the hard bop-influenced l4-1, the modern ballad



the hard bop-influenced l4-1, the modern ballad
the hardbop-influencedl4-1, the modernballad alaPat
Metheny For the Stranger,and the Latin-influenced No
Chance. So there is something for everyone on this
album, and due to cleverprogramming,the listenerwill
get a refreshingswitch of style on almost every tune.
The compositionsthemselvesare brilliant. One would
neverguessthat the composeris not yet thirty yearsold
and has been studying this music for less than ten
years. The tunes take full advantageof Takamen's
ensemblecast-sax,piano, bassand drums-andhe manages to get the best out of his players on each tune,
showing that Takamenis also becominga strongband
The blowing on this album is very tasteful,and
though all of these fine musicians have incredible
chops,as is evident on Takamen'ssolo on l4-l and
saxophonistRo Hasegawa'ssolo on No Chance,they
never let their chops dictate their ideas. Instead,the
solos are allowed to develop at their own pace and
always seem to go somewhereunexpectedon each
This album would make a great addition to any
jazz fan's library. The playing is strong,the compositions engaging,and the group dynamic is never less
than brilliant. Takamenhas given us a greatfirst album
and left us with the anticipation of his successesto
Reviewedby Matthew Warnock
Philology RecordsW357.2
oyce Campbellis a very fine swing guitar player. On this CD he employs a compositional
technique that several other jazz players have
used.Standardchord progressionsare used with titles
that echo the originals.The differencein this project is
that the melody lines are improvisedrather than composed.
Veteranpianist Hod O'Brien has played with,
among others, Chet Baker, Gerry Mulligan and Art
Farmer.BassistTom Baldwin fills his position well in
this trio setting void of a drummer.His walking lines
provide a good supportthroughoutthe CD.
Selectionsinclude,"UnforgettableApril," "The
Girl From Rio," "Who's Got Rhythm," and "Almost
Midnight." I have enjoyed Campbell's playing for a
few yearsnow, and O'Brien, a legendarypiano player,
Just Jazz Guitar . Mav 2007
truly has earnedhis position in jazz history.While not
demonstratingthe high level of musicality that I have
heard from theseplayersin the past,it is still an interestingwork.
Reviewedby VinceLewis
Producedby Diane Hubka
nce againDianeHubkahas come out and fashioned an exceptionallygood vocal album that
featuresher beautifuljazz singing with lots of
little surprises.Shecan capturethe audience'sattention
with her wonderful style and the inviting, charming
tonesof her voice. She has always somethingnew for
us, and alwayspicks engagingbeautiful tunes.
On this outing, the first sincesheleft New York
for Los Angeles, we have a wonderful quintet in the
mix including Christian Jacob,pianist, who arranged
many of the pieces.Carl Saundersis on trumpet and
flugelhorn,and the flugelhorn doesfit very nicely with
Diane's tone. Larry Koonse is on guitar-remarkable,
fast, clean,and sharpand so original. Chris Colangelo
on bass, and Joe LaBarbera,drums really move the
group along.Joe played with Bill Evans,who was one
of Diane'sfavoritemusicians.
The pieces are all from movie scores. "A11
God's Children Got Rhythm" is the opener,and it is
lively. It comesfrom "A Day at the Races,""The Look
of Love" from "Casino Royale" is by Burt Bacharach,
"Lovers in New York," the theme from "Breakfast at
Tiffany's" has a beautiful approach with exciting
vocals, and in trading fours her voice is one of the
instrumentson one of the chorusesin the tune.
An upbeatpiece, "He's a Tramp" from "Lady
and the Tramp" written by Sonny Burke and PeggyLee
really swings away.
My favorite pieces on the CD are "You Only
Live Twice" from the JamesBond movie, nicely keeping the flavor of the adventurousfilm, and "Manha de
Carnival," aLt;JrzBonfa piece from "Black Orpheus."
On this piece Diane singsbeautifully in Portugueseas
well as plays somevery sweetfinger-styleguitar.Yes,
this is a vocal CD but Diane is well known to all of the
guitar players around the New York area and there is
somereally great guitar on here,to say nothing of the
wonderful backing up of the singing by Christian Jacob
on piano and the arrangementsthat he set out for the
group as well. This CD is anotherwonderful showcase
of Diane Hubka's talent as a singer,instrumentalistand
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