Fiat Stilo MW 130
Advanced 7
Kimmo ”Talkkari” Kolkka
1. Hidden components:
– Condensator for the headunit 0.33 F –
– Placement behind the headunit, fixed using metal band and screws –
– The headunit’s DC-DC converter is attached using cable ties –
– Focal Utopia Be 3W2 and Utopia Be TBE –
– Focal Utopia Be 6W3 –
– Focal Utopia Be 21 WX –
New triangular mirror panel attached with M5 bolts–
– Woofer mounting ring attached with M6 bolts and nylon lock nuts –
– signal distribution between mid and woofer is handled using RCA 3 way adapter,
attached with cable ties and anchors –
– Two 60mm fans in push-pull configuration, attached under amplifier bay cover –
– Amplifiers built-in fan control is used to give power supply for the fans. Controls are
separated using diodes and shielded with heat shrinking tube –
– Ground distribution block resides in the amplifier bay,
protected against ageing using copper lacquer –
2. Hidden wiring:
– Ground Zero 12.2500 battery, 70mm2 power cable, length 3.4 meters –
– Positive cable attached to battery clamp, soldered crimp connector, protected with
heat shrink tubing –
– Same method in ground cable, also 70mm2–
– Ground cable attached to car frame under battery stand,
painted to protect from corrosion –
– Insulating bushing for main power cable in the scuttle, upper cable for the alarm –
– Cable runs on the floor next to body sill –
– cable is fully covered with protectice sleeve and in critical places also with plastic tubing –
– In the back of the car cable runs along with original wires and fixing. –
– Metallic parts of the line wires are protected with heat shrink tubing –
– Headunit’s power and ACC cables are protected with sleeve and shrink tubing –
– Only power and ACC cables connected to original ISO connector -
– power and line cables run next to clove box, by the scuttle, to the floor –
– Wires are attached to the floor with Vibroplast damping mat strips–
– Wires in floor bay –
– Wires go under rear seat in the center of the car -
– Drivers side speaker wires go on the scuttle shelf –
- On the left is a round insulating bushing to door –
–10mm2 power cables for the headunit and 6mm2 remote cable on the floor – speaker wires over the body sill with airbag wiring–
– Wires run side by side on the place of rear door and then under the rear seat to the trunk –
– General view of the wiring –
– On the left power, in the middle line and on the right headunit’s cables and speaker wires –
– Speaker wires run through original door connector –
– Connector on the door –
– Part of the speaker cables connected –
– Connector on the car body–
– parts separated –
– Speaker wires soldered into original connector blades in both doors –
– Tweeter and midrange speaker wires, 2*1,5mm2 for tweeter and 2*2,5mm2 for midrange -
– combined 2*1,5mm2 and 2*2,5mm2 speaker wires for woofer before fixing –
– Passive low pass filters for woofers reside in the left corner of the trunk –
– Cables to the amplifier bay from left to right: 8 power cables + ground, speaker wire for
subwoofer, line cables, headunit’s power cables and wires for front speakers. –
– Cables attached to amlifier bay with cable ties and anchors –
– Ground cables attached to distribution block –
– Protective grooves cutted for the cables –
– On the corners are fixing holes for the original buckles in the trunk –
– Ground cable (70mm2) attached to a strut behind the backseat –
- Insulating bushings for the power cables in the amplifier bay -
– wiring diagram –
power cables
ground cables
remote wires
speaker wires
signal cables
3. Fuses:
– 250 A main fuse under battery shield, between battery and scuttle –
– Distribution block, made out of copper and shielded with lacquer –
– 80A for the amplifiers (21mm2 cable), 40A fuse for headunit (10mm2 cable),
40A for remote relay (6mm2), rest are for the future needs –
4. Cable connections:
– woofer and some amplifier connections –
– main power cable and speaker wires for tweeter and mid –
– Cable shielings of tweeter/mid speaker wire running inside the door and headunit’s
condensator connections –
– Mains power cable for battery charger shielded with heat shrinking tubing and sleeve -
– Insulating bushing in cable between battery charger and battery -
– Another view of power cable between battery charger and battery.
Cable is protected with fuse just before battery.-
- Ctek battery charger resides in empty space below windshield -
5. Installations:
– Alpine CDA-9887R headunit, includes signal prosessor.
2 Din installation frame made by Blaupunkt –
– Ground block parts apart, grooved polykarbonate plate, plywood and copper bar -
Power distribution block made similarly –
– Fuse holders attached to plywood with screws –
- Picture from the side -
– Power distribution block parts apart, copper parts are cover with lacquer –
- Distribution bloc installation plate is attached to car with studs and screws -
– Installation base plate is lifted with plywood slices –
- Base for attaching the block, wires are run between leveled plywood and trunk floor -
– Finished installation, on the left resides remote relay for amplifiers –
– Amplifier bay with its fixing angles –
– Amplifiers are attached with 4mm screws to 8mm wide aluminium supports -
– Cabletie anchors are fixed with 4mm screws to the bottom of the amplifiers –
– Wires attached to anchors using cable ties –
– In the middle of the tyre well there is a welded reinforcement plate with a nut –
– In the bottom of amplifier bay there is a bolt that is used to fix the system into car frame.
All empty space under amplifier bay is filled with polyurethane. –
– Subwoofer box is fixed using iron plate with threaded holes,
picture taken underneath trunks bottom plywood. –
- and similar iron plate inside the box. M10 bolts are used for fastening. Between the iron
plates are the bottom of the subwoofer box and the trunk’s bottom plywood plate –