RSTechED 2013 Session Selection Guide



RSTechED 2013 Session Selection Guide
Session Selection Guide
June 9-14, 2013
Manchester Grand Hyatt
San Diego, California, USA
Session Selection Guide
“ I could explore all my areas of interest,
some even in depth. The networking with
peers and Rockwell Automation staff is
always a big added value.”
Production Manager
“ This event offers a vast exposure of
automation technologies that are
out there. And the many ways
engineers are applying them.”
Control Engineer
“ RSTechED was a great learning
opportunity. My first time...will
attend next year for sure.”
Manufacturing IT Specialist
“ Excellent opportunity to see what is
coming next. I even took classes on
products that I am not currently using.
This arms me with the knowledge to know
what I need to investigate if presented
with future applications.”
Hardware Design Specialist
Inspire. Educate. Innovate.
RSTechED is the best place to learn the latest technology. You
can choose from more than 150 unique sessions – from beginner
level overviews to in-depth, advanced hands-on labs – all while
networking with peers throughout the industry.
You must pre-register for all sessions and labs at RSTechED.
Once you have completed your event registration, you can begin
building your personalized agenda.
Session Tracks
The Connected Enterprise
Connected people create business value. Technology helps empower people to drive performance to new
levels. This fosters innovation to solve industry challenges and meet global demands. It’s how people work
together. But being connected is not enough. During RSTechED, you will learn new approaches to building a
more connected enterprise.
Sujeet Chand, Senior Vice President, Advanced Technology & Chief Technology Officer, Rockwell Automation will
discuss upcoming trends, global pressures, and technology frontiers driving radical changes in our industry.
Frank Kulaszewicz, Senior Vice President, Architecture & Software, Rockwell Automation, will share how you
can incorporate these technologies today.
New – Super Sessions
Supercharge your understanding of three of the hottest industry topics by attending a Super Session. “Information
Engineer”, “High Performance HMI”, and “Industrial Security” super sessions provide a view into foundations for the
Connected Enterprise. With limited seating, Super Sessions will fill up fast. Sign up early!
The Connected Enterprise: The Rise of the Information Engineer
Over the last decade, traditional plant engineering roles have expanded beyond the boundaries of work cells and control systems, and even the
four walls of the organization. This is due in part to the staggering amount of data generated by production and business systems, and also due
to the adoption of commercial technologies such as the web, mobile devices, databases, Ethernet, etc. in industrial applications. In this session,
you’ll hear how the progressive Information Engineer is utilizing creative solutions for accessing and managing plant data, while at the same
time keeping pace with emerging technologies. Learn how the technologies powering the Connected Enterprise enable a highly collaborative
information sharing environment in order to improve productivity and production processes. Additionally, you will be inspired by seeing some
of the best dashboards from around the world. The age of the Information Engineer is here…are you ready? Session CE02
The Connected Enterprise: A Better View, Visualization to Drive Performance
Poorly designed HMI displays can cost you thousands of dollars. Confounding readouts and poor layouts lead to inefficiency during every
shift. The Connected Enterprise recognizes that high performing companies adhere to the principles of High Performance HMI to achieve the
ultimate operator effectiveness. The facts show the impact of adopting this strategy can be immediate. Graphics CAN impact decision making.
Improving your HMI graphics can help detect potentially threatening situations before an alarm occurs allowing you to resolve abnormal
situations quicker. In this Super Session, you’ll see High Performance HMI in action. Gain insight to prioritize relevant information on your
displays, and see how world class organizations consolidate machine and production data. Learn simple ways to create object libraries that can
drive your organization towards a High Performance HMI reality. Session CE03
The Connected Enterprise: Industrial Security
In a world of dynamic security challenges, from external threats to protecting intellectual property, manufacturing integrity is one of the
leading priorities of a connected enterprise. In this super session focused on Industrial Security, Rockwell Automation and Cisco will deliver a
powerful vision and strategy. Take this opportunity to learn the latest approaches in security from the leaders in IT and the automation industry.
This super session and sessions throughout Monday focused on Industrial Security are only the beginning of a full week of content on security
for Industrial Control Systems. On Monday, immediately following this super session, attend the six hours of premier training and education on
the latest in deploying an industrial security approach. The rest of the week is then full of content on security including eight unique security
courses covering issues of the day to help protect and safe guard your plant. Session CE01
APP01 Ameren: Landfill Gas Plant Using PlantPAx™
for Energy Production
APP04 Ball Corp: Keys to Implementing a Multi-Facility
Plant Line Monitoring System
1 hour
1 hour
This session will provide a process overview of how landfill gas is
processed and converted into electricity, as well as describing how
PlantPAx is used to integrate disparate systems into a common
control platform that can be monitored from a central control room
or from a remote location during “lights out” generation. PlantPAx
and FactoryTalk® Historian are used for master control and historical
monitoring of over 25 subsystems while directly managing many
other subsystems. The PlantPAx control system provided all of the
functionality of a traditional power plant DCS system at a much
lower cost.
This session will address the business issues, architecture and
change management challenges when deploying a plant line
monitoring system to 18 locations. Learn about best practices for
successful standardization of delivering a solution across a large
number of plants. Also covered will be the processes used to
complete implementation from requirement evaluation through
delivery, as well as how the system is currently being utilized to
deliver business value to the corporation.
APP05 Barry Callebaut: Production and
Energy Reporting
APP02 American Axle: Building an EtherNet/IP™ Fieldbus
from the Bottom Up
1 hour
1 hour
Barry Callebaut, a leading manufacturer of high-quality cocoa and
chocolate products, needed faster access to data trapped in their
existing process control systems in the Eddystone, Pennsylvania
facility. The Production Intelligence solution provided by Grantek
captures process control system data on production and energy
usage for key performance indicators (KPI) and web-based
dashboards to support continuous improvement efforts (energy per
unit of product produced).
Building an EtherNet/IP fieldbus from the “bottom up” – migrating
from an existing fieldbus such as DeviceNet™, ControlNet™, Profibus
to an EtherNet/IP fieldbus – is neither a complicated nor difficult
task. Many approach the effort from the top-down perspective with
“how to do I connect the enterprise to the plant floor.” Conversely,
this forum will discuss design and implementation from the
perspective that EtherNet/IP can be designed to answer the fieldbus
question first, and in doing so meet the needs of suppliers and end
users while “designing in” connectivity to upper enterprise networks
now or at a future date.
APP06 Callaway Golf: Displaying Data from All Around
the World
1 hour
The challenge was to automate collecting and displaying data
from facilities and suppliers around the world. Initially, manually
generated reports were created on a monthly basis. By leveraging
the capabilities of FactoryTalk® VantagePoint and FactoryTalk
Historian, Callaway was able to access multiple data sources
including PLCs, SAP, and Excel Spreadsheets, to display real time
actionable information. Callaway now had visibility across the
firewalls, out of the ERP, and from the “Cloud” to hold suppliers
in Asia accountable for quality and increase productivity from
production in Mexico.
APP03 Quimica Amparo: Manufacturing Intelligence
Improves Performance, Decision Making and Compliance at
CPG Company
1 hour
This presentation will show the life cycle of this Manufacturing
Intelligence project – its planning, the risk mitigation versus real
risks, and tangible and intangible benefits. Rockwell Software®
tools helped put together a well-implemented project bringing
quantitative and qualitative results, traceability and ultimately,
financial profits for this South American manufacturer of household
cleaners and personal hygiene products.
Denotes Lab session
APP07 Cenovus Energy: Maximizing the View into
Production, Regulatory, Environmental, Maintenance and
Reliability Reporting
1 hour
APP10 Grantek: FactoryTalk Empowers Operational
Decisions Around Green Power Generation
Grantek provided a solution, based on FactoryTalk VantagePoint
EMI and FactoryTalk® View SE, to provide an operational intelligence
framework and SCADA solution for one of North America’s biggest
power generators. The system uses the power of VantagePoint
to embrace many disparate data sources across North America to
provide analytics and reporting to allow timely decisions around
wind and solar power generation.
Report generation used to be very time consuming. FactoryTalk
VantagePoint and its Excel-based reporting allowed Cenovus to
become more agile to internal customer needs and do report
configuration instead of development (hours instead of days).
With VantagePoint, they were able to take advantage of having
many similar sites making report templating a huge advantage.
Leveraging an off-the-shelf solution was critical to success.
APP08 Enbridge & Cybertrol: Enabling Pipeline
Process Data Visibility
APP11 Hillshire Brands: FactoryTalk VantagePoint Brings
Manufacturing Intelligence Success
1 hour
1 hour
See how Hillshire Brands has been successful in empowering
decision makers to improve performance and waste within their
manufacturing site. Hillshire Brands worked in conjunction with
solution partner, Grantek, to deliver a Manufacturing Intelligence
environment based on FactoryTalk Historian and FactoryTalk
VantagePoint EMI. Hear about the success now and the plans for
the future.
A major pipeline company spanning North America with 20 lines
and over 140 pumping stations needed enterprise-wide visibility
of production and historical data. Utilizing FactoryTalk® Historian
SE and ME products along with FactoryTalk VantagePoint, a robust,
efficient solution was developed for data collection, historization
and reporting. Leveraging PLC code standards, software
was developed to programmatically create a comprehensive
VantagePoint model to provide user-friendly, functional and
maintainable access for multiple users having multiple roles within
the company.
APP09 Sealed Air: Increased Productivity Realized
Using Manufacturing Intelligence
1 hour
APP12 Ingersoll-Rand Trane: Global HVAC OEM Adds to
Profitability with PlantPAx Chiller Test Facility
1 hour
Malisko Engineering designed and deployed a PlantPAx System
to a test facility for 60-to-420+ ton water-cooled chillers. Process
Engineers saved substantial setup time by utilizing standard
PlantPAx tools and objects for efficient process control, data
archiving and greater visibility into device configuration and
performance. The PlantPAx System provided new uniform
procedures meeting stricter AHRI standards for testing, reporting,
compliance and certification along with reporting available on the
company’s network.
1 hour
A Manufacturing Intelligence system was developed for our
Seneca, SC facility including 12 extrusion lines that make film for our
global Shrink Packaging customers. The system was used to increase
throughput and yield, as well as ensure compliance. ControlLogix
process data was stored in FactoryTalk Historian and utilized with
FactoryTalk VantagePoint EMI to develop the model and dashboards
for the plant. This includes trending, Excel interfaces, and automated
reporting in a virtualized environment. This system has become
an integral part of the operations in Seneca, with all levels of the
operation, including upper management who rely on the system to
help manage production. The system is quickly returning results and
includes integration with legacy and third-party platforms.
APP13 Interstates Control Systems: Gain Tighter Control and
Actionable Data with PlantPAx Software
1 hour
Country Maid was looking for tighter control of their butter braid
manufacturing process and to also extract usable and actionable
data to fine-tune and improve their system. Partnering with
Interstates Control Systems, Country Maid was able to dramatically
improve their systems and processes utilizing FactoryTalk®
Batch, FactoryTalk View, FactoryTalk Historian and FactoryTalk
VantagePoint. This interactive case study presentation will discuss
some of the enhancements Country Maid put in place and
highlight a substantial list of improvements realized as a result of
the new software
Denotes Lab session
APP14 Kraft Foods Group: Reducing Risk and
Lowering TCO
APP18 Stone Technologies: Manual Data Modification
Makes Getting Accurate Information Easier
1 hour
1 hour
How do we implement a solution to lower support costs, enable
standardization and reduce business risks? By leveraging Windows
Server 2008 R2 Remote Desktop Services (RDS) roles and features
we have reduced the effort required to 1) support HMI clients, 2)
reduce security risk profile to applications, 3) streamline method
of managing and securing our applications and 4) provide a
standardized and secure architecture for on- and off-site support
engineers and business users.
Have you ever wanted to change an event reason or part counter
and have it reflect in the OEE value? FactoryTalk® Metrics v10.5 now
includes the capability to modify data and synchronize the changes
with historical data to provide more accurate OEE information in
less time. With Manual Data Modification, there is less manual
data scrubbing required and values can be refined in the system
as necessary.
APP19 Superior Controls:
Contro Disaster Recovery and Change
Management in a Validated Environment
1 hour
APP15 Kruse Controls: View SE, ThinManager, Historian SE,
SharePoint in a Wicked Mix
1 hour
Superior Controls will discuss how a major biotech manufacturer
solved problems with unauthorized code changes and version
control in a validated environment using FactoryTalk® AssetCentre.
They will also show how a system can be architected and discuss
considerations for a GMP environment to provide automatic
software version control, automatic notification to management
of code changes, automatic disaster recovery and peace of mind
for management.
This session will describe how a manganese chemical production
facility consolidated 8 distinct RSView®32 applications into a single
FactoryTalk View SE application. Unreliable PCs on the plant floor
were replaced with thin clients. The Classic Historian database
was migrated to FactoryTalk Historian SE. They have eliminated
downtime due to PC failure, and have greatly improved visibility to
plant floor. All of their paper logs were converted to InfoPath forms,
and are now available in SharePoint libraries.
APP16 LIVZON Pharmaceutical Group: Clear Path to
Production Using PharmaSuite™
APP20 The Hershey Company: Modernizing Process
Control for the “Twist You Can’t Resist!”
1 hour
1 hour
Y&S Candies, the manufacturer of Twizzlers™ and a Division of
The Hershey Company, was facing legacy Honeywell DCS
obsolescence. Andy Brighton, the staff engineer, led a
multi-phase, multi-year migration effort to modernize the
production environment. This session will highlight the steps,
benefits, challenges and lessons learned by Y&S during the legacy
migration journey, starting from FactoryTalk View Site Edition
visualization in the Cook Rooms to Logix controllers now in use
throughout the production environment.
LIVZON’s new production line must comply with hardware and
software management requirements of the latest edition of the
World Health Organization’s GMP, or good manufacturing practice.
Rockwell Software PharmaSuite software comprised of standardized
weigh-and-dispense workflows with a rich set of user interfaces and
comprehensive validation documentation, provided production
management, material track and trace, weigh and dispense, and
validation to meet the requirements.
APP17 Stanley Black & Decker: Process Optimization Through
Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
1 hour
The objective of the automated OEE system is to track powdered
metal compacting presses’ downtime in order to gather accurate
and reliable data to drive projects to maximize the presses’
capabilities. We expect to use the system to gain an additional
5% utilization in each of our 28 presses, which is equivalent to an
absorption in fixed overhead of about $250K per year. Furthermore,
the data can be used to drive several projects such as SMED events,
tool life tracking, lean initiatives and many more. The projected
annual savings through these projects is $40K.
Denotes Lab session
DE01 Introducing Rockwell Software Studio 5000™: Our New
Automation Engineering and Design Environment
1 hour
DE06 FactoryTalk AssetCentre: Self-Paced Lab
2 hours
This self-paced lab is organized by chapters, allowing you to
choose the topics that are most interesting to you based on your
familiarity with FactoryTalk AssetCentre. Chapters include:
What’s New in 5.0, remote computers and binders, working with
files/folders, configuration security, building reports, asset definition
and configuration, audit log information. For first-time users,
there’s a section on a day-in-the-life of FactoryTalk AssetCentre
product capabilities from an operator’s perspective, including
the newest features.
Attend this session to learn about Rockwell Software Studio 5000,
our new automation engineering and design environment.
The session will cover what Studio 5000 is, where it is going, and
how it can reduce your engineering time, reduce risk, and increase
your productivity.
DE02 Rockwell Software Studio 5000 V22 Productivity
Features Preview
2 hours
Attend this session to get a preview of new features planned for
Rockwell Software Studio 5000 V22. Develop better code faster!
New features covered include: Logical Organizer, Libraries,
Cross-Reference Extensions and modularity features. This
session includes both discussion and demos.
DE07 Code Modularity Basics Lab: Increase Your Productivity
with Modular Programming
2 hours
This session introduces the key features and products recently
released in Logix and is a preview of future enhancements and
features. Topics covered include Rockwell Software Studio 5000,
CompactLogix™, ControlLogix®, GuardLogix®, Safety, and Motion.
Modular programming is a way to increase your productivity by
using reusable logic and objects. This session will cover the basics
of modular programming from development to deployment.
See what Logix offers both today (Add-on Instructions) and
tomorrow (Parameterized Programs), and when to use which
technique. The session includes both instructor-led demonstrations
as well as hands-on activities.
DE04 PanelView™ 5000 & Logix Integration Lab
DE08 Integrated Architecture™ Application Tools Lab 2 hours
DE03 What’s New in Logix
1 hour
2 hours
The demo and lab gives you hands-on appreciation for the value
you can gain when using PanelView 5000 with Logix controllers. Key
integration areas include: Extended Properties on Tags, Logix-based
Alarm Logs and High-speed HMI buttons. The session includes
both instructor-led demonstrations as well as hands-on activities.
Attendees should also consider “PanelView 5000: Exploration of the
Latest Features” in the Visualization Track for a more in-depth look at
Studio View Designer.
DE05 FactoryTalk AssetCentre: Introduction
and Demonstration
This lab will provide the opportunity to learn about the variety
of Integrated Architecture application tools available, and also
use these tools with example projects. Tools covered include the
EtherNet/IP Capacity Tool, System Ferret and the Drives & Motion
Accelerator toolkit. A portion of this lab will give an update on newly
launched tools, but the majority of the lab will provide hands-on use
of the tools.
DE09 SLC Migration: Tips & Tools Lab
1 hour
2 hours
This lab will cover the use of SLC migration enablers that help
perform an SLC to CompactLogix migration. Topics covered include
Integrated Architecture Builder, code conversion tools, and the
1747-AENTR Ethernet adaptor.
This session will review and demonstrate key FactoryTalk
AssetCentre features including version control, audit information,
security, reporting and automated backup and recovery of programs
for Rockwell Automation devices, including Logix controllers.
Denotes Lab session
DE10 Integrated Architecture Builder & ProposalWorks™
Beginners Lab
2 hours
DE15 Integrated Motion on EtherNet/IP: Maximizing
Machine Performance
This session introduces Integrated Architecture Builder (IAB) and
ProposalWorks. IAB is a graphical software tool for configuring
Logix-based automation systems, and ProposalWorks is used to
develop technical valid bills of material for projects. This lab also
includes how to output reports to Microsoft Office and Open Office
applications. Attendees will learn how to configure systems in IAB
and use ProposalWorks to add additional components, price systems
and assemble proposals and requests for quotes.
This session is focused on helping designers of EtherNet/IP-based
motion systems to understand the fundamental principles
behind the core technology (CIP Motion) and its relationship to
time. Discover how the use of time in the architecture allows for
determinism and provides a platform for high-performance control.
Gain insight into infrastructure selection, network arrangement
and how devices with CIP Sync technology can also be applied to a
high-performance, deterministic control solution.
DE11 Integrated Architecture Builder and ProposalWorks:
Advanced Features Lab
2 hours
DE16 Logix Integration with PowerFlex Drives Lab
DE17 Integrating CENTERLINE® Motor Control Centers
on EtherNet/IP
2 hours
2 hours
Experience the speed and simplicity of using Motion Analyzer to size
and select a Kinetix 5500 servo drive system. Following the selection
process, this lab will also cover exporting the motion system
configuration to Rockwell Software Studio 5000 and completing
system commissioning.
DE13 Integrated Motion on EtherNet/IP:
Solution Overview
Learn how to integrate CENTERLINE Motor Control Centers and
their associated components with the Integrated Architecture on
EtherNet/IP. See how the new IntelliCENTER® Integration Assistant
populates the Rockwell Software Studio 5000 IO tree, simplifying
device configuration and reducing commissioning time and errors.
In addition, discover how IntelliCENTER Energy, which monitors
energy usage, combined with FactoryTalk® EnergyMetrix™ provides
the information needed to reduce energy costs for more
sustainable operations.
1 hour
This session provides an overview of the Integrated Motion on
EtherNet/IP product suite and a preview of upcoming products. It
will also cover how the latest products can be used to solve a broad
range of high-performance motion and drive applications.
DE14 Integrated Motion on EtherNet/IP:
Hands-on Lab
2 hours
This lab shows how premier integration enhances the use
of PowerFlex AC drives with Logix controllers and other
Allen-Bradley® products. See how to save time and money during
system development, operation and maintenance. Also, learn
about the new Automatic Device Configuration (ADC) feature for
PowerFlex 750-Series and PowerFlex 525 drives in Rockwell Software
Studio 5000.
Discover the new features in Integrated Architecture Builder (IAB)
and ProposalWorks since RSTechED 2012. Learn how to leverage
the advanced features of IAB and ProposalWorks to simplify system
configuration, product selection, and generate quotations. Assumes
basic working knowledge of IAB and ProposalWorks.
DE12 Size, Select and Configure Kinetix® 5500 Using
Motion Analyzer and Studio 5000
1 hour
DE18 Heavy Industry Perspective on
Intelligent Motor Control Solutions
1 hour
The control of electrical power continues to be an important topic
in resource-based industries as they strive for improved personnel
safety, plant availability and energy efficiency. This session will focus
on meeting these goals using an integrated EtherNet/IP network for
low voltage motor control centers and medium voltage equipment.
Additionally, see how IntelliCENTER software gives you visibility all
the way to the device level, energy usage data and easy integration
with Logix.
2 hours
Learn how to configure, program, and commission a
CompactLogix 5370 controller with integrated motion on
EtherNet/IP using the new Kinetix 5500 servo drives and
PowerFlex® 755 variable frequency drives.
Denotes Lab session
DE19 ProSoft Technology: Migrate Remote I/O Drives
and PanelView
MB03 Connected Components Workbench™ Software and
Accelerator Toolkit
1 hour
1 hour
There are hundreds of thousands of legacy Allen-Bradley Remote
I/O Drives and PanelViews installed in the field. Learn how to easily
upgrade to EtherNet/IP PowerFlex drives and PanelView™ Plus 6
terminals without modifying PLC Code.
Learn how the Connected Components Accelerator Toolkit provides
you with the information you need to quickly and easily implement
common control tasks in your machine design. Take advantage of
pre-written BOM, CAD, Logic and HMI design examples that provide
the base design structure, so you can focus on making your machine
more competitive.
DE20 Yaskawa America, Inc. – Motoman Robotics Division:
Applying Industrial Robots with Open and Unified Robot
Control Architecture
1 hour
Learn how to program a wide range of industrial robots with one
software package – Rockwell Software Studio 5000. Deploy robots
faster, reduce training costs and spare parts inventory by using
standard control components and programming tools.
MB04 Programming and Design for Your
Small Machine
Learn how to use Connected Components Workbench software to
readily apply the cost-effective Allen-Bradley Micro850 Controller
in a small machine application. You will also learn how to design
graphic screens to easily control and monitor machine operation
using our PanelView Component. This lab will incorporate the latest
software features including Ethernet messaging, user-defined data
structures and user-defined graphic objects.
MB01 Designing Innovative Machines with the
Rockwell Automation Midrange Architecture System
2 hours
1 hour
MB05 Getting the Most from Rockwell Automation
TechConnect Support
Discover how the latest Rockwell Automation control architecture
can be used in a variety of machine applications. Learn how you
can build a better, more innovative machine and improve your
competitive advantage in the marketplace with the latest hardware
from the Midrange Architecture System including control, motion,
safety, network, visualization and information technology products.
1 hour
Real-time access to support is critical in today’s demanding
production environments. Having support available in a variety
of formats is key to meeting the needs of different users. Keeping
ahead of the curve, TechConnect has implemented numerous
enhancements to the online and phone tools and support
features available to you, including our improved Support Center
(Knowledgebase, Submit a Question, Live Chat and User Forums),
remote desktop tools, surveillance & alarming and more. The
richness of our online and phone support experience can help you
be more productive, saving you time and money!
MB02 Embedded Motion and Ethernet Capabilities on
Micro800™ PLCs
1 hour
Learn about the new embedded motion capabilities with up
to 3 axes of 100 kHz Pulse Train Output for simple positioning
applications with Allen-Bradley Micro830 and Micro850 controllers.
Overview of the motion function blocks, Home, MoveVelocity,
MoveRelative and MoveAbsolute, will be featured. We will cover
ideal target applications for embedded Ethernet capabilities of the
Micro850 controller. Session will also include wiring considerations
from controller to stepper/servo drives as well as motion
performance considerations.
MB06 Equipment Builder: Secure Remote Access and
Service for Your Equipment
1 hour
A challenge for many equipment builders is how to safely monitor,
manage, and service their equipment and machinery after it has
been delivered to the customer. Rockwell Automation TechConnect
Support has developed a solution that allows OEMs to utilize a
secure connection to access their equipment after delivery. This
discussion and demonstration will highlight the secure remote
access, how to get started and the IT requirements needed.
Denotes Lab session
MB07 Integrated Line Control and Performance
Management – A New Approach
MB11 Advantages of Intelligent Motor Control for
the Machine Builder
1 hour
Line Control systems are traditionally custom engineering efforts
challenged by the many disparate machine control systems and
programming standards making control and data collection a
challenge. This interactive session will discuss and demonstrate
a new approach to equipment interface obstacles. This new
approach enables Line Control, Performance Management, and
many other aspects of production management to be delivered in a
configurable, reusable and extensible application environment.
MB12 ArmorStart® Distributed Starters for
On-Machine Architecture
1 hour
Learn how our ArmorStart Distributed Starters are a cost-effective,
efficient and simple solution to your on-machine architecture.
Embedded EtherNet/IP and premier integration enable seamless
data and information flow from the factory floor to the enterprise
level using Integrated Architecture. You can use Rockwell Software
Studio 5000 for programming, setup and commissioning.
MB08 Applying Modular Design Concepts to Structured
Machine Program Development
2 hours
Learn how Modular Programming concepts apply to industrial
equipment. Rockwell Automation uses these methods and other
well-proven best practices to support OEMs worldwide. This session
will lead you through the fundamentals of Modular Programming
to help you create more modular, reusable and reliable application
code. Applying modular concepts will enable developers to
minimize the effort required to complete a new application,
speeding time to market and delivering equipment that is easier to
start up and maintain.
MB09 Process Skid Integration Solutions
1 hour
The seamless integration of intelligent motor control devices is key
to the successful automation of a machine. Machine builders will
learn how to integrate these devices into the Rockwell Automation
control and visualization architecture, and greatly help them reduce
time to design and develop their machines.
MB13 Connected Components Workbench
Usability Study
2 hours
Participate in a usability study of the Connected Components
Workbench software. The information gathered from participants
will assist future improvements of the software.
1 hour
To ensure dependable and consistent operations, process skid
manufacturers need reliable control solutions that can be
installed quickly, allowing them to confidently manage the
throughput and integrity of their equipment. Rockwell Automation
is in the unique position to enable these manufacturers to provide a
world-class turnkey solution on their own or provide a turnkey
solution, leveraging the Rockwell Automation engineering team.
Join us for an interactive discussion and live demonstration of our
approach to the Process Skid manufacturer.
MI01 Using Manufacturing Intelligence to
Provide Information for Better Business Decisions
1 hour
Plant floor systems generate valuable data virtually every second in
a production cycle. Readily accessing and sharing this information
produces tangible value for many companies who have leveraged
the benefits of Manufacturing Intelligence. Learn how to increase
the value of your Rockwell Automation systems and/or third-party
systems by including our Manufacturing Intelligence capabilities.
MI02 Architecting a Manufacturing Intelligence System 1 hour
You’ve heard about Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI),
you’ve seen presentations on EMI, but how do you build and deliver
EMI solutions? How do you begin to evaluate an EMI solution
for your plant? In this session, understand the design topics you
need to consider when developing or considering a FactoryTalk
VantagePoint EMI solution.
Denotes Lab session
MI03 Manufacturing Intelligence in Action:
Interactive Demo
MI07 FactoryTalk Historian Machine Edition:
Basic Configuration in ControlLogix Rack
1 hour
See how role-based dashboards and key performance indicators can
improve operation efficiencies, from an operator to plant manager
and beyond. Interactive demonstrations will show time-saving
features of a Manufacturing Intelligence strategy, like reporting,
analytics and production efficiency. The interactive nature of the
presentation also gives you a unique look at how features like
Microsoft’s SharePoint simplify data access and sharing.
MI04 Mobile Access to Production Information
Hands-on lab with FactoryTalk Historian Machine Edition covers
typical configuration and data collection in a ControlLogix rack.
The lab will cover the web configuration of the module, simple
web-reporting, and the use of thick clients for reporting and analysis
of the data in the historian module. You will also learn the integration
between a FactoryTalk Historian Site Edition and multiple
FactoryTalk Historian Machine Edition modules and integration
with Rockwell Software Studio 5000 through Add-on Profiles.
1 hour
Bring your own device to work? Need to support mobile workers?
Production and operations management solutions today require
various forms of access to their Manufacturing Intelligence systems
including mobile devices and web clients. In this session, see how
using FactoryTalk VantagePoint EMI can begin to accomplish
these goals.
MI05 Introduction to FactoryTalk Historian: Overview
Strategies for Collecting and Analyzing Data
2 hours
MI08 FactoryTalk Historian Site Edition: Basic Lab on Data
Collection and Reporting
2 hours
Introductory FactoryTalk Historian Site Edition lab covers basic
elements of system configuration, data collection, and reporting
tools. Learn how FactoryTalk Historian SE provides an engine of
unmatched performance and scalability. See the power of
auto-configuration and diverse control system/HMI connectivity.
1 hour
A distributed historian strategy produces strong advantages. Learn
how FactoryTalk Historian Site Edition delivers a scalable, modular,
synchronized methodology for collecting, maintaining, and
analyzing process data at each level of manufacturing operations.
New features and functionality will be highlighted and compared to
similar products in the marketplace.
MI09 FactoryTalk Historian Site Edition:
Advanced Lab
2 hours
Wide range of advanced FactoryTalk Historian topics available for
attendees to self-select and complete with full lab support. Learn
how to use FactoryTalk VantagePoint EMI to visualize FactoryTalk
Historian data and much more. Attendees should have a solid
understanding of the basics of FactoryTalk Historian Site Edition.
MI06 FactoryTalk Historian Site Edition: Architectures and
Design Considerations
1 hour
Learn the variables in designing a FactoryTalk Historian Site
Edition distributed application like operating systems and network
hardware. Understand how to configure FactoryTalk Historian,
networks, and controllers to implement your FactoryTalk Historian
application successfully. Advanced topics will include redundancy,
interface nodes and high availability.
MI10 FactoryTalk Historian Site Edition:
Configuring Redundancy and High Availability
2 hours
See demonstrations showing how to configure redundancy
for FactoryTalk Historian Site Edition interface nodes and high
availability for FactoryTalk Historian Site Edition servers. This session
suits FactoryTalk Historian Site Edition users with intermediate to
advanced knowledge of the software.
MI11 FactoryTalk Metrics: Introduction Lab
2 hours
This introductory lab will introduce you to FactoryTalk Metrics from
the point of view of a user of the system. It will demonstrate the
kinds of common questions on machine performance, downtime
tracking and efficiency analysis that FactoryTalk Metrics can answer.
Denotes Lab session
MI12 FactoryTalk Metrics: Pick and Choose Lab
2 hours
MI16 FactoryTalk Metrics: Manual Data Entry
For more advanced training, this FactoryTalk Metrics lab allows
attendees to select from multiple labs on different topics. Labs
offered include reporting functionality, application configuration
and integration with FactoryTalk VantagePoint EMI. This lab is
intended for users with basic FactoryTalk Metrics experience. This
session will also cover creating reports in Report Expert.
MI13 FactoryTalk Transaction Manager:
Pick and Choose Lab
FactoryTalk Metrics v11.0 introduces new features around manual
data entry. It improves on the ability to edit collected data that
was introduced in the previous version, and adds the ability to
configure a fully manual workcell. FactoryTalk Metrics has always
worked where plant floor automation levels were high, but
now FactoryTalk Metrics can be used to monitor and report on
production equipment that has no control system or HMI. So if a
customer has varying levels of automation implemented in their
facility, FactoryTalk Metrics can be used to gather and report on the
performance of all production in a consistent manner.
2 hours
FactoryTalk Transaction Manager creates custom interactions
between your control system and database applications. Use it to
keep your work-in-progress and finished goods inventory accurate,
or to minimize production errors and enforce business rules with
stored procedures. This lab shows the architecture flexibility that
scales to meet your needs including example transactions. Choose
from multiple labs depending on your experience level with
FactoryTalk Transaction Manager.
MI14 Build an Information System on Your
Integrated Architecture System
MI17 FactoryTalk VantagePoint EMI:
Advanced Reporting
2 hours
This advanced reporting class does assume the student has
completed MI14 “Build an Information System on Your Integrated
Architecture System.” In this lab, we’ll explore topics such as postSQL processing, SQL-CLR application, model building techniques
and others. Excellent course for System Integrators.
MI18 Reporting Best Practices for
Production Information
2 hours
1 hour
Rockwell Software gives you many options for reporting, but which
is the best for you? While we can’t cover every scenario, we will view
the landscape of reporting options, and call out the best fit for the
most common reporting needs.
An introductory lab to learn how to fully integrate and view data
from Rockwell Automation systems with FactoryTalk VantagePoint
EMI using FactoryTalk Live Data (Logix, PLC/SLC, FactoryTalk View,
third-party controllers, etc.) and FactoryTalk Historian. In addition,
see the power of integrating data from FactoryTalk Metrics,
FactoryTalk EnergyMetrix and other Rockwell Software offerings.
MI15 Factory Talk VantagePoint EMI Advanced Lab:
Exploring the Possibilities
1 hour
MI19 eRPortal Software Group: Optimizing Plant and
Asset Management Efficiency
1 hour
By integrating FactoryTalk VantagePoint EMI with eRPortal CMMS
and deploying Condition-based Maintenance Management,
additional efficiencies in asset uptime and workforce productivity
are achieved. These efficiencies and the lineage of asset
management processes can be easily measured and made visible
across the enterprise.
2 hours
Learn how you can leverage FactoryTalk VantagePoint EMI to bridge
the information gap. Easily integrated to disparate databases and
live data sources, users can turn raw data into actionable information
including trends, golden batches and dashboards. (Including new
features like SQL CLR, Eventing and SQL Reporting Services)
MI20 Online Development Inc.: Data Exchange with
Databases Using Configurable In-Chassis Module
1 hour
OLDI’s tManager modules provide data exchange between
ControlLogix and databases such as MS SQL and Oracle.
tManagers require no programming or scripting. Once configured,
a tManager handles all data transfer with no need for separate
software such as OPC.
Denotes Lab session
MI21 Introduction to Rockwell Software CPGSuite™
1 hour
NW03 Applying EtherNet/IP in Real-Time Applications 2 hours
Rockwell Software CPGSuite provides an industry-specific approach
for MES and Manufacturing Operations Management. This session
includes an introduction to the modules of the CPGSuite including
Production, Material, Quality and Performance Management. This
session will also review underlying technology, and how the various
modules are integrated to ERP.
EtherNet/IP enables both seamless plant-wide information sharing
and convergence of industrial and non-industrial network traffic,
while maintaining real-time communication for control applications.
This hands-on lab will cover a variety of techniques, best practices,
software and products for using EtherNet/IP. A prior understanding
of general Ethernet concepts, or attendance of the Fundamentals of
EtherNet/IP session is recommended.
MI22 Introduction to Rockwell Software PharmaSuite 1 hour
NW04 EtherNet/IP Layer 3 Networking Capabilities
Rockwell Software PharmaSuite is tailored to the needs of
pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers. This session provides
a basic introduction discussing the functionality, technology and
workflow in the PharmaSuite application including a focus on
Electronic Batch Recording and Weigh & Dispense. The session also
includes a demo of PharmaSuite’s graphical Recipe Designer, recipe
execution on the shop floor including Weigh & Dispense as well as
the Quality Dashboard.
MI23 Introduction to Rockwell Software AutoSuite™
1 hour
NW05 Designing the Physical Layer for EtherNet/IP
The Rockwell Software AutoSuite is a set of applications for
manufacturing operations management in the Automotive and Tire
industries. Session attendees will learn how MES is being applied to
production management and execution, material tracking, defect
tracking and reporting.
NW06 Fundamentals of Securing Industrial
Control Systems
1 hour
Securing Industrial Control Systems (ICS) requires a defense-indepth design approach. Learn the ISA-99 and NIST 800-82 best
practices and design recommendations from Rockwell Automation
Network Security experts. A prior understanding of general Ethernet
concepts, or attendance of session Fundamentals of EtherNet/IP is
recommended. This session is recommended before attending the
Scalable Secure Remote Access Solutions session.
2 hours
Learn the capabilities and features of EtherNet/IP. This session
describes the networking terminology and acronyms. Learn how
the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP) fully utilizes the Open Systems
Interconnection (OSI) reference model and the value of supporting
standard Ethernet and Internet Protocol network technology.
NW02 Plant-wide EtherNet/IP Network
Design Considerations
2 hours
Reliable EtherNet/IP network performance is dependent upon
a robust physical layer. Learn the recommendations from Fluke
Networks, Panduit and Rockwell Automation for designing,
implementing, validating and troubleshooting the EtherNet/IP
physical layer. A prior understanding of general Ethernet concepts,
or attendance of the Fundamentals of EtherNet/IP session
is recommended.
NW01 Fundamentals of EtherNet/IP
1 hour
Utilizing standard Internet Protocol (IP) enables EtherNet/IP
traffic to be seamlessly routed throughout the plant-wide
network infrastructure and across WANs. This presentation and
demonstration highlights these capabilities by reviewing routing
protocols, configuration for the Stratix 8300™ Layer 3 switch, Cisco
Catalyst 3750X switch stack, RSLinx® Classic and inter-VLAN routing.
A prior understanding of general Ethernet concepts, or attendance
of the Fundamentals of EtherNet/IP session is recommended.
NW07 NEW Fundamentals of Securing
EtherNet/IP Networks
2 hours
Review the Cisco and Rockwell Automation Converged
Plant-wide Ethernet (CPwE) reference architecture and network
design considerations. Learn the fundamental recommendations
to help reduce network latency and jitter. Also described are
segmentation techniques, data prioritization, resiliency, time
synchronization, structure and hierarchy. A prior understanding of
general Ethernet concepts, or attendance of the Fundamentals of
EtherNet/IP session is recommended.
1 hour
Recommendations, products and solutions developed by
Rockwell Automation helps you improve the data availability,
integrity, and confidentiality of your EtherNet/IP network. Learn
about the latest Rockwell Automation security products such as the
Stratix 5900 unified threat management (UTM) security appliance as
well as the ControlLogix Secure Communication module.
Denotes Lab session
NW08 Scalable Secure Remote Access Solutions
2 hours
NW12 Design and Implement FactoryTalk Security
in a Control System
Enable remote support groups and partners to monitor,
manage and configure plant-wide automation equipment and
machinery via secure remote access. This presentation and
demonstration highlights a range of solutions recommended by
Rockwell Automation and Cisco for scalable secure remote access.
This includes detailing best practices to balance the remote access
needs of industrial applications with the secure access policies and
requirements of IT. Attendance of the Fundamentals of Securing
Industrial Control Systems is recommended.
NW09 NEW Physical Infrastructure for the
Integrated Architecture
2 hours
Those new to FactoryTalk Security will learn the basics of
installing and configuring user and group permissions using the
FactoryTalk Administration Console to securely manage access to
Rockwell Software Studio 5000 Logix Designer, FactoryTalk View,
and FactoryTalk AssetCentre in a single coordinated system. The
more experienced users will take an existing FactoryTalk Security
configuration and explore the advanced features of FactoryTalk
Security using Action Groups and Resource Groups to manage
access control to control system hardware. This includes an
introduction to the latest and more advanced security features
introduced with the Logix v20 Controller.
1 hour
A strong physical infrastructure is foundational to successful
Integrated Architecture deployments whether a single machine/skid,
process area, or plant information system. In this session, we review
the Panduit Unified Physical Infrastructure (UPI), best practices
and pitfalls to avoid when deploying key Integrated Architecture
solutions including control panels, network infrastructure, and
industrial computers.
NW13 Designing EtherNet/IP Machine Level Networks 1 hour
EtherNet/IP provides a single network technology for motion,
safety, discrete, drives, and process applications. In this session
you will learn recommended machine level architectures with best
practices, and design considerations for typical machine control
system applications. A prior understanding of general Ethernet
concepts, or attendance of the Fundamentals of EtherNet/IP session
is recommended.
NW10 NEW Cisco Solutions for the Converged Plant-wide
Ethernet Reference Architectures
1 hour
NW14 Understand and Implement High
Availability Methods
Cisco products and solutions enable technical and cultural
convergence between information technology (IT) and
industrial automation technology (IAT). Learn about the
Cisco solutions within the joint Cisco and Rockwell Automation
CPwE reference architectures, including Catalyst family of switches
and Adaptive Security Appliances (ASA) firewalls, capabilities,
selection and support. A prior understanding of general Ethernet
concepts, or attendance of the Fundamentals of EtherNet/IP
session is recommended.
Understand methods for achieving high availability for critical
processes including the implementation of redundant I/O,
controllers, networks and servers. Review the trade-offs of various
methods and how to choose the correct one for an application. Then
learn how to implement the chosen high availability methods. This
session will also cover advanced features such as alarms and events,
software vs. hardware controller redundancy and future trends.
NW11 Practical Solutions for Securing your Control System
and Intellectual Property
2 hours
NW15 NEW Advanced Practical Security Solutions for
Industrial Control Systems (ICS)
2 hours
Learn how you can reduce risk and enhance protection of your
industrial control system against security threats. Discussion
and demonstration will focus on practical recommendations
for installing, commissioning and improving the security of
the Integrated Architecture including new capabilities in Logix
controllers and how to use FactoryTalk Security to control user
access to key assets and information.
Explore how to reduce risk and enhance protection of your
ICS infrastructure by utilizing non-Integrated Architecture
components such as switch ACLs, firewall configurations, and
Windows Operating System hardening techniques. A prior
understanding of general Ethernet concepts, or attendance of the
Fundamentals of EtherNet/IP session is recommended.
Denotes Lab session
2 hours
NW16 Alternative Approaches for Assessing Threat
Sources in Industrial Control Systems Networks
PE01 Achieve Electrical Energy Savings through Demand
Response/Demand Management Control Solutions
1 hour
2 hours
This session describes risk management strategies aligned with
known and unknown vulnerabilities in industrial control systems.
Also described will be alternative methods to implementing
effective and efficient security solutions targeted to address threats
and threat sources facing plant floor managers.
NW17 NEW Industrial Demilitarized Zone
Design Principles
Are you tasked with electrical energy savings? Have you explored
controlling your electrical demand at every interval? Have you
thought about signing up with a demand response provider and
wondered how you would accomplish meeting the contractual
obligations? In this session, you’ll learn about demand response
and demand management strategies to save electrical energy
costs. We’ll also discuss how you can leverage your existing
networks, controllers and software, such as Logix and FactoryTalk
View, EnergyMetrix and VantagePoint EMI to get your program
started. Integrate a Demand Response/Control program into your
automation system and transform your plant from being a passive
energy user to an active energy manager.
1 hour
There are many organizations and standards bodies that
recommend separating the enterprise zone from the industrial zones
by utilizing an industrial demilitarized zone (iDMZ). This session will
describe the basic principles and strategies of designing an iDMZ to
separate these two zones. A prior understanding of general Ethernet
concepts, or attendance of the Fundamentals of EtherNet/IP session
is recommended.
PE02 Software-Based, Continuous Emissions Monitoring
Systems for Reporting and Optimization
1 hour
The Software CEM is a patented, model-based, predictive emissions
monitoring system that provides a certifiable, cost-effective solution
as an alternative to costly, hardware-based CEMS. Software CEM
utilizes powerful analytic models of the process and emission sources
with real-time validation to provide highly accurate, predictive
emission values at half the cost of traditional sensors. Greater savings
can be realized when using the predictive emissions as a feedback
to the control and optimization of the fuels or emissions-reducing
additives consumed by the source. Learn more about how these can
be applied to Gas Turbines with SCRs, boilers and other combustion/
burners units in a variety of industries including marine.
NW18 Wireless Design and Security for the Plant Floor 1 hour
Learn about the latest concepts, technologies and design
recommendations to bring your enterprise zone to the
manufacturing floor via secure wireless. This course discusses 802.11
security for customers currently investigating an enterprise wireless
LAN (WLAN) deployment to the manufacturing floor. It also focuses
on the most current enterprise security features that are available for
802.11 wireless networks.
PE03 Automated Emissions Monitoring and
NW19 Applying Network Address Translation (NAT) and
Routing in Machine Applications
2 hours
Learn how both Real-time Environmental Monitoring (REM) and
Software CEM solutions are applied to the various emissions
sources, plant wide. REM is an environmental compliance and
reporting system providing automated data collection, validation
and aggregation for “active compliance” continuously, in real time.
Included in this session is a success story from a leading chemical
company with 22 processing units and more than 420 emission
sources – including a comprehensive flare monitoring system.
Additionally, learn how Software CEM has been applied to both
land-based and offshore units.
This combination hands-on lab and discussion/demonstration
highlights the utilization of integrated Network Address Translation
(NAT) and interVLAN routing on the Stratix 5700™ switch to easily
integrate duplicate machines and small to midrange machines into
a larger Ethernet network. A prior understanding of Subnets, VLANs,
and Routing is highly recommended.
NW20 RFIDeas: Improve Productivity with
Faster Logons
1 hour
1 hour
By expanding the functionality of the existing identification badge,
organizations improve productivity. Operators benefit from the
error-free identification and access solutions powered by RFIDeas
readers, which enable numerous logon applications throughout
the factory.
Denotes Lab session
PE04 Protecting Your Architecture Investment through
Rockwell Automation Power Quality Solutions
1 hour
PE08 Energy Monitoring and Control with
Rockwell Automation Energy Intelligence Portfolio
Power irregularities can cause computers and machinery to go
offline, precision instruments to fail and control systems to shut down.
These problems can be extremely costly for customers, particularly in
the semiconductor, automotive, food, beverage and pharmaceutical
industries. Learn how Rockwell Automation Power Quality solutions
– Allen-Bradley uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) and new
SoftSwitching Technologies products including the DySC Dynamic
Sag Corrector, i-Sense voltage monitoring and the i-Grid monitoring
network – can help leverage and protect your Integrated Architecture
investment and improve uptime in your facility.
Monitoring, collecting and visualizing energy data is the
foundation of the Rockwell Automation approach to Industrial
Energy Management. The focus of this session will be the new
Rockwell Automation Energy Intelligence solutions consisting of
FactoryTalk EnergyMetrix and FactoryTalk VantagePoint Energy.
This solution provides a flexible decision-support tool built on the
premier ability to manage, visualize and analyze system-wide
energy data. This session will also touch upon Allen-Bradley
Power Monitors and how they are used to supply energy information
to FactoryTalk EnergyMetrix.
PE05 Don’t Waste Your WAGES – Manage WAGES for
Energy-Efficient Production Decisions
PE09 Integrating SEL Protective Relays into PlantPAx
Using IEC61850
2 hours
1 hour
Learn how Rockwell Automation helps companies strategically
manage their energy resources to control costs and improve
operational efficiency. The Rockwell Automation approach for
monitoring, analyzing, visualizing, controlling and optimizing
WAGES resources enables companies to use less energy in their
facilities and operations. This helps make their energy resources
more productive and allows a more optimized approach to
energy resource consumption and supply. By leveraging existing
automation, information and power control investments, companies
can make their operations more energy efficient and profitable.
In the ever-evolving world of communication standards, one area has
stayed the same with recognized and trusted protocols. However, the
growing adaptation of the IEC61850 standard for use in substations
and switch yards is forcing a challenge: how to integrate this standard
into the control system. It has often been the case that a separate
“Electrical SCADA” has provided status and control to a certain degree
of remotely connected protection equipment. PlantPAx being a
“whole plant” solution to power plant control facilitates connectivity
across all of the disciplines of the plant, including transmission and
distribution. See how to integrate protective relays from Schweitzer
Labs (SEL) into PlantPAx utilizing the IEC61850 protocol and a ProSoft
gateway in this demonstration lab session.
PE06 Using Automation Systems to Improve
1 hour
Energy Efficiency
Discover how Rockwell Automation integrates energy management
into the control, visualization and information layers of the Integrated
Architecture system. Utilize energy-enabled devices, machines and
production lines to report energy data through your control system
in a transparent and native manner via Integrated Energy, through an
extension to the open communications protocol (CIP on EtherNet/
IP) enabling a uniform way to measure, report and control energy
consumption with minimal programming. The energy data exposed
through the control system can be visualized with Energy Intelligence
solutions and enable visibility to opportunities for operational
efficiency improvements and cost reductions.
PE07 PlantPAx – “Whole Plant” Control Solution for
Power Generation
1 hour
PE10 Energy Monitoring and Visualization utilizing
FactoryTalk EnergyMetrix Hands-on Lab
2 hours
This lab will provide hands-on learning to utilize FactoryTalk
EnergyMetrix and the integration to FactoryTalk VantagePoint. This
application provides detailed data capture, historization, reporting
and analytics to enhance your visibility into past, present and
potential future energy uses. This lab will also introduce FactoryTalk
VantagePoint Energy and discuss how the basic meter data can
provide overall energy information in a plant’s asset model and
be used to correlate energy information with production for more
informed decision making.
1 hour
Though DCS is the traditional choice for control systems in this
industry, this session will demonstrate the key elements of a
PlantPAx solution as used in a combined cycle gas plant. Attendees
will learn about the essential functions and features required by
such a system, and how Logix, FactoryTalk Historian, AssetCentre
and View SE as components of the PlantPAx process architecture are
applied. In addition, attendees will hear about APC functions. At the
end of this session, attendees will likely leave asking themselves if
the traditional DCS approach to plant-wide control in this industry is
the best approach.
Denotes Lab session
PR01 Introduction to PlantPAx System
1 hour
PR06 Advanced System Engineering Using
the PlantPAx Sequencer and Library Tools
Introduction to the PlantPAx system for those looking to gain a
basic understanding. After attending this session, you will be able to
define the PlantPAx System and understand how it provides all the
capabilities you expect from a DCS – and more.
PR02 Defining a New PlantPAx System for
Optimal Performance
1 hour
Learn how to select the appropriate PlantPAx system architecture
based on project requirements. This session will present the latest
system sizing and architecture rules derived and tested in our
process system characterization lab. Learn the keys to system
performance. Then learn how to use the sizing tools to help system
engineers fine-tune the loading and performance of their system.
PR03 Exploring the Functionality of the
PlantPAx System
PR07 Leveraging Information in a PlantPAx System
2 hours
PR08 PlantPAx System Alarm Design Tips
and Industry Trends
2 hours
This session discusses best practices for implementing alarms on the
PlantPAx system. It discusses the use of the improved state model
for alarms which enable more effective operation and monitoring to
help reduce downtime and prevent incidents.
PR09 Using the PlantPAx Virtual Image Templates
in VMware vSphere
1 hour
Introduction to the new PlantPAx QuickStart manual and templates
to enable you to reduce the time it takes to start a new project and
use the system.
PR05 PlantPAx Libraries
1 hour
This demo/discussion will showcase concrete examples of how
information can be leverage from a PlantPAx system to gain added
visibility to real-time reporting, dashboards and better decision
making. This session also provides an overview of PlantPAx
information and examples of HMI trending, data logging, data
connectivity, new reports, and more.
Choose the role of a plant operator or engineer of a simulated plant
to learn how the PlantPAx system can address your daily functions.
As an operator, learn about navigating and interfacing with the
system. As an engineer, learn how to execute simple configuration
changes and add a new control strategy using the PlantPAx library.
Ideal for basic familiarity of with the PlantPAx system.
PR04 PlantPAx QuickStart: Reduce the Time to
Get Your System Running
2 hours
Learn about the new capabilities of the PlantPAx Library including
how to use the new sequencer object. The sequencer helps users
easily and efficiently sequence actions, whether it is during the
startup of a unit, a massive change in operating parameters, or a
transition to a different product or grade. Learn about tools that
you can use with the PlantPAx Library to provide efficiencies in
streamlining project development.
2 hours
Virtualization allows users to realize infrastructure cost savings by
reducing the amount of required hardware to operate a facility. The
technology dynamically allocates resources when and where they are
needed enabling multiple software applications to run on a single
server. This session discusses how to properly design and implement
a PlantPAx system infrastructure that will support virtualization
technology. Users will leverage the sizing rules and configurations
derived from our process system characterization efforts with
virtualization. A basic understanding of virtualization concepts is
necessary. (See TF01 “Virtualization for Manufacturing Industries”)
2 hours
The PlantPAx Libraries and tools are key ingredients for project
implementation methodology. This session defines the operation
of common objects, such as modes and alarming, and reviews each
library object for its functionality and typical application. Walk
away with a basic understanding of how to develop a more efficient
process solution or OEM skid.
PR10 Migrating Your Legacy DCS System to
the PlantPAx System
1 hour
Diminishing support of legacy DCS and today’s continuous
optimization and innovation demands are leading users to replace
legacy DCS systems. Learn about the global market opportunities,
connectivity, and integration capabilities of migrating a legacy
DCS to the PlantPAx system. We’ll explore the tools available today
and those planned in the near future that will help ease migration
whether your strategy is a phased migration or rip and replace.
Denotes Lab session
PROCESS (cont.)
PR11 Process Demo Session for System Integrators
2 hours
PR16 Implementing PlantPAx Logix Batch and Sequence
Manager (LBSM)
2 hours
Drive PlantPAx system sales by educating your team on the
capabilities of the PlantPAx System Demo. Understanding the demo
and how to showcase its features to your customers will greatly
enhance your ability to pursue PlantPAx system sales.
This session is designed for system integrators.
This controller-based batch and sequencing solution significantly
reduces engineering time for system integrators and OEMs building
simple procedural control solutions. Learn where and how it can
be applied to achieve the most value. In this lab, you’ll use core
system functions to configure equipment, build recipes and execute
a running batch/sequencing production process and view their
execution reports. You will also learn how to start small and easily
scale into a comprehensive batch software solution with minimal
engineering and testing.
PR12 Improve Process Operations with PlantPAx Advanced
Regulatory Controls
2 hours
PlantPAx Advanced Process Control (APC) technology is the most
innovative and value-added package in the industry. This lab
provides an overview of APC Function Blocks and how they can be
used to solve problems that are difficult to address using standard
PID controllers. It will also introduce the concepts of building
Soft Sensor models, using PlantPAx ModelBuilder, to further
optimize processes that rely on infrequent lab measurements of
key quality parameters.
PR13 Introduction to Model Predictive Control
PR17 Improve Operations Productivity with Batch
Management and Control
2 hours
Explore how FactoryTalk Batch can help define and enforce your
manually or automatically executed operating steps and procedures,
while helping you manage material inventory. Learn how you
can track material and equipment utilization and get insight into
production characteristics and product quality, including product
genealogy and its processing conditions. This session contains four
labs: Basics of FactoryTalk Batch (90 min.), Electronic Procedures
(30 min.), Material Management (30 min.) and Batch Analysis (90 min.)
2 hours
PlantPAx Advanced Process Control technology is the most
innovative and value-added package in the industry. This session
will introduce the user to Model Predictive Control (MPC) concepts
and provide a general overview of creating and tuning an MPC
application. Users should have a basic understanding of process
dynamics and modeling to get the most out of the lab.
PR18 Improve Design and Installation Flexibility
Through PlantPAx Field Device Networks and
System Integration
2 hours
Simplify the integration of smart field devices via HART,
WirelessHART, FOUNDATION Fieldbus, Profi-PA, and EtherNet/IP by
learning about the broad portfolio of connectivity options available
with the PlantPAx system. Explore the connectivity options and
see the latest in accredited fieldbus solutions, wireless connectivity
and the use of Ethernet devices in the field that can help you save
integration time and improve productivity.
PR14 Process Safety: How Fault-Tolerant and Fail-Safe
Architectures Apply in Process Safety
1 hour
Many critical control and safety applications often require a high
level of Safety Integrity (SIL) to ensure the safety of personnel,
assets and the environment. Many of these same applications within
continuous processes also require fault-tolerant architectures to
eliminate the risk of costly downtime. Learn about the technologies
and services that provide the highest availability and lowest cost of
ownership of any SIL-rated system today. Understand how they also
deliver improved efficiencies and performance.
PR19 PlantPAx: Field Device Interface and
Asset Management
2 hours
Interested in driving consistency, reliability and flexibility in the
integration of HART, Foundation Fieldbus and Profibus PA field
devices? Learn how to integrate process instrumentation by utilizing
the PlantPAx Device Integration Library and asset management
tools. Gain insight into smart instrument integration by identifying
and monitoring device parameters and viewing online diagnostics.
Allotted time allows for hands-on experience with only one
technology: HART, Foundation Fieldbus or Profibus PA. Attend
multiple times to gain experience in all technologies.
PR15 Introduction to Configuring an AADvance
Process Safety Solution
2 hours
The AADvance solution is a truly distributed, scalable architecture
comprised of a hardware controller and a software environment
that allows you to apply different levels of module redundancy as
required by specific parts of your application. It offers a high level of
flexibility from small quantity I/O to large systems, non-safety to
SIL 3, and fail-safe to multiple fault tolerant. This session will
introduce users to selecting, configuring and deploying a flexible
architecture using the AADvance Process Safety solution.
Denotes Lab session
PROCESS (cont.)
PR20 Control Station: Innovation in PID
Controller Tuning
SF03 Machinery Safety System Selection
and Development
1 hour
A simplified method for evaluating process dynamics and tuning PID
controllers. The approach utilizes proven tuning correlations that
are used widely in industry. It enables practitioners to consistently
achieve the desired performance and the necessary robust stability
for effective control.
PR21 MYNAH Technologies: Dynamic Process Simulation for
PlantPAx with MiMiC
1 hour
MiMiC Advanced Modeling Objects are a set of rigorous first
principles, dynamic models of process plant unit operations designed
for high-performance simulations for operator training or automation
system testing. Demonstration of MiMiC Advanced Modeling features
with the Distillation Column for PlantPAx.
SF04 Safety Verification and Validation Requirements,
Processes and Documentation
1 hour
The Safety Life Cycle approach, as defined in standards IEC 61508
and IEC 62061, requires verification to prove the circuit for the safety
functions of the machine are working properly and meet specified
requirements, and validation to test the safety functions of the
system. These functions require a plan and proper documentation.
This session will cover the verification and validation process, proper
documentation and available tools. We recommend attending
“Rapid Safety System Development Using Safety Configuration
Tools” prior to this session.
SF01 Safety System Development Process
and Configuration Tools Overview
1 hour
Following a risk assessment identifying hazards to be mitigated,
suitable methods of safeguarding measures to meet machinery
safety standards must be designed and implemented. Safety
automation technologies are usually deployed including inputs,
logic device and outputs to perform a specific safety function.
This session will cover safety function design, including tools to
expedite and document the process. We recommend attending
“Rapid Safety System Development Using Safety Configuration
Tools” prior to this session.
2 hours
In this session, you’ll learn how to dramatically reduce
development and deployment time of safety systems using the
Safety Life Cycle methodology and an array of tools available
from Rockwell Automation. You’ll use a range of tools to help you
determine return on investment for safety projects, design safety
functions and systems, select appropriate safety devices, and ensure
that your system meets global safety standards and directives being
increasingly specified by manufacturers.
SF05 Integrated Safety System Development
1 hour
Integrated safety is changing the way people think of safety system
design – safety systems that actually improve productivity. This
session will discuss and demonstrate how simple an integrated
safety system is to develop and maintain using Rockwell Software
Studio 5000. This session is geared toward beginner to intermediate
users and anyone interested in understanding how integrated safety
really works.
SF02 Introduction to Machine Risk Assessment and Functional
Specification Development
1 hour
SF06 Advanced Programming Techniques
for Safety Applications
Machine risk assessment provides the framework for safeguarding
existing machinery and new machine designs. By properly
identifying hazards and risk associated with machine interaction,
you can apply more effective and suitable methods of safeguarding
measures that are conformant with today’s global machine safety
standards and regulations. This session will showcase the process of
performing a machine risk assessment process, including its place
in the safety life cycle and use of available tools to expedite and
document the process. We recommend attending “Rapid Safety
System Development Using Safety Configuration Tools” prior
to this session.
1 hour
In addition to the standard control applications performed by
programmable controllers, complex safety applications can also
be performed that would be far more difficult and expensive using
hardwired devices. This session will review the considerations and
techniques for programming safety devices to address safety and
productivity issues in complex applications.
SF07 Functional Safety Standards and the Changing
Compliance Landscape
1 hour
This session will introduce you to functional safety standards and
requirements that apply to industrial automation equipment.
Many of these requirements are driven by the European Machinery
Directive but are globally accepted by multinational manufacturers.
Understand the standards, their application, assignment of risk
and performance levels, and tools available to help you calculate
machinery safety data.
Denotes Lab session
SAFETY (cont.)
SF08 Manufacturing Intelligence for Improving
Safety and Productivity
TF05 Introduction to SQL Server
1 hour
Manufacturing Intelligence leverages powerful reporting and
analysis tools, interfaces and dashboards to provide critical
information and insight, helping you navigate in a volatile
competitive environment. This session shows you the tools to help
you identify metrics, mitigate risk and understand asset operation,
improving plant efficiency and productivity.
SF09 Safety Solutions for Discrete and
Process Applications
TF06 Leveraging SQL Server CLR Capability
1 hour
TF07 Leveraging SQL Server
2 hours
Reporting Services (SSRS)
This hands-on lab will walk through the basic foundation blocks
of Reporting Services including connecting to Report Manager, using
Report Builder to create reports and charts, and understanding security.
TF08 What’s New with Windows 8 Metro Interface
1 hour
Get an overview of the new Windows 8 “Metro” interface. The new
user interface is Microsoft’s Metro design language, and features
a new tile-based Start screen that has replaced the previous Start
menu entirely. Understand and leverage the capabilities provided
such as smart tiles for having information at your fingertips.
1 hour
Build an agile, efficient infrastructure with virtualization and
deploy highly available applications with VMware, the leader in
virtualization and cloud infrastructure. VMware will provide a
high-level overview of this powerful product set.
TF02 Virtualization in Manufacturing Industries
2 hours
Learn more about the power of SQL CLR (Common Language
Runtime) for building highly integrated reporting solutions in
this hands-on lab. We will cover examples of how to leverage SQL
CLR functionality in creating reporting content in FactoryTalk
VantagePoint EMI.
Most manufacturing operations involve a wide range of
application types – from discrete, to batch, to process – requiring
different approaches to safety. This session will discuss how
common control system architectures can be used to mitigate risks
throughout a plant, mill or brewery to reduce costs, and improve
safety and productivity. This session will focus attention primarily on
Logix-based safety systems for burner management, oven control,
and larger SIL2 applications.
TF01 Introduction to VMware Product Suite:
Virtualization Solutions
1 hour
We will explore SQL Server at a high-level overview covering the
various major components and highlighting some of the new
capabilities offered in the latest version from Microsoft.
TF09 What’s New with Windows Server 2012
1 hour
Get a glimpse of some of the advanced features in Microsoft’s latest
server OS including integration with Microsoft Azure cloud environment.
1 hour
In this session we will cover the use of virtualization in the
manufacturing segment, considerations for implementing a
virtualized solution and the set of virtualized templates offered by
Rockwell Automation.
TF10 Introduction to Cloud Computing
1 hour
Learn more about what Microsoft is doing with Windows Azure
and their efforts to expand cloud-based computing for the
manufacturing segment.
TF03 Building a Hardware Infrastructure for a
1 hour
Virtualized Solution
So you’ve decided on a virtualized solution. This session will explore
effective hardware solutions to support your needs and cover
specific hardware solutions from Rockwell Automation.
TF11 Working with Networks and Infrastructure
2 hours
Domains, Active Directory, DNS, network switches & VLANs, Security
and DMZ – this overview session will cover areas of interest and provide
an understanding how they all contribute to a robust infrastructure.
TF04 Introduction to Microsoft SharePoint
1 hour
This session will provide a high-level overview of this powerful
platform, covering usage and customizing team sites and portals,
designing your site using Web parts, and using the search and
business intelligence features. Explore how SharePoint helps you
manage projects, enables employee networking, supports business
intelligence, and creates a collaboration environment.
TF12 Working with Microsoft Server Operating Systems 2 hours
This session focuses on configuring Server 2008 to work optimally
with Rockwell Software products. This session will include the
importance of proper domain/active directory configurations
within a manufacturing environment and associated dependencies
that Rockwell Automation products rely on for best performance.
Discussion should also include necessary features that our products
rely on such as IIS, DEP, Event Logs, Assigned Server Roles and more.
Denotes Lab session
VZ01 FactoryTalk View Machine Edition and PanelView Plus:
Introductory Lab
2 hours
VZ05 FactoryTalk View Site Edition:
Building Applications Lab
This hands-on lab focuses on basic FactoryTalk View Machine Edition
concepts for new users. Topics include creating an application;
working with displays, global objects and tags; using parameters;
testing and running the application; and language switching. See
the new View 7.0 features to get more work done in less time, like
search and replace tag and text, tag cross-reference and more.
This hands-on lab focuses on building FactoryTalk Site Edition
applications. Topics include a distributed topology discussion,
working with security, common applications for VBA, database
connectivity, trending and data logging, global objects, screen
navigation techniques and an introduction to FactoryTalk ViewPoint.
See the new features of View 7.0 that produce better information
integration, process industry support and usability. Learn how to use
the new expanded system capabilities and new features in Alarms &
Events and much more.
2 hours
VZ02 FactoryTalk View Machine Edition and PanelView Plus:
Advanced Lab
2 hours
This hands-on lab focuses on advanced FactoryTalk Machine Edition
concepts for experienced users. Users will also learn FactoryTalk
ViewPoint for FactoryTalk View Machine Edition, including tag write
functionality. See the new View 7.0 features to get more work done
in less time, like application security, data logging and the new
Terminal information ActiveX and more.
VZ06 FactoryTalk View Site Edition:
Implementing FactoryTalk® Alarms and Events
2 hours
This hands-on lab focuses on how to best implement and configure
FactoryTalk Alarms and Events with FactoryTalk View SE and Logix.
Understand the Rockwell Automation alarming strategy. See the
time-saving features of using VantagePoint EMI to produce alarm
reports and advanced alarm summaries. See the newest features
driving ISA 18.2 alignment, including shelved state capability and
alarm commands & summary. Other topics will include subscriptions,
alarm filtering and converting HMI alarms to tag-based FactoryTalk
alarms. Setting up the newly released FactoryTalk Alarms and Events
Server redundancy will also be covered.
VZ03 Building FactoryTalk View Machine Edition and
PanelView Plus: Project Skills Lab
2 hours
This hands-on lab focuses on building detailed knowledge of a
selection of advanced FactoryTalk Machine Edition capabilities.
Attendees build applications from scratch in modules that include:
using the Data Model and Trend objects to collect and display
data, managing recipes with RecipePlus, working with alarms and
information messages, creating reusable parameterized global
objects, and exploring diagnostic tools. Suggested prerequisite:
FactoryTalk View ME and PanelView Plus Introductory Lab.
VZ07 Allen-Bradley PanelView 5000:
Exploration of the Latest Features
2 hours
This lab will be introduce you to the new Rockwell Software Studio
5000 View Designer and PanelView 5000. The lab will allow the user
to experience a broad set of features including: exploring screens
and navigation, designing reusable pop-ups, tag browsing and
binding, configuring animation and investigating security.
VZ04 FactoryTalk View Site Edition: Configuration and
Maintenance Lab
2 hours
VZ08 SCADA Ready: Utilizing Rockwell Software Products
for Requirements of a Supervisory Control and
Data Acquisition System
2 hours
This hands-on lab focuses on configuration and maintenance
FactoryTalk View Site Edition systems including the latest version
7.0. Topics include new easier installation, initial configuration of
a project, backup and restore, patching, application optimization,
documenting an application, and log file configuration and
investigation. See the new features of View 7.0 that produce better
information integration, process industry support and usability.
Learn how to use the new expanded system capabilities and new
features in Alarms & Events and much more.
Follow our engineers as they adapt an installed SCADA system
in the plant they support to identify production issues in the
manufacturing process, implement remote alarm notification to
alert them to production issues, remotely view the process, improve
recipe management using MSSQL, collect data into MSSQL for
generation of production reports, analyze trend data and generate
reports for the plant management. This session demonstrates how
different Rockwell Software FactoryTalk products can be combined
to achieve exactly what you need from a SCADA system for control,
alarming, data analysis and reporting.
Denotes Lab session
VZ09 How to Improve Plant Operations Through
Better HMI Graphics
VZ11 Migrating Your HMI System
1 hour
Plant operators are required to make decisions every day in
production facilities, which can directly influence profitability;
either by the normal running of the plant or by reacting swiftly
to the unusual, protecting material, product, equipment and
personnel. These decisions need to be based on clear, unambiguous
information from your visualization systems. This session covers
topics like producing graphics that deliver meaningful and detailed
information allowing the operators to run the plant at the most
efficient level. What graphic designs work best at keeping your plant
operatives informed of the plant status at a glance to enable them to
make those right decisions.
VZ10 Getting Connected: Efficiencies in Connecting
Rockwell Software Products, Databases and
the Outside World
1 hour
Thinking about migrating your existing HMI to a new system? This
session will provide guidance on life cycle planning, replacement
and migration options, and the programs and tools Rockwell
Automation provides to help you map the best path forward.
Focus will be on current Electronic Operator Interface options and
migration paths, with HMI software migration options also covered.
VZ12 Motorola: FactoryTalk View SE and PanelView Plus 6
Mobile Solution Workshop
1 hour
Improve plant performance and safety with mobile visibility to
FactoryTalk View SE and PanelView Plus 6. Explore how to configure
Motorola Solution’s rugged tablet, the ET1, to be the perfect
companion to your installed base of plant floor HMIs. Operators,
maintenance techs, quality techs, supervisors and managers will use
this tool to increase productivity and reduce production downtime!
1 hour
Learn multiple strategies when faced with designing, updating or
expanding Rockwell Software product architectures. This session
will guide you in the process of making the right decisions to
achieve successful implementations. The flexibility of the FactoryTalk
services platform facilitates countless variations of architectures,
from small to large distributed systems. This session is an interactive
discussion that covers how Rockwell Software products integrate
individual and distributed machines, with consideration of operating
systems (32/64), Service Releases (SR), networks and patching. The
discussion includes practical advice for implementing MSSQL for
the FactoryTalk View Tag Database, data logging, alarm logging and
reporting. Expansion of the architecture to the outside world is
also discussed.
Denotes Lab session
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