreation sites: Sharpner’s Pond Recreational Area,
Drummond Field, and Grogan Playground
of recreational opportunities. Local
funds are matched by the state. North
Andover has collected and administered over $10M since the town’s CPA
Fund inception in 2001. Town organizations and businesses can apply
for CPA funds through the Division of
Community Development. Applications
for funds are done once a year.
The Patio at Osgood Landing. Photo courtesy of Ozzy Properties, Inc.
Marsden film “The Box” and Tina Fey’s
film “This Side of the Truth”, and has
served as a conference center and training resource for various groups and
organizations, bringing hundreds of
people into North Andover regularly.
Location: One mile from I-495
via Exit 48, 25 North of Boston and 30
miles south of Manchester, NH.
Land Area & Zoning: 169 acres,
significant on-site expansion possible,
40R mixed use overlay to Industrial-2,
expedited permitting.
Utilities: 50 MVA of clean power
via two redundant feeds from Ward
Hill Substation, 10,000 ton total HVAC
capacity from modernized central
chilled water plant, high pressure
natural gas on-site, town and private
sewer line.
Energy: To reduce greenhouse
emissions and save on energy costs,
This 169-acre property was
originally home to the Western
Electric manufacturing site, once
the largest employment center in
the Merrimack Valley with 12,000
workers. It was also a major manufacturing production site for AT&T
and Lucent Technologies up until
the early twenty-first century.
In June 2007, North Andover approved a plan to turn the property,
now called Osgood Landing, into a
smart growth area of housing, business, and recreation. One of the first
communities to take advantage of
a new state smart growth incentive
program called Chapter 40R, North
Andover will receive substantial state
funding for approving the plan, which
was jointly developed by the town and
the site’s owner, North Andover-based
Ozzy Properties, Inc.
Today, the property has an occupancy rate well over 50% (100K+ sf of
new businesses in the past year), with
the majority of the front portion of the
building leased as office space. The facility was recently used as a movie set
for the upcoming Cameron Diaz-James
Aerial view of Osgood Landing. Photo courtesy of Ozzy Properties, Inc.
Osgood Landing is comprised of
1.5 million square feet of first
class office and manufacturing
space. Renowned as one of the
largest high tech facilities in
New England, this project offers
unparalleled infrastructure and
amenities and is poised to attract
innovators from the life science,
biotech,medical device, and high
tech manufacturing & assembly
high-efficiency, environmentally
friendly natural gas boilers and solar
panels have been installed.
Amenities: 500-seat full-service
cafeteria and catering services, 300seat Auditorium, shared conference
facilities & satellite offices, facility
access control system, Northern
Essex CC for on-site training services,
On-site MVRTA public bus service
connecting riders to Commuter Rail in
Haverhill and Lawrence, 6,400 spaces
of free on-site parking.
Contact the North Andover Community & Economic Development Office for
more information. Curt Bellavance, 978-688-9531.
Eats & Treats
North Andover has a wide range of dining available for all tastes & budgets.
• Amici’s Pizzeria
127 Waverley Road
• Arthur’s Corner Pizzeria
1060 Osgood Street
• Barker’s Farm Stand
1267 Osgood Street
• Baystate Chowda Company
109 Main Street
• Bertucci’s Brick Oven Pizzeria
435 Andover Street
• Bollywood Grill
350 Winthrop Avenue
• Brigham’s Ice Cream
350 Winthrop Avenue
• Burger King 188 Turnpike Street
• Burtons Grill 145 Turnpike Street
• Butcher Boy Market 1077 Osgood Street
• Captain Pizza
733 Turnpike Street
• Casa Blanca Mexican Family Restaurant 1070 Osgood Street
• China Blossom 946 Osgood Street
•China Wok Restaurant 129-C Main Street
•Crumpet’s Tea Room
56 Water Street
•Culpepper’s Bar & Grille 815 Turnpike Street
•Defusco & Son Italian Bakery, Inc.
1211 Osgood Street
•Dream Dinners 1211 Osgood Street
•Eatz Restaurant
57 Water Street
•Fresh City
93 Turnpike Street
•Fuddrucker’s Restaurant 550 Turnpike Street
•Gourmet Grille Express 1503 Osgood Street
•Harrison’s Roast Beef 80 Chickering Road
•Haru Chinese & Japanese Restaurant
733 Turnpike Street
•High Street Grill 25 High Street
•Jimmy’s Famous Pizza 1591 Osgood Street
•Joe Fish Restaurant 1120 Osgood Street
•Joe’s Landing Café 492 Sutton Street
•Lobster Tail Seafood 1081 Osgood Street
•Loft Steak & Chop House 1140 Osgood Street
•Mad Maggie’s Ice Cream, Inc.
1025 Osgood Street
• Mediterrean Villa
133 Main Street
•Ninety-Nine Restaurant & Pub
267 Chickering Road
•Orzo Restaurant
1085 Osgood Street
•Panera Bread 58 Peters Street
•Pizza Factory
535 Chickering Road
•Rolf’s 39 Main Street
•Sal’s Just Pizza
490 MaiN Street
•Star Pizza
15 First Street
•Stacheys Pizza
9 High Street
•Starbucks’ Coffee
562 Turnpike Street
•Taki’s Pizza
701 Salem Street
•Treadwell’s at Smolak Farms
315 South Bradford Street
•The Vineyard
554 Turnpike Street
• Val’s Restaurant
91 Main Street
• Ye Olde Pepper Company
Candy Shoppe
59 Main Street
Youth Services,
Parks & Nature
Nature, History, & Community are the pillars
that support North Andover’s foundation.
Stevens Pond
Family Friendly
The Town Department of Youth Services operates recreational opportunities at Stevens Pond and extensive
programs from the Youth Center located in the Old Center.
Local youth sports leagues include Little League, soccer,
youth hockey and lacrosse. Stevens Pond Beach
is open to residents with season passes for
lifeguard-supervised summer swimming and
youth swimming lessons are also available.
During winter months, the Brooks School
opens its rink to residents for Sunday night
skates. North Andover values community
members of all ages: a vibrant Senior Center,
located behind Town Hall on Main Street, provides services, programs, and assistance to over
6,000 seniors.
The volunteer North Andover Booster Club (NABC)
has delivered quality athletic programs and community
spirit since 1950. Today, the NABC provides sporting opportunities to over 1,300 young men and women participating in basketball, football, cheerleading, wrestling, softball,
volleyball, track & field and field hockey.
North Andover Youth Services
Founded in 1988 as a one-year pilot program, North Andover Youth Services today is a vital part of the town and
serves close to 3,000 middle school and high school aged
young people. This multi-service, non-profit agency coordinates a variety of services that range from recreation,
sports, and outdoor adventure to counseling, tracking and crisis intervention with young people
and their families.
In 2000, after 6 six years of fund raising,
the new $2.5M, 18K square foot Joseph N.
Hermann Youth Center became home base to
NAYS staff and services as well as a multipurpose center for North Andover youth. Facilities
include a full gymnasium, weight room, basketball
court, indoor rock wall, skate area, lounge, kitchen, counseling rooms, and computer room. Programs include adventure programs, support services, social events and activities
(concert series, talent show, sports tournaments & more),
a job bank, youth council, volunteer groups and activities,
summer programming and much more. • 978-682-9000
North Andover was selected by Money Magazine in 2003 as the “Fifth Best Community to live in on the East Coast.”
“North Andover offers many avenues to appreciate nature. It
features walking trails, ponds, a state forest and park, and
hiking hills with clear views of Boston’s skyline
about 26 miles away.”
Quote from “North Andover: ‘olde’ and new” by Nancy Hitchcock,
Northshore Magazine, Winter/Spring 2007
Smolak Farms
A visit to Smolak Farms combines
agriculture, education and entertainment. This family farm's
history can be traced
back 300 years. Today, visitors come
to pick fruit at
the orchards (7 months of
everything from strawberries in June
to Christmas trees in December) and
shop at the farm's bakery and farm
stand. Children can enjoy educational hayrides with schools or other
groups, have a birthday party, attend
a summer Nature & Craft program or
visit the farm's animals. Families can
enjoy seasonal festivals and in the fall
there is children's entertainment every
weekend (pony rides, hop-on-hayrides,
a food court and children's crafts).
at the facility. Camping is available
seasonally at Lorraine Park Campground. Berry Pond offers swimming
(with lifeguard) from Memorial Day to
Labor Day. The pond has a sand beach,
picnic sites and a new washhouse with
flush toilets and changing stalls.
Drummond Playground
Harold Parker State Forest
Located on over 3,000 acres in 4 different towns, including North Andover,
Harold Parker State Forest offers hiking, mountain biking, fishing, hunting,
horseback riding, swimming, camping
and picnicking. The forest has over 35
miles of logging roads and trails and
offers quiet seclusion to off-road hikers
and bikers. Non-motorized boating is
allowed on any of the 11 ponds. No
horse, boat or bike rentals are available
“I think the farm is part of the town’s history. I think it brings
unparalleled beauty into people’s lives. It brings an appreciation of
nature,” says Michael Smolak, Jr., a third-generation principal of the
farm. “My theory is that in society today people are looking for
something real. I think farms have become real focal points for
people getting in touch with a simpler life, happy times, spending
time with family and friends, and being out in nature.”
Quote from “North Andover: ‘olde’ and new” by Nancy Hitchcock, Northshore Magazine, Winter/Spring 2007
Weir Hill
Weir Hill (historically pronounced
“wire hill”) offers hiking trails that pass
over the crest of the 305-foot double
drumlin and track the shore of Lake
Cochichewick—the largest lake in Essex
Country and the town's water supply.
The patchwork landscape on Weir Hill
supports ten different types of plant
communities, from a 60-acre oak-hickory forest to hillside seeps, intermittent
streams, and wet meadows. Several
threatened state-listed and watch-listed
species can be found on Weir Hill,
including the white bog orchid, violet
bush clover, and butternut.
Places of Interest
North Andover is a quintessential New England
town with over 3,000 acres of open space,
farmland and farms (open to the public),
historic places of interest, museums and more.
Stevens-Coolidge Place
Formerly known as Ashdale Farm, the Stevens-Coolidge
Place on Andover Street (owned by the Trustees of Reservations), was the summer home of diplomat John Gardner
Coolidge, a descendant of Thomas Jefferson and nephew
of Isabella Stewart Gardner, and his wife Helen Stevens
Coolidge. Farmed since the early 1700s by six generations
of Helen's family, she transformed the farmstead into an
elegant agricultural estate for "gracious country living."
Guided house tours of the late-Federal period farmhouse
and its collection of American, European & Asian decorative
arts are offered Saturdays and Sundays, 1-4PM from June
through October or for groups by appointment. Call for
admission fees and to arrange group tours. Free, self-guided
tours of the gardens & grounds are also available. Maps of
the 91-acre property are available on-site. An annual plant
sale is held every May. • 978-682-3580
The North Andover Historical Society
Founded in 1913 and dedicated to preserving local heritage
and bringing it to life, the North Andover Historical Society
provides children’s programs, guided tours, lectures, workshops, craft demonstrations, exhibits, architectural walking
tours and publications. The Society also preserves and interprets five historic buildings: The Parson Barnard House, the
Carriage Barn, the Granary, the Stevens Mills Depot, the Hay
Scales building, and the Johnson Cottage. Through architecture and artifacts, each building reflects a different view of
North Andover's pre-industrial past. Open Seasonally. • 978-686-4035
First-Calvary Baptist Church
In North Andover 586 Massachusetts Ave.
North Andover, MA 01845
(978) 685-1502
First United Methodist Church of
North Andover 57 Peters St.
North Andover, MA 01845
(978) 682-5305
Merrimack Valley Presbyterian Church P.O. Box 655
North Andover, MA 01845
(978) 372-3287 St Gregory Armenian Church 158 Main St.
North Andover, MA 01845
(978) 685-5038
North Parish Unitarian Church 190 Academy Rd.
North Andover, MA 01845
(978) 687-7948 St Michaels Church 190 Main St.
North Andover, MA 01845
(978) 682-9484
St Paul's Episcopal Church 396 Main St.
North Andover, MA 01845
(978) 682-8952 Trinitarian Congregational Church 72 Elm St.
North Andover, MA 01845
(978) 686-4445
Museum of Printing
Located on North Andover Town
Common, the Museum of Printing is
dedicated to preserving the history
of the graphic arts, printing equipment and printing craftsmanship. In
addition to special collections and
small exhibits, the museum contains
hundreds of antique printing, typesetting and bindery machines, as well as
a library of books and printing related
documents. Open Wednesday-Saturday from 10a.m. to 5p.m., each visit
includes a guided tour with hands-on
Rolling Ridge Retreat Center
Founded in 1948, Rolling Ridge is a
retreat and conference center located
on 38 acres of woods and hills in a
gracious country estate on the shore
of Lake Cochichewick. Rolling Ridge
is a ministry of the New England
Conference United Methodist Church;
however, this spiritual oasis is open to
people of all faiths, including nonsectarian groups.
Rolling Ridge sponsors
monthly retreats and programs focusing on spiritual formation. The Center
hosts many groups for
day or overnight events
that can include meals
and accommodations
in the historic 40-room,
Georgian-style estate. Meeting rooms comfortably serve
groups from 4 to 80 people. Private
rooms for personal retreats are also
available. In addition, families, religious groups, reunions, and business
groups from 15 to 150 people can rent
the grounds—including swimming
pool with bathhouse and lifeguards,
picnic area, walking trails and sports
The Stevens Estate at Osgood Hill
Located on 153 acres on Osgood Hill, the
Stevens Estate, owned by the Trustees of
Reservations, is on the National Register
of Historic Places and was built in 1886
by Moses T. Stevens, a prosperous
owner of textile mills and a member of
one of the founding families of North
Andover. Purchased by the town in 1995 to preserve the building and
grounds, this historic mansion is now a venue for weddings, conferences
and events. • 978-682-7072
Stevens Estate
Andovers Artists Guild
Founded in 1970, the Andovers Artists
Guild is a nonprofit organization with
more than 90 active members,
including artist and arts patrons from Andover, North
Andover and surrounding towns. Activities
& events include art
shows, workshops, exhibitions in public spaces,
educational opportunities
and more.
Anne Bradstreet
America’s First Poet
Anne Bradstreet - Puritan Poet
Anne Bradstreet was born in 1612 in
England into an educated and wellconnected family. In 1628, at sixteen,
she married her childhood friend
Simon Bradstreet. Two years later she
and Simon and her parents sailed to
Massachusetts on the ship Arbella.
The Bradstreets lived in Cambridge,
and Newtowne, and then moved north
to Ipswich. Sometime before 1644
they moved again, this time settling
with their family in (North) Andover,
where Anne lived until her death in
1672. Her family, which included eight
children, was active in the political life
of the colony. Both her father and her
husband served as Governor of Massachusetts.
In 1650 Anne’s brother-in-law
returned to England. Without her
knowledge he carried with him a
manuscript containing verses she
had copied out for family circulation.
This he had published in London
under the title The Tenth Muse, Lately
Sprung up in America. Because of this
work, which was a popular success
on both sides of the Atlantic, she is
honored as America’s first poet.
This brief bio is taken from the Stevens
Memorial Library’s pamphlet for students
and educators, Anne Bradstreet, America’s
First Poet – An Interdisciplinary Guide for
Learning. –JB]
North Andover takes great pride in providing excellent
education for more than 4,600 students. Outstanding
public education is a top priority for the community, and
the school budget often composes more than half of all
town expenditures.
North Andover High School
North Andover Public Schools
The North Andover Public School
Department enjoys a reputation as
an outstanding school system with
a vision of excellence supported by
high levels of community involvement, strong curriculum planning and
instructional management focused on
maximizing student achievement.
Over the past ten years and
through difficult financial times, the
community’s commitment to its youth
has been manifested by the completion
of a new high school and renovation of
the middle school. Of the five elementary schools, two were opened in the
past ten years.
While the School Department
takes great pride in its facilities, the
district focus is to continually improve
academics. The high school serves
1,350 students in grades 9 through
12 and offers numerous electives and
a wide selection of Advanced Placement Courses. Over 90 percent of the
graduating class of 2008 went on to
attend 2 and 4-year colleges. Complementing the academic program are
extensive co-curricular and extra-curricular programs. The middle school’s
student population of 1,100 in grades
6-8 is offered a wide array of fine and
applied arts courses and three foreign
languages, in addition to the academic
The youth of North Andover are
its most important resource, and the
educational program offered by the
public schools is the most cherished of
our municipal responsibilities.
North Andover Middle School
North Andover Foundation for
This non-profit, volunteer organization
was formed by concerned parents to
raise money to strengthen education in
North Andover. The group’s mission is
to generate private and corporate donations to supplement the public school
budget, with the goal of promoting
excellence and innovation in the public
Greater Lawrence Technical School
Established in 1963, Greater Lawrence
Technical School, located in Andover,
prepares students for college and career.
Greater Lawrence is a four-year career
and technical high school offering sixteen technical programs, a technologyrich curriculum, strong academics with
personalized academic support and
honors classes, a variety of student organizations and a full range of interscholastic athletic programs.
Merrimack College
Since 1947, when it was established by the Order of St. Augustine,
Merrimack College has grown from a small commuter school to a
notable liberal arts college of over 2,000 students from more than
26 states and 14 countries.
Located on a 220-acre campus in
North Andover and Andover,
Merrimack College offers 30 majors,
including Digital Media Arts, Sports
Medicine and International Business
and pre-professional programs for
dental, medical and law school, plus 5
masters degree programs in education.
For the tenth year in a row, U.S.
News & World Report has ranked
this modern Catholic center of higher
Merrimack is listed as one
of the Best Liberal Arts
Colleges in the 2008
rankings of colleges
learning highly
among peer institutions. Merrimack is
listed as one of the
Best Liberal Arts
Colleges in the 2008
rankings of colleges
The mission of
Merrimack College is
to provide, in a Christian, valuessensitive environment, the opportunity for its students to develop a
mature intellectual, cultural, social,
emotional, and moral awareness;
to combine professional training of
high-quality with a commitment to
an integrated liberal arts component in all courses of study; to act
as a major educational resource for
individuals and for the Merrimack
Valley community.
Merrimack’s community is
committed to scholarship and
service to others, and provides
students myriad opportunities to
develop intellectually, spiritually,
socially and ethically.
Northern Essex
Founded in
1961, Northern Essex Community
College is a public, two-year college
that educates a diverse group of over
15,000 full- and part-time students on
several campuses
(one in North
Andover). Northern Essex offers
programs of study
leading to Associ-
ate degrees
in Arts or
Science and
of program
completion. Many students enroll in
nontraditional programs of study such
as ESL courses or training programs in
special skills and high technology areas. Excellent facilities, solid academic
support services, a dynamic student
activity program and affordable tuition,
flexible scheduling and the option
of completing a degree or certificate
at your own pace are hallmarks of a
Northern Essex education.
978-556-3000 • 978-837-5000
Brooks School
Founded in 1926 and located on a
pastoral 242-acre campus overlooking
Lake Cochichewick, Brooks School
is an independent co-educational
secondary school with 360 students
(70% boarders) from 22 states and
16 countries. During the past fifteen years there has been
substantial development in the arts and technology at
Brooks, as well as upgrades including a new library, dining
hall and student center; classroom building renovation; and
the addition of a technology center. Academic programs
have been added or expanded. A student exchange program
that began with Kenya and South Africa in the 1980s now
includes Hungary, Scotland, and occasionally Rome. With
only 3 headmasters in its 80-year history, Brooks is distinguished among schools for its continuity of leadership. • 978-725-6300
Greater Lawrence Educational Collaborative
The Greater Lawrence Educational Collaborative (GLEC) is
a public educational agency that provides educational programs and services to students to ten Massachusetts school
districts throughout northeastern Massachusetts. • 978-685-3000
Stevens Memorial Library
Stevens Memorial Library offers numerous resources and
services for the North Andover Community. Events such as
book signings, book sales, are held annually. The Children's
Room offers a children's literature collection and programs
such as Pre-School Story Hour, Kindergarten and Grades
1 &2 Story Tim and Book Club for Grades 3, 4, 5, and 6.
In addition to onsite technical services (such as computers with Internet access) patrons can access web services
such as online research databases, online newspapers, and
downloadable videos. • 978-688-9505
Local Public Health Services
The North Andover Health Department works for the
public and business community by providing technical
assistance to new home and business owners, as well as
maintaining a comprehensive health services program. The
professional staff supports inspectional services, health education and ilness prevention to safeguard 30,000 residents
Lawrence General has been the first to bring many health
care innovations to the Merrimack Valley. The Hospital was
the first in Massachusetts to obtain Level III Trauma Center
status in 2000; this insures that specialists in emergency
medicine are available 24/7 and that a surgeon and operating team are always on standby. The Birthing Center delivers over 1,800 babies each
year and a Level II Special Care Nursery is also available.
The Hospital provides exceptional Cardiac Care, Critical
Care, Surgical Day Care and an Ambulatory Procedures Unit
for diagnostics. A Pediatric Unit and Pediatric After Hours
Referral Center for sick children are unique in the area.
Lawrence General was ranked among the top 100 acute
care hospitals in the nation for providing high value to their
communities in a recent independent study conducted by
Cleverley & Associates of Ohio. • 978-683-4000
from disease to disasters. If you have any questions regarding the quality of life in North Andover we are here for you.
Your health and safety is our business.
Lawrence General Hospital
Lawrence General Hospital is a fully accredited, private notfor-profit facility of 189 adult beds and 41 bassinets that has
served Central Merrimack Valley since 1875. Over the years,
Holy Family Hospital
Located in Methuen, MA, Holy Family Hospital is a 271bed, not-for-profit Catholic hospital serving 450,000 people
in 20 communities throughout the Merrimack Valley. With
more than 50 years of offering exceptional care, Holy Family
Hospital stands committed to service excellence and exceptional clinical quality. Holy Family is fully accredited and
proudly received the Gold Seal of Approval from the Joint
Commission, the world leader in evaluating the quality and
safety of patient care. • 978-687-0151
Turkey Town
North Andover was known for many years as "Turkey
Town". Occasionally an old timer will still refer to
the town by that name. It is not known where the
nickname originated. One possible explanation is that
there were several turkey farms in town years ago,
among them the Teel Farm and Melamed Farm. Some
think that the name came from the many wild turkeys
that populated North Andover's woods and forests.
Johnson High School, which predated North Andover High School,
called its yearbook "The Gobbler"
in honor of the town's nickname. The
North Andover High School's prize-winning literary
magazine is named the "Bourbon Red", after the
Bourbon Red turkeys raised in town. The name was
also carried in by the Turkey Town Trotters, a square
dance team, and by the Turkey Town Trot, an annual
foot race.
North Andover
awaits you.
Discover North Andover–a rural town in a prime location–just 24 miles north of Boston.
North Andover is committed to attracting new business and planning for future
growth opportunities that will ensure the community’s quality of life.
“Having made the decision to move north from the Cambridge area, we were looking to maintain our company’s
culture of design, engineering and marketing. After a great deal of searching, North Andover - and specifically the
North Andover Mill complex - made us feel at home. With the location in the town center and easy access to major
arteries, this new location met our strategic requirements. It was also a plus to feel welcomed and wanted by the
town of North Andover.”
– Rob Mainiero, General Manager, Cambridge SoundWorks.
small town–big ideas.
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