Records Requests and Other Available Resources



Records Requests and Other Available Resources
Passaic County Brownfields Commission
Passaic County Brownfields Commission
Records Requests
and Other Available Resources
October 21, 2015
Rose DeLorenzo, CHMM, LSRP
NJDEP’s Open Public Records Act (OPRA) Request:
Nuances with OPRA
NJDEP Program Interest Numbers
Limitations with dates
Lost or missing files
Other Sources of Information
• County (e.g., Passaic)
• Local (e.g. City of Passaic)
Example description for records being requested
State purpose of request: ____ is performing an environmental due diligence for a site
located at state address, (Block XXX, Lot X). The site is currently as a (state use,
occupant) including (if multi-tenant, helpful to list tenants). ___ is requesting any
information/environmental records including but not limited to; underground storage
tanks, above ground storage tanks, tanks and building permits, environmental and
health violations, discharges/releases of petroleum and hazardous materials, spills,
NJDEP correspondence, hazardous materials, inspections, health and environmental
investigations, historic property ownership, existing and former tenants, fires, potable or
monitoring wells, septic systems, and any additional records not listed herein. ____
also requests the above information for the adjacent properties which include state
addresses and block and lots. Please forward onto the other departments including, but
not limited to health, construction, building, zoning and fire departments. Please also
forward to the tax assessors office for an opportunity to review property cards.
Other Free Resources
Tax records
Historic Aerials and Topographic Maps*
From with slide tool – 1966
aerial photo to the left and 2013 photo to the right
Using the slide function in the middle of the
1966 and 2013 aerial photos
Other free sources of information
NJDEP – GIS mapping
Other free sources of information
Topographic Quadrangle Index Map
Also a limited selection of aerial or fire insurance
maps (e.g., Sanborn) are also available at the
New Jersey State Library located at 185 West
State Street, Trenton, NJ (609-278-2640)
Other free sources of information
Fire Insurance Maps (Sanborn)
Other sources of information:
Local and County libraries(industrial indices, atlases, historical articles)
Historical Societies
Interviews with neighbors, local officials, etc.
Other sources of information - online environmental
database companies*:
Environmental Data Resources (EDR)
Nationwide Environmental Title Search Company
Environmental Record Search
Other sources of information
New Jersey Property Fax
New Jersey Tax Maps
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