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Press Kit
Novas Trio is Carlos Vera L. on Vibraphone, Jeff
Miles on Guitar and Rodrigo Recabarren on
drums. This baseless trio has a distinct and
unique sound. Their debut album Borderfall
has been cataloged as one of the best
releases of 2012 by
Novas Trio started in 2011 when Rodrigo and
Carlos decided to perform without bass and
investigate the possibilities this strange marriage of instruments might deliver. Jeff joined
a year later, just before the recording of
Borderfall in February 2012. Recorded at
Mighty Toad Studios in Brooklyn, NYC, NY,
Borderfall (Discos Pendiente DP17) was
released worldwide in 2013 during a summer
tour of Chile, where the band collaborated in a
live performance with illustrator Frannerd
(who created the artwork for the album), and
later in New York City, where the press
received the album with praise.
Novas Trio in
Thelonius Jazz Club.
January 2012.
Originally from Santiago de Chile, Rodrigo is
one of the most active and prolific Chilean
drummers in the world . Since moving to
New York City in 2009, he has embarked on
the search for a personal sound on the drum
set and the demand for his services has
grown rapidly and constantly in the Jazz
world. Rodrigo holds a MM in Jazz performance from New York University and has
performed with artists such as Wayne
Krantz, Chris Potter, Brad Shepik and John
Ellis among many others. He has performed
in the US, Latin America, Europe and Japan
and since 2013 is a Zildjian endorsed artist.
From San Diego California, Jeff is quickly
becoming one of the most In-Demand musicians on the New York music scene. The
winner of the 2008 Montreux Jazz Guitar
competition, began studying classical piano
at the age of six and picked up the guitar at
twelve. In 2004 he moved to Boston to
attend the Berklee College of Music on a
scholarship Jeff has performed with artists
like Terry Lynn Carrington, Fabian Almazan,
Logan Richardson and Roy Hargrove among
many others in venues like the Monterrey
Jazz Festival, Montreux Jazz Festival, The
Blues Alley and Smalls Jazz Club in NYC,
among many others.
Born in Santiago de Chile, Carlos has been
deeply engaged in the language of Jazz as a
vibraphonist and percussionist from a very
young age. With the preeminent guidance of
his percussionist father, Carlos has developed to become one of the most prominent
Chilean musicians of his generation. Carlos
holds a BA from the Pontificia Universidad
Catolica de Chile and a Masters degree from
the Hochschule fur Music und Theater in
Munich, Germany. Carlos is an endorsed
Adams vibraphone artist and has performed
in Jazz festivals and clubs in cities like
Sapporo, Stuttgart, Vienna, New York City,
Munich and Berlin, among many others.
Novas Trio in the Jazz
Festival Las Condes,
January 2012
“I am not keen on labels (anymore) however
“The Bass-less combo has an aury aura,
fair question. There is an open ended abstrac-
Paul Motion vibe going on. Harmonically and
closer to Radiohead, with jangly rhythms,
with purpose that is infectious. Vera is a
leads. Vera is in fine form over "KSR" while
artistically gifted as he is technically profi-
rippling lines and unusual intervalic leaps.”
as a necessary evil, "sounds like?" is certainly a
anchored by the guitar's low strings, with
tion of a John Abercrombie/ Gary Burton/
atop.(...), the trio plays jazz with a rock ethos,
lyrically there is that distinct gift of playing
spiky harmonies, quirky riffing and legato
virtuoso on vibes. Miles is a beast on guitar, as
Miles hits his peak on "Desorientado" with
cient. Recabarren owns the pocket while
providing the sonic nuances that bring this
trio together as one voice. Atari Blues and
Crystal Spire open the set and are two
personal favorites with controlled sonic fury
and instrumental prowess rarely seen. (...)
Easily one of the best of the year. It is like Stan
Getz and Latin vibe master Cal Tjader never
really left, they just took their sound up a

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